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77ie i4 Important (?)
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L. J. Beauchamp's Address at the
Court House- -
Lou J. Beauchamp, journalist, author,
lecturer and temperance advocate, spoke
last evening in the court house under the
auspices of the local W. C T. U. , o, an
audience of possibly one hundred and fifty
people The Rev. J. R. Moose presided and
introduced the speaker. Mr. Moose'.' first
asked tine audience to sins ?'A11 Hail the
Power of Jesus' ' Name." The bynin . "was
sung with mucb beartiness. Then prayer
was offered by the Rev.v Dr. Byrd. Mr.
Moose introduced Mr. Beaucnamp in a few
remarks. ' f J
Mr. Beauchamp said he sought to get
the people to think. He believed the sec
ond sober thought of the American people
would lead to tbe rigblt action. tHe "sought
lb convict, leaving to God the - conversion
of the people to the rlglft vlerw and" actJouLftynjue 'pitfCio'ne''it'bt
on the temperance question. The closing'
of the saioons hef I'maa-a'-'necessftyi
There were ten victims of their pxywef "wbo"
died eacb bour; $1,480,000,000 were epemt
annually in the United States in the liquor
traffic. The. cause of "hard times: was not
not in the question of gold and silver. , The
godd and silver of the country together a
mounted to $1,200,000,000," buit the- amount
spent 5n drink was $280,000,000 mtore tban
that immense sumv We sbaH continue to
have bard "ttmes so long as nioney is thus
wasted over the bars o fthe isaloons.
The prohibition of the making and sell
ing of intoxicating drinks is tbe remedy.
Is money so spent Tvasted?. Ualbor :is the
source of all fwCalth. It its tbe laboring
classess, the masses of the people, who
aTe tfhe distributors of wealth. There are
only 34,000 rich men.. When laboring men
wisely distribute wealth there are good
times. If a laboring man spends Ms mon
ey as he ought to, and suppose lie receives
for his labor ten, dollars per week, for
illustration, although - he . ought . to get
(more, he buys a calico dress for lids' wife,
t. .. ....
shoes" for bis children - and groceries for
household use. Ten dollars worth of these
articles represent $5.20 of labor to their
production. If he consumes his ten dollars
in drink, it represents only thirtyHsix cents
in labor. Help us close the doors of the
saloons and eight bundred .millions of "dol-
lars will go into regftSma'te production and
trade. . " . v
The question wbicb confronts tbe Amer
ican citizen .today is not one of ; gold and
silver, but one of performing This duty of
Christian citizenship A 'proposed Christian
who votes to unbioSd' the s-iloobs has got a
relfeiontof the jrrmg brand." The- saloon
5s wt ittthejsbiirch- Tbe Methodists, the
Presbyterians, the BaptWis, the Catholics
have declared against it. - dt 4 not In the
schools. V f..i;',.""' '
Throusrh the influence of the W.'.C T. U.
to forty-three fitates', thJnjurtous effect
of alcohol is tsauWt:. It is not in tbe news-
papers. -They wrt) not f raid to print what
is said and written in behalf of the.tem
rerance cause. They take -.tbe money of
the -saloons.'butj tbiat :i in 'the business
office of the paper, in Itbe basement of the
coneern 1 1 iwre. but.. up stairs . where
the editorial brains, are: end the- pencil is
at work there the Influence is usually - in
favor of those wbo onnose the saloons.
"When any wsaper nas not the courage
to soeak tor ' temperance' wltbdna-w t your
patronage. f
The isalrion men rfalmri toi own (and - COU;
rol 2420 jOOO rotes and by tbem tbey vare,
secure mi the business. - Tbe saloon ia m
Politics, hf an, good men were: in politics
to oppoti the saloon the question of their
iistacff would soon be settled.. -
Mir. Btauichamo'jin h course of his lec
from . several forcible v,iMustmtkna
"' k (Of ,; the appalling bavoc of strong
flee -tc
at : .
