North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol 2: No. 2611 - -
Price 5 Cents.,:
W 1 - r,--f ,vi-rK V5-V.-. I - - - ..' :: , -.- li i.i i , I, Hi,,,-,.,.,. LiLiini m... m
fine Jackets and Capes'at'Cosfi
To offer you goods at a .cerv
tain figure, at which .the 4 same
article can be had for at any
time, but to call it ."at half price"
for npecial occasions, is that giv
ing ou a bargain ? -,.
In our store a $15 garment is
a $15 garment marked in plain
figures for comparison against
any and all competitors;
It now we reduce this same
o-armeut to $9 25 don't you act
ually isave$5.75? . . ;..
Or $4 25 on a $12 50 garment
at $8.25? Do you see the point ?
That's exactly the way it is.
The assortment is superior to
any. Rather a little too good
one of the reasons why we have
to bpII these cloaks at a sacrifice.
Bub you are welcome. We posi
tively will carry none over for j
next season. J
Children's Jacket andThtantb'
Cloaks have been reduced to be
closed out during the next few
& CO,
28 South Mam Street.
Fancy Rock6r.s.
Just the thing for a Xmas
present, and going very
cheap. v '?'
Phone 75. 45 Patton Ave.
The state superintendent has .issued.; a
call for a meeting of the county uperyis
ors of schools at Raleigh, during Christ
mas week. SupeiTisor Bills of' Buncompe
county, will discuss the' topic'"'A Plan, lor
Supervising the County Schools-" The full
Program is not yet made ont. , ' " -'v
The supervisor has his . .annual, -reporH
of the work of public schools of CBuncbmbe'
county in course of preparation, in -which'
will show what every' school lij . the'
county has done during theyear. The re
Port will be so circulated ' that nearly f ev-.
ery family in the county will get a .copy
Nearly all the schools . will-close' , jthis
week. The supervisor states, that he! had
twenty invitations for - yesterday, to -f he
Present at school closings,' hut could, at
tend only one. '
iost of the schools prepared' some sort
of Public exercises .and - a ' picnicxrdinnferi1;
ftarge crowds have been : present' at ail
taese public closings and much Interest and
e?thusiasm have resulted?, from' -the: occa1-
, The Central EUworth league held a hus
mess meeting -l last' ' 'night..' George' 14,
Hackney was elected; president; ttf fill ' ttie
expired term of , Harold Turner,, and
lea J. Rii secretary forthe .mwx
wea term of A. , W., .Freeman; , ; Arrange
ments are helhK 'made fot a- sociable fii
ariy date. - . a- V -
n .la
. ' $7: 1 r ";- ;:.
Money to be Retnmedtc Car
Molina Bank Depositors,
Who Placed Funds inthe Ttenk
October 11.
Decision Today in the Alleged Con
spiracy Case.
Quarterly Prize Drill of the Asheville
Light Infantry,
Medals Awarded to the Four Best Drilled
.- Men Apron Bazaar to Be Held by the Ladies
A'd Society of the Christian Church; :
; Yesterday's session of the superior, court
was. an intersting one, although tout one
or two matters engaged the attention of
the court and bar. The first case consider
ed, was that of the Battery Park bank
vs. the Western .Carolina bank. The mat
ter came up on the report of Julius .
Martin, referee, which was aled 'a week
ago, and out of which, grew a motion to
have," the deposits made in the Western
Carolina "bank on the 11th day of October,
the day preceding the clowns of the -doors,
refunded to the depositors. -- .
The argument considered 'the entire fore
noon and . was?. Able on , both sides.-- The
motion was advocated by Tnoma's A; - Jones
and resisted, by Donald Gillis F. W. Thom
as and Charles A. Webb. , ;f.
After a patient hearing form both sides,
Judge-Norwood decided to instruct the. rer
ceivers of the bank to return all the de
posits made "on October 11 to the depos
itors. The amount of checkc and cash de
posited on that day aggregate about $6,
000. . . - v,X
Tie following is a list of the (persons who
Order toy the judge, which will ' proVaoly
be done today; .Asheville Milling compa-
' ny, Asheville Paint and Paper company, - H.
ber company i- Charles-; Van Bergeh, N. R.
