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The reader will pcreeira fal ihe I ma opponito to each letter in the al phabat commyncet with taino letter, and, i tJM c:ood: alphabet, e-pccmlly, occur agau in ibo particular kind of fod ale cUkk : . am:i::v: x. c.; n vUcn 16, is 18., Tlio Alphabet leal lcntt. A ttkd on a timo lna coinpunions to dine, ' J burd, aTid aurcd "h'tn ho ahould not decline; fcoiJJ not refuse hit content to this measure, ) defined it would giVtt him a great deal of plea - -ure, E rvrr -a willing' to eat with libt friends ' frtrod with them all ho nhould nut gum his end, ; nA to the liuuire cr tha table vi laid) ; ' 1 ' l tmrni'd alon; bl much pronr;c9 mado, 1 L i fn ltd tuO ptrly.tJ bo at the fcist. K k'-pt on ar fast thut he worried hi ticaat,.; 1, lurid to be- preaent where good thiugo abjund, ( miwic cttxiiiJ too where dishr g round; H never wm known to d cUnn a god ciuae, OowneJ it would V a r-gla to hi j-twa. Pprairtcd the i'ir man wha brought eating in' fashion, t - ' 1 ". : Q ijdile overcnmft, with tSt rent took tia atation, li rn with au?h banto thullio outtnp il thn wind, s airovo to gut forcmoMl iKr once looked behind,, T (hmifhf by their runnirrg'thiit ho tbould bo late, fj undi-ralood well, m that cae, hia own fate, -V vdinflyandiivor'd U"otitrun Ihein all, : : ' W !U.h1. Ik-hiit cluniv for fear he ahould fall: X (run and Ill-natured," alone, lnt hi way, Vyaarned, and declared that ho ahould not long tay ', rcalmis, though laat, was not long on the roAd 6l welcomed them all to hia master'a abode. . When' the last of thena learned gcntlcinen had Narnved,'(ror they were all men of letter) and' the tublc being bo'unlifijlly ftprcad, tien Mr. , . A -anked a)l lii friedi to Uko wliat they liked bcitt; r ; . . .. D bicon Wgan with and gave it no ret; . . C cliomi uno fine chicken" mud into a pie, . . v ii dtarly loved du'eka end henaw sonic close by, K.'a2rly ate aorne boiled egg with hia meat, . fancied lOuio. fowla, wlncli were droascd very neat, ' "' " -i gra.iping a gorwc, finished allblt Che legs, II htlned hiniaclf largely to .bum and fried egg. I Si J joined again, in a nice -joint of veal, K kept bia plate clean, but he made good meal, J. loved a bojled lubaler that glowed in a dish, M mackerel esteemed as the chojecst of fish; . N not hking vi'eaL,: took some nuU? round and curled. . v ; ' ' JT O oyster preferred to all things in the wo'ld; 1" praii d a pig, inJ to cat it v as lible, QHpnto fond of quail left Hot one on the table, 'U reckoned that robbms were bclofall birds. ,tuAVd him with HfuirreW nor uwd many words; 'V tasted soriti tripe, th.mgh ho liked lurRcy lsi, U uiiabto u-et lent his aid to' the rr.sf, V -ventured on verrtro;i'to dine like a lord, 'W woic out the paticucc uf all at tho bWd, , X now be,ttrrpUast'd,oro.H8cd his tegs and at still, V pawning again,' ail ho iMd "Htuu hia Hil, , Ziod (ho was Vulklnri.) let's no while we'e able, .. -.- . r. . . .1 4. winked at his master who diatilisjjed tho table. --.'. IVako.s Tkcob. Iow(jjiI, Mass.- . .:::-...-;.: .;. . The Infant in lrayer. ' " - lhft rheek ol a?c.J ' JIr. Lieueral CSaiuca. . At the caa of thin extraordinary wo. Tnari(Mra. tlainea) hii (or i longtime pan excited the'jnierest of the people 6f ihif coamry, we think it will not bo W imercbting jo gie 6ur reader . elfjla aketch of her early hfo. 1 . Mjra Chrk, naw Mi. Gainci 'Who It welt' krtown to our citizech hwiiv in arly life tcsi Je i here, was b jrn itj New Orleans, her fa tin Dtnu-f CUrk.wcll known in. ihe political and ; coinmcroi-t hUiorpjf L'luuianaJ bptng a parintr of Col, of ihii country. Her 'fither , died, and when only a few nwnth'oldl'ah3. wa adopted -by Colonel Davis and brought op as his own child. A man by the name of Ralph destroyed her : father will, and obtained -possession of the whole of the immense pj-bperty of her father consisting of nearly the whola of tlio new part of N. Or) eans, at that time - worth fivt mill ion $ of dollars, and now worth much m re.) She liJt'd in fntlrc'tnirtnce of her par enrige for 'a kn Umi . Tim tirot Wea hu had of her parentae was beiog taunted by'a girt 'at school with tho fact Uat Col. Ddvii was riot her father. AHoT.tiHt(a he discovered tl from sume papers wtfii, mat me crowU