A TiTUBDAY, MARCH 28, 1918 ' THE ASHEVILLE TIMES PAGE SEVEH Stomach Trouble S 1 L.n J Mo,rt "tomach trouble are not din OlYvU utomach la simply weak. Tired out, . The right kind of a i tonlo la what la -needed. A few meals, well digested. -Twill furnish natural strength. That Is what a tonlo will do for you. it will start the stomach going: right. Then (be stomach will take care of Itself. PE-RU-NA Good the Year 'Round Always Ready-to-Take Ther 18 ot.writing i a new prescription every time a remedy Is needed for a weak stomach. No use whatever. The old, well-tried remedies, put up on pur nose for such cases, are a great deal better than an off hand prescription. Peruna Is the remedy that people have relied upon for a great many years. It la readv t take, composed of pure drugs, of uniform strength and composition Not an experiment Peruna Is a substantial, household remedy, with forty years or splendid history behind It In buying Peruna you take no risk. Tou know what you are getting. ft m InAsheville Churches , The Churcnea, V a NOTE- Pastors and cnurch officers sre requested to send In copy to the city editor of changes In announce ments !y P- Friday. at the afternoon services. The regu- lar vested choir of twenty-two voices win lead the music at the Sunday and Thursday services. Irinlty church is conveniently lo cated. Visitors to the city are cor "tally invited to attend services at Trinity. Pews are free. llelhodist -Protestant church, corner Hillside street and MerrimorT"avenue, Hcv. Ciithbert W. Bates, pastor--Sun- duy school 8:45 a. m.; Walter R. Hav ener, superintendent; J. Frank Rice, assistant. : . Morning service ar. 11 o ciock. scr.i tnoii by tho pastor. Subject: 'Barn-j acles." Christian Endeavor, at 3 p. in., 'in the lecture room of the church. Topic: "Getting Power from our Pledge." Evening service, at 7:30. Another "Alexander Song service," to which youi ai-o must cordially Invited. Bring jour Alexander hymn book, and spend im hmir i" song. : Feel free to call for your favorite. Thero will be a number of special selections. Prayer meeting Tuesday at 7:30 in Ihe lecture room of the church. This service is In charge of the membership ,.f the church, and is especially help ful. Cume, and be with us. ' To nil the services of the church, a nioKt cordial Welcome is extended. A Btransrr 1 not a stranger at this church. . . ' ' . ';. slon Day" In the Sunday school will be observed March 2(. Aspecial pro gram Is being prepared. A cordial In vitation Is given the general public to attend. We must need keep before us our "Organization Bay" which comes on the first Sunday In April. A special program will be announced later. " Blltmore Methodist church. Rev, D. R. Proffltt, pastor. . Sunday school at 10 o'clock, J. H. Merchant, superintendent Preaching at 11 and 7:30 on second and fourth Sundays. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30. Epworth league Sunday evening at 7 o'clock, i ladles Mlficiora'':.- er iety eacn Fri day afternoon at 2:30. Mt PloasaTit MethoiVst church, r.ev D R. Proffltt, pastrr. fcunday i-'.ool at 10 eloc.:. ?rof H 2. King, sup.r?iire:r.nt 1 teaching at 11 and 7:30 on first ai?d third S'i -"ays 'yer mep ii.- Thursday evenings at 7:30. worth 'env'.ie at, t 19 on second oj fourth Jjriays and at 130 on iTrsi nd thirl ju'vlays.' All Souls' Episcopal church, Bllt more, Rev, Dr. R. R. Swope. rector Services for the third Sunday in Lent Morning service and sermon, 11 o'clock. ; Musical program: v Venlte, Elvey. Benedicltef Martin. Benediction, Elvey. Kyrle, Dykes. Anthem: "How Lovely is Thy dwell ing place."