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    Vol H: No. 293.;
Price 5 Cent&
- ft
28 S. flAINST.
and g!qus pur"
chase . ena-
White Goods, bles m$ to
offer you better Values J in
above goods than you aire apt
to get them after the! sear
son has advanced.
It is good advice to ask
you to purchase now, i as we
are offering extra good yal-
ues. - :7
Full line T Hamburg and
Nainsook Edgings arid JIn
seriings in the newest and
daintiest designs, and pat
terns; every piece at a barr
gain price. : '
ip nma i.iiimi at
, :Jc
; ioc
16c " "
20c " " .'.
ny2 c "
23c " - '?
30c "
These goods cah:; not i be
duphcated at the price.
4a word to the wise" etc.
Fruit Crackers,
White Zwieback,
Graham Zwieback;
Whole Wheat -V
Granola, L
Granose Biscuit, ;;
Caramel Liereal, i
All Arrived Jan, 1298.
Judge Simonton Issues an Order on a
Motion Made For Some Nevr
York Holders- -:- f
Charleston S C Jan,' 18. United SUtes
Judge Simonton signed an order today re-,
straining the commisslonerls of. Stanly
uS .ui wuuu
oounty. North Carolina. from repim
. ,irnd.
The motion' the order waa made by Cq
ler and company "New York bankers. .
The death of Sarah Utosanna 'Morrison
Sumanev: wife of iA. T. Suamney, occurred
at the home yesterday evening at 6 o ciock.
mey has tb
Mrs. Summey has keen ill tror some vm
with brain trouble; and her death was
Carolina, and a crad-uate of the lAsheville
Semmary, lonl nV to the class of 1847. ;
Her husband, one son and four daughters 1
urvive her. )
The funeral' services will .be held at the'
faraaiiy residence on Haywood street thus
afternoon at 4 o'clock'
, 1 - : . 1 1
tfirst Gun in Cuban Belliger
; " ency Campaign- -
Was Spiked After Causing
Republicans Alarm. .
Representative Dearmqnd Made An
; ". Impassioned Speech.
Rssoiution For-fayingoff Bonds in
' Silver' Reported.
Qjetion of the Rightof Commissioner of -Pen
sions to Issue an Ordr Delaving.Consideration
of Pension Applications. ' -
Washington,-an." 18.' The " first gun in
the campaign for the recognition of Cuban
belligerency in the Jiouse: of representa
tivea w-as fired today in connection with
the consideration of the diplomatic and
consular appropriation, bill. Mr. Hitt tried
to gag the discussion by the adoption of
of the 'five-minutes rule for debate, but no
agreement could stop -the flood of oraiory,
and At: the reading of the enacting clause
the proposal of Mr. Dearmond, of Missouri,
to jbvcrt the recognition, of belEgergenc
for Cuba, the gates were opened and Dear
mood jnad an impassioned speech -demamd
log action to express the sentiment of the
Americen people and was then' held up by
Kite's insisting on the chair, enforcing the
rule requiring the speaker to confine him-
s'f to pie question at issue, his pln( of
order teing thai the amendment was sat of
order, ' . ; ;";.', , . - -earmond.
gave notice that ; If the air
gleJNgainst him he wcld appeal 1 'tonti fir
deci&'oxt. This alarmed th, repubticaa
managers who feared , that--the j. apjieal
would bfe sustained. : Messengers were tvai
rt over the town to jHtng; in absent re-
pubJivans. The amendment was finally de
clared to be out of o-dec From this de
cision Dearmond appealed. . The chair was
sustained, 137 to 109, this vote ending the
sensational proceedings ttor- the ;day.
In the course of debate," Colson, of Ken
tucky, said foe would vote to sustain the
Chair feu t warned the repu!blicans that, f
the policy of repression of this question
was maintained but few of, them would be
found' in their places in the next congress
(applause). Unless the . boose - was given
tle opportunity to register the expression
of the wlll of the Amerteao people; on this
rubject, "so near to their hearts, Colson
said he would Join the inost revolutionary
tactkra 'to enable the members to vote -their
s -ntlments. Applause). ' - w ,- -
In the senate to-day Mr. Vest, (from the
comim4ttee on .finance,: reported, the Teller
resolution declaring for, the payment of
naUonal ibonds in silver as well as gold.
The resolution is practically the same as
the' Stanley Matthews' resolution: adopted
some years ago. Mr..Vest gave notice ijiat
he would call it up at an eany uate.