i.fcuort iu. ' hardly Con tain tnir indignation 1 r l wis two ur three times aiti mptcd. Uer first ac quaintartco with. (Jen. Gtin waa hto ahe wa fire J at, andarl of her dress shot away. (Jjn. . Games came, and oflred her hi protection, aud ho a.ioit after married, htm. Jlf .opponents dared - not use the same jneaos with a g-.nrat- in the U. S. army a they' LaialrtaJy dqo with ur first .hdabandy. a private individ ual. v ' Aficr g ling .ihroui so many courts, we now learn that Uu. Suit itVbven dt-ci-ded in tier favor. ; The v-ilu? of the prop erty is now mar tweuty trtili?jns of Mil lars. Mrs. G.tines is. now about fort) years of age, nbjut five feel high, has.a swetf mtprcssion of couotcnaoc?, rniher a Frt.nch cast,- She las., at the saifw time, an Ictdotniiabru icsotution, at evory cir. comstance of her hfo 'has shwn. - She is very charitable and warm-hoarled, arid never forjwrfur oil fiietvl.:. :S!ie even now remembers wuh gratitude the ser vioen tf her early' fiiendy (viurmtrly Miss WilJmnson,) . now ' Mrs. i" Clumbers, and assures hrr when sh ronWs uiio her es. ta;f,h 'will remunerate lvt fur her for- he found,', while looking fot sorrio doVu.m-,,r kindness DeUicare Blue ' Hens nienls w hich she waa to setiu to the Uo lonel at Uartsburg they at that time liv ing in Pennsylvania,11 3m.lirae afier-' wards,' she visited the f; Sulphur .pringt" Viiginia, ana while there, on account of her carrioge: breaking, ihebecAmo ac- house to and Miss Clrkjoot being permitted to see her lovor, she correspandcu- wttii him. - To prevent detection, ber letters' were, directed ,lo Misp Mary "Arm Wifhamso'n, (now the wife of ltev Cory Chamber; of this -city,) tjtughter of-wurj; late, .May or and Pos:naseri she careluKy ke'epttig the' secret, and . punctually-delivering the l?t tors-into the hand of vMil Clark, "and sending hers j" to Mr. Wlutnoy . in, return, .Miss Clark was by this lime J oUy;tte.quai ted with her parentage and lha 'immense tree breathing. . JSiU'mg or e. chest wuh quamted wuhia young man named. William VY hitney , a sun of Gen-. VV tutney , of M jw York;- Sjoti aftetwardi, he ..visited ; her in Vhiladelphia, but the Colonel - nrit opi proviig of tho match.,' he was forbid the ie. . Aofojuei u tvis ; vou ,iw. .iuoytu,)$.ooping -psturo-'Contrcts --Hhe fHoes: of ' Dtdamoref a 'place near ! Wilmington, chest and make it 'amalV Th, I subject' ol injereii to? u jal especial' in our norttiern tutuuue a no amongst- n peo plo whero so nmny work ti duors over. ta bles and . benches. : Th.s; following fnuri Jr, Fitch's lecWces wo hve found inlho papers, anu givty u -a piuce in me nope 'would ; avoid m is ot th-j hort rtbi,. nhi ths tuwer end oi tfc. orea-u Coiif, as rr out I rum tire hick bon ,rs kssi'cvs To . elTjct this, the .thfcarmuit bt peff'Ctly itlaight,' and lfltfli little backwards lrorri the waist al af limes. VVriMnallof the'Sack is' mad? fl ixifWo, but ti hip wntv are the points at which to fl.w either backward or'forward The j-iMts re bait and iCket f.inls, hke b awireMn ione degrve. n..i furilc of the b vf may bend forward in ich as yy pl fise, for all, ' ut ful -,purp i.,t ttrj' ehtst, a-ath' 'whole tie, 0"l,;Hok,be kept pvrJucLly. stratglir llenco, In jy aluni d . e.vj-ir niakj a tab of-tVer t;rip,e,Kiu.r lor aeirgV reading or wnTing, ir -nny oia'jr,Hicupatttn whskver. Lata!! thes- a t:j "d!t 'wor k s y o j Li,-b a t r a ngt: d on a tab! before you; and that tabla bo raised to tly armpils, or as high as posble, st as to keep Oie chest straight. , . 1 f A ll:ih Trnrtirt will n-iln ihla. infi. nttely rtiore grueabre 4han to troop, . Iitlal iM.jory und irt a dtk Trleur in i io or nautigua tu expenoiKe ,ai 'your occupa;lons, compared to what is ex- nerk nctd wlhiu slooDini?. or Front habitual stooping;.- The weight of - the a-houhWa wll thus bo kpt ,otf the ct'igat, which is one'otfhe gfanJ causes uf faltg&e from ni inuat.lah.r, - You will thus entirul pre vent the maTk of servitude beipg impress ed upWyour person, in piir, oi rodnd toopuvg shoulders - and i fl it contnctcd cheat. ' . .'C ?.. I have known;' saVs Chrcro,. f'many sin by pfM oking few ,by keeping silence: VOLUME VIII.