i. IIIuilluAU )lIrUUi:llUlU. 4 Tor PrrvMcnf : ZACH.AR Y.TAYLOR,! . . or LoriFANv! . I mi: ;ovfhn.. - - OF WAKE'OUXTJT. . , t THE TREATY.! j ' Will the trrniy be ro'ifidl it th- pnm inrnt queni-tn of the day; and iml thM ce are at a' Ifs to eniwrr. One arcuJnt from Wtuhinjiioft av it iit not,r.bnt latest Inrrtiatinn from ihre. wh rh is tic 5th of M'arch; nay n xtiU U. - The i?fT respohdeDi' of the ChfU-tn .C'"'rer, u? ' d?r that date ay: The treaty isill be rkh ifled. on the 7th or B h, ; The aheratimt rnade'ln it will not afA-ct the chances of its adopii(n by the Mexican. Cun-gre; unit indet-d, they should alienate the auppur.i: haa receive J from ihe. foreign pgentt?, arjd particularly from Mr.'MMniwh'- Bui thte land hich ine'Mrxican Oovernnl m would consider valid, wi;1 be confirm 'f tny r u,r Court i, a haa ai way? bM'n lhej !;$- ia similar instanee. If we fke' i-r:Tr. br treaty, we t:Uf is'ubjeol to ,ihe privait titlea The rirmieitl iitimain is ctin'erri'i! , t i upon u, but w have never tinut riakcri to intrrfere nh private rijiht; semis t be pretty genrrnl'v J'h ' amnif the Ptmcrncy thnt ' Vnlft r Lcuke is to have ih hnt.-':of beip bentv txt bv Charlf M nlv, the npproi-hin$ ronvest forjlovcrr ' of thh Sttte ! don't knuw man Uiftt C(ni!d beat rnwre pWrtttsophtc-iHy," Mf Lk haVuw Xnn so badly trem;dbT his un pntiiirnl friends wilf not be much (Iwtresbt'd atbt ihg -Vliekt'd by his opponents.: , - -THE PUNC0WBE COUNTS UlRIi CULTURAL SOCIETY. t At a meelin jnf. the bive Scieiy, held at the Curt Houte. on S tturday Jasr, j tht4; following resoluttun was ' Unanimously i a dnpted:, , ' ' , 'j 'TicS-orr'f, That this. Society d now nd joorn, ti met tn the Tuesday rvemoj; if April Court, fnd that members und farmers ptleraly , of the QMintv , be- ear rrrstly rejuepted b attend on that-oceas'ron. as milters- of , importance V iho farming Corrtmunify will bu diseussed. : ; t.- We bejrj to add a wrd to the above pressing'Jnvjiat'ron to attend . the'ontem pljed meeting. If a Sciely is kept lup here, to be of 5.-rvi i .Timioniiv, the feut.lillf rs oi the jtoil hum take on.in' terrs M'1 Tle" euich a. S'rietv't otlcu". lated o d. n v m amount of pood,": n one wilt drnv. . Jndeed. tte fruits -of the Sfci ty at thw plire hnve hern 1 ready-renli.-' zed in mn mY lliw much nire jimx! rniht W dcte, if ttt J metTih-rs w'ouM at tenl ftimeto and mnnifest lht imer- cst which ihtr- imnttrtance sif the ; nhj.ct J demand... vVVv understand 'hat it i.rwoh ab'e a report up n . cert tin t xrH'rinienfs, pafV. by a mefer ef rho S cet y will he read .before the mMf.ihir; :.rvf:it;W.:,tht-rrefM,e d'lp:'b1e thf every .fHrmer'inithe cunty who ran, willv precept. ' tr , LOOK. UPON THIS .PICTURE. ; 1 The follow'ioj; T'lhle shoe's ihe G v. crnment rxp 'n-ses tmder the; ;f)iflt-rent Ad ministration, from Me d;y f Vhshin"glt)n ttrthal .of Jitn K- ;p.'k. i : VahiD2ton, 8 : Y arr. Ave raj? 5 t .9-"6..ld 4 - Jrffer.fon, r 8 . 5.1 6-..rf) Madinn " '-8 t " ' ' l?,fM.fil7 ' Monror'. ' 8 13.n'57 9i J.Q. Adams',, 4 , V ' I2.f)J.,tr8 4 Jackson. 8' v" lej.221.nui " Vn 'Btirt;!!,. 4 , 'rt ' , ' . S.ni?,l 75 'Txh-rr- ' 4 " " " 20.J14.156 IX)tK Eipcnflcs for 1 ycnr 1K000000 As much-hn( b'en -cwnHued- 'to carry on the Gover uriW n.l one cnV - Uiitler: M r.', Ptilk'a mantg-Aii-nt, as durrnthH wVtle rotB uf'-Mr.-Van J3ur.ens', whle r .Vnn IJurcn Admniiration was tpiitc1 -cKrn aive than anv'b fore or-i'n'c'ip'ipx-ct r.t tbt presort. Look n t t h i , i n i ,r w ri !o v t your country, hok 'at it! : Republican mptois tre; 'fnerea sin's? "eycry day in Omada. - .'rhCaandiah jourv nals it re even discussing; ; the dfiesut)n . of uhim'e pecessitin, from G reut;, Britain, and tt nnnex;titn t the Uniied; Sau-s. . ' "' . '." : , - . : - 9 Tli4- ITtlKhnr'.ntitit ft'iirder nU'r-A upon i:s twentV Titnrhyear. ., It is" -,n sah- iianuai nig iwiifr, ;t e r jthii.: hi many cara of uninierrhpied prosperity,; :. ' ' i .-.."':-.'. . ' ' ,V ; f.