North Carolina Newspapers

    V - -
WeavervillV Jan. 18.Tr-There haa ; been
; . jv ; recently - much discussion Cand - criticism
- cun'ty ; commissioners, at their last meet-r"-
"ingV -'to order; a-road' laki'.offrilonigrthe
" . outhernide of Hamburg anou-ntainto in-
- "! ers'ect with, the town mountain road, two
- : - miles and aialf east of Weayervllle. There
- was only one" citizen, ttf oppose the road;
- which a. goodly 4 number sA petitioners de-.
,i stredl ' Those who 1 urged the : absolute, ne-
-cessity of the opening of the road are of
l" the opinion that the commissioners shoull
s 1 tare ordered it laid off and let the Jury
-report whether there should be any dam
j ages:' It 1s contended" that, no .reasonable
' VJuryiYWild assess any damages whatever.
- f or the reason '.-that 'every land owner,
y through whose land- the proposed road
- would pass,, wbuldbe greatly benefitted,
' " rather than damaged Then it is urged foy
those who are suffering for throad "that
1 f damages should 'be assessed - (a' result
- by no -means likely) . then in that event,
" those who need the road would stand ready ,
V?--.::o.. if Uie" damages he any thing. in the bounds
ot reason, 'to pay, such amount as the Jury
1 would assess, and thus not tallow thecoun-
." ."ty to pay a dollar, of it. But all these ar
' giiments amount tono thing "wi th the honr.
, " 'orable board, and so'i wntSmies to be the
- --wf - casei;hat some 'citlzems have no7road to
get out to mill or to church. . They" are
bottled up'and can get no relief from the
'Ui officers - whose duty; it Is to Temedy such
- " ' evils.' ' - ' "
' .-z -Several of .these citizens who arejae
iZWprived of -their rttghts by the arbitrary ac.'s
o-Lthe present board are very outspoken
. .. in their comments on the situation. .Some
1 of them are life-long 'republicans, but say
- that "they do not hope -for any action in
i; the matter uatil a change oan be made by
v ? the election of. a. new board. - One promi
'Bent republican, interested-in this matter,
v has made the statement publicly, and often
that in his Judgment the reptubliean party
J 'i:iaow has "not county-officers to attend pub-
Be business who have sense enough to run
' i-beef market. , - " -1 ---.,----,?
-T 'Ncwr out this" way,- it may be said that
PK Vvebody, botTbdemoorats and republi jiai,
. fcave great Vespect 'for Tom Hale
Weaver, , Eteq one of the-' present
. board'. " But ;ne ; maiy , however Intel
ligent, y upright and ree from prejudice;
. can not be expected to control. ntter
where iiere .-are two others .who ,make .up
V , ia. nounber of "new students' ffona adjacent
- couMieshave enfered Allege iwn u
- lasl ?ew day.3," the spring, term of -Us
T scholaristfc year paving lust, (begun. The
school grows; steadily and many dt the
1 - -counties throughout the westernjse?tion.of
the state are .well represented. .-The terms
1 -sit the presnt faciAty -will epiret the ap
. preaching ; commencement. , The - 'trustees
'may likely increase the numlber ctf brces-
sors 'at their annual meetinig In May.T
-The' intelligenlce lately contained In the
papers to tChe effect thai-Marlon is soon
" . likely -to toe .pla'ced in telephonic connectior
- - - with Burnsvme an -: iBakersvflle has
awakened some didoussfon liere as ,to the
. desirability of the establishment of eUne
- from here to 'Burnsville. This would givr
't' AshevSlle a large territory to foe rea'ehed Jby
. the long distance -Sphone. Interest in the
, - matter is toeing manifested here; and as. the
' line would pass through a neavfly timbered
-' section Tit Is said that the poles, one of the
largest items df expense in, the undentak
- ing, would foe procured at erceedinigly low
rates. If the same interest should foe taken
- in the "matter" in Burnsville and Asheville
- m ,f found to exist here. It is (thought Aat
the line will shortly be constructed. -
" ; - 'i 1 " ESMERALDA.:- ' v:
Esmerlda Im4" tHickory (Nut G-ajp, - Jan.