, iSAiMitors Piatt and Morrill desired it to
be understood that the report of the eotaa- on finance, reiaave to uie
resolution, was not.un-anrmous. "
The resolution presented to the . senate
yesterday calling upon the secretary of
treasury tfor reasons why the Item of fll.
000,000 in Interest due the' United States
f roan 'Pacific rajlroad haa -oeen aroAJ
fraecUonS waTSreed to! ? r
Aitpifidbraska. walled up'his resolution,-
calling 1 for .investigation by .the pension
committee as .to tne auxnorn.y ol uu wu-
to applications for increases of -pensions
within twelve months after the las. .ap-.
plication had been, made., me resotu-uou
was greea w. . : ;; -, - ; - .
I'nrri.; .nv, the
iAimt ith entire session of the senate
this afternoon was; behind; closed door3.
and was occupied y ssenaw une"
flcation of the Hawaiian .treaty.. ua wi
fkoLUbn' of the Hawaiian treaty.. He poike
mmshU j nd fT sit-a, of the proposition, q-uotin at-
rAt,ftT.A and various Teports. He
ched upon the necessity.of acdudrin the
: trated his paints toy means of a large anap.
I . S. - .. -
Washington,. Janwl8. The president wilt
eoon send to the semate !he ' nomination
M Berard to be United
for eeatem district of North'
- tv-wi-i inflrsed bv Sector
Hiiir 'reouWlcaa:N:renresettt
from North Carolina, and
. l f-rw jitti nTointment
was sent to tne preutuu w3
eral McKenna today. rBernard is a lawyer
to Greenvine and is state solicitor for ihe
Jud!elftl district,' He -was a delegate-
fm Nocth rolina to the - SV
Lc--3 co"vction.
deficiency bill. 'The Was u passea uie - ':
house carried ffTm lad injured intern,
to the enate;it carries $1,891,523, an in j - StephnSf
crease of $150,080, ' .JinternaUv. - '
In Yaiicey, Mitchell and,-'Watauga
' " , - ,t Counties. - " - -v -"'A,eflijniin
via haa jut returned from
a.4 buslriess trip . throjigh ( 4!he . counties of
Yancey' Mitchell kni Watauga, gives a
flaKte'ring aiecount if the ' smgres8 ofsev
eral industries in, those localities. With
the- advance - ql; prices' in ?n5ica he ; eays,
several large . fnihes. which if or some time
have (been idle, ware re-oene'd. 'and thoe
heretofore- in opelratipn are ibdng enlarged
and operated on. a larger scale. It is: said
that iMitchell county furnishes more m'itja
of fine . quality thau any coiin) in. the
United States. ' -
In addition to mica7 the'anoun-tains f
these, countfies atooumd : in'ithewery finest
tinJbers, whichj are "being marketed - by
northern capj:aIUts. Another, -industry en
gaged in, principally in. Mitchell, is te
distillation cff hirch 1ark; which is very
jaluaible, and used for many purposes, apd
finds a ready sale at ipaylng prices. Another
industry . which has reentlv been inauau;
of ivy stools whtfh afe sold to and" isiih'zed
by northern, manufacturers' ifor ' mafeing
pipes and. veneering.? The .suipply of valu
albte limber in these counties is anexh-iuat.
able, and is of the very choicest varieties,
much of it being figured 'wood and very de
sirable 'in 'the market. - - - -
Will V. Justice, son of W.- D. Justice, of
this city, -who has been' a resident cif Ten
nessee for the past eight years, arrived
here yesterday. Mr. Justice says his busi
ness is to emiploy twenty negro hands tas
work on a plantation .sixty miles south of
Metophis. s The f arm, he says, contains
seven square miles. 'He .DroDoses to furi
nish transportation for any that are-willing
iu hbu wore nor nam tney can make, 1
with houses, stoeik, -wood and doctor bills '
jf a . ...... 1
luiuMucq wre, iuu provisions ana leiotning
advanteed ihtil a crop Is made.
