SfJ...'l3i -4 A riff THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES LAST EDITION 4:00 P.M., Wathr ?ncat: n.IN .M COLDER. em. VOL. XVII. NO. 24. ASHEVILLE, N. C, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, MAR CH 8, 1912. So PER COPY PEACE TREATI&3 NOW DEAD ISSUE Committee of Mine Operators hOLE REACHED Will Not Offer a Compromise BY AMUNDSEN ?- mil a ' Senate's Action of Stripping Proposed Pacts of Their Vi tal Features Thwarts Taft's Plans. house Committee for ill inquiry UNLIKELY TO SUBMIT THEM FOR APPROVAL Elimination of Clause Three Follows a Long Day of De bate and Balloting. nvestigation of the American Woolen Company's Affairs is Expected. Washington, March 8. Summing lip the senate's notion yesterday In stripping the proposed arbitration treaties with .France and Great Bri tain of their vital features, Kovern. inent officials who followed t"e nego tlu linns of tl)u pacts agree that par ticipution by the United States In the general arbitration of international difficulties was a dead issue so far as this session of congress was concern cd. it is thought Improbable Presi dent. Tuft would submit the treaties In their mangled form to either power for approval. Stripped of the clause which it was claimed wbuld invade the constitutional treaty mak ltig power of the senate and with many other limitations added. the general arbitration treaties between the United States and England and France proposed by President Taf and Secretary Knox as forerunners o universal Peace, wre ratilied by the senate yesterday by a vote of 76 to 3 The senators who voted against the ratification were I.orimer, Martlne and Heed. The two are democrats. President Taft before leaving for hi speaking trip to Toledo and Chicago did not comment upon the senate action. It Is known he had hoped to see the treaties 1 passed unamended, had daularad publicly, "however that certain amendments would not Ue objectionable. - Virtually, the treaties, by the sen ato's action, are "up In the air." their modillBd form they must be re ferred to England ind France. Senator Irfulge and others wh fought the senate's action, declared that the alteration, of the mnch-dlS' cussed clause three of article three would imperil the success of the trea tics. Ambassador I'.ryce did not com inent: neither did Jules. Jusserand the ambassador from France. Senator Pn on and his colleagues who forced the modification declared that nothing had been lost in tb ciiuve f peace because forty-live no Hons were, now parties to the Hague convention. Advocates IMscoik crtcd. The final action came at the end of a lung day of debate and follow ing ballots on numerous amendments. The administration senators, though figuring on a close vote on the third clause, and clOBety' following the roll call, were surprised and confused by the result. Their view was that the elimination was achieved by the mas sing of a practically solid democratic vote with a sprinkling of republicans. The treaty with England was first taken up, and the first vote tame promptly at 4:30 o'clock on an amend ment proposed by the foreign relations committee to eliminate clause three of article three the provision around which the fight has centered, and on this the motion was carried 42 to 40, Clause three would have submitted to a joint high commission the u.ies- tlon as to whether or not a difference was subject to arbitration and its de clslon was made final. It was con tended that the clause would take from the senate Its prerogative hi part of the treaty-making power, and along that line the battle was waged from first to last. The committee had at first recom mended the elimination of the provis ion and then, practically nullified that action by bringing In an amendment to the resolution of ratification reserv ing all the rights of the senate. The miirlnal recommendation remained on the calendar, however, and when the vntins was reached proved too strong to be pushed nut of the way sven by the late reaction of the committee. Generally