-J shall eornrnenea with Gma&e. New To A for iwr-:'-. Theatrical. wry Xrler to all Eropf o winted to make a bamboo fortune , kW." ffImmiatefr, by the first "'f6'. Nor were they often VA&T'VE' many iostaocea of ft feting thousand mmking. polite .L.Trturoinsa few unfelt TBlng - most deTouily," at our CJ. w 0.h in Heaven, a better elate .1 k comioz up. Tba managers of i S-here. hae appeaieo, .1w, ,fl .k-1.1 Mirtain4 aeema to hate tall T Well might Byron -LJ-k misasvesfcjavsa i. for Tbeatree bae been the rZ. in tbia city, than half TL devUa eouW devise in a month. cfftrick of deception, ia resorted to, io iSoget tbe young to them. Flaming WiS-newspaper ifl paintinge S beaitt ; and play are aaid to be of a TLnlf moral character," to get old men, S Um, out to them; and too oAen have ArtWKoeedcA In place of being improy. Slbtbar moral, I will venture to assert, Aaj no virtuous youBg man or woman, wai erer benefitted by going, but were tbe worsts :. i thi cod. in morals, manners, and iai Tbat "late fashioned" boardirifc idwol, genteel; false virtue, tender-fee ling disposition that baa stolen like - a dream, orer the minds of many of tbe fair daugh ' u-rf our city, that causea them to turn -erinwn.iod feel "dreadfMlly" when e, or arm, U mentioned in company, or screim when a mouse runs over the floor, that leads tuera, and cause them to go with i pntleroan," (alas ! for that name ?) and ik filled with awe, lore, and admiration, tod i thousand other ' unmentionables," bhicb could aot be mentioned without Web. Her s new-Dictionary, without . the least bteimh, or surpnse.wben tbey behold "the jortain rise," -; Xai sow rood tat room, the circling dowagers Vm m loose wait? ths thm eW daagtitarr leap. Tie fast ia leagtheaea lino saajeatJC swim. The hit dhpiay, the fine afettered limb. Those fat HibetwVs tasty repair. With art the chars that nature oU mot spare, These after boabaads wise that eager flight, Kar have much mystery far Um nuptial ight," has prevailed too buz in this deroted city. I r t j s- : - .1 T 1 say, a oener any is cuuimg. auu ukj proof is. that the M Park," the " Bowery," the "Chatham," and m fact, all other The. at res are shut up.orcoowted into monkey shows, musical treats, or something else that will soon die oomourned. I mean oot to say that they will be supported no longer, bit that tbey are on the wane. One of tbe grind causes of this, will lead me to make short comment on the beneficial effects trijing from public lecture, i These have taken a wide acope in Boa. toe, New York, Philadelphia,, Baltimore, &c And hi all these places, tbey hare girea t death blow to the Theatres, being ia themselves, more rational, genteel, mor al, eDtertaiaing, economical and fashiona ble. In this citjr there hare been ten or I wtlre societies established principally by jwoug mcu, lor improving nieir uiiuua, auu oflering rational entertainment to our ci. &ens, so that'thet U acarcely a toigfit in . the eck hut what there are two or three of these thrown open, some free, some at a trifling eipense, none over fifty cents, where every subject of importance is ably handled. Before the Lyceum," the So. tkty Library," the '-'A mcrican" and .Me. ehanit" Institutes, the Lvceum of Natu- -ABitoryc.,ikc.j are delivered some af the fineart of American ora to ricaldisr phyi Men of the first standing are en. ged to lecture for them on Various sub. jecti. John Quincy Adams, and various othen of equal celebrity, have been among he number the past season. These take the youth from scenes of debauchery, and -Jhlherojojkkjoratkmal$ J theonly way to enhance their virtues, w improve their condition and morals. While on this subject, I will mention two gtemea who are lecturing here with all heir might and main. The first one is, he styled himself at the beginning, "ftp. paw Hunter, of Kentucky." Not one of we number, however, who were once so win song. His bills were headed Moral Lectures PV His person is small, ha dress a neat fashionable coat, a fancy J, a Napoleon cravat, finger rings, breast-pm, light pants, &c He is a good .pfes are,-Tio ehurch government, no fixed Inw,; no discipUne; no