- y - - . , ; .. . . A eeiin2 f fr tenisi iu'the ;, nomination of Major; General Scrt t.Vthe Presidency wa8hedat PittVburg on Tuesday - last , which, . n twhhs'iandui) the ui.fdvorble weather, wns fry numerously attended, Robert C4nlhers,''E-q , - prevrdrnjr, sMs t'efl h Itrpe number of PreMidents and r,... n,.....4..Mttf ; -' " 1 l" Atttt'.U.t I y tcti und -tlx tcrtic of i(rife .lt rwir best r iter b a blamplc lift ., IrnVarSoO with p'?5ore; notwithstanding we ' cannofagree who uie itri iuoh im cincKnioo. But rteoguixiflg tbV right ol evrrv portion of our fellow 'citizens, io the -presin f their" sentimns, we cannot ArRV him the ue of our column,, alt hough diJ rim from him as to lb bst means if r-'turning the idmc rnd We do not wish oof pmutori nvunders'ooda aaJ though we have explained it before, 'we do so "gain Wp vw ldto no man a higher admiration Hf HenrvCUv than tkir which .we enter. tain for iht truly great man and ti:n?'ni patriot. He ha done more for this eoun iryihan any swr ma ewi'hio tier bor iers, and wereitposib'e to ehcrhim, be Would be out fh rho.ee.' Hal circum tances have so worked together as to, ren der.ht election, in our view, totally hope less AY1 at then h to be done? Take n Whig h' can be common prudence wmi'd suggest -' the person f Z tchary Tnl r we recognize a .Whig, possessing nil ih- clenieijjs ;nccesary lo fcucres Trui-i he hiV not hkd the etperKtice of Mr. Oav, but he has talents a1?gh,or, der, indomit'ab'e fnffv n-'-iT "c , .' . ,..t:u(l, to be countrx. .Hi l-S rl v - . f , , it-' tier lo Mr. Ingeru, pnbiibht a in last weed's .Meengp',''fl'0,U!,l'y,'!tncs' fr e'ver alt miii" tf bU prtncip'esi ii a Whig from' principle ihe Very Vind a ''JJ ut; wat. NoiwHustsodirtir vr hi? every cmifidrnce in G"0- fTay lort wp do not ccmprdmise our. poaitioo in the:.slighte,i;.der'ts bv ' assertins that Mr: Cin-y -wuu'd i ysv-r&r iho chnces' eqml for iheir.futCf8rr-rbr;ourjfir.t-clib?ce.i;. for lh Predvncy.i ; We ish;tU girfr ourvhiimble j tipjHirt' to'.ihc.; .nortunce of the .: Naiiontl Crtvtr.trn, and contr'ihutQ our mile to his succe&s, be he whom lie cnnsi TIte ErriUeiicy. . ' Whnahftlhlie the Wlii candidate for rresidmt Thi is a question in which every Whi voter ia itu country ? is oVcpIy t n J e rested; o nt a bout v h ic hJ e ve rv dr i zc n shou(d leei at liberty to tfpefjk his v seaii -j-oalsplHifdv nd.i fenrlrsUy, aodoc . oif wnitii mi iriiu is io oo saui siinuia oe . saiq before tho meet inj; tif the National Convenn lion, whose pbjcct is to settle that ques lion. ' " ' , ; Ii is now .tolerably certain( that ' the eTieice will he betwecq'Mr. Clay and TJen. TayltfUXlu present indications are that 4 the laltrr v?il be the nominee of the Con ventiork- Shrmld it be so, no one will on ley more heartily into bis Rupporl ihvn 1 exprct to do. Yet' decidedly . preferring r: M r. Clay , I think it doe to afl parties con- uiiini, iikii ins v i ii wis lIHUM UC.UUIjr con, 's'iort d;.and the pprjsr viico as tieafty ms prac'.icab'e, t ;!it, to bear upon the question, in all il.t ; i ry meetings which yy be called for th. sppointment ofdt-l sates to he Convention-. .To say, afny Jhmjj for A! t. CyV qtj.-iJifie.uions. for the itffiVe, would he na insult upon the intt-Hi- . jf'nce of your n'ttdera. ; It wou?d beVqaah fv. so ,o enrlesivor In pruve his ; identity ,wnh the Whijisr' in every , me asp re - that dl tittfes the two j re l parties in. this Gov'rro' Ji nt.; That. he would administer the .Et-, iVm i vv..depa rlrnrri -of our G('veramt m jut we desire it lob"d .done, ail arc 'free to rf n'lii - ' ' ' . ' , ' "lit'' ihen'.pneses oil the 3 attributes whtclva Wii could desire ft' man to po . v Cor that 'tiflice. - Th-t Gnneral Taylor pj.sse-sse fhese qinhficaiios in a lower decree ii H must arlmi(.,'arict that his expo-,, r-nre in iirftters' connected with that" hih" olfiee is adequate in the, discharjj of' its i'u"e, .erious doubts ace entertained by himself , hv wist-statesmen, nmbby thou vjtnds ofvoters in every section of the it" is alk ired that w'uh General Tay. lor suecess is certain, and tint I.e is to b' selected on the grounds of. availability. ow it is djriculr:.to.'