North Carolina Newspapers

    0 ?r
fly -V:- ;;.;-
Vol. U: No. . 301.
"'rySP' ;;EfiIDAY , MOfiNIXGj ; JAKTrAiRY 28: 1898.
frice 5 Cental
'I . - v - "o -
- K-rr, K .k v -
, - HLJ . v i - J, , .
. - , .. - , .
28 S. Airi STj
1' -
We have soitte?. odd s and
ends, broken4 lots of differ
ent l nes- gathered during
stock taking, and placed on
sale to be ; closed mtiindicu
lously low prices. f 1,
Children's' ; and ; Misses'
Caps in price from 25 to 50c
Choice 15c.:
25c Laiies' Cloth Sailors
48c " Walking Hats
45c Sailor V ; ;
29 c
50 c
Fur Collarettes
Only, a few oh hand; choice
department is still
Drepared to supply some
Jiighgrade Cap
at Mnsihgly
Jiigh-scrade Capes or Jackets
Chilaren's Wraps
Nbphy things at less than
cost of material. v:
A A A A. ,'iLm a 'a" a- a j. "i'i-t V a'a a a Alt
Somewhere between sunrise
and sunset, one golden . hour
, set'with sixty .'diamond mm-
Remember your time is never
lost " Twhen looking through "
our: large - and well , selected
stock of groceries. ; ; . . ,
4444. 44
An Alliance ; i
Betiween your etomaob and ' the groceries
you (buy a.t; i , , "- ' , v, ' -
Will aidl fyour , digestion - and enable yo
w nave more Diriiuai tin: youi ,ixe,.tJiue.
Three items for - your cartful" wnsxlera
tion, each ,one fit' for a. king., , , V-
First.- Asparagus paoked im three-square
tins. Brand Koyal iScarlet. Quality
Nothing finer to be had. . ' J
Second. ? Pine Applepackedi dn two tins.
Brand -Royal Scarlet.: ' Quality Carefully
(Peeled, eyed and ' cored so completely
that each' slice "As a .ceui'tie euc '.".o a
choice pine,-preserved in pure sugar syrup.
rice, twenty-five cents per. tin. - ' '
Third. Sliced Lemon Cltog Peaches
packed in tlhreei tins. ; BrandCobweb.
Quality flaie Price twenty-five toents per
can. t f; - f ' k . $ v
PURE: 00B:: SXpEE...
Phone 49 11 19 Merrimon Ave
n n m4
f lira
Good paying business for sale! For par-,
culare address N. O. P., Gazette.
K 1; :
bank BirnjarNa.
At a Millionaires' - Banquet
: ; ' in New York.
An Unequivocal Defense ; of
- the Single Standard. ,
The "People's. Purpose", - Must be
Given Yita!ity6f Public, Law,
TMs MoKinley Says is 3 "Plain and
Commanding Dnty.
The President Speaks defor a Sympathetic Au
; dietice of, 1,000 Banqueters Menu Card
Bordered With Gold. ;
' New Yw4, Jan. 27. Preei'deat MksKlnly
was the chief guest at the banquet At th
Astbria. notell thds evening, given Hiy the
ma-nufacturera' ' aiffsociaition. v It 'was the
most brilliant gathering In years. Over one
thousand! banker's, business men, brokers
and manufacturers ' were preseot. The
president's menu card was (beautiful in de
sign, "bordered .with soilfid gold. He sat
between ex-Senator Warner Miller, , who
presided, and Theodore Search, presldtait
of ithe association.. Senator Frye, Charles
'Emory Smith, ex-minister to Russia, ex
Ju&ge Holland and President Search spake.
The cthdef interest was, of course, in the-:
president's speech, whl.h contained two
thousands words or more. ,
Those who expected a declaration on tie
. ...... ' '
I. ' ;i ...
86 Mr- 'Moioney made the prm-ci-pai
ieaiture or nas aoxsress. He declared anew 1
his purpose ta maintain gold the standard,
at all hazards. The noiable teature was the
utter ansseace of anything in reference to
internajtional bimetairism..
He said, among other things, after point r
ing out what he called the evidence on all
sides of returned prosiperity: -
"The money of : the United States -must
forever Ibe unquestioned and unassailable.
df doubts remain, they must be Temoved
Nothing, should ever tem'pc . ub npthlng
; - -. . j- .......
wail ever tempt us to scale down the sa-
technicality.: CIn this he was evMendy re -
-., fering to Senator Teller's resolution anafe-
. . ' .
