North Carolina Newspapers

    ASHEVILLE, N. C, JULY 8, 1842.
... .h.rriber in Henderson countu
UW -----
' feire an qyorlunit of settling their accounts
gthe next Court there, as one of Hie Pub.
fyynvi attend at Ikndersmeille for that
ft- r The accoimls cf distant subscribers
. I . r ; i i i .f . Tm
vUl be mdde out anajorwaraca snonjt.
ifhoped tkul they mil be promptly paid
& are at present in particular want of
" needful"
In consequenco of nn unusual press
of job work, anil other business connected
iul!i the omcc, and tno noiiuny our ioy.
hare been taking, wo issue only a half sheet
Wohavo been busily engaged in endeavor
i to close all the accounts of iho office
cither by cnsli or noto, and again request
tdosimlcbteJ to us, In this nnd tlio mlj jiti
liiff counties, to givo their attention to this
mailer ns early as possible.
Temperance '.ccJebratioai.
.Tbfi temperance celebration ut this place
oa tlio 4th inst., camo oil' in a style far be
VonJ-what the most sanguino friends of the
tauiwhadaiitkipateJ JJL'ljy order, and ex
ercises were, as published in our last week's
paper. A gentleman who touk sonic pains
taosccrtaiti tho number of persons in the
procession, informed us that it might safely
lsct down at one thousand. Tho banners
-one of which was prepared by the young
Mies of tho Ferrmlo Academy, and the
olhor by tho Missed Alexandeks were as
line things of tho kind as wc ever beheld.
The designs and the mottoes wero very up-
proprjutc, and the whole presented a beau
liful ami imposing spectacle. ' The thank:
of tho Temperance Society aro duo to the
wung latlies who prepared them.
I'ruin tho rntwt accurate calculations
which could bo made under the circuin
stances', it is believed' that not one half of
thcpuoplo who wero in tho villugo that day
jainod in tho procession. Hundreds would
have joined it had they havo arrived in
til!. -
Tho following is tho Parody on tho Do
claration of Independence, which was read
by Mr. Roberts :
When, in tho course of human events,
It becomes necessary for a pooplo to dis
6u!ro those' bands which havo connected
litem with any custom, and to assumo that
slatiun to which tho laws of nature and
nature's God cntillo tliem, n decent respect
(or tho opinions of mankind requires thut
i!e should declare tho causes which impel
tJwm-te-ihe separation.
JVehoM theso truths to bo self-evident:
That all men arc created temi'Kiute ; ihnt
they are endowed with certain unalienable
tight, among which are like, libeutv , and
the ruBsuiT or lurriNEss. That to secure
these- rights governments arc instituted and
Irom the consent of tho governed ; that
ulicnover any rjustom bocoiucs destructive
f these ends, it is the right of the people
to alter or ji!oKsu
tpStoTn71ay uiglis foundations in such prin
ciples, and organizing its powers in such
funn,ns to them shall seem most likely to
"'fleet their safety and happiness. Prudence
indeed-will dictate that customs long csta
Wished should not bo changed for light and
nth shown, that men are often disposed to
'"Her, jwhilo evils arc sullbrable, rather
than abolish Isocial forms to which they have
weq accustomed. But when a long train
wabuses and usurpations, pursuing invaria-
, y 'he samo object, evinces o design to re-J-ucothcm
under absoluto despotism, it is
II,C1" right, it is their duty to throw off Mich
customs, nud provide new guards for their
'eiKxurity. -ueh tms beori aie" pntient
France of the friends of good order and
morality; and such is now tho necessity
"lch constrains them to alter their former
stem of social order. Tho history of
"nt Spirits is a history of repeated in.
m and usurpations, all having a direct
,';Mericy to subvert every interest of moral,
rious, social, and political life. To
'wo this let facts be submitted to a candid
FC-rldr :M- .
! Ill tho shnrt ann r
" ie people of tha United States a direct
penso of six hundred millions of dollars.
Inmi ' i osl an 'nmrcct espense ot six
''"n, llions of dollars.
Rod live ' "too nunurcu iiiou.
4. It l,no. i , . . ....
. '"""i one nunurcd thousand clnl
Clothe poor house.
L'rn ,sconsigt'ed at least one hundred
I Wly thousand of our fellow-citizens to
""u penitentiaries.
It hfts mmt.v o. I . .1 l
liacj "vn. i ii-usi ouo mousanu ma-
1 It llJS mclUnA.1 .1.- . -r
rno'tl 7 ""suw;u 1110 commission 01
"Thousand "ve hundred murders.
hnmit suich -W thousani1 Pcrsons t0
'cL ! tas burRt or otl'erwise destroyed
-m. i i .. oi ui icasi nvo mil-
,jaof du nr.
litif J1 has mat5c not lcS3 than Jwo hun-
it has madQ al j t c m;mon 0f
'''-o children.
