A A X THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES LAST EDITION 4:00 P. 1L WmUmt TurMut: Pair Tomorrow. VOL. XVII. NO. 22. 9 ASHEVILLE, N. 0., WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON , MARCH 6, 1911. Sc PER COPY MRS.vH.TAFT AGAmTENDS Electrical Illumination of Niagara Falls SECY STIMSOU OUT TOR TRFT . mum ww. .. - , t , 1 She and Her Neice Brave Snowstorm to Listen to Stories of Lawrence Strikers. TALKS WITH BERGER OF STRIKE SITUATION Unassisted and Plainly Attired She Enters Crowded Room, Clouded with Tobacco Smoke. ROOSEVELT'S TART REPLY TO. STIMSON Says It's Easy to Determine Who Is Forcing Him to Fight. Washington, March . Mrs. Taft, wife of the president, today again at tended a hearing before the house rule!) committee Into strike conditions nt Lawrence. Mrs,. Taft Journeyed to Capitol hill ' through a' heavy snow Htorm and reached the committee room soon after 1 0 'o'clock. She occu pied a sent behind the committee plat form. The wives of many congress men were present. Mrs. Taft listened attentively three hours to testimony relating to the strike of the Lawrence mill workers. Attired In a modest dark-blue stroet dress and brown-plumed hat, Mrs. Taft entered the crowded room accompa nied by her niece, Miss Anderson. They walked unassisted around the crowd of spectators surrounding the witness chair and past people lined against the wall. Reaching the long platform occupied by the committee, Mrs. Tuft accepted a chair directly beside Representative Berger, who Is pleading the cause of the strikers. Mrs. Taft several times conversed with Herger. As the testimony progressed she appeared much Interested and do lied cigar and cigarette smoke that llllud the room. Mlneola, March G. Secretary Stlm son's Chicago, speech supporting Taft brought from Roosevelt n tart reply today. "As for the question concerning who are forcing me Into the arena, the answer Is easy," he said. "Which side is making tlie demand for open pri marles, and which side is stifling this demand wherever possible? "If In open primaries the plain pen- lo of the republican party declare they do not wish me nominated, then I do not wish the nomination; if they declare they do wish me, not in my nterest hut in the interest of the peo ple as a whole, then 1 will accept and strive to serve the people with all the power I possess." . . ENGLISH MISSIONARY KILLED BY CHINESE Detachment of British Soldiers lA-i Today for Chin Clnw to Rcwno . , , v.. Another. enve Pekin, March Day, church of Kngland missionary In the Paoting fV district, was killed by mutinous (Chinese soldiers today. A detachment of British soldiers left this morning for Chin-Chow to rescue a missionary, V. S. Hughes, Day's companion, New. York, March 6. Rev. Arthur J. Hrown, president of the Presbyte- rlan Uonrd of Foreign missions today received from Peking a dispatch that conditions are Improving In Pekln and Paoting Fu. Missionaries and church property are safe. ARBITRATION PACTS RATIFICATION NEAR 14 - . ... K W - Mll -Z Roosevelt's Candidate for Gov ernor of New York Sides With Administration in Contest. CALLS THE PRESIDENT A TRUE PROGRESSIVE , To provide for thi electrical Illumination of Niagara Falls by New York State, In co-operation with the government of the Province of Ontario, Senator Robert H. Oittins will Introduce a bill providing for an appropriation of 50,000 for the, construction and equipment of an electrical plant and I'.'Goa for one year's operation. . '. ' The electrical 'illuminutlon Is not entirely an expelriment, for about live years ago in.l.OOO was raised by subscription for a temporary, -'Illumination.' Projectors were installed and the falls were illuminated for two hours a night for two weeks, the electrical companies at Niagara furnishing the current. Photographs taken at that time, at 19 o'clock in the evening, give a slight Idea of the beautiful effect produced. Says Those Who Are Forcing the Colonel Into the Fight Are Jeopardizing the Party. , JUDGE WRIGHT'S TERMS He Declines' to Give Assurance of Future Law Abiding - Conduct. CHALLENGES TAFT H TO Roosevelt's Manager Wants a Test of Popular Strength of Candidates. Washington, March 6. John Mitch ell, vice president of the American Federation of Uibor, today deennea i to give to Judge Wright of the District Hupreme court any assurance thnt he expected "hereafter to lend adherence to the decrees of the judicial irinunHis nH ih IhmLI'u, To-do. s, he neclari would, be an admission that he had heretofore, failed to comply with law- frl decrees. Modetiilndustrial School Pldri Meeting with Favor Large Bequests Received Toward Establishment of New In stitution in the Southern Mountains Mrs. Susan Wet more Among Speakers at Washington Conference. OPERATORS Washington, ..March" . Senator Joseph M.rDixon. chairman of the Roosevelt executive committee yester day. challenged the Taft campaign forces "to a lest by means of, prima ries In every state in the union."' Sen ator Dixon conveyed the proposal In a letter to Representative William B. McKlnley, : director ofl the national ft : l)re:ui- ,;iM .