rule. He ' If "!ehuifcfininghis posiUon, which " tmpbenism," revived in the shape of Moral Lectures." Ifo holds atrenu. e y to "bapikra by immersion head and young and old, cold or hot And for our encouragement, he instanced Abraham ottering his son Isaac, teaching us that we TC 00 ceberg, or frozen pool; an that we must be dipped or Jost, as bap. .'L.c justification, regeneraUon, w,tithU, meaM just nothing. ioesecood wa Sweedenborgian.w He "WW to-besteened in h nMrnJ;M f nn farchable mysticism. Man, in his system", Pra(Wreaaoo, in short, I, is an "omeasored combioatkMi of assortments. am thoughts are aU manner of birds that "r. upon the wing." His affections are u mnoer of beasts, nod creeping things earth and sea ; end then these thouehts fdtTeolLerbirdViia beaTu. we ?f5gned according to prophecy, to eat up torwu, wc., oic.,wnata mess! "Pparews bearers for a reception of --.wujes, na mrmtxi them "that ig. and prejudice wen loth to believe netr.redrfea,tf. Very trtev isdom is justified of her children." But alas fools. It seems from his systern (hat man la a vast field or paradUe, . &ud contains within himself, a whole crpatioopf beasts, birds, fishes, fowls, creeping .crawling, and jdfflping tilings! What a multitude of rep tiles Must come forth snapping and snarl, ing every time one of us poor mortals at tempts to aneetei L e. accordioir 16 the "science df correspoodencie." What a blessing h to that we have such medicines as tbe following t Brandreth's Till, MoT (alt's Life Pill, Pease Horebouod Candy, ote., ote. Una or these will prevents! . aa jmt m ingt anoiner wm inrow on trora tbe sys tem ail surplus ' nanimals and the third preserves life ! t esoocially when a bealthr exercise of the digestive organs into necea. sary. . CiVery man must be a complete mov. ing menagerie, if we could only see him as he is. . They believe in the appearance" of angels in Uir presence, and set plates at tnoir tables for one, two, or mora as tbe supply may be. The founder of thi sect, (Sweedenborg,) took passage in a vessel, and went to sea j and by bis o wn order, two plates were set for his " heavenly visitors." Said tbe Captain, " what does this ipeaa." " These plates" said his reverence, " are for Peter, Paul, John, &c" ." Very well," said the Captain, and to have all things equal, he charged Swedepborg with the passage of Peter and PauL 1 was not along, but this ia the story, and with tt, I bid you adieu. r - J. M. E. Qr We do not vouch for the correctoesi of our exchange table this week. The An gusta Chronicle, from which we copy, foil, ed to reach at the last regular time, and we hear it rumored, that some of tbe Georgia Banks ere in a worse condition now, than they1 were at the date of tbe paperpin which our table this week was copied. Tbe news -from abroad says, that the British arms have been completely success ful in Asia. Ah BirvuBLs conbiTioit. There ia not & single distillery in the State of New Jer aey ! This is the most successful triumph of the Temperance cause, that has ever taken place in our country. Would that this were the case in every State- in the Union. ; SotTTBSKit Ladies Book. This excel. lem periodical of whiebrwe bsrelvad ocea. sio'n to speak before ,has been removed from Macon, to Savannah, Geo., and the name changed to the " Magnolia and Southern Monthly." The first number under this ncwarrangemcnt, has just reached as, and we are free to say, that our former good opinion of the work, is increased. . The topography is decidedly improved the mat. ter entirely original, chaste and instructive; and from our acquaintance with some of the contributors, as well as from the "con. tents of the present number, we incline to think It Is destined to berene-of ' theSrst periodicals of the day. Subscription price J five dollars in advance. '' - OCT An oddly ahaped, square built eon. cern, ycleped " The Bachelor," found its way to our table the other day, bailing from Athens, Geo., and professing to be publish. ed by the " Athens Bachelor Club." To send a bachelor here,' was rather -a work of supererogation, a we could export aev. eral from these regions ! J nevertheless, as the one in question seems a fine jolly old fellow, we have no objections to scrape a further acquaintance. (Kr Sonic of tlie Tehie8 jiiprpeakl of Hon. Johk W. Ckockett, of that State a a suTtable'Drrson for Mrritsierto Texas. It will be recollected that Mr. Cbockett declines a re-election to Congress, on the grounds of a eoncious want of qualification for that high and responsible office. News raoM ot Exm.obing CxrEDrnoii Mauacrt of American Oftcera hm ike f Sandwich ttlmukrs. An arrival at New York bring dates from the Sandwich Islands to Oct 24. By it we learn that the exploring expedition bad arrived at Honolulo. The following extract from a letter received at New York will give the particulars: On the 24th of July, while on duty in the boats under the command of Lieutenant Alden. survevinar the Island of Malaio. one of the Fejee islands, Lieut. Underwood ob tained permission to land with his boars crew. Midshipman Henry also joined the party. Ilia intention was to obtalrr some provisions that had been promised by tbe chief of the island the day before. They had just made their landing when the natives rushed upon them from an am bush, in great numbers. Lieut Under. wood and Midshipman Wilks Henry were killed aa thev were endeavoring to secure the retreat of the men, in which they sue. ceeded, but at tbe cost of their own Jives. Their bodies were rescued from tbe canni bals, for cannibals they are, as they after wards confessed that the attack was made solely to procure human flesh for food. ' 1 hey were uuriea on a smaii uninnaouea island of Underwood's Group, which was named Henry s Island in memory of that gallant and ill-fated young officer. The whole island on which the massacre took place waa severely punished two days afterward, when the brig and schooner ar rived. Nothing was spared but the women and chfldrenndjJhesejJam sorry to say. are by this tune slaves to some chief of the neighboring groupLFear hvjht only Jn fluence that can be brouzht to operate on the natives of the .Feiees, except such as have been taught by the miaaionariea, and tney are ouxiew uaedf Arrva et tirn ifvrrle Tbe'President electof the Uiuted States reached this city on Tuesday by the morn, ing train of cars from Baltimore, between 11 and 12 o'clock. " -; A His arrival at the Rail Road Depot was announced by a, gun from Capitol Hill, and notwithstanding a very heavy and unpleas. ant show storm which began early in the morning and continued during the day, the avenues were filleil witnltitudesLpf 'ell; izens and strangers, who had assembled to behold and hail the man who has beencho sen by the united voices of the people to presidde over' the affairs of the Republic. According fa the programme of arrange menta "previously published, the citizens, including the central Democratic Tippeca noe Club, assembled at half past 0 o'clock at tbe City Hall, and moved in procession to tbe Depot' When the gun waa fired an. nonncirig the arrival of the cars, the agita tion of the multitude was immense, and the rush to the doors of the ear-house so great that h seemed impossible afterwards to pre. serve the lines. Preceded by the Marine Band, the procession with Gen. Harrison on foot at its head," moved through the two line of People to the City Hall. .. Notwith. standing the continual fall of snow, the steps and balconies of the houses along the streets were crowded with people, including great numbers of fair ladies, to whose n unating cheers of welcome, the General, with head uncovered, gracefully bowed ac knuwledgment AU . were inspired with enthusiasm multitudes were curious to, be hold the venerable head of the far-famed Hero of Tippecanoe, while many farmers from the surrounding country, and mecha nic of our own District were eager to ! welcome the deliverer of the country, in -whom all their present hopes of good gov ernment are now centred. Un reaching the " Odd Fellows Room," at the City Hat!, the Chairman of the Committee of Reception, who is also Mayor of the city, addressed the President elect as follows : " In obedience, sir, to the wishes of my fellow-citizens of Washington, I beg leave to offer you, in their name, a cordial and heartfelt welcome to the Metropolis of the Union. 