-'NO ,29. VVIJULU NUMBBRaDI. i Tcrms-r-2 pef'ahnwnf . PAYABLE IX ADVANCE. A Morrill Case. , On the 3rd inai., Jsmts Uodwfn, a rta ideot on )h O.tawa river, nar Montreal, wu trud.mUat ci:y- for the murder of Mu wirrtp whom he had been for iuj years married, who wat the mothel tffhfc seVeo children, ou agajhst whosa conduct or chiracter nothtng appearedt eicept that her bruut partner had beaten anJ lijtrtau rd her until he is , supposed to -have be. come panially insane.- She w as then dn'v. en into; pig rnn, where shev lived through 4 Cnad.iii wiuler from' the 1st of. No vtin.be r o the Ufof Fbrury , a.id was the if fouti t frozen t -death.- "llcr $ny covering "vds ad old bfatkcl. . -1 ' "Mr. Ua'ev.ftUornev general, conduct ihe HTVLaligstuiQ. ' ;Uev. I ij. Hee, ds ft-ptars by his -lesiinionv oU tha tfi.d, 'om;swatvj wuh IhV husbvvf, but why ,did iie mu ampia x a migtstraii? ' Ma. husband her h iue-bct h oicrt-d her olfl in sido the.pen .was-get.tm 'aulIication,"" iut no one cleaned tu yvn .the cml- ho Chdt aud Lttnsf v nn..u.(l(j ;k , r ; a n , I ' r n , ug lr. of i t , ' o f course. aisea (0!uu;t an t . cousampiion winds the km,. and ly lhl)recan. uot oo euoug.i o. Qir ,0 ru, lha, orc stayed and pent up u mH.i ;?.inHttr:, 4 chvat. Tne. greht (Jrevu.., ,( . fit hi hM ti to re '..i oore ' d 1 filctflt . t o know how ,.:.. i i .j : - . u.Kt t.uiiiuujj- , - ,1.,..- 13 IU OI" lUUtiJ III H bobeiUv,t, than to pe-ik.' And there is n Sptnuh 'proverb to tlw same. effect: 'Atiy -fotd may h ibUe but t( takes a wise man to hold "his fongu. , Doing ood. " i .Tbe reluctance with whicn mat men make F? ir a of sacrifices far the jrood.of othcr the d'th.,j,y.t. wiftt! they are brought up, to. the tu,itt thase who would avoid cansumption will leurn by it how to avoids the cuusciof .t,,i w' in tc.r.,. I., ilu irrcuf hrn'vt1rht operation f ttf mty e crcrvJ wt,t.re no- ,VC('H-' is uiy: neighbor! whit have, I to-do tnh lu'tSn;itr whvi-hould I m-ike erpm-dilore-. fiir thoM; -.1 l tiuiw riimr. from . , - . ., -. , --oijtfr, anu who maw -nvi - Thesfi in elsy ciicuimiaf.ces, or whp l;'""1, Vvvr d"ncl Theand . I .... .... . . .i'.t . : . 'wu aim ,(j.tuicv r.m pursue i se.uniary dviors, generally mrt'ttu-ir . 1 WiVtinr longs but 'ery estate of hc;r .fuher, ,'At fasr, she received A'tile breath'yery little air into the chVsi, "A child beside a mother kneeis With' l of h'ly love, " r , ' And layi wo,uld I.Vp the vows it feels, . , 'IV Una cuthron'd abore, t T!).t clur,u'jize," thai itaiiiksa brow, No exqun.u ly fan! - Who would not Ik? an infant now, To breathe ai inlaat'a pry.rf , . t , .. crime lull; shaded it youn heart, 'I'ht eve tiearee knows a tear; . : '. 'Tibbi'SUl enough Kom carta U part . And grace ano.hei hp.icrv.1 " And was oucc a h ppy tiling, Liko tliit whiCii now I poe, : No May.b.rd on ccta'tic wmg, ' Mofo btuuUl oil free: 1 The clud tliat Wk'dm noontide glow,; The flow er that danced, and shone, ' AIIIiuj and sounds aWe, bolow, Were jos ta fv-ast uion! Let wisdom smtljf .ofl forget - i The collier haunts ol men, 9 To hio where infant hearts art met, - And bo a child again; To Wa into tho Jaughmg esj-ea "v t 'And see the w,ild.lhoughl play, . ; aVhileio'er each jcheek a. thousand 'dyes i)l m.rth and nieaniA' stray. O, Manhocd! could thy spirit kneel - IKsidolliat sunny child," w . s As fondly pray, and purely feel 1U1 oul as uudctird Tliat moment- would tncircla thee, 1 . Wlh light and love 4 me; .The gate might dwell on Uc'ity, , ;, And Heaven itself be thine! a Inttcr frohtiMr. Whitney, urgm'g her by all she hcld true, and .the love she bore him, to elope with him.. The .plan" was laid, and tl time fixed. Air "Whitney wus to be at Newcastle, where she was to join him. None was let into the secret but Mist Williamson To prevent delec lion, Miss Clark called all the dogs (o. gether abaut Col. Divii's place, that even ing put thenvin one of th& out-buildings, hand locked ihem all up.' At last the night came, and a .terrible ono it wu, 'too; the wind howled, the rain poured ut". torrents, and the" da-fthest was oulv now. .and "then ilUimiii'ited by fearful fl hes of lightning. UikJaunled by tho raging elements, - .Miss CI a rk sir pped from he r.bed -too rn on tlu: balcony, nnd'by mtps of the pi if.s'f the btlcony or a rope, mainged to (reach tr.e ground in safety. i!tr.neliately; -ran as. Instasshi could to v thmngton it was a fearful flight for a gji I sa small so young an J delicate, to vonlure'abroaJ, alone and unamended.' Utl her wiy'if pt"-sible, tho raji '.