ASHE VILLE, NORTH CAROLINA; FEIDA Y MORNING, DECEMBER U, 1840. NUMBER'S My OUtj t at. sl tea ro, r ..... i nnriTl! tHITQEi " IbihYnannfrushp. neWrfaMll viiW " And tboeecuriT-tailed swallowgaudlliose 1 4 " j, g. fllil-' ;yr H,Mrt . j from lliecoruefofjthe room, where cousin J crooked gudgeons may I flying or im j Tlw i mTcHBISTiI .... Tom had beeo listening to the discourse mmg ni 11 puoo 01 uw pecwior.; ucscnpiion is 1 - f pM I and ma tt- MctfKWKi" b published at Tww 1 1. ft mu pur whwh f IwVT.n)!d of IB J"r. t thcon- until all rrfn5r re paid TII&W1LD HORSE. i following pictujksqne and graph- :i .. . . i ' w' . i - irom ine pi. kj ricayuno. ii kiniraniftHr kheattha nmn linv. I fcxactlv so. Mid my uncle t wand appears in a aeries, entitled " mine Ri.binnon Fiddh sticks ! cried hiv aunt: t)re you Itaya the superior bacTtot the I Sketches" : ra-Aiiffht'nt to talk- about oolitica. I Chinese .. A Straflbrdshire potter "would ' We were water-bound at Walnut creek Icavo nothing to the tmngionation. He lho water was too high to admit our cross. ?Jti will be Inrte4 One ItoU-r idTwcnty.riT teats fat ,1mm must t pom P'o r i. .urn 4BBES1 boyshSiight'nt to talk about poli Whut In the world has opium chewing to do with a desert island f ' lie had a wholo cargo of it," mutter. ed Tom. when he went on bis voyage to China,'! I VV . The lad's rii'ht." saM mv father.- " Go, Tom, and fitch the book "and De-1 would neve r dream of building a castle in ing, and for three days we had remained foe's novel was produced in a twinkling ! 'The lads right," jrpcated my father, the air. or throwing a bridge over nothing. I listless nnd idle on tbu bank of the stream, 41 lie would not indecd,",aid my father, I The fourth dtiy came, and still the water cvenif he could get an ad of Parliament I continued rising, and as we could not pro- Cur it." . - '- i " s ceed upon our travel, three of us, weary of ftot ho, cried my uncle j-M ail muaiiuB.'Weary of .idlens, determined to start be foct with him no fiction. But it is otb. in pursuit of n bufl'ulo. Wc discharged erwise with the Chinese. 1 bev have .born the old charges from our fire-ormo. and V THOMAS UWV, ZOA it said' mv uMle very possaeer From Sumatra says Cm- contrary, they haveteore boldness and and rodeotE . As yet we had seen but one ' on the table the pamphlet he oe, ' ' went to Siam, whore we eschttag. onginamy inan an our oyai Acaocmy uuuaio, anuninrwas on oiu ouii, wiinuKn AtMuajwvB wi r I -omeof our wan-a foroDium and some P"t togetlicr. For instance, here is a road as tough as leather. We started at eight the further endof which is lost in that white in the morning, and rode two hours and a i.i i. .t ' u ... ..... w r. ... ii... i ii . ..: .i . i i i : . -1 t . I I nr nrvwin. fhiil liltlft&A Htut li'hll-h I UIUI1I& W IIICU UiU V UI UJU V InM WlllU IVr HK1 I I HI II WJIIIUUl m-tSllIU H llUir1' lit'iL I1UU Hit- Ppfndiamnn. Mf aunt was at thot time was much wanted thcre.w - atmospheres".:-- i'lv4. "ivv ' - ' "I" excepf the innumerable wischetocs, flw su d r381 ," ,..:.k v.i. t.. 4 Thsi'. tA tl.A .int. at anv rate " aM "And yet," said my fothcr, that liu and cround insects. We rodj throujHi yDcsioenj , mimcle. with a nod of annrobotion to the e man Jn wttkoalsUr walking up it, as if beds of sun flowers, miles PrU,,.wT V - A. fnJbov. Rut mv aunt did not so much relish be had air erirnd at the oilier end." their dark seedy, centres, working atpw . , rn' inrv nnrf nn snmn hoiuu-liold " For aught wc know," said my uncle, yellow leaves: followinji Z..J!!kto'take our. tea. which, prtUnce,to.)k herself out of the room. ' it may be an ollrgory ; and 1 have ofteh the day from east to west, . JT.n r.ld connexion with Cathay, was " It Is a snd job, this war, and I am or- laucwe that the paintings on tneir vessels wiicn the shadows close . . trv. ,k tir. rv far it." said mv lather, with a serious ere scenes from their tales or poems. In though tliey were