1 bey could not have assigned io me, a duty more gratifying to my own feel, incjs, or one which i should be more proud to perform.;--: ' 1 A there, wasjo portion of the Amor. ican People who had so deep a stake in the issue of the Sate Presidential . Election as, the inhabitants of this city, ' there was no portion of them who felt a deeper solicitude in the event of if r or a-more. sincere grate ful joy al its glorious result :', Although the peculiar subjects of fed eral Legislation, and at the mercy, a It were, of the rederal rulers, the people of this city yet dared to think for themselves, and publicly to avow their-disapproval of the measures of the Administration f they dared to invoke their countrymen through. out the Union to rise up and rescue the go vernment from the hands of those who had abused their trust, and whose rule had proved so disastrous to the public weal. . "Forexercisingthissacred right-a fight inseparable from every 'just nolionof re. publican liberty a right never questioned bat by tyrants, and never surrendered but by slaves: for exercising this free Ameri. can privilege, they have been subjected to indignities and oppressions which put to shame the most flagrant of those acts of British oppression which impelled our fa. thereto take up arms. Still undismayed by the menaces of power, and unsubdued by injustice, the people of Washington shrank not from their duty. They contin ued to assert the free right of opinion and of speech, to proclaim their own wrongs and those of theireountry, and to beartes timotiy against the incompetency and un faithfulness of the public rulers ; and they have the proud satisfaction of believing that their voice was not altogether unheard in the awakening of their countrymen to a of the public danger, and to the, ne- eessity of a change in the Executive Gov ernment Eteven -years-agoy-airy-returnedo., to this city, from an honorable and impor. tant trust abroad, the first victim of a re morseless political proscription, till then un. known to our history. You now enter it at the call of your country, to take the place of those who proscribed ybu, and to occu py the elevated station which was prostitu- ted to your persecution thus signally re buking an intolerance alien to the spirit of liberty, and furnishing an example ot retri butive justice honorable to our republican Institutions, and cheering to the friends of free Government "-The necessity of reform is inscribed on every liniment of the National Admin. istratioo; and you, sir, have been chosen by your country the honoredJnstrument of that reform ; in you the hopes ot the nation are now centred hopes, indeed, mnde bright by undoubting confidence. pily, sir, in your known character end-past history we have every guaranty for a faithful, wise, and nonest aaminisira tioo of the public affairs ; and we have on ly to pray that it may prove as happy for yourself personally, as we are confident it will be advantageous for our common coun- try- . L ... .:. . " In the name or mv teiiow-ciuzens, i make you welcome to ba city of your of ficial residence. To this add ress General Hrrrison brief ly but happily replied. He thanked the people of Washington for their cordial re ception. A long and intimate acquaintance with them had left no room to doubt that he should be received amongst them with kindness. Were he to look round for a society in which to locate himself whilo ex ecuting the functions of the Presidential office, it would be difficult to find one pre ferable to that of Washington. He looked forward to social Intercourse with tbe citi tens with lcastrre. With respect to the unpropitious circum stances of the affair orflitricfrio which the Mayor had alluded in his ad dress. Gen. H. aaid, whatever tbey might be, he begged him to believe that there waa no disposition wanting on hi part, by all tbe legal means withui hi power, to con. tribute to their improvement or reforma tion. .., ,": t -., Mr. J. A. Brut- President of the Cen