Thursday,- Harch 7, 1912. THE ASHEVILLE GAZETTE-NEWS. PAGE THREE AH ELEGANT HOME New Spring Suits Make a Strong Bid for Favor Spring Opening March 7th, 8th and 9th Most of the Central Bank and Styles and Quality Form a Winning Combination. Trust Company's Fixtures Have Arrived. Tlicii nill modcrati price, and you have ALL tlie ck'sir- II 11 ll . I II J 1 Hiio mutinies mat uny tine ruuiu (iimiiiuiu. OPENS FOR BUSINESS No woman is going to ask for a smart vt snit or a better one or a finer investment for her money than she can tin:! in our garment section. EARLY IN NEXT WEEK lit Is li He a rHilur Institution, Conservative, Business Men's Hank. We have a representative showing of new Spring FOR THE MEW BMK Mr. Harry Slpmon expert designer and cutter representing Isaac Hamburger and Sons High Grade Tailors, Baltimore Here today, tomorrow and Saturday showing 500 new patterns. Come in and be measured for a spring suit today. V Mr. Slomam has been in the tailoring business for 30 years and guarantees a perfect fit. Isaac Hamburger and Sons stand back of all of Mr. Slomon's doings and we stand back of both, thus a fit is assured and guaranteed. I. W. GLASER 18 Patton Avenue See Window Display I I X my -a"-w- A. t '4 I t People's Department Store f 40 Ss 42 Patton Avenue Sumner's Former Stand BUYS FOR CASH AND SELLS FOR CASH THE PEOPLE'S DEPARTMENT STOKE is the only one of ; its kind in this section. , . X t t t I i Our Motto: "We i; Underbay" $ "We Undersell" Z T t t f Our Spqt Cash System eimWes us to offer, better values than you are accustomed to. receive. By trad ing here you save from 10 to 2 5per cent on every dol lar spent. '. ; v ' ' -t , . .. . . ' Watch The PEOPLE'S DEPARTMENT STORE'S doings it will be of interest to one ami all ecouoin cally inclined. ? t T t t ? ? ? T ? T t ? ? ? Hunting for an investment leads to ad writing so hunting v for an investor should lead to ad writing. paa gagscag i i nil i i war; SUGAR TRUST HEADS NOW UP FOR TRIAL p. . ....-isassxasa -'j I ; ' 1 r - . ? . s . i r f jwh aw -. 11111 1 " 1 If" --""-i :S K s V ' ? AlOlPBDIESrS SHE IS II Mystery Surrounds the Shoot ing of Wealthy Atlanta Building Contractor. The Central Bank and Trust com pany of Aahuvlllit, rucmitly organized iiiuu'r tlio. male hankniK laws with a capilal of $'.",(Hio and f.'iOOO miii'pIiih, nil! lie open for businesM prolmlily din ing the lirstt part of next week, as practically all of the lixturca have ar- rivetl and will be Installed by that time. There are some smaller pieces of furniture yet to come, after which tile bank will have its formal opcUiiiK at a date yet to be determined. The opening was postponed from March 4, because the fixtures had not arrived. The safe, safety deposit boxes, vault doors, etc., arrived this morning and are now being installed; most of the wooden fixtures, cages, etc., have al ready been net up, and ihe place al ready begins to look like business. This will be one o( the really hand some banks of the city. Hs attractive ness is enhanced by its situation in the Legal building, probably the most modern in the city. The llxtures are o mahogan yand the metal grills have the oxidized copper finish. The base and coin plates aro of dark marble. The room is subdivided about as most banks are, with teller's, cashier's ami collector's cages, a stall for ladles, "with mirror," the pros! dent's office, and in the hack Is the directors' room where business men are Invited to come for the transac tion of any matters they may have on hand. The vault is large and has thick brick walls with concrete top. It has two doors and in it are the safe and the safety deposit boxes. Valuables will be doubly safe, as the vault is fireproof and is in a fireproof build ing. . Above all things the officers of the new bank desire It understood that it is a popular Institution, a business man's bank, which will be conducted on a conservative basis. It has stock Styles. Tlicy range from plain to dressy models. Sim pler effects are especially prominent,, with 'their, jaunty' jackets and narrow skirts tliey aro very fetching, Male- rials are stylish coloring cliurniing. y .Wind's the use of waiting! Buy your suit now and get a full 'season's wear out of it. ' 4"trie JTOWt THAT AVet VWHOWCY t Tiff: j(Hm(fo Via 'Vv LA STREET CAR SCHEDUL1 IN EFFECT OCT. 1, 1I1L ZILLICOA AND RETURN :o, ns. t:to m. RIVERSIDE PARK 6:10 and every IK mln. until 8:00 p. m.; then every hour until 11 p. m. Can to Ban tee 8t, thli line, every II mln. 8:00 to 11:00. DEPOT VIA SOUTHSIDE AVSNU1 6:45 and 6:00 a. m. and every 16 mlu utea until 1:15 p. m.: then every 7 1-1 mln. until 1:45 p. m. Then every II mln. until 11:00. in the morning, when he awoke with , lh , i-!ft .,n -uf burning sensuuuii in his siue, x told my' wife," he ealu, "and asked her to get a doctor. She left the room and came back later, saying she was unable to reach one over the telephone." . - , .Grace snye ho then became uncon scious and when he . next awoke he wiulrmcd over to" a. telephone and called the police- A 32-callber pistol was found on a window sill in the . hall of the floor below. Grace's room. It had one emp ty chamber. As furnishing a possible motive, the police are said to have discovered that business men, and Its directors are among the leading business men of the city, whose success In the busi ness world is well established. The institution ' will do a general banking business in nil branches, which well expresses the purpose of Its, organization; . and . among these branches are the savings department where deposits of $1 and up will lie accepted and the 4 per cent Interest is compounded quarterly; the safe de posit branch provisions having been made to furnish boxes for rent; - the trust feature, fiduciary business in connection with estates, etc., being hl'TJA! Vt A 6:00 and every 15 mlnutee until 10:00 w p. m; then every 80 minute, till FRENCH BROAD AVI. ii:oo. 6:00 a. m. and every 15 mlnutee Tin MANOR 11:00 p- m p B0 eu lm t0 Square at 10:18 p. m. PTf A Tit ftTtt fefftlKI? 7:00 a, m. then every 15 mlnatea till IjHAKLUU Blttl 8:00 p. m. 10:00 and 11:00 odock TERMINUS cars run through to Golf Club. PATTON AVENUE . goV""" " , EAST STREET S.V"'T " 6:00 m, m. and every 88 minutes till GRACE VIA MERRIM0V 8:00 a. m. Then every 15 m!nute. UU itttutt 8:30 p. m. Then every 10 minute un- AVJKU til 11:00 p. m. 6:15 a. m. and then every 15 mlnutee BILTM0R1 until 8:00 p. m. Then every 88 mln utee luntUllOlaatcar. Depot and West Ashevill 6:45 an4 6:00 a. n. and every 88 via gouthiido Avenne. mlnute wt" 10:,l' u,t w- k . Washington B. Thomas, preildent ot the American Sugar Refining Com Pny, and John H. Fanons, once counsel for the company, are to be tried with ftthers la the Criminal Branch 'of the United State District Court In New Vork.; The Indictment,, found June 30, 1000, charges conspiracy to restrain ?'lutcnil:te commerce In violation of the Sherman ati-Trust Jaw. Only C-e t?".0 CW!" U CwttacoijinCneisy, Cup ia 3 Day Atlanta, Ga., March 7. "God knows 1 am Innocent," exclaimed Mrs. Daisy Ulrich-Ople Grace yesterday afternoon after her release on ball pending earing on the charge of assault with attempt to murder her young hus bund, Eugene II. Grace, prominent building contractor, who was mys teriously shot at their handsome Eleventh street home Tuesday. While the doctors at Ht. Josephs infirmary are endeavoring to save the life of the seriously wounded husband the police are searching for more facts to support their theory that the crime was committed by the wife. The physicians state that Grace has but slight chance for recovery. The bullet penetrated Ahe left side, going through the lung and lodging near the FPlnal cord. Pneumonia has already set In. they stated. Not In years has Atlanta been utirred as it was when details of the mvsterv became generally - known Developments have followed last since Grace telephoned to the police at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon to rush a doctor to his house as he had been shot. Mrs. Grace was located at Newman, Ga., at the home of her mothcr-iiir law, who accompanied her back to tho city, On her arrival Mrs. Grace was arrested and taken at once, at her own request, to the hospital to which her husband had been re moved. A