12. It has caused improper assemblages,
at places unusual, uncomfortable, and ilin
tant from tho walks of tho virtuous and
abodes of tho good, for tho solo purpose of
corrupting the moral, poisoning the healthy,
impoverishing tno rich, entrapping ilio un
wary, severing tho strongest tit s of friend,
ship, turulog the fatot friends Jntu the
bitlerestTnemies, find causing wretchedness
and ruin among nil who could bo brought
under its influence.
13. It has obstructed the operation of
justico by obfuscuting Iho itih-lli et, jaun-
licingtho vision, anil pcrveriuig tho judge
ment of thoso to whom the adtultHraliou
thereof has been committed. v
14. It has blinded tho eves of voters iu
popular elections, and thereby greatly en.
dangerrd the perpuncney of our civil insti
tutions. 13. It has instigated numberless thefts
and robberies, and 'excited private feuds,
public quarrels, pnd domestic insurrections.
10. It has caused a disregard of the most
solemn obligations, and repeated viola
tions of tho most s.icred rights.
In every stago of theso opprossions re
dress has been sought in tho most niild nnd
conciliatory manner but theso efforts have
been answered only by repealed injury :
Wo therefore, a portion of tho citizens of
.North Carolina, assembled on this the anni
versary of our National Independence, ap
pealing .to tho Supreme Judge ofihu World
for the rectitude of our intentions, do, by
our own autuontv, and In tno iiame ol in
jured imi'jceneo and hiitibring humanity,
solemnly publish and. declare, that we are,
and of right ought to be, free and indepen-
lent ot any custom, whether political or
social, that would UiikI us to ilia use o nr-
lent spirits as. a beverage; that all cennec.
lion between us and ueh cu.;tom is hereby
totally dissolved: and that, as free .and in-
cpondent t)eoiiL?,o will IitrenUor ujo nu.
intoxicating liquors as a beverage we wilj
not provide them r.s nn article of entertain
ment for others and that wo will by all
rudent means discountenance their use
throughout tho community.
And, for the support of this declaration,
with ix llrm reliance . uu.-tUo. protection of
Diviuo Providence, we tnutally ploqge to
each otho our most sacred honor.
fHTho-Tehi)eranco Society had ad-
journeet, which was uoout li, fi. , Uov
Mokeiieai) addressed between two and
threo thousand of hij fellow-citizcns, at a
stand which hud been prepared for the oc.
casion, in n fine grovp near tho village.
lie spuko for throe hours, on National and
Stale politics, and was listened to with pro
found attention and respect.
At :i o'clock, P. M., the company repair
ed to the dinner which had been prepared
by ou'r hospitablo citizens, where, as wo
have been informed (as wo wero not pre.
sent) the greatest good feeling and 'strictest
ordcT-prcvailedy-thouglT "therrrowd there
was estimated at not leas than twa thou
Tho procession in tho morning was at
tended by several hundred ladies roost' of
whom wero present, and occupied the so ils I
which hail been prepared tor them, when
Uov. .Moit:;in:Ai) delivered his address.
Ciov. Morelicml'it icc'li
The. address of GovMorehkad at this
pluco was in every respect just what wo
would have expected from a man of fine
talents, extensive information, genuine pa
triotism, and true gentility. lie expressed
those viewa on tho nuoationa of a tn rill' nnd
national haul;, that tho Whig party have
long couton led for, and which it seems to
us must be, entertained by every man who
is'not cither too blind to sco the wants of
the country, or too sordid and selfish to fool
for its interests.
From beginning to end the Governor's
peeeh was-a most masterly-effort j eharar
tensed by that chastity of stylo and dignity
of manner so peculiar to the truo gentle
man. Wo may call attention to the subject
matter of tho address hereafter.
Another Veto.
President Tyler has vetoed tho t'rovis.
ional Tariff Dill, which lately passed both
Houses of Congress. It is not for langungo
to express the feelings which every truo
lover of his country must fetl when view
ing "tho course pcrsued by-this man, acci-'
entally elected to the Presidential Clmiry ..
Ilhodo Inland.
The "difficulties in this State, between tlu
Suffrage and tho Charter partita, have
thickcnuUv Martial law has been proclaim
e J throughout tho Slate by Gov. King-
few men belonging to tho Charier parly ,
werearres tod, and after being much abused,
were detained a short time as prisoners.
Dorr, it is said, has enlisted fin his favor,
several hundred of the lowest class of citi
zens of other States, who arc no doubt
urged forward through hopo of plundcr
Dorr, is perfectly desperate and is no
loubt acting under the promptiiig3Tf such
feelings. Wc look for the difficulties to end
in bloodshed
Gov. ?lorciic;uIf Appointment.
At Uutlurrfiirdton, Wrdnrsduy, July
Slu lbyville (Cl. av. huid,) 1-Viilay
Iinculntun, fi.Uurtlny
Morgnnlon, TucHday
Slatesvilln, Tlmrnilay
JVuckHvillu. Friday ,
Salisbury, Sutiirdoy
Kci'dn Slori", IMnnduy
('liurlolh!, Tiiuuday
Con-cord, WednrHday
Slnnly, Tliumdii v
Liiwri'liccWIlo, FriJny
Flat Sn-timps, Saturday.
rjpilIS KKtulilishiuoiit ii in ronipli'i.' o)K'ratiim.
