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Yot 2: Ko. 218. .
? ASHEVILLE, N. C.,; THDfiSDAY:MOEljlt;G,OVEMBEE 'M.4?Sifvl: :' -""t' :'AJce'6'Ceiite?;
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luch: spafcet :iri;vour . -.;f f
-r eiV iv'i . t Special Services m Nearly AH the
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Its Erplutton ITrom an Austere ..Occaf-
. siontoaMerry.One - t"
, tCopyrlffht,1897,by the AutJior.1 ; 1 !
"i The JAlnealcato. Thanksglvtag festlvaJ(,'
which has became such a national institu
tion, has its root in ancient traditions and
. 1l3.. Vn xt-t-., , Tha Maw
HOW the Day Will B8 Ob- England - Puritans, who felt their most
RPrVPff 1TI ThlS f!if,V. r. I ment, naturally sought in Hebraic sug
beiVeUlU llii.vltjr' li' a twt,.nthoffotheri)eonle
the special forms which they were inclined
to follow;- So ltiB.thatwe find in the
Hebrew Feast of the Tabernacles, which
embodied the , thank offering for the au
tumnal ingathering of the fruits of the
year, the most natural source of, the Puritan
feast, which was alike religious and social
in conception.: Indeed Dr Cotton Mather
in one of the mcfikfamous f ; his sermons
hen ; tKe ; market; ,was
v : Churches.
l i
t ltS "iOWeSti' -intlCl-1 UU - - wftwaiuanwvu, expressly .draws, the close" parallel with
tnCVaaVanCe We V. Hebrews kent u the .autumn' feast for
the family iis tl special and narrow sense.
there can be no question. This -is the so
ciaVgist- of , it This, too, makes the day
to the majority of xr Americans, who break
up ana ftusintcsrate in their , family co
hesion more than any people in the, world,
peculiarly tonch lug and sacred. ; It tends
ta renew tne aeiignts - oi family ties and
kniV afresh rlf parted', strands pt kin
ship." 'This has been the evolution 4&
Thanksgiving day,' and it makea it par ex
cellence -an occasion to be cherished,
while certainly for-this- year in special, if
we choose to return to the primitive
"thought of; its lnstltutioni we have mag
nificent .reason - for returning thanks.
Bounty fofv cropsj high "prices, reviving
business and the boom of hope should give
the finest possible-hsmack to turkey and
pumpkin pie. . M k Gt. T. fekeis.
irdered extremely- lib;
:ral: ;BUtc.the'y;;.ihjl"st :
ro. : ; N oticen now ; the
ife is cutWf caprices;
lot merely, on paper
' ' J 2; i
jut; on ,me iguwu
jfcent up
seven days, " ending with .. an eighth
-' 1 wMch tnev cave way ro unoouuueu-jut.
A German at the Battery Park Hotel and frisked -with an extraYag.wWch
season. We can hardly fancy this sensuous
exuberance in connection with, .the Puri
tan feasfc i The iron handed; hara neaaett,,
a..' '.v . . ' thriftv souls whd colonized" New England.
found one day fully; sufficient to spare'
from the productive use of their time even
at a season when the need of work was
r.this Evening."
ri;fHi0tT6jNmBritl i
Biordan' CoeJKef)ort pf Yesterdays
.... ... I
1170 THOUSflMD
5, V-L Til A
New York, 'Nov; 24. lit was a typical an-1
pool -wtas Eligibly Mgher liia morrring aid j-i yi;
UTJUtH Wclx9 BLiaQ IL LllL!Lit3 IKLUir IU. HAH9 I s 1 - .
opentag. Darmg the morning- modeHajte i PollCft Callftd 10 Protect NeW V
)ur.l5c Plain, White .Flannel;.
)ur 20c PlalnWhlteanneli.'t i.',. 15o; '
)iir22c Plaitt fWhkte Flannel; ; . l4c
Xur 274c Plain -Wiiite Flanner.; ; . - 21c
ui 331-3c PJah' White FJannel 25c .
