North Carolina Newspapers

& Co.
Through a . very, ad
vantageous deal .we are
in possession of, just
Fur Collarettes
Best genuine furs elec
tric seal and astrachan
fur All black in col
or with fancy silk lin-
incrs. None in the
lot worth less than $5
and $6 Thev are of-
" 1 J : S
fered at
First customers- first
choice. "Will you; let
this opportunity pass ?
& CO.
28 South Main Street.
Carried AwayJL
Our furniture is being carried
away every day. We have a fe
nice cane chairs on han4,no.w
Call and examine our $3.00 Oak
Rockers. They are going very fast
Phorfe7 5. 4-5 PattSfi Ave.
The wedding of 'Miss Martha Storrs El
lerson and (Mr. Claybrook James took
Place at 6 o'clock yesterday evening at
the First Presbyterian church.
The ceremony was performed! by Rev.
w- R. P. Kerr, assisted by Rev. Mr. Walt
ball, and was witnessed by a large as
fcem'olase of friends. Miss el.erson is a
daughter of Mr. Andrew 'Roy Ellerson, of
Ingleside," Hanover coumty. Personally
she is charming. Her fiancee is now a
resident of 'Asheville, IN. C., and is one
f the most promising young merchants of
that citv. He is. however, a native of
'Richmond, and has many -warm friends
iere. He is exceedingly popular in "both
tae social and business world of his a
Copied home, and deservedly so, for he is
a young gentleman of sterling worth.
The decorative work within the church
was limited to the vicinity of the pulpit,
tQe steps leading to it, as well as the
space hevond. beine covered with white
' the ereen of oalms. fern and smi
Jax, contrasting beautifully with that "pure
ground. There were candelabra to supply
the light within this aoace. the whole sup
'Plying an efflectlve frame or setting f of, the
The musical program included 'the usual
marches, together with special . selections
a the ceremonv troceeded.- The groom,
accompanied by his best man, (Dr. jLorimer
James, entered by the door in the rear of
the pulpit, groomsmen;' brides-maids, maid
of honor and the 'bride; then advancing by
the middle aisle in the following order: r.
T 'Mr. Le wellyn McVeigh s and Mr 'Philip
J(Mies. ' - - ''V-'. " 1
Wright of Georgia: "Richmond Times, fD
mDer 2. ' . , . ;
. .Stable for rent ' near Hotel ' .Berkeley.
A'SO OT1A Kf m.-mmlrllft MWl!Kle ' bOT
at UO.OO.-S. H. Ch'eideisfter. - " ;
By Order of the Board of
, Aldermen.
. - - - - -.--) ......
Much Business Transacted at Last
- Night's Meeting.
Proposal to Change the Name of
Willow Street.
And Honor it With the Name of
' Aston.
(Contract Let for City Hall Plumbing Market
House Hours Changed Eaqjle Street Res
taurant a Nuisance.
The 'board of aldermen were all present
last evening, iMaybr (Rankin presiding.
The matter of widening Cumberland ave
nue near its intersection with Starnes av
enue was again discussed. Chief ot Police
James said that to give the property
such a widening would take off his lot,
and $50 would satisfy the other party con
cerned. On motion it was decided that
such an appropriation be made and that
the work be done.
' Alderman Mears' -recommended widening
the south side of (McDowell street an4 al
lowing ithe switch for the Asheville and
IBiltmore railroad to be pUc.d on the ad
ded property. The matter was referred to
the 'street comittee with power to act.
The street superintendent then read his
A motion by Alderman Scott to 'the ef-
feet that no money should be spent in any
department, save by the order of the board,
was carried.
The .offer of Col. Coxe to give to the
city sufficient' land to make the street back
.. r- . . .
of Hhpoatofflcej forty ; leet wlde provided
they -would release him from all paving
expenses connected wifth that street and
move the car track on the side next to
the postoffice, having no sidewalk on that
south side wa rtrerrea to the street com
mittee and city engineer.