-L Tho company aro inumiracluriuir, C'utlun
yum, Sheeting, Shirting, and Osnaliurj;, of a su-
pc inr (juiihly, winch tluy olUr In Uiu puuliu at
tlu' luvvcut market prices. Slorchants, and otliecg,
who will examine ipialities, and eompara prices,
will find it to thrir ink reBt to pnvehase.
Address, J. T.IIODES DROWSE, A :t. '
Sulibliury, Uowan Co., July 1, 18-1:1. 1U-1
Till: licv. ALBERT SMKDKS,
I.uteot Uie City or. Vac Vork,
HAVING opened hi School for Young Indies
in tin.' fpacious and finely siluutrd lunlilintrs,
recently occupied by the Episcopal School in ljta-
irrjii, m prepared to receive accessions to tlio mini.
In r of his pupils. It is bin sincere conviction, that
Uiu udvuntn;es of this Institution, in rcppecttii
i(3 onler and disciliuc, to tho health comfort and
happiness of it pupils, to tlioirjcnhivntioii of eve
ry graceful and yruuiuentul accomplisliinent, and
to their phyprriil, literary nnil religious iinprorc
mc iit, c-anniH be surpassed in any similar E-stab-liiihrnont
in tlto thittt'd States; T lie ltight l!ev.
E. S. Ives, U. D. is fx ujicn, Vitiler of Iho lusti
tntion: Tho Rev. Ai.;i:rt Smi:ih:s is tho Hector and
.I'ruprkior. An' ctjifrieneed French fjovi-rneifi
resides iu the family, nud every elllirt is made to
encourage the I'upils to converse ia the f'rencli
Tlio Department of usie ia under llie cam of
r. l!u.MiT,on uecompli :.hed musician, '.vhoalso
repides in llie Institution.
In hid notice of this School, in his lato Address
to his Convention, our llisliop thus rcmaik ; " All
wo ask for its success, id the patronage which the
Institution mny deserve. It has been established
!iy individual enterprise, and nsU ujwu individual
rcsponsib.ilty. The ('liuicli, however, is not with
out a dcip interest in its prosperity, v.hieh, I doubt
not, her members will duly recognise, bj securing
for thrir children the benefits which have thus
been provided fur them at soiuc risk and self sacri
fice." Tenuis. For Board and Tuition, in English,
per Session. For French .jjil'.' o(l ; for u
sic 00 ; For Painting and drawing $15 '00
per session all payable in advance.
Young ladies furnish only IJedding and Tow.
The yenr consists of two sessions, tlio former
compii-ncing .t.iy 15th and terminating Nov. 21 ;
tho latter commencing Nov. a.rth. Pupils, who
enter tho lusiit-ition after the first mouth Of a
session has expired, will be charged only from the
date of their entrance.
Pupils, remaining during vacations, will be rc
furfejto pay $50 per week for their board.
Mr. Sju:d::h refers to the following gentlemen
in Raleigh, viz ; Il jn I). Cameron, Hon. James
Iredell, lion. Geo. 10. Uadger, Hon. John II.
Bryan, Gen. Sam'l. J' Patterson, Win. II. Hay-
wood, Jr. Esq., anil Major Charles L. Hiiiton.
Raleigh, June 21th, IH-IX 2t 10.".
Uj Tho Standard, Fayettevillu Observer, Vil-
niington Chronicle, Newborn Spectator, Highland
.Messenger, and Washington YV lug, will please
givo the ubove two iuiit'-jnsertions, charge
.ilr. S.mkuks.
Taken up, by Joseph G. I.nsk, on
the '25th ofJimr, lj43,ono PAIIK
IS AY HO AN MAKE, with threo
white feet, black main and tail ;
some si;'n of the saddle on the back,
a small star in the face ; with n small blazn down
right hind leg near the foot ; ii!iout fourteen haiuU
and three inches high ; snpposrd to be eight years
old last spring ; appraised to bo worth thirty. seven
dollars. Taken up on Spring Creek, eiht miles
liuulliiofntiln' -'iw": Sp"") ..ram-
IC. 1 . Wt;L,L,S, linnsrr.
July 8, 112.
Fourth Division.
Jlrownsville, June 3tTlT9'12.
rTMI K Colonels commanding the dilfi rent Regi
JL' ments attached to the l!Hh Hrigade, are here
by commanded to havo their Regiments at their
usual places of Regimental muster, prepared for
inspection and review on tho following days :
The t'herokee Regiment,
L'lltli August.
F. Gaston.
until Kegiinent
btith '
80th "
, Slth "
By order of Major General A.
a list of m:tti:ks
REMAINING in the Post Office at Ashcville,
N. C if not taken out before the 1st Oct.,
will he btntto tho General Post, Olliec, as dead
letters : -
Alexander Robert S
r.iiggs Ann .Urs
Beiieuini A .