Ohedester, Cham'bers,. Weaver and, company
Ht J.Chapman, Anna B. Doyle; Sam Fien
'stein, U. D. Fisher & Co., :Miss C. M.
Gano, John Glasco, Mrs. A. . A. Grabau,
treasurer, H. Lamar Gudger, iS. Lipinsky,
Frank Loughran, J. B. 'Morris, C B. IMoore,
Mustin, Robertson & Co.,-'H. P. Pearson,
W. T. Pehniman, JviH.; Smith A Shen--baum,
Slayden, Kaker & Co., Whitehead ..&
Briitt, "C. C..- Willis, agent, . Winyah hotel
and sanitarium company "Battery. Park
banSc, National "Bank.f Asheville, H. i
Grant, W,' ; Haney . & Co,, " Commercial
Bank of -Raleigh, and (Bofia T Allen.
The report of Referee Martin -was con
firmed as to. facts, and the-order - wiil toe
presented to the court today that those who
are entitled under .tne decision, may araw
their money... '. ..."
The motion to remove L. P. TMcLoudj one
of the receivers of the Western Carolina
bank, is set for hearing today.
-; Oh account of . the sudden illness of a
material witness a mistrial was had in the
ejectment suit of Candler, vs. Sawyer. This
is-; the second time this case has come
up'for trial and a mistrial had each time.
NO Jury trials will be nad today.8
Aijguinents of Counsel in the Case
f1 Decision Today. .
, The case against the Indian, doctor and
John Randall was again brought Up before
Justice Van . Gilder yesfterday; afternoon for
argument. Solicitor McCall was present to
take the place of Judge Shuford and Mr.
Brown, who withdrew the previous day,
and " the I case preceded. Juding from the
crowd present, there was considerable in
terest in theT6ceedlhgs. f W. Jli Bird,
Mrs. Hiil, Rhodie" Allis-oni and MOrfis
Meyers were the witneses examined, all
leing'-introduced by the- defense.--
,Mr. McCall stressed the. point that Hill,
Randall 'and Hensley were all bound to
gether to harboring these plo ts, to . kill
Terts.! commit perjury, ete. That their
dlve tol'the country and, their many and
lehgthy meetings were, for no good. .
7?ih iom this charge of conspiracy, to mur
der, tMr. ' McCall descended to eaves drop
ping, which he prosecuted vigorously. He
also -endeavored to strengthen the.; force
of the testimony of Hensley by showing
that, these same statements were made he
fore r" Hensley became involved - in his
trouble, and that he had not been swearing
them- to 'save himself.
On the other hand, the -Messrs. Carter
claimed tnat .Hensley by pretending to be
the, friend of both Keith and Hill,' wa
able 'to-keep himself supplied with, whis
key fori the doctor and house sent from
Keith. Stress wa laid on Hie fact ,tha
.11 tHmnnv hrmirfit ud by the state?was
on .the words of iHensley,' nothing. having
vnnio trt them nirectlv from Hill V" J
omi ni nJn.tsi "of law were-
brought out, and so complicated wasthe
case, that Justice Van - Gilder decided to
withhold Ms decision until, this aftef noon.
i 'A . - a. .: - - : . f
' 'on Decebmber;i7li and'l8thiheadies
Aid 'society of the' Christian', church rill
hate'ah Apron.'Bazaar "in. the store room.
comeV pitton" .avenue ' and ,Maln; street,
formerly - occupied by;Powell A . Snider,
Thire will be apron galore atiTeryreasT
1Tae.r.e l,.r. tiA r,Vin' and housemaid's
from vone untu tva . ni;
' - " '. . ' ).". . i -' -' - ' '
i&Varded Last Evening at the Quar-
. " terly Prize Drill. N
The regular quarterly prize drill of the
A. L. I. was held last evening in the ar-
ory and medals were awarded, as fallows: '
First prize (Chad wick medal) iW. H.
S'hipe, second sergeant. - .
Second prize (Williams medal) E. M.
Israel, fifth sergeant.
Third prize (Field medal) A. E. Bar-
ger, private. .