-became heavier, and tle: tlashe of hhtnut'T mre vivuf. , , At Ut she reached the residence efMr Williumson, drenched with t rait-,' rfntd -ihrt top of her, biJbiX baat m- by.lhe violence, u the sio'nii.' Mis .Willi 11115m was wait in tiloiio in the passage to rujeiva her;l tho'low knock at th-3 d-jor was gvyen, thu; key sof'.ly turned;' and tho door'-opened, and .una iuh, u "i; "n atipj'crs, winch! were wet through, sott'y ascended the s'.alrs,, so' as 'not ,s.ta alirm thj rcitof the : famtlv. The .ladies em; ploved thtmstUes until nuruit-fj,. in ccy. a- well as they were auii? i:s .itK clothes. At the fKSt , (fawn .01.-' inafninj they stepped out, and' a hack hifig pro cured, she drptxed .'for Xe'wcastfe. , MsSs Williamson gave her all,, the money she had, S3,, as af tho jiitno she k if Col l)i. visis bh hajl not aSlllar. " T ' 1 At New'cistle, Miss Clark met' her lov er, and they Started - for .liihimare, when thev were met by Mi$s Mli4iison , who acted as bridesmaid on the occasion o! their marriage, Immediately Mitr her mirriageyMiss CUrkjwluitY we s!tall now C-'tll 31 IS. .ll , :-c ii. ' I imats conl;TJu!Vy uttirel. ,ll.y 2;r(vei)v!j' arc. such vmwhl narrow and how . I nrwt tilimJ lint c Iismmoss: -.- 1bmiiaruil ;-itt .t. k...... i j be, liosv elevated arc the principle nf the t'os ill I, h;,vv rj)Hii-tcd and clunous t)u vi..tv i pcsentsl -Wc. are hot pur o wn-, says thei,, of ahd tlius independently oF bad positioni, coOvract a-wrevcheaty narrow, sirvtll chetv and l.iy the foUildafionf for the l-k9 of .alj Jd wc arc no nude for ourselves, nor for health and beauty. ' All this can be ner- ' im or'd oulV. Wc ri U& rreatures. nn fectly obv.atdby pay iug a little attention f"r li" 'I'Ty-Wwardji u-ul.f dm. atn.ts oi i- it . ''-: ' :- c u '. r ii V".: 'his bounty, should se nut -Mhrr'n receive' and to .he manner of breatnmj:. ; Ilecollecl rr. Lu i , . . , : ... anta Ann". , t) n Actonio Lpt z de t,..tn Anna is hafe.toi.iirtg mvtnvb n fifty and tixty, wrh art Old "Cnaoco and t'very - li. Hit countenance it oiler a cold CamUjn night, e wWd' not ueak. 1W hus- that the lungs are Iiko a bladder in their structure, and can jbe stretched to .double. Iheir ordinary, 'size :witl pet fecfr safety giving a nob'e chest k and :! perfect immum' ty from consumption';. - 'Hie agent -and ptl the agent ; required is the com rnrn air wo- breathe; .'supposing, - howeveV, that no obstacle exists, eierual to the chest suchis hcmgror lying' "it t around wuh stays, or tfghl : dresses: or having : the shoulders lay upon it, as 1 have -before described. H').j -ri-sinri frimi trie bed .in ihe morn. ooey nis instructions k -inn nc -nas -warned.. us against lading up treaMirc uprn earth; and has pointed up to, .t he placo:-;whcre only they - are safe jand . crtduruiJ. Ie hAs aU said, "To J. good and to conwnunicate,: forget not; for with such sacrjfici a ,tid is- well pleaded." s And he would have no. -cuio ovtrlookcil or neglected. JSdy he has Warned u agatnut 'giving and lending'- otity where we expect to receive as. touch ia return. Tin'- pronvjiincdlhe tinnersZ inde-his- Rer vants, those who expect any..-thing; of lain, ipust juirMie a i'iffi.rcnt course. The hilph4, the destitute,' the perishing- to these he pmu and avi I will bcoxinu Endorser.- Yo ih ill be re cinj iiv-.rd at the resutroctiou of the jil!,f . W-e" iu-rt lcarn;why it- in more bh.-sscd to give than to r.civo. Tiie receiving lus no promise con- noctt J with it; the ch;tii has. It is a retn rka re a w ent out the-y said she wTuld' not ueuk. llr hus bind said, Shi? is piajing ju;me irt J)er old -trick's. V..:- j S;ui was! djad 'and froz hard: and,clutchcd ann in her stilThnds! had wished to be permitted to hve ill her husbmus birn! libzabetli, ohe ol he datighjefs lesiiftpd that when her mo th t died to come into v her house1 to be warmed, the f iiher beat her with a cord she "had to creep back into the. pert! .