6f a presMeat of the United State
tat bis toauuiratlon ithat the cble
prim BdnAnistered:. the oatb of i.of
Jim could iot understand "What he
to takinf-lt; of Jthe retcent shooting
jriaH party; in "Georgia l.resulting,;in
!p ox three men and tbe dangeroui
is 01
iinA- io -foil 't ': A - TAn
J - )pt iate ex-Goyernor Si: Jobs, end-
I Submitted to Aldermen by
Board of Health.
For Protection Against Pos
sible Small Pox,
American Federation of Labor to be
Invited to Meet Here.
Cost of the New Sidewalk.on Bailey
Permits for Building- Large New Houses
Mr. Hancock to Recover Damages For His
, Lost Oysters.
The mayor and Nail the board were present
at last evening's meeting of the boad of
The first matter considered was. the
sending of an invitation to the American
Federation of Labor to meet bere next
year. Action to that effect was taken. .
Theodore ' Hardy, as presidenit of a col
ored social club, petitioned for permission
to conduct a dance" hall .at (the corner of
"Vtaliey ana Sycamore streets. Such leave
was granted for on year from December
23. ; ;V y ;
The ' question of compensating C. B.
Moore for the outlay he made in laying
the sewer on Bearden avenue, was again
brought up and tt ,was decided that $12.30
was sufficient and tbat such amount should
... ;
be paid. . y; ' ' -
C B. Whltmore asked for . flalnages done
bis property oh Swannanoa by the bursting
of a . water, pipe. Matter referred to water
and sewer commietee. . , - , . :S ;
;Tbe oftzens on. and, around iLexingtoti
paved .with Jbrick. Tbe Isbard deemed it
best that the property owners do the work,
and'tbey will be given thirty days' notice
n which to do tt '
A. Freck asked that bis license to con
duct a saloon at 50 South Main street ibe
transferred to A. T. Cooper. Granted.
A building permit was given Frank
Lougbran to erect two thirteen-rbom frame
houses on.-North Main street, beJtiween
Cherry street and Starnes avenue.
y A 'bill sbowfng tbe cost and the cost to
eacb individual of tbe brick sidewalk on
Bailey street wai3 read, and it r was ordered
that the, list be turned over to Tax Col-
lector Campbe'll
The following is tbe list- giving the cost
to tbe indivMlial property owners:
A. A. Baylfes, $60.69; , F. A. Cum-
m)lngs, $40.95; jcinn 'uong, ?zb.z;
Mrs. Owen Smiitb, ' $34.60; Dr. J. A.
David,' $35,774 G.j L. McDonald, $42.33
M. Heston, $28.78; . A. White, $34.40
H. Redwood, ,$32.89; G. L. McDonald,
$30,32; Mrs. Emory iMerrinvon; $29.33; A.
C Davis, $26j24; CMrs.1! Walker, $45.07.
Mr. J. P. Kerr called atten'tion. to tbe
fact of the-Banner warehouse lot being a
nuisance and uTged.(t(hat some action be
taken. It. was ' decided 'that Mr. Barnard
shouM be, notified to fully enciCse the lot.
F. W. Hancock will be -reimbuTeed. for
two gallons' of oysters which iwere dumped
into the tnash cart by mistake. Tbe
amount will " be deducted from Itbe salary
of the scavenger. t
Tbe -water commi'ttee will decide about
putting a4meter to' tbe opera house.
A discussion as to whether a side track
for delivering coal be put in at tbe - walber
works, -was 'Left to tbe sewer and waiter
committees.- '
' .. . PEST HOUSE. .
Adjoint meeting-of the aldermen and
brtaTdv of (health -was then called. ; Drs.
jpuetcner, .-.jtt'ijeiiiaer,ixiieyarwi!ui.. num mmm
being presentU ; - -
The maflter of erecting a pest nouse was
fully discussed.' ; It was not. thougbt at au
likely by any of tbe ;.ooava xnai me cny
wii,ldJ be' visited .by the -smaM-pox, but
abouid a case be discovered and ait- a- time
when the weastber was severe, itnere -wouiu
Ka nn u3 table isolated .place where a pa
tient could be treated. The city owns five
acres oh the mountain side, itne sree 01
the old reservoir, and. the question, of
building 'a tthree-room bouse. there to rent
until it sbould be needed; was referred to
a special committee of three, Messrs. Scott,
Jones and p. ,M. i-e-1 ' , ' :
rs.afitA Ti'ihlibinEr company $9.62; B. F.
