TKKMS: !vs:.rc; if r.ot V-MinHiiic. TltcJotUM. . -,miruisl Lr the KlAlEY. .. . el! t 0'O-)T f . I ' ni (.rijiniiits'wi;! U iMcrtcJ at 0 tVj,. J 'rrMTc of trn iinrs or f;r tlrf:-t ia. . rtii, iiiTwrsrr.riTc Cevrs fr ft a. Ii coft. r'f o'rfijiiaw counU-ir'JS two, urtt -jgl'jrtc. A.C. 1 he jmmbcr qf muilns iti-. m.ti t1 nwukcil n .,n(f PiTit,r the lj. ' te.r:,ftnrnt ilMe contmned nil forM. aryt I c;j4r-eJ accordingly. Court OMcr . wiil t tlnrjnl dollar, invjriuUy. " f Ti tharffl fur aiirtoinitw.; lljfc nam1 of a cart. i,JUj f ollfl i $J ijifnUyiri dxapee. , ' lxit r' to Uo lib for ul vmje ' free ; of, po4 1 tr, or Uy ''! reorirc im tl-ntioa. !j Vow i' A 1'. Cvmmerciat Adetrtiitr. A'IaIf,N Strqtatcin. The Boston. Alias translates liu hr' story frurrtho Paris Slcelo. follow' It is a gjjd story enough, lial "we would noLadV tuo tho reader lu bo very pertinacious in Lining it: , J Orj of the dangers of 0tend. most to bo gdirded oijiiini; are the professed gvno'ers. During the seasons of the csrnial and lent, these- knighl of the rrt n cloth keep themselves ar Pari; b it nhcn Summer comes they . scatter then-" tiUts nil over Europe. X hey follow the fm'iiufi, and Ircad in iho footsteps of its nilJnl votaries; they navigatej ai , full ail,. ' i .. ui Mi tne marmime aru mineral waters oj Ejrtpe. This year llie-. birds of prey havepifad in largo numbers ivcr , DeU plum, i l ney . nave nircaay ma-xa.. some great stroke; they fpeak of a Russian who 'u . tli.lln . i,f Wn I.jU'lrtnJ lh u$nini Irnrjci, aiJ w lu pivG n jU iitt Jay npiil.lui' Air .having rnadtr' l!. m w.iil. In these watrxing l iccs, nhir Ih'j h A aro utitir m cguiaiiiina'j 'lifncipLricnccd are ueccsarily exposed ftf Ulytj' plundered by 6hnrpors. Two or ijaf Lave b"-ni taken this year in the very ati. i lii v 'liavu been quven'away, pui there arc enough t.-ft to bpver'ovef sImd frckt-d in .the fclorny nijibti of latw-f fctornjy Qua of these Srt cks bas, re ci iii.v th herbor ratlicr tha ioslr-u. nv ni, in a reccjrf adventure 'ffl UitenJ - nt the CMm.ii.-ncement f tlic tm Kin t9 m iou i lu to arrived n luiigHati May, aK;ire in.ngej ur.d posstsm d of a great fitjft - . ' ' ' - ' ' tier uealih h'ld come to licr. latf, and lint explains bow it cb.inccJ '.ie ws iiii(in:u. Dill anu 3JU-iiv in iiinnv vy y i loti time by marryicg. according :. to tl:c hes of her bfai,', which hard mchued Uf a oung gem! una .of twenty. fivc All thi other aspirants had bien Uisrarded O. H'k'yl, but dismissed. 1lc mxiure jjinntq ' la ty was only willmgio bsen .1 o she juiitb- fill and handsome S r KJward. IJl, ua ' fortJiT:iit!y, . the youthful and banJsom? Klftitrl wiiull have nothing to-siy to lu-r.'ni.J l.a'e suspected tho dime' he' hud. km.luJ. Ilow conlJi he suppose" thai n ' n.-t vt Tony fi ve. wislitd to have bitvv. for a li ,'jan i.' 1'hu of tiro Udv did rt t t u . ;t him, fr bo-ltad recently inhciit i I J , t i - J ..... . t it . H m i uumsanii pounds stcrimj;, una ue u.l li;;:is(.lf rich itv-oi to pus- his youth in g ik I y and freed nn) pr- pared to i-nVnt in' under the banners of Hymen when he reached tlTe agoof reason, or U) en lofhis ti n iio.nanilpounds. 'His frugil andeebn. tni- il .Ii i Fi. 1 x linnx th. Uiri.t fivt lin:i ,'t. ifejivur-v-for slie' would "lad" ti Jit' hira ni'ned and ppdr, ous -in thai ci.M" uMie bktly to bo ,lf mptfO by her t it.ii. Sim had come' to. Usted because lucw tJiat. IMwurd was iherc. " Her . lurks, however, met wiib no more suc cejs ;lnn they'bad at Lontbn, Hub, Now nuUt, llrigUionnnd nil the oiher places whero '.she hi J followed 'the dud flit: rent , tu; could obu'.in from him .noth :r;4 l.4.t cold politeness. She in vain" du (V')id b tore bis eyes ihe' riches sho j"cs5tAi. mIis 'manner, seemed to say, nt do I r.arc-r-1 urn satisfied wuu my JrcsLiit ease etijiirth ut ordinary means met Anna icsolved to have nosuc- t-s, Mii Anna icsolved to have recourse a some hliat ' cf centric expedient. She as a lady t,f spirit; she was posscsesd both f l udacuy and imagination. The cx- kd.ent could riot fail. rb'eso thmgs look p!a?e a inonlh ago. , Atieie clnnced then to be a biut'k heie iuOs't nd, ono of the heroes of ihjvnation. r-a cieitr chiel tl the Ueilcnic conieuera- on. Ho was a n.astcr.. of rnnslers, an "resistible. plaver, winning whenever and latever bo chose." Nothing had occur. red t'j betray bis true character, and Oateud coi.s.dertd him as an honest play cr when vur English ladv found him. 