- Dr. burgeon swore that he found the b dy in the tu n, a m iss of ice: if wus put or. a door lor the purpose ol bdng removed t the house, but (jodwwr objected, having resolved never to lt her enter, dead or alive! ; The night when she- was -.j said: to have died was h'urlully cold; the only way. in which h could nc.Courlt for. her living so long in such weather was lint she was insape. Insane people are less sensible to cold than others. lie ihought that in the state which the must have been ir oe. fore deHth -frozen stiff ilp io the middle .it Wouicj have been impiJusiWe fo.r her to iH't outj ofvthe nijr pen. Oii? ford wat 2ono 'altogether,' and half ol tneoiher was otr The stomach was empiy. and drawn up toward the back bviic; and there was a vessctin hvr hands whiclrhad a hoteasbig . ; - ; i . ' . - . . - a a nin and another as .:off as a Djai I . . - C7. .... : d ' ' ThQ coruner said ahe must have bceti in a hurry if ihe drank mt of -that' This is the roost abonmttbu? thing-thai evr happened in a Christian. "-Country My of inanr.augh rot. completely h m, character:" indeed. 1 wvtr saw A physiognomy in which ih vil passing which he notoriously pat.' ae3t.es, ware mare stroagly marked. Od y . treachery, a varice, and sen.. al.ty are dep,cted in cvtfy feature, and hi wtK-known; character bars"out th tru.h of t!v imprtsa.his vices have stamped u,on h.s f-ctf. U per. ,!, he if. graceful, and not devoid of k certain well-bred bosr ing, which win fot him golden opinions from th suafAco-seetPg fair iex. to whom he ever most courtly atten,ion ' K haif the niMidoies are true which I have hoard oarrater y iris most intimate friends, any ofiice or tppjiiitment in his gift carj. always be bhtaintd ipn application of a fa male ml.-., ... I c t . he first sw his present wltf, Tnth gtri Ot nn,, whom her mother brought to the president, : to wm'th; bestowal upon her of A pension for" foraier services and, Santa Anna bcarrte-ao enrmirrd of the art lust b. auty that he soon after afgmfied his gra ciuu'anleMon uf '.honoring her with hit august hand, after a 'vain attempt to secure j voung lady in a ss honorable man. 1U w hieh ; the politic mamma, bowevar, iook creto fiusirate. i . : . : iju'inin was loun3 ,r ter. lie ought to be 1 mj;,l;6i vouitsell in ait- erect p-)siUoti your chest thrown back nt;d shoikrs-eiiA-bJc.fa;t also thut reat as- may be the gooJ'done ti'refy otrtfi 'chesr, now inha'e or suck ii! ; t- th.-r, ii is by far, the tiler part f the mat- u ih., , ; r.'i .h. rh i cfi -J' w1,,cn r" 10 thc i,ac.r of tho suoi.w t . j "." . r ; !.' " to the very bttomof it, so that' no "more air '.can be got. in; now holt your breath; and ihrow-vour- arms otl,bi-hirvJ, holding U your hieaih as 1iig as you can; again fiU' jou r tlvest and w alk a boot huidmg in your breath nr long . a possible-. Uepeut th'''S long bremh as nriiy timts us you n'eiVse. j')onc in a cold rom is much b;!-. ter. beciwe tho air ii, heavier -and denser, "ifaj,i and will act itnu'ch more poworlully in ex. pandmg the ciiest. Afways when evpand mg. the. choit -;wdh :air, ffirow the liead .-back, so as ;to lift Tip the breast bone, and I. be id tin ' whole biist backward from the waist.'- You. may in this in inner 'cxpanl tlve-ciiest a tlrius.i'r.f ' Timet ; a day if : you tike. -' O.a going out of doors into 'the cold fii'i ruivale ail ihe arryou ran,;arid hold it i.i as 'l-mg a pu-jMble. . sl'and' r sit perfect; IV erect wniisi waiKing or the the min, n iv the only, thing Mentioned. The divine coinniand fiVc'ii to nisn is. "That thev do iood,"- that tlu v b:',. nch in good works', ready to disiTibi.tr, .-ilhog in coininunfcitc; laymg up for" t.hrtng4lrt rj'oJ founOatipn agains the tune to cortie, tint they may lay hA lot eternal life. There are noilivnlends like those of the Dink of lba-vru.-'Froin tlw Ju J gm'nt stat we have the rip"!'?'', "I'l i.iucb a-yc-haVe done it unto one of the Icasrof these my hrejthrcn, yp have done it unt.j in-"." "Uras ve a.estrd, is the invitation' ows. ' It :wuuld Jbe a fatal error to surn. joiehat.'nien--f"ircA,-heavcn by alins-decds or rooa W 'ir. i ; merits tt x unci osnyfc give us a title to thchvavenly unnfions. , 'Through Hirn biivatro.'i i a fitee rift: and-it can bd had in no uiker way 'Ytt.? there is mom. fir rewards, and they vud be given. t!odisnt unrighteous to foir.t the -labors and thc sacrifices made in his e;u,c And 'f there be, diflVront' degrees of fa vor, drffcrrnl ta!ms in pl-rr RorntJ cats more cxnlicd ttunolhrrs it ncttd not be told who will kit ncruot tHe K.n?. or rank' chief among his bri-sr'.rvn. IaI tht,n the-wtcki d choose his pvt ridim- through"! i" n th's. l.fer and th street, along ths roai,in IkUs or gp ,l v 8r!