speaking the democrats voted for the amendment ami the republicans against it, but there were executions. The resullt was received with many quiet manifestations of satisfaction and the opponents of the general purport of the agreements then went t wifvk (with renewed energy to procure further modifica tions. Senator Culberson presented an amendment eliminating from the terms of the treaty all questions of Junior or Independence as well as an questions affecting the vital Interests of this country or of third parties, but It was defeated 45 to 87. An amend ment by Senator Bacon providing for a wider elimination was at nrst lost on a tie vote of 41 to 41, but when later the provision was presented In connection with the resolution of ratification It was adopted 48 to JO. After the first action on the Bacon provision Senator Chamberlain of Washington presented an amendment to the first clause of the first article of the fieaty providing that they should not apply to questions of af fecting the admission -of aliens Into the 1'i'Hed P'-ites or the admission of ! - i s 1 ' -') Washington, March 8. An investi gation- of the American Woolen com- iny. Its organization, capitalization, ibor conditions and status as a cor poration. It was reported last night would be recommended to congress by the iiouse committee on rules as a re sult of the preliminary Inquiry which losed yesterday into the strike of mill workers at Ijiwrence, Mass. That a broad Investigation would be recommended, was indicated after the testimony closed and it was re ported that a resolution of the rules ommlttee's own making would be re norted to the house within a few days. An investigation of the American Woolen company was considered by democrats of the house long before he Lawrence outbreak. The rules committee has been pro ceedlng under two resolutions of In vestlgation. The first was introduced iv Representative Wilson, of Penn sylvania, and called for an Investiga tion of strike conditions and the al s. D. WARRINER. VICE PRESIDE)" LEHIQH VALLEY COAL CD. New Yolk. March 8.' The sneclal cued brutalities which attended tne I , ommittee aminiiited by the coal ouer attempt to remove children from the utora t drsift the renly declining all city; the other by Representative-Ber- demands of the union miners will not ger. the socialist member from vvis-0ffer a compromise, according to cur- consin, directed a special Inquiry into rcnt reports. The committee will In strike conditions. I sist upon a wage contract similar In The hearing closed after represen- eVer.v respect to that adopted three tat ves of the American woolen com- years ao. The terms of the agree pany had been heard. Before their I mont propoBed by the operators fol testimony was taken the itev. ,iara w: Carter, a city missionary in Iwrcnec, "That this contract shall be In forct whose salary Is paid by the mill own- ihre years and continue in force un ers, was examined as to tne conumons tn March 31. 1915 In the city, as were several of the citi-1 -That the rates which Bhall be paid y.ens' committee. I for new work shall not be less than Are sou In sympathy with child ,h -.... nHij un(i,.r the strike com labor?" Representative vvuson nsaeu. ,Hsion's award for old work of Do v'ou, believe eUlldron should tuK i I... I..'..AU ..f men f" ''.f -Sl I S "fa a j Ti mr rw- f If . I I I . ' t ' VCE PRESIDENT . ; $ : AND READING I T , . - J V ' N '-JoTo't'i AiWt "BufAfc STATE DELEEATIOK Tl HED BR Norwegian Arrived at Antarc- ' tic Point December 14, Last, He Cables Kristiania Newspapers. Roosevelt Men Meet to Perfect Carolina Organization for Former President. - V Oazette-N'ews Bureuu, Daily News Building. Greensboro, March 8. March, 8. Supporters of Col. Roosevelt from various sections of the state met here today in the chamber of commerce rooms with a view to perfecting a state wide Roosevelt organization. Messrs. Pearson, Lyman, Lusk and Barrett from Ashevllle are here HE DENIES KNOWING ANYTHING OF SCOTT British Explorer Not Heard From Discoverer Made Many Venturesome Trips North and South. Hobart, Tasmania, March 8. Capt. Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian ex- Wlth Roosevelt sentiment through-1 plorer denies having telegraphed any- out the state growing daily and the I thing regarding Captain Robert Scott circumstance that the state committee I or the British expedition. Amundsen failed to endorse Taft for renomina-lis the only member of the Antarctic Hon. friends of the colonel are now I expedition landed from the Fram and onlldent he will get the whole delega-1 nobody is allowed to go aboard the Hon of 24 votes. The meeting being I vessel. The explorer says he is pleas held today Is a representative one. led with the result of hiB expedition oth in respect to character and num ber. The conference is of a semi-ex ecutive character and those assembled got down to the business of organiz ation about noon. The work the children do In the mills is perfectly proper for children to do," he replied. DcMcripllniiM Misleading lxis S. Cox, postmaster of Iaw- reiice. made a statement declaring slntlla kind or character Thai the urrangemcnt and dec! slons of the conciliation board per nilttiug the collection of dues on com pany property and the posting of no (lees thereon shall continue during the life of this agreement. That an employo discharged for TUFT MEN HARD PRESSED IN THE KEYSTONE STITE E. D. THOMAS W. H. TKUESDAUl Advices to Dixon Indicate President May Not Get Dele egation Majority. Four Killed, Three Hurt; descriptions of Incidents nt Lawrence i cing a member of a union shall have were misleading. la right to appeal his case to the con We feel that we have been going ..iii.iiion i,nrd for final adiustment. through warfare which no one wno -That any dispute under the terms has not been there can appreciate, i r tnis H(j,epment must first lie taken he said. "There nave ueen aiiai k ,. , mino foreman and super upon the hollies or people wim " nieiident by the employe or cominlt- onnected with the mills or rciusea ioi ,(e (f t.ni,(,v,. directly interested he- strike. Their doors have been nronen r,M.e ,t ,. ))p tken ,,,, wtn the con down, windows broken, missiles have e(1t, hoard' for final adjustment. been thrown Into the rooms while per- "That the employers shall Issue pay sons lay sleeping." rlHtemenls designating the name of He gave a compilation or savings i() company, the name of employe, bank statistics in 1-awrence, showing (np r(,,.ry where employed, the half the total savings to be I21.OOM00 1 th (m', Hmount of wages and the which on a basis of 0000 population ,.HHH f work performed." gave an average per cappn wi-mmi These practically are the terms tne in Georgia Central Wreck Railroad Employes Seriously Injured and Many Passengers Bady Shaken up All the Dead Are Negroes Over looking of Orders the Cause. (iaxette-News Bureau, Wyatt Building, Notwithstanding the predictions of a tors Penrose and Oliver that the nsylvaiila delegation to the re- iiublican national convention will be iractically unanimous for the renom inutlon of President Taft, advices al ready received at the Roosevelt head- niarters here indicate that the Taft icople will bo lucky If they have a maturity of the delegates lrom the Keystone state. Although there will be no direct .1 .... 1 (.. A..ll .... Ihn Social Circle, (hi.. March . 8. Koiir shaken. up, but none were injured. "' i- " ..in. . i ...... i i c....i,,i 'ii-.. in u r.r. in es trout Atlanta, hoojcli m .ic...i.i.., j... , wi'ie nincil nun uuir nijtiidi, (i. t ...... ....v . .....i.- .. I.,,.. ,.uu..uit tmln N'.. i i.f I lie neirroes killed were unioeiiiuieo. I ii, f!..,.ii.i,. i'..nir:il riillroud li'iivimr The inliucd are 11. V. Nelson, mall Atlanta, at midnight, collided with a clerk of Atlanta; Kngineer it are but otherwise maintains absolute si lence on the subject. Amundsen Intends to stay here a few days and then go to Australia, afterward departing for Europe by the circuitous route of Buenos Ayres. Confirmation of Amundsen's attain ment of the South pole on December 14. 