Great Britain W III Stop, at Nothing to
. Maintain Her Comeroial Poslv,"
. " . tion in China- ; Ab
liOndon, Ja. lSJosenh Chamberlain,.
secretary of 'itate for the .colonies, .made';
speech tonight before the "Mverpopl cham
ber of comuaeree, in which he made a dec
laration regarding "the government's atti
tude in connection with foreign and coK
ial trade. He said that in view of the
Mefgalomania with which some European
powers had been seized, Great Britain was
liable to , be : excluded : by' tariffs from ' any
in British country. He dwelt upon the
extensive trade done with China, and de
clared that ,Gerat (Britain would do every
thing to maintain her commercial position
in that part of the world?: His laoguage
was similar to that used by Balfour and
Sir Michael yHicks Beachr when the latter,
epeaMBg .at -Swansea - last "night; said the
governmemit was ; determined, even at the
cost of war that the door to China' tEide
should not be closed against British mer
chants. -
Engineer and Foreman Kllled and Sev
, eral Others InJuredMail Car
on Fxre.
;Colfax cJ Jan. lThe- west-abound
Central Pacific train, was ditched early this
evening half a mile east of Oolifax. Bath
engines went off the track. " The an'ail oar
caugn.t on fire; The killed and Injured are
j .Ejugtneejr Uaickett, aoalded to death.
i Slgijie6r ,Brawilj, -badly 1 injiired about
tt6 ,head
-rtreiman iwown, caiaea ana mauiy
hurt,1 injured
Wftur 1 VnrTr .Tun. ; 1. .NAmaii ' : Ppnm
; . r
- curing eubscriptions to'a syndicate -that
. . " ..
iwill underwrite a plan for the consohda-
tioajof , leading 'biscuit inpanies of
the country.., 1 lie new companylll take
U fk. VVnrfr Atot-Ivt, -t,A TTnlttwl
L j,aA toAJTW I V i - " ' - . . . . . t 1 aavmw
States biscuit companies 'ensi .several oth-;
: ers. It already has one flixundred .and lorty
large concerns under. Its control. It is to
be. known as the United StatesBiscuit com
pany ' . S' . - ' - ' t
kTe CMcago
.HMkera! wnn hegua"a -.-ieareainsl
the trust, and Incidentally' against the em-
-nlovees of all non-union bakers, and-that
into eryU where the company does
business. It charges that thecompany has
' aisarged, members of the union and put
"non-union and cheaper men In their places,
' thereby causing a" reduction in wages.
News That has Caused ; Great
' -Excitement in Havana.
. . i..: ' .y " V- . - " "; ;
-i - - "4 J 1 - 1 '
jYolnnteer of the Army Plot
the jGreneral's Overthrow. '
An Afnied Revolt Planned in Spanish
Military Circles.
iBlanoo Learns of the Plot 1 and Snm-
rnons the Officers.
Threats of Severe Punishment for the Treason
Col. Cotdron,"th3 Reputed leader of the
Conspiracy, Resigns.
Havana, Jan 18. Juat as thi3 despatch is
sent by special courier to. Key West, JHa
' "i " . ..
vana is in treamendoua excitement caused
r by news of a formidable conspiracy among
- . . . ,
volunteers to overthrow Governor General
Blanco. The . conspiracy - was" discovered
yesterday morning iby .the chief of Police
Cel. fagailerL ' The plotters intended: to
tart an anneal revoH by the-20,000 volun
teers now in Havana to compel Blanco to
leaive the island, as they did CapOaln Gen
eralJDoh Domingo Dulc in 1869. 'A sinral
taneous assault was to be made on the
forts surrounding 'Havana, especially on
ji Cuban and the troops now stationed at
.strategical .points of '.the'5 city were io be
The success of the conspiracy was nearly
assured by fihe complicity of anany officers
of the army, the sympathy of the Spanish
regular infantry, and of the military poliee
with volunteers and the rioters df the past
As soon as the news reached 'the palace
Gen. 'Blanco kimnnoned a council1 of his
staff .omcers to adviset with them. They
adVised the governor general to assume an
energetic attitude and puniah severely the
i .... .
colonels of jOjatitaiions o(L volunteers if they
were found to he guilty. ' y
The news spread rapidly. ISenor Oai
deron, lieutenant colonel of ithe fif th hat
tahion of voruhteers; was at the head of the
military" conspiracy. Gen. Blanco eum
mohed. to his palace Iat night- all . the
colonels of volunteers in Havana. All were
present. '-.'A istorttny scene ensued. Blanco
upbraided them severely, also threatened
them with severe punishtoent for their
reason. '
. The Count of Diana spoke in reply de
claring that the loyalist Spaniards were
not satisfied 'with, his rule and vowed, how
ever, thai he wasn't in the plot, and swore
he would be loyaL '
CoU Caldron, the reputed leader of the.
plot, resigned to-day. .::
1 -5 QUARTERS. ! , ,
The Maine Still at KeyCWest-Havana
Custotn House Not Hindering Land'-;
- ing of Relief Supplies .