things of WW!u , ,Tnb, -Lake of his head. "I have alwavs had a tlwmean time we may gather some hints of - timent.. Thescarc continued mv uncle, shake of lus head. " I have always earth we should go to war about J sneaking fondm?ss lr the Chinese, as an ffbr oo earth, .;.nnitfi nauica mr com- intellicent and ingenious people. n I out run 'them' now in the race of civiliza- 5100.. M rhimod in mv aunt. I tion. but no doubt there was a time when, . . f 1 . I . . . . ..r. ......! ! . twr. m n fir ...I .nn tl' o 'vLmb bold it was to put in a woru ouupui tuuiruuii, v. t....v., . yMUwimentasolten assciiaaanoi.itre mc - . . Wuoilt I always thought opium was It is impossible to doubt it, said C iJt:n; Mothine sort of thing, more likely uncle, withdrat animation. "Jo neonk's oassions than to stir thing of tlitS munition of gun powder, W f f I mv icai op, say no and rtheir discoveryoilo jnarineis'a-comjass, with look' at tlicir eartlienwarc, tor my owu in extent, with and radiating the sun through and drooping over them, as sense and sen. sometimes beautifully tiic character of the people front the" porce varied with a delicate fl.twer of an azure lain tlwt they are "literary and musical, I tint, yielding no perfume, but forming a and from the frequent occurrences of fig. pleasant contrast to tlte bright yellow of ures of children, that they arc of affection- the sun flowct. ' ate and domestic habits. And, above ail, I About half past ten, we discerneJ that they arc eminently unwarlike, and in-1 creature in motion at an immense distance, ctincd to peaceful and pastoral pursuits, - ! I and instantly, started in pursuit, rifiet n do not rccolleet ever seeing an armed fig. minutes riding brought us near enough to, urc, weapons, or any allusion to war and I discover by its fleetness it could not be its attributes, in any of their enamels." I buffalo, yet it was too large' for an antelope u ..n..1a Irvil:nl at the si . . . 1 . : .- i . r . e i t in.-... . .i . .i.,n no i hot At ffui I iHin. i urn mmrtiiHriv ioiiu oi oiu luiuu. (saiwwiiKrK,c","u ' . , .... .1 . ; .. t , . , I. -irti Wilkie's nkture. who sat once It is, 1 may say, quite a passionr-innent- '"l"1 -j'r - " ? w..olu ft Wrln. fnuii inv Prandmotlicr.-with will be hkcthe Uiina vessel 40 the old j!WBinz Sliu smiling ' ' v B"." I -"M J , " . , ' , . inckervof the Blind J iudlcrijtjnvaunt several ciosois iuii oi meonenwi Krceiuiu. illusion ttf llw scdalive juaiiues oi opium i ohu iwu iu hus na wiiwiu ih - j-- o I . . . l,.,;nir ilm discourse. - rny father-, " to Wick her opinion. IDeJUipuur quesuon, j. soe cuuuuuui, i - . uwomc . , (" u.... it ouitea diocrcnt thiugJ That'sal! about eagerly ; " and the Chinese most be a gen- ItfimdniM! snd combustibles t and it would Itcel people. It is sufficient to loo at their ti .J itirm if wa were to send .our elecant tea services, to convince one that I J . . . . 1 f 1 I .1 .1.. n.. i l.n n 4 1.. , father,; ' So n:uch the worse tor them," said my I or a doer. " 'On wc, went, nnd soon distin- for tlieyare threatened with some. I guish&Tthe erected head, tlie flow ing nut ne, It I and the bcautiiut proportions ot the wild fa. horse of the prairie. Me saw us, and ped ble coming in contact with the brazen ore. I away with an arrowy fleetness till he guin. jWtvilHiwn fiiM. Km.-iuli hmtlw.r of youtlr" a distant eminence, when he turned to favorite ware!" - .. ; gaze at us, and sulieretl us to approach HIA'smasfi ! where ! inquired myaunt, 1 within four hundred yarilawht'H JieJiouiijJ- w ho had just entered4he room, and imper. I ed awny jn n neither direction, with a grace- I tectly overheard the last sentence. " W hut tut velocity delightlul to behold. v c paus are you talking of T" cd for to pursue him w ith a view of catch " Of a bull in a china shop," said my ing him was clearly impossible. Wheniic Wof-war, and friTates7and fircships, to U-y are not made any more than their ves- lather, with