-i' "M" r'"l!!S i ouu rns. t racttce this niooe ot rxpatufina ,i ' ' i i ; , , , (-,i nr,u trie cnest. " u not stonn torwaru at ait not stonp but suck in all tho air you can, .'throwing theyhead and neck backwivrds and holi m the air as long as possible. By this ex ercise yo.j" will often at once check a cotih, or . a AJi-sp'-sif itvr to cough. The J chest may afso be tully expandj-d uhilit tfiH ! I .K.fl ' ''..::': . ;,. r w-littort to her birth. 1 nrmts 1 u..,,. r. uA were used, and1 cverv '-obstacle '.madcuse Vercrsjng tho"chest in this manner, of to prevent her. Her first c.ue a's to , xUvkl) ion V'om.' very flexible an I vty hnd hor mother anJ at.cr a joifg searvw, j expansible, and wiM enlarge its capacity she wat at last d scoverea we oeneve, ih liun.l of Jamaica. She almost, lm- m:dtalelv recognized " her -daughter; af.d; isLut. amjile rs-turns will (Ijw in as fong as the iramorta.) i,rit eiiMa.-or llus thrsne of CJod en dures.- SuuArrit Prtsbylo ian, v v v - gave , Internal Evidcuce. "A man of subtle reasOuing asked ( A peasant if he knew, ' ' What .was the internal evidence k t;That proved the Uible true. , . The terras of speculative art Had necr rfkcUcd his ear. He laid hi hand upon hi heart And snnply answered, hert." . i- , I, 1 1. i , -t . . Maufxctubk op Glass. j. mountain, of iilex has been discovered in Hartsyille, Sumner county,' Tennessee,1 which is pro:' nounccd by the Siate geologists to be tho incst in the Union! A bill it before th House for lha incvporalion of a company tor the manufacture of glass, aod Tennes 8ttiji:fir lb'-outrival any of her ajster Statet in. the manufacture of glass. v. "He ho would be free, himsalf tpust strike the blow as the loafer said when he knocked down ih watchman. , ... v ? ' the nnrridge ,cer'tlicate oh tier hus band,, Daniel Ciark, .from whom, sh.e -had been separated some time bfareHrts'deah Proceed i ngs w e re :: ioj med iately com men ced, bai for a short "while witiwa small pM-o'spectof success. , Thrta'.s, :ere not onlv made against herself and husband4 but agsinst a'ny one who : should advocate .heir cause. U was, with djtficuhy a law ver could be-procured to plead her cause; " :.. Uai' tsn f hm hnrrth wet the feed counsel ot we otner generally supposed to be under he infla- enceof bribery m -.ii K-- Ktishsnd was thrown into rlorinr the prevalence of ahe loyer. and afterwards she wss imprisoned with .-..k . msll child at her 'breast. ,tL- -n died: out. however, with om stron suspicion of foul !play , She af tw.dwaseW and.thougha w,d 1 nr.eJf sad with deter. resolution. ST gUringTy. was the v Secret of L'uJiapity llmei, '.Why goes forth, that mat) this Saturday even. nj".jfmia. the roof under which hT children hve? Why" turns ho from the engaging Telle attempts to detain lino, and roughly marf th"m away, white" be loves ihaiaa dearly? Why sits atrolher by ns lire, uUe, discontented,' uawilllng to !'cak the kindly Wfrd ahilrf' his heart is jcaxn- ' r .. i : i 1 M ...I 1. ' .L :' i .'iL ' ':. fit ' i " ' L I I ' J 1Z Kr TUVCI (WJUIJUtUVI f TIT HUTS 4UC an i h4 size of th long. fco as to hJd in j fcCh ,wf lW ,Uwg a lew wceKs., ; iiuuyie, us ususi quaiunv or i .f-iHiairts noutrslieUf " Anlwhy. searchm Gen. Scott nearuy Oapthreo Th correspondent of iho1 N. H; Commeicml Ttwej wm itTi -ds v before ybkierdly Con. -Scott came verv near beina cut lYj by a party of guerrilleros, about ix miles from theGuidalupo -gtto., Ho org'joizvd a party tho- next morjing, and went in pursuit of them, but they had decamped.- tYJifro They Come Troraf', Horace Greeley, (n,pcakXng of the pro cress often mado by a ..judicious course of meuial self-culture, saysr singW UcJ now occurs to me, wh;ch 1 have never seem recorded I have often ;wufsh:pp:d in a Baptist meeting house ia Vermont, whf. on at its construction, some thirty years since, a stuaiou3 anu exemplary joung man was for seme tirnemployed as a car pentef, who afterwafds qualified . himself and entered upon tiie rcspons-ibditcs of tLe Christian ministcry. The vound man mnn Jared -Staeks, editor. of tha North Ameri can IXeview, of Washington s voluminous Writings, &c, and now recognized a's one nf the!foremost scholars, historians, and critics in Americt."' We have been reminded by ihis of ano : ther professor at Cambridge,, who com" minced hi3 career id bj)hiod by carrying a foot liiave to church en .