:8.-7The annual turkey shooVoT Hickory
-irday last. In the past. New Year's fla,y
J "neas the'ajppointed time,' feut -owing -to the
f'i unavoidable ; aibsence :of ; seventeen of the
i Tbeet shots, who are in durance vile at
Hendersonv'ille, in "(consequence of some-lit-rr
tie - anisunderatanding.lthey had 'with" the
Fvv? United States i revenue .authorities, It was
k postponed without ayailfoowever,: so it
"took place, without them."".. -
- The -first men on 'the'ground were from
the claiic hamlet, ott JBatjCavewho. came
- - out in force. Shortly after :yells;wer6 heard
- Ji'om" -the north side of the " Gap, which
- i heralded the approach "of the sturdy anoun-
taineer ifrom old IBald -. mountain, and ', a
'.. rugged ' strong : looking- body of - men tJhey
,.Twere, mpst off fthem six tfeet high and over
C Via their stotekings, and'all equlwyed with
deer-skin shot poiiches, .ipowder norns and
armed with the heanry old muzzle-loading
..rifles of their forefathers', and very pictur
sqiue 'they , looked . with t!heir old slouch
liats and garments of many patches. -'
- The place where the maibch took place
" was well worthy of 'the men, as It is ttu--ated
aimong the wildest and most ptetfur
tao; scenery on this continent,' about half a
. mile below the .Esmeralda Inn,; and 'on; the
v ank of Che . rushing Broad river,; with Its
f Jiumlberless cascades. Chimney IRock and
: the Phantom ;Arch towered 2,000 feet above
' their headai;, and Hickory 'Nut "Fall with
-a sheer drop of 900 feet came; iplashing
- -down from the mountain topr v , - ,-
- :iAs the revenue men have Jbeen very of
' .cious in this locality lately', it was a very
orderly assembla'gerand nhere seemed to be
: . Wank; ignorance displayed as, to .where
nv' a'timula.ti'nsr linimm "h fhaA - fhnt
. .it Was observed that couples would: dlisap
. ' ear occaslonally'foehind Col. Turner's saw
nill,- and comefoak-with a "mild aroma
. iianging foout .them. - - .. - -'
ls shooting at' ithe bird ia against the
- flaw in this staite a target was improvised
Xiy drawing a turkey, on a soap box in
- charcoal and hanging it on a chimney 200
"yards away. The shcotin'g -was good, and
-'c the box had1 many noles in it. ; IThe'mag-'
- nifitent pose' that most of the contestants
made when taking aim sent may thoughts
Tijack to the time when their sturdy anices
ors fouprht at the 'battle of King's Moun-
' tain, which tcok place seme miles Ibelow
There dn revolntionary times. . :- - .:-
Cunnion HIuniley, of . Middle Fork, had
tie El:ill znl luc'c to win the first turkeys
Bill .Hudglns, of 'Bald mountain,, secured
the other two. 7 : The 'other .- jontestancs
unanimously, agreed .that it was arl dumb
luck, which goes to prove. 1 that Hickory
'Nut Gap is . not exemptl from the fallings
of the outer world. " v. -
When the match terminated1 the party
started -up the 3ap;to the .quoit or- rather
horse " shoe", grounds, situated - in the voak
orest adjoining. the Inn " and showed their
-skill in pitching norse shoes."'!A- -matfeh
game "was gotr.up foetween Bat. SCaveand
Ejimepalda, which 'created" great ',exiciite-
ment: as . each 'party ' thought' themselves.
foest.yU3ome close ipltehmg ensued, font. Es
meralda, rcam , j ofT ? winner. ' TJmring . the
game the foalanceof the party -went further
up. the .hill and ereaed. some, targets " to
hoot fora valu-alble-watch.lthe- property of
Bunnion N HunHey It was put up at !10
cents a .shoot, fjlherewere' several- comles-;
tants itor-it; and -the denonrment was - that
''Bunnionvhadt his watcb again as - well as
nearly all,the money "of theparty.r
s Mr; Barton, a guest a t the inn, hired sev
eral o!";he bst shots to shoot for him,, but
without-succe&s, tnd .Mr. iBearch,- another
'-at the. guests, got his camera to workand.
secured, a. fine group picture of the party.