a hard wink at my uncle. discovered tliat we were not lollowing him, WaidMovnt Vetiviu8;',i. Jscls of the commoner earth. rlou feci at ses, iimi urcnuiui mwim, sure ub iso pauseu, aim mw- amm uc. enougn, saiu auuu lucre was nirs. iiupireu who us grvTucurnraiijr us uuraires, Starkey who keeps the great Staffordshire for after making a slight turn, he came warehouse at SmithfielJ Bars, she had an nearer, till we could distinguish the iuquir- ovcrdriven beast run into her sliop only Inst ing expression of his clear bright eye, and week. At first, she says, he was quiet tlie quick curl of his inflated nostrils. rcryfcei'nniWrffielTiiesst fi enough, for besides racing up anddowa bUfJVc had no hopc.Lcatclnngran.J id f . - .. . . In .. m ww i - I T.Jin ctBvwk ruk KoAn lutllmtV ltitrjl oil I rxrt U'lkiti in L'ill him Kit rfctii ti uit r ltu I atliAw IM itthMir nt n a ,ninfaji i uiiu nuv.i ijv sv-ss vunm.nuuiHt.u uii i w n uu va vmii v. j i ou feci at " I should like to see ifTsaid ntv father, once a kia ouietest tone and with his erravest " " That Slape Whang is a gentleman, fke--forbewas lougtiing inwardly at the said my father; " and Nan King a lady, in fcroposcd grand display of pyrotechnics. I spite of their names. c To fro back, resumed my uncle, " to My uncle pun no attention 10 ine j)kc, tare Copt. Eliial, who isx to give the Chinese admiral a chop " And sverr civil thing of Jjim,-too, ktaarked my aunt. Ah! what I" exploded my uncle, as InsppHbai a IV atcrloo cracker. " To be sure," said my aun, in a depre. service " he said " is enough of itself to over Islington and41o.xton fields, and that us to approach him slowly, for thepurpose miilwi . iLnlinin U-r It nan m itnrv nou laKCii me w lioness out oi mm. oo at I oi bcuiiuiiiu iimii i nun; uvunv. tc uau at least it docs me with the exquisite hor. fit he only stood staring at the jugs and ror of malt liquor nnd such gross beverages, mugs ana wings, as u aominng tnc pat Infid. 4o eomnare our drinkinz vessels I terns. with the Chinese, they arc like horse buck. u Andpray,"inquiredmyunc!e, whcre YiteA trnn ."it mltrSt hn a Fri:!.iv and n fast rt to bird frlasiM-s s and rememberiniF their was Mrs. Starkney in the mean time 7 Lr. tomi hor. f1:imiiis. nnd black iacks. and wassail " Why, the shopman, you see, had ci-p! r.i- . i o --.. i ' I 1 .1 I t' - XttnwWitT houla .,iir. ;,ih in. nnd Kaxon ancestors unuer ine counter lor aieiy, auo Mrs. As to mpat tmcatfA mv mint ihu. must have been a 4itlle coarse, not to sav I btarkey was in the back parlor and saw ev hr. " Ifcave always understood tliat the hocmsh in their draughts." - ery thing by peeping through a crack ot the IjihnIirMvct..nit tk. T,.o.,:. Tlwu mnt imiH-n. nnin mv fnther. I irreen curtain over U.c class door. Jso the im to n ftrtlvfcrtinf the nhin." " Now. here is a delicate drinkins ves- mad bull stood staring athe crockery quiet -PJuol iwosense!"eiaculatedmv uncle sil, continued my uncjelioeupf roma enouglitwhcn unluckily with a switch of ' aiH..i'nMn run hnrdrvlarye-chouSrh forlta" he brout down on his back a whole Nr onde Inokpd nnmrdi wnrthv nf Inh tairv to trot into. hut sortotliouor I IL'W oi piimtns innraoBgowr nis neaa i iawtlC lie was sort Iv temntfl." but he ought one to expect from such a pretty lit. . i . " . - - pwbted the risin? Enfrlish-oBth into a riroea tarug pnd gnmaceWy father il to mend matters as wual. " After u,bra(her,nbcsaid, my sister's mistake wurai and womnnlv especially in i of a house, who has to think oca auy of chops and stakes. Besides, she aaa greater blunders to keep her ao. You remcmbitr the needless taot there was about Barbarian "To beSUre llfl drVMl n anul tnv mint ad whrihoiiM I Kn nu...,i r-.: j w iv .infn vlll ny more than Lord Melbourne, or rsiroerston, or Lord.KiMtws.Who'? Tlj wlicn it s such a difficult language ---,-uu a single letter stands- for ;"7.Kp!er, hko the Egpti.m bicro- v'pnics." "Bwhat FTther. niiiti,. i.; K I , ' . yvrnvft, SIS rc4c4t tod talinrr nrt th hrvwhtiM tkA Lit . ;Q r " w.ssmi unu Ul "Why, he says," replied W .uncle, opium is a baneful dnir- tluti it t oemoraiizing eflects on p consumers; and that we hav no riirht Emin.t. ..... : o -, .