Bids for the plumbing to be done in the
city hall were submitted as follows
Penniman and Kelly $204 60
Ball and fcheppard 250 73
McPherson and Clark 215 00
F. M. Ldndsey 209 40
Boyce and Rich 192 60
The contract was awarded to the lowest
The matter of J. W. Heath and Charles
Evans, janitor and watchman respectively
in the government building, 'being ap
pointed policemen, with no extra salary,
was settled, and they will be duly sworn
The sewer works near the corner of
Bearden and Cumberland avenues, which
was done by iprivate parties who now re
quest the city to compensate them for their
outlay, was estimated by City Engineer
.Lee as having cost $876.20. A motion to
the effect that this amount be allowed the
parties was carried.
The matter of awarding damages to (Mrs
Ella Chunn, who claims that her property
on Grove street has been damaged by some
grading which has been done, was dis
cussed, but it was thought that no damages
were deserved.
Mention was made of objectionable plac
es on Eagle street and the place of James
and Sam Johnson was declared a nui
A building permit was granted to James
Smith to erect a medium size house on
Philip Wtreet, near Grove street.
Petitions from the Y. iM. C. A., the Young
People's Union, the Christian Endeavor so
ciety, a large list of Odd Fellows and the
congregation of the Haywood street Meth
odist church, to close the bar rooms at
nine o'clock, were presented, but no sec
ond motion was made. Alderman Scott,
after some remarks, made a motion that
the saloons be required to close their plac
es of "business at ten o'clock on all week
days -save Saturday, when 10:30 will be
the hour. It was decided, after a motion
by Alderman Kennedy, that this ordinance
go into effect on January l, isss.
A second motion was made by Mr. Ken
nedy that the name of Willow street be
changed to Aston street, to do honor to
the name of one who has done so much for
tho inl-P-rests of Asheville. This motion a-
rmised considerable interest, all parties be
'ing in favor of doing honor to the memory
of Judge Aston, but most of them were of
fh-P oninion that the naming or sucn aa m cant street was too small an honor
considering the man. Some mention was
mioflp of Church street as being a probably
more suitable. The matter, was J eft open
fvr A fa niicf a-? ATI. '.:: .--r
-Mr. Hill stated that complaint was being
made In the market house of outside beef
markets selling goods to parties inside the
.trHWv RiiTmnsed to be supplied by . the
meat stalls in the market house. ? The at
tention of the tshlef of police was canea. ro
sufh violations. ?
The maTket "committee,- through - Alder
tna.ii 'Rnrsnet't. renoTnTnended that on Tues
. ftatr of the C51insrroanmemoTla
gervlce, the: "market open at ten and tfcree
o'clock respectively and close at 6:30. That
this be done was moved, ana carrusu.
Fifteen hundred dollars rwere approprl
atd for the city schools. '
: m. iTwwJTisr Mils were ordered paid
iMlT..M8.B:'T. V... Smith
-n tc . tnttrov fJrocery store. 25 cents
' t 1 .n .11 : Walter Hatch
one-half m $26.05; w: C. Cartnichael, $1.85,
A. S. R. R. company 465.58; Craton, Knight
& Co., Atlanta, $590.00 ; Sunlight Oil ana
Gasoline Co., $3.90; Stemple ' Fire Extin
guisher Manufacturing Co., 1.25; B. M.
Lee, -$35.65; Ashevile Electric Co., $414.49;
George T. Scott & Co., $145.90; Brown,
Noxthup & Co., $8.70;; ;W. : A Jones, jr.,
$19.40; Mr. V. J. IBall, $7.00; J. R. Oates,
$2.00; J. H. Tennamt, $11.26; H. C John
son, $10.68; IR. E. Clevenger, $10.00; J. G.
iDuckett, $10.00 ; police pay Toll, $745.00;
regular city pay roll, $819.99; sanitary pay
roll, $75.83 ; street pay roll, $178.58.
The following number of cash statements
were submitted by City Clerk Robertson,
showing? the income from the different de
partments of the city's revenue:
Cash on hand Nov! 26, 97 $99314 77
Collected, by J. A. Campbell, T. C.
Collected by M. E. Roberts (wat
393 51
Collected by M. E. Roberts (sani-
40 44
132 04
Collected by W. A. James (fines)
15 30
Collected by W. H. Bird (sani
Collected by Geo. tfl. Starnes
24 55
20 33
Total 9950 94
Paid street department $ 280 05
Paid water department 120 60
Paid sanitary department 121 63
Paid fire department 25 50
Paid police department 15-40
Paid city market 2 50
Miscellaneous . 63 00
City hall 630 28
Cash on hand . 9320 60
Total W 9950 94
ir.ntertainmfint to Raise Monev for a
Christmas Tree.