Fourth prize (Kienle medal) R, 0
Patterson, jr., fourth -corporal.
With the exception of -the first prize,
which has een held by JMr. Shipe, the re
maining prizes were won by new men.
. Captain Bookhart presented the medals.
The company made an excellent showing
and the drill was enjoyed by a number of
spectators,; mostly ladies.
Last of the Seriesin This Oity De
livered Last Night. ;
A large sized audience, ineluding many
ladies, was' present at the court house, last
evening to hear PtoL Bowmans last lec
ture. " . .' .
. A brief summary of the speaker's re
marks is as follows:
.'. "Why do those evils over widen we nave
no control exist, those natural evils which
give us such sorrow, etc.
it not for the darkness Of the night our
eyes would never have beheld the glories
of the heavens. ' Those evis which
come from human condufct, which come
from human purpose are the real evil3,
why are they so? It is because they are
not sanctified and are degrading to the
human soul. . There is but one
human . will. . Those evils which
come upon us Dy constitutional develop
ment and over which we have no control
and do not bring upon ourselves, are 1m
aginary evils. The natural and
apparent evils come from the infinite pur
pose of duty, and is .at. part of the infiintely
wise plan. Universe means unit,
and it would not be a universe -unless it
wa for this unit; and right here is the
most .rational .theory of a great universal
spirit." This - unity is splendid
thoughtvvfor the uplifting of the human
soul. Extend this thought of u
nity and the human mind In its most ra
itional ' theory "will reach the great inflini te
and in these two . we have the great, evo
lutionary system of the whole universe."
'AtTthe close of the lecture a subscrip
tion, was taken andMr. E. T. garter spoke
in :3)ehalf . of Prof. Bowmans work and
asked that a liberal contrkhutioa be
gven. .
Prof. Bowman made a few 93rief remarks 1
concerning ais stay nere, ani siaiea mai
it had been exceedingly pleasant. He
said that he particularly wan,td to thank
the newspapers "of Asheville for giving
such . correct reports of his lectures and
without attempt to misrepresent him.
Prof. Bowman leaves iMonday afternoon
and lectures in Marshall that evening. He
J which he ' goes to his" home inf California,
expecting to reach .there by. the 'Christmas
This well known attraction which cornea
to -the Grand opera house Monday evening,
is thus spoken of by the Chicago Tribune:
"At the "Haymarket last evening a pro
duction of spectacular, very pretentious,
was given to the patrons of this west side
theatre. , It was thefifth edition of Chas.
H. Yale's dranratic. -pantomimic and -ballets
spectacle. Since presented here last,
the .piece has undergone feucb... a thorough,
rejuvenation that one can . scarcely recog
nize it in its new dress. The story has
been changed,. ias also the pantomimic
characters, the ballets, the specialties and
the scenery. The costumes were rich and
tasteful; the songs original and catchy.
while the machinery and mechanical con
trivances were very effective. There is no
question :bu-t what " the Haymarket is in
for one of its largest. weeks, of the season.
Bainhridge -has issue3 a convenient and
pretty "Annual Circular,!' for 1897-8, "be
ing a guide and help through the mazes of
holiday shopping;" It mentions briefly 4ihe
variety of merchandise in his store, 18
South IMain street, in books, stationery,
One of the handsomest decorated' win
dows in the city may be seen at the popu
lar and well stocked Bon Marohe. ; The
window was decorated by (Mr. B. Friedman
the well known and obliging salesman,
who shows himself to be quite an ar
tise as well as a. renowned baritone sing
er. The pretty decorations consist of an
evergreen racn on Which is suspended
fine handkerchiefs, flag,etc. A variety of
IChristm'a novelties 1 is displayed a-
mong which is a number of pretty jewel
boxes, baskets, crayon and water colored
pictures and fine linen goods. . A pretty
decorated table ;is; in the; center of the
window,: around which is a profusion of
floWers arranged to great advantage-
C. F. I Ray, INorth Court; square, will
have his Christmas opening tMonday;
Invitations are out' announcing the ap
proaching marriage of IMiss . Willie " Wil
son Blackwelder, daughter of IMr. and
Mrs. J. W; . Blackwelder, Catawba, to Mr.