-"'-v uuiou3 arucie uown r v T fc"Pw-creatures." I 0, nor wholeanmo :.k n l I " w uciuitT, re- E.n,Lfcthtr. j"g to the foman wVn sh L llt J i:u-r -rr i . H ciuiu lor not im pnyrie lied But what ha ve we herel return of our einnn. f .k r..t..r-i r t i wre iv;c9iiai cm- " Tn.. . .. ' : .wiuinnr moan. i i Me. th. .err, v? w my H - v v'unese aid not chew "wesomuchoninm .k - u u F"-"y w my out on our Bi Manchester manufactures." rv .TJ .T.nseD9e' indrcd !" "claimod H unt " As f tko m:.., i j m. fWOI COttnnn i: . , gen hardware and cutlery, like the irmi ogham i .ft V ouia jurummagen argu. twierafi, gay mv fatuer. n nvr. PLMhT?rt Phlcd over w ith morality. (tw. oldl.B,ory the spelling-book, liSe aothinir Ilk. l.,l.- i' TV 15 . ' L", 1x1 Commissioner Lin are both of a " condemning a drug in which they rjraggists , but how come, it ihft QZ IT1 icmon'g effects of the " "M as sundipg ;; suppose he remembered being pelted about t-bnirfW . , I the streets, torque clatter ot the eartnen- " At a guess," replied my , father,' very f ware aTwuT eaWswmedlorpxrt him-up rravely. " nothinz coarser than mountain "gain, lor he gave a stamp and a bellow (jcu-,''" ' ' that made the whole shop shake again, and not advanced far, Iiowcvcr.before he moved away, and circling round, "Approached on the other side. Tivas a beautiful animal. ' a sorml, with jet black nmne and tail. Wc could see the muscles quiver in lus glossj limbs as be moved; and when,, half playfully and half in fright, lie tossed his flowing mane in the air, and flourished his long silky tail," our admiration knew no bounds, nnd wo longed hopelessly, vexa. tiously longed to possess him. Qfjajl the brute creation, the horse is the most admired by man. C imbiuing beauty with 'usefulness, all countries hik all ojes yield bun tlicir admiration. UuT hou"h the fittest specimen of his kind, a te-nppeard, with a light chance in its terms, just sufficiently u indicate that the purpose for which it had originally beta made public was not yet accontpliahed. me second edition in like manner oontin ued to excite the speculation, tlie wishes and the envy 01 numerous readers, and was in its turn followed bv a third, a fourth and a fifth, tlie latter of w hich bore date about two months after the first. In the mean time, the circumstance had been quoted and commented upou by every newspaper in the kingdom ; the sporting weeklies were made llicjiroclaimers of several bet touching the sum, the najhe ot tno inuier, and the probabilities of nn owner appearing to claim l!ie lost mammon ; and even the mug. aziiH-s hud something to say of tlie very remarkable fact that any number of bank notes should go begging so long for a pro pnetor. It will be understood, therefore, that greater publicity could not be given to any event, than was bestowed upon tin bundle of treasure, and tho wish of thu present possessor, that if should full once more into the hands of If legitimate mas. ter. The fifth edition had appeared for some days, and tlie solicitor to whose manage. ment the affiir was entrusted, was on the point of advising bis client, tliat nothing more was to be done, except to enjoy his good fortune; when a claimant oppearod,. as it were, at the'clevcnth hour. lie an nounced himself as one of the partners of an extensive oiuking establishment , in Yorkshire; and requested an interview w ith the advertiser. This was, of course ,L gran ei at once; arid the two gentlemen, with their respective solicitors, met at the our nnd'place appointed. fhe .prclimiiiarii'S were soon adjusted ; mt t, taking the fact into --consideration that two lawyers had gotten their fingers in the pic ,' the next step was for the el limnnt to