Alexander, "N. C, Dec. 3. The supper
given by Mrs. Robert Vance and her as
sistants, 'Mrs. M. i. Cox, Mrs. Anderson,
Miss Dora Lee and Mrs. Plato Lee, was a
pleasant and profitable affair. The object
in view was to raise money for the Christ
mas tree for Alexander Sunday school.
Hotel Alexander was made gay for the oc
casion, halls lighted, verandas illuminated.
and the office lost its individuality by the
decoration, from the deft, artistic touch of
Mrs. Cox. When completed, it revealed a
well of lemonade, the arrangements sur
rounding which were quite becoming to
the pretty retailer.
The 'Weaverville band came, generously,
to help out with the good work, and too
much praise cannot be awarded to the boys
who hired their own teams to drive back
and forth all for the benefit of a charitable
object. Their music Was far above ordi
nary. The selection of airs were good,
and so well rendered as to be much com
mented upon by guests in the house.
After a full and plentiful repast in the
dining room, all turned to the well light
ed, warm parlor, to find Mrs. Plato !Lee'4,t
the piano, and 'Mrs M. JL. Cox singing
unaer tee i3isies ana upon requwi
Miss Reagan played "The Pride of the
Ball" for iMiss Weaver's well trained voice.
All were made happy as iMrs. Vance
came in with the general; 'the Sunday
school veteran. He seemed to catch the
inspiration of the occasion, and truly
'Richard was himself again." Last, but
by no means least, came Miss Dora !Lee,
looking pretty and bright in her Decommg
waitress cap.
Mrs. 'Anderson dispensed lemonade ana
ca'ke and Mr. McDonald of Bryson C5ty,
came to her asistance in making a most
ammusing auctioneering of her remaining
merchandise. IRjn Ha.
Riordan & Co's Report of Yesterdays
Special to the Gazette.
New Tork, Dec. 3. Liverpool again dis
appointed the bears this morning by ad
vancing one-half sizty-f ourth. This des
patch was regarded as quite favorable
and the market here opened four points up.
Although there was slightly more activity
to the trading than for the past few days,
this was largely due to covering by the
local bears, one of whom bought heavily.
Selling orders were fairly plentiful, but
the local buying absorbed the offerings,
and the market had a decidedly steady un
dertone all day. The movement for the
week was heavy but as it fell slightly be
low that of the same week in 1894, it
had no depressing effect Just before" the
close there was good buying for Liver
pool, and the market reached the best fig
ures of the day.
January' opened at 5.69, gradually ad
vanced to 5.73 and closed at that figure
with the tone of the market firm. The
buying today has hardly added1 to the
strength of the position.
(Richmond, Va., Dec 3. A charter was
granted today by the circuit court to the
Southern Sugar Refining company, with
$1,000,000 capital. The object of the com
pany is to manufacture sugar from beets.
Operations are .soon to be begun. James B.
T"aoe, a banker, is president of the com
Lima. O.. Dec. 3. A freight train on the
Chicago and Erie railroad was wrecked
seven miles east of her last night. It was
reported that the engine blew up and
three men were killed. v ' .
The members of St. Matthias chapter
of St.; lAndrews Jirotherhood, at its last
meeting, elected the following officers. for
the ensuing year: Dictator, H B.; Brown,
vice-dictator, J. fW. Bryan, clerk, David
Dixon,; treasurer, Isaac Dixon.
' Buffalo, Dec. 3. The jury In the case of
Warren Widrig, . murderer, a "brought in. a
verdict of murder in the second degree.
He was sentenced to life Imprisonment at
Auburn prison! ' v'.' - - ..;
The Inter-State Educational
Meeting at Asheyille
Endorsed by Prominent School Offi
cers Throughout the South.
Monument to tie Confederate Dead
of North Carolina. '
Big Decrease in Cotton Receipts at
tnter-ColIegiate Debate .Between Chapel Hill
and the University of Georgia Preparations
for the Next State Fair.
iRaleigh, Dec 3. F. E. Hege has return
ed from where he has been in your city
in the interest of the poultry show to b
held in January. tMr. Hege's visit was di
rected to the special preminum list that
will be offered exhibitors1 lin addition to
the regular prizes offeued by the Inter
state association, under whose 'auspices
the show will be held.