-i The shades of evening ' had d alien beifore
the -gathering dis-persed-to their-mcam tain
retrep.'s,aH satisule'd'with the day p'leas
u-re. r - - v. . JT. T,
vvCaacarets - stimulate the liver, kidneys
rind : bowelsl ' Never, alckenj weakenj: ' or
ripe, lOcat Pelham's Pharmacy,
" - . "
- Hendersonville, -Jan.' 18.- Revenue - Of
ficer T C. Israel captured1 a Jblotokade still
on Hooper's creek -last ISai:urday. - Ctfr.
Israel, ;, refcurning - home,-, spent- the ' night
with John. Russell,' three miles- from where
j?he ".distillery: was captured, and during the
eight his. saddle was stolen.. The thieves
were tracked from Mr. Rius&eir arable for
a mile, and were waught ln tthe still houses
' G.-F. Stradley is in - receipt of a letter
rrom C. D. BtradleyTone 'tit the health" of-'
ficers at Greenville, S. 'C!.,ta.ting than
there were rtwemty-seven negroes' in tihe
"pest -'house,' two miles " from town "with
3malI-poxT- and that "not a single fwhite per
son had any symptoms of .the disease. . v
...The statement thatihas-lbeen circulated,
from a circular issued last week iby . the
town constable ithat it was a fine of $50.00
!or any visitor or stranger to come to
Hendersonville, Is a mistake. The inten
tion was to guard against, the negroes who
migiht -be fleeing-from small-pox, towns or
localities. . z
Street Superlmcendent J. . iL.:: Orr has.
greatly, improved the west side, of- QTain
?treet in front of the 'Cole block fby having
he efcreet macadesmiz.ed .with rock and
sand. 1 - -
. i1A' phonagraph .party, was 'given iby" :Mr.
ind GIrs. George 'F. Btradleytat their home
on East iCJollege street last night. A num
ber of their fiSenda werej. present, among
:-v horn ' were Mr. and (Mrs. H. ,T. lOol lars,
Tien (Brooks, Miss Ida SunefskyrMiss 'Nel
'le Eey. iMiss Ella fAldenK Hominy; Mr.tB.
.Reeves, Hheville; Sheriff Btaton, Frank
Barfoer.": ' ,w - . -'
There are a great tiumiber of 'Citizens of
hendersonville -who are afflicted, with sore
inns' on account of vaccination. . - ""7
::JX family, named 'Eatonof Chicago have
taken. 'the Hunt house on College street for
ihe -winter. -'"'':' ' G. F. 6.
- JEvervfcody fcays Sc. t - . "
: Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the most won-.
erft:J medical discovery ot the age, pleas-,
' .f t and refreshing to" tlie taste, act gently
f-ud positively on kidneys, liver -and bowels,
nansing the entire system, dispel colds.
Mire headache, fever, habitual constipation
" mi biliousness.- Please buy and try a box
f C. C. C. to-dayj 10, 2T, f0 cents, boidanc
3uarantced tocure byUrnrcriJits, .-.
" -' Peflham'ji Pharmacy. .
' The Wilkes county bond suit; whlcli .was
to hare ibeen - heard by Judge Starbuck at
Winston Saturday, was postponed till the
28th. " -"AzZK
Theailway'-cotamassiott has ordered 'the
Western Union Telegraph company to show
cause why it should not have atn -up-town
office at IMorgan ton. -.'j . - '-u " - - ,1:
" The .Shelby uroa is no more7 v- Its
name to be changed to - the Southern
Spindle and Loom and it will .be devoted
largely 'to industrial ma titers. , v - -
In Xdncoln county.ion the night of the
Sth Bob Bess -shot and Mlled Elisba ess,
bclth 5olored. The slayer ' is "in Jail." ' The
killing resulted from a drunken row.