make known the ground of his belief, that tlie money bclohgud to lus bullae. covering the contents of the parcel to bo to valuable, taken a cab and proceeded at once to the bank. .. These were the Statements and facts re. lied 00 by tlie parties in relation to their claims upon the deposite. Tlie matter continued to bo a subject of wonder inves. tigatioti and controversy, for some months ; but nothing appeared td clear up tlie mys. tery, The proof adduced by the bankers of the identity of tlie notes, and tlie time andjrtanuer of their coming into tlie Bank j was abundant and irresistible ; and equally ftfl Wftll lIlA.nvIiluiuiA a... . .1 .I . I. appearance in London. The dispute waa at length . compromised ; tlie finder con. sentedtogive up his claim, upon condition that tlie bankers should nay certain sums to certain specified charities; but the puzzle remains to this day as perplexing and per- (cct as ever. Till? nvitn 11 rr-n If tlie experience ofibedvinz hour could be fuithfully written, the thoughu that then fill tlie" bruin like thu last iuliabitanu of a cruinbltiig temple, nnd tlieceliiigs tliat tlien occupy. thu chilled heart, be revealed to the eye of sense, what a view would be display, ed ! The period of dissolution brings w ith it motions pi a peculiar character. There arcat'thaf time operations through which tliusoul never belore passed. Nothing ap pears in its old aspect. Like a splendid , -fir ie..f?igt plnce, he gave thejamount; and it was admitted hu was correct in Ins descrip tion so lar; the Motes were of the value of rht thouinnd pounds. But, beyond, this, lis tale was abundant in difficulties. The notes were of various banks and denomi nations, and had been pnid to his housc on the third. day of May, as lie knew not only from the books of the concern , but from a rivatc inemoroiKmm made at lho lime by one of the partners: lor some particular nson, which be either did not explain or tlie writer has forgotten, they had not been immediately Yes," said mv uncle, with enthusiasm, "to drink out of such a diminutive, calyx. down rattled a great jug on his hind quar ter. Well, round turns the bull, quite sav. all enamelled w ith blossoms, islndeed, like "gc, wth another loud bellow, as much as of I to say; ' 1 should like to know who did that! to the poetical fancy of sipping dew out a flower ! And then the Sylph to whom only such a cup could belong !" , ""'SiieThust have had thinner liptha an Austrian, said my father. u And w hat a lady-like hand !'cxclaml, ed my uncle, ? for such a Lilliputian ute sil would escape from any but the roost k nn 111 ne hugt rs. when what sliould he see by bad luck but china figure of a Mandarin, as higi) as our om there, a gnnnine and nodding at bun nth his head. T:?J&mmissioner Lin,' said my father with a significant nod to mv uncle. . .. - T r. 1 . 1 M rs. Blarney ininKs, coniHiuca , my Hint." thflt i" IT"" took the china Her lu.nd must be like her foot,?" said figure for a human creature, and partieu mv father. " which is never bieircr than a larly as its motions made it look so iile-iiKe; j . , - - s. 1 . - . ..... 1 child's." " however, the more the . null stamped and And there again, we have a proof of bellowed, the more the Mandarin grinned refinement " said mv uncle. ' Walking ana noaoea nis neaa, tin ai long ana at last i Bonrrnliv 'cnnsidi n d in Eurooe as a vul- the bull cot so asstravated, that, sticking ear and common exercise for a lady, and his tail upright, Mrs. btarkcy says, as stiff w ... 1 i 1 ; 1 . . 1 1 1 . x. . 