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Vol U: No., 292.
28 s. .mm st.
Embrioderies An advanta-
. geous pur-
, - chase ena-
White Goods, bles us to
offer you better - values in
above goods than you are apt
to get them after the , sea
son has advanced., J
It is good advice to ask
you to purchase now, as we
are offering extra good val
ues. Full line Hamburg and
Nainsook Edgings and In
senings in the newest and
daintiest designs andpat
terns; every piece at a bar
gain price. ? .
Mia Linen at .
16c " "
20c " "
22c " "
25c " "
30c " " -
These goods i can ' not be
duplicated at the price. So
"a word to the wise" etc.
Fruit Crackers,
White Zwieback,
Graham Zwieback,
Whole Wheat
Granola, j
Granose Bisquit, ,
Caramel Cereal,
All Arrived Jan. 12, '98.
Boston. Jan. 17. Edward : A. Knight,
manager of tlie BanikersV Collateral Loan
Ckm.Danv. tnB& absconded. He 1 accused
of stealine between 150,000 and J , $60,000
worth of diamonds' and jewelry from the
concern. Three of "the dty' best detect
ives are : huniink the fugitive. Knight's
younc wife is orostratedJ v It aeama to be
& case of livine - too iaatT- .. . r. -
The climax ,came . yesterday. Knight
drove to; the. office early, in the afternoon
and telephoned the burglar alarm oom-
tanv's offi that !he was going to open the
safes and not to iniind 4he,rlngimg of ine
Mr. ' Canlng' the owner of 'the concern,
was notified bya, clerk to-day that, some
thiwsr wmiiiff. and (hastening to the
office found 'the trusted manager missing
and the safes' locked. -As none but isjugnx
had the keys or knew the comblnaiuon ine
saf&3 had to be forced. ' -
Aug. J. BogeLthe leading druggist of
Shreveport, La., says: -"Dr. King's ew
Discovery is the only-thing that cures my
cough, and it is the best seller I have.
J. P. Campbell, merchant of Safford, Ariz.,
writes: "Dr. King's New Discovery, is all
that is claimed for it; it never fails and
Is a sure cure for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds. I cannot say enough for its
merits." Dr. Kinx's : New Discovery for
Consumption; Cougais and Colds is not an
experiment. It has been tried for quar
ter of & century, and today stands At the
Ihead. . It -never disappoints. Free trial
bottles at T. C. Smith's drug tftore - and
Pelham's Pharma'cy. : , ' - 6
KV waiithjn AVJiUN'u, ru. . ? ' " t:n1ltp Ooueh Cvxe.r II cures cougns,
OOBINBmBroBfflTOHOT. APTO.?",5A .lYtoat and lung .troubles.-
Takes His Seat For the Term
: Ending Next Year. . . -
A Substitute For the Pacific
Railroads Bill. '
To Authorize Government to : Pur6
chase Kansas Pacific.
The Immigration Bill ; Passed . l)y
v the Senate.
Modified so' as to Provide That, the .Immigrant
Should be Able to ''Read or Write1!. Army
Bill in the House.
- Wasnln-firton, Jan. '17. In -the senate to-
day, as soon as the iournal was read; Sen
ator IForaker addressed! , the chair. "The
legislature" of ; Ohio has elected IMarcuSa A.
Hanna senator for Ohio for the iterm end-
Ing' March 3, 1899,"- he said. "I .present
his credentials and ask 'that he may be
sworn and quatilfled." r
The credentials ihaving !been read, the
VTce-presiden't said: "The credentialls are
valid, and; if there be no objections tlhe
senator will -tafce the oath df offtee."'
iHanna -was escorted by Forakcr and went
to the Klerk's desk and'l there took and
suJbscrtbecT to the oath of office.
Senator fForaker, from the Pacific rail-:
road. committee, -reported a substitute for
the "bill relative to Pa,ciflc railroad's, and
asked for fmanediate action. But at the
suggestion of Senator Gear of To wa,-chairman
-of the committee,' the. matter went
over until tomorrow. v The Mil authorizes
the secretary of .the treasury, if deemed nec
essary,' ifor the protection of the govern
ment's interests, to ibid for and purchase
the'Kansa'3 Pacific at the Coming sale.
