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, .
Prospects Held Out by. West
s' em CaroKna's Officials.
Diminishing Cash Receipts Caused
-;r'"' v Suspension.
SPuil Statement of Bank's Affairs to
Given to Depositors,
Preferred Creditors in the Deed of
JtXittle Excitement Caused ori the Street
Dy tne it aimre jn o jerceptaoie j&nect
on Other Banks Mr- Maddux At
.; tacked by a Physician. -
j - As related in the special edition' bf the
i - v Gazette yesterday morning, the Western
j ' . "
' vOaroMna bank failed' to open its doors at
; , the. usual hour, and soon after, notice was
' posted on the outside, signed by President
; -liewis Maddux, stating the bank was closed
jm account of liquidation. The notice nat
'irally attracted considerable atteniiony and
; Citizens who were on the square at that
hour gathered.-in little groups .and . dis-
cussed ' the" failure. There was vryT little
' t excflement, however, and when within ' the
urse or an nour, people were reading me
story all over the city, there was fooispo-
iBition to withdraw depcsiSts frgm other
Wnis,7 the , depositors seeming (to be con-
Winced- that the failure only added strength
o theisolTent hanks. ; rU- 1'
During the day, the hank officials, filed a
eed of assignment in 'the office of -the reg
ister tof, deeds, naming Lewis Maddux and
P. McLoud as trustees. The main point
tliedeed are as follows: ,
y me provisions
f the . deed a . large
.titjrof real est.
te,is also put in tne
" "' "'i.' " ' "STAT
; .The following statement has been given
out by the bank officials:
j "Whereas, the board f direators ofjthe
; eaid; Western Carolina bank at a regularly
. ! called' meeting on the 12th day of October,
"1897, adopted the following resolutions, to-v
, - Wit: :- - . ..7 -..
-" "Whereas the deposits of the Western
prolii hajik have fallen ofl. and are Jaetng
wichdrawn eo rapidyr -mat it. is imDosaip
fortiie"aid banK. to "re,ali2e'on 'fts afisets
- fast enougn to;. pay its depositors j&d' cen
. tlnue,us .-Dusincsa, ana .id fcank, js in
v Calling; circumstances, and it ia evioieht that
' ihehank.'C&hJ:noiionjs;eir continue fetaiflbti&i
: ness, tand being cennceot .cnat'-i( .i jr $
best interests , of the oeposi tors, .creditors
and 'tockhdiders 6i saia bank that it 'be
closed and jta assts collected and-distfib-uted,
as hereinafter provided: - ri ,...
'Now: therefore be it resolved hjr thu
board .of:.directors olusald Western Carolina
hank, Urit it is for the best interests of the
creditors, . depositors and stockholders that
the bank" make . a general 'assignment for
the benefit pf all its creditors; and such as
ighme4tis hereby authorized, ahd direct
,ed to' be made' Immediately, o"
; ."And : the said president and secretary
jf the bank are hereby empowered, author
Szed 'and directed . to forthwith execute and
deliver, a ' proper ' deed of assignment to
Lewi Maddux: and Lr P. : Mclxjud, who are
hereby selected as the assigneesf conveying
to them all: the' property and rassets of the
bahk,,I to' be held by said assignees in trust
for the beenfit of the creditors of the bank,
and lor the purpose- of ' collecting said assets
and converting said property into cash as
rapidly' as possible, and applying the pro
ceedstQithe payment of depositors and
other creditors of the bank. v.
That said deed of assignment shall pro
vide for 'preferences, after-making provision
for the' expenses of the kssignment as fol
lows,' to-witt-; i - ;-"'
'in the. first class, without preference to
one over the other, shall be included.
. Jkf0o k.v V.the matter Judge Ewart granted the'appli-
hXp'r whoever the v may be of ail
v&.WizZ.EtJJ?1 --lQft
ing - fcO :a,vuv pi iiiuiyvn, miuhu its jseriee
one of the debenture bonds of the Western
BSAdebt to the Battery Park bank of
Avlleounting to $7,287.36,.secured;
by the- deposit ' of collateral , aggregating.
the' city of' 'New: York, $26,500, collateral
security aggregating, $42,000, t - .