Cxwaemaji. 7.S0: South CaToiina. Oo-Htion
ion rfkTTi.Tfltiv S4.00r;P"ennlman. (Bros. & Co
in tMvrtarA. B0 McTbeTson. -. &
Clark,' $27.5t Patton & tikeleatber, $6.00;
Mrs. V. r J. . Ban,' $3.70; 'W. a. n,
i 91 ? 'AaTinvMiiA Tfidetibone coTOipany, $46.00;
tl. M.'Bamsey, $2.50rAshevlll Supply
Foundry: company, $32.00;. As-nvme ice
.and Coal company, $68.50; J- M- Alexander,
$6 53; SunlIgM Oil and "GaBottne wompany ,
m. w v Rnhrh. $2.00: street pay roll,
U -iA. JLitiurT oav roll. $77.70; -wter and
:Ju c fln w.r.T )ll. $49.58.
. TTvhr--oh ' etsatement December-' 17,
:i '. . a lL t' a rviTTvnheiL' tax .
UOJlecxeu us - .. . . , -1 nftl 5
ceM by M.'E.Roberts, water : ,
. deoartment , .... i'itl'
Collected by W. A. James, police ! ; - A
Department 20.25
Oolleoted by G. ui. Starnesi scales1 , -13.32-Cash
on hand Dec'" 10, 189T. . . . 4,905.09
$ 6,083.59
Street department '... ...
Water departmentt . . . . I , r. .
Fire department ....
Sanitiairy department ...
Police -department ..........
Market . . ............. . . . . . . ,
Miscellaneous ........ . .. . ,'.
.. 6,705.46
Oaslh' on hand
The meetiag thenNjadJourned.
Certificate Regulations Dis
regarded? '
Washington, Dec- 16. Information was
receiyeid today by the supervising surgeon
general that the regulations concerning
passengers' health certificates were not bet
ing strictly observed by 'the Spanisb. steam
ship lines plying , between, Cuba and the,
United Stlates. The san-itary inspector at
Havaoina says the regulations are enforced
in cases of American citizens, bust are not
considered a necessity, apparently, for
other persons. t . ; ; ".
This condition appears, he says, with?
the sailing of every steamer for AmeritJaa
citiesv He reoommends urgently, wbdle the
danger of yellow fever appearing at ports
of the United States may, toe passed, there
is, still danger from small pox
During December,, tlhe Inspector saye,'
there; will be an exodus of Cubans to Flor
ida and proposes to insist on vaccina
tion and revaccination In every ease where"
needed as this class is liketly to carry the
Cutting a Wide S-rath in the City of
Mexico. C
City of Mexico, Dec. 17. Sidney Lascel
es, the bogus Lord Beresford, so badly
wanted- for swindling in itfhe United States;
is here, and. by erbibition of letters, th'
glamour of expected wealth, and a bold
front, has s6 worked on the municipal au
thorities that be stands an excellent show
of closing some heavy contracts for local
beeUvbTerii!bdu1t flTelwekt'
wiw mis wue wnose raxner mas just med
in Georgia, and whose fortune Lascelles
will sue for. His true character has come
out, but he says he will shortly- return to
the states and fully vindicate bimself. He
is cutting a 'Wide swath bere and be and
bis wife are very popular socially.
Other Manchester Mills That "Will
Follow Suit 10 Per Cent.
Boston, Dec. 17. The uirectors of the
Amooskeag Manufaotuojing company, of
Manchester, N. H.f at a meeting here this
afternoon voted to reduce tbe wages of
its employes about 'ten per'cenfc. on Jaai-
uary 1. ,
The Amoskeag mills have 300,000 spin
dles. Tbe number of spindles in otber
mills in Manchester, whicb undoubtedly
will follow suft, are Amory, 110,000; Man
chester, 75,000 cotton and 21,000 worsted;
Stark," 80,000.