tral Democratic Tippedanoe Club; was then Introduced to General IIakiisok. and made him a brief and neat address tm behalf of the Club.to which the General replied in ap propriate terms. - r ' ifter this ceremonial, an hour was spent ItTa personal introduction of many hundred citizens. The General appeared to lie in fine health and spirits, ana the people- seem ed to be well pleased with the courtesy Land kindness with which they were receiv ed. , . ... He was then escorted by the Committee to his lodgings at Gadsby's Hotel, where he also received visits from a large number of his fellow-citizens, Including many dis tinguished members of Congress. The General, the centlemen. of his suite. (Messrs. Chambers, Todd, Copeland, and R. Wkklifie, jr.,) and the Baltimore Com. mittee who bad attended him to this city. and tho Mayors of Georgetown and Alex', andria, were afterwards entertained at din nerby the Committee of Reception. Mad- woman. . JExasnlauatlesi ! the ElectraH .. . ; Wednesday being the day appointed for the .official examination of the votes for President and Vice President of the Uni ted States, the two Houses proceeded at twelve o'clock to the execution'of the order in regard to it, adopted on tho 2d inst. A messaze having been received by the Senate, that the House of Representatives was ready to receive them, the senators preceded by the Vice President, the Ser geant-at-Arms of the two Houses, the Sec retary and his assistants, went to the Hall and took the seats provided for tliemNpn the right of the Chair. They were receiv ed by the members standing. The Vice President Was conducted to the Chair as presiding Officer of the meeting, the Speaker occupying a seat oh hiajeft. Mr. Phestox, the teller on the part of the ben- ate, and Messrs. Ccshixg and John W. JoNES,4hetellers on the part of the House., took the place assigned them at the Clerk's table. The Senators and Representatives being seated, the Vice President proceeded to open the packets addressed to him contain ing the votes of the different bin tea. lliese havinff been read at lenerth by the tellers. and complete lists having been made, the Vice President then rose and announced the following result' Whole number of votes for President, 294 Of which William Henkt Haeiisox received - - 234 Maktei Vaw Bcres . 60 He therefore declared William Hbxby IIarrisox, of Ohio, duly elected President of the United Slates, for four years from tbe 4th of March, 1841. Whole number of votes for vice Presi dent, 294. ' Of which John Tyler.of Va., received 234 Richard M.Johnson, of Ky. 49 ttleton W. Tazewell, of Va. 11 James K. Polk, of Tenn. 1 He therefore declared Johx-Ttle, of Va.. duly- elected Vice- Presidents of . the United Slates for fouryears from tbe 4th of March, 1841. -fl T- - After this announcement, the berate re- tired to their Chamber; and a joint com mittee consistinir. of Mr. Preston of the Senate, bikJ Mtsrs, Cua!iing and Wisc pf ih Hiiirr. Iiavinor been annointed to wait - -" rr i on General Harrison, and inform him of his election, the two Houses immediately adjourned. Maditoman. Mb. Petighew killed by a Negro near Sparta Geo. The Augusta (Geo.) Con stitutionalist contains the following account of n shocking murder which was perpetra. ted in the vicinity of Sparta, Hancock coun. tv. Geo., within one mile and a half of that, village. The murder occurred on Tuesday night " " After Runner. Mr. Robert Petisrew. the overseeret -M-1L Mitchell, If.ilLhflaieas he stated to eo to town for some tobacco 1 a T . " 7." . ll :"T -! at 0 orw o ciock. next morning mr. s-cu-grew was found near the road side dead, evidently having been murdered. A jury was immediately called, andan inquest tieid On the exami nation of the body, the skull was found to be fractured in two or three places. Suspicion soon rested upon Maj. Mitchell's negroes. A number of citizens were detached to arrest the negroes, and other citizens to search the negro houses, boxes, trunks, &c. .The club used by the murderer was found within 40 or 50 feet of the body, with some of the hair of Mr. P. on it. Three of the negroes were soon