Jui.48c Plain vWhite" Flannel. .",;" . "39c '
jur' 5c Plain .."White Flannel , ".'1 . Oc"
Diir 75d Plain Wlte;FLannel..;.'"j:.; 63c f
3ur 25c 30-inch' White' Twilled an-r.
Business -Houses .That-,, Will f. Close for ; the
Day-TContributions ibr Charity J'; '
r :r. - ,.-."i( SP.'si' . '- 1 " 1 -j' . j .' : ..-( ... ..
TBxanllcsgSvlng dsay4!'will:i,!be celehrlaited In
bafrevUfe in generous style. A Jlarge mum-1 idea lay at the base of it all, andsrmons
her, ofJ$adinsthu6dne&s house have1 agreed two or mree jwuns.iuus f x
y must have given the feast a delicious
to chaser fonhe day, nd there -will he mjwv'ftridirustowiththe sauce of hunger..
spedtei 'Tlaan'kBgivttng Wyice3 in mot of Then . how the young folks must haw
hour's grace still held them on the tenter
hooks, as they snuffed the rich odors
which lifted like inc. use from the unaccus
tomed delicacies. T ? spiritual exercita-
-iCBrtlliat StxrtallSvent Last Night at
- -iJf irsc JrTesDyxenan v.nurou.
' Ae'earty te 7:00 6'olock last eventog jtUte
presen-5f,;expec3ai,t gp&-vf- JlalcLieis tand
jgcesDyterra. icaurcji pecoKenea- "one
tht.a.?Mai everat joif more,, thlan ordiLraary
i m portilce; wias about"ita'pliaice, '
;v Th eccaBiou iwa fh -aiSairilageof :MiBQ
Iyurltoe" ,Wiadswrth,,ot, AeUe;, anicll Mr.
Frank '-MciDonBild;ibf 'Mooitgoniiery, -Ala.
Eight-thirty o'clock ma he hour 'mest-
moied ia the toviiotnisr hut'isuclh; was Itlbe
An rwsusinn " of this
j rv.'fiiui innn 1krietv to wttne6,sthe event fthat tomg ibe-
receipits land efiKHit ooverjmg beld the
ket steady -but Jn the af fceraJotm there was
contsiderahle liquidation, and prices yield1-,
edn ':, Jknuary optened at. 5,72, tadvianeed to
5.75, declined to 5.67 (and closed tat 5.68 to
5.69, with the tome of the jnJarkdt quiet ad
-steady. There does not seem to 'be. much
In the market dther way at presents The
talk, however, is etlll bearish. ; To-mforrow
being a legal holiday the Exchange Will be
;iW. iM. Repine, edattor kTiskawa (111)
XJhief, eays: "'We won't "keep !house with-
f m f . 1 . . - r. .-. '- ' -. " .V ."it
sumption, Ooughs i and .Colds. Experi-
mented with many : dtlhers, hut never got
the true remedy until we used Dr. King's
New Descovery. : . Jso other , rem'euy can
take Its place in our fcome;ias 4a it we have
a." certain land ure cure,"or Ckughsr Colds,
Whooping .Cough,.Tetc" t It is'iidje to expe
rtment with' othier remedies, even if they
are urged on yon ias just as good as Dr.
King's New (Discovery. They are cot as
eood. because thls remedy fSoSaa a record of
cures, ansd heaidea ie CTaraarbeeia.7 It nevter
fail to satisfy. Trial: bototSle' free at T. C.
Smith's Drus Store and Pelhaan's- PhaT'
York Trolley Property.
1 4 s A
T -
Steam Heater in a Crowded Railway
f!nr FvnlnHpc. 1 '
.r.w-vw. ftyfXfta ;f
Affcernooii Prdceediiigs in the Thorn
... nel v". . ; .v..t. , j. .