- .see the grounds, :f urh r.n 'ifliTina'ion. " The same " number vf voti;s ihai wtu'l elf ct the r?ne wouldj lec.t the other: It ts not pretended .hat e'u.er cn be'eTecied -.without ' the voted of h se whpnfcrthe other. It is' there 'fot'e propoveti lo onite iheir strenh on rie by a compromise through, aNttioml (?nventioni giving the undivided atrepgih oi he p'ifv to the nominee., Now if ihe principles of such compnxmise he acted ul iiTso id faiih, il is perfectly demonstrable that th-. result wf.uld be ihe same, no-mat- cron which the nonunntion m'ihf be plit'ed. Or da those who urge the noms inMio-1 tl Cienernl 1 , suppost no irienas nfiltlp. C. ttibs more magnanimous thnn ihcv? That "tiey would surrender; their p'efert jiees without -A murmur,' and thai hpilmirt rs if Gen. T. wou'd feel them' bv nt, liberty to vote for Mr." Clay or a IVrtivcrai-,-r some one else, asj their fan e.vm":hi suggest. . '. Ii that -be the ease, they-'would' not con- sen to go into Convention. But I will nbt presume it to be so Again it is said,, with Mr. .Cta we are lwdvi unsuccessful, - 1 hat is easily ac coijnte 5 for without concluding, that there. is afty special lad litk in the matter. (lis nrti1 hs oeen run wnen mere was no rbatSceof success, and when chances were Uviy-able, i his claims 'have been surren denJf to cvo place toothers. la 1824 his nam vras run when there w as no earthly prospect ( success; unless hf' could have got before ihe House of RepVcsentaiivVj. In 1832-he must be ruh fv5 Gen Jackson's rx'pularity' was -at its zenith, and no man on earth could I. ii'or rdered his election even doubtful. In "HM his propee'ts were, at the begin oing'of the campaign bright .beyond any prerident, but a combination of circum sai cei, which n'fither Mr. Chv nor the Whi;s pouM frVsee or preventi pnueed the result with which wc are all familiar . .i bn charted MrCliyV clairrJ most l?J set aside; and now iq 1S13 when tue frop bifi'T is tba't any emiaenl ata!ms.j i the Whig raYika: may aucceed, and y...n the condition of our country Wdl fr the most effleirnt aid thaf can bo bnl to her rehef, we are - likely to turn .tfJe from the ablest lateiman that lives, from .tj. ho has stepped forward to bis couO iry'a reseoe in every great emergency far forty. ear-o order lo gel caudrf ate inore ataildlle. , . 1 I Vif who prefer WU Cly or. " Pre5tpcy tn apetk npt that they mat be heard -whlV it' is ap open question and that thrir wriht my be fell In the National ,6"nr '-. JIAcox.': PUBLIC MEETING. At a meeting of the Whigs ofihiscouo. tv t held at the Vcourt house in this place on Saturday Ins;, CVpt. Charles Moore yas chosen Chairman, and Tbosi AY ilkto, epfHw'tued Stcretary. . ' The .objects "of the meeting were ei olainet I by N." ' W. Woodfia, .Esq , to, le a response to", and ratification of, ,fce oomin ttion for Govetnor, KV , the reCtnt State Convention,' so far as Bunorobe wintv is concerned. ""Also to appoint DrU epates to lh"i District Conventioo which is to assemble at thl place or the ".To-day jjif the fipproaching Ap'rtl Court, to appoint Uelegates to. the NauoiialCoflvenuon.i : Oo motiun of A. B. Chifao Uqy he Chairman appointed. a Coairnjttee of se ven to prepare and report Resolutions for the ttcliou "cf a meeting of ,the ciiizensof this tounty' Jon the Monday efApril court. :ccordinglyv:''ihe.-.(airman:. appointed the following gentleman to composo said Committee: N." W. Wgodfin.