Superintendent 'Mebane is very hopeful
of accomplishing successfully his scheme
for an Inter-State .Educational meeting at
Asheville next summer. He is already in
receipt of letters from prominent educators
and school officers in neighboring states
endorsing the idea.
The secretary of the state has sent to
the clerks of court of the various coun
ties in the state, a list of all the insurance
companies licensed 'to do business in North
pCarolina, These lists are sent out the first
'V . it.-;:-. '. . .
of every month so as to prevent agents of
unlicensed companies doing business in the
state, . .The list shows 36 life companies
and 7& accident, fire,' guarantee and ma
rmeompinies. hetalktof : a lte" "republican weekly
paper at Raleigh has been revived and
some parties here have been making esti
mates about the cost
Arrangements have been completed for
the inter-collegiate debate between the
university of Georgoa and the university
of North 'Carolina at the latter place.
Subject: "The Annexation of Hawaii," E.
K. Graham and W., J. Brogden represent
ing North Carolina. N
The names of the new executive com
mitte for the next state fair will be given
ou'c to the public Within a few weeks, and
active work, preparing for next year's pre
mium lists and 'exhibitions, will ibegin dur
ing January. The outlook, it is said, is
equally as promising for 5vS it was for
the past fair, and if the weather is fa
vorable 20,000 will be attracted to the city
next October.
Internal revenue collections for this
district during November amounted to
The impression prevails that the farmers
are holding back their cotton ithis year,
ihe figures in the office of Secretary Wy
att of the cotton exchange, show this to be
true. The total receipts last year up to
November 1 were 18,813 bales: the total
for this year is 13,752 bales-a falling off
of nearly 5,000 bales. The receipts dur
ing the month of .November were 5,623
bales .against 5,507 last year an increase
of nearly 1,000 this year over last
Articles of incorporation have been taken
out in 'the secretary of state' office for
the East Coast Cedar company. The com
pany will have a capital of $50,000 and
their offices will be in New York and Phil
adelphia. They propose to cut and manu
facture lumber extensively in Pasquotank,
uare, lyrell and other counties. The com
pany will hold its meetings in Elizabeth
City, Raleigh or some other oity in tbii
state. The company is chartered ior
thirty years.
Wake Forest has challenged the univer
sity to a joint debate in Raleigh.
The next term of the United States crim
inal circuit court will convene here Mon
day. This week Judge Purnell is holding
court in Wilmington, and when he opens
court here he will have an unusually heavy
docket. 'Most of these are moonshine cas
es. There are on the docket only three or
four postoffice cases.
.As yet the $500, which Julian S. Carr
offered the county, which at the August
election on the question of levying a
special tax for public schools cast the
largest percentage of its qualified votes in
favor of the tax has not been awarded.
According to the conditions for which it
v.-as given a county can get the amount
in which not a single township was carried
for the tax since the conditions said the
$500 was for the county in which the larg
est percentage , of electors voted for school.
It is evident," however, that itvwas intended
for the county in ".which Ithe most town
ships went -for schools.-- ,
5tev. James B. 'Avirett .has raised the
money for She monument to be erected to
the North Carolina confederate dead,' who
are buried at Stonewall: cemetery at Win
chester, Va. -This ds 'the fifth monument
erected here by as. many states to their
dead.. The states rwhich have erected mon
uments . are nas ;follows: -Maryland Vir
ginia, Louisiana, Georgia,- all costing over
$10,000.',- , r y - -,
With' the exception of the chapters on
"Fish 'and Fisheries" : and the " "Lumber
Industry in North Carolina, ... the report of
(Labor Commissioner (Hamrick, is now com
plete and, in the hands of the printer. Be
fore finishing these .chapters Mr. Hamrlck
will have to make another visit to the east
er.v part of the state. This be will do next
week. He is now spending a few days at
his home in Cleveland county. The report,
when completed, will be one of : the most
elaborate and useful ever published in the
state. Tt will comprise 400 pages and con
tain much inf of mation in regard to North
Carolina's agricultural and industrial de
velopment never before published. Be
sides being handsomely illustrated with
cuts from special editions of the News
and Observer, showing the staia's prog
ress, it will have Sn it many special arti
cles, notably one from Col. John S. Cun
ningham of Person county, the largest to
bacco planter in the world, on the "Culti
vation of Tobacco," and ano'Jier by Col.