1 .
i WasMngtoU; . Jan. 18.' Secretary : Sher
man received a tcfleram from Consul Gen
eral Lee, reporting" all quiet" Jn Havana
at -three - o'cloek4hi af ternoofiw4 Minister
DeLcme ' received dlspatlch Jlhat " the
troops stationed at convenient places In
the capital to suppress . rioting have been
sent' (back 4o their regular quarters and
that the city-has resumed a normal condi
tion. - ; ; i. 7 - :; . ? " ' :
All of Gen. Lee's1 messages were read at
J today's cabinet meeting, but brought out
no important-comment-or-action.
A' wHd rumor was circulated this after
noon that the Maine had left Key ..West
for Havana; because : tlhe tejegraph cable
had been cut. This was disproved by the"
receipt of -Lee's telegram and the an
nouncement by the navy 'department-that
the Maine is. still at Key West, Another
canard; " which came by way of Chicago,
was that Minister, Woodford had "sought
refuge in the British embassy im Madrid
from a mob'.' Sen or Belxxme sent a note' to
the state department today .denying the re
port that the Havana custom house was
hindering the landing of supplies for Cu
ban sufferers. The department issued a
statement declaring this statement un
doubtedly true. ; .
Chief Deputy Warden Fatally Stabbed
. by a Convict. - -
BaftimoTeMd., Jan. 18. Ferdinand Dif
fenbach, chief deputy warden of the Mary
land penitentiary, was probably fatally
stabbed this afternoon by levi Poindexter,
a negro convict. The statobing occurred
while the convicts were at dinner. The
attempted murder is believed to be the
outcome of a lonfe cherished hatred on the
part of he negro f or the deputy warden.
The convicts were- eating dinner when
suddenly Poindexter jumped up. from the
table and plunged a knife into the deputy
twice before he could draw a revolver. One
wound was in the chest, the other in the
The negro was overpowered and Is in
double irons.
More Steamships Needed to Accomo
? : date the Rush to the Gold
JBan3aneiscio-an;.lS:The rjieamet
ESfeeteior sailed faay with over-fifty i pst
sengers for ' the Klondike. ' ' The wharf was
crowded with outfits and dogs. These par
v - - -
ties were the .best equipped of any that
have sailed for-the-north. . 'Nome of them
had less than 'one tbousantf pounds of food
to a man and some had five thousand
pounds each, enough to last for two years.
The steamship companies will not be able
to handle the great rush to Klondike un
less more vessels' cam be procured. The
price of shipping 'is now higher than ever
before. .Vessels that six. months ago could
be chartered for $1,000' a month now bring
$4;00O and these are only steam schooners.
Now the large steamers are not Uo 'be 'had
at any price.
The Klondike fever is on in all its In
tensity and people talk of libtfle else be
sides Klondike and. gold. - .
Weavers Increase Their Demands at
New Bedford- .
New Bedford; Mass., Jan. 18. The sec
ond day of the great strike in the cotton
industry was . an uneventful one. There
was no repetition of the disorders of last
evenimg. All mill gates were dosed and
admission was only obtained by cards
from the superintendents .
The union weavers held a jneeting th is
afiternoonifio detenmaine' whether the ob
noxious fines system should he made an
issue in the strike or the fight should be
solely against the reduction of wages. The
vote was a margin of only nineteen yotesl
over the necessary two-thirds and .the weav
ers wiil refuse" to work until the fining is
abolished, even should the manufacturers
express' a ' willingness to restore.' the old
scheduled There is a stmnlg feelings among
the other; classes of operatives that this
action will prolong the strike.
A Senator Who, Avers He Was Offered
$5,000 to Vote ForHanna. 7
ColuWousMfO., Jan. 18. Hotel managers
andananagerti of teiegraph companies re
fuse to produce ' books and paper. for the
inspection of the senatorial committee in
vestigating the bribery charges . " against
Hanna- to-day" The " Investigation ad
journed until to-morrow. V
The bribery features to-day were .charges
brought ty (Senator Jones,; who ' cltalma he
was offered ,$5,000 to vote. for. -Hanna," $3,-:
000 to "be sick" and S1.50O to Wte for any
one .besides McKisson- '
- The canoimittee appointed ly the Daugh
ters of 'the Confederacy to consider weden
tiafe, anet yesterday morning at Mrs. Capt
Sawyer's on Haywood - street and trah-
acted the work assigned, ' - A-'
w r. r!TTnniR?7rpyR. FIRST NATIONAL
Demonstrations Reported iri
Many Cities of France
Rowdy Processions and- At
tacks on Shops of Jews.