The causes of the reduction in wages
are practically the same as those which
prompted the manufacturers of Fall River
to re-adjust their prSce list. They include
southern competition and the depressed
state of the cotton goods market.
Special to The Gazette. . v
. tBJaleigh, Dec. 17. Tbe state treasurer
decided' Uo-day that warehouse men 'are
iiable to a tax of 1 per cent, for sales of
tobacco under tbe revenue' act as commis
sion mercbamts. -
Charleston, S. C, Dec IT.--Grover Cleve
land .. bagged twenty-nine, ducks :: in two
hours this morning. He said It was Que
finest sport 'he? bad ever seen.-: Mr." Cleve
land Is still using tbe govemmenit's launch,
Water Lily. His party ; returns ext ; Wed
nesday. - - x, .
' Montgomery, Ala-V; Dec- l7V-Ool. War
ren S. Reese, former mayor , and '.republican
contest ee for the seat in the United States
senate now. occupied by John T. Morgan,
died list nSgbt of heart failure. ..V
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. AH
drozglsts refund the money If -It falls to
4nre.'5e.' The genuine haS'L. B. Q. or
v: each v tablet. 5
Civil Service Discussion Was
Postponed. ' "
Committee on Appropriations
This Action of the House, However,
Will be Revered.
Secretary Gage Talks Further on
This Currency Bill.
His Interpretation of Bimetallism" U is the
j . Gold Standard With an Invisible- Silver
? Washington, Dec 17. The committee on
appropriations were overruled: twice .to
day, by narrow majorities, -while the bouse,
in committee of the whole, was consiAerdng
the legislative, executive and Judicial ap
propriation bill.
Tlhe commi!tttee omitted from the bill the
appropriations for continuing tbe assay of
fice at DeadwocJd, South Dakota, and the
mint at Carson City; Nevada, thus abol
ishing them after the close of the. present
fiscal year. '
On motion of Representative Knowles of
SouOr- Dakota, the committee voted, 77
to 76, to insert an appropriation of $12,-300-to
continue-' the assay . office, and on
motion of Representative Newlands, voted,
8? to 77, to appropriate $33,200 to mainr
tain 'the , mint at Carson City.
I tTbe defeat, however, will be hut tem
porary,; as in. the house republicans whose
absencee- today 'was responsible., for -the-
oomm$tte , finding Itself, with a ntoorrty of
cupied nearly the entire session" and the
consideration' of the WUi save the civil- ser
vice paragrapb, was completed. The dis
cussion of this 'paragraph- Was1 by '' com
mon consent, postponed until after the hol
idays, when probably a .week's time will
be given 'to it.
Tomorrow's session of tbe bouse will be
devoted to eulogies on the late Represen
tative Wright of Massachusetts.-
Washington, Dec. 17.-ecre'tary Gage
resumed his exposition of his currency bill
before tbe house committee on banking
and currency today.
'Representative Hill, of tbe committee,
called Mr. Gage's attention to bis state
ment yesterday that the first purpose of
the bill was to commit the country to the
gold standard.
"You are recognized as a republican,
he said to Mr. Gage, "and familiar with
the financial platform of the republican
national convention at St. Louis. Do you
consider that this purpose is to more firm-
ly fix the gold standard on the country
conflicts witih tbe pricipl'es of tbe St. Louis
platform?" ,
"No sir," replied the secretary, "not as
tl look at the principle of blmetalMsm. Bi
metallism must mean one of two things:
either two kinds of money of equal value
circulating side by side by reason of the
exchange of the less valuable for that of
greater1 value, or- else two kinds of money
of such intrinsic equality of value that
they will circulate naturally side by side.
We have 'a bimetallic currency In tbe
United Stajes now. The firm establishment
of tbe" gold "standard, with such ' iner
cbangeabiiity with silver as will f make It
acceptable on equality witb; gold, will
madntainf this bimetallism-the same as it
bias existed for the aast eighteen years."