- ' ?z., t ' Director Mcfilniey last night sent n letter to Senator Dixon asking If the proposal was made with the authority of Col. Roosevelt, and Ulso insklng 11 Washington, Mairch 6. Large toe quests have been received towards the establishment somewhere , in the mountain district t)f the south a model Industrial school, according to olllcers of the Southern Industrial Ed ucational association here. Plans for the proposed school were discussed at a public meeting last night by Chief ustice Shepard of the District Su- Mn,.hii a, iiit he hnri rather he con victed of contempt than be acquitted Senator Dixon were acting as chair- on any other ground than the facts man or ine Jtooseven executive corn in the case, I inittee either by selection or authority Mitchell's lettnr to the court says: or ma coionei Atfahik-Society-W Arrested; Husband Shot "I have given the court's recommen dation careful thought and Berious consideration. I desire to say I be lieve a statement by me that I expect hereafter to lend adherence to the decrees of the Judicial tribunals of land' would be subject to no other In terpretation than that I have hereto- Senator Dixon's letter was as fol lows: 1 ,' . , ' "My De;ir Mr. McKlnley: "For the purpose of determining definitely whether the republican vot ers of the 'country desire Col. Theo dore Roosevelt or President Taft as their candidate In the approaching Hoth Advocates anil Opponent arc Prepared for l-'lnnl Voting Tills Afternoon. (,, failed nr refused to comply with presidential campaign, I hereby chal- the lawful decrees of the courts or lenge you to a test by means of prl- thut my evidence In this proceeding marles in every state in the union.' wo- n,t truthful sincere and in keep- Senator Dixon Btates that the obvi inir with the facts in this case. I amlous purpose of both the republican not willing to make any statement I campaign committees is to elect a re that would impugn my own testimony, publican next full; that both are Intcr- i m ot willing hv nnv device or bud- esien primarily in me success ui m. terfuge to attempt to drive the court such success in to choose the candi or secure acquittal by Uny other party, and that the lirst requisite to Washington. March 6. Ry nightfall the. arbitration treaties with Great Hrliafn and France may be rati lied by the senate, which continued their con sideration today as In the "legislative day of March 5." Senators Bacon, Shlvely and Hoke Smith was among the speakers today.' Both advocate? and opponents of the treaties are pre pared for final voting this afternoon. There Is possibility of a night session or more delay In the event of unfore seen latitude In debate. TO AUGMENT FORCE m ON MEXICAN BORDER Washington, March . The admin istration' is planning to send .more troons to tho Mexican border. 8ecre tary Stimson on his return from Chi cago tomorrow I expected to take up with the president the number of troops to be sent and their disposition along the International line. The Mexican ambassador is expected to have a conference with the president intfl today. means thau those of the evidence and the truthfulness of my testimony. Indeed I Bhould feel more content ment If convicted conscious oi me rectitude of my course ahd the truth fulness of my- evidence than If acquit ted on any other ground than the facts as presented to the court and tne law. as It has been enunciated by n higher tribunal." ARRESTED WITH GIRL TROOPS TO CHINA Minister Calhoun Calls for Additional Force hi l iciv. Belt Will Hush ' i,; '. Battalion! : Washington, March . American Minister Calhoun has called upon Major :-aeneral Belt at Manila, for more American troops for China ser vice, Gen. Hell has Informed the war department. It Is expected that he will dispatch the remaining battalion of the U)th Infantry, numbering 700 men, to Tlen-Tsln Immediately. ROOSEVELT A JUROR Former President - Dolnn Ills Diily as a Cltlxen and Thereby Knro Ing 3 a Day. Mlneola, L. T.. March 8. For the first time In his history, Theodore Itnnspvelt Is serving as a juror and he Is thereby earning $3 daily. , Roosevelt did not care to comment 'iipoi Secretary Stlmson'a Chicago speech In support of Taft. Snowfall Closes fU-hools. ! IWi'hmond, March 6. The city end county schools here are closed tortav i . .... Iici-ansc or snow, which was seven lin-hes deep Hits morning mid stll 'l,.'