DA A debt ocR. ,P; .Walker: of Asheville,-
$5,000 j -Coilatesal,Cjt,000.
VJJv :AiSdebt i'?to:'i, the Asheville : Milling
toijipany,-"$2,000; collateral, $3,000. -
"In the: secomdl'ass' without preference
tneovrhe'thr shall he? included
each and. every of the'; depositors of : the
ban'-s-5:"! ' V ' '-'-'' "
' ' 'In the third class,' all ;other debts owing
V vsaidi'banktt .?. : H -
' 'AdA las'tly.tthe surplus, if any, shall 4e
distributed prdr-'rata to each stockholder ot
The following, statement was given "out
yes-terday afternoMr;;.. ; v ;1-'.:: 'Wr
.. 'Asheille, : N.-C.,! (October, 12, 1897;
'rothe-I)epositorsi tjand Creditors f the
Western Carolina Bank;5 'Oi. y
"The closing , of the bank : this- morning
was 'rendered absolutely necessary; ,4jn ac
count of -its vin'abi'lityAtotiuceiits .assets
to cash rapidly:enoughxtjtmeet ithdraw
als, which fncreased every day. . The of
ficiaia of the hank were extremely loath to
tae such action,- realizing that! it could not
but be detrimental to" the business interests
of the city, and cause Inconvenience to the
depositors. ; As long as they felt thaf there
as . possibility . to avoia tnis step,, tney
upp ipverv endeavor to do so.V
"ThB assets of the hanks
nka are,' : In., the
opinion of its officials, rmore than ample to
pay all the depositors in full,- :They consist
largely-of real estate and loans secured Dy
real estate, and on this account time will'
be. required to convert them into cash. ;
-"The Dreferences in the deed of assign
ment were made solely in Ihe interest of the
depositors. In every case the preferred cred
itor holds collateral securities worth more
than the amount dwiixg by the bank; and to
prevent the sacrifice of said securities, said
preferences were made. !" . ,
At present it. is hnpossible to publish
in : detail a statement of the condition " of
the bank, hut one is being prepared and
you will be furnished with the same at tb$
earliest, practicable moment.- When sucn
statement is ready i a meeting of air depos
itors 'and creditors will he called, and the
same submitted for their examination. This
meeting will be asked to appoint a commit
tee to examine into the correctness of such
statement, the" condition of the bank, and
the nature of its assets : . J .
' . . "tiETWlS. MADDUX." ; :
The last official, statement of the bank,
made on July 23, is as follows:
Loans and discounts, 191,605.60; over
drafts; $1,624.18; real estate, $46,642.33; fur
nitufre and fixtures: S4.600. 00: merchandise.
$4T70.00; bonds, $16,140.00; expenses, $309:-
Of; due from banks, $22,453.22; cash on
hand, $11,010.29. Tofel, $299,154.63.
Capital, $50,000.00; surplus, $15,000.00;
undivided profits, $5,267.28; debenture
bonds, $25,000.00; bills payable, $18,000.00;
hills discounted, $22,'644.87; due to banks,
$2,961.56; deposits, $160,280.92,- Total, $299,-
The officers of the bank were: Presi
dent, Lewis Maddux ; secretary, M. J. Bear
den; directors, H. T. Collins, A. M. 'PMeld,
C. Bt Moore, B. Alexander, White
Smith. Li. P. McLoud.
It is commonly believed that the enforce
ment by the bank of the clause requiring
sixtv days' notice to be given beiore witn-
drawals from the savings department could
be made was the immediate cause of the
bank's failure. The confidence, of the de
positors was lost by this act, and they
hastened to give notice of their intention
to -withdraw denosits.
Yesterday evening inquiry at the other
banks of the city showed tbit the deposits
had been as laree as usuj?' There were
some withdrawals,; $1,400 h.-'ig the largest
lump.sum, but there was r r
ment-An unusually lar,? -ness
was transacted, but "
end of the,dv '
rush. or exci ter
bium e of busir
balance at the
During5' the Sky' Dr. C. E. Fisher, one" of
the depositors' -of the bank, became very
violenttand threatened to kill Mr. Madduxj
A warrant was issued for him and he was
arraigned before Justice Summey. Dr.