-Av B. Cbunn , J. M. Edney, J. M. Smjth, J. M. Lowrey, Alex, Henry, and James W. Palton,f Es quires. - On motionit resolved that these proceeding be' published. ' ' u After which, the meeting adjourned un. til the Monday of April Coiirj . . - CfjArqrrEcnA'.M- Tnos. W. Atus) Secretary: - Ashevjlle, N! C, Marcvl3.19.i3 Mr. Atkin: Wiltyoi00 kind vgh toinform me where tH vounS gnileroen; or the larger porn1 f them who regu larly attend chVn in ,mis Pfacei receded their diplord.s7of pohteness? Was . it in a Cheste-til1!1110 school7.or.was it in one of a ma4' fnoderri, '.ani:, of course improved u-oer? .1 do, not kr.owy who it was that taught them to stand in front of the .church door, after divine service, aqdgaze ip the face of every lady as she leaves therltuiclij but I am sure it is-a defecf of education, for surely gentleman however; uiipolish. d, urtlt-M loughl to bclit-yc1 il' ,jc lun, wj4jIJ be guilty of Such unpardtinable rude nes. " A .hint to the wi$e&c;:v"U re. main, Mr.-Editor, yours, tkc.t v ' A " . - ' . ; '."SARAH. ' .,'.'i: ''':"! .- -..': ., -.- :::' ' ''"-, , A fire yecuned at Albany, N, Y-, a few days si&ce; by w hich several lives were lost, lid aixty or "seventy thousand dollars wsjrih of property destroyed, . 'j ' T7 ; The bill chartering the M Ohio and "Mjs ijfsippi R;piJrvad'Company;,i by wliich .a brrmuiiicati4n between Cincinnati and St: Louis is io be made: has na'-sed both - ho - sv of the Legislature of Indian, and vairs the'slgnaiuro of (he Governor to become 'a ..;. .. ' . V . . ' . 'I 14 IT . A writer o ihe'Lviui.sville Journal is-r-ging the basmess men and "capii.ilists of that city. and'of Kentucky, to co,ns;rnct.a rai-'road from Louisville to Nashville, t connect whf the one from Chattanooga. to the litter ; city. The work will pass thrw' a rich farming"country,'and would doubt-, less pay well.-' - ; . ' . 4 . ' -Pre mden'tial Electjonv By the act of Congress, January, X945, the next Presi- dentialdeclion- will be held in every Sia'le the 6ome day. This year the appoin- day is(Tuesday, November 7th; Il is staled that the new fic!0r'v building m Augusta, will contain 10,000 -spj'iidles' jand 200 looms, w iih'the" ability of incttas. ingthe looms to 300. The first" bale of cloth will be turned out in ' itha month of April.' : The machinery; is said to be un surpassed.'by'that of any factory in the U Slates. ; - " , . 1 , IairoRTANT' Discovert. Th New Or-' leans -Delta says, Mr, Davidson formerly the associate of Dr. Lardner, in scientific research has made a very valuable" dis. r?oyery. It is a mode or an ;6pparatas by whicVmeal can be cured at i alj seasons and in all climates. $y trihis process any person can cure, meat thoroughly in three hours, in the warmest weather, ome ihfeeor four hood red barrels of beef thus o 1 -.",-... t .. ... curf has lately been shipped from . Hous ton, Texas, for New York, and some spe. cimens of the .same are riow io the "New Orleans market. This will prove a valua ble discovery for the South, and win rcn der heY entirely, independent of tha'.' North land West, for her supply of aalrmat.. Jut in 1840 hcn aav Vh?2 CooU Cac , LATE EBOi! U'JUOI Djr late advicea from n-hr.J, ue.iearn i l -. j ri since our ..av vaiuuq ua gus " . . . . .istadvice. and that sesare heavy. The money market ccooticucs to irrprove. The Tcoerot'3 Atc.V. c? of Canterbu ry, primate tf t'. Er-hnJd'.ed. oa the 11th of Februiiy, r-cJ 63ycirt. . ' Lord Pair. .Stsa has signified lo the Austrian Cour; that any further armed io terveotion wah tl.e Papal States will be considered by Great Britain as a declara. tioa oi war. , The people of the two, Sicilies have at length triumphed over the King. A form of constitution haa beca agreed to, founding a liberal legishtive representation..'