!Mrs."' Peoples, of " Winston, has " been
awarded 4450; damages against that town
by a superior court Jury (because the reservoir-
leaked and the-. water damaged ; her
premises - l- 7- r : 1 -
' In Sambson: county a few "days ago'" John
Parker; colored shot (Ann Butler,"a colored
woman, because she refused to marry him
The wound is serious ad may prove fatal:
Parker escaped.' - "SVV y'.?
- Demnis uinkeri a colored man" wholived
near Mt.MourBe -received injuries iwnile
trying'.rto gt off - the -passenger train, at
thatjpomt Saturday evening jwhich resulted
inhis deaith Sunday afternoon. - ' f r .
r Jim .Blmkh, colored, iwas ..found ,deal in
the road in tLincoln counity Monday of .last
week. There, was no evidence of foul play,
but it was in evidence that Jeemes had im-
bibed rather freely of. conirabrand spiirits.
; - Monroe 'Enquirer:; 5 'A : prominen t business
man df this counity nas fceen figuring on the
cost; of raising cotton and finds that-at the
preset Trfces of otton .but-. ten-cents per
day has (been .realized by the cotton grower
for his labor. .- . , - -r
- (Mr. T. (Moore, -editor of .the Iredell
iRecord, published at fMooresville, brought
suit against Mr.jQ. Btarre'tte, formerly
editor of the Mooresville Record, !now ed
itor of the' China. Grove -Record, for libel.
Mr. Oj."C' Caldwell Is Mr. Moore's counsel.
SThe Boone emocraifc -says the fifiteen-year-old
son of Mr Henry Townsend, of
Banner Elk, -Watauga county, was ratobK
hunting - -when - his gun was : aocidenitally
discharged, the load entering his arm above
the elbow and going through' his shoulder.
He is expected to recoyerc , .;"-'
' .The Journal says' Mr." TDa-vid A". Coon o'
Howard's Creek township, Oncoln county
lias an Indian . game hen that is a curiosity.,-
Beginning at the root of its , b5U
land continuing to the tip of ; its tail, the
feathers on one side are as ibTack as a crow
while the -feathers on the' other side 'are
yellow.. - - - : - . - - "--7
- ;-v . - ,
Jackson township hashree colored mag
iarrates..; One of them, Alfred Hood, after
enjoying fthe festivities of VmancLpation'i
day at .,Waxhaw s tole a mule and -hit - the
gfit, eays the 'Monroe Journal. ' The mule
was recovered but the apnx3ntee of our
STeat ButleT-iRusseH -legislature is Coing
Ibmslness somewhere else. ! " " " "
The contract has been let for building the
litk of the Carolina and Northwestern nar
rc v gu-ra xzilvi frcn Cir.'.cry t'a C'ct-
ton, ten sniles Work" will begin at onte c
and the Jink : will ::be finished - within five"
inonths. Ihe road will tiea parallel to he
jiine -i of : the- Western North 'Carolina; on
which ihe Carolina and Northwestern now
has a uhird rail. . ;- - :i 4-
V'TheSaliebury Correspondent ,pf the Ohar
Idiite OSbaerver says :the i county " comimia
sioneTs "of -tBiavie -refused ' tqpay the Jan
uary interest on the bonds : issued by that
Kfounty some - years ago for -the construc
tion of the "raflroad - from' -Winsttom to"
Mocksville.-It is believed that this, means
that an attempt 'will le made to invalidate
the-bonds - -- -t'v '
:iThe murder trial jbx the superior court at
Wadesboro -of Wilf and ,'Redfern and
Jake -Rivers was called up on last Thursday
and was in. process of trial Thursday, -Friday
and .until Saturday- afternoon; and wag
given to the-Jury. aboutP3 o'clock. The jury
did not render . iM . verdict vi.untiISunday
morolng"at10 o'clock-, when Jlhe following
ryefdict was rendered: "That Will, and
lAoe Redfern.were guilty of imurder in the
secocsl degTee and that Jake Silvers waa innocent-
of lhecharge-brought: against.him
2 iae'eessory to the-" murder. " xWill and
ATze -were s'eint f.o - the l penitentlary' . for
twenty-one and five "years respectively."