1911, by the explorer himself set at rest conflicting reports current on the subject yesterday. Nothing has been heard from Captain Scott Amundsen for many years has been one of the most daring arctic and ant arctic explorers. He started polar re search at the age of 35. . Kristiania, Norway, March ,8. Two local newspapers today received a dis, pUtch from Captain Roald Amundsen announcing thai he had reached ths South pole on December 14, 1911. The messages were sent from Hobart, Tas mania, where Amundsen arrived yes terday. They read: "Pole reached. 14th-17th December." This is taken In mean that the explorer remained JJli-ti-iUlJJHvylwtytf the pole,.,. faking observations or nis position. Rejoicing over Amundsen's success ? in reaching the south pole Is wide spread. In the strothlng. President Konow, amid loud cheers, said, we are filled with Joy by the news that Captain Amundsen and his comrades have reached the south pole and laiited the Norwegian flag there. Congratulatory telegrams from King Haakon and the Geographic, so ciety were forwarded to captain Amundsen at Hobart. Amundsen to Submit Data, Iondon, March 8. Capt. Amundsen , of 24. The statement showed that )K.rH(nrB will submit to the mine the conference next The operators declare he'forelgn population is wen u . scnted In the deposits of nil the hanss. w0(ine8,Ia.y. Renresentatlves of the American Woolen company at mwrence sun mittcd the pay sheets of employes who hHd testllled " before the committee. In nearly every case the wages com pared approximately with tncamouni related the employes. KYank Sherman, cashier pf the Wood mill, irave a graphic description of the attack by the strikers on the mill when the strike was called. "With unaodlv yells," he said, "they broke down the doors, turned loose In the mill, cut off the power and drove the emnloves out. They pulled re volvers and knives. Girls fainted all over the mill. One of our girls was cut with a knife. One of our men who tried to turn on the power was confronted with a striker who pulled a revolver ana said "lurn on i'"" power and you're a dead man. The police came ana were so oui numbered that we had to let the men run out of temper to avoid fatalities. Finally the mob moved on leaving the mill deserted and damaged Austin P. Wade, cashier of the Aver mill, told the committee that the aver age weekly wage for men, women and children In the mill the last week ue fore the strike was more than 9. Edward H. Cross, of Boston, manu fiif'turlns secretary of the American Woolen company, said the advance in wages given by the company In the last ten years was L'O per cent. THE PRESIDENT BEGINS there will be no concessions, and as the miners' representatives, backed by the demands of their unions, repeated ly have said that the contract of 1909 never would be agreed to again, a dis pute leading to one or tne greatest conl strikes In the history of the, country Is looked for.. .1.... 11... nAni, a mm in - v. h,h. aroused and will express their views """"" .. ' "Z ... T. w. u. y "" v. .. " I, ,,,, a.,,hn,,t dlav. according to de " - . . I,. in, i li a irmiiuivn t n mi nrm. t . fiTlciir tniin thri'f miles from here itt HaiiKhiuti of AiiKUHta, prmmmy taiai- .... Hinitrhen from Hobart received by a " .... i . . 1- .. H A I KOIIU I 111 II XII II 1M 1 Ctt'lV IIIM lllu I ly; vv. 1'.. oarey. man ciera . ! nf apeclal cxirrespondent at Wellington. lanla; Fred Mailey, haggagomasior. oir -. ,. Pool, mall clerk, oi ren..w.... i"-" - -..- - mPBHE raotain Scott In the ... . m i r. .(.. nriiuiniinr in itMiur ti iiitrac . ... UiaiK oi inomp- . -":." .....a u..,. of Whales. January . .. . , AAvmit.AH t I Amundsen camned with nine men in ih I nm inu ntruuiu om ...... Hn of contest every inch of the way for Co.- longKude 1.4 west e N'ot univ will tne i io '"' . .-. 15 o'clock this morning. . The dead were negroes. Their bodies were buried In the wreckage. Dinned be- Harlem, Oil.; S neath the negro coach which was Atlanta; lin-l W. S. i. il.n hmririiiri. ear. Two son. (la.. Passenger. i-'... ,;..,. ' ii,.u...,. ...a i.v ii... r The road's oflicials say the wreck HllU.lll'l.lvn, ii, "i..i . ..... .... .... ,11 ..f .