. The Roman Catholic religion alone will be tol erated. ' IRELAND. Accounts from Ireland are t'ru'y distressing: Deaths , from star vatioii are stated hayc p'ae,i ihrouphout the land. Ptrilt irlf4 runs hi"h between ihe . - e - three national parties there. Tha subdi vided p.uty from the ' Young Ireland "are vehement in their incitements for an im mediate appeal to arms Bgainst England, but reprobated by the others. FRAXCE is in a somewhat more iran- quil condition thaji heretofore, but onry discussions continue to- take placer in' the Chambers of Deputies .Reform bouquets have been denounced as illegal ami are to be prohibited in the future. The health c7 the King ba3-improed. . The 'overland mail brings ' inf,l6cncc rather 'more satisfactory ihat tiial recc'. ved by the previous mail.. . INtLV--Tfadc wa? ,HPceeeca n in dia, but. no additipnn t lailures of 1 English houses has taken f'ace' . .'. . SWITZEP"- '.''0 'CVI from Switzerla does not possess much inter est me Diet isYirmly resolved' to main--ja; the rights of the country as'ta free and independent Srate. . . GEN- PjLLOW AND'THG ILeoMDAS' LET TER. Tlie'.ediiors i of-ihe N. O. Picayune stale that they have scen'a letter from Gen, Pillow, "denying the charge of writing the celebrated Ltdrnidas," letter, or having any knowledg'e of its contents bf fore pub lication. M.tjor A. W. Burns, in a letter to the editors, acknowledges the auihor- ship, and confirms the statement o( Gen P. as to afijr participation in" or knowledge of the production. The publication oTthis letter, and the belief thai it was. from under lhe hand of Gen. Pillow", was, we'beUVive, one, if not tha principal cauie of his being arrested. ' ' t , . Columbia and irfciivillc Rnil - The Abbeville' B inner, lst.jnt.r say'i ih following leiier was received by a ge-n-' ik m-injn that::ptacej ; Jrom I the Htm. J. Bj: 0!Neallj and hanuvd to the editor for pub. hCaiion.' Mt will be seen bv this tint the '" 4 fiiends of ihe Road have every reason to b( luive now in .the final and speedy com pletiori of ihe prijtject: Every ihicg is goin on..Wcl .with the LtJiopaoy.. , i no cum racism lo r graoe - Hie iwau cjsi oi iroaa iviver nave been ta , n V u ken very low, geneiafly ur an average of 3,500 per- mile. The grading, of the whole Road will be ofivred to -, the siock 1" aftrr w coriveiituin io May. It ; , i J t iv "-I .'.. .:: .!--. wiyuiu oerwereti sooner, uii Hiafitio lucri tiontannot be got ready sooner.--:' i wAm lier fnsialmi nt wjll be'cal'ed.for second Monday in' May." ' Aftl-j- th.t , nor.ti "will be asked nlh second ,Mor!:iy .jn Oo tobVr, and so on - every two -...months alter; Of course th slwckl.oliJers who t;.ke con I-1 pet s of grad'i ng, i,nd w ho na y vpu v mv , ;ij;u .see.oi:u ..tjwimay in ..way, t AviHjiUve ''the advJirrage of pti,ng nil Um hnl.u-ce of then slock, in -work, if their contracts-will cover so much,. 'Mr. Brown tells rfie (he h ts just kit m House,; tlupwttli three irnre Hiatal merits, j e. second :.Iond lyin May, st cofjd ,Mon.fay to Ocidbe-r, titid second Mori. tlay-in Docerrber, wo cun cunilele if 'Road, atfd-pmit in operation to tuis sidt M:"cim. ivtYt.-i , - niuoii ; vigcyetnF..mtJej'or Now berry court house. : 'I his wiH be; you . . - f. . 'i'iT..'iij iirciiy not; ijHll Dl 111 4vin.i.uv-i tiu:'-.uimiint! t.lATUiri .lioupt11: Via Andets'rtij wnh o'i.e filth t f Uic stock rtbw t :i .. x. i - 'if'. ,:- ' . -, ."-i lutro, rjiuiuuifig even tue "jrecnviMe subscript ion , Which. I vet hope will be free lyfbrodght in, when K is s" n, that in guod faith, j the Roid wifl be. budJejd., , ""I -toice o see" tho -sfJrt rrtitiius'ed by Anderson and Abbev ille. , If tfrey stand firm, bs I am suro they will, the Rood will beiin operatrtHt 'in ihree years; and 'Greenville, Anderson, Abbeville, tho wes. tern and, ninh we.sieru part of Edgefield, V '.,: kt l , ' tion, ple-e iheniH vc jo sup; Lnurens fxewbercvand the weu rn nan i -,r on'7 n nf Pnrfu,hi .,A i V.' a .. .r...... . , ;l.'Jofii nation with all U.eir n.fljeuce of Fairfield and ' Richland, , witt-'togt tl.ei " pour their rich -products' mtq ihe h.ps' of Voiumoia ana Charleston, without any n-' val Road to Aiken!, . ' , "l have already sacrificed much to al-tai-n this. end, and lam ready jo sacrifice more. -'Yoor frjend, . ""' . JOHN.BELTON OWEALL1 - 'for llit Mesteoger. .". . ANSWER To the Puzzle in-Messenger pP 2nd instant. 