... . ; i-..v -. ... .. .. .7.
Btatesville ILan'dmark: - WhMe the North
Carolina erposltion- car was at the depot
last Thursday nighta- portionof theexte-
rior of the -car,- on .;. which :was '. painted a
nt;triber of handsome advertisements ot va
rious industries in the state,- waaNdePaced
Iby some person with 'a sharp" pointed -
stru'ment. ' (Mr. Monroe, one of Jthe t propri
etors of-.the 'car, caught a.'young iboyV who
;he. thoug"hit was engaged in the work and
the, boy -was identined by Mr;-W... fLi Hear
as Corum Cochrane. 'Next morning Corun.:
was arrest' ed and Mr. Moore returned here
from Mooresville to attend the trial whicK
took ipla'ce 'before' Justice Mills. "Mr. L. C
CaldwelUrepresented the plalnitiff and. Mr
R.-B.- McLaugh'Hn - the defendant. "On the
testimony of IMessrs.i Moore and Head the
justice adjudged the defendant guilty- and
fired hlan $5.00 arid costs...', v - ""
- - - r --r -
: Gastonia. .Gazette JA -s tran'ge -' lookln f
caravan, struck !-town early Monday morns
ing. ' There were two covered .wagons, on
drawn by a jpalr cf -little mules,, and th "
other by a pair of little ponies. The sevex
in the company had come Iby wagon from
Dallas; Texas, since the 3rd day of Novem
ber v o In' answer to inquiries it -was found
that- :they. -were :a family y 'the name of
Wilson, who lfved near IComsord,-whither
they" were returning. .Two or three years
ago they leiflt the Tar Heel' state- and cas '
their lots in Texas,; .They didn't like it as
they:7 thought -they . would, and resolved-to
getkack to their iNorth Carolina home once
more. ' They didn't have money enough to
buy railroad tickets," nor could :. they seTl
their stuff for ' money necessary to - Mbuy
transportation by rail; So they packed up
their belongings -and ; started home on uhe
3rd of last 'November in wagons along the
road.- - They wen' first to CMemrpfhisr- There
they crossed the Mississippi river : on '- a
steamer' Thelongest trip covered In a day
by their" plucky- lifctle- teams .was thirty
miles, the shortest twelve miles. JAt this
rate they had trareled aibout 1,400 mrles ,
:-.---'., -v-- . - r --
A fact often overlooked, or not always
understood, is that women suffer as much
from distressing kidney and "bladder troub
les, as the. men. The womb is situated .back
of and - very close-to: thevbUadder,- and for
ihat reason any. distress disease or incon
venience manifested in the - kidney, , back
bladder or urinary t passage Is . of tern, by
mistake, attrUbuted to lemale weakness or
womb trouhle(of some sortr ,K v ;
The error is' easily' made and may be as
easily avoided by setting urine aside for
twenty-four houTa; a sediment or settling
is jeridence , that your kidneys and bladder
need doctoring; If you have pain or "dull
aching in . the back, pass water- too fre
quenftly or .scanty supply, -with smarting
or . burning these are ; also- convincing
proofs of kidney trouble. - If you bare doc
tored .-without benefit," .try .Dr Kilmer's
swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy. The
mild and the extraordinary effect -will sur
prise you. - It stands the higheslt for its
wonderful 'cures. - If you . take - a medicine
you . should take the - best. A t druggists,
nfty cents and one dollar. Youi may have
a sample bottle and pamphlet, both sent
iree by mail. Mention the Gazette and send
your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., ing
haznton N. Y.- The proprietors of this pa
per guarantee the genuineness of this of
fer. , , 1 . ,
. !Mr. Grumpy, said the chronio bor-
rower, "I'm financially :: embarrassed to-
day. Can you-help me outf "
' Cheerfully, -. Then - Grumpy kicked
his caller through .two offices and a lonr
hallway. Detroit Free Press.'
