North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol 2: No.
Price 5. Cents.
s colli : GILMER CASE
fine Jackets and
To offer you goodqt; atcer-
tain figure, at whidafchiaam
article can be had for; at: any
time, but to call it uat half price"
for special occasions.irthat :-t&?r
faz you a bargain ? .
In our store a $15 sarmentti
a $15 garment marked- in plain
figures for comparison against
any and all competitors: ; . 1
If now we reduce l ame
armeut to $9 25 doh?t you actr
nally save $5.75? '
Or $1 25 on a $12,50 grarraent
at $8.25? Do you see the point ?
That's exactly the weft it m:
The assortment is superior, to
any. Rather a little too good ;
one of the reasons why Ve have
to sell these cloakw at a sacrifice.
But you are welcome.; We posi
tively will carry none ovei for
next season '
Children's Jackets and Intants
CIom ks have been . reduced. -to be
closed out during the next few
days . ; . :-: .
28 South Alain Street.
Carried Away !
Our furniture is being carried
away every day. We have a feta
nice arm chairs on hand -now, - .
Call and examine our $3.00 Oak
Rockers. They are going very fast'.
Phone 75. 45 Patton Ave.
Brilliant Display of Gems and Jewelry
in His Splendid Store. - -
!t is hardly probable, that any .city Id
the south can "boast of a display?, equal -to
fkat made yesterday evenfng'. from 8 to 11
Jn the jewelry store of Arthur M. Field, o a
patton avenue, i ; J.
The store, wfilch fs magnificeiitly fitted
UP with, cherry cases, mirrors, etc.,.. was
beautifully decorated with jwreaths -of
ododendrons "and large green lantsv -'
Early in the evening Hhe clerks "wero
,ePt so busy that" in order to prepare" for
opening, the store had , to t)e closed.
At 8 o'clock there -was quite a large crowd
Present and the rush lasted -un til-late;'
Words cannot do Justice to-such a- noag-r
"mcent display, nor have .we ipace here. to
oodsf the beauty and vrity.?t-.,-tl1
Especially notable was the show window,
whole jewelery store within itself: Ths
devoted to cut (glass 'was -a -feature
great attraction, too!-'- - v '"'
ae brooches, pins, and Tings, mad,e
field and set with' nsiUve stones, are
rtiy of special notice. The collection of
wuvenip spoons,, paper ; cutters,. took
rxe, in fact everything one can'imag
is soanethingunusuallyflne.-.
litti 8 astonishing that s6. maur'bftautiful
u"e souvenirs are to 'Be had slf cheaply,
lorT line f everything supfposed. to be
: ..t0 a- Jewelry store,, is to Joe- een,
prices are most reasonaJble -dunii
hin tne last ! year thei' has teen ...
cune of 40rto 50 per Cent, in the price of
tog test way is to go nd see for your-
Decision Kendered'Jesterday
RestVaming; Order Against trustee
j "Gilrner Ref useclir -
His Bond Must . he :Increased
' 1 to $30,000. i
And the Motion for a Receiver Con-
. . tinued Till Feb. 10.
Full Text of the Ruling in This Importani Cise
. -Trustee Found to Have Been Active and
; Dilligent in Collecting for ,flie Estate.
' . ,- '. ,'. -' - ... .
Special to the Gazette. - .
Henaergonville, 'N.. Dec. 9. Judge
Ewart rendered the following decision in
the case of W. L. Henr, Indlridiially and
as administrator of R. M. iHenry, decreased,
Vs.; W. L: Hilliard, indnridually and as ex
ecutor of James R. Love, deceased
This, is an, applioatipn ifor- the. appoint
ment of na receiver, to Imimediately take
into hy' possession '.all the iro.jerty ana es
tate real and personal of jAes R, Lpve,
deceased, also that R. D.. Oiimer," trustee
of the' jSaid,J estate, appointed by rbwn,
Judge, .' spring ' ;termt':l.i53. . uprior cburt,.