Tbe" secretary stated that .this- in no
way prejudiced , any steps that might be
taken to ; bring" silver up to the higher
standard of value. Tbe bill, bowever, was
designed to give such.. confidence In the n
nancial ability of the government. that dis
criminMions 'against "silver would largely
decrease. - 1
s Mr. . Pox of Tennessee, asked if tbe re
sult of . tbe Gage bill would . not lead
eventually to vone; kind ' of paper money
bank notes and no silver, except subsidi
ary silver. -" ; -
"There :is nothing, in 4he plan to operate
to .that extent now," answered tbe secre
tary. 1 "It is ' in ttiat.-direction, and, with
further ' legislatSon developing it tt migbt
ultimately lead- tosux resuKi . But I would
not say sUver Vould be restricted to subi
sidiary. silver.' " I) would ; say a. system ;fln
l.C$.. '"
I- f . . : good, , .-v
established paying business for sale, u Ifor
particulars address box 705;- dty. '
supporters will come to its relief 'and re ; - --V"; :- -
.tfi-Zy- vvxij'ttf-;' ht'foroed the seconds of tbm Aiutraiian,
' The discussion Tf tbeSe amendments oc- b:
which silver would be subordinate. It is
subordinate now."
5 Consideration of tbe bill by sections' was
resumed at section seven,', where the dis
cussion .closed yesterday. ;
Disinfecting Towns Along th,e Missis
. "sippi Coast. '
New Orleans, Dec. 17. Dr White of the
United States Marine hospital service, has
inaugurated the work of disinfecting all
towns along the Mississippi coast, where
in there was yellow fever during Hhe
He has begun work at Biloxi and will vis
it in succession Ocean Springs, Soranton,
Faseagoula Bay, St. Louis and other
towns. ,
.The diinfectlon is being done at the
expense of the Marine hospital , service,
tbe towns themselves pleading poverty and
inability to do the work. Disinfection and
fumigating in New Orleans Is going on
under tbe care and expenseof the 'Louisiana
board of health.
New York, Dec. 17. Charles Zanoli,
suspected of having poisoned his last wife
and several others for the insurance on
their lives, will be formally arraigned to
morrow on tbe charge of murder. Then
he will be remanded to await the result of
the chemical analysis now being made.
Assistant District Attorney Van Wyck
said today that he bad sufficient evidence
to hold Zanoli on a charge of murder.
McCOY ion.
Fought Fifteen Roucds With the Aus
tralian, Creedon. When Latter
Threw Up the Sponge. V
- wew xoric, iec. is. Jia McCoy won
the s middle , weight championsbip: of tbe
jworl4;atLongpIsiland City, tonight, .when
tne ena or &,ixteeawixsw
Prom; the-very st almost the Ameri"
can pugilist showed such" marked supe
V- : ' - " - ' -
riorty over his plucky antagonist that tbe
result was " never in ;doubt. McCoy ' in
speea, science, neaa worn and gameness
was simply a marvei. ' .
Miraculous defensive work, whicb has
never yet been beaten down by an oppo
nent, was the rock upon whicb Creedon's
rortunes were snatterea. it was almost a
physical , impossibility for Creedon to
land a dangerous blow in the whole fight,
A crowd , of 3,500 persons witnessed the
contest, including Corbett and other cele
brities. The betting was nearly even.
LouisTille, Dec. 17. -Curtis Dearing shot
and killed a bartender, Glaude 'Bryant, at
Abe Roberts' saloon today because Bryant
put Mm out of the saloon. Dealing is a
'black sheep of an excellent family. His
father, Charles T. Dearing, is a wealthy
book seller. He has owned a suMl stable
and race horses. Some years ago he start
led tbe town by winning $12,000 at
"craps." ,
jNew York, Dec. 17. President Spalding
and Captain Anson of tbe Chicago baseball
club, arrived from Europe today.' Spalding
intimated that-Captain Anson will retire
from the management of the team at' the
expiration of his contract in January, af
ter a remarkable service of twenty years,
Busy No,w Over the Decree of Auton
omyExpected Invitation to
i- - Rebels to Surrender.
