North Carolina Newspapers

    V7ol II: Ho. 290.
AGSZVILL'J, i;. C, fTDEDAY'OEinirG, JAi;UAP7i 15, 1C:3.
Tilco 5 Centc.
a n
iiil OjULu
1 '"V
LAW W L... ..,
- O -
The proper offerings
buy. Good, big bar
gains are always in or
,dbr; that is the reason
. all of our Wool Shirt
( Waists win nna new
owners during the next
day n or so. V
Price ; reductions are
as follows: . ; ? .
$1.25 Flannel YZaists . . 89c
, $1.25 Plaid Easts , -.- .: 89c
$1.75, Flannel. Uaists . . $1
' : . Cicely Braided
C2.40 Ladies' Cloth in
Red, Green, Blue,
, Brown and Black,
,f? Q;i1r on1 Wnnl
. - Plaids, newest de
: signs, , both' styles
lined all through,
handsomely braid
ed and well made.
- vjl l - 1 ' ' " J
tl G "So iixii" k lam S -r j ov.
Fruit Crackers
White Zwieback,
Graham Zwieback,
Whole , Wh;
Granose Biscuit,
Caramel Cereal,
All Arrived Jan. 12, 3.
E:.Tr.:-;:c'J3 cluc.
' The ETitre-Noua club met z.zl eyerie' et
the tame of -'Miss Crawford, Grove street.
In the absence of this presHent, llr.- T. D.
' Green, the business meeting w&3. presided
over by the vice-prezi-cntr Graca
Rankin, who was a chinning executive of-
" fioer. Two rcT tzz1 .ra were juLnittei,
' Miss Crawfcrd end i:r.,r:'ilioxu DeLisnt
ful refreshments were served tinid most
pleasant evening w3 spent by tha pr.-
The next n:.tirg .t-. held Xt is:
Sawyer's, 'Haywood tr:sU
" Fred Uias,:6n of Jae3 tl3.z; 'living on
Woodfln street, met rith a eerious accx-
. deat at' the 'noon rece:3 cf Cxange street
graded stehoca yesterday, 'Young Cms,; who
is fclbout thirteen years cf as,- while-ven
''gwged'tn a rough play 'With -school mates,
fell from he. steps and had his leiftarm
- broken near the elbow end the lirJb cter
wlse badly injured. '-. The young "can v:3
taken 'to.his home and received the rre-ed
' mpTliai flttpntinn at the hinds of Br. D,
t E. Sevier, an'd at Jafft accounts ws rest-
ing well. ' ' -
Treasurer Payne wears a hrr count
enance since hi3 recent ciarrias a.nd e3
about i at the disehargs cf his cH::il ti:3
with more alacrity than 'terete fere.
I'ayne 13 a good -citizen, a f;i:thful cllcer
?' and will make a 'worthy h";lard.. .lis ev.l
'his bTide have the tc:; -vi h3 c! th3 Ga
zette. ; , to curwU a. cold ::; c:
Take Laxative I..: : r ' ' .r ?
druggists refund t:. : '
cure. 25c. .Tts r-
-each tablet.
C. c
On Patten iv:
for refit. Arply
NaltTcp-i E:- "; I.
W V k-j- i
Temporary Restoration of
Order at Havana. 1
The Situation Discussed at a
. , Cabinet Meeting.
No Warship Likely to be Sent Until
i - ' i n .i. -I ' u
. Lee nequesis u. ; :r
The Cruiser . ..Detroit ( Available - on
' ' Short Notice.' '
The Current Demonstrations in the Cuban CapU
, tal Thought to Have " Been" Based on Orders
; Sent to the Marblehead.
Hvashingtop, Jan. ' 11. Three telegrams
from Consul General Lee -gave assurances
to the president today that the tumult in
Havana had quie ted, but did" not change the
feeling that a. crisis Is imminent In ..Cuban
affairs.-' I Only one , telegram had been tre
celved from General Lee when- the, cabinet
met.' This was dated midnight and told of
crowds l-. parading the , streets, r shouting
.''Down with autonomj." 'Nothing' serious
had occurred however and .General Lee
was not apprehensive of any immediate re
newal of rioting., Eearly in the afternoon
a second despatch came, telling of the tem
porary restoration of order, and just be
fore the etate department closed for., the
day, third message was received. This
last- telegram-was timed noon, and said
that everything" ;was quiet In Havana at
that hour, -.,'-'
It t apparent from the discussioo at the
cabinet meeting-that 'the president and his
adviser? think it " best to await; develop
ments .before taking any" steps to-" protect
ArAerJcaninteres.ts inthe,-Cuban capital.