Haywoodcounii - oe - rcsla.-a. d from re-
I ceiving -any further -sum es trustee or ad
ministrator of the said estate or "from
collecting any tribniesr due it, and also en
joining . all other persons irom paying to
ifye t said Jilmer any monies" 'belonging to
the said es-tate. It is insisted by the per
tftioners that the trustee, R. D. Gilmer,
refused tot recognize the award ma4e by
(Messrs. Jones and Boone and entered of
record' in - the superior court -:M Haywood.
county as of spring term. 18&5: that he
with all 'cestui'-quitrusts were parties to j
said proceeding and assented to. the judg
mentonflrmingr.Uielawaid-tUih--eou -8ajrJJj It .ls-eii settled " rha
wuxuvw iimu. auj icjuix ui xiio
tration since September, 1895, that. he is
insolvent, that his bond Is totally'1 Insuffi
cient, and that he has been generally nae-
'ligentUnd careless in the discharge of his
duties ras truste'e and administrator.
f To this contention the trustee replies:
T-hat he has not disbursed tike funds in his
liands under the award because said award
Is so indefinite vague and uncertain in
its terms,; and so many errors appear upon
its face as to make it impossible for him to
make : such disbursments without doing
manlfeSi; injustice ! to an umlber"tff his' ;ces-tui-qui-trusts;
': and', without ' incurring labilities-Which
he as trustee is not ' willing
to iucur oinless "the- award is construed-by
a court of competent jurisdiction. .-Thatjae
has been, at all times faithul and . dilligent
inrcoile'jting all monies -due the .estate.,
and -that i11? Hn. no. wise, been . guilty of
any - carelessness ' of negpigence in the dis
charge of his trust ;, that he 'is not insdivent
audi that "his presenl:ftond; is,; amply good
to- fully protect his cestui-qui-trustsV -'"
. It-appears from the record, in this cause
that the Jones-Boone award was confirmed
b. Starbuck, judge, spring term, 185, su
perior court Haywood county. This Judg
ment was regular, vide iHenry vs. Hilliard,
120j N .C, page 499. It was expressly
stated in the order of Judge Starbuck con
Jlrmlng the award , that it was made by
consent of all parties, including Gilmer,
trustee. It further appears .- that' it - was
not until the 7th of January, 1896, that
Gilmer, trustee, discovered that 'the a
ward was uncertain and. that the arbitra
tors had" exceeded "their authority, and
asked that it be set aside, the reasons be
ing fully, set out in his affidavit filed 6f that
date. This motion was refused by Tim'bar
lake, judge, -and from this judgment Gil
mer, trustee, appealed, and though the ap -peal
was perfected and -docketed., in ,rihe
supreme court, for some cause it was not
prosecuted, out was dismissed on motion
of counsel for Mrs.' M. E. Hilliard. Sub
seciuentiy the motion to set ' aside the' a
ward was renewed before Wyan judge- and
the judgment of Starouok, -jufigeconfirm-ing
the award of Boone : and -Jones, was
vacated, set aside and annul ed as .to the
defendantsfl , D. L. Love and.,T.- Loyj?
executor of , John B. Love, deceased,' D.
L" Love, guardian of t'he heirs of Jamts R,
Lve; deceased, R. V. ."Welch, ' J. K3: Welch,
gudrdiah - of iR. V. Welch, ' ILv M. "Wel'ch,
adminlstT'ator x de bonis noh"; of "William
Welch, ( deceased, the hfrirs-at-Taw of William-Welch,
ideceased, heirs-at-law.- .of M.
H. Love, deceased, M. Jl Branner, Love B.
Gilmer, James Atkins and B1U B. Atikins,
his wife.. From this ruling Hilliard
appealed to the supreme court pd. that
court in Hilliard vs. .Henry, .120 iN. C,
oae 479, reversed the decision of Judge
Itej: U appears that In.tbJLa proceeding
Gilmer, trustee, was not a party of record.