Take Laxatlve'Bromo Quinine Tablets All
druggists refund the money if it falls to
cure. 25c. The genuine, has L, B. Q. on
each tablets -.v. -;..-r- J 1 1.
-.J. A." Perkins , of . Antiquity, O.was for.
thlrty: years -needlessly -. tortured iby.phys--iciane
for the cure of eczema. He ' waa
quickly cubed by 'using ; DeWUt's "Witch
Haxel Salve, the: famous healing salve for
piles and skin diseases. C..A. Raysor.
Minute Cough dure." It. is the quickest
and most certain remedy for coughs colds
and all throat. and4ung troubles. O A.
Raysor. : r , " .r " - . , r -ri . V-
Mrs. 'Stark,-Pleasant RidgeO., saysV
"After two doctors gave up my boy !to die,
I saved 'him. from . croup by using One
'. One Minute Cough Cure curea quickly.
That's what you want! C. :A." Raysor.' :
-1 A.
--r.- 'v:- 'T---sr
uicm values
in Blankets
-7 sri
3" 'Sf.-
- ? -
'r' ,
: ''.v,rJ' v;' .' '
TfieLrPedpIei Believe
I; - t, 1r-. '." " J -..
What irfaeyiRead About IIood
Sarsaparilla; ;t ; C
Their Faith! in This Medicine J:
'J: Grouhdsdon Merit
They. Know ltf Absolutely Cures
".: When Other KSedicInes FaH-'-V
" y - - . r----
. 1. Hood's Sarsaparilla is not merely a sim
ple preparation, of 'Barsaparillar. Dock,
Stillingia ai d a little Iodide of l?o.assium:
Jt-r Besides these excellent alcerative3, it
also contains those great anti bilious and
:Iliver remedies, MandrakeTand D-iudelionr.
-It al?o contains those great kidney reme'
f dies,:-Dva Ur3i, -JTuaipsr - Berries, and
Pipsissewa.''.;-- ';;',-.r-.'; -: s V.
.Nor are. these all: Other ve-y valuable
curative :agent3 aro-harmbruoasly com?
bined in Hood's Gar3aparilln, and it' iz
carefully prepared "under' the ; persona
supervision of a regularly educated phar-
macistri ".'i :,,
Knowing these facts, i3 tlMrabiding-faith
the people have in HoodTa Sarsapar i I Ia;a
matter -of surprise? You can see why
Hood's . Sarsaparilla cure v when other
r medicines totally, absolutely J aiLv
eczema and suffered for sevenears 'Sht
was attended 'by physicians - and ;. tried
many different kinds of 'medicine 'with
out relief.; After taking a few bottles of
Hood's Sarsaparilla she vaa cured." Mss.
Emma Fbankijn, Honeoye, New York.
5 " Sarsfl-
Is the Bestfn fact the One True Blood Purifier.
$1 ; six for S5 C I. Hood & Co Iowell, Mass.
H ArwJ "n: I tii eof liver Ills
aawu o IT 1119
easy to operate. 25 cents.
" The letter F, while old, is obscure in or
igin and history ' - . l
; .. According to Blair, the -.first alphabet
was invented by Memnon, king of Kgyptv
about 1822 B. a- . , --.v,. t - r
. It is said by Chinese scholars that the
language has a separate character for every
word, hence the extraordinary difficulty
in masterlng written Chinese. --' ' x-'-
' In a number of languages no characters
ezist ;f ox 'the .v vowel .sounds, : consonants
only - being ' expressed 'and -; the vowels in
dicated by a modification of theletter. -v.
- It is a curious fact that in the northern
parts of Ireland and Scotland alphabetical
characters closely resembling those of the
Saxon were in common useiuntil the end
of the sixteenth century. ' -
-The oldest Jewish alphabet is supposed
by some scholars to have been an ndapta (
tlon of tbe Egyptlan ideographs. Its earli
est use in a monument is supposed to be
the Siloam inscription at Jerusalem. - ?
iH was tow'a crcssmark, andr though a
respectable ancient letter, indicates by its
simplicity that - names among its-makers
had probably Become 'scarce when they
were driven to so simple an expedient. .