Fisher did not deny . the allegation, and
made no resistence when told he would
have to go to jaiL .'He mid at the time
that he was unable to furnish bail, so he
was puti under lock and. key. lie said" he
did not care what' was done with him, and
he had lost everything he had and had no
money to pay his board. Later he was re
teased n bond.
Many Writs in the Hands of the
" Sheriff ' '
V: '
Tem.WrarperY Appointed"
to be Had Before Judge Ewart
The closing of the doors of the Western
Carolina bank this morning precipitated
law suits innumerable.- The .first ahd most
important one, was brought in the superior
court by the Battery Park bank against the
Western Carolina bank,, followed by many
other suits in favor of different parties be
fore justices of the peace. These attach
ments were1 issued against .the bank by
creditors who were not preferred, and who
hoped - to vsecure precedence in .case the
creditors preferred by the directors should
be held toy thenjourt to be preferred. Some
of those who procured attachments were:
M. E. Henry, J. H. Stewart, S. Lipinski,
Morris Lipinski, Rutledge, Patter-son; Wb
& Co., H. F. Grant1 et al:, S: B. Erwin.
In the Battery Park bank case a . motion
was made on the parfofthe plaintiff for
a receiver, to take .charge of the assets and
effect of the defunct bank. After hearing
catioii appointed Lewis Muddox and
Lawrence McLoud temtforarv receivers im-
til 'this morning at 10 o'clock: at which
time some lively discussions, of law points
involved may - reasonably be T expected.
-r-. " ' . ,'fn"''uu6 . -w
restraining all persons -from interfering
with the assets and property of the bank
Creditors other than the Battery Park bank
in person and by attorney are prosecuting
claims against the bank. It is claimed that
the assignment made, by the bank is void
and of no effect, and rely upon the follow
ing seetion of the code:
' , "Any corporation may convey lands, and
all .other property which is transferrable' by
deed, by deed of bargain and sale, or other
proper deed, sealed with the common seal
and signed by the' presideni, or -presiding
member or trustee, and attested by -the sec
retary of the company. But any convey
ance of its: property, whether absolutely or
upon i condition, in trust,1 or by way - of
mortgage , executed by any corporation,
shall be void; and of no effect as to the
creditors of said corporation, existing prior
to, or at the;tlme of the execution 'of said
deed, and as to torts commiMeed by such
corporation,.. its agents- or. employes, prior
to, or at. the. time of the execution of said
deed:.' Provided said- creditors, or persons,
injured, or their xepresentatrves shall eoni
4nence,v proceedings v or: actions ;-4o enforce
their claims, against said corporation within
sixty ; days after the registration of said
deed, as required by law." : - :t .
Among other .questions xhich 'will heceV
arily1e discussed in connection with the
case, i Judge1 (E wart's jurisdiction in -civil
cases-i inooted question which Aas not yet
been- decided by . the supreme courts- It is
i evident --th-a t to-day will be a Held1 day for
lawyers, some of
whom : dud not
Judgments until late after dark yesterday;'
The contest : between different creditors, of
the Western' Carolina 'hank, -will necesaarW
complicated affair, and aomething- of inter
est may !be looked for.-' . "-"c -
A report- was in:circulatian-last- evening
that steps had been taken by the hank peo
ple, to bring the receivership question be
fore Judge Norwood,, who is in Clay county
but 'tne foundation tor the; rumor could not
be learned. . It caused some perturbation
among the. lawyers interested in the : many
suits that have been instituted, though it
was clear- that Judge Norwood could not
be reached before Judge Ewart will take
Up the case? this morning.
- ' CORRBOTION. " , " -
The Gazette in the hurry of. preparing its
extra edition yesterday morning - was Jed
hto an error regarding a large deposit al
leged td have been made by George W.