-w j .- r'
dur,.50o 64-incn White Twiller4
. . ' , . . ! ' i . ,. . ... . .
nel ;
jta-.' ,
k : :
Ourloc Red 'Twill-Flannel. :r. llc
Qur20 :-RedTwillanoel.T; v5.:
Our'ase-Red Twll , Flannel'... 30c '
Anpther Jimitedlot of baraiuf pil-d .
loWlbaVes,T,Teffulze5':cts each, f
'the churches-i
Thanksjdvlng' servioes v-'Il! be conduoted
at- theFirat- ;--Presbytea:1..a chmrch, ".ithls
naoming by . pjv .F; CuuipbeliU,
JjSerYlwaiW cojiducted-at 4hie .First
BaptSsiL'Churta j,this intorning by J.'S. Felix..
poniajUhtorVthe'Thomiasville orphanage
will he recezreo. - .
..'There will -e ' no Thjanksgiviiinig eervlce
atfhe Central' M. E. church, or at Bethel
''In Atlanitic Clity'V dtrew a fair-sized1' ku
HB'ence las't evening at ..the-uxand.. opera
house. The play is a farce comedy and
t abounkia. t'hrouighout .with pleasing special -
ties. The costumes were pre'tity m& Uhe
sTh)anksglvIng. services, at Trinity .church
today will he as follows: . Holy, comanun-
ton, 8:00 ja." m. t .mornto'g: prayermG hoay
communion. 41:00 a. mv ;The offerings In
money will '.go ito tne Thompson rpnanage, j
Charlotte' and: the offerines im Mnd to
the Mission hospital.
r, f
28 iSbutltMaiacStreet.
'At thelaywood street iM. E. church 'Rev.'
M. A; Smith wall preach at llvo 'clock, r
t'S 1.' , cjl j Av. i
Servtcewai -he'lreld at iGrace chweb ifflils tlon, fairly over, wa an even now see the
Httornfais' .t'eloG3tJ!ReT F.C iB&&- trrim f eatures of Ithe eWers. rehtxiato win -
Tla'ianitKovlUamF'Klee win officiate. gjpiies as they -Bealoslypay tnauerrt'
The 'Atlantic1 Xty-:comip!affly.fttreat the
Asheville.-' - '
Th (Burglar' at ithe 6ratfdithi aTter-
noon and evening. t-J ' ' r,-" -
' rS. Lipdnsky is toewToflSputihaelnlg
,oodev ftw the Bon Marcbe. i
..v. i -5 r "'
Arrjvala of, vlslrtois Jhave'- been "exceed
ingly, light for. 4he past few dayev v-.-vrs
tPodiceman Jordan Daist night jrecovered :a
ctoM watch wMch belonged, to tt.wan in
South CaroWnaw - , Ti , .
6ne vof Jntidecoy:ed
on the My is- tmit 'of Alexarader- fc court
ney adveitisiitte- Hanto.'fehoesr' ' .
Impnovementa are rapiiday progressing at
(Battery (Park, and Mrr-McKfssiok; 1 enter-
tainling a large number of winter gueste..
A epecftal icarwaa operated dostjoiighit on
the Aehevilie & 'Blltmore road, for the con
venienoe Jof ttoow who attended? Hie. play, at
It-Tito. ivri.rfa .iinn : 4 1 1 : f . , .. .-. .
- iGalToway TMffliamisdn' larrived yesterday
aftJernooa-from''-4hel eastern ' part- of i rthe
state for few days, stay IM., Wiaiaimson
expects to retwn SatuT)dayJ!l,,l
ffilany ihuntensi wlM enjoy neld! port-Sto-day
and" birds .wjll no doubtbe' Ragged in
.- quantities. A numher of , parrae ,are
; fformed, and will; moyej(j4etifleld early
. enra mornmg. j , ,.,.'t
IManiaeer Theobold of the Candy; Kitchen,
: (and Ms assistanits .-were : engaged iuaxtftl an
; early hour thie - morning Jniing'-the large
owMnber of Thanksgiving OTder7wtocfr . were
received ,yesterdlay. : ; it ; :'
Prof. JRosselLwHIvglve a ledture .Sumday
evening at the. T. M- AV on l'e and
poems. , .The last of Mr. viRossell's. .lectures
will be jriven November 30,' and.the suh-
v Jeot; will he ' "lAnlEvenangwith , Edgar "Al?
uen w. - -
JUr. J. M. Rodgem, of -Haywood counlty,
trepresenting " large" timber . interesta. . of
; Westtern iNorth Oarol'huarHs in the cHity. Mr.