They deeided it to" be-' Inadvisable to end a
warship- there until Lee requests- it r"T
' . .The president and his executive officers
have no means of knowing, but they are
satisfied that - the current demonstrations
are based ' on some orders-issued yester
day to .Commander McCalla :of . ,the cruiser
Marblehead not to start from Key West
for Navassa Island, where he will make an
Investigation of the condition of Aineri
can laborers engaged iu me work on the
guano deposits, until the cruiser? Detroit ar
rives. The Detroit left Port liayuan Tues
day and was expected yesterday This af
ternoon Captain Sigsbee,- of the battleship
Maine, senior officer at Key West, tele
graphed.that jthe Detroit had been Edgntsd.
Secretary Long sent a telegram immedi
ately; directing the Marblehead to sail. .
If Lee asks for a warship the" Detroit;
and not the Maine, will probably be jjenc
She is a cruiser and can make becter time
than- a heavy armorclad. The Detroit is
the vessel which, under the command of
Commander Bronson, fired shot into the in
surgent ships at Rio De Janerio duriug
the Brazilian revolution and pracUUlr
ended the attempt to : restore monarchal
government. -' - .
: Late to-Jiight an offfelal teaegxaim Was re
reived from - Havana oractically in; reiter
ation of Gen. Lee's' noon dc.:paui.Ult said
that everything 'was pfactieally -quiet, al
thou'gh the'excitl'meht-cfihtlnued. MNeither
despatch made referente dif r"&cnrrl,nfce
of rtotins. ' - . - v '
; The' cruiser Montgomery arrived at Key
West from Pensacola this afternoon aug
men ting the alrea'dy formldlbie array of
vessels there'. ' ---.
' Key "West,' Jan. 14. The warships .here
are ready to -put to sea immediately on no
tice' from Washington should occasion call
for such action. -They' finished coaling and
taking on pro visions today. : Tie greatest
interest prevails here in the news from Ha-var.-a.
and the further ' deve'opmencs ; are
watched anxiously. .
rrP. Miajth-leheatd bailed' tot (Navas-sa
Island this afternoon. There are
zhc.rcl cZ. thl3 rlace the second-oiaS3 cat
tleship Maine, tbe iDetroiit, Which arrived
tn-tinv. and the 'torpedo fioatilla. -lAt Jack
sonville is" 'the dynamite cruiser Tesuvius;
at St. Kibts is the Annapoais, and at uua-
daloupe the iTVlcn'ington. .
rioti;:g ist ;:igt.
A I lob Sieze a House in ventral Pirk
in Spits of the Strong Guard and
rire into a Newspaper OiUce
'Havana, Via Key West, Jan. li.jThe
situaticn continues crave, with a great
:xl n:rs
z'z t-iz yesterday and ccra
ri:uz -re r-Tts..'. Since -last niht 'tie riot
. i . i
.3 CI
forced the artillery and cavalry commands
in Central park. Strong detachments of
civil 'guards and military ipolice also occu
pied the , main . stree'ts overlooking the
park. In spite of the presence of troops
the rioters, strongly , armed, gathered ; in
great numbers in front of the Gallcian
club and 'Campo 'Marte, the largest park
-. .1 r - f . 1- ; " It -if- .:v -: -. . -
in the city. " , ,
' A'bou't an!i'dnight so threatening had the
mob bejiome that- two cavlary detaichmenits
were" ordered to charge upon them. The
rioters, after some resistance dispersed'''
,-- - j .
y.They gathered again near the house of
Jose Brazen, the new '"autonomist ; gover
nor, shouting: '.'Death "" to autonomists,"
"Death to traitors, and snaking; an effort
to, invade the house and attack 'Bruzon's
family. - The, military': police pro'teicted: the
house and aga'in scattered, the Crowds;- The
fighting here was 'more serious,- several ri
oters being " wounded; The autonomist
- - s r - ' ' - , . -
leaders are in great- peril. Threats are
. .
openly made against them, especially Senor
Galvz, president . of the council ' of minis-
ters, and Senor Prudeacio; and the Mar-
. : J - - . . c . 4 -
quis of Rabell, president of the autonomist
t "v - --, j-
party. Senor i Rabell Is a Spaniard by
birth and - a wealthy cigar manufacturer.
' - w- ' ' ,' ' - - .