'andfsaisi to bim: J'l kn6w vvbo' vou are: 1. have. re- et iud positive fetters in regard to you. Here are coyles of them, rtni v.v.. " 'Ti... Vou sco I can ' TIo blackleg turned v pae be 5aw ibM - he was " at ihe mercy of ihe J-3".Jt at tho same iime the cunning knau-siw thai hc bad something to Je jdof. him anj was tnly trying, to fnYn Jam into granting it. 4I cm m!" VU" rCiiUmi' tbei. marrying 1 ady; ''"'Mill spare you ifyou'will consent lo ibnieayMjcey Thc fioxv had expect. cd ihis.Lv ia tts dclibttd viUH thbeom. inenceuMSU S j. madame' said he, - 5 A orders.'! 'Da-,y ou know Sir UaiJrs,,Vc tnadamc- .' "He docs net then V Joet no, dislikc Ut luu must toV , . ... , 4tr ,,. j Tke notbinj bcttei llilll lllrl. A i v . s "Will you' then go tbere get up a discus $haU be in the wrong; propV J o somc b i.tlrs of Cbampagne maKcfcir Edward drmV hrd Itbea-.ed, you shall where hs dines; cceding; replied the aba.V must then v.ia all his miney rrvjsU ir.J.i.-j j fay i . .i I. nni lcr.J t.rm i : ,1 t J 1 1 k furiunc, vea ihousir 1 r h2 stu.i.f.jJ. ' II rf , an J anJ; "I ur. !.i ihojs iuj ar.j then Tbo lutyghty Ii!is!t hJy r i jm of it, ii nali a, i ft, J i:i a d'aij. .,4Anl is ccr. Liinn f;an w iiic'.i you cn.i-nl not t ruTn r.i' ?M "Yts, but re. ll-ct sv It p ujt I Itjv.i ti-.t i.-.r l;iwH sall bj coiep' K-!y stiipj;c5. If you leave him the smfllb-st- batmcr, thtsa U iters cn- Ctirnin yuj fctulbo rnajs p'Jb.Ic. rnads nubile. ' ' Vij bU Ui n.ji huvo rtubon to co.iMr.a'n ot n:c. .O.i the fj!t j.wir;j y? thci tJtnner. csm oil, The. chrrjp3 jne . was i unit; th me ie partirs ecigfd m the came; anJ before iho nihi'was over, Sir(Eiard ,bid lost tyeryihjjig. Itwji$ llien tin! our KngHh lady' appeared to, advantage; 'Aia youn' man, nowT :ruifccd,. opened boiK eiwcnd ears., Tho, firt, it i tru?t were not charmed by ibe personal attraction of Miss Anna, but he listened "with complaisance t the dt-tail and the amount of her 'wealth, Mhit.btbe oflTered ,w'uh" her baud., It was au afTair of.i'.iTcc rmlliona. The nge'ofthe biiJe . disappeared, and the absence of personal cbarina was amply atoned 'for by such a fortune. Sir Edward occepVfd, aod the Vcddirjg has just .btca celebrated. , .'.'j The Tight Hoot or How a - Yo n u u a u we it t i ii t o a I5a 1 1 Iloom, t ; ' About five years ago IthipK O(d at a mil jjiig in one of the back woods counties of Georgia, at'lho house of .Mrtj-r S,' Bir) iho wealthiest man io those parts, ho wj d..irous o giving n greui flaro up, and for this purpose iaJ mvilcd a largj injmblr .oj" guesti tj w itness tbo nopuaU of the elJcsi of three blooming, chern lipped, st-rong limbed, clcan'-foutcd. duughitr. Aatoug v heJ . gupsu-..!. observed ahu .-, face vol "iLi-1 a rcprcntJiivo' of the county ai. .tbu " UmversitV, whom I lid . the butt uf bis class while there, but, wlio was dystincu to act a conspicuous ; part on the nrescni memorable occasion, liillwa an origin i! suiquiens. He was peculiar, ly trtiachcd bj his head, which was Unique tn;hij)c', and .clothed with cufls which re srrublwd leta Hyperion's -than tho setting Wn iii. but. - Ile.wds bix feel two in. bis tiockmgs, wiib legs meeting ;b long way up, nn J noro rvetiiUhng w pair ot cia pisse, than antmog cm at piescnt imiginc. A td to thisic was ttventy years of qgo, and -rer-king .willr' verdaucy and bashful ntvs, and you'bivq bis iaVucrreo I pi?. ' l'ho ceremony hul boon perform- eJt tho b-Mir was-auxins laio, and alt. seemed tg be enjoying the flow of soul. I nad exf;autcd the tow from the various groups, nnd. was lookin'g abont; for a sub ject ol interest, wlmn I perceived JSdt it. ti;rg hko Nrtpo'e.iu, . solitary and alono, wth a face, the agony of wjioso- ivxpresiiorj, I sh'll neVer forf.t. ApproC;UOj-" lum, kindly inquired t!u cause of. Ins distress,' and prollercd my assistance; ' . (Jive too your arm,"' said b"3,1 ill am deathly sick: lei us find, a' room an J g lV i ibe im js so constructed thai -she may bed.'