placed in jail ; and about the same time the watch of Mr. Pf.was found by the party who bad been directed to search in the box of one of the negroes who had been secured. Mr. P. had left home with the watch in his nocket The watch was shown to the ne- gro in whose boxlThad oeTOfoxrad,and.he confessed his guilt, and uow awaits his trial which is to take place this da y." New KtvE5TiO!i for Railroads. The New York Commercial mentions a new in vention now exhibit inn in that city, ilt is designed for passing trains of cars doWniry r. lined plains on railroads, letting down heavy bodies, bales, &c.,from the lofts of the warehouses, &c 1 he machine is so constructed that it requires no chains or ropes, which may break, but any thing is safcly graduated down by the operation ot the wheel itself, which cannot revolve tast er than at a given motion. The wheel its elf hold itself back, and cannot run, even down hill, if it would, i hi must prove a valuable invention. A GOOD CHANCE FOR A SPECULATION. The following advertisement under tbe head of" Wife Wanted ," in the Batesville, (Ark.) News 1 " Anv sal what's got a bed, Calico dress, Coffee pot and skillet,- knows-how- to cut out briches, can make a bunting sbirt, and knows how to take care of children, can have my services tiU death parts both on o LEGISLATORS BY SA5! SliCK. j " Nothin' on this side of tbe water makes so" big a fool of a man, Squire, be contin ued, as goin' to the house of represents. the without bein' fit for it Them that haint jtst got the right weight of ballast are upset in no time, and are turned bottom upwards afore tbey know where they be. Them that are & little vain by natur , get so puffed up and : comaited, they become nothin' but laughin' stocks to all tbe world, and most ridiculous fools ; while them whose principles ain't well anchored in good holdin' ground, let the rogue peep out o' their professions plainer than they are a. thinken on. The skin of. the beast will show through, like an Irishman's elbow, though hcihas three coats on. But tiiat ain't the worst of it neither. A man is apt to become bankruptin business, as well as in character by it. Doin' big and talkin' big for three months in the year, and puffin' each other up till they are ready to burst with importanee, don i convene wuhsellin tape by the yard, or loadin'on carts when they return ome to their business. In short, squiife a country ought to be a rich country, wim learned men in it, hod men o' property to represent it, or else assembly work is nothin but high life below stairs, arter all. I could point you out legislature on this here continent, where the spcakiit is all kitchen talk, all strut, brag, and vul gar impedence. It's enough to make a cat sick to near lellors talk ot independence who are mortgaged over head and ears in debt, to listen to chaps jawin' about public vartue, temperance, edicatkm, and what not nil day, who spend the night in the back, room of a market tavern, with the key turned, drinkin' hoil.storm and bad rum, or plnyin' six-penny loo. If mankind only knew what fools they were, and how they helped folks themselves"lo fool them, there would be some hope of them, for they would have learnt the first lessons of wis dom." Vessel cf War sum. A letter from J. L. McNnmee, & Co., dated Rio Janeiro, Dec. 17, informs that the U. S. Sloop of War Marion, while the workmen were en. gaged in heaving her down for repairs, was sunk. It is said that every thing went on well until it was discovered that the vessel was taking water, but such was tho leak (after it was discovered that the ship was sinking,) that it was impossible to right her, by making proper use of the pumps, which she had in addition to her own, to save her from going ...down. She finally sunk in about six fathoms water, tfl fastened to the Arsenal hulk, by which she was being hove down ; a part of her stern flouted about two or three feet above water, and the re. maining part of the hull , including bowsprit and jib-boom were out ot sight. A good joke. 1 have heard a first late joke about John Turman, late of Athens, Geo. He was stopping at a