Bowers EiiianueL '
Col Cdiiunandiug
RegtN V Miliim
i Hopkins John M
ll-iron Soibroiiia , iss
II..iiipton Highly iss
Kunsey William
Kl.lKcillcr St Red'
(M Killian William
.Vi llitvre Ale-.allihr
f 'linml)ers William
Cobb James
Cloudier G
Cu-y Elizabeth ilfis
Davis Jacob
Dclavnux F Rev
Efwin John S D D
Erwin John P
Freeman iWoses
Fanning F M Key
Fon Lewis
Gudger Rachel P. Mi:
Hampton Solomon
Harris Abel
Husk James
Hundley John II
Hiighc-y Gorge
Hightowcr J J G
Hightoivcr ('
Hundumou Francis
Malic rum
Mavl'uld II
.Morgan Stedlieil.
Miles Stephen
( )born ai y A 1,
Porter William .11
Rymer E V
Rhodes Standiihe?
Ray James
Souther Joseph
StrooiM; Silas
Smith John Sen
Settles Ehw
Sinyly J tinea '
Suriu t Polly 1.'
Turin r Baily
Truit West
Warson Henry
Voutiar Rebecca,,,
iu. r.M iu.v, 1
Ashcville, July 1, 18 l'J. ,; 1U.
t.lOK ?SAIi; On accomm idating tcrm-i,
1 an elderly WOMAN, who is a good CO K,
W ASH ER, an I RON K R. Apply at this olljce.
-ThcCamp-Bicctmg at Ucem's t?rcek jthrrpTcsrrt
year, niH conuuence, by Divine- peruui.oiu:i, on
Friilay, tht Uth dav ol August,
jMUf.V- lit-.'. '.
auguSta notes..
Moclmnii's' Bank,
Atfncy lirunswick Bank,
Bank of Augusta,
Augusta Ins. Jk. Banking Company, -Branch
Georgia Railroad,
Branch State of Georgia,
State Bank,
Marine A. Fire Insurance Bank,
Planters' Bank,
Central Railroad Bank, 2'1
Stnlo B.-iiik Brunch, Macon,
Other (tranches SI4U- Bank,
Commercial Bank, Macon,
"ink of Columbus,
trunswik- 4ak,
iVlilledgeville Bank,
Georgia Railroad Bank, Athene,
City Council of Augusta,
I'lickcrBville Bank,
Branch Mar. &. Fire Ins. Bank,
St. Mary's Bank;
( Icmulgcc Bank, Bank, Macon, 20
Insurance B'kof Columbus, M aeon, 2
Fumix liank, late Farmers' Bank
of Chattahoochee, 5
Central Bank, ..' 21
a o
u 'Jo
City Council of Columbus Macon,
-ami Mdle.lL'evlle 3) to
Jlonw Railroad Bank,
I'ianler's As Mec's It'k,Cohimhu:',
Baiik.of IlawkinsviUc,
Western Bank of Georgia,
Bank of Dincn and llraneliii, j
Chattahoochee U.K. & li'kingCo.
Charleston Hanks,
Bank of I tamhurg,
Country Banks,
M"p We are authorised to nunounce (il'.O.
I'seps., as' candidates to represent the coiiulie-.i of
Buncoinbo uud Jli:ilderoit 111'tlio House of Com
110ns in tho? next General Assembly of North
Ij' We authorized to ammuneo Wii.kv Jont.
Ksip, as a candidate for Sherill' of Buncolub ;
county ut the ensuing August ck-ction.
ITT We arc authorised to announce Col. DAN
IEL rj:'NOLU.S as a candidate for Slicrih" of
Buncombe- county, at tlio cneuihg " August tlec
IT Wo are. authorized to annomico Col. JO
SEPH CATIIEY, of Haywood county, as a can.
ilidatc to represent the counties of Buncombe,
Henderson, Haywood, Macon and Cherokeo in
tho Scnatu of Uiu next Legisluturj of North Ca.
rolina. - .x
O Y'o aro authorized to announce Mr. Ar.n.':
AMiicii Hi:Nnv, s a candidate for Sherill' of Bun.
combtJ'coiTnty,'at tlio enduing August election.
O' We arc authorized to announco ;1ij. FZE.
KIEI.DOWDLE as a citudiilato fr Sherill' of
Macon county, at tho aipronching election-
ttj'- Wo arc authorised to announce JOHN !l.
ALLISON, .Esq., as a candidate for Sherill' of
Haywood county, at thu ensuing election.'
RAKV WAV from tlio subscrilK-r, some time
in Mav last, a bound boy, by tho 11:11110 of
niUir riiih. iMI )lnri.iiii nni fnwnivaiin il
against harboring or employing him, lis I 11 n 1 de.
terinined rigidly to enlnreo the law against all
such. The ubovc rewind (but no thanks) will h'
giv-eii for the delivery of said boy to me, in Ilav.
woodcountv. W.'W. IAT'11,1;,'
- jfayrTgHf "" "3 "TTiir"
('oitrt of Pica and iluarler Srss.,
HOS. RATCLII-T, Original Atlarhm-nt
r. ; la ird un In
1,.... 1 ....1 .1,1.1
Jt)Sp:i'II HICKS. i';i hiiiid.t nf uni msUa.