-, L in Phoenician and Hebrew was larned;
the ox goad, and from its close resemblance
to that instrument or to a thrashing flail,
both of which were made "alike in shape,
it-is no doubt the "lineal descendant of a
picture of one ox the othexjof those objects.
A cotjgfti which 'sums td hkn?
on in sprtc of all the remedies which
you i hare applied, certainly .: needs
energetic ana sensible treatment.
For twenty-five years that stand
ard preparation of cod-Hver 0
has proved its effectiveness in cur
ino; the tryin'gfaffections of the
throat and lungs, and this is the
reason why x the cod-liver oiV par
tfafly.-idigestecV:' strengthens-rand
I vitalizes the whole sys
tem; the hypophosnhites
act as . a tonic " .to the
-mind and nerves and the
glycerine soothes and
heals the irritation. Can
. you think of : any comhi
nation so effective as this?
Be sure you'get .SCOTT'S Einulkoa. . See that the
man and fish are pn the wrapper. --"- - -
- S06 and loo H druggists. r. JVV
SCOTT 1& BOWNEChemfeta; New York.
-; -rr i-er
. -J-.' V " "' .
and :
i rJi-- -",1 r s
i ' . "Zi
' '- : "Work' Executed on Premises, -" ? "w v
.IJonumental'LIafblei Granite arid"
-: , 1 , " StoneWorks." i ' :
103 Pattern." Ave,, - - - - . - Asheville N. C.
nrcnAinc'S btjksau oi; ail xr.A rrj urw.
- B-iow is correct list of the merchants
wifli "whom yotf can leave Periodical Tickr
ets: -'Art
Needle Wo k-
Mrs. B.D,, Jones.!-'
' Bakery. Icston: 1
f Books H 'T.r J-ogers.":--' ",;.
: rinh ni f3ho s -J. SDansrenberg,
:?dpetsEnd urMtureWillIaa;&f
.'-Cny Kltcflieii-L." M. Theoboia. -
ClothingAlexaiulei1 & Oourtney. j
Drugs HeLoitsh' & jReagan. i - -y.
Druga-Dr. "sini tlu" r-f",';" --
DafryrifcpilanJ.B.JJMorria. V"y'
Dry' Goods--Boir Manelie.
, ; EIngravImg Miss A. M. Cole
-PlorSt&---IdlewiiaPIoral ,Co.i:-C ; f.;.
Fresh sOysters-Aslieville jWOoC ;i r
"sFrui'ts--W;lE. Allen., f -t
5 Groceries AriT.Cooper. V ."; i, -;-
Groceries Cowan '& Stradlejr. . - i--,"
-"GroceriesA.' F. XJook. :1-, . ' V '
Hardwarej-'Brown, orthup -&;Co.
Job .PTtatins-sneTnie- IintlQg Co.;
'Jeweler-B.H. Cosby T
- laundry TAsheviJle Steam. Laundry.
Xavery Cumbers & Weaver. -
- Mears; 6am( etc. W. jMr"Hilt A Co.
Music 'Depot-tHomga' & Dunliain.;
Men's "Outfitter-M. MmcurV1 . ,
- Newspapei" (Pally Gaze tte:- '
Paints and Paper F. B. Miller.
, Photograpn Tr H." Lindsey -:Vegtab-lea
R.'.l Owabey.'"
. We pay "CAECH". premiums. Ticket book)
supplied gratis I at tbe onl)ce,oom 33; 51
Patton avenue
B. B. - ; ,
' T.- RICKMAN, Manager., ?v s
; "In Effect Sunday, Dec. 5, 1897.
- ' ' -. (Standard Eastern Time.)
NO. 2, Dally , Stations. --NOl. Dally.'