-Sundays; aid performing oilier dametic chores, 'for . the lady of one of the dignitaries cf that insu- cold calcuJatinj miser Itution. Ihe 1J. U, detected tho boys smartness; Jook a fsncy to iim, and sreijt him to tchool and finding he nnde goijd progress irv his studies, he gave bira a col lege education. The result is, though yet a comparatively young mar., he holds an imporlaU prcftus irship in Lambridge, and we believe, tills it with honor ano success.. Boys, tryfry -tky-TRY! Sabbath Be corder. A,-- rnpaj ibhmt tihrmimenun. nresonta itself in thai gii uf ,fV.r, ihe Orellana.- - n ':., i. ......:... ' ..... :. -j- aueu me river x H,lon, Twice a day " n pours out' its .impr'iMVd waves in lha ': , bosom of tho ocean.' A inntiJ mrtiintain is thus raised of the bright or 180 feet; it frequently meet the , fbwing tide 0f iht . -awa, and the shock of these two bodlas f water is so dreadful, that it makes all the neighboring il.ind tremble; the fishermen and navmntorsiflv from if in l the utmost terror. The next dtv. or the 'second day after t very new; or full moon, ths lima when the tides ure highetl, the river also seems to . reooubUi its mjwer and enercy: tts waters and those of the ocean. rush a--gainst each .otner like the onset of two ar- - inies. f he banks are inundHted with their foaming y.'avcfi; iIhi rocks, drawn along lifee-r.ghv vessels,; dash against.each other almost upon the Kurfnci ot ihe water which .bears them on Loud roatings echo front? . island 'to -.island: It Jias been suid thai the genius of the river arid the god of the octan ejmteud in battlo fr thu empire of tba wares -The Indians call thit phenomenon Pororoon. ' J v - Efl fcacy of Suit at a iriniiure. - - WHEAT- -A HEAVY CROP. ; ".A" Mr. S-. M. Brown. of 'Elbndge, Onon d-ua county; N V.,'- harvested, the year IB40, upwards of five hundred bushels of tii--white- friht 'wheat j (tne-most approved variety, ) from eight acres. . 1 his is doing : wV.ll bwJ.rigv as our readers, will percoive, trwrr thin fifty bush' )t to the acre. This wonJerlul yield is ascribed, in great pari by th proprietor,, lo athe salutary effects . produced by Slt'; an application of which,' to the amount cf three, treasured bushels to the. stniute- acre,' was mado before sqwing" the grain. We have Icng been fully aware " that no substance can be1 rnpra decidtdly and obviously effectual In its application to soils 'infested; by : slugs and worms, than -common salt . Highly at we appreciate lime, we--.yet; regard. it at inferior to salt,, utrd we hove no. doubt tli.itjwero it mora ficquenlly used, tjur fielcTcropt, both ai . regards 'lanlijy and 'quality would be; appreciably . iricreawLd. Tha idea, nol long, since romu'gated in somo ;of our Agricohural papers, that salt, in order to prove effica' ious in exptllirtg worms, cc.f froin the sod, must bc applied in sufficient - qu iritity to kill them, is of a piece with air while externally ; it Will measure from one to six inches laroer -'ia. its circumferv ence. -Should u ut .have fjj toenlarge the chest in .this way, then ut into dfi-p depths, why des ra in'beome so often a crunintvf in hi homeT Truth has lo bo told F .il i.ti' liHlrn to vt kind V. f.jf it In harrt In I-1I SiTeiigt r ft - in 'in-cause woman does nol trait anrercciatc hrr niiM -in doiJi: lie life. Undjr the trecr.t con- ah inhahng lube." The inhaling tube-will 4.tuqs of existence, she ha, bnconio weighed partiality of tha judges onca 'splayed,- is, to keeptW bottom greyly' assist you io 'expanding tne cnest it y lretwcak or ndf. The chest should' be treated in this way during jouj - whole lives. Should you become invalids, from any ,causet keep your qhesi expanded bv long breaths and the ' tnhalmg tube, an-i continue to breathe a little cold fresh air daily, by having it. drawn from out of doors,' by leather or tin pipes, or, in any other manner you please. t " ' - : ' While forming a fiqe chest and alter it is forrneo, great