Vanderbilt and which-it reported was re
turned to him by the bank yesterday. The
incident did not occur as reported no check
having been received by the bank from Mr.
Vanderbiit yesterday. : " ' " " "
R. B Roberts Made the Highest Grade
Ever Knbwh. in This District.
The civil service examination for the po
sitions of deputy collectors, clerks 1 and
storekeeper and ganger held in this city on
the 20th of March "has at last been heard
from. Last ' evening Secretary Walser re
ceived the grades from the commission. Be
low is the Ai&t of eiigibles:
R. B. Koberts ......
Miss Emm. Rollins
W. A. Os.rne
John Kehy
M. A. Whiitemore .
E. S. Ray
J. A. Sneison 88.35
E. F. Chuudley. .
Calvin Gillis, Jr..
. . 86.30
.. 85.5
.. 85.65
.. 84.75
.. 84.60
..' 83.90
B. J. Luther
W. H. Woodson ..
R. B. Sams
K 4
H. L. King
G7 W. Cannon
J. M. Bailey (cancelled)..
.. 81.80
.. 81.45
.. 80.85
. . 80.70
.. 80.15
S. A. Chambers
F. B. Lawson
W. N, Sonow
J. C. -Linney
Charles EK-.JarviS' (cancelled) . .
Mrs. Rosa,.B. Morgan
John C. Deit .................
M. S. Manaey
R. F. Fox vVi,....-.'.
W. L. (McCoy .........
J. A. L. Shermer
R. ft Sherrell.
S. M. Hamrich..
J. W.. Davis
John A. McCann
A. S.. Speer ......... i..........
C. P. Carter
A.. W. Freeman
H. C, Shook
P. J. i'Long. .... ... . . . ..- ?
J. L. "Bost.J. .....
.. 79.80
.. 77.25
.. 77.10
.. 76.85
.. 76.65
... 75.75
, .. 75.40
, . 74.85
. . . 74.00
. . . 73.75
... 73.70
... 73.45
. . 73.45
. 73.35
.v. 72.20
John Lewenyn (cancelled) . ... .
i w vwm ' ' t7 OK I
Miu Florence Pritchard
W. M.West ...
H. M Hudson
J. W. Allen ...
WT. Morgan
W. J. Zachary
S. M. Riddle ...
McLain Rogers
E. C. Heddeh . .
J. F. Tilson
4- .
Mr. Roberts grade is the highest ever
made by an applicant in the Fifth collec
tion district. r- '
Ui S. Meadows Declaies Notes Sigiied
With His Name are Forgeries
Mr:.u. S. Meadows, a carpenter; by trade,
called at "the -3-azette office yesterday and
exhibited1 -two notices he had received from
a city bank jnforming him that two notes
signed by himself and made payable ito
Penland and 'Sluder, and that haa been re
discounted from the First National bank,
were, due." The amount of one of the notes
was $561.27; and of the other $601.27.
Mr. Meadows states that he never signed
any such notes, or in fact any notes at all,
or any paper of any description, and that
the only paper to which he has attached his
signature within the last -five 'years, is the
roll-book of the Zeb Vance club. He has
never been asked even, to sigh any notes.
He states that Penland and Sluder is a firm
at Leicester, with which he is acquainted.
Mr." Meadows called at the bank yesterday
and inspected the notes, and pronounced
the signatures forgeries. Mr. Leonard is
an acquaintance of his, he says, but never
asked him to sign any notes.
So far as is known, there is no other U.
S Meadows in 'Asheville. . . -
A Warrant . r Served : Charging Him
With Slander. ,
Late last evening1 upon the sworn" com
plaint of B. A. Roberts before Justice W.
H. Deaver. a warrant was issued .for the ar
rest of Walker Hill 'known" as the "Indian
doctor," charging him With' the slander of
the character of one Mattie Keith. The
process was placed in the hands of -Deputy
Sheriff Laney, who effected an arrest about
11 p. m. 'I last night, after an unpleasant
but- -not;serkus' difficulty.5 - ' The ' prisoner
was brought up town and. gave a justified
bond with C: "R. Miller surety in the sum
of $.200 for his appearance before Justice
Deaver at 11 o'clock this morning.