(... puk'i were ileniolisbed. Tile resulted from the overlooking first class passenger coach and the standing orders for freight trains to Pullmans remained on the trick, take the siding at Rutledge station to Some sleeping pa;seiwers were badly give the passenger the right of way Wife Shot Him in Dream Declares Eugene H. Grace . i ti . J'. ....'.. f,.- national ments. Amundsen plans to sail from vn e , ,., . , Hobart within a week for Buenos uelegaies. out i.ic, ..i " r..... Unr , Rall u-rnn. men for delegates to the state con- ... " .h. -VrT... i ...u-. ir ann v in iiih i t ibv niiu viuio-v colonel. LOOT WDRTH MILLIONS Merchants Lose Heavily Through Thieves in New York Warehouse District. New York. March 8. Ten organized bands of criminals are roiming siik Importers and dry goods wholesalers of a n"nr''f "f a nilHlfin dollars' worth of merchandise every month In the warehouse districts of this city. according to officials of the ieum Owners association. Several arrests have been made, but there has been no decrease In the number of robber ies. The thieves are Bald to ba'e lime trouble In disposing of the loot, and It Is hard to Identify it after its re moval from the original packages. Atlanta, Mulch 8. That his wife shot him unintentionally while dream ing Is the theory advanced, by Ku gene It. Grace, who is critically wounded by a bullet while his wile is In .Jail In connection with the myste rious case. Mrs. Grace was re-arrect-ed yesterday. That members of Grace's family have practically deserted the bride was evidenced when the family retain ed Reuben R. Arnold and lamaf Hill to look after their Interests. Th attitude of the family has icen mlsrepreseiiieu nereiu"i-. stated Mr. Hill. "Members ot .Mr. (lpme's famllv are not of the llrm onlnlon. that Mrs. Grace Is innocent 1'hey simply desire to see justice VICTIMS OF WABASH WRECK MAY RECOVER Great Crowd Hears Him Speak at Alliance, 0. Confers x Witt Leaders. . Alliance. O.. March . President Taft today started his three duys' campaign through Ohio .ana Illinois with a talk about Ohio's political con dltions with Tart leaders. Arrange meiits were made to have the presi dent's train stop at a doy.cn stations ihrouuh Ohio during the day. He probably will make many speeches. Taft made his first, rear platform speech here today to a crowd of 12,- 0(H) Twenty Injured Mlicn TliHln Hons Down Kiiilmiiknieiit Near west Ijelwnoii. Danville. 111., March 8. A score of persons Injured In the Wabash rail road wreck near West Lebanon yes twday vwlll recover. Three were rrtished to death when the train rolled down a 30-foot embankment. The train struck a broken rail. Athlete Dies In Sneezing Fit. Camden, N. J., March 8. Andrew Herba an athlete and for many years life guard at Atlantic City sneesed to death at his home today. He wa seined with a violent attack of sneex Ing and It continued until he expired Mioplu.. We-iUKSihed-prosperity. I fnom a nu'tui ' ij blood vctfjel. done it also was denied that Mrs. Grace lias been staying with her mother-in law since Tuesday night and friends of the family state that the two women have not met since Mrs. Grace was placed in the care of the police ma tron Tuesday night. After being rearrested Mrs. Grace the Behring straits. Letters came to Kooseveit neau- "-""" "" -"l" " 1Bt marten here yesterday from Fnila- presses tne yi"""" , ef.hla. Chester. Scranton. Johnstown, have changed tils plans ana prove.