tavern up country, and used to lounge about the bar, and come it over the people's liquor. Not a glass could be left for a moment but lie would slvlrelip un-and drink its contents. One day a stage driver came in, and called for a stiff horn of brandy toddy. Jonn im mediately shuffled up to the bar. The dri ver knew his mad, and immediately played possum by leaving his brandy while he stepped to the door. The bait took on re. turing, he saw ihe glass empty, and ex claimed, with all the diabolical horror he could ullect : "JJrnndy and opium enough to kill forty men whodrank that pizont" I ! stammered John, ready to yield up the ghost with affright. ' You re a .dead man, said the driver. " What shall I Ho J" breeched John, who thought himself a " gone sucker." Dowirwillri nlTTrorTnmpitror you are a dead man in three minutes," answer- ed the wicked driver. And down went tho lamp oil, up came the bmndy and opium, together with John's breakfast. The, joke was told, and he never drank other people s liquor since. In Burka county, on the I8lh Febmaryr by Robert Pearson, Esq., Mr. W. M. Fkxlani., of Macon county, to Miaa Adeline Mi ll, daughter of Jacob Mull. Comm. Notice is hereby given, THAT on the 12th day of April next, at the Court House in Ashevillc, under a decree of the Court of Equity for Buncombe county, I will offer at public sale,. 200 ACRES OF LAND, more or less, belonging to the estate of David J A,.' A Ivinir nn the waters of Clear creek. The purchaser wiU be entitled tot credit of 12 months, on giving oona wun gooa sec urn t. K. 11. AICUlLiIKb, 1-. m. a. Feb. 26, 1841.' td37 Pi's fee, GS. St ATE OF T. CAROLHA, BCStQIBE COOTI. V Cbwr or Pleas and Quarter Sessions. February Term, 1841. 1. T. Poor, 1 ,r-.. e. A. F. Patton. Original Attachment levied em perianal Property. IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Couri, that the Defendant is not an inhabitant of this Sute : It ia ordered by the Court,' that publica tion be made, for six successive weeks in he High land Messenger, (hat the defendant be and ap. pear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sea. sions, to be held for the county of Buncombe, at A.hrvillr.on'lhe 3d Mondav after the 4th Monday in March next, then and there to plead, answer or demur, or judgement will be taken pro confesso. A tree copy from the minutes. - NTHAKBISONVC.B.C: February 26, 1841. ' Printer's fee $5 JYtiiici ia htrebu siren THAT on Saturday, the; lQlh day of April next, at the late residence' of William Jink. JUfA an Hmra unrk. tmder si decree of Um Court of Equity for Buncombe county, I will ttnas to aaie L J IWO HUNDRED ACRES OF tAND, mow or leaa, lying oa Hooper's creex, ocmgmm to ths estate of said decaa d. 1 The purchaser will be entitW tea credit of tma sna two y'.M.t7- ; Jtugwtm IlmHSoU Tahiti " Ca"Cc' w th Chro"icU Sentinel, hfjm " itvs, nroaa e treat. AUBUSIA NOTES. ' Mechanic Back. n AeeneyBrun.wiek Baiili. - " 3 PV Bmnkcf AopaU, a m , m Aororta Ins. &. DanlunvCompeiiT, 9 3 Branch Georgia Railroad, g . , 3 rf Dimnca oimie 01 ueorgia, S 3 " SAVANNAH AtnTtfi Sute Bank. UmSi Marine & Fire Iruuranr (UnL i.si JjaS, i2f Central Kailroed Bank, -1 nantcn' Hank, COUNTRY NOTES. Branches State Bank, Bank Columbua. Chattahoochee R. R. St B'kinr Co. par 1 uiuiiiwicK nana, i i Su Mary'a Bank, , par a 1 -. U . . 1 1 I "... nranch Central K.K. Bank, Macon, A I X Branch Mar. A. Fin In. H-..1 1.11 . Inrarance B'k ofjLkilainbu, Macon, 1 1 a 2, vMiMmn:iai nana, niacon, 11 a XI " Planter, i. M', R fvi..mi, . . 1 u Oeoreia Railroad Bank, Athena, . par Central Bank, . ' 5 Ocmulgce Bank, ' ' g ivimeaprviiie Hunk u a.CJdac't Monroe Kailroad Bank, 90 a 40 4 Hank of llawkinirille, 9 a 4 Bank of Darien and Branchea, SO a 30 Western Bank of (Mwmri . 