Senator Hale, of the committee on ap
propriations, reported batck the urgent de
ficiency bill. He gave -notice he would ask
for. its consideration tomiorrow. The sen
ate (committee has added items of $20,009
geological and ..topographical survey in
Alaska and $100,000 for the. Nicaragua ca
nal commission. - , "
The immigration bill wais taken up. Sen
ator (Spooner regarded it as t.oo harsh in
its additional ' provisions. -, He . would n o t
Vote to turn away any man of good char
acter, n'ot a pauper, able to work and bear
the burdens of life, who could read, but
could'--not write, A motion to substitute
or" for the word "and" so as to make the
phrase read "read or write," was adapted.
The bill paJssed yeas 45, nays 28.- Kyle and
Til-man voted- with the republicans in the
affirmative, lAllen and Stewart in the neg
ative. . :
Washington, Jan. 17. The army appro
priation bill was further considered in the
bouse to-day, the general debate being
marked by two speeches, from the demo-.
cratic side, radically different in spirit and
sentiment. McClellam, of New York, ;crdt-
icized congress for failing to keep the army
up to the proper standard of efficiency and
force,, and .Lewis, "of 'Washington, taking
the appropropriations proposed as the text.
aTraigned congress, the judiciary, . ' trusts
and the money powea generally for brings
ing about conditions sthat : presaged 411 for
the future" of the republic;.- Before taking
up the army bill the 1 house 'passed a ! few
measures of loeal interest to the Distrtict
of "Columbia!. ' '.Withouit disposdng ol the
armV bill the bouse at 5:10 adjourned.
Ohajrklkin Alitburn in 'ma ixjvocauon-ioaay
made reference, touohingly, to the death of
n in." i"U " - - !
Major ijjen Jauuierwyiui. . -
fWashdngtoni,;jan. 17. Senator Wolcqtt
rendered in ithe (senate today an account' of
the spepial mission sent" to Europe by this
government in the interests.of internation
al -bimetallism. In its" work abroad, the
commission, he'sald, bad "been hampered,
by- no' lack -or authority or., sanction . of
lBs-i si alive sutooort." - The' commissioner's
first negotiations -were directed to 'France,
hMiisK nf 'tP-remier Melin's belief ln. bi
metallism.- ' Wotco'ttvisaid:- ""Had (England
even- adthered to br ri5surances of March,
liRftR voim tries representing more than cne-
haxr of the total of 'Efurope aad the' : United
Qit.Qtoa -rormirl taw , agreed. iCnor tO-.i liUS
MTifrVrpnTe. that u'Don the terms to be set
tied at fluc'h Conference they would reopen
their mints -tto the unlimited coinage of
gold and silver." , " ' '
, utm!marised the? present isitua
tion by saying that tor the time being it
is useless to count . on any oo-optfruwii
Rritain toward a'bimetallio a-
greement, and wthile France actively de
slire3 to- see silver . restored; to.its opposi
tion -she Insists that the problem is one
which demands the action and co-operation
to some extent of the other leading com
mercial nations" o'f the world. -" - y ,
-itv hhild is worth: mlllloni to ne; yt I
irmi9i hAve loslt her . by croup -had l not
A Train .Carrying Spanish
7 :Troops Wrecked!,
Many Soldiers Killed and Wounded
A Battle, Won by the Inwr-
f gents.. .
Havana, Jan. 17. iA.' dynamite (bomb r was
exiplodedi today near -Dejane,- Province of
Havana, at tlhe moment wfhen the Spanish
, . ' . , -::.::'::-: : -.f --
u ' '.-ii" -
military train was passing- with, soldiersT
The explosion 'shattered tbe-cars, disabled
, "'
the locomotive, destroyed' the rails and kill
ed and wounded, many. BpanMr soldiers.
' , ... " J- ...
The press censorsbip has refused to .air
low any refenenoe by diredt t;able to the
number killed jld& wounded. At this time
of 'general excitement In Havana this start
ling, news and the iterrible defeat of Gen.
.. ... .. . ...... . ft 1
MoHina by the inteurgents is causinig' aj
great sensation. Gen. Molina with 1,600 itory gates, to-morrow and the great look
men, met the insurgentis at Oamarscia andout in . the cloth m4,lls will " be complete.
Punta Maya, (MatansaJ Province. The i Superintendent Law: of the Bristol . mill
Cubans numtoered eighft (hundred men. The. jef t the factory: office to-night under the
engagement lasted jfour bours. The Spani I pWectdon of police officers, who were pow-
J . - J 1. . i. x m l mm v .m U
mrus lujwie xnree axiempw xo oisioage cne
patritfte, but were repulsed! - every time
with heavy losses, leaving fifty dead on the
fle".d, (Molina retired. ' ' -
Five thousand troops were brougbit into
Havana today - to reinforce the number im
duty against the rioters. There was no rU
-' . f ' 1 .'- ' - - -' i
oting yesterday or' today. (Martial, lawrpre
vails. .