His iblg 'factory was guarded by strong ,de-.
tachments of cavalry., , ; t
The feeling against vHc'bell Is more in
tensej. because as a Spaniard, tie is - con?-
sfdered a trartor by 'the. rioters.-- '
r - - V " u v ' -- - V
:To-night the rioters got to Central park
, , i- '-
again, -notwithstanding the heavy, military
forces . there, and.' several : of them;.: took
, w '' ' " . t 1' . -"
rossession ' of a large; ; cne-story house,
whch occupies the whole block, -called -the
iianzena Gomez. From -Vi top of - this
hcuse they firei. several " '3 Into Ccrtral
park, erjpciilly at the cSce- Elrla Da
La .Marina, woumcling ceveraL
' A fieice attack; was made by the troops
oa , the Maniena Gomez end the :-rioters
. . t - -f . .
finally were dislodged.-' "" . ,
.: (Martial lanr Is practically in force.- The
rioters parade the streets in defiance of
troops, arms in hand, shouting . generally
"Long, live .Weyler.V - ' , ., L
-. -The AmerTcatt consulate, as :at first re-
- - - y 1 1 -
l orted, is strongly guarded, and so Is the
hotel De Ingla terra, where Consul General
Lee Ifves. .
Three Thousand "V7IU Quit Work Mofc,
day Appeal to Manufacturers by -
: City Council-
'New' Bedford, Mass., Jan.j 14. The mass
meeting of weavers toiilgM; attendad 'by; ov
er 2,000, voted to strike Monday on 'three
Issues. First, against the ten per eenti re
duction; second,- against the weavers' fines
system; -third, to remain out until a sched
ule of -wages Is adopted. - This will cause
a strike' among 3,000 -wearers, even if the
notices of . the reduction are tilceTi down
Monday. , , ' '
v After tthis action no arbitration or any
recommendations cf any kind can prevent a
general strike In the nine weaving . mills
of tins city.
A mass meeting of 300 carders in the
South-End. mills -tonight voted .to strike
A meeting of mill firemen is to be held
Saturday and doubtless .they will" vote; to
strike. So on Monday it is likely there will
be-no ' workmen on hand to attend to the
fires. - The board of trade committee on ar
bitration and the city1 council .committee
passed resolutions today earnestly request
ing the manufacturers to postpone the cut
down- for another week in -the hope of
some adjustment. This resolution can have
no effect on the action, cf the weavers. To
morrow at noon about S4000 "operatives will
leave work. - - . .- " ; . , .
Operation in Gt Louis Einilar to the
:- . cno i- Zurich -
EL Louis, Jan. 14. Ths entire stczr.nh
cf Ccnni Hzth, nacllziit, v-c3 ren-Vvl tl
Eleia tzi-iisl lzzi T7ednef ij. In sev
eral w-ays tha crenuicn was mere czzzll
( led than th3 iimilzr undrrt.-liirg ct
rT - r .u, , . . , r l i- , n e f
-'nlu.i -j i. i - - - - L , - . Is J
C. rl r ur, Yvi..- -re-ovei tl:.3 entire
r -;rc
lh ti-t
i i I
t - "
- - 1 it
: .
Bradstreet's Report for'the
, : ; ' Past 7eelr. - -
Distributive Trade Contin
ues to be Quiet.
Unprecedented Activity in Production
.' : : of Pig Iron. 5 :
Large Orders for Steel Rails iProin
' Western Roads; : -
Export Trade 1 -Continues large Bank -Clear-
anceslndicat a Heavy Vduroe of General
Business Throughout toe Country. t
f New York,' Jan.Tl4. CBradstree't's to-morrow
win say: , The distributive trade re
mains rather quiet, mild weather through
out the country tending1 to". check' the' dls-'
trihutlon of winter, goods.'. OPrices gener
ally, remain steady or ?tend tfpward,' except
for some -grades of iron, and orders for the'
spring trade, where received, are encourag
ing. The industrial activity is most mani
fest at the' wesV where the demand tor
iron is large. - , - "'
The feature of-the -week was the' plac
ing of an order Iby one railroad for -1,600,-000.
tons of steel, rails,' with smaller orders
aggregating tn the neighborhood .of- 25,003
tons' more. " Pig Iron production Is no-w at
ah unprecedented rate," the furnace capac
ity being , estimated at a miinon tons a
month-. Prices;, andi stocks bejln to show
the influence of this' immense production;
: -At the south manufacturing activity is
the (feature, sales of iron being very heavy,
A good export demand foricotton and grain
at steady prices-Is also a"featur.: i . -.U-.