John Breckenridge Gihbs; to take place
at the home of the bride on Wednesday ev
ening (December 22, at half past five o'clock
in the Methodist Episcopal church. I
Miss Blackwelder is a neice of Mrs. Geo.
S. Powell of this city, whom she has fre
quently visited,; and was ; formerly a' stu
dent at he Asheville iTemale college.
Philadelphia, Dec. ; 10. .Richard Mans
field, the ' well; known iactor, was arrested
here this afternoon , charged with assault.
QHe was- playing here In Bernard Shaw's
new play, "The Devil's- (Disciple." Bail
was furnished by -the manager. ' , v 4
The public school at Averys -creek. closed
its - session v yesterday.- Ex-County Su
pervisor t' John 5 W . Btirnes r deliver an
address on the subject, "What would' yojj-
give : to knowZ"- v i
The -funeral of the late Col. John D.
Cameron occurred yesterday afternoon at
one o'clock In Trinity vhurch, conducted
by the rector; Rev. iMoNeely DtfBose. The
tody yras sent on the Vfternodn ? train to
fliltebojno. N.,a; for buriaL-.; 4-
His Lecture Next Monday . Night at
the Court House-1 '
t When, the Columbian Exposition was held
in CM'oago, in 1893, some of the Christian
people of thatjcity coneeived this idea that
an exposition of the progress of the world
since the discovery of America would not
be conrpiete ;unless there should be some
exhibition of the advance made in spirit
ual things as: well as in those that axe
material, and ; with this conviction they
organized what is known as the Parlia
ment of Religions.
To this great assem'bly were imvited rep
resentatives of every religion practiced in
the world, and isome represfintatives of all
the various denominations of Christians.
A great number came from all carts of
the world, and for many days; the xrreat
hall of Columbus' was crowded by thous
ands of men and women to; hear from these
various speakers what they believed and
why they believed it.
We rememher that on the cart of some
American Christians,: and notalbly of the
churchmeh of England, there was opposi
tion to .the whole enterprise, and almost a
refusal to take any part in it. Yet, Chris
tianity was represented, ably represented.
fcy Roman Catholic oiahops and priests,
ana by different divines of other Christian
Bishop Dudley of Kentucky, was invited
to deliver an address-upon '-The Historic
Christ," and In spite of the opposition of
many oi nis brethren, felt constrained to
do it. , ."
This address Bishop Dudley is ,to deliver
in the court house next IMonday evening,
at 8 o'clock, and we understand will pre
face it with, some account of the Parlia
ment and of the reasons which compelled
ms -aiLenaance. -We
believe .that our citizen will ""toe in
terested and profitted ; "by. attending, and
they can at the same timeaid a eood work.
as the proceeds of the lecture are to be
given to the Woman's Guild of Trinity
parish. -
Tickets may he had at J. iH: JDaw's, 35
Patton avenue; Carmichaers drug store:
miss napman s stuoio, Haywood street,
ana tne woman Exchange, church
Exempted Tax Payers Proposed Re
pairs in the Market House
City's Finances, ?.
Mayor Rankin - presided last 'evening at
the meeting of the board of aldermen, all
members being present. , . k
The clerk Mr. Robertson,: read communi
cations, one-' from Mr, W. B.iVTroy, .ho
desire to fufnish tite' eity wltestimates
aJ?BapI of stone paving, ?oae
who petition to have the saloons , closed
iearlier, and one from J; A. Campbell, tax
collector, who requests $30.00 to be re
funded to B. T. Reeves, his property hav
ing been listed twice, and that Ihe follow
ing persons be exempt from poll tax: J.
W. Williams, exempt by counts commis
sioners ?3. 60, J. E." Atkins, Julius Robert
son,, JMark Ly tie, , George Broosi all for
physicial disability; Robert Barr and W.
L. Bagwell, charged with poll Lx and
are aiot residents. The requests were
granted. -
J. H. Lamb was granted a permit to
'build an eight room house, on Buxcon
street, if -ihe would 'connect with the sew
erage. .
All persons were allowed the privilege of
working six days to pay their -poll tax.