The defendant is hereby notified to be and ap.
K-ar heforo the Justices uf said county, at the
next court to be held for Macon county, at the
court. house in Franklin, oil the si cuiid ' Monday
in September next, then and there to replevy anil
plead to issue, else judgment of condemnation
will be entered against the procr!y levied on, au'd
debts in tho hands of the garnishees.
- WrtncsB.j.-Kn in-iv, clerk of sriiif court', atof.
lice, the second Monday before the but Monday
in June, 1P-I3. ' J. K. GRAY, Via!;.
Pr. adv. Sj 50. Osw IU I
y ' " ' '
Court ori'leas and Quart t r St as.,
June Sessions, lsli.
HOS. RATCI.IFT, ) Original Aflarhmr.,,1
r.. Irrird
JOSEPH HICKS. V" hands of ai 'nitthrc.
Tin: di I'cndant !s hereby notified to be and up
K?ar beforo the Justices ol said emmty at the next
court to be held for Macon countv, at tho court
house in Franklin, on the second Monday in Sep
tember next, then anil there to replevy and pb ad
to issue, else judgment of condemnation w.ll he.
entered against the properly levied on and dclrts
u( lNe hands of garnishees.
Witness, J. K. Giiay, cliik of e aid court, al of.
lice, the second Monday b. fore the last Monday
111 June, ISiL J. K. GRAY, VU-rk.
Pr. adv. 0 50. (isw 111
At Chambmin Finjetlcrillc, April 'J, lH-.
-jl I A KCL'S L. FORNEY, of Burkf county, ha.
j-'l viug, on tiro ninth day of April, filed a cti
tion duly verified, prsying'tlint lie may b declared
a Bankrupt, it is thereupon, Ob.1i red by the Court,
that cause be shown before c ham he pi
in this tuiwn, on Friday the twentieth day of May
next, . hy the said Marcus L. -Forney be not de.
clared a Bankrupt, ptirs'ur.nt to the act of Cotigiess
itrtli-arhchartfTtnil ttiarrMirroiti w be iubhhrrf
in tin. IligMapd Madceg' r four wo ks 111
siori. II II. POTl Et;,
Slate of North Carolina, O.V ( )t STY,
Court of I'U'iis :i!s;t 2u:n Ur
I I K.GRAY, - iOi iirmal Altnrlimrnt trtieit
j J rs, mi land nnd tit lit in I he
JOSKl'lI HICKS. hmtdof tsnrnixhrr.
The defendant is hereby notilied to be and
apiK-nr beUiru the Justices of said countv. at the
lne.t court to bo hi4d for Macon county, ut the
court liouse 111 firauKfrfr, oil the serjenil .Vl0111l.1v
in SeplrnUeriTicxrf then aiij there A repl. vy and
plead to issue, else judgment of coildi rtiiiallon
will be entered against the property levied 011, mid
debts iu the hands of the garnishee.
Witness, J, K. Giuv, rlerk ol said court, ft I of.
lice, the secou'd .Monday bef to the lasl Monday
in June, 1M J. J. K. GU.VY, ( '.'i,!.
I'r. adv. 50. (h,v 1 1) 1
STA'fi'U r ,.V CAKOI.I X A,
IIayi ooi! county.
Court of I'lra and luartt r ,SV9.,
1 C. HOWKI.I,,
(ntstiihl'''x l,pvtifin
Hat! !:!, lie.
It llppearingto til" Flltiufarl ion of Mm court, that
the del'eiidunMht not an inh ilutaut of this Stab-,
that notice can ba pi isiuially served en him, i: i.
ordered that publication be made fur fair vei,ks
iu the Highland Mes.mger, fur the ilefeudant
."'.iiinti I J. Sittoii, to nppiai at the next emit of
Pleas and (juar'.'r Scw-ions, to be lirbl fir the
eoiinl v of ilTiy wood, at the courthouse in V.i nrs
tiller ou ilia .tJiu'J .Monday in September ne-.t ;
tin u and there to sbrnv cause to tin.- coi'itiiiYv, or
an order of salo will be directed to issue ( ,
said ri'al t'slntx for the satisfaction of s.u.l d, lit.
Witness, W.u.riiii Binnw, clerk of raid court,
at WaymisiihV, the 1st "londay In t'r the l,i:-l
Monday ill June, x IvJ.
W. BROW. C'ri!..
Pr.'ndv. No .'. I. I-Av Ml
M.' n.N ('i)l.'.NTV.
Vmirtnf Flan (tuhrtrr kci.-.T.iitc .V .,' i '.
Ci I LEU iV DICKEY, ) Orunim! Ml.u-hmn.i,
3 rs. !i cin! nn InmU Ce ''
JOSEi'II lllt'KS. . in lmiuLi uf mii,i.;htr.
Til.' defendant is hereby nolil'i. d to he knd
appear before the Justices of aiil county, al the
lit xt court to be hi Id l'-r Macon county', at tii
court house in Franklin, ou iho second -Monday
in September next, then and there to replevy and
c.Uad to issue, .else judgment of condemnation
will be entered against the projHTty levied on, and
debts iu tire hands of the garnishees.