- Brahms. ; Sermon topic: "Can Good Come Out of Evil?" Sunday school, 3 p. m. Evensong, 4:30 p. m. Magnificat, Barnaby, in E flat. . Nunc Dimlttis Barnaby. Vesper hymn, Longhurst. Organ recital, 5:15 p. m. Allegro con Spirito, Smart Chanson Paroles, Lemare. " Dlthramet, Basil Harwood. Services during the week on Wednes day, Thursday and Friday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. Evensong with ad dress. Holy communion on Tuesday Chunns Cove Baptist mission meets every Sunday afternoon at 3 "o'clock. A. M Black, superintendent. Every body Invited . Blltmore Baptist church, C. M. Rock pastor. Preaching every Sunday morning and- evening, morning service, 1 o'clock, evening service, 7:30 o'clock Prayer meeting! Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Sunday school at 9:45 every Sunday, 3. P. Kitchen superin tendent of Sunday' school. Baraca- Phlleathea and Bible classes. . Special Illustrated lectues every Wednesday evening on the Holy land. A welcome to all, you are Invited to worship with us. , A revival every Sun day. . rr-1' -A ''' flint- Mexflc , , In the opinion of the majority of American editors, 'including even those in- Texas who are too near the danger zone to be easily deluded with false hopes, a strong note of optimism is found regarding the Mexican situation. In THE LITERARY DIGEST for March 25th the leading article covers, in sweeping form, every shade of newspaper opinion on the most pressing problem that now confronts the American people. The article is well illustrated with scenes of the recent invasion by Villa and a helpful map of the Mexican border. Othereature articles that will command attention in this week's number are: What Japan and Manila Think of Philippine Independence Translation from Prominent Japanese and Spanish Papers Upon the Adoption of j the Philippine Independence Bill hy. the United States Senate Wesleyan Methodist church, Rev. A. E. Belk, pastor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m., preaching, 11 a. m., and I p. m., each Suday. Prayer service Thursday night at 7:30 o'clock. Services in hall over Brisht's store at end of West Ashevllle car line. All are cordially Invited to these services. A Lutheran church. Rev. IV. morning at .:4b, ana on xnursaay ters pastor, corner South morning at 11 o'clock. Class in Bi ble study, Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. .The seats in the church are free and visitors are cordially ' welcomed. D. Pe French Broad avenue and Philip street. Sun day school 10 o'clock, preaching at 1 1 o'clock. Everybody la cordially in vited to attend the services. Colonel Roosevelt Out and In the Race Socialism's Stake in '-the War No Compromise on U-Boat War What Bulgaria Fights For -A merican White Ants French Soldiers Warned Against Alcohol Catching Eggs on the Fly French School Teachers in the War 'The Rival of , the "Tipperary" Song Early Peace to Save Civilization The Disillusion of the Primary The Indictment of Judge Gary German Favor for Yuan's Crown To Avoid Breeding Defectives Locating Guns by Seismograph Good and Bad Medicine Closets Hindu Music Will be the Next Novelty Meredith's Prevision of War Baby Victims of War and Peace A Fine Collection of Photographs and Cartoons Where You Will Find " The Literary Digest 99 First r.nptist church, Rev. Dr. Cal vin II. Waller, pastor Bible school, 9:33 a. in., Charles S. Davis, superin tendent. Morning worship, 11, o'clock. Sermon by the pastor, subject: "Think on Tiu'se Things," or "Things to Think AI:out." ; ' Evening evangelistic service, 7:30 o'clock. Rev. Dr. Waller will use-as his subject, "A . Hunt for a Man," suggested by the hunt of the United States' soldiers In Mexico for the out-lav.- VMa. " . Ppeciul musical program both morning and evening chorus choir, anthems, solos and male quartet. Vis um in ihp rliv will receive a most cordial welcome. First Methodist Episcopal church North French Broad avenue. Rev. F. w sinntnn. nastbr. Residence 23 Grove street. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., B. R, Randall, sunerintendent. Preachlne by the pastor at 11 o'clock: subject of sermon, "The Call of the .Master." All services for the next 30 days will be evangelistic. Lent will bo observed In this way. ' Special anDeals to the unsaved. The member ship Is asked to co-operate In winning (ouls to Christ. Junior League will meet at 3 p. m Epworth League at 7 p. m. Topic: "What Now Work Ought Our League Undertake." The evening evangelistic servico will be especially Interesting. The pastor's theme will be, 'Godi Household and How to Get Into It.' The pastor'a subject for Wednesday night will be, "The Way to Meaven end How to Find It" Chestnut-3treot Methodist church, Ilev. D. Atkins, pastor 8unday school song services conducted by W. T. Davey at :30 a. m.; Sunday school t 8:45 a. m.fc J. H, Weaver, super intendent Preaching at 11 a. m., by pastor, ubject, "The Unity of the Church." Solo by T. R. Sanders; anthem by choir. . Epworth League at 7 p. m con ducted by Henry McKlnsey; preach ing at 8 p. m. by pastor; special to Chrlstlnn Workers and Epworth Lea gue. Songs by Junior choir. The study circle will meet with II Ira Ida Wilson Monday evening at 8 o'clock, .-.. ' Prayer meeting Wednesday night at 7:J0, Everybody welcome.- Saint Mary'a parish, Charlotte street and Macon avenue, Rev. Charles Mer ger Hull. M. A., rector Third Sunday In Lent. The holv communion, I a. w.; solemn euchsrlst and sermon,' 11 m.; catechism, 4 p. m.; .solemn evensong, t p. m. - The lioly eucharlst dally Monday at a. in.,, other days at 7:30 a. m.. Kvensong dallyat 4:80 ). m. Litany Wednesday and Friday at 11 a. m. Trinity Episcopal church, corner fhurch and Aston streets. Rev. Willis O. Clark, "jctor. Services for the third Sunday In Lent Holy Communion 8 a. m. "unday school I 45 a. m. ' Morning prayer and sermon 11 a. m. Confirmation class 1:30 p. m. . , Rvenlng prayer and sermon S p. m. PpeciHl children's services Monday 1 1 1 p. m. Hervlces, Tuesday, Wednesdny and Friday at I p. m.; Thursday t 10 . nd I p. m. Frldsy at 11 m. The rector will be the preacher at 'l lh.e aftornoon srnlces. The chlld- vested choir will lead the music Christian church, Rev. P. H. Mears, pastor Sunday school at 10 o'clock preaching at 11 o'clock and prayer , , i meeting Wednesday evening at s morning service at 11 o clock in the , , , Y. M. .C. A. auditorium, Haywood street near the postoffice. Sunday school at 10 a. ra. at the residence of the pastor, 329 Merrimon avenue. Everybody will find a cordial wel come at these services.'! First Congregational church, Rev. J. Bralnerd Thrall, pastor. Sunday West End Baptist church. Sunday school 9:30, R. C. Young,, superinten dent; W. ijr Rice, assistant superin tendent morning service 11 o ciock, evening service 8 o'clock. Rev. J. B. Grlce, pastor. Mid-week prayer meet- BaptTst lng Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Grace church, end of Merrimon ave nue car line. Rev. Walter S. Cain, French Broad Avenue church, corner French Broad avenue undBartlett street. Rev John Bomar, pastor Sunday school 9:30 o'clock a, m.i G. D. Carter, superintendent The Sunday school, 10 o'clock; holy com- Sunday school will observe "Mission I munion and sermon 11 o'clock. Thuri Sunday." Special program by the day, holy communion, 10 o'clock cmiuren. , i ne Ottering win go to mis sion worn. I'reacning service 11 a. m i m,. s.,ivniinn Arm, fniri-- i,on,i anew:. p. m. itev. I3r. A. ri. Brown, I quarters, 3 Aston park, telephone supcrinienaeni or me Mountain scnooi 1613. shelter and ball No. 1. 38 work of the Southern Baptist conven. south Main street, sulvatlon meeting tion, win preacn at tne morning ser- every night at 8 o'clock except Mon vlce. Rev. Dr. Brown will preach by day. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m. spoclal request on "Home Missions." Hii vr. 2. t,0i Snrlnir street, salva. wear mm. ine pastor will preach at tlon meeting. P. L. meeting Thursday the evening service; subject. "I Will at 7 p, m. and Tuesday and Friday at Follow Thee, But" Prayer and ... n m . Y. Rundav at 6 d. m. Sun- praise service Wednesday evening 7:30 L. nnthn 9:ao r m.. dinner meet- OtlOCK. ll Horn hnllnu mnotlnir 85(1 p. m., salvation meeting. Their motto Calvary Baptist church. Hill street "Holiness unto the Lord. 