The plumbing inspector stated thit at
many places the people allowed, thi'r hy
drant to run all the time when the water
was cold, to prevent the pipes frying.
'An ordinance was passed that all parties
having such hydrants should be given 30
days 'to get an underground "shut off."
fiank Carter, representing C. B. Moore,
presented a claim ior $14.60, for hinetv-six
feet of sewer IMr,: Moore had put do wn on
Cumherland avenue. The .matter was re
ferred to the street committee and Mr. liee.
Alderman Burnett stated for the market
house committee that the market no.ise
needed , repainting an -da sky . Jight put in.
Roarred to the co nmiUee wifcn power
to act. -V ; .. , .... ;. . .
A complaint was made of the last bridge
down on -Bouthside avenue. Mr. Bosti'c
w auihci'zed to fix it tempularlly, and s
certain the cost of a new one.
Tne financial statement was as follows-
Receipts 9320 66
Collected by J. A. Camphell; T. XT., 1219 45
Collected! by w: H. Bird Sa;- . . 61 40
Collected by M. W iRobertson, . -
sundries j.;.i;i.. .. .a;.;- t 5397
Collected hy W. A. James .fines, 46 50
Collected., by George H. Starnes, - - i
:r scales .. . ,'. . ..... .'. 1? 44
S10T15. 42
Paid i street department .$ 44a 07
Paid water department ... 1197 41
Paid fire department -. . . :. ... . . : . . 688 86
Paid sanltarydepartment ..;.vi. 260- 21
Paid police ;. department 86T 37
Paid market department . ,'. . . . r 101 00
Paid school department .-. . 1500 00
Paid miscellaneous department : . I : 23S. 33
Paid city hall 'department-. . : . . i T : 2 93
Paid salary department-. - 83 33
Paid street lighting . 427 82
Total ..
5809 33
4906 09
Cash on hand
$10715 42
Sanitary department ..... .
E. W.' Morgan ....
Water Dept. pay . roll . .'. . . . .
S treet Dept pay. Toll
E. Sevier
R. QLi. iMears ..i;,....
Citizen company . v ; .. v. ; . . .
McPherson . and: Clark -v... .....
Mrs. J. V. Ball ....:.,V.,..j.i...
.$70 70
.- 84 81
. 87 91
. 7 75
, r2 00
. S 85
. 8 80
Stempet lUre -EJxt. Co; ;.; 10 95
Telephone exchange .,-:.ii.,-'..,.:,-.10 00
-4Southern R..1R.. Co, 37 94
r uhcu- oc ouiuvr ,i , i i . rM.. .1. -v -
-j-. , -- , : ," -y
Try our -peanut, brittle, made tresa erery
day. The Alcazar, $2 Patton avenne.' . ' i
Stahle ifo'r rent . 'near , Hotels Berkeley.
Also one set of hand-made donble har
ness at ,$10.00.-. H. ChedeBter, : ;
Its .Growing Importance in Western
North Carolina.
One of the industries - of Western North
Carolina which is destined in the near fu
ture to receive deserved attention,, is that
of fruit growing. No sectlo nof the south
is "better adapted to the growth of fine
fruits than this. ; V "
. Some years ago the late Capt. !Natt At
kinson of this county and Riley Neil of
Yancey county, realizing the advantages of
Western Noith Carolina for the growth of
aPilos and other fruits, took the initiative
step in the growth 11 of the finest varieties
of apples, peachs and grapes. Their ef
fort in North Carolina is furnishing the
southern markets with an abundant sup
ply of the choicest shipping apples.
In Asheville there are several shippers,
and not less than 50,000 bushels have been
shipped from this locality to Georgia, Flor
ida and otiier southern points. One firm
alcr.e' in Asheville, MdConnell Bros., ship-
pel about twenty thousand bushels I and
have large orders ahead.1
From every shipping point in Haywood,
Heiw-trsonville, Transylvania and MoDow- i
ell cour. ties large orders are helng filled
to supply the holiday trade.
Wagon loads are. being received daily in
AHtvii; and find ready sale lo shippers,
purchasable prices ranging from 30 cenis
to 75 cents per bushel.