4ng .bonds payable in silver or gold at the
option of the holder of the (bonds.) What-
ver may oe cne language or tne -ooniracc,
the United States will discharge all its
v-- f , ,: , .
oMagations in the currency recognized as
the (best (throughout the civilized world at
: " ' . .
"Nor- wild we ever consent v that ' the
wages of labor, or its frugal savings, shall
(be scaied. down by permlttdni payments la
dollars of less values than dollars, accept-
of itie earth.; '"
"Under existing condutaons our citizens
cannot be expected, if. they do not redouMe
their efforts, to secure such financial , legis
lation as will-place their" Jwraoraole inten
liions. beyond dispute. AH 'those who rep-
,wul' s u w' wuavi V"VB. the;
country, pwe it not only to tnemseives, Dut-
to the people to insist upn the -settlement
of this great question now, or else, to face
the aUtemative that it -must be again- sub '
mdUed for aTMtraj.tira at the polls: This is
Atir i;-n,.
u iu..uv v """"
voters, who, fifteen months ago, won the
great pontical JbaittTe on the Issue, among - take the risk of ascemung to tne top our
others, - that "the "United States govern- ing, windy weather. "- ' V-
c - 4" 1 -ju, j,' v--'" " Mr.-Jackson states, ifiat-not' one of the
me&t ' wouttd .not, permit a; doubt to ex- . f. ,t , ale conditl(n. The
Is?t anywhere concerning the" stability and
w ' . ' ... xi --. - - t i 2 a.
IB'tCiffnJty w jjls currency vr cue uviu,iaui.xLjf
Ot its obligations of every kind.
- "It will not- suffice for citizens nowadays " - , , . . . . k-rt. , .
to say simiply 'that - they are in i favor of . - , - KJ : , . . , f ,
sound money. ..That is not enough. , The A PRAYING PRISONER. ' V;
people's 'pn'rpose must beglven Lhe vital- .gnt eight Vclocka' t'eii-
ity of public Jaw -Better an honest effort 'n05ie me&&ge. waa received. at police head
with failure than the avoiding of-, so plain, cuartccrs that a man by the name of Taul-
aid commanding aduty.- The dlSQteulties
iA the pajth of reform, are, it must be ai-
m-itted. - lew 1-n number' nor r slight
in -degree; but progress cannot- fail, to, be
wr!h st fait nA thmwiiW 'trial Viff
ma'de with a lair a-ni! tnorougn tmi. (ad.
honest attempt -will be the -best proof of
sincerity- of urpose..(
fHaif-heartedness never won - a batitle;'
For us".
present JaitoaeJaaa,UH constant enari; i
s'pread XhetOr-M ia'ZosA .valuable ground, himon'hjs-, feettkand -proceede,.iheir prts
Alreadv. on - '-end : praciUoaily no weaken 4 oner contouring his prayer as they walked
th iffliWa rf jsound monev Jar -thear battles
Of the future." J- ' . ' rJfh car stepped, ne arose from the eeat
The' oresident'said'' that the St. If Louis- where heiwas kneeling and threw himself
- . , ratmftfl before the door' of- the carand continued.
platform, which .the people had ratified, ,His gam. aj
was a acandate to the law-makers to carry iiure and he was securely kept and plae-
cut tiat platform as regards placing' the ed in the cd'ty jpriioa. - ; - i ' - ' '
currency on a J'EOund "basiis." Ttemerdatts
applause greeted every Jrefefenee 'to sound
curreifcy. v ' - i i i- V ' f ,
r The preaMent a4so spoke of recrproca-.
tion, tout only in' general terms." 1
x, 1. lsAniinated Music - sheet "A ' Hot Time
in iJhe OId-Towo.eleven voices. .-.4
2..Cotton fie":d feceiie--.'Ejise UP: You LaJty
CoonB full chorus.; - 1 - - ;V-V -
3. dog Dance Joseph Wh'Jter''. : I
'4. rSong'Che Pretty Day an -May.
Thomaa yowlef. ,
5. Aaheyilld'i " "Dark Infantry "Ckrai
panyB." . . r. '
6. Character Clog ; Danees-T-JToe Moore
Joiwj Dockins, JQavfd Thmas Geo. Fos
ter. - r ti j - ' , i
; 7. Grotesque it. Quarfette MAS1 Coorf
Look Alike to Me."- - -' '. '
8. (Muse Coon Character Sane Geo. Roh-
1 In-son and Jams Thompson; -
. j ig ana K'tr t ZJan. oes Cttamie ClayUon
and (Mamie BenEon. - ' 1 "
; lO.'-Duet "Whisper1 Tour Mother"
Name.v ,. Kftt'ie Saxton and i.EIla Wright.