4.10 pm Ly . .Hendersonville. : Ar .12.39 pm
4.40 pm Ly . i. Horse Snoe..'. Ar 12.10 pm
4.45 pm. JLv- Cannon . ... ,: . Ar 11.55 am
4.53 pm Lv ... Money. ;.;..-Ar 11.47 am
5.03 pm Ly ..,Fodderstaek..Ar 11.37 am
5.13 pm Lv Penrose...".- ArllJ27 am
5.25 pm Lv i Davidson Rivera r Ar -11.15 am
5.4ft pm Ar ; ....Brevard., .v. Lv ll.00 Am
- - ' C- . T.'S. BOSWELU, Supt.
Tlie Smith Pre mier
Tpye writer is . endorsed ' by theU.x S.
government. yhat more do yoa want,
the earth?-'lf you know any thing at all
about it, you know i ts the bes t. 4 :
L B. ALEXANDEffr Agt-, 50 PattonAvfe: ;
Ball & Sheppard;
f ...
. J , r6 Patton Ave : : l
Practical Pluinbersv'Gas
-and Steam Fitters;
J . , - J I 1 - - -.,
- ? JJone on Short notice.
Swapping Dollars;1':
3 -. -; iJeong j,so oicen accused i ox tne -
; above we are led to believe that we
are selling goods daily for - less
money than others' are willing ' to
-HEafce for. them. - -
& -Now we do not mind such criti-
' clams. Reallv ther -are. our -tvMH: fiv
adverUsements. " Three ;r oars" ' Flout i
and Feed this week with another
arrival MoadayU . v. - rC,
d-Ooine right along fof: while! the
9 dollar swapp4rg goes on we save
you monev. -. , . ." , ,
,36 38 Koxth main
. i.'.'.
i '-
: i$l 23000 BICYCLES
mnst be cjosed- out at one;' Standard 97 Models, pnar-
iA anteed, $14 to $30. .'96 Model? rr to $20 ;.2nd band
W'l wheela$5 to J5. Chipped toAny 1 . One ion .approval
without advance deposit.' Great-factory clearinsr f,e
EARN A BICYCLE by elpinV advertise us We will gie
?ne aent in each town FREE USE of a sample wheel to in
troduce them. Write at once for our special offer.:' .
7. C. II: -a Cjclr Co., Wabash Ave,, Chicago, 111-
News and Opinion
National Importance
: ; alone
Daily, by.mail f - - $6 a vear
Daily &Sbnday by maii,$8 a vtar
is the greatest Sunday New8Pa.
V : :3 per: in the world.
Wee 5o a jpjy-fy mail, $2 a year
2 - Address THE 81TN, New York.
-: New etock -of mouldings, frames an
mala joining dn daily. In a few days
will prepared to do all kinds of framing
at lowest prices
Full line .of .Oil Paints, Water Colors
Canvas; -Stretchers, Placques, Charcoal
Sketch vBiokv Sketching Boards, etc., at
reasonabla prices. .
'.r- '"'' My."' .-.-.'--
- Everything needed by amateur photog.
rapihers.. . " .
Alt kinda of expert developing and fin.
ishing for amateur photographers.
" ' '. 8 North Court Square.
SPlh. Hazette5
e -wnh pay $1500- each for two or
three wolves and $10.00 each for two or
threo; Canadian.5 lynxrthe big, tuft-eared,
light corored. ca& hot the1 ordinary wild cat
When! you -get one. remove entrails imme
diately,; stuff some dry hay or straw into
the - body , and ship, at -once, by express, to
StateHMueeumj h-Raleigh, N. C, and money
will, be -sent-you hy return mail.
; - -1- , Curator, Staite Museum.
V 4 'NewzYeair's' Offering
in ricli jconleotioms, put ud In fancy ha"
-.';- - .. . . .
- -
MKia, ooxes. ana la most pleasing to m
youtng 4adies-f;nd are - gifts that can be
properly received. and every morsel
crunched; under thir wet tooth with nne
rtuous pleasure y and gratitude. Our de-
; . liclous etock ia- most tempting.
-Asheville : Candy? Kitchen,
' L; ;M rTwEQBQLD,' Prop.
v-i - ll'nioins 110.

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