Havana, Dec. .17. General Blanco bas
declared that if, within a reasonable time
after the establishment of autonomy, - it
is clearly seen that it bas no praoticaH
effect in the restoration of petace, .he will
tender his v resignation and return to
Spain. " ' '
The captain general' and leaders -. of tbe
autonomists bnd - reformists - parties . are
very busy now over the ' decree of autono
my, which has Just arrived from, Spain: '
It is believed that simultaneously with
the " puftylioationi ' ot ?the ;: decree' Captain
Generalf Blanco will tissue .."a proclaniatlon
inviting the irteurgents to surrender.
Stable for rent near; Hotel Berkeley Al
so one, set of band-made: double harness
tf ' at J10.00.--a, H. Cbedester.
An Alarming Statement by
ipfof: Emery.
He Will Probably be Asked
for His Proofs,
The Work of the State Agricultural
' Board.
Expected Boom in Railroad Building
Many Applicants for Admission to the Sol
diers' Home Events at the Capital City
State Items of Local Interest.
Raleigh, Dec. 17. The Agricultural and
Mecbtanioal college students are in the
midst of their examinations, and on tbe 22
their Christmas vacation begins. There
are 239 students enrolled this term, but
more are expected for the, spring term.
Professor Emery of the experimient farm
writes a letter to President HoMday of the
Agricultunail and Mechanical college, and
says that tuberculosis exists in every herd
of cattle in the state. This is a very
' '
alarming statement. Already 12 of the
experiment farm herd have 'been killed,
and other suspects are off to themselves.
The weather bureau promises ' us a real
cold spell after tomorrow.. The weather
so far has been lovely, 7
Mr. George Hardin, Jrl, and ,Mlss Luta
Bell of this cfty took their friends by sur
prise last night by going to the home of
Rev. W. C. Norman at 11 o'clock and be
ing married. -Mr. Hardin is a well known
norsemanbeing connected with 'the" train-
ing stables here. '?
carand erarless ' thmstelivM- tta imixy
the Labratory department at the experi-
ment station were niade. There was $27,
000 appropriated for the next six months.
The cost for the past six months was
o,vw, uiu oi .um ,uuu was ior me
heating apparatus for the d'apartment.
They discussed ignoring tbe state law re
lative to maintaining the standard anal
ysis 01 ieruiizers, dul no acxion was taKen.
This law requires so much phosphoric
acid that it is injurious 'to tru'Oking. The
truckers in the east want more ammonia
and less phosphoric acid.
Tbe secretary of the railroad commis-
s ioners says that there will be more build -
this year. He says there are about eight
that expect to be built, and three of these
are important ones.
lie commissioners of agncullture says
that tbe sales of .commercial fertilizers
will next year be as large as those of this
year. He declares if the farmersreduce
tbe cotton acreage it wM be because the
low price will force them to do so. They
do not believe in the law of supply and
demand, but think the manifestations
make the price.
There were fourteen convicts from Beau
ford county sent to tbe penitentiary 12
of these were lefit at the Halifax farm .
and two were brought in here to the
prison. Tbe movement for the use of
convict labor for public road work is in
creasing. . The authorities do not seem in
olined to make" any assignments for this
work, though there is a law allowing it,
and several counties have sent in applica
tions for convicts.
It Is said that the Rev. (?) Dr. Babb,
('Continued on Fifth Pjge.)
. We wish to take tbis opportunity ot
thanking the public for their many kind ex
pressions and also for making our opening
such a brilliant success. We wish to bt
ogize for not having our stock In better
shape, but the extra, unexpected rush Just
at this time, both in town and from cata-
. . .... ' ' '
iogue orders, made it impossible for us to
be better prepared. .
the market our usual high grade ox
i ..... . . . .
uwui, ill yruxa iuucu www umu. r iw;
fore. and . we can saf el v sav that v ars .
now selling goods as low. if not lower than
any other Jewelry bouse in the
who handle a high class of goods.
Leadipg Jeweler, Cor. Church St. and , Pat
'-: ion avenue, Asheville, N. C '
(ConUnued on Eighth Page.)
. tary ' depattment L ; 1 rv;,'
-f 1
1 1 tfi

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