!ih.' such success Is to choose the candl date with' the greatest popular strength. Warns to Know Whom Voters Want. "We ought to have a free and vol untarv expression of opinion directly from the voters who will carry the ballots that will determine finally the yerdlct at the polls," the leC-r con tinues. "The time to find out what the voters want Is before the nomina tion Is made rather than nfterwards. It will be too late after the convention Is held.". Senator Dixon states that the re publican national committee was not instilled In leaving the primary ques tion to ine action oi me niiiiex. "In every state and district in the union proper arrangements can be made and- effectively corried out," he savs, "for -securing i( free and volun tarv expression of the will of the re publican voters. If it cannot be done bv a statewide primary, which would be preferable. It can be arranged for districts, under the supervision of proper committees." "The voters of the country have an unquestionable right to express the! C.rand lyodge Will Convene at lUili'lgh desire, ana i wneereiy lr mi you w . Prominent Flriliidelplilan In Custody on Cliargc of Grand Iiarceny and , Wife Desertion. Cincinnati, March 6. William Van Buren Bradley, scion of a wealthy Philadelphia family, who was appre hended here Inst night, left today for Philadelphia with a detective. It Is said he Is wanted on charges of grand larceny and wife desertion. Accom panying him was Estelle Wright John ston, a young Philadelphia girl. I. 0. 0. F. MEET MAY 7 accept this challenge, and prepare to co-operate with me In tho arrange ment of such primaries. "Commissioned officers are neces sary to direct an army,- but It Is th rank and tile that win the victories. Director McKlnley's letter was brief lie wrote: 'I am just. In receipt of your letter. Since you are pleased to apply to ydur communication so g.ave a term 'challenge' It becomes somewhat Im portant to have our respective rela tions to candidates made clear at tne outset. "I would, therefore, say thnt I have been asked by President Taft to act as director nt a bureau with head quarters In Washington organised for the Dtirnose of serurlng his re-noml- Windsor Locks, Conn., March . nation for a second term. Before an- Treasnrer Converse's stealings from Uwering vour challenge, I desire to on Tlutt Date Instead of on Muy 7. . . Gassette-News Bureau, The Hotel Rallcgh, nalelgh, March 6. The North Carolina Grand lodge of Odd Fellows will meet here on May 7 Instead of on May 15, as originally planned, the change In date belnfc due to tho selection of May Hi by the re publicans for their state convention. BANKER TOOK $40,000 Windsor Locks Institution's OnVlnl StolP from Ills Ktrongliot for 30 Years. preme court, president of the associa tion; United Slates Commissioner of F.dueatlon Claxtnn and Representa tive Littleton of New York. President Hubble of the Lincoln school nt Cumberland Gap, Tenn.. and Miw. Susan Wetmore of Christ School, Arden. N. C, urged the necessity for aiding the .Ignorant people of their section. Chicago, March 6. Henry I Stim son. of New York, secrntnrv nt vr. ind the Koosevelt candidate for gov ernor of New York in 1910, last night declared himself for President Taft, and said that while he remained the sincere friend of Mr. Roosevelt, he could not support him for the presi dential nomination. Mr. Stimson entered President Taffa cabinet last jaar, after consul tation with Mr. Roosevelt, and with the distinct understanding with the president that he would be bound In no way to take part In the political xi !. n TUil.. lu"v,"e 01 lne aaminisirauon. in a Anthracite Men Flatly Refuse speech before theTan dub of Illinois last night, h declared hla belief that REJECT DEMANDS to Increase Wages 20 Per Cent. New York, March 6. The-anthra cite coal miners' demands for In creased pay, recognition of the union a shorter working day and other President Taft's administration repre sented the highest expression of pro gressive republican policy. "I am here to speak for the renom- inntion of President Taft," said Mr. Stimson. "I am now and always have been a progressive. - ' "I am for Mr. Tan because I believe he has faithfully carried out the pro gressive faith of the republican party; thnt his administration stands for or- changes were unanimously rejected Jderly. permanent progress In our na- yesterdiiy by 47 operators. The op-tlonal government; and that to refUBa erators adjourned sine die after ap-1 n'm tne nomination on the assertions pointing a committee to acquaint the TTrn n VMxyteVV.JW&teXlmeW m. a. premium. upon naaty and . their decision. ' This committee was unfounded criticism. ; Remains Roosevelt's Friend. I entered Into public life under the Atlanta, March The police are trying to unravel a shooting mystery with Mrs. Eugene Grace, a society woman,--an the chief figure. She is under urresit. Her husband, a wealthy builder, Is In bed