Dramatic Mertliur. The meeting ofthe husband and wife was dramatic. "Dalsv, you are Ihe one who shot me." "Why, how can you," she protested, "vtui are trylnir to make me out a murderess and they will tako mo to lull." - "You aro tho one who tried to kill me." Grace repeated. "If you persist in that I will take the power of attorney which you exercise uway from you," said Mrs. Grace, who was formerly the wife of a wealthy Philadelphia pulp manu facturer. Grace then relented. "I don't know who did It," he said Here Is the story told by Mrs. Grace: "I left the- house at 12:15 o'clock to go to NVwnian, where I was to stay while Mr. Grace woe la Philadelphia tor which place he planned to leave on nn afternoon train. When I left him my husband was about ready to gel up. I knew that he was not reeling well but did not think he was even sick: ' He said he would meet me at the depot, but when he failed to do so I went on to Newman, thinking that he had been detained on busl- nese. The next thing I heard was when I reached the home of his mother.. They said there that Gene had been shot Then, I don't know, what I did. I may have fainted, 1 waa horrified when told I was accused of shooting my husband. My (arrest and the accusation of my husband Is all a horrible mistake." - -- Grace told the police that he .Mrst discovered he was shot at 6 o'clock Grace recently had his life Insured for sn..tpii $25,000, naming his wife as the bene- c w r;rown of the Hrown-Miller llciary. On the other hand friends or Pnoe Cl,m,iny js the president of the tlie accused woman point out that Mrs. Grace was very wealthy through her former marriage and such a sum would bo no Incentive. The Graces had been married less than a year. Mrs. Grace's hearing has been set for next Wednesday afternoon, bond was fixed at $7600. institution; W. Ii. MclSwen, a promi nent lumberman, vice president; and Wallace Davis, -who has had years o experience in the banking business, the cashier. The directors are us follows: C. W, IIcr Krown, W. B. McKwen. W. B. Davis, J. it. Gates, P. It. Moale, C. N. Brown J. C; Arbogast. .1. M. English, J. W, Rutherford, II. Ii. Stevens,. T. S. rtol Una. Dr. J. A. Sinclair. J. D. Earle Eugene Carland. The personnel William Brown Dies at His Home on the officers and directorate Is an ex AGED VETERAN PASSES Gash's Creek at the Age of 90 Funeral Today. I cedent indication as to what the char lacter of the institution will lie. The funeral services of William Brown, who died at his home on Gash's creek Tuesday afternoon, take place this afternoon at the Gash's Creek Baptist church, of which he was a member. Tile deceased was 90 years of age and served in the Confederate army He was born lu England and It is snid that he was In the Crimean war and saw tile charge of the "600" at Bala clava, , Surviving arc live children.' ' Bunday schedule differs in. the following particulars: Car leaves square for Manor at 6:00 a. m., return 6:15. Cars leave Squara for Depot via Bouthslde Ave. 8:15. 8:86, 1.99, 7.i. 8:00 and 8:30 a. m. Cars leave Square for Depot via. 6:15. 6:80, 6:46. 7:15. 7:45 and 8:16. ; . fc nrnmt Car for Depot leaves square s:i, Dotn bouwiu u First car leaves Square for Charlotte street at 8:45. First car leaves Square for Riverside 8:80, next 8:41. First car for West Ashevllle, leaves Square 8:80. With the above exceptions, Bunday schedules commence at I a. na. continues same as week days. . -.-, On evenings when entertainments are in progress at either Auditorium or Opera House, the last trip on all lines will be from entertainment, leav. Ing Spare at regular time and holding over at Auditorium or Opera House. Car leaves Square to meet No. 86, night train 80. minutes before sch ole or anounced arrival. ATTEMPT TO KILL' MR. DE ROTHSCHILD - : LAUGHTER. ( Laughter it a most healthful ex ertion. It it one of .the greateit helps to digestion with which 1 am acquainted.end the custom prevalent among our forefathers of exciting it at table by jesters and buffoons was founded on true medical principles. Dr. Hufcland. .eBaluTvicts Dandruff did It destroyed the hair roots started the bait falling out. Result baldness. Don't wait until these facta apply to you. Start la tonight using HAY'S HAIR HEALTH. Cleans your scalp 0 every trace of Dandruff. Keep it clean. Stop the falling hair and give the new growth chance. Use HAY'S HAIR HEALTH regu larly and you'll be entirely free from Dar druff from gray or faded hair and from baldness. , , ...:.' tAY'S HAIR HEALTH will keep you looking young. ', . It 00 and 50e at Drat Stot ar Mrt receipt of price and dcalcn m. Sad 0c lot trial bottla. t ailo H.r Sotc Co.. N.wuk, N. Jr For sale and recommended by (Snillh'a Drug Store, Grant's rbannacy. ' p t ri 7 j f I !'