This Time it is For the Carolina Wood-
f . workingacompaay'
On an order from Judge Norwood Mr AW.
E. Bhuf ord was yesterday. appointed receiv
er of the Carolina Woodworking company:
This . was the outcome of a suit brought
v . f
against the company, in which Director
E. Dickerson was interested; by V. 6. Lusk,
receiver of the First National bank. -
- - - , .... , ,, ' ,
Ladiesr and , children's nderweaVr' no
tions, stationery,, school supplies; every
thing in stoefc.. I. v MRS. P. THOMAS; :J
206-J5v-' ; V- 28atton Ave.""'
" Cascarets stimulate 'the liver, kidneys
T e,Ier ,eien' weaken
ffripe, 10c, at Pelham's Pharmacy.
7' i " j.-
Shociife: Assault on an In-
l I HQcent Little Girl;
Seized and Beaten, on the Hed
I With' a. Rock.
. -.Ji.
Becanse &lq Would Not Remain
Silent. . ;
Assailant Captured and Brought to
Descriptioi of the Prisoner Identified
Fully by His Victim-A Former Resi-
rkey Creek.
iienaersonvnie, uct. iz. a crime was
. ' . ., -
commi tted ; here yesterday 'that was so hor
rible that it is difficult to belive that it
could happen In a civilized community, and
be committed by a whita man,
The eleven-year-old daughter of James
Case, who lives on screen Tiyer, near Hen-
dersonville was assaulted by ta . white man
and horribly beaten with a stone. The lit
tie girl was sent . on: an errand to a neigh'
bor's house, about three-quarters, of a mile
distant. To reach her destination she had
to pass an old. house in. which was stored
fodder, andfas she "was7 aproaching it i she
saw a man coilcealinghimself inside. She
was very much frightened and hurried on
to the neighbor's house, where 6he ac
complished her errand. She aid that she
was afraid to go back the way she came, so
she started, home intending to make a cir
cuit of the field in. which the old house was
But the "Villain was watching, and at the
proper um rusned afteviervrNok;and
seized h
fcne s-
with all
would kiii5ur it- sl ! did: not fe'uiet.
She stilL .kept, up it 'agonizing screams,
jyhereupon the man feized a rock and
struck her over the hobd,- cutting awound
nearly three inches long, clear to the
skull. Then .he grasped' her by the throat
and choked her until she was helpies,
The . fiend then left hi. Ticm on, he
ground, and as soon asse.icoyered eul
ficiently she staggered home. iDr. Waldrttp
Was : summoned, but'didt not arrive tin til
12 o'clock last night. He found the little
girl in a very bad condition, but she was
able to give a description of her assailant.
'Men gathered at once and hastened to
find the man. Near the boundary line of
Polk county they found a house where it
stated a man had spent, the night, answer
ing fo their description. He was found and
captured, and brought, back here where he
was guarded until this, morning. Assoon
as ; the little girl had fecqyered from the ef
fects . of the morphine ; administered, . the
prisoner was brought into her presence. ,
. After the complete identification the prisoner-was
put on the train .and carried
to Asheville. - ' " : .
Parm was brought to this city last even
ing, by J. M. Waldrop,.T. C. Israel and A.
B. Freeman and placed; in jaiL These gen
tlemen were sen by a Gazette reporter
who learned from them the following cir
cumstances of 'the case;- -.
Parm was arrested nine miles southeast
of Hendersohville, on fcig Hungry creek,
four miles from the scene of his crime. He
was in bed at the house of a man named
Shipman when arrested. ; -He had reached
the house in the night.-' ".'An aged woman
and a boy were in the house and he asked
them for a place to lay down. It had rained
during the evening and. Farm's clothing
was soaked, but he lay down" without re
moving, them.1 :. - ' V , - .