33 Lady's 'age- at marriage. 4?3-Gentleman age at marriage. 5G L'idy s age 20 years after marriage. 63 Gentleman's age 20 "years after mar. r'e- : , ' ': ,t ' ' ' " 80 Lady's age at time of death. D9 Gentleman's ege at lime of death. " , . -'. - SNOOKS. GEN. TAYLOR THE QUESTION SETTLED. , ;, Tlio news.tf the last wceky 8a.vs 'tu Fayetievtllo. Observer inclines us to be. lieve it almost certain that Gen Taylor will b't tho WSg candidate for President. He has betn nominated by the Conventions of Virginia ond'.Louisiana; and Delegates to the National Convention, favorable to liia nomioation; have been appointed by Kentocky.- Though - no- nomination was made by our State Convention, ; wo are in formed by Delf gates present that a large majority,' perhaps two thirds or ihree fourth's,1 ere in favor of VTajIor, The movement m Mr. Qay's own State, riefo ted as'that State ever has' been to him, is conc!usive loour mird, that Mr. Clay will not be, and should' not beth6- CanJidare Success, yndera soun-l Whig, fid honest man, is far better for. tho Whig party and the country, than defeat, under tho great est man in the. 'Union. -.We go .for that W hig w ho qa 6 bea r o U r ba n ne r i n t ri u mph ; and our brother whigiii Kentucky give up alrtheir afTeciionate preference ty.tho same conwdrfltion. , 1 . I rt the Virginia Convention, Gen. Taj j lor was nominatcu oy nie uvcuim tu.ui 7ounties;'to 18 cop.iiic. Amorfjthcse who,prePer;alr..-Cy,ranJir9ireiiutiusiy advoca-'d".his nrmmi'.ion, in preference l0' jUtofGen. Taylor, was Mr. Bt!s, lio allud.ng to the intelligence received from hTcctucky and North Carolina, by u le graphic despatches' thit ihe, fonder had ajVpoin'tcd Taylor Electors to th Mationai Convention-, 'and that in tho State Conven tion ofnhe latter, a decided m-tjority of '.he members were in favored Gen. Taylor, ksaid, "we- luye. been .to-day strucK by "Jightning," and he a'tributed to llio- suiU,m nesjj of the stroke iht i tii'ct tho annurcia tion of this information .had produrrd. Ytt, oWigod as hewas to vole against the first resolution of. the coimt.itTce he would pledge himself thus far, 'that if the r,nn:n. ntion of this Convention .-shall- be ratified by the National' Convimtion, h6 would .givs to the r.ominqeTiis earnest 'support, and .that his blows1' (lo w fcch pfrtiuus ulluiion iad'bccn made,) should "be struck hard and Oast agiioat the common enemy.11 P. S. Later accounts explain why Gen. Tiy4or was preferred in Kentucky, rather than Mr.' Clay. A letter from Fronkfor: says, Vlt was geueralty understood in the Ayhig, State Convention j "frpm' declarations' by the frier. di of Mr. C'ay that ho" will not allow his nam to be. Used . as- a candidate for the Presidency 4" tha t he wifl ig a .short time formally ftnnounso: this detennina- lion" Other letters descriho in clowin" terms, the una-nmiity and enihubifum for Clay of tht? Whig Si.te Convention at Finnk fort.: .-Nothing- of tho L;nd wsns ever known to surpass tbe'manifestn lions wliich were exhilnud:;f fhe esteem - in wlucli Mr; j Ciy was urJvers.aly.-Jield. And, next toj him, the tnjfcj'iasui was unonirnous for General Taylor, They were ah Ciay iTiei and afl Ta1or men! This is rili'.!! Gin. Taylor in LoViiiatia. .The 'Lour5j,iajia, State Convention, ap- . i u - . . ' '. . .pointed with a view to,-tha nominal on of J . , , - '"Jior the-Pieaidency, asscrn'j. led in thq City of .New "Orleans on the 22.1 ult.- Or. motion of Bilic .Peyton, 1''q. Judge T, W. Cliinn vvris. appointed Puridtm uf the .Cuint ntion. " There wero d,U'gates in aiicr.d.tnce from thir; v six P.irialltF. Thi .anion of the Ctm. venlion '. J".,''-.' .V . " '.'-. . " ,-!'. .- '.. .... icsuhtd in the ndtpiion of the dt-fc!arntion subrtiittcd by Jjd;;o Bulhrd t vThit 'In jlM-ir JudrTTEm, Otn. Zneharv 1 :.i.vh).r -possusses jii ail cmiiii ho& qtiiiitu4 exhibited nu'l prove long cart if ul pubhft bil.