His Wife Was a Willing. Victim and
, Consented to the Killing of Her
New . York, Jan. 17. John Herman Mat
thews came from Texas sixteen years ago.
He was tall, strong and hearty, a fine spec
imen of a man, and young. He bad been
roughing it in Texas and New Mexico sin-ce
a child, starting as a cowboy and later
becoml-nig a ranch owner, until . he had ac
quired, what he considered an independent
fortune, i He came east, as be said, ."To
live in civilizaion.,, . He married and en
gaged in mercantile pursuits." Last night
be killed his wife and two children, butch
ering them witba hatchet,; then shot-himself
dead. - '
Herman was undoubtedly insane, but bis
wife -was a willing Victim. She bad dis
cussed udoide ? with her husband, and a
letter which she - wrote shows she bad, a-
greed to die with Mm, also .that their ohiil-
dren should not; be : allowed.- to live. The
husband and wife bad been suffering from
disease for a long time. - -They left -notes
explaining tbiia cause of their violent death.
Laid Before the United States
. preme Court
' Washington,- Jan. IT. H.-;0 .Burton
broughit the . controversy over the North
Carolina .railroad commissioaership to the
attention of the supreme court to-day in
a motion for a writ of 'attachment against
Li. 3. Caldwell and J. H. Pearson present
incumbents, and for ant order restoring
the offices to J. CV Wilson and S. Otho
Wilson. - The ground for the application
-was that- Caldwell and Pearson had vio
lated the writ of supersedeas Issued by the
supreme, court in . the case, of the appeal of
the Wilsons from s ilho w -Judgment : . of the
North Carolina supreme oourC:'" ousting
them and giving the of fices toOaldwell and
Pearson. - . - - -'
Special to Gazette- - - ;
Hendersonville. Jan. 17 Judge Dick has
;l resigned. - Judge Ewart was; so'. Informed
by telegraph to-day from Washington, and
leaves Jit Hfflfce'aIor that .city. . JudgejBwart
'was -one of ilcKlnles- warmest.supporters
when, -tb latbter . , was a candidatei for
speaker :51st congress, v&nd " has' always
been g?ieiaspa5y-iemembered by 4b . pres
ident In Benaw Quay he has also a warm
personal friend and ally, and while ho dis
claims entenns-into any scramme lor me
place he and his friends will make a quiet
J and determined fight for the position. , -
;THe Spindles ahii Looms in
y New Bedford silent.
Mills Open For the Day But
' no Operatives Beport .
-fV- '
Jwehty. Thousand -Hands in Provi
. dence Accept the Reduction.
Small Riot at a New Bedford Mill
xThat Tried to Keen 0en.
Jherd are Now . Nearly 90,000. Operatives in
New England Working Under the Reduced
" Scale of Wages." -
.-ew Bedford, Mass.r Jan. 17. As a re
ffut .of a violent outbreak at the Bristol
mill to-night Treasurer Wiilcox has noti
fied the police he will not open the fac-
er less ln. sMeldlor Mm t mm . wer
mud and -stones. The party was followed
by a jeering crowd. The Bristol is the only
mill of the eighteen cloth factories In the
olty .wbich was running all day.
New i Bedford, Mass. Jan. 17. Of the
100,000 cotton mill operatives in New Eng
land, who to-y were subjected o a ape
duced scale- of wages; only those- In this
city, num'berin.g about 10,000, and a third
as many more in Biddeford decided, to re
siit the cut by striking. - Practically , all
the spindles and loom in this city were
silent jo-day and the operatives thronged
the sidewalks in ther bitter zero weather
rather tban s'Ubmit .to the reduction.
The engineers and firemen in the dif
ferent mills were at jfcheir. posts early to
bart the wbte'ls of the mills at 6:30 this
morning " when whistles . were blown
promptly , at the usual hour and the gates
were thrown- open but no one appeared to
go to work. ,
Biddeford, Me., Jan. 17. The strike of
the cotton mill operatives against the cut
in wages began this morning. Thirty-four
! thousand operatives in the Pepperell and
Laconia mills refused1 to return to work.
The' mill gate opened ait 6:40 this morn
ing and the power .was turned on but no
operatives appeared." No trouble ds anjtic-
ipated. : Thie. unions have cautioned their
nien about loitering around the gates and
especially- against any illf advised, talk that
would - cause trouble.