The following varieties are choice' and
best adapted to shipment: The Spitzber-
gen, limbertwig, winesap, Ben Davis, buff,
Stine, hoover, pippin, 'bell flower and green
The adapting; of this section for the
growth of fruit is fast being realized and
the day is not far distant when .Western
North Carolina fruits will occupy the most
prominent place in the markets of the
south. .
Congiessman Pearson's Proposed
Amendment to the Law
Washington, Dec. S. Representative
oil 'North Carolina, has introduced and had
referred to the civil service committee, of
which he is a member, a bill to amend the
civil service law. It dnakes the following
additions : '
, In all cases to which the regulations of
this act have hen Ar -Tvprpnf tr miav 'ha
such branch of the civil service who may
be holding offi'ce or. employmeatwlthout
examination, shall Ibe. required . to, (stand the
same examination as is prescribed foreper
sons applying to" enter such service.
Examinations shall be confined to such
suhjects as the applicant is obliged to
know in the actual discharge of the du
ties of the service into which he seeks to
be appointed, and all questions propounded
in any such examination shall be approved
by the head of the department or branch
of the service into which the applicant is
seeking admission. '
. The provisions of this act shall not be
'construed to include any officer or em
ploye,., for whose act or default a. superior
dflicef. is responsible on tils Omqil &aSdY
It is believed ; that the nrt. of the pro
posed ameidmentif will Tecelve the. sunDOrt
iafty-concerns deputy internal revenue col
lectors in the south. Washington Post.
. v
Yesterday's Sales he Largest of the
Season - , ' '
Yesterday's tobacco sales were the larg
est of the season. The 'first sa!e was at
the Banner and imgun at 9 o'64ock and"
las'ted until 10 ' o'cloclc, immediately 'af ter
which the sales 'began at the Farmers'
and waxed warm until one -rpclock !-when
there .was a. suspension, of two hours for
dinner. At the Banner jhere were many
pretty -lots, which brought fancy prices.
and the common grades sold well. At
the Farmers' the floor was also filled, 483
piles being sold. The two houses sold a
bout 65,000 pounds.
The Tennessee farmers were well pleas
ed with prices, expressed themselves well
..pleased with our market and the treatment
they received. They wiUeturn with larg
er bulks in a few days. Tnesales of to
day will be equally as large if. not larger
than those of yesterday.
"New York, Dec. 10. The directors of
the Northern Pacific were in session at the
company's office this afternoon to act upon
the first dividend upon preferred stock
since , the reorganization of the company.
Wall street is greatly interested in the
meeting. One cent was declared on prefer
red stock. . '
Washington, Dec. 10. The following call
was issued this afternoon:
- "A caucus of the . democratic members
and delagatesj of the" house of representa
tives Is hereby called to meet in the hall
of the house on Tuesday "evening next, at
7:30 o'clock. Signed, James D. (Richardson,
chairman." X'J .
New York, Dec. 10. Currency transfers
amounting to $100,000 were made to New
Orleans today by the United States sub
treasury. -The transfers are due to - the
movement of -cotton, which was delayed by
yellow fever,! as well as the sugar 'crop
from Louisiana. . r.
;v Alleghaney,! Dec 10; While , descending
a steep' grade on" Spring 'HilT today a car
riage; returning from a funeral, was upset,
causing a, runaway. The driver and: the
five occupants were seriously injured and
the carriage . was wrecked. ' ' - '-
2 Omaha, Dec 10. Tne protest of the
London" stockholders' of the -. Union 'Pacific
will not effect the recent sale ef the prop
erty, it was announced today by the Union
Pacific -legal department '-
CThe. meeting of the shareholders of the
National- oank, held yesterday afternoon
adjojimed until this afternoon. - .
Beport of the Ealeigh In
sane Asylum.
Surprising Message From Gov. Rus
sell as to Admissions.
Populists Who Are Weary of Re
,. publican Prosperity.
Republican Tri-Weekly to be Started
January 15. .
..Cotton Growers Will Not Submit to Limitation
of Acreage He Wolf Hopper at the Acad
emy of Music. .