Witness, Jj K. !mav, clerk of said court, at of.
fiec. the second Monday heforo the lasl Monday
iu June, id l'J.
J. K. GRAY, C.VrA.
Pr. adv. -S." 5(, (isw Hit
Kt;tt'J ol !ortli-t.'arol:i.a,
V.M!;r I'OL'NTV.
Court I'fEteajtjjn-l Quarter Sessions,
Fkhiiuaiu ti;k-ii, 1S1:J.
S. C.'iandli r,
j.' l.ASD IXYY.
Win. D. Audersoji. )
I T appearing to fiiu lalisfaetioii of tho' c cirt,
J- that the defendant is not an inliabllant ol lh:
State it Li therefore, ordered by the court, that
publication bo made for v rueeessivu vi-i ks mi
thu I!iglilal,d Messenger, for the defendant to ap
pear at the next term of said court, and i-lunv
i!Uiiin't (U' ttiiy-ltcJtailiXA hxll'-'-lljl'1'"1'''' shall in.t
have leave fur an old r of sale to issue, to sell ll.e
smiiic, otherwise the land levied 011 w dl h.) rua.
deinued to falisfy the debt and-all cost?..
WitnesH, J. W. G.uil.A.sri, Clerk of said i-nuil,
ut ollice, tln 1st .Monday iu I'elenary, . D. IcIJ,
and ill the litith yi ar ol our IiiilcH-ndene-.'.
J. W. GARLAND, Vlrrh.
Mnto i' .iioiJJi-t':ir:::!M,
ya:. k coi:.:v.'
l'i:iu;l.i:v 'l'i:i:.M, 1 - VJ.
Jackson RViv, 1
a. LA SO .. I T.
Wm. D. Anderson. )
I T tiiifiearing to the sali,. fact ion of the ( 'oort.l
J tho defendant is ri .t an inhul-itaut ol llie. Si
it is, therefore, ordi n d by the 'oiirt, thai po
cation he made, fur iv iv. .l-i;.
iiigiuanu Aies.iengi r, lor Hie uuiejuiaiu i. ap.. ar
at tin: next term of raid conit, and iliow eati:-i',
(if any he hath; why the plaintiff id, all not have
leave for an onli r of sale to issue, to si II to the
same ; otln-rwiso the land levied mi will he eoli
th mjii'tl to satisfy the debt ami all costs.
Witness, J.W.G mii.a-.o, ( 'lerk of our said cm f ,
at otuee, the 1st .Mouiiiy in Ft hniury, A. D. ItlJ,
and iu the IKith )ear,.of ooi" Lid. pen.teiiei..
.1. W. GARLAND, l ink
Marcli 2o. CswW) I'r. adv. !..i oO.
SlaJc ol r'orih (';tro!iia:a,
ii'Nvoftm: eta.Mv. -
David Robeit;.
James Gii.l'o:r, a.hirr of John Kiuidilon ilee'.l,
Rob. rt 1'. Will's, anil Daniel W , hh and los
wit..- Piisein.i, Jo. Knighton. J. sse Knedi
ton, Gcorg-Cato and wife Nancy, IIiiivm.II
Richariisoii and wife Elizabeth, Sain'I Sinarl
ami wife Susanna, and Daniel and
Wile Hiziah. t J
' 'I'.ll.t.'TU ia'lliKl'l.llSi-: A -.toi;Ti,..i;.
IN this ease it ..piieiiring to tin: stlisf.n-li.Hi .-i
the Court, that the ilefelldanls Dniuel Wi lsli
and wife Priscilla, h'mglilon Jessi Knighton,
Geo. Calo and wife Nancy, Bnrwcll Ricliarilsoii
and wife Eli.-die-lh. Samuel Smart and wife Susan,
nail, and Daniel Dro.l.Iv and wik lw,.i!i an: not
rc.-idt iils. w ilhiii the puisdieiion of 1 1 1 .-- eoi.i l, so
tliat llie ordniarv proei s . co Jl.' Is- served n
Ibt in, it w as lfn elo-e oril. n-ii bv-lhe Co'.irl m.w
bi-lc, thai publication be made fr six wet k:1 sue.
ccssiv lv in lb' lledikiiid .1fsscnger, a wei-klv
ucwsp.'isej- puf'.ishi d ut .Ashovillj iu s.iid itati.,
notify mg the sahl "on residents, tu a)ipuar at a
court of I 'unity to be held lor Ihtneoinho coiiol y,
at the court house 1,1 Asheville, un the fir. t .'..a.
day al'ti-rthu ith .1oiiday in Str.ipti uiber 11, It,
then and tin ro to plead answer or demur to tin
pliiiuli!''.. hi il , ol hervv isc judgment iiriruii..w s.
be, rendered aniscl for hearing rxjmi le aa to tie m.
Witness E. H. t-u'et'Li HK Clerk anil nust-mi
our said court at oilier, the first .loutlay alu r tile
tth -Holiday in .Varch A. ).; l- U.