; 'Rogers informs" us-.thait .the" denxand br
Western; North Oarollna43mber-4s5on the
ftncrease,T and thait "he' has i just naade
: large shipment of nearly and figured1, .woodis
; to the northern and eastern ;naTket8u
IHendersonville Times: It 3s- quite a d!Is
aoDointmemlt to the imemhens of the M. E.
; church lit Hendersonvaie, that Rev. W. .H
Willis ds not returned to (them. . He has
heen appolnlfced to Calvary churc h,. ' Char-
. lotte,' which we'nresunie &a n. modh better
1 appototnienit. -iHls frSenda here wish- him
Bmccess in; his new home,' whiffle regrettting
he has heen transfeTTed to a new field., -v
. ' ' " " . 'i.
. iPrtces received yesterday on the floors of
the Abbeville warehouses are sufficient evi-
deuce that our home aaarket li as ood If
xft better than those ahToad.- .The, con
: tttraued drv weafber 5iaa .nletained nlanteirs
: in! the hlanldillittg of tobacco', which faot ac-
. wumts. for, the email offerings. Prices,
( however, are good and 'ther lis 'everyrrea
; "W for our farmers' ffkf patronaze. Ithe. home
aarkeL' ,
The offerings "of fru8t'ad7 vegetables will
be given to -the 'MTsstan hospdtial, ,
- t-- -a-) "t; : ? ; ( . v
There will belhariksgvtag'Service alt
NorthAsheirtllefhurch.ih4s. -miornjng at
11 o'clock', conducted by. Rev.. B, M Bain.
A ' cordial '''lnTSt&tioni-:''ls-.extBndea-- tocne
public,. n t .v
Thantogiving services will', he held, at
tS!." Q7' : Vi:.U -1 performance .was , ..very, . v
t - ksmrnrrrrfrym : w .. ,4 j throughout. . ,!
Thanksgiving Day at the National f
4 f! :. Capital c 1
Large Dry Goods Firm . AssigosBarnuin't
' Circus Arrives; in UndonTA-Standard i0B' !;v,
Scoop. 'r " - '." ,
. New York, Nov 24. Two thousand man, 7
employed tin laying the tracks for the m.
derground fa"oliey llneto Second avenue, i
s-truck this afternoon because they had) not ,
been pad for- two weeks, Tlie ? superiai
tendent tnfornied the men they would not 51
be paid until Monday. Many -mea' made :-t
threaits of violence. Reseryee fxoms two r..; -police
stations; were called to protect -the
company's property; and alttiacking (the
Buperintendentr jT The 'men say they wall , -
not retum. rto wotk uuitii paaa' caeir' vmsK.x.n:
pay. vS; fl. JH ' c ' - -
Paducah,1 Ky.,-'Novi ZlP-As a passenger
train on' the Evansvllle division of the n- ,
linols Central -.-wastfe&v
this afternoon.'f.withouft warnimg the stelajn j.'';
heater. In a crowded eoach- exploded, .seat-
teriae pieces of,burstett.pir.dn;.a,fla!!ree,:;,
tions, and fll'ling, the car . with scalding .va- r r
poT. Railroaders say 'the dlisaster was. al-
flft unprecedented. Nearly .every occu:'
paint of 'ithe car' was' more orlesis 'injuredV r
several ser1)cmslyr ; t r r1'' 1 7,i 'l ' '.'
red debt owing to the inner man.
The founders of the American Thanks
giving med to have had a spite' against
Christmas. It smacked rankly of. popery,
and,' what was even more monstrous to the
settlers of Massachusetts bay; of that Jfing
lish prelacy "the persecutions of .which had
been tne motive or tneir own aeparture to
k -new worldi - So down to the devolution-
kM-mla -church!:1 Billmore todaar ait 11 i ary war: indeed; the Christinas ; festival,
o'clock.7- TlwJ 1 Torlowing musioal - program witn all- its glorious- tratutrons, naa out
wlM .be rendered:- - -r '
. .... .:: !"'..' , ... .3 - .