- Cj . ' J enlarge or diuwuLah bor ;, apparent size at , i 'He grasped my arm convulsively, ani plt.'3-.uro nna yet a p-irson may. bo. walk limping along, we eut iutoa prjmiJ fotvif iug" wiih and n6tdicoyer bow, or by what w.hlch .Major S. had assigned joo as my j mean's her npluiunt ,size;is"dimioihed or tuarterAior ih nirrht. I soon discwvafed i hi. I soon discpviifed tnatudy't whicU' was b n his largo ftt't, ' worn lilirv the : fir 'p,n)r - ..'"" ... ''. : . tiio cause ot liil s p-iir.yf smalt boots, on with a view of curtail lions of thoso members, lie e-rtdeavifred $av-eMbo .labor of carrying about' the streets in vam to release bis feet, and! "as it .was quite a foiil! ba'eof cotton, and froncig!it imptyssibio to get ibe assisnnr.e of a er- . to lA the skirts. ' vint, I volunteered ' to tug at tbtrm myself, v.: .-: p-r-r r- when bo -.bad completely exhaustifbts j. . Hint to Employees. We oVeard strength. We .succeeded ai .length n j n,;L ,panv a?0i iho following" conver pulling ofT oof but the other resisted our j iiwn betaveon a, barter builder anda day every effort. JVdl tjas hi agony 4us iboi j laborer:' . ; , .'.-, - . - . " cut tho boot. At last he nro-, his .eyes in a ''fine -phrenzy rolling' and drippin withjperspiraiion, and pronouncing apathe ma not lood, but deep, upon all "gather; fns" in general, and, country weddings in particular, : be divested, himself ofi every gaxmcnt and ;. st5od up uainrumbered, salc wiih that one tdrrtble boot. The mcriiment in tbo Adioinin; chamber, con trasted strangely .with iho anguish in mine, .The guests bad uqw allgoco into the ball room, which was separated from the room assigned me by. a thin walL . I 5ould hear evttry -note ot , preparation ' made by inc fiddler. ; .Approaching .nearer 4ho wan, I discovered 'a door which opened into the room w here they were about commencing ihe dance.- BythlVtime Bill had recover ed bis strength, and recommenced the tug with bis. booU .In vain he 'essayed every position and attitude. ... AK length be thought be might accomplish bis object by plating his bac,k to the wall, his right foot against one of my feet, and ob;aiu my assistance. lie placed himself firmly againt the door, and.I'caughl bis rg and began to pullgradually it yielded,., and bidding him mike 4 long - pull, a strong jull, and a pujl.all logetlier,-1 tha boot xin--expectcdly gave way, and .with iv ihedoof, and B U weal tumbling into the Btil room! . iSuch scream? from the females, and ueb consternatiorr amqng beaux was never be." foreseen. . In tho ' miJst of ray mirth up- roar.ioua I beard tjhs clatter ofa;horsefa hoofj, and looking cut, ot tnc window i beheld a solitary horse man. flying with the speed of a locomotive, his long bir atream- ....:..! r,l ''-.".tin firlt (irort-ia ing id me whwi'w . costume, o wit,-a. sbirt cellar and a p.i of jspurs; It was poor Bill! Spirit ej the Times. ' . J"Therbf aw morejeftf' as (h? Turk said when he was tolj one of his wives had doped from him. , ill'. . , c.uJ, ty i ci v, in 21 va i re m . c Ji:rx:rs Lr ' .ar, J were m jrs t r, fr.ra tbo Records of Trials ; -rtt r: r two K. 3 the c I. ad so, :.'ve ... r..rc J T 5 cars " 1 1:0, tit otoms anl bit J tf grcallv cliTr'sJ from , "vir.yV' cf ta fwii ii t -t v.vy were copied, even tbon, i ."ior-ir.da: ' -''.V pre sent ' Jr.. Thorp for - Ir. Suis by saying hs eat t '.".rdeda Morning for .Break 'i's tr.fnrf hereto was Uat he as curl ' :s r i . " Lft.( -T. a'lj'f ov d 1 -'La i c .1 'i i.'.vcr Tbimb'efull to lis I.?. .Usst. "Mr. Thorn paying the XuryVFt ii Jlschargcd, ! , JCai. We pr- ..