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uf -MJod in j thr' hob!rt ofall innovatjor arid as tlie j kho'IrduTed "mou,th-p!, 1
FuriberTe-1 mcbt un inetoniii:r andVuhmi'ive of vou. is thU:--thrst'thi ia:
l'ront-c ".'.t cftbf qiiLtiutifj the CUurtliV dutiful voiia. - IlL intel-'ry. awe-inpiriu nful
. v.!!: ia4-fjl iiiAitvty. feet was Of jriant tir;;ih; but a (i)Uciu m?nnf ouy to take tti -i'.i',
i I wl-'1 laid in thrca WY.aiwaVs cmJuh (o bind it in. si;ht'cf fouiv; tojplay l!u j
-life. .'m. tt
, UiJi..w.e purtjiy-ongiaai ar l aloiie," are ii.t- prok
ato'tar a5its objects ai
hiaj, and J thf; lit-iie n..c abject -in 'tclaLioti to
hlh; t'lt.vo'toUje faith atjlu-.iL'e nfthc. mru-fe'r. rvr', to'aTh the n.
Chtiirh. ,'lNo; ':ICjnpK' J ii-in ' c:neii l.r 1 fWhcxi! "TThe
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: rYUo v, i ' t ' cares of 'CovcTnin'eut
ip i . !,ut . lbs; ib.'uldci . tbe C a
nctal, nnd bis tiincwas ta'.. i.up with
economic bibor r a ilop.utmt'nti- in
wbn !ir with iim-t founder of orders and
chiefs of sect.-, he exeelled; with spiritu
al ntii'-eS andyith coalaut preaching,
lit- .a in! Cif i.f your kid-lovf prnn
try, nice aliout the tic of a cravat and rc
dobit to rolonu-wafer 'jhTfutncsj'or
fastUUou to pointn atid antitheses,
const fuctors of wellilxataneedyrntences
an l tyh'vorna'l. He vas va.stly too
much in earnest to be anxious about the
modulations of hi tones, or m minor
propviptiri of'bi'i address. His soul
glowed 'with the intctiMty of.its own c
int)tios, " and failed not to .sliraip that
MTnpathy on the part of his hearers
. . wbieb put theiri in eomrnunion witti tbe
1 preacher, anil Mibjected . them . to his
power. , We must let Mr. "Taylor ties
. cribe him. ; ,
TlliSr 'Methodist 'of Catholicism nt
" Home, and the 10th century, might have!
been fuut.d fault with as the author of
irrcguhu itiev, precisely Mmilar to those:
which li n e markel the course of lik
j- , 1 nit ijift d pr achb'is U modern times, nm!
k-. anion ? ourselves, lint tho Cnurcb o;
Kot.le haV never been jtalrtiis of di-oi;-ilefs
that ?did not seem to "threaten hvr
. 4 own authorily; ' Protestant '"churchc
hai;h) t Tro:'' l aiHontllc pciplt and
- ,m- 1iaVo rri.ouo (Jm j.-4Hfjrutivi Ly:ii
I dulina fahdionsrepi;naucc toward
r . whati ver revolted an aristocratic taste
ininattersot religion." I'rotestant chur-
; ches have grudged salvation, when
. dealt ouftothe people in their own st cl
Home haNhccn far les 'nice. Vhen
'Lovola commenced his sermon, 'a
, 1 breathless silence' reigned through Ine
church; a ho went on there was a per-
' ce)tib!e pressure toward " the' pul-'
; pit; idlis soon beeamo Audible on (iv
' cry sid; Ihen these sighs swelled info
iSobs,' aJid stbs into gnvm. oine tell
. . on the pavement as if lifeless. Once
! and again an oluluratti otrender-hith-crto
obthtratcpusbrd forward, threw
himself at the feet of the preacher a lie
leU -the, pulpit,, ami with convulsive
j strugglesmadrri'lotid corifesiou 6f his
, crimes. 'Men 'from, every class ot sb
v - , ciety, and hot exclusi ve of dignified ec
cle.jatics, were numbered among thoe
conquers of ficfiing in earnest." t
The- tamfc w hich. spread the nuiQel
lous reputation of the-se" singular men
througlu at Europe;, soon placed at the
, disposal of th deneral every desirable
centre of Mrcugllr. .Schools, 'colleges,
the council nee of statesmen, the cloa-
' " cts of king were all oj;n to the Jesuits.