Processional Hymn 383 Nicaea" ..
tSantclVlneteadof VenJte, chantSavage
Proner- Psalm1.-19,- 24.
Te Deum Haudamus ftn f A'; . . .' . .J. Coss
JubUa-rteF Deo da A.:. i.i . : r,.'. .. . r. . J
Hvrmm 192 "Dtx" f -' f ......... C. Kocher
Hynm 477 r" Alms-giving' ;ii :; J. B. Dykes Thanksgiving mounted the hippogrifl ,nd
Anthem "In Sweet ConsentV B.. H.Thorne gcurried to every section of the land where
Recefonai JHynm 401 "&t Iphege' . . - J vellow tMimnkins shone in, the , cornfields
......f J.uaunuexi fat turkeys gobbled: in the woods and
Toniehrtr--bemg Thanksgiving there will fi nKont f nwUmofinn f
be no meeting of Pisgah' lodge, K,of P."' - 1 77:
toentral .Market will he -closed all tday- to-
White-House itself, the separate states had
fallen into the habit ; of. celebrating the
TJm of the -Western Carolina- hank come the peculiar national festival before
will not he operi for the transactioti; of any I the great war president recommended to
business. - - ' , the country at large to than& lioa for the
fruits of that terrible harvest which had
(No? mail twill Tbe takenouit. by .the oar" t been 3 won i not .with, olow and hoe and
Tiershtilt the (Jarrter's- and1 deliverr;wln?j gicklei but with cannon and rifle and saber ,i
frieuds of thte bride and groom had Beajted
toemselveB. in the audStoriuan. .," T :
r The-ohnrch was itJastily, out not pTDfuee
iy 'deowttfced,- with Ixalans. to, pots.
During the half hour 'preceditag the bt
rfvalof the rtxridat party, a number of appropriate-
and1- classic eotion-werer4n-dered
oni ithe -organ by tMrs; O- B. Tan
Horn, 'among them being "The Song to ithe
Evening .Star,". ---from rtTannhauser, . and
Suhert'd.t ",rhe( Betrothal." Mtea Btog
sang as a 'solo, with beautiful effect, "O,
PromiBe.Me!.! this feature" of' 4he.5occaBion
The 'rridal partyl nteredf (the ; church
little foothold: in New England, while
Thanksgiving was scarcely recognized out
of its limits. With the formation of the
new republic and the closer intimacy of
the peoples of the states thus federated,
theirvtastes and customs, once narrow and
exclusive, began to blend, f Christmas be
came as much an institution among the
descendants of the Puritan settlers at last
as in New York or New Orleans, ' and
prompitily on time; First came the ushers,
jEuigene-L Beardenyt Dr. flames. Sawyer, Eu
gene Sawyer, Alex. Webb,- Erwln - Sluder
aindi Dr. Charles R. Pearson; then the maid
of honor, Miss :.Nina . Wadsworth, . and the
bridesmaids,: 'Misses- Daisy Sawyer, Genie
Smftth, Jennie jWadsworth', Nan' Cartmelli
Grace Ran&In, and finally . he ibride,- lean
ing ort the arm of her guardian, Mr. J. B.
RanMn. sThe' party -?was 'rnet at ithe altar
by Dr. R. JF.' Campbell Mr. McDonald, and
Mr. Maulliisby, best man, the three enter-
ing at the pulpit -door.
The lridal. couple .stood! fin front f "the.
pulpit: facing, the minliater; and ithe atten
dants ranged, themselves about In' a seml-
jt 'iK.JrwP!n ih 1, 1 a -rne ceremony was Tue eimpie rresoy
V" " . - ' . w B'tSW r Tir ,
the teeming earth. rA - K ithe wh!ile,a very . soft, and- low organi ao-
The fact that ThanJtegiving day even in compliment' was played. . , ,
At the "conclusion of the ceremony the
4 Take laxative Bromo- Quinine Tablets. All
; aruggi8tg Tetnij the . money if it fans to
JThe -cflty school. -chilldren will- have holi
The following business firms have agreed and Jess, of
to dose their doors today:
'Alexander AT Courtney ; B. Wll'Mam-
son A Co.; J. H. Law, IH. Redwood & Co.,
B-.i H.rCosby. the Men'e Oultfititer, G.. A.