rare i requisite to es- taS'ish perfectly correct positions, so .that', the chest shall not be contracted, and ail your efforts counteracted by bad positions, If vour positions era habitually bad, in spite of all you can otherwise dothe chesV will be more or Jess cntTacied, i ne ru e wuh you should be, a pd the ruie of healtsh of Ihe cheiU tho down by cares-. Af a wne she it indifferent to what she was as a mj?tre-. She ts ever em ployed in drudgery far children aid household. she neiecis-iit r crtss; ?ue lory? is i;er. njannern The huband eea tlc 'change, bat des not pT , . j ....... .' r. .u I ap ru.4H.iin, avuk. ivi Hum ll)C LUllUr he hib-irs under". Ife flics let the la- and b.'.hard table- and, ahe increases in sourness and .apenty,:-aa;.aheocreaes;irr. years, hat itiuchof this M omini to the present circnm-dan ccsoT social tie, ts true; but that much of it it, chargeable to a sad subr&tsjioa' to thos citcsm stances, is but too true It is more or less io the power rot -wonjau no make their dmet'ic life more attractive-to -their husbands, and -more holy m '. its discipline, and ends than thev "now do. A great fezuliniy m tuie- great . s-imphAity in dress-Mi more deterniined adherence to that Which is' right .inr one'a, own efea, rather than that which mi well thought f m the eyes of oth&n-an' ordfrtv appoflton.njr of various period for dtffcJ-erJt occnoatiohs-'vonld make'erioints t hoove, pass away very 'difi!; rent! r t what ta the ureat majority ot cases, they are now dJKij; Trde politeness consists of an exquisi'e observance of the feelings of others, find un invariable respect lor thoso: Jeeltni. Bv this definition it claims oHianco with benevolence, and rrsy- ofti n le found as genuine in the cottage as in the court. Wo u ode rt and that Mr, At.drcv P ttcr;1 ofCleaveland county,. ns ki!U 1 by being thrown from his ' horse on Sunday, the 30h instant. He was tbout 25, yea rs of ae. Lincoln Courier. as id ft tWili you tvive a.jVjTy Sun? news biy to Mrs. Partington. . W.H I bote a daily tni Why, you tittle sc'jegrsc:! How dare' you i.r'tinvi. ate, against a -lone woman from home! No indeed, i guess 1 won! have a daily, sen. My poor rtear mi n used to compla'u v. fuly w hen I presented him w nh a .-ywr-V son. . A daily ton, indeed! Begone you little upstart rop! ard the old lady c.t't ad for tha old turkey tail fan to keep fn m swooning, j ' . -l v Mao, saya Adam SmithV'is an ani mal that mokea bargains. . No ofher ant ma), bc-8 this; no - dog with another.? exch'apges bones riumberlej! other thrjor its "of the day.- Wben,worm or oihrr y depredators detect j.h uigtnial or tioxiout principle in tha soU, they at once forsake i:; the- warnings of ifisuncl being sufficient, with the agency, of death, in this matter, lotfloct their ex- poWioT.-Boslcm 'Olicre Bfanch. ' , a Call Thi.ngs by their Ujght Names An afTiir occurtd in'alown in Vermont, a few days ago, whliii spite of the serious, ness of the .-'subject wiih wiHch it was Coo neCtcd,must hvebnen exceedingly- ludi- ' cruus, and which illustrates ih necessity pi calling things by thcirtright names. '. A deacon : of church as usual, went io the -store' with his jug for some wine for thc communion, and in calling for it, instead of calling for 'w';as he should;, lie said he urnciui tuft' i. i if,, murm rvi inii a . - .. Tlit atorekar per very inn;H-ent!y filled , ; j 'n ; - - d'-aron went hoxne. ; The accident wat not discoverexl, and lhe,oil went upon . ihoV Commuhiim table and was partaken of by the cburch-no one'; wishing, at tucfin peculiar period fo make the -reaull of his discovery kown. Nashua (V. 1L) TeU-j graph. - SpASE MLNCTE3. Ae the grld dust of ' time; and Ywurigl was writing a t, at well as a striking tine, when he affirmed tnitj 4,Saf.d made the 'mountain, and' moments made the year.? Of all the por tions of our life, the spare minutes are lha most fruitful in eod or 'eviL-- T1.r im gaps through which" temptaiio'na fiod iho easiest access to the garden. ; WoMAl They who l8ik drtdinglf f woman ha,venot sufficient taste to rel- thair l.:. - . . i . destrve their society. The U.S. Mint and Branched coined during the year 1847, in gold, silver, and copper, the auxn of $22,657,671 60

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