At1 the east a number of strfes against
wass reductions are reported" cr expected
in the cotton Industry.-Come woolen mills,
working, ca teavy 'inen."s-g"-;ds,6re Refus
ing orders, their capacity" being fully
booked., 3 tvj,A t
' The. anthracite ;ioat production, it f? is
hoped; will be restricted sufficiently to l
I(Jw of an' advance' of 20 to 40 cen'ts a ton
being maintained, v";', '')
y The weather- has been disappointing at
the northwest. -Improvement - in demand
developed at some centres as -the week adt
vance4.;f -1 t, ' - -T-
J The rush to Alaska has already begun on
tie PaiCtfic' coast. Freight chariters are re
ported lower.' - - r. .
. The export trade continues large, a -gain
of 8 per cent, on the total export of bread
stuffs, cotton, aninefal oils," cattle, hogs and
provisions, being shows both tot December
and the calendar' year. .' v1 - '
jBank clearings Indicate a heaTyTolosns
of 'general business throughout the counr
try aggregating for the week $1,442,000,000,
a gain over this! week a year ago-of '37 per
cent. ' The weekly failures 'were v slightly
, small er,.. amoun ting to 323,; against 333 &st
week, and 478 In 1897. - - '- '
Annual OfScers Elected at a Meeting
" ' 1 " ' ' Held Last Evening. 7 " '
Asheville Comsmandery, "No.- of the
United Order of the Golden "Cross, at ' a
meeiting last evening elected the following
.officers for: the- ensuing year: 1 - - , .
i Ncihle Commandery R. B. (Roberts.
" -Vice-Noble : Commatfdery Mrs. Rosa B.
Morgan. - , . ' , '
- -Keeper of 'Records-J. Dickey, A ; .
; . Financial : Keeper of . Records T. J.
Revell. ' - -' . -r;
Treasurer -N. "W. Fain
Worthy Prelate J. 'Hough
Worthy Jlerald JF. Beck.---W.
I. G.-4R. Qi. "Wells. ' '
. - y
'W. O. G. Harry A.-Dunham. ' ' , ,
;.The oncers will "be installed at the next
regular meeting, the -second Friday nigh c
next month. " ' '
...The Jolden Cross is a fraternal order. for
both ladies and gentlemen. The society is
one of ithe cheapest organizations in Ameri
ca, and is in its .twenty-second year.
The -Asheville chapter .of -the lodge has
been established here several years, and is
progressing very rapidly. . A ; number of
candidates for m-e'milershlipwill be initiat
ed at the next meetiing. - The . place ol
meeting is the Jr. O. U. A. M. hall.
A Charnins Recital Given T ast Eve
. Kins by the Pupils of Miss Bing.
The senj recital given at the Asheville
college Izzt niht by the pupil3 of IIis3
Ding w-3 a very delightful affair.
TLsra vrcre present a -houseful of appre-
eer3 and the pre jrarn "announc
ed intr.3 C-rette-yestcrizy Tre.s carried out
in full. 3 , IIutcLii :n, Detveilsr,
Antl :ny, C.-iL:nau.d Zlrz. J. -.3 c.arep
rc . j cf tl '2 ccll""2 -i id Z 11 3 raw-
ycr i:i Z1iz3 lozi'J .'. .-:;.'a were ci -the
pre ii n t Eu-.liin.'AiheTille's reputation,
t" ;y u'l ta ir - r' :;t crc:;i, lli'Z
were they rendered and thrrcughly ap
preciated that far every one tLere was a
hearty encore. The sin-irj of "O, :iio Ter-
nanio," by Zliza Grcicn, was the subject
cf much favorable comment, and the selec
tions of Miss Detweiler, who ha3 a rich,
contralto voice, .were especially charming.
Doth of the quartettes and the chorus were
good. , -
The entertainment not ' being complete
without a song -from -Miss Bing, the audi
ence expressed a desire to hear her, and
she delighted the . company with "Too
Young For Love." .
New Officers Elected at Last Night's
. V"- Meeting -
The Clerks' Union met last evening with
a very large attendance. The following of
ficers were unanimously elected:
PresidentJ. M. Stoner. ' ;1 ; -'
Vice-president E. C. Featherston. ' :
Second vice-president Samuel Kennedy.
Recording and Corresponding secretary
Miss Clemie Buckner.
' "Financial secretary Mrs.' Uolan . Bradford.-
. , . . : -V'l, ;t i :.