- Houses of the Ordor sprang up wherev
' cr they deiretl to iind a' footing. Can-
ilidates for "admission --into , the Order
' inult iplied,'a:ul art unexampled success
' inatkid tbe early ojvralions of the iJo-
V J ' . -cicly. The "Const itiitions? were.' f eVis-
." V energetic ""mid practical principles
- v . iwl'Jp liXiiuajiQlie j nilu-rs. pas
. v j ' ;$iv e c V ( t h e are a s. sT r c i mi u TyT im .TcTT
, . f'O'r1 v. :""prtiriie yielded. 1
' l,-Jt i'trioily U clarcd
-' thai, . . l'liKhii. of. 'their, fat her ami
' . Tjasli r, vl.. n;: to tbeiois -(Jod, they,
' wouM readjlv air for" Italia -as for
isicify: or would ga else where... If noV ,
. , ' detiv l ti.v teach pbd'ophy in auv vf
" ' its 1 -t dep.uliaa.f-, trt V would, at
ft sign from him, charge themselves vvitU-
men: ' t . in the bolide; or, all hough
their u tui al tavte ami, talent might in
dine. one branch v of -know? i
' ' ",ldg t'a v Viould avlict themselves at
. Lis v.i?b, "to any 'otber. - All things
" ought bivindillereutto those who had
nlrr ' '-nrnolateu tliei, al!,and Iiad re
.! rcry per 1 h-4
Af. . -a - r,rvice cM nine years, Ioyola
the t-jToimcdia ulation to whatever heh1
a ba ing t be Xil-o to "a:i, cr.lo be at? LU full di
Id to ;ito tar a its obiecK ai.- -tatiut m t
authentic documents of tlu- Ia-'iti..-
But between' the' iilwih .d la:
, . r t r - '.. wt -.1;.. ;
, ..a ibe i.d c .r.C , !
, ' :i'u .lf to:-' ' t
i'. ' liicb. Tfr '.' iM i-'-'ous and tt'Ore
to . "ti'j'jr 'b
jf 1 ;tiuz i 1 ti in.-'. fv fn ''bv.:
- - ami! a with", --o'tbe
d. ... . , . ' . m 1. '- :
.,,k,. , i - : -o hi, n ; M,t isol . r
u ..r; -. n-rit. 1 J "
' tl. . Jo ' i. h new ly-bi ' 1 i' f.-tiine
, T a - nf 'ment". tnakt. r. n-mjiira
1 -gi tl1. c1 ' ' ir -lom'ini-;m and its Hub
ehi; ir - Je-u.U:;i, to. adjust tla iit-t i . ' t'
c; vii ' altei ed rjret.m-tanet of tbe ' 1.
i V.Vr-i rr "Jtlio 'Church of 'tbe'n'inlh u atuiy,
,,f , . . ' ' ''I1. : i i lb- tb:t 1 i , ry, wl .t
ir aii 1 . au
red far and v :de; in-' are
ling In noath th cbtl v of.tbe
Tb ect-biiar. .bd tlie IH
'!., -vc bLn rned-for many
. , j er the mound beneath
whi iitluy tt pose, in t! : calm, '"dm
I ' . :fad r-inh: ilec rj death.'
'VcihnjW wc had brtterrop lierr.wc ,:1m ely lo t
1 'v taen a m;;-ital .frrf S ' t we hnif.i1. Uid t!
finally realize and expejirrve
young fricndv.w call have.!.'1:
Hi V
oeialion. ".Hetc are cr
btto nre oir, brothers !
;er" are
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... jr
diia "
our ij.i
bt lv s.
"ll"1 ! ii
ir - 1
i, -lb.
enabb aJ ' i i V
uiVhV-tars I it u
to li aki it , i
inconsislcnci. , -you
tbe-raj-L i.
elaiiis of" out l
jonant scrmo:is are
. ,-vs.ful b. Jb'
o liftte .of tb-1 irie'
1 i-.b-iti
- k . . w.