1. it shows the extreme delicacy oi the .well, as me khcik-h poner, uc irauu ui.t one run kr1 Phm. foniaU . iimi n fnr n noasibl at the china Mandarin, and smashed him she makes a conventional impropriety physical impossibility." - And it is somewhat rcmarkaDie, said my father, " that tlie Chinese gentlemen have an nnnendnce, formerly indispensable with the politest nation in tlie world in its politest time, the pictail. bxoctly, said my uncle ; " but here is the lady," and betook up another of bis grandmother's brittle legacies,! "on a plate that ought to be a plate to Moore's Para' disc and the Peri. . Just hold it up towards the window irnd observe its transparency, softening down the sunshine, you observe to a sort of mooulight. " Very transparent, indeed, said my father, " and vonder is Nan King herself, fetching a walk by tliat blue river.' f ics, bluer than the Klune, ' saia my uncle. U though it has not been put into poetry. And lock at tlieWirds, &nriruits, t and flowers ! And then that pretty rural temple!" Is it on the earth or in the sky 7 osked my father. ' ' " Whichever you please, said my uncle and the garden is all the more Edenlike for that ingenious equivocation. There is no horjzon, you observe, but a sort of blending, as we may suppose there waa in paradise, of earth and heaven." " very poetical, indeed," said my father- into shivers. " And there you have the whole history,'' said mv father with another nod to my un. cle, of a War with China." Keu Month- ly Magazine for October. The FelojTs Dacghteb. -George Rob. ert Fitzgerald, tlie Irish patriot j left a wife and daughter. His wifj adliered faillilullv and devotedly to him to tlie Inst, and was untiring in Iter exertions during his trial, supplying information to tlie lawyers, and seeking out for evidence. His daughter was an interesting, gentle, but not band. some young lady , of, very retired manners, and os we imagine,-of a decidedly inelan choly babit ; and yet when we saw her. she was not aware of her father a shameful fate. She mostly resided at Charleston d, tlie seat of her uncle, and from the most excej lent of wome n ,- Lady Louisa Conolly , she received all the fond attentions that her peculiar position required. But it so bap. pened, that bt ing alone in the library, and looking over the upper shelves, she hit upon the trial of her father; she read it, and never after lifted up ber beadbut sunk into an early grave end it was best Nei ther fortune, nor high connexion, nor all the delicate attentions and fond solicitude of frieDds, could lift ber out of her abase. nvnt the felon's daughter Duh. Mag. rown miujediately into circulation, as as the custom of the house ; but had been p6sited w ith some other papers of-value an iron chest, of wliiclronly the parties had keys, and this chest was locked up in u vault, to wlneli none of 4ho clerks had ac cea. Tlie loss of the money had not beea discovered until the day previous to that on whieh he had started for London, nnd he was utterly unable to conjecture how, or by 'vhoni, it had been taken nway. This was all the account the banker could give of the matter ; neither lho iron chest nor the vattlf'gave the least evidence of having been forced ; the keys bad never been out of the possession of the partners; and iDtlimir else; appeared to have been taken. me various persons, and he had notviet lieen over the velvet carpet of the prairie, swift 1W tin arrow I10111 the Indian s bjw, or even they could be identified, farther than that the receiving clerk of tlie banking1 house remembered one of tlicm to have. been a bill of the Bink of Lngland for five hun dred pounds- and to have had upon it a large spot of red iiilt. . The other parties were now engaged in making inquiries, by which thev hoped to be able', in the course of a few days, to identify at least some of the others.- mil which has been hur.g in new drapery. acn oiji:ctwears a dill, rent dress.. Oinn- ioiisltli if the strpngi-Bt.force of arguimirt coiila not repel or w ithdraw from the mind, then! hastily uVn-irt; pr( iulices that rooted heniselves more and more deeply at every attack, then bend before the blast; cher islitid fi-elings, that the b.isom had ever efung to, then arc hated, and desires that have cver fiaind a home besidi; affection's altar,1 tl c.i trj bunislied. What fearful T-T:rrTTrr ?