-t Peter Grants a Scotchjm, for lit -whb his Wife. : , v . ' . f y0 prised George GarUrJ for frtqi-' eming Sarah Well's IlyU53 . after Warn ipgtven. "", 1CG3. V"prc$i.'nt 'Jerry JShcar for Idler less, Walking up and dowo in neglect of hiCtllTng. r 1661. We present- John Wdlcigh for a Common Sleeper on the Lor' Day at the' Public Meeting. , W e present Floremo Ei1ge,".the Wife of Robert ICde, for Slandering Goody Par ker, IbeAVrfe of John Pyr ker, in saying that she longed tor R.ev. Mr: Baak'es. We prcnt Chr&iian E'lingwood, the Wife of W illiam TWingw.ood, for lying un der a Common Fame of having "two hus. bands. . .. We presents William- Wardel for Deny iog the College to bo any Ordinance bf God, and that therefore it' was not his Judgment to give any Uiing toit when there as something demanded foe ir- ' . . IGO'7, We prcseiu Jame$Mafmant for Suspiaion of Incontinence withMary Clay. In Reference, to this AfTa5r, this Court in. joins an act of Separation to ba beneefor wrfrtLbctween them. So! if tbe slud Har man and Mary Clay bo found' 'Suspicious ly Toeiher; on duo proof Herman shall ForleiCjClQ, . ' : ' - ' ; r n ; 166D.r Joseph Phippcny p"rcscnted for breVdiiig a Disturbance in tho ToWn Meet ing by flinging Mr. JordanV Votes on the ground. '". Wo pt esent Mr Thorp for abusing Mr. Rout. Jordan, in bis own House,-' insomuch that Mr'1! Jordan was - forced to command bis own Servants lo tiiro him out of Doors. 'We present DavsJ Smith for Contemptu. ous Trtaimcnt x-f,Capt. Hay no, being a Man ip. Authority," in Tbceing and'Thbu mr him. ,' ; The Skirt Enpaniqr 1 . 1 Xcip-lncenlion.!ri appears Mhat a geuilemun of ihq city of Troy has invent, ed au articlo he calls the Skirl Expander, for1 which ho is about' to procure; a patent. The investor says it will eoticty. do away will. ' tho cotton .butle. It 'ii ,safJ to be frjncip illy made of India rubber; nir-light, and is-capabfo of bting iijflited or contract. td ai uny'time.. If a bidy aboii'd be walk- ring fa,I w.'ah lo. appear larger or smaller, .iucfi:ascd. ; 1 ho .rnyentor 'also says . that j the Uppeacanco of a lady vith ona of ibeso 'bkifts is much impfoved, the dre 'setting 1 much belief and easier; and that, it will ' '' ' .. l I f . .' .t " '. iucrt:aseu.. 1 ho ruventor also savs . that vWhat w.ngcs ca you expect?' "Why, I can work for a dollar a day, or seventy hvc cents a dav. or hftv cents a dav, or twenty fTse cents a day.'- When J woiks for'a dollar.a day. I works. Wh?ti I gets only a half or a qudrtcr, I takesjt'easy." . Tlic man of hods and shovels was put bn a dollar per diem -allowance.' - A I) igji-.Com rtLMEKTTo the credit of lhat useful and patriot class, the Print ers, bo it, caidth-at -aroong all who have been published as desertersffrom ihe army, pot olio is a: Printer of all the soldiers psbhsbed for disobedienqcof or1- dersvnot-oce is a Printer "is said that Printers in the army are-very cutner. X)US. -, .-Why h wit tempered wiih politeness bke fou Meite rs in iho olphabel the f.rst itLp ih'Uioughi, ihe second adrancirg to meeiyou,the ihird holding a flaming torch, and'iho fourth singing psalms? ' . ' A -muring; B commg, DdighliEg, N chantip ' ' . Y'.y ore. ladies':-dresses---ai '.tha waisl like a mass meeting? Because there is a gtedt gathering there. . Aye, and SMnall bustle. ' . " :ot a . . 1 " ' - .!ChapuUcpcc says the correspondent of, the D ha, means "Grasshopper hill." An army, corrc-?pohdent-of iho Wash- "Pouh, pooh said 'a. wife lo barest piring husband, as he sire vg to otter a few parting words, "dotlaion t to tdkjlwtgo oa with your dying. ,' .ingioa unioii says mat on tnis same mouo4 ' slaughter, and their arm he turned against J V of Cha-pultepec, was srtuated tSe pahce themselves.' D.se3i?, a;r or.J wbikrv ! ' (o! the erenowncd 'Moczuma,'' king of will perhaps finish "the mvlncr.cly dtf ' " 1 the Ailecs...; , , ': of Iodian history, unless Christti:Jtv si- ; " . . Am ' u Ci inn W a r Or.: job at a time, especially of s'Jcha nare. as war. ii io'jLis cnou'i for any ni' ii,T, Lut i: fccrr.i to b'j ty r.j rtnns ccr- that biforo we aro out of ons, .we may not bavo another presented for our acceptance as a party to the strife A Itte r.jarber of trie Ir.J 'penJerce (Missouri) Expositor contains an article which is wor thy of serious rtHiCtbn, and presents a subject of grave inlcrt st to the- nation in an aspect ecml y new and exciting.. The editor, in discus-ing t!;e sa'jct, expresses his fears thai the administration wi'd bs slow to perceive -the danger cf delay, and tardy in tho ose of means; 'wl,ib) a com. parativtly incotniderable force, if prompt ly emptoed,-.Av.T probably prova cfli cient. -Tho mat;cr in question refers to thc constantly increasing tlitocultics which exist between the ; Indians and tlw travtl ers between the States and the - Pacific re. gicn; the frequent attacks made by, the fanner upon the . latter, tho audacity and lliii E'ucce-js by which. they are characteriz ed, and thc certainty that the evil will son btcoie.oneof formidable, magnitude, from fnatural causes; - A long andv bitter strug gle-is anticipated from -two causes which are supposed to render il .inevitable.- "First' says tha Expositor, "tlie great numerical force of tho Indians, and the rapid diminution of the buffalo, upon which Ihey exclusivclv subsist. . Second, the un- twisG incredulity of our r vernment, in its slow and reluctant rcc. tion of the ap. proaffhing danger &w A's.rhe second causO allesged, is, wq sppruhend,-an imag inary one, we bavegood reason lo hope that tlS extent "of disaster amiciited ,by the Expositor xyi'I prove to be overrated. . It Ts not to be -denied lhat ibis is a sub ject of very great importance, both ns it reiers to our duty to such ot our Lrethren aro engaged in iho enterprise ar.J toil ot subjugating this wild and remote territory to ihe irj'fluencu of civiliszation. and to our domestic policy, which involves .fa the premises, many considerations of grovmg interest. Wj? owe it to ihe hardy pioneer Lof our. western commerce to afford him such,' prottcibn' ngainst the perils of his way as rnay compatible with the fullest exteni.,of national oblisaiion; and in no wise should procrastination be allowed to joipay progressive energy oi cna;ac:er, so .cgtiential to tlx: development of. 'thoso re sources of our national greatness whxh re lata lothc Pacific ;oast. ' . . - AVe extract fropa tho articlo in tho Ex positof the . following remarks upon 'the subject:,'. : " - '" Wc have now to contend with tribes Who are .mounted, who roam over plai.ns jnoro'extensiva than. the whole' territory of pur contedernicu ijtates j who intermingle "a nd ha Vo no 4" permanent homes. They subsist oji the buffalo, which - is their food, their clothing, their lodges, their saddles, robes, and fuel They have neither agri culture or domestic Rattle to. supply food. War plunder and the chase keep them .in perpetual movement.. . They are more wild thaaArabs, , nrjd better warriors. .Their country is infinitely -..large, various, and their appearance in any . pariicu-ar part of it as uncertain 'as . the wind, or a thunder' storm," ' . . The .aggregite, numbar of ; ihe Indian Ifibos" who dosceod .every season upon the buffalo region, possessing horses, nod re- lying: upon tho - bufflo to supply t.11 th ir physical wants, is 259 000! These roam over and inhabit the whole epoce from the Gulf to the Capada lino a part of them are the tribes which' live upon the head wa trfs; of tbo great rivers lhai flow into the Paci-flc, and who iuya'ss'odi through tile Rocky Mountajius to the buflalo region. . Causes,, certain jn their tff ci,- are now pressing upon' the' --whole, mass; and kind ling rx'war which will Cease only with ex "termination. The buffalo are diminishing whh frightful $pec with the buffilo etas, cs the Indian?s every means of existence. The constant passage ioand fro .of the wfiitc -men by iho' Missouri, ihe . Oegon, Cahtornia and banta-r4e trails, and throu Texos, solves lo the Indian '.his arorc'ach. IMUVU-Ul indoorr " . ' On alfthcso routes hosnlitics are now l . ,.t 1 1 tasting ihe blood an plunder i of the whites, share (with them and. are j 1 c.iiam.u una i.l'h itj.ies.. pe r 1 1 ii 3 r. i Indian army has occupjpd ihmid-dlc Ar kansas ihrQOghoul the.' w-holo sjmmer j 11, passed! jM any .such little armi'S will ftp pear h-cxt season massacre impends over every white man who ventures .forth upon ihe plains.' The picture here presented, even if a Irttta overdfawn' is by no means cn r.gree ablc one, and". ih$ 'inquiry very naturally presents' I'st If as to what is to It d.ire with thso predatory Ir.dlan hord.. ' The answer is, that they.muKi b; externinnted or civilized, a-nd inasmuch -ai. the civi'.iza lion 6f tlie Indian has Ljc-o. 1 ere" 1 jr.. ajmostinvariab!yr a Chirg tet:ef Lrwvin to theory than fact, the aheruaiiv.-cf ester mi nation, seems "11 b-i their e;csI j . .'o :L'e destiny. This will o coi.Lt U? a rl; cf uos;i,ny -io some extent, in a ci;ic- pons struggle, betw'eea the' two race?, ssiL'. ' " C j ihe white man advances upon ihe trrrl rrv, I V," ' X '"' sr or, 10 a ,fov desperate con.1 cu 'Cm charm i ' ' ' of thcirconfidence will be -diss dvtd by i .v -.TV bo sufiicieut fot thc rescue. At the present time it 1 but j M to c n s?der what tho exigencies cf the C - Wav require, and "to r rt pai c-. for them, t ) that no responsibility h) upaaojr nation. I a! -author. y for ilvlay lu tw ier...; an e,r-rr: -Jva Ind.a :' war cin r.v by prudent acdiiTj-. ' . cclUrl r!.e is;!jvcf sanruinarv and SN-.err.'alc Crst hos- t: ::y on tr.e parte! Ii.unr.S,- cr r-tl.-.r ry anticipaurg soch a,dispii j ' wh.i there is sufTieicnt causo to expect iv f s!io::!d cer tsinly bo done.-' We want t lit cf no more Ii:.!.anwars. ; Tiie generous citizens of Soaih CardHca aro taking tho necessary measures tora,ise a fund foriha support ef'the widow and cM'drenof iho late Cul -'Butler. r No fndi tiJuai, is to'siibscribo nrjre5 than a dollar for the purpose. ' - " . Thc Abolitionists held. 'a National Con vention in the city of New York last week, and nominated John I Hale, of N- Hamp thire, for iha Presidency, and Leicester King; of Ohio, for the Vice Presidency. Tho Locofocos "nrof-cis to acquisition of New.-.Mexfco- and think the tho Cali- fornias would bean ample remuneration for : all our losses in the War. lf, a year and a half ago, the question liad been aAed whether our, country ought to ;bo willing lo purchase those lerritores at the costot a hundred and fiiiy, million of dollars, and ihe lives of ten or filteen thousand of her heroic yeomanry j who is ihero among Us that would not have thundered forth an indiftnanl negative. ' i ' - . Where ii thc Locofoco that - can-tell, vs the relative! valbe of wild land and human life? How many acres of Mexican ground will reimburse us for the death of Ringgold! How many for tho death of Ridgciy?- Iluw.many for the death of Clay How many for tho death' of "McKee? How many far '-tho death of Hardin? How many fop.; i'io ' death of Ilamer?. How many for iho death .of Butler? How many for each of the heroic privates that fell at Palo. Abo, at Resnca, at Monterey, at Buerta VTi.sta, Vera 'Cruz, at Ccrro Gord."); at Contreras, at Churubuco, and at the City.of Mexico? LoulsviUe Jqurnqh . riow the AT. O. Picayune, Ocr.SJ ' ; Later from V.cra Cruz. ' The steam ship Fanny, Copt iScott, ar rived yesterday forenoon from .Vera Cruz, whence she sailed on the v14ih' inst.. She brou'.t over sixty five sick soldiers' and discharged teamsters.- rThe Fanfty for -.the first , five days: out encountered constant gilea from the .north The steam ship New Orleans was ex pected at Vera. Cruz. from. 