Julian S. Carr of Durham, one of tae larg
est manuafcturers of the weed i& the
world, on the "Manufacture of Tobacco."
The greatest space is devoted ' to cotton
mills. Next to 'this comes agriculture.
Statistics are given of a number of enter
prises never before represented in this re
port. The chapter on mines will be as
complete as the limited resources of the de
rartment would permit.
Filed Yesterday in Fayor of the First
National Bank Receiver.
A. H. Tenland, A. M.- Penland, M. C.
Penland, W. H. Penland and others yes
terday filed confessions of judgment in the
office of the clerk of the superior court in
favor of V. S. iLusk, receiver ot the First
national bank, for the following amounts:
V. S. Lusk, receiver, vs. 'M. C. Penland,
$15,575, principal; V. S. Lusk, receiver, vs.
W. H. Penland, principal, $10,000; V. S.
Lusk, receiver, vs. iA. 'M. Penland, prin
cipal, $15,575; V. S. lusk, receiver, vs. A.
K. Smith and IM. C. -Penland, $3,067.
'A transcript of each of these judgments
was sent to Yancey and Mitchell counties
for the purpose of being docketed. Some
of the summones in these cases have been
executed while the others had not. The lien
of these judgments upon the real estate of
the defendants commenced at the time of
the judgments, rendered by the clerk dpon
the confessions filed. All of the judgments
were docketed in this county yesterday.
The papers in each case set iforth the
cause of action and all matters pertaining
The Report Indicates an Encouraging
' Business Outlook.
New York, Dec. 3. Dun's Review of
trade, which will be published tomor
row, will say that the monthly report of
failures shows that the liabilities from fail
ures are a million less than last year.
Payments are remarkably good and other
evidences of the state of business is con
vincing, except in speculative lines. Wag
es have been voluntarily advanced for thir
ty thousand workmen. Stocks are strong
er. Considerable orders for rails have
come in from western markets. Wheat de
ceived everybody, dropping in the face of
a -heavy- foreign, d&ffiaflcl, though in the
long run this demnad wil affect prices,
however surprisingly large receipts dn theWelddm that such a representative party.
west indicate-, greater, yielLihan had .been
anticipated.' Cotton! , receipts indicate a
greater yield than the ten million bales of
'94. Nothing appears to indicate any iprob
able 'restriction in the money market. The
demand for commercial loans is light.
A County Convict's Fatal Attempt to
Will Walker, a convict oh 'the County
roads tinder Captain' Pickens at (New
Found, made a break for liberty yesterday.
He was shot at twice by 'Rogers, the guard,
without effect, but was hotly pursued. The
fugutive became frightened and took refuge
in a tobacco flue from whence he was
chased to a point not far from the camps,
where he was found concealed in the top of
a pine tree. Upon the approach of his
pursuers Walker descended from his lofty
position, gave himself up to the officers
and retook his place on the county works.
In Issuing a Marriage License to an
Alleged Minor-
The case of Harris vs. W. J. IBeachboard,
register of deeds, for the recovery of a
penalty for the issuing of license for the
marriage of the plaintiff's daughter, was
heard before Esquire Summey, and was de
cided in favor of the register of deeds, who,
on trial; showed that he had complied with
every requirement of the law in respect
to the issuing of the marriage license. He
produced the sworn affidavit of the appli
cant and proved that he took every pre
caution before the application was granted.
With the Gazette's Efforts in Behalf of
Our Home Market
Editor of the Gazette:
The tobacco men of Asheville are much
pleased with the effort the Gazette is
making to uphold our home market. The
account of sales in yesterday's issue has
been read by both planter and buyer with
interest and profit. Hope the Gazette will
keep up the good wcrk and continue its
usefulness to Western Carolina.
December 3, 1897.