-il.. - .1. .1.. . . . . ... . i,.iiaiiju is mil,, iniii ineo ueiuoeiu ine spini I Arc tlie faculties then so weakened as to ............. .. i ..... i t ... ..ii r r . t (MULin ii iiuiii iiiiiihiuj uuu leeiing urifjui NI ; it nowices'things as'fhey are.'' F alse h toi hns ceased to obscure its .vision. Truth, long deprived of her authority, long forced to crouch like a slave, obtains her rightful station, nnd shows tliat tlie pnjend ecl nature of the world is very unlike its re al character. O what nn hour is this! When the soul is aroascd to the true re lations of objects : when mistakes are seen but alas too late for Correction when cter nity'sjimportaiKeand nwe enter into tlie decisions, wishes, an J feelings of the mind !, The hour of death ! In this brief space the past isreviewed. II owe 'er treacherous memory may have been on a thousand oc casions, she now acquits herself with fidel ity. Omits si io now to unroll the record, w hich her hand so often clasped ? I- slie like the trumpet, that bloweth an " uncer- .tain sound." Life's history her tongue now . repeats scenes, forgotten scenes, are re called, nnd buried events are brought up before the eye. Over the long path which we have made, she leads us ; here s'ie stops meditate on eome dark ded : there she shaws anollier way into which passion hur- Havc we injured friends? doniestic horsu wiiteycCJta!fcA3lJiiiijc and indescribable charm that beams like a halo round the simple name of freedom. 1 he wild horse, roving ih prune wildur. ness, knows no master, has never felt the w hip, never clasped iu his testh liu; bit to curve his native freedom, but gambols un molested Over his grassy home, wlierc na ture has given him a bountiful supply ot provende. Lordly man has never sat upon bis back ynhe sjmr and the bridle are unknown to him ; and when, the Spaniard comes, on his fleet trained steed, with noose neu us. nave we injured mends I Have 5tVs'llro b' en iwire'l from 1 l.rue nn '"' bosoms on which we rest. eu ueen pierceu o uu; oaruj oi uiikiiiijucss I Memory presents it. Have wo performed neiltiiiiw-yfw of the widow been cheered, and the loneli. At this stage of the procerdinj. it was suggested by Mr. Johnson if that was his in hand to ensiiarcJijni lejyndsaway Uaira thi: siljcitor. that one of thu officers the lightning darting from the cloud Wetnight have shot him from where we stood, but had we been starving wc could scarcely liaxc.d.onc it. He was free, and we loved him for the verv pos.sessiou of that libert Vwc longed to 1ake-from 4iiin but we would not kill him., no hrcd a ntio over his liead ; lie heard the report, and tlie whfc of the ball, and awny he went, dis-ap. iicaring in the next hollow, show ing him- a t l.l ti sell again as nc crossed tnc a i slant roils, still seeming smaller, until he faded away in n spCck on the far horizon s verge Just as lie vanished, we perceived two dark spots on a mil about three miles dis tant. .We knew them to be buffalo, and immediately set off in pursuit. ol thetiank ot bugland. in w hich the ma- ney had lieen-aVpositediiy tiie.ii.ndej,. for From Uitf B jsIoii Wocklv Magazine. A REMARK ABLB FACT. We are assured tliat the following fact, singular and improbable as it may appear, did positively occur ; and ail h;w alforded much scope for conjecture and theory, we have been induced to insert it. It may in. duce some of our readers to rack their brains, and if possible, to; discover some plausible method of accounting for the wondcriujjaccurreiice.,! r In the spring of the year 1803, a notice ppeared in several of the London papers. large amount of money in bank notes, nd that the owner might recover rhemyby establishing his claim to the satisfaction of certain Mr. Johnson, or Mr. Smith, a solicitor, whose abode was designated. The advertisement continued to appear for several days id succession ; it was then withdrawn, but tn?V course of a