E. II. ( 1,1 hii
-.... tV :i l'i o r,
lk'ftiViiir.v riirw.ifo'iii l-i t.
1 . -1' HA. iLl K' '
( lasted talos DiJricl VovlvX
oiWovlh 4'nrolin:i.
IN fonning a Table of Fees under too Bank
nipt Law, my principal obj. et was tv rate tho
fees 1.11 a scale suited to the means of
of eil..ens whose distresses induced iho passage
of (lie Act. But ill my ud to serve tliilMt
I limn erred hi pullibg the fees to low ;u tore
lard the pniirrest; of procet dings. There is ago
iv nil complaint among the mliccrs 011 this subject ;
and 1 .l.iu! iiiueh difficult v ill pro.-m ing 1111. 1 re
laming propi r chnraeli rs to till tin- olVn-Hsuf As.
siguev and Cuinniissi iiier. Sonic deeline accept
uis, aiid ollieis, alii r a t.ial, resiioi, lieeaii-e u,.
eoinpeiisalioii is inadt' plate, and b ars no pr. r-i .
proporliou to the allo anee in ol Inr State-. Ii
N w Yi ik, for inst.iiic -, v. In 1 ij the 1 ApeiiM s ...
the District Court are llefr.tvcd by Gon nine e.,
tli.e l'elitionrr is rcipiircd, on filing his peliluoi. 1 .
Th-ptTrtfrttmTn tif ljj( fff.Stto rover tnvrv'.iAt;- . .
Iu 1 1 ii- liist ad . 11 !im in lit meusi e.
In tins State, i hi le by the peculiar striiclure
of the Courts and subdivision of tho D...I11VI, it
becomes neecs: ar)', !u I'ultiUiog the designs of llie
law, to hold anil k p open a t'oar! at l.'haiuhers,
for llie iinpose of 11 l ining and acting upon Pi
litioiis Icon e. ry p'lil of lie Stale, the 'J'r.-aserv
D par'.iiKiit has Ci eid. d, thai alii. oii:Ji sin Ii ,1
Court is pieper under llie law, w t i... 1 xpn -s pt...
V.-io'.l is made for del,. l ll g the expense ol .
I! uikrupls and not 111- o erinin. lit, ,mu; L I ,.,,
tie-liiinlee. '
Thus I II, v. itboii' an :i!ii rnalive, T aiueoiistraii"
1 u to incrca - the l es and Tax. I shall time,
fore, leipiir-,- every Pttilmucr liercufn r, n lU.11
Ins l'i lit. 0:1 II the 'erk's t"ce al ( 'haiubers, ?i
di hii ,li the inn of Vi, to cover all charges don 11
to the hrst-h-!tnn, the p.-tifiTiiief p.
Ii r lor llie a.l. . ill-, in. ut.
And in future the Tai ill' of !'. .
f.l' .we
ll ; llie prii.
shall he a.:
- i-i 111:111; ': 1:.
l-'.rs f the C'erU of the Distriet Cmrt
Nuiiiliei.ii-'.ev. rv p iper, c', c.e., 41. d
noting it on tl.e dock, t, ) -.'
"toling 0:1 the i!oi kel lie- aip. ar ii:e. 1 I
any party to show ea'ii. e,
flnti ring any or.I. r or 1!, eree,
Di.ijv ing ir.cjjro!!i:'g..Cie ;!a., r r f .!.... .,f.
. Hill uoids,
Pi. paring calender of rai Cf, and i,i,r . 1', ,
llie Court, end 1 ol. roi e.e . ri l!i ! ..o,
lor each
Copy same f.r use of p.-.rlies and t!: I .r,
Swearing each v.iin-. in Cuurt,
l!l aring a jury, 'i 1
R..-ei and do.'!:einig vi rihel, -J 1
.Copy of iyrdie.t, W ith tabic of i-uum', Iiiiio
nnd place of sei.sion of Court, . 'j
Diawing and copy of process, when re.
(pined, per fol.o, " M 1
Copy ','f docktt oii.iiljouriiun iil, or ap al
ol (asetotiiut iwud Cum t, oil
Ci rlilicatc to sayie, '."i
Enti ring every appeal on doe!, it, w i:h me.