Providence, Jan. 17. The cut down Sn the
cotton mulls-throughout the state went into
effect to-day. The reduction will anect
nearly 20,000 operatives here... Between 10,-
000 and 15,000 more employed dn the Con
necticut mills conttroled by the Providence
agents .will 'be affected also. The aggre
gate annual earmings of the operati ves .will
approach $9,000,000. . , - - " ,
(Waterville, Me, Jan. 17?-Every spindle
of the mills here was moving ibis morning
ij- spite of the' 11 per cent cut in 'wages.
The mills run ' 87,700 spindles and manr
ufaotturfe'lhigh -grade cloth. , ,
Burlington, Vt., Jan. 17. The - Queen
CSty cotton mulls at this plaoa are closed
for an- indefinite'; period; - The' weavers
struck" last week and the company, closed
the plant. - -
Nashua - N. H., . Jan. 17. Twenty-five
thousand -employes, of the Nashua and
Jackson cotton mill went to " work to-day
under: "a five per cent cut in wages;
' - Pibtsfield, 'N-. Jan.". 17. The 10 s per
cent reduction went into effect at the mills
her to-day. The operatives accepted the
cut. - The "mills run . 12,000 spindles and
3G0- looms and .produce--3,000,000 yards' ol
fine cloth per annum-"" r ' '-s
Lewiston, Me., Jan? 17. The" only mill
here where any operatives' remained 3 out
this morning was the Androscoggin. Only
seven"' weavers went out however! The po
lice guarded the mill gate. . , - - ' '
The 'following report with lhe roll of
honor -of the Sara Garrison kindergarten
has- been made ,by Miss E. Clegg : -Present
enro'vlmentiriO; largttet attend
ance' 3J9; smallest, !l9;--average, 30." Pupils
on the roll of bonor; Irene Snider, . Karl
Bean, Irvin Bean, Cecelia Reynolds, Frank
Hyhdman, . Jennie Young,. Aiken tMltchell,
Grace Coudra,. -..-During
the past three
months James Mitchell ranked first in at
tendance; having missed but one day. ; -
To the Conquest or Coioniza:
tion of China. - A
Positive Statement by Sir Michael
muKs Deacn in a ruDiic
London, Jan.. 17. Speaking to-night at
Swansea, Sir Michael; Hicks Beach, chan
cellor of the exchequer, referred io- China
in language siimilar to that employed by
Balfour a week ago at Manchester," when
jhe pointed out .that Great Britain had a
special claim to see China's policy not di-
rected toward the discouragement of for-
eign trade.
Sir Michael concluded his address by de
claring that the government did not re
gard China asa place for conquest or col-
ondzation by any power. He said the gov-
eminent was absoluftely determined, even,
if necessary, at the cost of war, that that
door should not be shut to Great Britain.
(Loud and prolonged cheers.)
He was convinced in this policy the gov
ernment would have 'the support and sym
pathy of the best public opinion of the civ-
lldzed world; and also the sympathy and
sunPort of all Dartfea in oarHament. The
government hoped it would be able to
of tirade in .the far east as in tfre past.
Attemuted Assault Frustrated Near
il "VT - T mi
Neerrt in Jail
Manon; Jan. 17. There ds some-excite
ment in this country over an attempted
assault upon Miss Minnde Culbertson near
Nebo camp ground on Sunday morning.
The young 'lady belongs to one of the best
families in McDowell oountT. While on
her way to Sunday school she was at-
tacked by a negro nam-ed Gus Harman
who threatened to shoot her if she did not
the" negro. ; Harman fled but was , over-
taken and -captured. He was conveyed to
Marion. ,
Harman-was visiting his aunt near Nebo
yesterday when be happened to - meet the
young Jady as ne was coming oac xrom
Sunday school, r She became very much
excitedat the threats made by the negro
on "her and demanded .that she should-stop,
jsjit? wasn c vry iwi i a,
nouse wnere ene -ran in ano reiatea "cne
facts. They .immediately struck the ne-
gro's trail going towards Marion. ' He got
into a swamp aoout suu- yaros xrom manon
with . a crowd of men -close after: bim.
Some of the crowd halted -him but he paid I
no attention to ithem. They then fired on i
blm twdee without effect. The sheiriff met
him and shoved his gun . in his face and
took Mm quickly to Jail before the mob
could get bold of him.