with a Millet wound. The police were called to their resi- ATLANTIC FLEET LEAVES THE CUBAN COAST S After Long Maneuvering, War ships Soon Will Steam for Virginia Capes. dence In an exclusive district this morning. Arriving, they were com pelled to break down the doors. In 'the house they found" Grace with a bullet wound in his side. He told a rambling story in which his wife figured. SIIEED'S FATHER SLAIN BYl VENGEFUL TENANT Another Tragic Chapter in His tory of Ill-Fated Texas Family. Washington, March 6. Within tw weeks the Atlantic fleet will head for home after nearly three months of maneuvering off the south coast of Cuba. Arriving off the Virginia capes about March 24, the ships engage in regular spring target practice for about two weeks before scattering to thoir home yards for repairs. Pre paratory to summer drills off the New lOnglaird coast, the fleet will be aug mented soon by the new dreadnaughts Utah and Florida, now. engaged in final trials. The monitor Tallahassee leaves the Norfolk navy yard In a few days to test a new fuse In lower Chesa peake Hay, Later projectiles flred with the new fuses may he given a practical test against what Is left of the old battlenhlp San Marcos, now resting on the mud flats of the Chesapeake. Georgetown, Tex,, March . John T. Sneed was killed today by one of his tenants, U. O. Milliard. The assas sin then killed himself, lie shot for revenge. John T. Sneed was John Heale Sneed's father. John U. recently was tiled for killing Capt, A. G. Hoyce, The llrst tragedy was the sequel to the elopement of lloyce's Sort with Sneed's wile. The Sneed trial was not decisive, the Jurv failing to agree. WARSHIP NARROWLY ESCAPES GOING DOWN Court of Inquiry May Investigate Ac. cldent to New Hampshire In Navy Yard. SAILING CRAFT SWEPT FROM SEIJ STORMS Atlantic Coast Vessels Worth Six Millions Destroyed This Winter. clothed with full power to act and will formulate its reply Monday for presentation to the miners March 13. The decisive action of the operators .. . .. , J ... - ikol H"" Was linepet -leu. Jl nuo urucru niv a compromise course would be sug gested. After the meeting, however, one fif the operators declared that the ction would not prevent the commit tee from making a counter-proposi tion to the miners. The belief Is growing-among the operators that there will be no general strike of the 1X0,000 men in the Pennsylvania fields affected by the decision, he said, but the operators would rather face general strike than advance wages 20 per cent and in consequence be com pelled to Increase the price of coal, The price of coal went up In many sections of the city and its environs luring the day. Wholesale and retail dealers were swamped with orders.' Thev justified the Increased prices by statements that the cost to them had ieen advanced on coal for immediate delivery, and were Inclined to be pes- Rimmuc l-CKUiuii.R uU, traflnn wn hoirnn ho .illrt nnnn a tally in view of the coal strike In Lng- . Tha,tVl,h' . anil. Oil UI""" vuoi miu ..u...v. . ollh-oo ..Hnn. nl , M- Roosevelt;" and to that plan Presi dent Taft had adhered rigidly. 'Is it fair now to criticise him," asked Mr. Stimson, "because, In faith fully carrying out this pledge of four years ago. In performing this vitally useful though Inconspicuous work, he has not dominated the public atten- V.ABT.V MARRIAGES tion with dramatic display?" Mays nooseveni iwm -re uevmqieu President Tnft nledeed himself, ajtlri rrot. immwc- nniiiii nmr mm-raiiira. Mr. stimson, to a "progressive devel I liiinico Miintai emiirc ooment" of the work that President Poor Youths. I rtoosevelt had Inaugurated, and the "pnmnlAtlnn nnri ntarfectinn nf the Itoston. March 6. Because early I mh,n.rv hv vy.tci, .u. moral stand- arrlages are calculated to raise me rrti, Be, hv prMident Roosevelt mav standard of chastity, tne state snouiaihe maintained." limine ally aid poor young men io i ,.T ,h, wnrk Mr Taft ha- nVoted marry between the ages or zi ano ia. nfm8eif " gad Mr. Stimson. "He thus according to rroi. wiiiiam noose " deliberately renounced more striking the Massachusetts general hospital. I metnods of ref0rm, and set himself Me urges the teaching of more moiog i undramatic and Inconspicuous the Windsor Locks Savings bnn-ki ex ceeded $40,000, states a stockholders' report today. The stealings extended over a period of 30 years. ' Suffragettes Held Without Rond know whether you are acting as chslrmsn of the 'Roosevelt executive committee' either by selection or au thority of Mr. Roosevelt and also whether1 your so-called 'challenge' was Issued by authority of Mr. Roose velt whose nomination for a third London, March I. Mr. .and Mrs. I term as president I understand you Frederick Ijiwrence, joint editors of land your organisation, are attempting "Votes for