few days safe keeping, should b requested to attend; and in the course of three-quarters of nn hour, he made bis appearance. In reply to a question from the solicitor, the banker again stated tliat the bills were received by his house on the third of JIayat about 1 1 o'clock'in the morning; his description of the five hundred pound note was admitted to be correct, but the gentleman from the bank produced a minute from his book '.of entries, by wlrrch it apiM-aTcdttwt-rt wason thoShird of May, at three o'clock in the afternoon, that the notes were placed in his Ijands; (nd it was proved that the first notice of the finding had been published oti the "morning of the fourth : if tlie notes were tliose alluded to by fhe Yorkshire gen- tlnrian, they must have been taken from his bank'and conveyed to London, a dis tance of more than two hundred miles, in less than two hours, a performance of which all admitted tlie utter impossibility. . At a subsequent dav, another partner arrived in town, having succeeded in asccr- taining fhe sums and dewriptions of several of the lost notes; his memorandum was compared w ith tlie bill deposited in the bank, and found to agree ; but his testi. monv tic time of tin receipt of the money, coTrtsponded precisely tviflj fhai of the first comer. He declared that it was ness of the orphan been relieved by us? H is the path of one individual lost a throne by our instrumentality, or. tlie wreath of love had one rose added by our hands I Dj lighted with the occurrence, memory re peats it in strains oftexultation". Crowded into this narrow period, the moments re. semhle the waves that now dance in the sunlight t oH lie music of the breeze, and . now .., fl iw on in solemn silence beneath the shade of over-hanging b mghs. But dos the past alaius-cwpiiy.--the fugitive lixurL That hour iiiiagiintioiiaUo makirs her own. Whit rver mav have hindered its -operation is now removed. Loftier and freer than ever soars its wing. 'Ovcr tlie highest summit it ensily risCs, borrowing life from death itself.- . The dying hour! It is then that Time ant wc rr parted- I ivnigti lie may hive h-d us over a diversified way, we th-n for sake him, he continues to travel on in his own course, but we are ushered into a new -LcQiijlition. C jre ceases to distress. The last tear falls from the eye, the last sigh es capes from the bosom. Darkness gathers, upon tlie. earth, r lieved only by that pure lij;ht which proceeding- froin lieavcn -liath power to gild the closing scene. Mortality shrink not from this hour ! Pursue virtue let religion be thy study , 0 man, and. ben. ever and wherever this event occur, it shall find thee KippilyjrejMred.Wh-tber dciiii meet thee at the door when midnight rrlgn. eth, or mid-d.-iy pour its tide of glory on the world w hether it meet thee amid the con solatioiis of home, or the privations of a stranger's country whether it meet thee on tlie uprising billow or in the fruitful plain its stern brow shall Ix-nr a soft and holy ex pression, nnd Its angry voice shall speak tones but those of peace and love. to the effect that the advertiser had found Jryirtrangbut- tbijre waa o contending n gainst the fact that the notes were in the ustody of the Bar4lr"of Engmnd within four hours from the time at which, if the st me, they were undoubtedly in Yorkshire. The finder alleged that he had picked them up in St. James Park, ttyit they were done up ia a paper, and tied with a piece of red tape ; and that he had imnsodiateiy on flis. An old man who had been dreadfully M henpecked" all his life, was visited on his d'ath-bed by a clergyman Tic oTdTBaif" appeared very indifferent, nnd the parson f-ndeavored to arous" him by talking of th King of Terrors ! " I lout, tfit, moo, I'm no scar'tr The King of Terrors? I've tKn living sax and threlty venrs with tho Queen of them, nnd the King canoa be muck! waur.

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