11. Pickanlsi'ig iEaiwsew and -Songvi-Ndri
Clayton,- John MeDavis, .Ce'cil Kennedy sm
CXareDJce SVttith. J .
12. f 4 intaticm "Quartet to-'tDown : Yomder
in de Corn Field' ' - -
. ,13. Each; and wing dance to b?tnjo aniuaLc
14. Blackberry faters--,B.a?k Mouclaih
iParty." ' 'i v " - - - ;
'J'5. vGirand Prize Cako Walk Tjy - firwenty
couples.'- .
Judges Hon. W S. Cocke, J. M, Camp
"bell .03"d H. E. Heinitsih-
The judge will occupy box A. The cake
will be -placed on exhiMtion in Heiirltst &.
(Reagan's drwg store today. ' ' "
Alleged to Have Made Millions of Dol
lars la the Sale of Bogus T-ottery
Cl'-veland, 0., : Jan. 27. United States
officers and representatives of the Hondu
ras lottery company, successors ' to the
, Louisiana lotterv todav arrested Thma.ji
Doland leader of a gang of swindlers num-
bering "ereiiUen, who have been operating
, rtn 1 flvtnllK aoola wffT linimi lvff&i-vr t nr-
ete in everv bisr nitv in f.he wvimtw h
meAns' ot tovged Usts o lottery dra(Wina
Aua' cuiui4.-trieit--iou.ery... lach-ets. iney rn
ft'i4v -ii.000 -to iK.000 for aliid .MPkt
tor Dig prises. - - c ' "
. This gang has been working successfully
for ten years and in that time it is esti
mated has made from $3,000,000 to $5,000,
000. Their headquarters were here. De
tectives got into Doland's confidence,
joined tne gang and for two months op
erated with him, finally landing him today
with an extensive plant for the manufact
ure of bogus tickets, slips, etc. The gang
also made bogu s r money and a plant for
this was also seized. '
Secretary Gage before; . the Traders
League at, Philadelphia on Tuesday night
;ald. In answering f Mr. Bryam cVJBesides,
i bis enemies, if he means the republican
I narfv ttiA nvf Krwi o,f 1 tvo fWo t- th tt voita Kiir
led bimetallism. They . proclaim , them-
; Belveg iUr 1:- y ipAflA' their
.' platform. ' The political head,,of that, pay
! has -'been active to secure under the on.y
-.: conditions by which 'it can be jnaintained
namely ihtemaitional agreement, with open
. mints to both silver and gold.,, .In his ef-
forta to inaugurate such a method the
president., heartily supports- the principles
of his party's plaitform, and in his efforts
(he has the support of all the memibers of
M official family, -tauenflos and. declara-
. tions from various sources to, the contrary
. notwithstanding. Until it can be secured
this rational manner i.we propose to
maintain the kind of bimetallism we have
nw, under which $500,000,000 or more o
Reason Qiven for Lowering City Elec-
' tricLIghts
' w. ru:
Jackson who is , in X charge
: of the citv liKhtine. says that all the tower
lights have been or will be'lowered" to from
tMrty tQ forty fe aboVe groilna 4nd
ar. affortillg a- much-better -lighting servr
Jce ffom the topa ot t toweT&
' iowerhig of the lights,Mr. Jackson says,
' became 'necessary on- account" of the un-
safe condition of the towers. The one on
Court Square, ne.says, is springing and
u In such a Jdanfterous condition that
neither he nor'his workmen are willing to
- ', jointg are rusty and have not been painted
. - tt at, - 4. t V A Itfa
m. six. ye&ra. xxe 4jr&,uiw ij. uu iiuw
on' the-Dublic square- were ten feet' higher
ilk Vavim am fWn nA,iit nmiai ALrvtlr Jmilrl
ton,., near the 'old .depot,'. was attemtping
. PoHwiMB TayloT. boarded car and
rpTiitvta the house where Daulton. ltve.