. Jasper Blackwell and Tom Jackson dis-r
covered the fellow's hiding place unexpect
edly. They enquired at' Shipmah's house
if they had seen Parm, ' having no .idea that
he : was there. They were inforined -that ia
man answering the description was 'asleep
in 'the house. When ..they arrested Parm
he made no resistence but denied that he
was , the t: they-. Ranted. Parm was
taken to a house about a mile from Case's
and a justice: of' the peace, was sent for to
take the "girl's statement. - They ha'd also
sent after the sheriff . and Deputies ,HilI
and Staton. came. They kept " the . man ; at
this, place until Mr.- Waldrop arrived at
9:30 o'clock. ... - ' ;v -v , ;f
There was theh a good-deal of excite
meht, neighbors were, gathering, from every
where in the locality, all armed,.
Mr.-Waldrop had a warrant for the fel
low and he 'was 'taken'' by the depyties to
the Case house, after her father had been
prevailed . upon-: to ! leave.' the place. 2 The
young girl was lyin in a bed near-, the door
of the house and Parm -was led, into the
room and ' placed at; the foot ' of .the bed
facing her. ; The girl" was asked -if she had
ever seen him before. She replied, ,"Yesf
r saw him yesteday.', fShe declared. he
was the man . who" . assaulted her. Parm
being asked if he had any. questions to put
to the girl said, ' 'HTes: I have onev.Mightn't
you be mistaken jnmy being, theman?"
The girl declared earnestly " she was not
mistaken. . - "-;'S-ts- X' ' -
The crowd that 'had.: gathered about the
house would almost 'unquestionably i have
lynched Parm; if it badnot been for the
counsels and stenuous ; endeavors of J. F.
Jones, Jasper -Blackwell ; and. Jonathan
Case, whoi4 plead with the- crowd that they
should not .have the , man's' . blood; on their
hands.' . The man ..was,, a" prisoner in the
hands- of ; the .lay"' and they? argued would
surely he punished. - V 4 v - t ,
The girl had clearly escribed her assail
antrbefore his capture. "Markar-thati es
pecially identified him from her description
was a. white string -sewn in the rim of his
hat and patches on -hrr elbows.- J . -
Parm was placed in the Hendersonville
-Jjan; but owing to the' excitement and
threats -'againsthisT life h was ? secretly
n -
taken to the depot and brought to Ashe-1
ville. - ' , -
Tho following is a description of the
girl's assailant: 'His name is Leander
Farm. He is forty-nine years ol(L and was
Dora, ana, .. raisea on iomany, tie nas
lived most of his time on Turkey creek,
n , Leicester township, .but. came to this
county about eighteen months ago" and
rented a mill on the head of Mills river:
He was detected in stealing toll corn, an$
had' a trial in the last criminal court. The
Jury acquitted him, mainly because he had
three little children .to support, and was
Such a pitiful looking object. It was provr
en also that his offense' had been a light
one. . ;. : V
Since his acquittal he has been prowling
about, claiming to be looking for a mill.
He says for himself now that he is not the
man, who committed the. deed. In appear
ance he is small,' stoop shouldered,' and has
a dark moustache. He has the appearance
of having led a hard life and his clothes are
very nruch patched.? The Gazette represen
tative vent to the jail and had a talk with
him. He was found - lying on a mattress
and said he was very tired. , He was Very
reticent; but rose up and replied briefly
to, inquiries. He. said his name was Farm,
and that he was not- guilty. but had little
else to say. . - " : ,:.
To the American Street Railway Asso
ciation by the Aldermen. .'
The special mating of, the board of .al
dermen last night was attended by Alder
men Jones, Burnett and Kennedy one less
than a quorum. Mayor Rankin presided,
and there were also present Messrs. H. t.
Collins, Kittredge," F. Stikeleather and F
R.. Darby. -. f , -
It was voted to extend an invitation to
the Amberican Street Railway associaHO'n
to hold their next meeting in Asheville,
tne liwiyor was authorised to appoint a
committee of five representative citizens to
go to Niagara Falls, where the association
is in session, and present the invitation.'