It t further, appears that in, tfce order-or
Timiberlake. judge, made at the spring
termi 1896, superior court JHaywood county,
the motion of R. p: S&f
further Instructions ras to l
his hands as trustee was continued untn
the., next term ; of the court, v It doesnot
appear what beoame of this motion. er
tainly so far. as the record goeit does not
appear i to ever have been heard of again. It
is apparent .from the t affidavits -filed n
this case' thit the- awaM of Messrs. Jones
and 'Boone Is extremely-unsatisfactory to
tne majority, of the cestui-qui-trusts. ,
? Affiant James Atkins, husband , of Ella u.
Atkins, -says, "That -he has given consld
erSlattention to the award and
pers upon which it. was.oased and that he
considS it" unintelligible .and .
ror?"W. W; Stringfield.another dfthe
J3&itf-iSroi.J :declares, W
S i'congromerated
,oofTips v If not frauds." io. f w.etcn
CWMlB.SeIl5f.-i: And ualntelligible,
.fce tomany of the.partle."
I stm'afoSeV.T J!SfS
that -."he employed an t
and. a lawyer of Dlllt
TTd -lawyer-and ac-
same, u hl illAl;llty to'do
so.- -it appears indeed tha,t all-lise ceatu:-qui-trusts,
except . Mrs. "M.-"- E. Hilliard,
R. GA. Tjove. for himself and administra
tor, S. A. "Love, H. !. Marshall and wife.
Maggie I. - -MarBhall.. heirs-at-law, S. -L.
Love, deceased, object to the: trustee dda
bursinff any funds " inhis iaods till : the
JonesBoone award -can .be ; construed,- It
will, 5e observed that , nonea' of ..these ob
jections i were made till months after ths
award had been filed and judgment entered
confirminff 'the same. After the decision,
Henry vs. .Hilliard.. 120 N; C, in -which the
judgment, of Bryan, . judge,- .setting , aside.
and vacating the order, of Starbuck, judge.
confirming the award, was reversed, a pe-
tltien was filed by Girmer;, trustee, ifl the
superior court, Haywood county, asking
the court for construction of the Jones-
Boone award. Practically it, was.. the same
motion . that was made before Timoerlake,
judge, - and . It appears to have been - con
tinued and to have gradually merged into
the motion, to vacate, set aside and annul
tne awara vwmcin-i was suosequeniiy neara
and ierroncHisIy entertained his. .honor,
Judge Bryait Is not .this matter res
ju6caUt.t'"'ed':'!beore Timber
lake, judge, " that the award of ones and
Boon- was so vague and uncertain as to
make it 'unsafe for trustee to disburse any
f u-nds under the said award,-and that gross
injustice would be done the parties if
suteh disbursements were made, vide affi
davit -R. D. Gilmer. Jas. R. Thomas and
other cestul-qui'triists filed in proceedings
before Timherlake judge. But taie. mo
tioa to vacate . the award for vagueness
and uncertainty was refused and that an
appeal ? was" taken from that decision to
the" supreme court. It appears, that it was
not" prosecuted - to a conculsion oy trustee.
Had it been 4one so perhaps it would not
have iSjeen necessary for this . proceeding
to have been instituted. The motion to an
nul and vacate the award Ws again re
newed before -Bryan, judge, this time by
L. 'M. Welcii and othf cestui-qui-trusts,
and again it was alleged , on affidavit by
Gilmer, trustee that the award was vague
and uncertain in its terms, and that so
many apparent contradictions and gross
errors appeared on its face as to make it
unintelligible and unsafe for him as a
trustee to make any disbursements there
under. ; This affidavit was supplemented
by affidavits of J. C. Welch, guardian R.