Boston, Dec. 3. William H. Matthews
pleaded guilty in the United States court
today of robbing mail boxes, and was sea
tenced to six years in the state prison. -
i Canton, Dec. : 3. It is reported this af
ternoon that iMother "McKinley is growing
much worse. Her death is momentarily
expected. t. ::,-....,.:,
liaCrosse, -Wis., Dec. 3. Fire destroyed
the MdMillian opera house ; and the Pom
eroy .bl6ck today. The Toss is $200,000. .
Platfoville, :Hv3s.i : Decv 3. The cylinder
house of the TafUn - Rand powder ; compa
ny blew up today. The lss is 425,000.. ;
1 '. ' ' s - , -.t
Distintiished Party in"
What Mr. M. V. Richards Says of
Their Trip
An Inspection of Their Investment
in the Sonth.
Pleased With Asheville and Its Sur
roundings, Talks With Some of the Men in the PartyA
Trip Planned Today to Biltmore To Return
This Afternoon to New Yorki'
A distinguished party of northern capi- ...
tklista interested in the industrial devel
opments of the southern states arrived yes
terday and are at the Battery Park. The
party represents a great amount of wealth
and many of the members have large in
vestments in Southern railway securities
and manufacturing enterprises.
rne lour is unaer xne aarecuan oi jvi. v. -Richards,
the Southern's land and indus
trial agent. "The trip is made," said Mr,
Richards, last night, "that these gentle- .
men may be posted in regard to the situ
ation and their interests in the south and w
it is hoped that they are so thoroughly
pleased that when they return to their
homes will be imbued with the idea that .
the south is the place to investigate ad- .
ditional capital. The Southern railway has
done everything it can lna systematized way :
toward the development of the lands on
its lines. We are using every means to
place before this party facts and figures in :
reference to the present condition of 4fci
is irn.f-pTi tjiE'et.'hW-.i
'-'The trip has been , very-short ."-contln-'J
uea uar. 'jienaras . "owing:. io ; tne iimiteav
time of the members, though severST im:
rwH-f-nnt vttnn mills on .thp Rmi f-:h r.n rail--.
way have been visited, and I believe the -party
has seen enough of the growth of r
this section to assure them that their In-;
terests in the south are in a prosperous
LUU tJ'l L1U11. ' t
Sections' of Virginia, North' Carolina, -South
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and
East Tennessee have been visited by the
capitalists. .
The party is composed of Hon. Seth M!.
Milliken, a member of one of the largest
comm'ission houses in New York.
John P. Townsend, president of the Bow
ery Savings bank, 'New York city.
John J. Sinclair of New YOrk, a well
known contractor.
W. Wheeler Smith of iNew York, a well,,
known architect of the United States.
W. V. Brokaw of New York,' a trustee of
the Bowery Savings bank, capitalist, and
member of the wholesale and retail cloth
ing firm of iBrokaw Bros.
J. 'M. Danielson of Providence, capital
ist and treasurer of several large eastera
cotton mills.
E. Naumburg of New York of the great
banking house of Naumtburg, Lauer & .
W. F. iMill'iken of Portland, capitalist ,
and wholesale merchant.
A. W. Green of 'New York, bead of the
large wholesale mercantile establishment
of Green, Joyce (& Co, Columbus, O.
Edward Green of 'New York, capitalist.
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
GOOD, established, paying business for
sale. For particulars address Box 705.
City. tf
A Grand Illuminated Display of Jew
ry and Silverware.
Thursday evening, Dec. 9th, from 8:00 to
11:00 .o'clock.
In making the announcement for our
opening at the beginning of this year's
joyous season, when it is the beautiful
custom of all to give substantial tokens
of love and esteem, we wish to say that
never before, in the history of the jewelry
business, have nrices been so low, and
tlie beauty of design so simple, and yet so
elegant, as at the present period.
Prkei tsve never been so 3ow a? th:-y
9.VC-. this year, and we believe that $1.00
will buy as Touch, on the average, as $3.00
would five years ago. -
'We have many beautiful things, rang--
ing in price irom twenty- ve, vents up4;
wards, and if ycu will give us the honor of
a call, ire will be pleased -to show you
and at prices that, will astonish you. . "
. Our firsc illuminated display will occur
on the evening p , Thursdiy, December,
9th, from S :Co to 11:00, and we hope that,
you will favor us with, your presencei.
' - , ' J ARTHUR M. FIELD,
ton avenue, Asheville, :N. C I" !

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