It" was stated that the committee will be
furnished with free transportation as far
as Washington, and that the rates from
that point will probably be material!: re
duced. The committe was not appointed
last night, though it was suggested that
Mr. Rankin should be one of . the number
in view of his connection with street rail
way affairs. : - . . ,r:,,v
City Attorney Craig : was present, vhut
action on the new. code was1 deferred until
the nest regular meeting, because of the
absence of a quorum. The advisability was
discussed of having ah ordinance passed
and incorporated in the new code ia regard
to the emoke nuisance.
Another matter 'brought up was that of
the payment of $119, balance due on the ex
penses of entertaining President McKinley
and party while in the city. It was urged
that the city could well afford to pay this
in view of the benefit derived in the way of
adveriising.etc, , by . reason of the presi
dent' visit. Action was. deferred.
An Ins
tbyWW. Ashe, ofl
iMr. . W. "W. Ashe, in char f;4idreBt'' 4n--
vestigation on the Nortn -caxoirna geologi
cal survey; and who is making a reputation;
in that departments ha? just returntd froin
the meeting of the American Forestry as
sociation' at - Nashrille, . says the "Ralsigh
crrespondent to ihi ; Ch
Several weeks were spent by him i-Q-lhves-
tlgating the hard, wood forests of Eastern
Tennessee which are the most, anafcaifie-nt
in tne eastern states, though. rpidly, being
depleted. He also spent, a... week jpn&et
Biitmore estate, examinin-g, under th qi-;
rectioh of Dr. Schenck, fo-rester in "cnafge,
the Biltmore forests and what is being done
to improve "their condition." and; place them'
on sound financial basis. The great Pisgah
forest in Hendersonand. Transylvania f coun
ties, ..was also examined. Here the.; plants
advocated in Bulletin 6, of. the geological
survey series, are being practically applied
whenever financial considerations will per
mit; that is, whenever, by adopting tnem
the Investment can be made to return in
terest. '- V ' v- - "
The survey h,as begun the. issue of a se
ries of short papers on economic subjects,
intended for -local distribution. : The first
number, now ready for distribution, con r
aiders the maple sugarl industry . in .the
mountain counties. Otheraare in course of
preparation on "Shade Trees for. Roads and
Parks," and "Reproduction and Growth of
the White Oak for Railway Ties and Lum
ber." iBulletin , 6, on the timber trees of
North Carolina, a volume of 250 pages, is
nearly ready, for distribution.
'cotton; :
Outlook as SeenTjy Riordan and Com-
- ..' -V""'. Pany- .
; New York, Oct..,! rCotton- went, still
lower . to-day. . A. decline, of. two and on
half sixty-fourths in- 'Liverpool this- morn
ing was not regarded as discouraging here
-and this market opened a little better. The
prevailing sentiment "however, )was still
bearish and in spite of moderate 1 receipts
which every one continues to attribute ; to
the quaran tines, the -market turned weak
after., the-' opening. New ' Orleans ; was .- a
good buyer here and there was some specu
lative demand. .This buying -was more than
offset, however, "by heavy liquidation which
was 'attributed ; to prominent local: bulls.
The governmencrop bulletin from New
Orleans was bullish, but causing only mo
mentary steadiness -and the close was' at
the lowest of the day. , January opened at
6.37, advanced to 6.39 declined, to 6.30, ral
lied - to 6.33 and closed at 6.30 to 6.31 with
the. tone of ; the market easy. The market
has few friends at preserit and unless the
sentiment -changes it' may:go lower, a-:
In the M .. S: Robinsoa and Dickerson
v" ,' - - " Company Case'. ' ;
- The case of M. S. 'Robinson surviving
partner of Cart well, Watkins & Co vs. J.
E, "Dickerson company) J.v E.: Dickerson,
and 'J1 E. c Dickerson & Co., heardbefore
Judge Simon ton at -Greensboro a : few days
ago,; has been decided! The judgment of
the court was received by Clerk Moore yes
terday and grants the. application of; the
plaintiffs', directing the " receiver, "r J. 1 E.