D. Welch. L. iM. Welch and D. L. !Lpve,
each affidavit alleging vagueness and un
certainty- in -the award. On these af
fidavits Judge Bryan, as above stated, set
aside the award. In so far as the
petitioners were concerned, the supreme
court in reversing his judgment alluding
to the Jones-Boone award and its confirma
tion 'by consent by Starfruck, Judge, says:
"It Is not necessary, that the arbitrators
shall decide or undertake to decide a7
matter before them according to law. Jt
is said ; thev are a la-w unto themselves.
OsoorneVs. Calvert, 83 N. C., 365, nor is it
necessary that they set. out the facts upon
which they base bheir findings or assign
any reasons for their findings. It is said it
is best f they should not do so. Henry vs
Hilliard, . 120 N. Ci-479. . To set aside an
award It mut appear -that there has been
fraud, undue in fiuen'ce, or some improper
conduct on the part of the arbitrators
;No such' allegations are made here, or if
they are nothing-of the kind is found by
the Judge who set aside the' judgment.''
iHeiTry vs. Billiard, 120 1ST.. C, ,473., In
Kfng YsVNeuse-!MaiittfacturiBg-erapaty
arbitrators are no more bound to go into
particulars and assign reasons for their a
ward than a jury is for their verdict." In
Eaton vs. Eaton Re., Eq., vol. 8. Judge
Pearson; delivering the opinion of the
court, says, A1 mistake committed by an
arbitrator is not of -itself sufficient ground
to set a side the award. If an arbitrator
makes, a mistake either as to law or fact
it is themisfbrtune o f the party and there
is no help tfor it. There is no right of ap
peal and this court has no power to re
verse the decision of the judges who are of
the parties own .choosing." if
mistakes be sufficient "grounds for setting
aside an award it opens the door i'or com
ing into court in almost every -case, for
in nine case out of ten some mistake
either of law or fact may be suggested by
the dissatisfied party.". In. Lutz vb.
Lithicum, U. S. supreme court -reports,
8 Peters 171, Justice Story says, in deliv
ering the opinion, "It is said that the
award- is uncertain. The objection is ill
founded and the award must be confirmed.
If " an award be good in part and bad n
part and that part which is Tad "be not with
in the submission it shall not invalidate
that which is good within the submission."
. Watson on Arbitrators, 135, Kyd on A
wards, 244. Even admitting that there ar
errors and irregularities in the award of
IMessrs. Jones and Boone, I -am clearly of
the opinion that this matter is res judi
cata, and that there can be no valid reason
why the trustee should not at once dis
burse the funds in his hands to his cestui-qui-trusts
under the Jones-Boone award.
.Courts of justice afford large and reason
able . oportunity to litigants to nave their
rights and controversies cognizable in them
and. settled according to law.. But it is a
wise, just and " essential principle of the
law that there must be an end to every lit
igation. It would give rise to universal dis
turbance, . endless strife and contf usion if
records of judgments were at all times and
individually under the control of the
courts to the extent that .they might for
one cause and another,, or in their arbi
trary discretion modify or change them.
With such a power in tihe courts 'a liti
gant would never be. sure that his rights
were settled. . That law suits should be
ended In 'order Of judicial procedure is es
sential to the. stability of government and
the good order and well toeing of estate.
In. this conclusion it must .."be borne - in
mind that Mrs.. Hilliard and ..the heirs of
S. L. 'Love, deoeased, - petitioners in this
proceeding; ""insist that the award ;is per
fectly intelligible, and that the trustee
could easily make calculations showing
what- amount is due to each of thefoestui-qui-trusts
if he -desires to do so. Mr. W.
W Jones,: an ' experienced and : aWe lawyer
of the' Ashevine .bar, was one. of the' ar-.
"bitrators in the case under consideration.