'Tampico tn the 14th inst. anl was to sail the next day for this port. Ti c ship Venice and the batqucs Margaret Hu -and Victory iTa-J sai' ed for this port.' . Tbo shtp Jlooterey arrived cn ihe J2:b inst at Vera Cruz from New. York with Government- stores and U. S. marines. Tho ' ship Palestine, bad also tirrivd at- Vera Cruz. ' " 1 There b? l been no late arrival at Vera Cruz direct -fro'r.i Mexico or Puebla so far ns wo can learn. Our files come down to ibei2Lh ins The taiesl number of ihe' Gci.Ijj of Iiberty has a paragraph from we extract lbs ollbwing:. Is cics fromtfic 'Interior. Noilupg .nl li! Qlhlds is at Pucfcla, L.;ne it marching in, a;;d Sirra 'Anna running our.--.Any ibirg more? O ir town seems- quite busy, the roads arc clearing up, and gueriilas have cot the rout. ' .' " ,'-1 .ll j We n-il.clie a few words fu. .tbcubove. We doubt that Gen;-. Lane had reached Pusbla, buj'( do not understan'd firm ti.o above lhat, the newsof bis arriva.!' had bjt n received at Vera Crufc.. Our bst account left the general at Jalaps on ihe C(Uh ' s'artlhc foUowjng;mprn:ng' forPvt - -r.d Puebl-i; i' Mexican C3-cour..-, k :iied yestert' iy , .y t' 'it he ar rived ' .1 lerote c;i ti r 4th. The irco Insa- . r:iOvc I vith?"?h rapjjity ihiti... 1, I.orses and car. , -s were kft k'hir.. . a ihe road. Wo kn6v more of t! is by the next arrival. . : Ti.-J ArcoIris has an on ail I, at Col. CI 1 Jj uas'still hemmed in u;on t'- 0 l.eitits 'ir u,-u':- icai uop.rg ;osia r, .... ,- - ' ,. Starve out. liencc tney say en. Jano 1 "d witb hpeed to his relief, , These iparn-'j accounts-say that Santa Anna was yahuaico. on the d instvto inter train. This is a place bittwenty. from Perote, and c-n' the main We do not , know ihat these ac. can bo relied upon.. There are L2rror3 .quite contradictory in rcgnrd Anna, which will b .fou-tid in the rcid. ec::.ts i-'.l r r f t'-Sj:.- JctVr, uLiow.' . , . - . .'fho-Arco Iris reports that Gen. IT r rrr r.s &n army of ten thousand mi4j at IJ.-ii'aro, composed cl the National uho are reprcscriUid 0$ much bet. t-r r Ti cn :2n any preceding force raised, .s' em? aiteg.sher apochry p!.":J, lh-ugh Mexicans ' ay that thee Na'ior.i! .Is ?Varc men of bno- and too prc-jJ rr. J t v 11 if u' coVnma.T?' d il-ry r.iuc'i Ledcr i!an Mexican r:o." . - it:.: JG 1 1 1 r 1 - .. . 'ilctsare r.-.ids cf t!.e "ctt ril!eros I 'jH ihcir own ceun ; i?f rs call 1 lr-'r:s !er t!e namc cf zuemUcras of r v Sj'.C1 ..ce are thr- 'i v u i: ; rlrca-'v. J.. thc f.v. f "x i-r to LV.Z 0;t. -11, IS47. ; Tunny leaves to-day for I am sorry that" I ha?c The stc: . -New-0.-':rr-, V;..0 . I.. r, later uttj Irora 1I.1 c3; :l to co.mnuni. ct-". . Lrturs t-Tc a great djat of news repccilrj; tbo movcm?cia cf rr.taAnr.a, I hard' know who- i th -r to Lcllfvo cr not; yet llo cumber ofih'sj Inters tlltendir.t tha samq thing ruber' induca mo to placo sorno faith in tho reports they contain, ar.J will givo you an extract from one cf tl.:n: U ' , , . 9aizai;a, Oct. 7, 1S17. . "Santa Anna, who has taken up hii , lico of march from PueVa for this city, vi;!i n small remnant cf bis old army, 'was overtaken on ihe road by a messenger from lha acting" executive authorities of the Republic, at CJt'icrctaro, requesting htm to proceed immediately lo that place; and it was rror until ho fully convinced that -thc call cimo fro.v. u friendly ourc that1 he consented JQ obey the summons. "Soms of. i'. 0 letters state, lhat upon pretty good authority th-s writers learn that Santa Anna refusrd rrtorn in any other capacity than ah odvocato of peace.' It is evident from these reports; if true, that old Santa has given up tho idea of ' throwing himself and forces; in iho way of Gen. L"r.cst command, a was' reported iri fetters from Jala pa last wcelrtand I am '. rather inclined to think that at thc timo ho " was overtaken by this messenger from Querctaro, ho was making tracts for the coast to crnVirk for a place of safety; but now lftheso reports provo to bo true, tt wil!not lake much to induce him to elect himself President onco more. Ahhouch 1 think it out of his power to do us much harm, such a step would continue lo keep the country in civil broils, and any meas