'Iheir war- Want AhAvilla. Bbv. tt w tfiiiam cry: "Sinnors there is buivation ior pastor, services Sunday. Bible school you. 9:30 o'clock:' nreachlnir at 11 o'clock. I subject. "God's Test of Man. or Man Oakland Heights Presbyterian in Innocence." This la first of . . churcn. Rev i. a. v,osBrove. uusior. rles of several sermon. Residence. 515 Blltmore avenue. Sun w v v tt t is nvintr- day school at :45 a. m. ruimo wor lng at 7:80 o'clock? prayer service shlP ftt 11 m; visiior.. coram,., -,v.j..-- ,,.. .,- .,,, received. Services at the Farm school All welcome at our services. I-30 V- m- ver 8unday- The Good Samaritan mission Is Balm Grove Methodist church. West conducted under the auspices of the Ashevllle. Rev. 8. T. Barber, pastor, churches and secret societies tf 8unday school, 9:30 o'clock, Wesley Ashevllle. It employs a chaplain, Rev. Bible class. Baraca class, Phllathea J. 8. Williams, .who devotes his en- class and classes suited to all ages tire time to the comfort of strangers, Excellent corns of teachers. James esDeclaliv those who are lonely or irin mrini.nnt I distressed. Those who desire a vis: i Pranchlnr tiv the nsstnr at 11 ffrom him are quesiea to nomy ,i. ..wi, ch..i. fn. tj xtr.t 1 His residence is is wesi Lomnu, i. ir... t street nnone 6. posiorncw di . u u , uttoi I - , . I Jk . Pnvnrlh l.rn. mMtln. 1 nVWt The mission IS mu.ni...su J l""" - - Fridays and Saturdays all news-dealers will have THE LITERARY DIGEST, but not for long the demand for it is too great. It will speedily be transferred to the library tables in hundreds of thousands of cultured homes where is felt the need of a complete, reliable presentation of the world's newB. It will be in many schools where it has been adopted as a text-book for current history, civics, literature. Every man of public affairs will have it to enable him to keep his finger on the pulse of Public Opinion. People m all fields of activity and of widely varying interests find the DIGEST to be an authority in each individual sphere. Whatever your interest whether events of the War, Politics, Business, Science, Literature, Art you will find it represented in THE LITERARY DIGEST with satisfying, unbiased reports of its new development. Get a copy of this week's issue early while it is on the news-stands. March 25th Number At All News-dealers Now 10 Cents tterar yMest J 3 FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY (Publishers of the Famous NEW Standard Dictionary), NEW YORK miff 1 1" clusses at 9:45 o'clock. Prayer meet ing Wednesday evening at 7:30 and teachers' meeting at 8 o'clock. ; TIM1JS WANT ADS ARE PRODUCERS. Phone 202 led by Mrs. W. A. Reynolds. Ject: "Getting Power From Pledge.'1 untary contributions. Those who de sire to contribute toward its main tenance may send checks to the treas- ..... a r nranl 1 ft Mavwood Evening worship nt 7:46 o'clock. 't e N. c. Presbyterian chapel In West Ashe vllle, Rev. P. P. Winn in cnarge. Sabbath school evefy Sunday, at t O'clock. K. J. onset, superinienueni. Chupel at end of far line. Sub- Our sermon by the pas'ur. Subject Shining of Moses' Face." Prayer meeting and praise service Wednesday evening at 7:45 o'clock, Spoclal effort Is made to have all of these services Interesting and help ful. Everybody cordially welcomed. Central Methodist church, Rev. J. IS. Barnhardt, pustor. Preaching at 11 o'clock by the pastor and at 7:30 by Rev. C. A. Wood, presiding elder kof. Ashevllle district Sunday school at t:45: Epworth' league at 1:46. J. Ora Street Presbyterian church, Rev. A. M. McLaughHn, pastor preaching, Sabbath, 11 aT m., and 8 p. m. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m., 3. B. Shope, superintendent. Prayer meeting, every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. The publio is cordially in vited to attend all these services. Colored Churches Calvary Presbyterian church, Rev. C. B. Dusenbury, pastor Preaching every Sunday at 11 a. m., and at 8 p m.: Sunday BChoot at IX: 30 p. m. All are cordially Invited. St Mathlas church, corner Valley and Beaumont streets. Services Sun days, 11 a. m., and 4 p. m. Sunday school at 8 p. m. Hopkins chapel, A. M. E. Zion church Rev. M. D. Smith, pastor. Preaching each Sunday at 11 a. m., and 8 p. m.; first and third Sundays preaching at 3 p. m.; Sunday school at 1 p. m., each Sabbatn, W. T. Con- ley, superintendent; class meeting on each Wednesday night. Tho publio Is cordially Invited. North Ashevllle Baptist mission Sunday school at 3 p. m. Devotional services 4 p. m. n-t - First Church of Christ, Scientist, North French Broad avenue, near Haywood street, Services every r Mihni. iiiu Pnr miuilhi Bunatr morning ni 11 ouiWKi un Wednesday at 7:80. Missionary Study day school at 10 o'clock: testimonial circle Mond.y at 1:10. meetings om.u., ........ t ...... I'ne restuns room .a ... vi.u,,, vw- Iflce and la open every day except Sunday, from 10 lo U and from 3 to 8. All are cordially, welcome to the services and to the reading room. North Ashavllle naptlst Mission no tice. Services for Sunday, March It: Sabbath school at 3 p. m. Preaching at 4 p. m., with special program of muslo by choir. Prayer services Thursday night at 7:80. Missionary society meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30 p. m. - This being a week of spe cial prayer we urgently Invite all members to be present A special In. viutlon Is glvtn to visiting ladles. Realising the great need of an awak ening Interest In our .home mission tusk we have arranged to have lr. J. C. Owen to deliver an address on "Home Missions" on Friday night March 31 at 7:30 o'clock. 'A later an nounrement will give our special pro gram for this occasion. "Home Mis fit. Lawrence Cathollo church. Rev. Father Marlon, rector. Mosses dally at 7:30; Sunday st 3 a. m. and 1 a.m. ' Haywood Street Methodist Church, Rev. L. T. Cordoll pastdr Preaching Sunday, 11a. m., Sunday school (:45 a. m., IT, A. Irtinham, superintend ent: prayer meeting Wednesday 7:48 p. m.. Sunday school at Riverside I p, m. Ilethel M. E. church, Rev. 3. H. Harmon, psstor. Preaching at 11 o'clock and at 7:4S o'clock and Sun day school. Including all organised AWNINGS AND TENTS (WE MAKE THEM) Just What You Want in Size, Style, and Color. Asheville Harness Co. 33 Biltmore Ave. Phone 80 To Row Before Clilncso iod Atlanta, Go., March 25. Idol wor- ship Is not a common sight in the i churches of the United States, but to morrow the worship of a real Chlncso Idol, the goddess of mercy, will' be ob served In thousands of churrhes throughout the south. This strange ceremony, In which some one repre senting the Chinese worshliicr will bow before the Idol, best "his head on the floor nnd burn spirit money, la a part of the program for mission ary rally day In tho Sunday schools of the Houthorn Itaptlst denomination. Through a Kaptlst missionary In Shanghai, there have been secured 20,00 likenesses of the goddess and 40,000 pieces of Imitation Chinese money, such as the people of China constantly burn In her honor. : ' r .During the month -of April pranl dentlal preference primaries will be hrtld In Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Illinois, lows. New Jersey, Ne braska, Montana, Massachusetts and Ohio. At these primaries mors than one-half the delegstna .to the nation al conventions will be chosen. Vases of Concrete Flower Boxes of Concrete Ornamental Balls of Concrete Sill I II IS I gl II Lawn and Porch Furniture of Concrete i ....... - ;' . -. '. - , i ' r,v W - 5?, " 1 1'sWil Haj u Ik Odd, Novel and Enduring. Now is the time to order. ASHE VILE CONCRETE CO, 24 American National Bank Building ... . ' P. 'A i

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