Harman bad "a hearing before a Justice
tMs afternoon and was bound over under
$500 bond which. he failed to pay and went I
to. Jail." " -
The young lady Ls nineteen years old,
Harman about eighteen V
There were some threats against the ne
gro and 'quite "a crowd was -gathered on
the streets as late as'midniignt. rMO trou Die
however is expected.-. .- :-:
Committee of Mississippi Legislature
Making an. Investigation. '
-. -
.New Orleans Jan. 17. 'A committee of
the Mississfippi legislature' visited". Ocean
Springs, ; Biloxi and-other towns- onthe
v,u -j -v. ";
of .the yellow fever tbere last summer, and
to determine ywhetheri the United States
Marine Hospital quarantine station at Ship
Toian Anrwv?u ivese - towns, is a menace
to .the health, of the. South as claimed,
If the comma ttee aecm uie soaiion is
di.nerons-lt will mean an assault in oon-
gss on the" United -States marine hospital
service and its quarantine, by Mississippi
senators "and representatives, as theywili
be called on to do by the governor ana
1 . " ; , UARRJAGE LICENSES.-, r
(Licenses have been - issue for the - mar
riage of the following: ;
. W.. J- dOeaver. and , Lizzie (Robertson of
. r -.,
lLerts AteIrt
Price 5 Cents,
SoclaUsts and Anarchists
: Cabture'
Shouted, "Down With France;
T -r . , . .
uung jjive Anarcny.v
Jews Driven Into the Streets and the
National Fla Torn Down.
4. -
An Exciting Debate in the Chamlwr
of Deouties. . -
I ri r j l;i hi. .i ' .
pner uonsiuerao.e uproar me uovernrnent oUS-
w inreaming a. vaoinw
Paris, Jan, 17. The Dreyfus case was re
yived at the chamber of deputies to-day
ESx-Mimister Cavaignac demanded an ex
pliclt reply to the charge that Dreyfus con
I fessed to Captain Renaud when degraded.
I Premier Meline refused and an- exciting de-
bate followed wherein 'the premier intimat-
ed that the cabinet would resign if tH-
chamber voted to discuss Cavaignac's la-
terpretation. This1 created an uproa
which finally subsided. The government
I waa upheld and -the chamber adjourned.
1 Wild scenes were precipitated to-night
J hy meeting held at Tivoli Hall to pro-
Lieutenant Colonel Guerin (had hardly foe
gun, an . address, when it was apparent .that:
communists, socialists and anarchists were
present in large numbers. These tarted
. V
siinging "La Carmagnole." Guerin's sup-
' - " . "' .' .
porters sang the "Marseillaise.' Several
suspected Jews were . bustled into the
rstreet.- The anarchists tore down the na-
hmmJ flaM .gnAutlne "Down- with France-
I at nn. n t - - - j.
lonig live anarcny. .neiaaii became . pau-
demonium, men tearing one another s
clothes and hair, battering each other with
I The anarchdsts seized the ladder leading
Pu . 0
I the orators, who were confined to their
lof ty perch two hours.
'r Mmius w
1 speeches the promotists hung a notice from
. ........ . .7 .
tne piatrorm aecranng n meeung ciosea..
I An imposing array of police scattered the
i , : iV
orowa as it em-ergeu axu .w wu. ov-
mi TvftTsona wer inlured and were're-
I . . . '.. . 1 1 . L . 1
r moved to. tne nospiiai. noruy aiter eieveu
0-cM fiv hundred anti-Dreyfusites wer
i ,
I charged by the guards. Many were hurt
some troopers unhorsed-
The rare beauties of nature,, so well
represented dn Western North Carolina,
are becoming better, known "every day at
I run,riliB wW .r lhttr eAiwsaieiA In Itbtf for-"
1 " , . ,
matioh and utility of minerals have from
1 1 5TnA .hb shown their aDDreclatlon o!
i - '
I these Gems by-using them in .U kinds ol
We have" decided to close out some
tht gems and" offer them at prices that
, . , . . . - - - , -
should make them all sell in a very fe
J -
- - .-WE OFFER;;
One' lot of 41 gems at 50 cents each,
; . .. . -
j Onelot of 40 gems at 60 cents each. ,
1 ' . - re nf-.-h.
I - f . ; '
j One lot of" 40 gem at. $1.00 each.
lo(t -of 32 gem at SL25 each.
I .. -
I One lot of & gems at L50 each. .'-
i " V "
- -r
wne lot ux e,, u .w
one lot .of 5 gem at 2.60 each.
One lot of. 3 gems at $4.00 ch.
One gem for. $6.00y ' :
t - -
-.. - , . , .
Street. Patto? avenue,, Ai
0 "
C. A. Raysor.

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