Women," were arrested to secure. last night, and Mrs. Emmellne Pank- hurst and Mrs. Tuke wire arraigned Tlu-oo Burned to Death, this afternoon for inciting to commit Qnincy, Mass., March 6. Three malicious damage to property. The men were burned to death last night liiiHoners were remanded by the mag- In a boarding house fire here. A lamp inflate for a week. I'.iM was refused. I overturned, New York, March 6. That the bat tleship New Hampshire nnrrowly es caped sinking at the Brooklyn navy yard, on Monday has just leaked out unofficially. The battleship was about to be towed out of drydock after un dergoing repairs. When the big dock was flooded three tugs made fast to Inspiration of Theodore Roosevelt. I urn a firm believer In the great na- which he has fought; and I now remain his sincere friend. But I believe- that those who re forcing him, contrary to his orig inal Intention, Into the arena against Mr. Taft, are jeopardising instead of helpinc? the real cause of progress in the nation. 'The Introduction of such a contest at thlB time, dragging In, as It neces sarily will, new and personal Issues which are quite foreign to the great progressive policies for which the re publican party stands, cannot fail to weaken whichever candidate Is even tually nominated in June. If, as a re sult, that candidate is defeated in No vember, the government may be thrown into the hands of a truly reac tionary party for years to come." Mr. Stimson said that President Taft hud devoted himself unceasingly to the carrying out of constructive work along progressive lines. The admlnls- steam coal were marked up from fifty ents to a dollar a ton by many deal ers. Ten operators were appointed to serve on the committee wnicn win draft the reply to the miners. FAVORSSTATE AIDING and sex hygiene In the public schools and less history, Greek, etc. WANT PERCY OUT Ihilh Houses of til Mississippi LeirlHla- lure Request Him to Relinquish Senate Kent. Philadelphia. March 6. Sailing craft worth six million dollars were destroyed In this winters' storms on the Atluntle coast between Cape Hat terns and Cope Cod. The Philadelphia Vessel Owners and Captains' associ ation has disbanded after i0 years' ex- the battleship and started to pull J (stance. The association owners find that nearly ail ineir vessels nave ueen lost during the past few years. her out. One of the bluejackets dis covered that the sea valves had brok en and water was pouring Into the vessel In great volume. The vessel was quickly replaced In the dock and the water was pumped out. A court of Inquiry Is probable. KILLS WIFE AND SELF Husband Enrage,' Hecause Woman Divorced Him W illi He Wssln the Workhouse. Fremont, Mar., 8. Because his wife divorced him while he was In the workhouse tor mistreating her, Hen ry Dnrman, a laborer, today shot and killed her on Main street and then committed suicide. TWELVE ARRESTED Jackson, Miss., March . A Joint resolution demanding the resignation of United States Senator Leroy Percy was adopted by both houses of the Mississippi legislature yesterday. The resolution recites an alleged promise of Percy to resign If he should be defeated In the, democratic primary election of last summer. Former Governor James K. Vardaman won the nomination over Percy In the primary. public service which leaves out all thought of a man's own aggrandise ment. "He has repeatedly, for example, urged upon congress to place upon the classified civil service virtually all of the presidential offices; a measure which would at one blow strike out most of the enormous political power of the president. "The results of this deliberate self abnegation are shown In the great legislative and constructive accom plishments of hl term. Mr. Taft's stundurds of administration, like those of Mr. Roosevelt's have been constantly toward purity and elevation in our public service and our public life. "With great patience, with unswerv Continued on page lis. pallet Generally Prevails. However, Iwrence Six Women Among tho Prisoners. In Lawrence, Mass., March 0. -Quiet prevailed during the hours preceding the opening of the textile mills this morning. Twelve arrests were made for minor offenses. Half a dozen of the prisoners were women who had In their possession a mixture of pep per, sand and spice. It Is estimated that mrethan 3100 operatives have resumed work In the factories. MY CHOICE TOR PRESIDENT If I could Select the Mm I Would Nsme Address.... Cut this ticket out ami nwU It to The GaxetleNewa, or hand It In at this office. If yon do not care to write your name on the ballot, yon care write It In m registrf book provided at the office. Results will be published from time to time and In no -ase will the name of the voter be given oat Hole so requested.

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