In "his affidavit filed and read before Judge
Bryan he says, "It is impossible and im
practicable for . affiant to - enter into details
of. -the various calculations v arid evidence
toy which they " arrive at their conclusion
owing to the. greatness of the. same.' But
the said award shows the -basis and1 the
result of the Conclusion arrived at by him
self and the said - Boone, his co-arbitrator,
and from. it they believe any man of ordi
nary Intelligence can by a simple mathe
matical calculation ascertain definitely - the
exact amount to whlcli each of the parties
are entitled - out Jof the funds in controver
sy,' and ' .that the affiant believes that the
exhibit hereto, attached will clearly dem
onstrate the same, said exhibit being herete
(Continued on Flf tb Page.)
5' 'J7iig
.. , The .line opened today are he best-that
can be had lor the money. See them before
you buyJ--J. Law, 35 Patton avenue.
259-2 .."' ' '- i - i
- Stable ' for tent near Hotel ''Berkeley.
Also one set" of hand-made double , tar
n ess 40. $10.00:i-S. HL Chedester. :
The Two Eailfoate Adjust
Their Differences.
State Loses Its Case ill the Smith
Island Suit, .
North . Carolina Exposition Car is
Nearly Ready.
A New professorship in Wake Forest
: V College. v
Large Expenditures for Special Counsel to As-
ist tjwtorney-6eneraI--New. Trial Granted
to an teged Incendiary.
Special 0 the Gazette.
Raleigh, Bee. 9. The Morning 'Post re
- - - -
ceived ttnight from official sources! a
statement signed by President Hoffman
of the eaboard Air Line, and1 President
Spence?' of the Southern railroad, stating
that the Seaboard and the'Southern had
adjusted' all differences growing out of the
independent action of the Sesboard.
Judge " Purnell has written . his de
cree. m the suit . he heard in
Wilmington last week, where the title to
"Smith Island" . was . involved. The suit
was the government vs. T.;1P. Deveraux,
trustee, .and others;. There Are about 1
acres- on the island, and the growth there
is almost tropical. It is very valuable and
the decree was against the government
The island is at the mouth of tlhe Cape
Fear river, opposite Southport. . ..
Rev. Mr. Stringfield, who . is collecting
for the Baptist Female university being
built here,-has gone to the Baptist oonven
tion at Oxford. He will report the col-,
lection $aiZ,e0Q-this year and the. necessity,
of aJs1ng Y,tKrnroT9rtltfe conrpfetioo
of the building.- vHe hopes vp. make some
good collections at the convention.
Judge, Purnell ihas issued ah order trans-,
f erring all criminal cases froni the circuit
court to the: Raleigh district court.' This
hits (Mr. Riddick, who has been the; clerk
here for so long, and gives the fees' to J.
B. Fortune whom Judge Purnell appointed
as district court clerk.
Professor .Massey of the Agricultural and
'Meehanicla college, has resigned the posi
tion as botanist and etomologist to , the
pest commission. This commission fiieets
here next 'Monday. -.
The North Carolina exposition car is
neafFy ready to start oh its tour of the
sbate. Those in bharge here have offered
to allow the "St. Luke's. .Circle" of Kings
-Daughters to 'take charge and exhibit the
car for 10 cents each. This money will
go towards the 'jOld 'Ladies Home," a
noble charity, which is in the Care of this
circle. a".
The sentence of Judge Adams at Greens
boro for the execution of Senly Ryan, the
wife murderer, to be hanged (December
23, is one of the quickest results of an ar
rest and conviction ever known. The man
.seems perfectly indifferent to his fate. ;
George Cobb, who Is the mian in Eliza
beth City, who bopes for - .the collector-,
ship, is being pushed for the'- place by
Harry Skinner, and he 'declares that un
less Cobb is appointed it will mean a dem
ocratic congressman for the first district
and a democratic legislature.