-j( ss , tl.iuiu nil p'hich, furW tfir g hin:$ If, he has f.d. ti only t-o te homor; pi op?i rty, and glorv of I. is Country, ,uid has thwchy LT'ven the salt. st n,.ti Ue9l pl dgo of Ins (u-Iure course. in w hatever po'M'jua the pariiiluy d his covjiitr.men ojuy place Ihto; ' uwtrmrnel!-' ed. by. mere plity in s, 'iis-kini' no 'fitvwr ud shr'uiking from ho 'repon.vbihtv." Waiqcd a they an?, nt tin same jime, by the huihex of-litis Countfv.on tlc ri. n)jL-rsury of his "birth ''d iy , io' bctvar.? uf ptuty laucoui as ddrfgcujus-to ublicjib eVty U v " ' . Thrfteby drctcc, in the . nairie " r.f jl. ir cotjs. ivoonis, thai, ihcy-vn'jmti-tte Gik lal ZiCh-u) Tuylor, ns a cj;iJii.'ale. ho the Picisideiiev of il,e Unlit d Sutes fr-tl- uoxl coNsii uiinr.al ..('. m. - ' And tlo members .of this Convention, fo the-:. reasons sc t fortlr in !iis- declara- oit this ce and'bv cwry fionorub'e nlcaris. ' ' S.J. Ptiir?, Es. (iliertd -tho following preamble and re.sulu:'.y'nT wjiich wtro a dapU di - W hcreas, as it is i mpo r t a nt that the person! leoicd Vice President, 6f tiie U. States should eniertaib- scntnnents in bar nrony witi? , those of v our candid ite, by 'which efficiency may; be aurcd ,in the ('illminiir.tiAn of .ourXiiaVioijal affairs bv Gen. rr.tlpr, thetefore " ' . , , Resolved, That thjs Convemion - will vife, for,1 no p'ne"for elector of President Or Vice, President without a satisfactoiy pledge' thatyuch elector will vote for a Vice President of ihe United -Sfairs', who himself shall bevirieudfy to Geow Taylor's election, , " ;--.Ifibfty -wftlwot. obedience is cdnfiiKirini nA. . -pbcdicnce without liberty is slaverT,' Letter from ihe Hon. D, M, Barring"" . of North Carultnlto the Commh, i - the Bucna VistA Festival at rw:i . -Hct'SS br REPBESESTATlyEs U. S ' .February 10, 184, 5 , fc Gentlemen: hava been honored wiia'.' ' receipt of your' invitation to n public d:n. ner, to begtveh hy thrWhigs cf dclphia, hj the 22J instant i on which L, rasion they propose lo bring forwsrd ti ' name of; General Zaehary Taylor, i$ t I'Biiuivtuo iwi.- inv i iviucncy, subirtt t ihe. decision of ki Whig National Contra lion. . My answer has been delayed un j tfie present lime, ia anticipation' f hope that it would be in my )Kwer.to ac' cept your inVitation,- Rej-dced, n t hoiiM be, lo white with ou, in VrJ on that occasion' and anxious, as 1 tm ' aid you in i's. fjigh object; ViW jheprob! . Huie.orv.t:53iiy oi my prescpee here, ia jjj discharge of public !u;is, will prevent my attendance.. Bat allow me, geniiemm V0' s,ayr that ihough iihenf, I shall be uW 1 oui:h!y wiifv. you in sentiment and foJ Land 1 sincerely ! trust' yJur dtmonstrtiio! ' win uf Mien as cannot tail to producs t benencial tHtct upon- the Country; Bj ihe god cause you hone .to advance T ii proper tha; your, ci whoso Vh: fiit-tuy has never been " sunken, should . lake a lead in this movmefiet infj. vor -of a distnuihed citiz-ri I for ihf ' Pfciidency: anS you have' been fortunate in selecttngins yhe, time . fit r a public piei.s rntaiion of hi , 'claims, the 22d day ef. F cbrttary, n day me'rnonablo.' in the ian of urcout)tryr nd 'which has now united anJ en-.hririt.tl Hi tbe he-iis uf their Cfjl try men the gluriex ofTavI.if and Bjca, yu, with Ihu hallowed munory of YV. ington.' j. ' , ' .'"" ri'-'O't iiilu, ; ?::uu:j , an units , ill nbidoii ilu" dSi-ixini, nf VA't,.,. v... al Coiiv t.nitorij fan ly cbnstituietl aad f ully 'repventin-ilthc ponii'tir -will; in ih it ction of the MittiX Mniiible tiaincs"" n'tr canJi-Iitii, foMlc - Prc:di.r.i:y arid V:ca 1'rt- id.'ncy, f.