Greer,, Aehevilie China Co., J.rA.'Howat,
manager?" F.' : CP".' alnbridge - ( half day) ,
Oestreleher'& Co.,N.;- Fisher & Co.,
Racket tbre, : M. Stoner, manager; J. D.
Blanton & Co.. WMtlock Clothing House,
W. A. Blair. AT M. Field; "Brown, Nortthup
& Co.; J. Spahgenherg, W.- C. StradTey,
Oowan & Stradlev. Bori Marcho, M. Swartz
berg, Sumner & Co., -i W- WIBarnard,
trustee; Powell & Snlder,; I. tWi GlasBer.
r The event, of Thanksgiving1 day in - ath
lttiic circles wilt be the foot ball game tthis
afTerhoou jo'olock.,.
The line-up-of She two, teams" wall he as
follower j:"'v;, -
Asihievfllel-'. ' -Pos'StfoTiu - - V. Bingham.
Breese 1 ,72. r . , ,FJB. ...' . . Richardson
tfui.mVki ,Ca'nL'..:.,R.H.B. Carr
Webster JhMSB, Gers'tile
Cooke ...:.'.i.Q.fB::;',; J HOuBton
Ooomes . ... . . . . to W expressed in religious , rife and
SflS"'-''' - t a'lt'1:"'"' V'gSS church service, is significant. Clergymen
Wolfe ....... . . . i . v commonly speak to sparsely peopled, pews
Slra;;:::;; Tnl on thatday and the giving -of thanks takes!
rrm w t , . f nanf-' 'Harris a form ' best expressea in mo nameiy saw,
'UUU .;, . .......... . . w tr JJI1.. 11
Brown i. ..... ... . liiR.'E,. ...'. v. . ; . Duncan j Tne prooi 01 une puuuujg uiu uweawujs
bdtt!tu'tesAsheviilie: McBlrath. C of it." Religion once taught that austeri-
vnoldjs. Nichols. Colyer.. Turner, Whatte, tv and self sacrifice, even in the way of in
T ,vnich. , 5 Reed,; ; Jones.... , BtoghamCurtto, tiocent oleasure, unlocked the gates of par-
Cutnntogham, Coleman'" ,J V . adise. It permits us now to believe that
; - - , . ' -' Jove and kindness- and hearty enjoyment
. ; The TJh-ank'SBlving -dance'. this evening at Qf the goods bestowed by the Almighty
the Batterv Park promises to he largely at- jnefactor jn moderation are fully as close
tended nd the occasTon whi oe one or tu r . coiden keys. The essential flavor
principal society events oitne season. i modern" Thanksgiving goes far be
rfprtunt su-mjer will be served at mfdnlght. 01 TT.., TZ, Ltnl!a tw'
Xeion tW 'wl honse may be ajquestipn ttere as toresor
frtJflv wilL Tx "The Burgl-arwittt -maxi- oysrera or 0iuu vuvou " T"
nee and eventog perroTimainw.
hlowt" hurg'Sr ? lianean .irnan,' thafc, has
made -a Mving by cracking other people's
slafes, by housebreaking arid 'robbery
naa "done time" in various prisons and
who' is under police - survelllanca.' every-
where he " goes ? The inan .with the , cast
iron countenance,' the shifty eyes and the
huini ted look? Nqt the 'Splke'ttennessys
and "Kid'-. McCoys, of Jthe metodrama. but
the more hardened- and unregenerated
rufflan of the - streets -of .-New York? (Not
-tlhe man behind - the.: prisoner's dock,5 -but:
the crim3nal who ha recently, been turned
loose upon society, iand who 4s, that unseen
watch apart, as free to -come and go aa you
are? . - ' ' 1
Of course not." ;Tou would shrink from
tmoh soGiety.rryet Htherer''iisiat certain nov-
eRy- in the "sensatdon. Such men- pass you
on, . the street and leaye. no jmore Jdistinot
im'pressi'on ixxan ine nouoa oa a d&dik presi
dent who has absorbed; the- money of his
depositors and 1? yet, at; Jarge; unexposed.