They., fouind , him .searching-, through the
'trPIliKS, in -JB?ai;u, ts ue Jsa.m,.Aor . uwi.
t" w.,- runf.
ton was taken in ,charge. I'On-the wiy -tor;
the street car line he reauested the officers
to halt a ' moiceae. .As tNxm as the stop
-said, "Let Us pray,' and began a fervent
Sprayer : The oftHcers wrth difficulty, .got
. .. m ' t, A t..-
; until the square was reached. Just .before
f 1 - "' " ' - , -
Wild Scene , in Denver's
V Union tbclr Yards. :
Thirty; Thousaiid Peoplej
; Thrown 'into Disorder.
anyTra!mpedro.n5in a Mad Rush
foe the fables; ;
Police Charge the Rioters fui Are
" Overwered,
Pelted With the Eatables Tab es Smashed ard
? Stock Yard Fences Torn Down Many Persons
1 Ynjurd.
irienver, Col., Jan. 27. The" national
stock growers' association in comveutgon
here 'itoday; gave a g-rand. ' barbecue this
,.- - ... ..... - - -. .
afternoon At the Union stock yards. At-
. ,"... ' .
rangements were made for feeding fifteen
thousand persons. ' Ten steers., bears, elk;
antelope, sheep and mutton and a thous
and Joaves ,of bread had ibeen prepared.
Thirty thousand attended, lining thirty
deep in front of the tables . The crush of
this multitude to reafch the talbles began
i ': - - -' - ,
as soon as nine food was begmm to be served.
1 1 . - .
The Toughest element of the city's pop
ulation and many cattlemen from outside
Were in the crowd. '
-..iA large force of police and city troops
were unable to control this mass of peo
. . .--, ;;. . . "
pie amd. a wEid ecramble resulted; ' ' -
Thousands charged the 'tables, upsetting
them and trampling down .weaker persons
who were dn their way.
The police charged the mob and clubbed
many, (but were overpowered' and pelted
with brea ch ranks of beeT and' other- mis-
. . . ; - - ...... x
siles. The tables were smashed amd fences
fixrn'down.' '" Mainywomen--fainted
were iborne away. One man. was serious-
Ij wounded and nmny4njuredtoy ibeing
trampledpon or bytt'he anlssttes that were
lifrown fcy the' rioters , U
' - ......
. Nine-tenths ot ithe. eatatolesr-were- de
stroyed ; and- maayv tratac. loads ot people
were taken back- to the., city -wnen. the of-
ficlals saw flie ugly moodi of ib crow. f
(An onknown anas -was brought to from
-. .j .. ... . ...... . .
the scene of the riot this evening with his
(Skull fractured. -He died shortly sifter his
arrival at the city hospiitai. Many others
have oeen brought to the 'hosprtal seriously
injured , - ; ;
vOn the -night before, last s thief broke
into, the basement: of the. dwelling occu
pied by B. W. Morris on Orange street and
carrledi pffa tSSde.of meat weighing fifty-
five pounds .The thief effected an entrance
by. drarwing the lock;and prying, open the
door.. Tne basement . contained . a : large
amount of, other, meats which were undis
turbed. , - The ; liberality : of the ' thief Is
doubtless due to .the. fact that the missing
piece ; vwas as much as. ne. could safely
handle at one time.. "
Baatimore, . Md.,' Jan. 2T. Invftations
have 4eem- accepted .'by" Lyman J., Gage;
secretary of the treasury i James A. Gary,
postmaster - general, and '.Wenster,, Davis,
assistant secretary of -the 'inlterior, to at
tend the annual banqueit of the Merchants
and Manufacturers'. association at the Hotel
'Rennert February 3. - Secretary Gage will
speak on. "The Relation of .Business, to
Government 'Finances . .,
- . -' , WANG
,t . - i. ; ' .- .'' . i. ... l ,
? "Wang" in all Its royal magnificence, a3-
solutely, new. and accurate - costumes and
scenery is coming nest; Wednesday, at the
touu-iui ws j6w . ."6
nn it fini trmr 'ni fhia-pnMffPTnnt wtii
positively he the farewell visit of that , fa-
; mous opera in our. city..; The part of -Wang,
the regent of Slam, could hardly oe better
filled than by Dan Packard, who. achieved
great success in. that part last season.
iWashtngtbn, Jan. 27.-The nomination; of
TTSitm.fiw ftwart'fnr th
. , - . , . -. . -i .
rt, western- district., of North
Carolina was sent-, to the senate today,..
t 1
U One Minute "Cough Cure cures quickly,
That's ti hat you want! C.- A. Raysor. ;-
v -
A Large Audience Last Night at Cen-
' ; tral Churchi . .