Special to the Gazette:
Raleigh, Dec. 10. At the meeting of the
board of trustees of the insane asylum here
yesterday, Dr. Kirby made a full reportT
He said that during the year 181 patient
had been received at the. hospital; that 99
had ibeen discharge as cured; as improved ,
10, and as incurable 1. There were 28'
deaths with a death ratio to number treat
ed 5 per cent. The per capita cost for.
maintenance had decreased from 1893 tor
the'preseht 'time "from $192 to $142; a brick
smokestack had been erected, costing 2r-
000." "That' there was a debt on the institu-.
tion of ?,500 in round numbers, incurred
to heatj light and furnish the new small
annex, as the legislature ;made no appro--
priation for that at all. .-J.-C L. Harris
came before the board and stated that
Governor 'Russell asked that the authorities
should receive all meritorious cases of in
sanity eveh though the appropriation be in--adequate;
that he did not. wish it said that
during hi administration any one had
bean" refused admission to the asylum who
was a worthy applicant. Dr. Kirby said
tJSftt'i? ...ftSffitlt?!.-.!!. J&SFttorJous cases
that he would have an average dily attend
ance of 410 . patients; and with the low rate v
AomMe to expect 4i0. to.te.cared for
on .
$56,450. This" -message of the governor's
will provoke commeat. There was no
change made in the officers of the Institu
tion. The improvement of the grounds and
the fine yield of the garden, and farm were '
commented upon-. -When
the United States court adjourns
on IMonday-It will be to'fneet again'the" 3rd
of January and finish up the casses that
will not nave "been reached this week.
Clerk iFortune tooR charge of - the books '
L-and records, pf the. circuit court yester--
aay- anernoon.
, Inspector. General Royster today exam-'
Ined the .state arsenal where all tne camp
equipments for 2,000 men are kept. -., ,.t" .
There are hut five, 'Haseing Yarn mills ..
in the state. ( .Kih.ston is going to start ,
one.1 ' '"" ' "'' ." ;V;' ",
The populists thf5ugh the county, are so
disgusted with 5-ceh.t cotton and the
present state administration that many of
them say they expect to iback up the dem
ocrats in the next election stand.
The republicans here say that their pa
per, which is to be a tri-weekly, will be
started by January 15th.
The cotton growers over the cotton sec
tion of the state are indignant at the pro
posed plan to limit the acreage; of the
plant, and say they will, noc submit to it.
Dr. Ellis, the county coroner, at the .
meeting of the cpunty; commissioners, re
signed his position on account of his
There Is to be a meeting ot the state -association
of city school superintend-;
ents at Greenshoro December 28th.
Complaint has been"THed with the rail
road commissioner that the. Seaboard1 Airs
Line is violating the new fixea freight ,
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
A Grand Illuminated Display of Jew
ell and Silverware. ,
Thursday evening, Dec. 9th, from 8:00 t
11:00 o'clock.
' In making the announcement for our
opening at the beginning of this year's
joyous season, when it is the beautiful
custom of all to give substantial tokens
of love and esteem, we wish to say that
never before, in the history of the Jewelry
business, have prices been so low, and
the beauty of design so simple, and yet so
elegant, as at the present period.
Frkes lave r.ever fceen so Jow their;.
are this year, and we believe that $1.00
will buy as curb, on the average, as $3.00
would five years ago -
We have many beautiful things, rang-. , 4 f ,
ing in price f rorn . twentyrflve centa npi- : ,
wards, and If ycu will give us the honor of ---"' " .
' ' - - - Pif
a call, we will be pleased to show you, 4
hundreds of things, exquisite in design,
and at prices that will astonish, yon. ' '
Our first illuminated display will occur'-"- .
oa the evening 'of . Thursdjy. December, J .y
9th, from. 8;lv-to 11.00 and we'hope that ' - -. '-
you will favor Us with -your presence.
Leading Jeweler; Cor Church St and Ifat-
' ton avenue, Asheville, C. .. .
1 ' c
V"- if
w,- -
t f 1
- ' J
v- . !
; '
.i i - 1 i
.1.. , r.
v f. ' - .I .
. i,
-4 '
t & if
,: .i-
. t '
... f-'

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