Rankin :to, pay .to the ' plaintiffs, the' sum of
$339 as rents due to October: 1,. ut of the
proceeds of the sale ,o fthe 'Stock f except
that- realized-, by- the. sale of. goods, under
attachment.: - . -'.'t. i--- -,' -.,
Fresh arrival extra fancy isowms at fi S.
'.CoopeT's, 33 Soatk Mats stksst. -
TS :
Several Persons Killed .and
Much Damage Done. " v '
Streets. In Reading, Pa,, Were 6a
:-(y : 4 Flooded. - ' V
A : ; vi ivf flnnntinr ' ,...f,4
wicsi iiuiii new i uriv niunicipai.
Protest Against the Legality-of SetJi
. Low s Nomination Thei Mixes sbid r
Snarls - of the Ticket VOan't hp.
- Straightened nOut.' ".. ,.r' .. .'-'
- . ''St
- New York, Oct. 12. A tornado which
swept this part of the country this after -noon
caused a small flood and great dani-
age, and killed several persons. - The flood'
... .... ... -
extended over a large area of the' cpuntryi
The!most serious damage tfa& at-Read
ing,-Ea.; where the streets ' we-re)tnveTte4 f t
ed by fng su4nfe.:
houses were destroyed and the
of the city hall school here, :135 hiohdred ;
feet high, was blown dowa and iirjncl''- :
some children. It caused a panic' Tjio
yacht, White Dove, was blown on Jjiberty"
1 mixes .and the snarls of all .M'p
hot .be starightened out before electionTiday
The latest is that the. Platt machmetOKj. s
- .... - - - ' . 7 . .. r-.
nay protested he legality of tte' Citizen's; ,
-4.-'" irf-r'W
WlnlelfeE. Oct 12:- Mrs. A'tkfr5bn onfi
i-i .'- .wsE
stan4 t-day:uefelaredthatshgi)a!'C ri
' : !
i -f
into streams. Resaflents were resea by'T !
to -useh durog JU-.41K .
bf the iighaftireV' which the saniiare's A
were fesged. - "s?
- -
MISTRUSTED WEYLERfc ' ' J .:; ;" -i ;VW I
Washington, Octn 12.ensatf dnal stories tf
are afloat to the effect that Spain, mistrust-. - t
ed General Weyler's intentioss, Some ay . i
it was feared he was' contemplating a re-
v,- ',-': ? s
volt against the government' and this led
- ' ' ' .V- ' ' '
to his recall, - . - -- , v '
, Washinglon, Oct. 12. At a cabinet meet-
ing tb-day it 'was 'decided that the eiiter-: . .,
prise of the New York Journal in resculhg '
,' .. '-' - . ' i -.--, .
Miss, Cfsneros was not a cause for inter-
national complication." , . !
; Bowling Green, - Ky., Oct.
12.-ryaa.; ''
..- ' - . "f--.
spoke here to- day to nine thousand people. .. ;
He said his reception in Kentucky indicat- "
ed that silver was gaining 'ground", which
... '
was very gratifying. ' ; : '-'
-.. ' - . .- - . .... .. . , 1
St. Louis, Oct. 12. Twenty colored pris-f -oners
created a riot in the county jail .at
noon to-day over a game of craps. ' Severai'.;",
were -'injured and - were confined5 ia dHii-'
i Si
Seattle, Oct, 12,-The steamer City: ot To
peka - brought'', eighty-five .- miners front
Cook's Inlet, who, brought with them $25Q,V. S
000 worth of old.
A "scare", report- was ' published last
the Montf ord avenue- school, had been "cut ? tr 1 .
on the arm'hy a pupiL." and,, that Eroft'j
Gwyn ."fainted .from the loss . of blood.?
The sole foundation 'fox all, this was, that.,
a' pupil who had been sent to the principal . t?
Gwyn's presence drew r a knife from his' -
pocket and threatened to use it; "j , ; ,
.rf-; .:,v . -
Taxe 'Laxative. Bromo Quinine Tablets. A.TJ fy'-
a - 5 L M MM II 1.11- A -v
druggists . refund 'the money, if it fails, to
t .-
' -i
:-1 ,
1 ,f -'

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