' - - - '"'
v A : large ' congregation-. assembled last
night In Central MrE.. church to hear the
last of .DrCrittenton's series of sermons.' '
Every seat in the church was filled "and
chairs were placed Cn the aisles.' All the
seats in tihe gallery were taken and many
persons were standing.
ine subject of Dr. Cribtenton's ddscu:sioa
was Revelationtl:18, "i am he that liveth
ano: was dead; and, behold, I am alive for
Dr.'Crittenton spoke earnestlv and feel
ingly on the blessings of Christianity, the
rewar a ana promises as contained in the
book of Reverations and the invitation ex-
tenaea to all men, to accept God's word.
Rev. 22; 17, "And the spirit and the, bride
say, come, and let him that heareth say,
come, v Arid let him that is athirst come.
And whosoever, will, let him take of the
waiter of life freely.". , - -
The speaker Bpoke of the triumph of the
gospel and the fulfilled prophecies. ' Hj
gave many scriptural quotations' of-the
prophecies revealed to St John; the apos
tle, in the Isle of Patmos,- of 'the coming
of Christ and the end of the world. Rev.
14:2, "And they sung as it were a new
song."t -
Dr. Crlttenton dwelt briefly on the fall
of m'an and -the curse, and of the- serpent.
i will put enmity between tlhee and the
woman." Gen. 3:15.
He spoke of the prophesy of Isaiah of
the coming of the Messiah as contained in
the 6th verses &th chapiter and how it had
been fulfilled, "For unto us a child is
bom, unto us a son is given; and the gov
ernment shall be, upon iis shoulders; and
his name shall be called Wonderful Coun
sellor, The Mighty 'God, The Everlasting
Father, The Prince of Peace."
"These oM prophets," said Dr.; Cribten-
ton," wrote with the telescope . of faith.
We -find Job amidst his afflictions singing
praise to God and declaring that his Re
deemer liveth.
"God has - fulfilled the promises as con
tained in ibis precious truths He sent an
gels who winged their .flight over Bethle
hem's -plains and cried aloud, 'Fear not,
for I bring you good tidings.; " .;
At the conclusion many, persons went
forward for prayer. .
"W as Shot in a Battle Yesterday- One
of Gomez's Best Generals-Ex
plosive Bullets.
Havana, Jan. 27. The. insurgent general
Nestro lAranguren, who executed Colonel
Ruiz, 'the Spanish commissioner, who pro
posed! peace to him, was slain today in
'3an Joaquim, Havana province. He fell
during a battle with. Spanish batallions in
a fierce engagement. The body was brought
here - and exposed to public gaze at the
morgue . . .
. Aranguren was shot, through the right
side, three times.- His. adjutant, .was killed
alii his side.:; The sensation-caused by the
exhibition of Ms. body here is imnnense
, In the battle today the insurgents . used
explosive bullets. 'Araaiguren was ' only
rwBtythreyar4dJHe;looto like a
mere' boy, btrf wawr-one of Gomez's best
generals. '. . " .
Criticismsjof Miss HvECRivssV Book
Cause Illness- ?
NeWf ;Yorfe, : Jan. 21. -HatUe Ermine
Rivesi cousio of the ' authoress Amelie
Rives, and (herself (a noted writer, is ill
with "nervous prostration in the Brooklyn
sanitarium.' Her latest work is ."Smoking
Flax," which.; dealt, with lynching in the
South for a certain crime .with a freedom
that attracted wide attention and caused a
sensation all over the country. . She in
dorsed strongly the lynching of 'negroes.
The northem. press condemned the . book
scathingly and this, criticism caused the
young writer so much worry that she final
ly broke down.- Her early recovery is pre
dicted. '
Because His Hostile Attitude Towared
"- Silver. ' ' .
. Frankfort, ' Ky., ' "Jan. , 27-The "lower
house today passed a resolution demanding
the immediate resignation, of Senator Lind
say for his nostile attitude in the senate
toward silver. Some of the more positive
of the silver, advocates called him traitor
and ingrate. - . ' - v
Aboult icen o'cQook - last, night , the; atten-
-tllon of the poAce was' attracted; by several
'Captain- Lee and Patrolman .Taylor; hasten
ed totthe scene. William S. Wilson, Julius
Mace ind . Jobe , Drandley, who were ; sup
posed to be the guilty parties, : were over
taken and captured on Southside avenue,
and af eir some . diffkuflty were arrested.
Captain Lee had a grand scuffie-with Mace
and after subduing him took "from 'his per
son a long - knife. Taylor secured Wilson
and took from his person two pistjols. All
three were locked up.. It was reported that
the party shot .into a house ear the old
dub House. AH three of them; were
drinking. - . " ' -
jRev. Mr. Bassett IsTconducting a very
auccessfuli singing school - at..' Ajlexanders
chapel. .' The class numbers about seventy
five pupils who. are making rapid "progress.