The trustees of Wake Forest college
will meet in Oxford during the conven
tion and take steps -towards establishing a
chair of history and political economy- at
the college. Prblf ISikes of Union county,
will probably be the one -chosen for the
place. About twenty-five Baptists- will
probably go from here 'to attend the con
vention. v '
There has been a good deal of comment
that special counsel has been employed at
different times in unusual - .cases. The
records have .been thoroughly searched and
ft is found that in many cases special
counsel has been employed to assist the
attorney general, and since Governor
Vance's time up to the present there has
been between $40,000 and $45,000 expended
in fees for special counsel. -
The supreme court, decides In the case
of J. IL. Graham of (Newton; who was con
victed of burning his house to get insurance
money and fined $400,- that a new trial be
granted him. ; The . 'court affirms" the de
cision of the lower court m- the case from
Yancey, where Riley Pate,- a , youth of
eighteen, skilled bis .companion, aged . fif
teen. It is a pitiful end of two, lives from
drink. .
He "W as a Member; ;xf the Faculty . of
WeaverviJleOoUege and in His -"
SixtyiSecon4Year.:'; , .
Weavervllle,'' iDeb." SL--At tie assembling
of the' school this morning at eight o'clock
in tbe college, chapel the announcement of
the death .of Prof- Rbetm was a shock to
the students; and- the. -tolling ,.ctf , the col
lege bell Immediately afterwards was the
first sugestion .o?the communltar general-,
ly that death bad "invaded the village. At
about; 6:30 - o'clock ' this morning -prof essor
John. E. : Rheim died ' suddehr of heart
trouble at bis resideace here.1' ,The profes
Bor had been in his usual health until yes
terday, when . feeling somewhat indisposed
mm :-fi r r m mm'
T 1 II U 1 1 11 II I rrrastam
he called in Dr. LJta. Reagan. t His condi
tion -was not considered rat all alarming
and in. fact the professor rose this morning
intending to enter upon the duties of the
day,, when he suddenly fell oh the floor and
iy. expired. The funeral services
will deeur at he . village church tomorrow
afternoon, at three o'clock and the '"re
mains will te interred, at the cemetery iiere
Prof. Rehim was 61 years of age and; a na
tive of Craven county. -He formerly lived
and taught. school at Burns ville for many
years, and from that place he removed
here in 1888, having been ! elected to fill
the chair of natural science in Weaveryille
college. Prof., Rheim was universally be-
oved and , esteemed and his death is a
great sorrow to the community.
The good Baptist people hereabouts hav
ing determined some time since, to build
a house of worship here have begun in earn
est on; tha work.' The edifice is to be -commodious
and located on a gentle eminence
In the edge of town, the tall spire reaching
up about one hundred feet will add to
the village an imposing feature. This has
long been known as a Methodist strong
hold, but there area number of Baptists
in the community, and they need a church
here. Rev. W. W. Jones, the minister
who has been preaching here, is universally
popular among, all denominations. Ser
vices are now held In the college chapel
and are well attended.
Large quantities of pork are passing
through town, having been offered for sale
at Asheville, where prices have dropped
to figures less than the farmers will sell
for. So they are taking some of their
hogs back home. One farmer said that
the best offer he could get was three and
a half cents net.
The many friends of Mr. Nat Taylo
ChamJbers, and their name is legion, will
be glad to hear that he and his admirable
wife are soon to visit friends on Reems
Creek. Nat is now editing a farm in
Green county, Tenn.
A Prominent Citizen and Champion of
Progress in This State Gone
to His Rest-
Col. John Ikxnald -Cameron ,'the veteran
journalist, after suffering from" ill health
for more than four; years, died yesterday
at his home, t'he Villa, on -Haywood street.
The end came at 8:55 o'clock.- The news of
Col. Cameron's death will bring sorrow to
a host of the (friends of a man who, in the
newspaper profession in this state, was its
motst conspicuous representative for many
years. The greater part of his life was
spent in "the use of his able mind : and ready
"pea ia' h-Work, of assisUhg-tbe-materiAl
and intellectual development of North Car
olina. ' No mafT was better informed or
more able to express his opinions .with con
vincing force, regarding all matters per
taining to the affairs, of this state,, and his
"Handbook of North Carolina," published
in 1883, and distinguished at the World's
Pair was largely his Work.