Office of a Newspaier That SujK
Dorted Zola Attacked, .
Occupants of Jeweler Stores in Mar-
settles Insulted. v
The French Government Deeply Concerned fer .
the Developments From the Revival of lha
Dreyfus Case. '
' ParLs, Jan. 18. The anti-Jew Sever Is. t :
spreading in the provinces. The govern-;
ment is deeply concerned over the situa-v
tion. Anti-Semitic demonatrations are re
ported from Marseilles, Lyons, INante7
Bordeaux, (Rouen and elsewhere, laqcompa-1
nied rby rowdy processions and attack
upon the shops of Jews.
The police scajtered the demonstrator
and made many arrests. At iNantes an$
Marseilles several thousand - assemble
marlched to the shops and warehomses J8 "v
cupled hy. Hebrews, hooting and shouting'- '
''Down with the Jews." They shattered
the windows of the newspaper La 'Peupto
which supported Zola. In Marseilles,. " "
windows bf Jewish Jewelers' shops were
smashed and the occutpants insulOed.
Annapolis, Md., Jan. la. The first ballot "- -
of the Maryland legislature cereUnlte4 V -.
States- senaiOTsSfp- resulted aa was, -expect: ;
ed, In- no decision. It was by ;viva .yotee ' - T r
vote eachanember nasning tils choice. Tea ;
candidates were in the field, nine repuibli- v ' -cans
and one democrat. Mr. Gorman, ithe ' v
present incumbent, received forty three . - :
votes in both pranches. This was nine
votes in excess of the vote of Judge Mc
Comas, the Western Maryland man, whena
Governor Lowndes and Senator WeTlingtion,
are backing. Governor Lowndes, who with- . y:i:',
drew several weeks ago from the senator--' '
ship cemtest, received one vote. It was: '?;'
given toy Senator Day of Howard, fresi- , .'
dent" of the Senate Randall voted for Judge " ;
M'dComas, as did eight others. . ;
MciComas, having a majority of the entire v
repirblican vote, it has been suggested by; -'
his friends to arrange a caucus, a call for .:
which will 'be circulated tonmorrow.'They
will take advantage of the situation . ana
will, it is said, either make their favorite
senator, or cause a deadlock. Iemooratv
will hardly vote for a republican senator, svf
land unless the republicans agree on M"c-
Comas, the probaJbilities. to-night are that -a
deadlock wilt ensue. " . :'
There was an apron party ait Mr. (Lee's
on 'Bailey street Monday night, given -by :
Misses Mat tie and .Lizzie Lee. Those
present were : Misses Maud 'Bean, Bruda ix
Andrews, Annie (Paul, Margie Leonard,
Nettie Smith, -Callie Grey, iLula Paul, LoO.
Loasy Messrs. Radgie Jones, (Willie
James, Colan Lee, Adolphus Blackwood .
Frank Lumbly, Kenneth. (Baird, 'Walter
Steele, Jack Suggs; X. Lang, 'Ed Evans-
Prizes were won by 'Radgie James asocl .
Colan Lee for the best sewing. t: '
The rare beauties of nature, so well I
- - - -
represented1 in Western North Carolina,
" 1 v,
are becoming better known every, day am
people who are better educated in the for-
mation and utility ot minerals have freai
time to tome shown -their AmrecIation ot -
these Gems by usine: them in U Mnds sf
We have decided., to close omt same " . of
t3u&& gems and offer, them at 'prices that ::
should make them all sell in a very few
. - t- , - .
days. ' - .' ' . . ' - "
' ' wWB OFFER: , - 'C j ; 'V"'
One lot of 41 gems at 50 cents each. ; . .
One lot'of 40 gems at 60 cents each.:- T: '
One lot of 169 gems at 75 cents each.
One lot of 40 gems at $L00 each.
One lot'of 32 gems alt JL25 each. , .
One lot of 5 gems at $L50 each. ' 1
One lot of 'S gem at 2.00 each. ? -"' ,
One lot of 5 gems at $2.60 each. . t -:
One lot of 3 geans at $4.00 ach.j '
One gem for-$6.00. -1" !
- . " , ' AHTHUR M.' FIELD, ; ' ' .
Church Street and Pa tton avenue Astfan
, 'vil'le, N. C. :

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