; Guardian J. A. Reynolds.- , - '
Guard Charles Nichols. - A r -
Trustees J. M Stoner S.. Miller and
C. R.' Dennis. . '., '
,The following committee was appointed
to meet. with the Central Liabor union next
Monday .night: J... C.L stoner. A. . IX Sto
ner, J. P. Goodson,. J. A;' Reynolds, C. R.
Dennis, M. Hirsch," U. S." Miller, 'E. C.
Featherston, HL -M -Moody .and . Samuel
Kennedy..' . , , ' . V, ,"-
- It is proposed to have a series of .meet
ings, whenclerks will have an .opportuni
ty to compare notes and experiences, and
it is expected that they will be both in
teresting and profitable. 1 - ' . J
" ': : ' " epidemic-
The Expense too Great For the City to
' Bear Marine Hospital Service "
'Wa&hIhgton7'JanL 14. The authorities at
Birmingham 'Ala., V having expended, all
available funds for 'preventing small pox,
have asked thevUnited States marine bos
pi tal service'jt take entire charge -of the
infected' district and bear the expense of"ures $ ere necessary. - General
Masruder: - rassed iassistant surgeon : re
cently .detailed, there, has reported to Sur
geon-General. Wyman that' he has reached
the city and made a preliminary inspection
ci the conhtic-'s cV:lstln. He recemtnends
in case the federal authorties take.charge,
a house tto grouse inepectlen-of the eity-to
be made. . AM cases of-smallpox, he says.
should be .moved" to the quarantine , hos
pltal or kept-under guard, and persons x-
psed to inf ection, -who have not been vac
cinated successfully be 'removed to the
. . , . . - - - ... .
smallpox camp or left under dally ooser-
y4tionJ - ; . - , - , ' ,
.' Dr. Mgruder gives in detail plans which
he believes should be carried out in case
the hospital service should 'take exclusive
charge" cf the. work. In Jefferson! county,
where Birmingham is situated, 148 cases of
smallpox have -been reported tor. Decern
ber.-' In-Birmingham! . alone .thirty-eight
cases were reported curing me monin,
Alleced' Scaeme of Speculation in This
. ,.:.t - fi uonnty
.Komplaint "la ibegimade, 'nat' a practice
is ln-wguein this county, of lepeculatin'g in
witness tickets; wh'toh if truer is a : great
ihjustice tq witnessls vhof fcaye f their
j-iai-mifAnftwpd-ihv 'the - county., eommis-
Sioners. - 4 ' . --,--r ' j .
The manner In wljich this practice Is car
ried on,; it is said, is- hat the speculator
as 'soon' as 'xslalms .are 'allowed; examines
the ibook upon whilch the entry .wf. sutoh al
loWnces are mad'e, ...-He then hunts up the
ciaimant: and proposes to buy his claim at
a price -much fcelowits real Ta3ue."(When a
trade is made the iclalmant--gives-. the. spec
ulator tan; order to , the reglsfter. of deeds,
who Issues' the script upon-which the -holder
Immediately dTt?ws the 'money 'from the
.Witnesses- and-, others who have -claims
allo-wed should, know that "they are equal to
cash, dollar for dollar," and that any one
who proposes to buy a claim that -has fbeen
allowed 13 making an effort 'to deprive, the
claimant cf what-is due hinx without ade
quate consideration. ' It is a 'violation of
the Iaw'for county oClcera to speculate in
couhty claims. - ' ' ?
todacco r.::;n;;ET -Z
"I - . - - V .. . r .
... . ' -. 1 r..; - t Jl - j.- .
Grood Breaks Yesterday at the Various
' ;' . Wa'rehotLsss. ' l 1 1- .
.The InSux 'of -tobacco 1 to 'the'-"Asheville
market continues. Both warehouses had
good brealrs yesterday with ecni-e very goo,d
oHerins3. .lis. J.TA. Dnrmmond, formerly
one cf the leaning truyers here, was on the
market yesterJay for therst time in sev
eral year3 -and hl3 aprc"e.ranc3 was c eted
with delight ty the farmers who hnew him
of eld, and were acquainted with hi3 lively
way cf tidiing. .We give a few ile3 Tzzla
at ths Eanner: One -lot of 13 pound3 sold
for $121.61,. 431 for $31.58, 1,232 fer ;il4.!I3,
r-n-t f, ffsy C" r7"ri f
3, 813 fer ?:3-C2,
quanity cf tcicea
ci tLa foors to cTer
" 1 T-rf-'-s f-T -.