Iiioraiidum of rea.ions, '.! j'
Receiving, depositing m Hank, drawnig
out, and paying over moneys paid iplo
C01. it, in 1 aeh easej i ll.i
F.very crj t:r:e;i!e, v. hen i;e";uiri-d :J,'
Copy ..f 1 ... Is f,.r t.i.'.alioii, win 11 n ,,-eh .1, -J.'i
Ta.Miig costH of othor ollie. rsof coin',
Ihib ir gold run luifitil.'soj'i 001I a( point
ing CuJ.lillls; iiilli r or Assignee, and copy
M i:.'i cerlilie ile and seal, 1 OiJ
Every oath a.l:-i::i'.sti red and eertifh-ate
tilirel.t, V)
r.iileniig ro:i luiinile'j for pul.lical.on,
and cop) :.ial cerl.lii-at.-,
Copy of beliediilcH, per folio, -jii
For evi ry continuance uf u catis-i , -PI
I 'or t:king proof of q V di Ii' el' IIL'-IU
ngnini-t !.aii!:r'ii.if771.y Stutnlci I V 1
Appolnling t oe- and place f. -r t.i'..oi ;
muiiv, -'. Ken not appointed !) c-.i:!,)
and copy lor 1 p.irlv, .". I
Each day attending and io-r I,. ' 0,1. 11 v, '1 .'.II
Diuv. iie and copy of examination ol u .1-
tii sties or ''bankrupt, per folio, i I
L.ery e .oy luriiislied either parly at
nae. 1. in r
Ew-rv path, with cei lilicate, ft
,lc. i 1 V nee i M-.ii y sun omnia to . ! 11 . s s, .' 1
t . 1 11 1 11 el pi oofs ali.,1 l.l.i.g,
.''orti'uel 1 Api asi s in t..!.:i!o p.oof ..,' 1
-nlrlrT'IFPallll 'll:yirTirriH.lBWBII!'r;''-rtrf-r' "
n 111.'.; each way,
Making report to ill com t of d..- o. .;, rl y
conilnel.or of refusal of wilie.s "t-. a?
tenil or Miliiu.t to e.ninii..ilion, I
A'teihling 'ii reren.-e, and lakmo and
slaliu:; an aeeoiiot, or oaLoig nr. pn.t
toemtrt I'oon'iiiy mall. i-'jrK-i-ially r In-
( ' -py tes'ninunv or e -,!..!. its. r.ei -om;i-.:i .11"
n u I, pi r !..!,..,
( '. pv of !-..sLs, wlien d man. led, '
Ta:v.ilioil o! and e, 1 lilicV,
Vi'i-i:..' fill..; as in. l.i: ::.,: 1 ,
.U.'..;i -'. IW,.
For 1. ion. ys ri-c i .e.! an;.!, paid oni, and o.r
1, s 11. e. -,;iry oAp. 11 Ilr. i.liii. a.- al
lowi.l l.y Rule 111,
F..r evi ry ihport hv I..I11, mien lit,! .., V.'
amloN - o
All in ees -aty s.f la-e pai'l by cilo r of lie
sail! o!'m ( l.-!--,'lit no uud la -td
111 bill of Co. is.
II. IN iT I'l.R, ). . . ''. .V- V
I'av- ttcviUc,- .liii..' In. I - f-. -
L V rrohtfttrn ot t'osu ari!.
4 T lb' la; t la'' 1 III'-' l.llg of lln- Pre l,)Ufv
I S '01 ( ".ii, ..r.l, In el ..I So - I err. i. 1 lunch, il un..
1 A'...'..''.-., 'i'liat Hie s eond ..-i.iirtlay ot JoU
! next, be, i.b - t v ed a.-i a, ilay of I mi.', Ililiiiilie
lion and l'i i.yi r, ni t i. o of lie; ,,l i.ta'e ot R. -i
lilioll in ah 10 'i t 'inn ' li'
I s'l 'ir'l! EN fTi 'Mi-
I 1W.,i..l C-W4
I El.Po i of ,;i, is in our Stale. pnMe I.. d W. .-1
! "f tins Yadkin Hu-r, will l- kind a., lo givo
the above notice one or two in 1 riiei. :.
1 . .
! Mate f .'Moilla-i rini!i!::i,
j V'N
. I'iciri of P! ";:s .iit.l ili-'iif: r S-'s-.iu:is
1 - I .'.
John Ii irnolt, j
I. WI) ..'l'i
V. ,.i Ii. An.:, r-;. 1, , r
RT -ri--u
11. ii i
i,. 1,,.. .:U-:!,..o . t.'WQ. iKi,
. . -.1 .1 aio..i:. .1. 11'fiolt:, ,
so.,1, .1 is. 1 1 : . oril' i .1 by tne t 'ii. I,
p, . .11011 Is la...:. -.,-so; .an . 1 : -it e HecLsoi
t,, 11.:!.. a: .! Nies... ii: . i l a lb.-.I.-!, ii.i.ii.t tti ap
p. ,,r at ill.- in '.t I'ii.i ol s,ii. ( iMirl, iinlshotv
,10-. . ,0 a', y le: bal li why I ill pi. 1,1. 1 : ii --1 1.1 II
li lt e 1. .1 '. e l-.-l 4ll ..lti I i.l s-t.. lo .-.-Lie, I ;...ll tht!
1 . 1 . . oi i . 1 1 ...... I ' . - 1 ... I i, ,.oi all v. ..1 !..: eo.i
,;, 1,01. - 11, .i -L ..11 i...iU..
'.',i! - . I W. ( : t,. . t-.n. 1 '! ,iU of t.,rl ( ' .nit. ,;
. ii . , i'..- cm l,.i!,l.,v 01 I'. !.ii.,iry'A .l'. l-i'.',
Tnd i'.!i' tjtiih T.-ir -"ir I i-lrwiiA;l'l-t
1 '.'.:.lum, '

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