Mr. Bassett has the reputation of being a
first class singing J master and' his patrons
are well pleased -with his tutorship. - ...
Still Discussing' the Counr
try's uPr6sperity.n V
Indian Appropriation " Bill
Passed by the House, ; ; f
The Republican Attitude on CubV
Denounced. '
Heated Debate on the Teller Bond
Resolution. -
Vote to be Taken This AfternoonBelief That
the Resolution Will Pass the Senate F ;
- , '-.Mr V
MaH Delivery, . ; , V-
Washington, Jan. 27,The indlan ippey
priation bill was passed by 4lies house today
having been the' nominal business sincJf
Monday. But little Attention was paid " J -.
the bill, the discussion running to the ge-!
eral condition of the, country whether r "
not prosperity 4s with us. The bill havinjg.
been disposed of, the District of Columbia
appropriation bill was taken up and tin
debate went on Just the same with con
tending arguments that unprecedented d- "
pression prevailed throughout the. country
and that prosperity had gained a sure ahS '
lasting foothold. ' .
Representative Hartman of Montaxoi i
made a bitter attack on Grover Cleveland :
as an "incubus - o'&,:'t&e';ody; poUtic'ianll
predicting the triumphant election of Bry
an in 1900. . ' it
. Representative De Armond made a bitter"
attack on the attitude of the republicans) '
toward Cuba., -
. IN THE SENATE. , - -
- Washington.. Jan. 27-. The senate induljp- ' '
ad in a heated dtibate today, on Ithe Teller
resolution, finally agreeing to-take a void '
jn it tomorrow afternoon. Senaions Daniel, ;
odlge, Lindsay, Aldrteh, Stewam. . ani
jocikreli made' fepeeohes on it. The general .
uelief is that the '"reaoltidon. will -pass.
Washington, Jan.27.--4lasJ.;'.Gen.-i'MlIeA
has. been before .thehouse committee' oa
appropriations for the last two days dis
cussing the plans for seaqpast defences an
covered' in the fortification bill. The. da-
sire of thf commJtttee was to learn where
the cuts in the1 estimates could -be inadB
pling to the service. The original estlmala .
called for about eleven millions, but Uu' "
indications are that 'the bill, will carry ngft J ,
more than the . usual amoun t of three vr '
four millions. ? s . , '
; Washington, Jan. 27. Senartor Sutler t .
North Carolina offered an amendment. t
the post office appropriation bill providing
for an extension-of rural free delivery ta
every state and terriitory of the Union anff.;
to as many sections of those states and
territories as possible. , The amendment
appropriates $250,000 to cover the expense
of (the proposed extension, - - ' " '
WasMngtoa, . Jan. 27,? The .war depacfr. 'y
meat's advices from Norway are that th-- 1
steamship Man! toban. which has been cha- "
tered to carry the reindeer to New York, .,
lies stormbound at Trondjelnu. : . ."-;-; v '
" The rare beauties of nature, so watt
represented1 in Western , North Caroliai.
are becoming be tter known every ' day : as ,
people who are better educated ia ihe for-"' . ;
ma tion and utility of minerals hare f resa
U y : . 5.-r 'r'mM'-t
tfane to time' shown their apprtoUtios sf
these Gems by using them in U kinds el
adornment. . .1 - - '
" I - w -
We have decided ' to close out some - sf -
. -Ji-'.v -'v.;
these gems and offer them at prices tkai
- - - , r
should make them all sell in a' very few
days.-,'. . " , -."
' ' , , - . WE OFFER: -One
lot of -41 gems at 50 cents each.
One lot of 40 gems at 60; cents each.
One lot of 169 genxs at 75 cents each. ,
One lot of 40 gems at $1.00 each. - ,
One lot of .32 gems at JL25 each. Sold. -
.- - ... .' ; i s ' '. . ' -is r
One lot of 5 gems at $1.50 each. - " L" ',
:. : -V-" .'fl' f-,
One lot of 3. gems at $2.00 each. ' :? ,
One lot of 5 gems at $2.50 each- Sold. ;
One lot of, 3 gems at $44 each. t
.v . i . 1 w
Ons ftn for $6.00. , '
Churoh Street 'and1 fatten: avenue, Asis-
"" ' TiUs, N. C ' . '. - - " ''
t . -' .t'
I 4
. 1
4t ' ,
. .. .

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