-. Pittsburg and Erie, saying that the col- with new exploring and iienuno wont onel's friends are ont asleep, ana inatimus mhii thev will tight to the last ditcn tot m 'leranoi rjmer present. , . The , Fram. A race Amemlnipnt ireaMi. eu ior ma mi H- . - Two North Curo na conKressmen i maii yt-n.o ... . made speeches In the nouse toa r r... .o ... - - f v. otrficiiitiirHi Himronriaiion i pxueuniuii. ow vw. - llJ "PI" " v v. . - - - I while 7000 INT RATES REDUCED . ... . j i.i ,. i 7nn thoiisana mues in mi l.lll was uiuier . -- . mn.hod Reiire8entative Page denounced tne I ocean. " Ke,.re8 . fnr,hiio frnren wild In Ice. Amundsen practice oi t i " "h-'"--' - : "" hla trill which sen to the people by con: toward the close of 1910 with a small which are ?niio tne i . v Norwegians, all experienced reiterated her protestations of inno- nd tntrodueed an amendment to the I in Arctic work. He took a large pscg . i.. .i ....! I . . i - r.i i. i .. a ..a VI mnit were nro- i . ' ii 1 . ' ' " vl 1 ' v - i tun to striae win an. . t-. - i ; , , , was to be near her husband until he ferred t0 tnl8 particular .approprla- t ided with skis ior im.tn. nii onH to lenrn the Itieniity oil., m.. .,.n,lmanl wuu rleteHted. lice. Amunasen iu """" his assailant. Grace's condition has Mr 8mall addressed the house andland winter quarters 80 miles nearer j .u a.irrnrlution lie maae. I tne soutn POie llian "in "" Nothing was heard from the expedi- n -r -rnir l TTIT? TITPT Tl 111. in for many months until tne ar- JSA-ffiiijiiivrmin. - . . i.ram wa8 Teportcd two ON VAGRANCY CHARGE da8 ,1Ko at Hobart. Tasmania. I The London noyai ueograimn Ml ma.... v -y ----- - , Wayne Hclvin, once a millionaire, was claim mat n -r"'" '" . .... .. ..u a i.h ,-Truncv Lml has taken it for granted that he arrestee lounj niinu --, the i...ltl I... l.een a ConSlllCUOllS HgUre was 1110 lirsi cl.iu.c. - here for many years. He inncriteu goai. tfliflO.OlMI from his father ana came taken a turn for tne netter. ji na uui that the appropriation ne mau. i wie wum e-io been determined whether tne pistoi bullet severed the siilnal cord, hut at tending physicians were more hope ful of his recovery. Freight Charges From This State to Virginia Gateways Declared Excessive. REPORT IS CALLED FALSE BY MEXICAN MINISTER Calcro Denies that He Threat ened to Hold Americans as Hostages. Washington. March 8. Nineteen lumber companies In North Carolina, Virginia and' Pennsylvania today filed with the Interslate "commerce com mission a complaint against the At lantic Coast Line and other railroads that the rate of 101 cents per 100 pounds on lumber from various North Carolina points to the Virginia gate ways should be reduced to nine cents. hnlA from Richmond, Va., In 188 He was reduced to poverty tnrougn stock market operations. Savannah Hub Won't Stage Kaco. Threatened Lynching Averted. .Tm-liKonvlllo. March 8.. -Quiet pre vailed here today after 3 o'clock this morning, when the last of the mob which threatened to lynch a negro. i-Hnnah March 8. The Savannah Eugene Baxter, charged with murder- i.i tAt ci iniHin n n i nnrM(i r u i Automobile club today announcea inat-ing oimou D.....r It would not take the Initiative In automobile races over me taB'lnff Savannah course this fall. ther demonstrations are unexpected as the courts have promised a speedy trial. live Killed In Canadian Wreck. Ottawa, March 8. Five were killed and several Injured In a Canadian Fa c If io wreck near Hull today. Washington, March 8. Emphatic dnlal has been made to Ambassador Wilson at Mexico City by Manuel Calcro. the Mexican minister for for eign affairs, of an' Interview accredited to him declaring that Americans ana other foreigners would be held as hostage, should a foreign force invade Mexico. Further disaffection among former Madeiu followers is reported. Out breaks continue In the states of Jalis co, Zachatreas, Ouxsca, Vera Crus, Pueblo, Tlaxacala. ' ' Major General Wood denied that two more regiments had been ordered to the border. MY CH0ICI TOR PRESIDENT If I coald Belert the Man I WoaM Ntwna ii t iitik rv" y Name Address. i. .- .i-i. ,i..L ..t mall It to The GasetteNews. er band It In at this office. If r o ctre wriw our nunH on H,e b"llot, ,m t. ia aH . wTiuw Iwwklr nmvlrlfMl at tliA office?. Results will be published from Hme to time and In no i Bse'vlll the name ot the vote be gteo oat a ilces rcquewci

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