01 Ruekem-ille Bank, i U rarmcra Uank of Chattahoochee, no tale. South Carolina Xotea, 2 a 3 prem . STATE tfP JT. CAiOlH!. BHTOIBE COL'STT. Covst or Pleas and Quathr Sessions, February Trrht, 1841. - Rhoda McDaniel, j The', heir of WillUm McDaniel, .dee'd. Petition for Dotcer and partition of Negroei. IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Jumee Crimea and hia wife Margarett, Jamee Duntmore. and his wife Jane, Galaspic, and his wife Sarah, Archibald, Margaret and Elix abeth McDank-l, rhildrcn of Archibald MeDaniel, dre'd., Thomas McClure and bis wife, .Marv, ftaaa' Wilkemori and his wife Martha, are not'inbabH tants of this State : It is ordered by the Court that pnbheation be made for fix weeks in the High land Mesacngcr. that the said partirs appear at tho next Court of I'leaa and Quarter Sessions, to be held for the county of Buncombe, at the Court House in Ashrvillc, on the 3d Monday after the 4th Monday in March next, then and there to plead, answer or demur to the said petition, or tho same will be token pro conlsso, and acted upon exparte. A true copy from the minutes. ... N. HARRISON, C. B. C. Feb. 26,1341. Printor'a fee 95 tt itarmuche for stfr. THE subscriber, wishing to procure a TehJcle of a different kind, offers for sale a Baroncu withllumcss. D. K. M'ANALLY. .,J'cb.fwtr5Ji84W .34.w. PLAIN AND FANCY B00I AND JOB m mi- rm? m. mi THE public are respectfully informed that in addition to the former largo and general as sortment of Printing Materials belonging to this establishment, a new supply has been recently received, which will enable us to execute Ixlltf-Prmn Printing -of every description, in a style equal, if not supe rior to any other establishment m the State. 13 Orders tar any of the following kinds of Printing will bo thankfully 'received, and promptly attended tor Blanks, or svaat DC- scsiroow, . PAxniLrrsv Ciaci'LAaa, CATALpCl'Elt MutuTsa, iCards, or iix (i.itM, IlA.ND-UlLU, Show-Bills, Way and Stags Gills. Ticsets, Lasels, Sec. See. IIors tkBd JarU. Bills. Having recently procured cuts of the latest st vie, we an? prepared to print Horse and Jack Bills in the best manner, and on moderate terms. -- MfSBKMilCR" OlficCr Ashevillc, Jan, ?J 33 NEW" STOKE. The Kiibscr ibcr R KSPECTFCI.I.Y announces that he ha leased Ihc Jf TOR B forn.r of Mnrkft nud rmlre Sfrrrls, iRtcly oecipird by Mr. (J. II. Tatlor, and wiH keri oh hand 1111 assortment of el arjwaJC; uJl mwi MTXtS jPSsy COTTON BAGGING, ROPE, IRON, &C, &C.' IT OiJi-rs fnim the country VrtfKmeef with prompt and strict atteutioiu. H..URQUIIART. Hamburg, Nov, 9, IP fO. : - 24tf Stale of Attrlh Carolina, BI RKF. COUNTY. Snprrior Court of Law Fall Trrm, IS 10. PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION. B. M. Enloc and wife, el al. Distributees of Thom as Janes,- d. c'd., r. John P. Hardin, Adminis tru'rr of TlinmRs Janes, dee'd. IT apieRring to the pnlmfuetkin of the Court that 'the defendant, John P. Itardiq, ia a resident of another Slate It is ordered that publication be made in the '' Highlund Messenger" for six sde. cessive weeks, notifying the said defendant to ap pear at the next Superior Court of lw to hff-brld tm the county of Burke at the Court House in Morgnnton, on the ltti Monday after the 4th Mon day in March next,- then and there to answer 'laintift's petition, or judgment pro confesso will ie entrred against him, and tho cause set for hearing as to liiin exparte. Wiuiets D. P. Keblcr, Clerk of our said Court at office the 1th Monday after the 4th Monday irf September, A. V. - - It. P. KEBLER, C. S. C. L. rn as a. 4 i 1C . ffmu" ""i T-'-J I, , . - . D EKDfi of Trust, Deeds of Conveyance, &c. printed in good paper, for sale here. ARKANTS, Ca. Sua. and Bonds, Ac, Ac, . fur sale at this office. Jan. 33. ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES OF THE MAILS, Al and from AsheviHeN. C. ARRIVALS. CI 1 1 Mnnilam Thursdavs Si. Saturdays, 1 1 t "l 1 u Sundays, at 4 o'clock. Western, via arm " ennesaays, r nCSTS Springs, i.c-Tuesdays.iand Mondays, at 4 o'cl" . ' tt- Thumda)'ai.luru".,"',T a u Western, via Franklin, to Ga. Wednesdays, 7, t . t ridays, s oclock, a.at. Tuesdavs and Satnf. Avc-Mondays dtFndaya, 9 r. V days,' 5 a. . Eastern, vis Kutaer- Mondays, lbsfwlava: . i I i t.' I f roruwn, -' ...... w Tuesdays and Fridays,!, at ' . a . I - at o, r. m. Eastern, via Biimsruia, Wedneadaya, I SHUUHHU " y - Creek, &e.Ttedaya, ' - Mondays, at 6 o'oloak a. H. r. i

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