.!' ! i Jl-J HP. LEOPOLD DE. ROTHSCHILD An attempt to shoot Mr. Leopold di Rothschild was made by a man as Ml Rothschild was entering an autotuobi! in front of the bank, in St Bwlthln) lane, lu the city of London. Mr. Rot mrhllrl was not hit bv the bullet. To man was arrested. He Is said to be ft ajiirckist, - - ----- - v ; Carlyte and Black. An amusing snrcdnte of Carlyle told In Alllngham's diary. Is also mention ed in bis letters. Willinm Black wrote to Allingham that it bad always been one of the ambitions of bis life "to Bee Carlyle face to face," and asking the poet to try to arrange for a five min utes' interview. Allingham brought about the desired meeting, at which Carlyle's inquiry, "Well, sir, and when are you going to seriously set about writing a book?" must have astonished the popular novelist. London Nation. R. M. DEAVER Former; Resident of Madison County lllcs nt Home, of Daughter, Mrs. Ii. II. MfBrayer. PBfwrwr5!fSfJWt Was f - . z .4 . 'a ' 1 . t 1 1 ' i v . I " ' t . 1 -a tv- lU. i i , 1 4 .4.. i - . t ' n. M. Deaver. aged 74, died at 11:20 n n..n,1(.a- O OIOCK 11118 niorillllg IIVIH a luuiyii-". tiou of dlSfUBr-s at the home of ins father-in-law, Dr. U B. MoBrayer, on Montford avenue. Mr. IJeaver. who whs a native of Madison founts', had been in feeble health for several years, lie Is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Hester Rollins of this city and Mrs. Mattle MeBlroy of Mars Hill: and two ds lighters, Mrs. U B. Mc llrayer and Mrs. V. K. Ixkhii of. Wast Ash'evilli!. Mr. Dvrtvcr was one of tho licnt known citizens lu this part of the statu and was widely connected. This In formation of his deu th will l) received with regret by his many friendi. Tho funeral urrangeinents have not been made. ' S Mi MW WIS, m M H.M 0NW A tallorad suit from a French play. Skirt baa a hint of mora material. The CHENEY'S EXPECTORANT CURS COUGH ANO OOLDS xotkh or k.m;. Ily virtue of the power ami author ity conferred upon the undersigned, HnywoiHl Parker, by certain dent of trust, executed hy Kilwarii W. Moore and his wife, Amanda V. Mnorn, dated June 4th, 19: and said deed lu, trust being recorded In the ohMce" of the Register of Deeds of Jiunconiho founty In Book 75, lit page IMS, refer, enee to which is hereby hud; defutill having been nniile In the puyineiil of the debt secured hy "aid deed of trait. t:ie siime hoiiiK now past dun and re quest having beeh made by the owner and holder of said debts that the un dersigned do execute the powers of tale contained In said deed of trust; I. Haywood Parker, trustee, will Monday. Anrll Hth. 1912. mt twelve o'clock, noon. In front of the Court House door. In thu city of Ashevilie, Buncombe County, North, Carolina, offer lor sale, at public miction, for cas i, to the highest bidder, thu fol lowing described pieces or juirccis or jiml. situate, lying and being In tho city of Ashevllle. on the south side of Clyde street, and more luirtii'iilariy hounded mil described as follow: Beginning at a stake In the Houth margin of Clyde street, it being the Northwest corner of Mrs. Sevier's lot (formerly Howies' loll, and runs South & deg. West 80 feet to a stake; then North X6 deg. West 10 feet to u stake; then South 4 deg. West 155 feet to a stake; then North M V4 deg. West 90 feet to a rnnke; then North I deg. Kast 220 feet to a stake in the south margin of Clyde street; then with Clyde street about one hundred feet to the beginning. .. ." HAYWOOD VARKKR. 1 1 Tri:'.-?. t

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