It is onlv- when vou. are, brought face to
Jace'-wiith ithe' burglar, in a dark room with
his ThlmMng -bull's-eye (Shining in ! your
face and the-cold muzzle of - his pistol
pressed against your temples, tliat the sen
sation 4s experienced fifen aB Its blood-curd
ling intensity;- AndI 'feel -sure you would
rather be excused from such anueeting.
To have an old friend, on the. force , say
to you suddenly some day, Would youi like
to meet a burglar? Here he is now," and
rahsing a significanit finger draw a pladtuly
dressed shambling figure from the passing
Broadway -th.rong-int- a" hack room- and
say r 'This man is a lank sneak and burg
lar.".i.That conveys a dirrerent and per
haps r more agreeable ensation.-' In?iThe
BurgJar" Gus Thomats' .famoui play, t one
reti9 a" very falr- ttdea of the modus, ope
andi of i the famous .Knights of .the : Jim
rmy.-tNew(.Tork(. Sun. t
hridiaa party- left She church to the reverse
'order of the enteringrthe bride and groom
iraecded!heotaiers. -,i- r ,
At ;tb -church door the -. party entered
ifhisnif . aTTfBis!eft anl were driven to ; the
ride's1 residence, - 'Baailey vBtreett wnere
rArtp-nHfloa was held. ' ".
Mr: - and 'Mrs. 'McDonald left early., this
Tmorntng for Montgomery, : where rthey , will
reside in future.
being the day picked - of all others for the
fflfiHtn.1 of the family group in the larger
nurJ John H. Davis, of .Kansas City, wasl genj just as Christmas .is lie. festival of
"T? TO'S'THOR'I TRIALy, " - ' "?-
KzlZSig 'Ietend City, Nov;. 24. Mrs. Nack
wasmbaken to tne; court" room In the Thorn - -
trial tMs- afternoon nd wa"''itosi,Urely v. -
identified by aeveraltnesses who sawjhe
go to (the Wootiside r cot'tage withThorn. -
who glared at her withntense- hlate, . (Qapt, k '
0'BientbisJaftefnoonl jtes-tifled, as to" the-,'
arres't of Thorn;' and -the' soa'tement made
by the prisoner. - The trial, then, adjournea
until 9:30 Fridays morning:. ' "
1 "
"The . Adventures of Francois," the (new
novel i-by Dr. -S. Weir' MltchelL; author of
"Hugh Wynne; Free Quaker," " wSIl begin
In the January 'Century. It is a story of
ithe French 'revolution. - fts hero a found
1-ing : and adventurer. - The tale 'te one , of
adventure throughout. -'hut all of It is por
trayed' with" Dr; Mitchell's . keen charaoter-
lzation and wit. v " x, - ;
jlX-UV lll JJUUKW . uvjaw -.:
tells h'owr the :Cerman emperor,, wfthr the
empress and the royal family spend Christ-,
n day - with, their chtldren.' .The article
tts written by 'Mr Nagel vonBrawe, an atr,
tache -"of the oourt, who was permftted to
be present at Hhe celebration last Christ-r
mas In order to write tMa'aftMe. . The
oitftures were miade ?1onr the spot," and aPr
proved by the emperor. - -
(Londkm. Nov. 24. 'The . AtJanttc, ;Trana- .
port lilie' steamsliap ; Massachiuset'ts, i with "
iBa-rnum & Batley' circus aboard,: arrived.,
at TMbury-On-Thames this afternoon, -it
-had a sough' trip. ; The gliraff e was : ihrowa
and his. neck broken.- Four horses died' on
ithe voyage i The other animals are In good :
Washington, Nov. 24. Thanksgiving day. v
in Washington began "at noon to-day. All
depaitments are closed and the clerks have ,. I
a hold-day until Friday mornlng.,..It will be
a quiet day at the- White Hoiwaqiken
will be various cabinet dtamers. - '
. t-. -- .-x ' . . fj5-: . r ''' t ' 'i -v'T V :--V--i- -'
IndianapolSs, Nov. 24. The Standard Oil
comirmny ito.-day - absorbed r ther;(Buckeye V
Pipe Line company;, of c this state. The
price paid, 4t Ss said, is 1250,000.r, -f -
iMsneldT'"0.,Ndv T24.The 'Thompson
Dry Goods company, operating the -Boston
store here, capaitalized at. 60,000r waa
oTosed' to-day by.tne. snennv .