"Col. Cameron was a man 'of principle
and a gentleman in the best acceptance of
the term. Though very positive in his
convictions, was not hrash or uncharitable
in his criticisms. Those who differed from
him acknowledged his honesty, and ' his
personal friendships were many.
Col. jCameron was 77 years old on the
26 th of last October. He was born in Fay
etteville, 'N. C His lather was John .A
Cameron, a prominent lawyer, democratic
politican and editor, and in 1832 was con
sul at Vera Cruz and afterwards judge . of
the western district of Florida,. by ap
pointment from President Jackson. Mrl
Cameron .perished at sea fn June, 1883;
in the explosion of the steamship Pulaski
on its voyage from Savannah to iNew
John D. Cameron was educated at the
Episcopal school at Raleigh, 'N. C, the
Flushing institute on :Long Island, .N. Y.,
and at the university of North Carolina,
graduating in 1841. IHe studied law, obtain
ing license in both the county and supe
rior courts, but did not "engage in prac
tice. For a time he was a telegraph op
erator at Fayetteville, at Raleigh and Hills
boro. 'During the war be was on the staff
of "Gen. Joseph 'E Johnston, as lieutenant
colonel, and was assigned to duty as tel
egraph operator at IH'illsboro, In 1872 he
purchased the Hillsboro Recorder; While
editor of that paper he was called to the
editorial charge of the Raleigh News,
which position he held, in connection with
the Recorder for a period of eighteen
months,, when he retired from the News.
During 1875 and '76 he was .chief con
tributing edtitor to the iFaraner and 'Me
chanic, an industrial - paper' published in
Raleigh At the session of the general as
sembly of North Carolina of. 18707 he was
elected principal clerk "and was, re-elected
to the same position until he' had ctecupied
it continuously for twenty fone years.
In January, 1882, (Cot. Cameron sold the
Recorder, which be had removed from Bills
boro to Durham, and came to . Asheville,
Here he asociated , himself With . Messrs.
Furman and Stone' m the conduct oif the
Citizen, "then a weekly paper. The paper
was at once made a seinl-weekly. Col.
Camera's -latest newspaper- enterprise was
the Commonwealth, wiich (he published in
AsheviHe for a ' few months in 1893.
On the 9th of November, 1848, CoL Came
ron married (Miss Rebecca (Waddel, daugh
ter, of Francis N. Waddell of Hillsboro, N.
C.V and wafc a great grand-daugEter of Gen.
Francis Nash, a" revolutionary officer, who
was ' killed at ' Germantown, , Pa. To. Col.
and Mrs. Cameron five children were born
three of whom died in infaricy. The two
surviving .children are Mrs. Catherine Mc
Queen Cushman, wife of Walter Cush-?
man, esq.; of -this city, and Miss Mary R.
Cam erpn, also of Asheville. , ; ' .
The funeral services will occur this af
ternoon at one o'clock at Trinity !EfplscopaI
church, Rev. McNeely DirBose officiating.
The active ipallbearers will be Dr.' J. -A."
Watson, Dr. John IHey Willianns, F; Aj
Sondley, J. H. Law, E. Coffin, Henry Red
wood, T. R Yeatman, Theo. 5, DavidMm.
The honorary pallbearers WHbe CoL Allen
T, Davidsott, J. L McKee, T. . C. ' EL
Dukes, John Pr Kerr, iGedrge W.iTiToift
Frank ! B. . Robinson; John ' P. ; lArthuri
iames H.: Merriroon, Cc4.,; James M.--?tay.
The interment will be. at Hillsboro,- N; C:
Novelties in sterling - silver. Almost - ar
entire new stock' of all 'new designs. Pure
silver "full weight and Twicfes-that mean
bueimess. J. H.. Ijrw, 35 Patton. avenue.