1.3 L:..:
rr.n a cold 1:1 c:::
A Liz T7ar. Claim Before the
t House
From Agents of Hethodist
1 -i -e isi''
. Church South. -
Tb. Agricultural Appropriation Bill
. . Passed. " -
A! Proposed Anendnsnt to th3 ,Con-
To f.takethe President's Term End on April 3o
Resolution cf Inquiry into the Burning of the
Seminole Indians. . . .
.Washington, Jan. 14. This was a private
bill day under the rules at' the house, and .
after .the agricultural appropriation bill, .
which was theunfinlshed , business when
the session opened, had been passed, bills
on the private calendar were taken up in
commoittee of the whole. Two were favor
iibly " acted on and' the reit .of- the ? day
spent in 'fruitless attempt to secure actioa
upon a bill appropriating $288,000 to ;pay i
the book agents of the iMethodlsIt ichur'ch,
south," at 'Jlashvllle, "for Josses eaused by
the Union army d-urlng the war;" The bill
was championed among others by,' Grosve
nor of Ohio, ilahon o'f (Pennsylvania, and
sayers of Texas, tne iatter orirwnom, ai
though a southern democrat; Us recognized
as an uncompromising? tfoe of the average
. . . ' . : . - i- -. : i
war claim, ingley of Maine, and iDalzell
of iPennsylvania; -opposed (the bill- urging
that the claim ibe eent 4o;the icourt cf
claims for adjudication.
J .fThe ihouse at 5 o'clock adjourned -without
action on the claim. The senate Joint res;
olu'tion was agreed to "with amendments ac
centing an invitation for the -United. States
W.parji3ipwAeIxr''the exposition xjf fl;!i and
fisheries at Bergen, -Norway; .' during v' the
cQmmg,!." " . - - -'
'Washington, Jan. i4.-In the senate -today
Senator Hoar of aiassachuseUs. - .'pre-
an amenameni xo xae consuiucion: 1 . . .
-jVTha't the (following ibe proposed to the
legislatures -of,, the several states as aa
amendment to" the constitution of' the
United ".States: .The term dr.. office df. .the
president and the fifty-lxth congress shall
continue until the 30th day of lAphil, 1539,
noon. - Senators whose existing term would
otherwise , expire on the 4th-day of March
in he same year 1899, or thereafter; shall
tuuvwue 111 vuu.e uiiun uvuii ux me vi,u vijr
of .April, succeeding1 such expira'ticny and
the 30th day of April, at noon, shall there-''
aiter 'be substituted for the 4th of Clarch
as the commencement -and 'termination of
the ofScial term of the president, vice-president,
senators,' v and "xepre'sentatives in
congress." ' . 4 j. .
The resolution ,wae referred to Ithe com
mittee on privileges and election.. ";-;t .. .
;Sena tor Quay, Pennsylvania offered the
follofwing resolution, which was referred to
the committee ,on Indian affairs: ' v .
' I'lResolv.ed.'hat the secretary of the In
terior shall be,' and- bereby Is, Ins'tructed
to investigate the facts attending . the al
leged atrocious L burn'in'g , to death of two
Seminole - Indians by a mob in Oklahoma
Territory, and make a report thereon to
congress. That (25,000 or so. mulch thereof
as may toe necessary, is hereby appropriated-
for investigation . apprehension ;and
punishment -of the guilty persons
" .The rare ., beauties ,cf nature, so well
represented' 'In ' Western ' North Carolina,
are becoming better known every day. as
people. who are better educated In (the for--maticn
andi utility;ct Eiinerals have frcn
time to time shown their apprscie.tIon ct
these Gems by using them in 11 tinds ci
a-d",rmnnt. ' - .
T - r "-J . - .-
".We have decided to cl:.3, ou5 szzne cf
thetd gems'an-di offer them, .t price3 that
should make them all. sell in a very Utt
days. - - - -: , ' ; -
One- lot cf 41 gens at 3 cents each. .
One lot cf 43 cems at 63 cents each.
One lot cf IO geeua at 75 cents each.
One let cf .43 gema at??l.C3 each.
One let cf C2 gems sit, $1.23 each. ,
One let cf 5 geen3 at $1.:3 each.
One let cf 3 gems at t2.C3 eeeh.
Cue let cf 5 ztzzn at c-.Ii. :
Or? let
3 zzzz ct J1.CD "-eh.
One T'-zy -fe:
:t c:

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