" p 1 "' 1 "" ' ' ". ; -
A, Narrow?E?capei i ,5
"A phone message" Reached, the.",';;.
Gazette office'at' an early hour, this , .
morning' ' that Messrs. A'lT. and r .
and T. B. Lyman" had a narrow .
escajpe about midnight from ; be- , '
ink rutf Over by an engine near the" ? '
paisenger.rdepot!-'" While .'crossing A . - .
the track m a carriage c an- engine
ran into 'their .vehicle,, completely,
"demolishing it; ".the occupants Tes-. ; .
cad byjumping.;-'f9T3 ' ' .
15 -. .
; ; -i. crrrjRic" at court house.: -,
i Ttev. W.' C.! "Bowman " gave an interesting
leeturalast'eealngv-at- the court house,
subject,1"" Are tbe princtples of socBaJisnn
in.' harmony : with ;the true sciences of -civil
government." v There was a -fair-sized; au
dlencepresentir amoffgrwhlchf. .was---number-
of ladSes. - . ;t --'r' 1 -
'-f 5.-., ; 'ti ;
, Cranberries at Sc per- quart. Fresh lot
of -bananas and crackers v Just -in at , S. H,
Chedester's, 22 Patten, avenue. '
7 Attempt to Wreck a Train.
, 'Npws rparhed this -ofl&ce- at
early hout this morning that a bold
attempt was i ma3e -near. Alexander
to wreck; passenger tram jn o. 15,
which left Ashevilleat V:40. am."
Spikes had been drawn 7J.rbta the
track .ndstones placed :.nnder " the
rails'1.1. "The 'train narrowly escaped
capsizing.-f -7-7-
"Dr. W. C. Brownson will open an pmee
on - November - IS, I at N0.7 60Patton av
nue," -Second floor above "ticket officer, ef
Southern railway. ; Office - hours, 2 to 4
p. m. Telephone, office, 34, residence, 114
v Fire at Alexander
i lAflexanderNov; 24, The . residence- .-.of ?
Berry Watsonv at this place, was burned to f ' -'
the groundTuesday night about lZ-o'dock. . ;'
The house Is on ; the. jQaittM. carnv jar. .
Watson Tost everything he rhad and. nam -? f
.fiajroMy ; was left desUtu)te.;x,Tbe barn.' was ;
burned also,-destroying; crop.Capt. -John
W. Ijee kindly supplied clothing for
the, family ,r
V Chicago 'Nov.. a4r-JuaBGary. :0-eay ;
named next) Monday as:-t4ie :&ij..tar tfya ,.
opeaW cf the second trial of Leurtgert lor .
the murder joS. his wife. 4 trJ -jv
Miles -& eair, sculptors, ofthJaicity.
have Just completed and p!aced, s 4a tha
Jewish cemetery at (Riverside, a monument
tolther fflemory W-Uhe late 'Afi. Wexler
r M dtv. whkii reflects a great Ceal cf t
L credit-orx.their; sklir an SasSeand' Is'aa
encouragement to all desiring wotjc or us
character to-liave -It ;don by. tthia Xrnu:
1 Ifl you want to enjoy-your -ma-nErivics
WnmAf1 " vou can not have "enythtng-, mora
wholesome ha some of D. G. Nolan'
team-baked bread. , It needs no tz.1rcZz.3-
4- ? -
ecrj tablet 1 T-' - ,;,-,v'.-v.v..
amor yesterday's arrivals. : ' ' x :? ' Z- '

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