259-2 1 " r- tr K.
The Sugars Jriing's Condition
Said to be Very Serious.
A Constable Lynched by Miners in
.. .
Mob 61 Students in Paris - Shont
"Down With the Senate."
Judge Van Wyck's Successor on the
Bench Elected.
The Crusier Marblehead Safe at Port au Prince -
Senator Hanna Better A Gas Syndicate's
New York, Dec. 9. It is reported this
afternoon that the condition of Henry O.
Havemeyer, the sugar king, is critical. He
was compelled to undergo an operation
some time ago for appedicitis. The
wound never healed and i has 'been, impos-
sible to sew the edges. The patient is
compelled to remain in one position and
it is said, he bas lost all courage, His.
general -physical: condition is Tery.v serir
Little Rock, Ark.,' Dec. 9. James Mur
ray, acting constable of Jenny Lfnde town
ship, has been hanged by a mob of rntn-;
ei-s and his . body riddled "With bullets'.
Murray and a companion were returning
from a political meeting. The body was
discovered by the roadside near the Bonan
za mines today.. (Murray's hands were
tied behind him. He was choked to death
by the noose. Miners at the feonanza ac
knowledgedr partieipation in the lynching.
iluiuuo mcuvn ojUDENTS.
' .
?aris, Dec. 9. A mob of students made
a demonstration this afternoon in front of
the Luxembourg palace where the senate
sits, shouting, "Down -withv : cheurer," ' '
"Down .with the. senate."" The students
were dispersed by the police after a sharp
-New York, Dec. 9. Justice James Fitz-
siinmoiis wasHosay eieciea cmet justice Ox -'
Washington, (Ded'S. The secretary
tiie navy this' aefnqnr received a cablet" ;-z'xj
gr&m from. Commander. MeCalla of ... te ."'.-i'
cruiser . (Marblehead,. announcing (his safe l
arrival at -Port au Prince.
New Yprk, ,Dee. 9.-it is announced .that
the New England Gas and Coke company
has bought a number 'of "Smaller as com
panies. The company - has already spent
fourteen millions.
i ' .... . -
Washington, Dec. 9. Senator Sanna and
Representativxe Belden are both reported
better today. They "were able to receive
VisitOrS. rr- - ' ;
Try our .peanut brittle, made fresh every
day. The Alcazar, 82 Patton avenue.
A Grand Illuminated Display of Jew-,
J ry and Silverware.
Thursday evening, Dec. 9th, from 8:00 te
,. , vr 11:00 o'clock.
''lit i making tbe annoujicement for, our
openicg at the beginning of this; year'a
L joyous season, when it Is the beautiful , ,
I'fcustom of.allT'tove substantial . tokens ., ' '
of . love and esteemj .we wish to: say' that
never before, in the history of the Jewelry j
business, nave prices, been so low, and ' '
tbe beauty of design, so simple, and yet ho"
elegsnt, as at the present perio j. .-i. . '(" H.
rrke tTe iierer leen so low zr ttejr ,
are, this yearan4 we believe that L00.v
will buy as n.urh, on the average, as 3.00 ,
would five, years ago. r. . - -'J-ff
We have many beautiful things, rang-y '
ing in price- from twenty-five sents lip- .
wards, and If you wUl give us the honor of . U". .
a coll, we will be pleased to j show y ou
hundreds of tiirgs, exfluisite; in design -and
at prices that will astonish youv v",
pur! first Xhtm lnaied dispiaj becur j . ,'.
oa''Fth. ; evening of
9th. from S':C0 to 11:00, and we nope tbut
I you; wUl-tavorus .wW.your preaen.ce
Leading JewelerV Cot, fchurch SC and VaU ;&Ja
ton avenue,-Asheville, W. X-' .-'' v-, '
1 .:. ., '
countani. a"v i. , v t ? j ,

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