-oil the hst hf distinguished individual vvh'iW preteiwions imy becBtj-vas-ed, itl'aunot. be hppolitic," aad miy , bfc very ificbir-ble, .to ho'd preliminary mteuugi, and in a siiit.of ff'aul;ncs"rt tnJ temper t concj'.i ui n and forbcurnce, discliss a,$d.' ra. expression ty tl-.o cfciima of those whom any portion of Ahe people-" m-iy dt:sirettu plcc iu lh itighest'- otjico Tin their gtlt. Il may .bcobjectld by some that il is. bct'.cr to wail thy. dcvclopcments ,of pulhc 'opinion, -( or.d th t may beuc wii; to indtea'.H individualpiefcrcnccs note. I ihu.k ilifitienlly , ar.d having clear con. viclions on the' sobiect. Icaht to my own - judgment,. -"I am free tu avow ;hem Jam dcciedy cf opinion ifuit Gen, Taylor ought to le 'ihe candidate1 ( the xckig party oj 'the Uniied Stale $ for the next Vreniiency 'Remark able' fr his 'symp'aihy w.th the masseS"of our pf of le tor his plain rcpuUIican manners-r-tor his , strong common Jsense unsuspected tale gnty, public ' and private his modri" lion and" prudthce-his ardent and uq. duuhtt d patriotism his fo-iTiy lo th'e con." iitilutioii and uniouof the Siati s his brtre, ry in rlie field and wisdom w counsel his irid jmifViL'e spirit in battle aiid ins g?nerou M.d hu'uano m igtiauimity in "ihfc hour of vicjory over a pro-straio le idisiitigumhvd f-r tlrt rare unum-tf ihe failhll vbedieaca of the soldier, wr.h the lofiy ipitii of.the fictnnn, which ciu'd tniLI(jT him to look Ekicoiiw displeasure in the face and dc- c I.j icAvr.h unmisrukable emphasis, ,"l ask . no faVtr o'nd shrink from no 1 responsibili ty ""wi.h u rrwnd which has prove J equal io the many trying emergencies nhich it has, hue n lh lot of an cventfuj life to en counter; above allconspicuops among all men io r mat genuine unu unaneciea rnoa. eslv, wliith' is;aliriost always the infallible index of true -'greatness; Gen. Taylor it eminently fd tobe4ho 1 lVcidcnt of ihis? gieat und (ree, pecp!c4, i In the presenrpe1 : cuhar raid dang"rc0s cr.iii td' our nuw. compltcaitd Mexican it;1. tion: in the mo. rnt n'ous iind ft a'tfu issues which are to erow out of tho prosccutior and end of this unfortunate.wai', there will be, I think , wrnonjr.tho" many ;her reasons for bis tlo- vition-'ltrtho chief magisiracv , a high and r , ,-.- patriotic policy in -having such a m i."Zrtthnrt ' . , v . 1 , - . ! ,'v - - ... nt tie ie V a ':-!i) ' our-naUttiiUl uliiirs. .Ill nxd In'aV"1 ,"Wtr svll'1 the jpt ople; his dec patiiotic policy in having such a man at is mor- eCBions , md h-s Until, aril v wnh ihr-paj ticular sub ject of Mfxicrfn aTjirs, would enable him poi haps more - thud any ojher man, to tenninan; and at)joi on a sure, perml"-r rient, just, and honorable basis, saiisficto ry to':' both rcpuhhjsnll. the" difficult, and alarming 'que-sUoi:s'nsing out of our prcs-" em con'eit wuh, Mi aicd. 1 1 have, no doubt ilKti'G-ntf rul.Tuyfon -is ,a Whig.; ' I have, -mysyif, ; alwuys bech, ;and 'expect ailvv-'iyi to ue, a wing; a:truo republican Whig' I was a .Whig when il cost some thing of labor, and fee'ling ilo be of 'that pohiual (ai;h, andiwhcn it was necessa-., ry io bre ast the torcnt of on adverse pop.. iiLrTt)''. , Kut I hcy-e ncvcr'akfcd favor. t;r shuiuk 'fro.m resnonslbilily.,1 I have had no ambiifoh bu to promote the good of.irry country, a ndt faithfully discharge all ihe dunes-ir.cuoibcnt on mc os one cf her humblest ciijzjri$. I am now, and have afways been.l the friend . of Henri Cloy, the patiit)t Jjiridl statesman, and un flinching champion of Whig" principles. Ilin' buincf has never bepn- du-owq to'the brerze- but I have been found enlisted, runder its folds. How long, how zealously arm tmcieniiy, 1 have been a soldier in hi cju-g (because I believed it to be the true 'cause of ihef country) both, political parlies in" the "Oid North State'1 can bear - testimony. . If, in the progress of events, ;the wisdom of the National Con.'' statesman of the West shall be our stand-' ard bearer, in the coming contest, i amt ready and willing again to do service ic liiM -glorious cauie as zealously as , ever. If I had the power, lo make -Mr. Clay President; and to command fbr him major ities in both branches, of the national leg-' islature in" favor fcf the creat Whiff ooficv of which he is 'thermost distinguished adro.

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