ures adopted by him, whether for peace or war , will be opposed if from no other rea son lhan merely lo opposo Santa Anna. Th? Mexican people appear lo be gaining confidence in Paredcs, and perhaps he may bo the first to- overthrow ihe cork-legged general, snoutJ ne again assume authority; ' Tha Texas Rangers and ihe other, troops continue 10 a rri verily, and wo may look for d tcry'prctty reinforcement for Gen. Patterson command, which will probably leave sometime during tho week for tho capital.' As soon as this command shall have arrived at the papital, 1 think wc may lock for a train from Mexico with tbo con valescent wounded 'and discharged ,soUr ciers, as well as a mail from the army, a thirg which we have not had sinco General Scbti left Jalapa. The nunber of teams nT.irvrV ryii-ii t tin nn f ir ' ' inA it klll. spare ones were r returned it would ex pedite iran-iportatioh to a grcut extent and aye ihe expense and detention of sending, to Tampico, , Brazoj and dMcw-Orleans for mules and' horses. The vofnita has again made its appeaf ance, but as yel the casesn"ra few and irt a mild form,, and confined, entfrely to st,ran(rs. Somo few deaths have also ueuurreu ai me cast 10 among ine . re cruits Jfrora tho same disease; buV generMly epcakipg, the health of the' city has never been better since il 'lell Into ihe hands of Americans, taking into con" sidcratiort ihe number of troops and strao. gers that arc daily arriving. 1 Mviny ofthe old residents of the city arc reluming from tho . interior,'- where- they have acen lo spend the summer andlo gel out .of tbo way of Ihe Yankees, whom they hidiat firstfimagined to bft nothing leas than "devils nn-human shape. ', They haro now become 'satisfied that ihcy aro eafer under American . protection lhan under jhai oljihcir owD countrymen who sec; every opportunity; 10 plunder and Insult iheiri, bcside.frcquenily committing out rages, far which, in any other civilized country, they would be hung higher lhan Ilamar.. , . . . . - A d:. :chmcnt arrived from the National Bridge yesterday morning a:: i reprcseats everything qttiet in Col: HughetV camp. The detachment was fjred into once upon" thc route by guerrillas in ambusbj but no harrn was done. Tho, chaparral was then swept and ilie 'Mexicans left ' in- such a hurry that they forgot two of iheir horses. . A brig oebngiog to . Capt., Symplon, which wtnt on shojc-. some time since at Sacrifices, was burned a few .nighta ago, by somc Mexicans.- She would , no doubt have been gotten off had she cot been burn, ed. -v . ; The northers I have partially subsided, ar.J tho large number .of steamei ,-ihat were awaiting good weather to proceed to the Brazo3" Gid Tampicoj have all succeed scd in getting to.sea. -, Amongst last arnva?s of troops is Cap?, Tilghmans company cf Baltimore light artillery. ( They are a fine.looking set of 'mea, and their uniform remarkably taste ful and neat, though a 1. nasi too fine for the rough tisane it, will La iubjectio io a cam p'aign. I'hey have been supplied with excf Kent hc?rscs end six beautiful piecjes c f rsrn, forgtsj caissons-; &c, in proper, ii o. ' , , 4 - C'.-rmodora Perry has taken up his quarters 'irrrporarily 1 on ahoreJ Colonel Wilson, who. l;as been quito sick, ha entirely recovered and agairv entered upon ibe di-ties cf his station Adjutar.l is also--i bis pjst ag-ito-- Colonel ililes Ins also cn upon hiilacA for a few d days, but is now a!I ticht egain Our litest s lor litest .J.trs from- Jahpl t s except li at Un Ln.c had left xvh remmand fr llcxico," ncv hi- It It ii reported thit i, p3rtjon cf s r :.""gcrs bore will proceed lo the Tcx- in. t-ji r.tii C:n. Patterson's ccmmatfl, bu ii .-as been generally understood thatthes t these rops were Sent here lo assUt in kceici open c.mrnuhicalions. Col. Hays h: i r.:t yu arrived, though daily expected, 'It gives me pane to see a window bro ken1 said the glazier ta h'.; fully.

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