,' hi Liii-'i tt- n
thb Oil
er gi " 1
( f ni li'us i a!
att- -atively. but
' vr .at fei. 1j
r fr ? 1 "r "'
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Nirt ill
:.d yon
)tS Us
Ibcir ( m
1 ,.i t' -
ra'; ig i 1
1 vc at ibis.,
umt of a l'u
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S - v S
b;-. -.I
, from his cradle, ho had fegartlcd t fcs.M d end, "there exit a tb-p.rcqiorlij
red.fiyob could ncver'havej and i 'eoherence such a.s.b.Uiio the at
been ibo reformer of. cW.ahlihed svs- nuir of nhiloouhic can lor and t brl
tc:n?; for he worshipped 'every shred ilan barity to admit' the plea.l, bNb-ib- 1
the' ecclesiastical tatters of past age. . fug mostl distantly-approacbit g to' Je-" f
Hut he wa the inventor pf a scheme es- j -uitism is found in tho- g pel, tbrib t"
U i C i I
- tie.
the ri;
Ii . " '1 D(. ( r il
:ied '.by railra'iV
Gentiles. ' And yet he had thp c:tie ol
the churche'th'edilicatiod of b,eliev
crs, the oversight of duls,the bpread'of
Cfiristiwiiitv throuribthe nations, hs the
great ' and e xcl q si vol' -ohj cct s . of hi
(hi lights rind "labors," ',.-
. t.f
bi. .i i'iJill .'itid ;
i b i'ui di to e 1 1 y in. nt
fb'7; hslu,i, S. C.
s jn'tially 1ua own, mid with-marvellous
sagacity, and a tact, fertile in resourrces,
he "contrived, to lodge the prodigious
n o vcl ty t he Socie.t y o f Jed s V i thin
the very'ailyluM of the old system,' "and
to do so without noijie, vith6ut any dis-"
placement of parts, or the breaking olF
even of a moulding! Hy his- hands a
house wa built within: a house; yet
none hail heard theiliu, of the; builders
tools while it wrr in progress. - '
- '"Fervent he yas ferveutly devout;
and our Protestant notions would Ica'd
usintb a ye,ry ixvilons kiml oruuehari
lublenes, if thev'forbadc our think'fng
o.f Ignatius Loyola as an eminently ..grood
and eunstran man. It some hesitation
is felt, wheu it is: demanded of. us to al
low him his designation as a great tiian,
it is because the concept ion of great
neiif'sfceins to inelu3e necessarily that
wheh' hcfounder of Jesuitisril mani
festly wanted; namely, an ennobling in-spiralhih,-springing
droth the sensibili
ty of t he v sou I toward beauty arid sub
limity .in the natural and in the nigral
world".' . , r V' b "'
"nyvJng'KjvJlcdso 'ilutcli of oo r
jiacetlov 1 1 uv person al IiTi ory of Lej obi,
'wetfiiv v. utile" ibom' leix to ev.intitio iW
philosophical principles of the cmh; he
laid down for the government of the
society of Jesus, or to trace its .subse
quent, fortunes. We should be( doing
injustice, however to tW volume K
fore lis, 'Wci'c we U dismissthe subject
without reference to, the rudimeuta
elements to Jesuitism.' ' T
v Thec arej traced in what mayvbe
caUedlhc canoitieal writing' of the Jer
Jsiii'te Society; viz., -the '-Spiiitu'al Kxer
cie; the Letter on OJe,dienct address
ed to the Portuguese Je.nits; tlic Coii
ti tut ions and the Directorium. ! From
a careful analvsi.s of each ot; these doeT
u merits, mir auttior unakes it plain that
a vast sv stem ot extraordinary means,
n r epai-n t o ry d i se i j 1 i t cl a berated,
balanced, finished tokan;extent impar.
aueneu in me nisiorj; ana rraimug oi
tho1mmat)r-)Hntfrha''been devised, anil
Is applied in the formation 'ofiJiisnit
cliaracrW. .In the "case of one jscefcihg
admission into thc Society, '.he; -jis put
into o. Hetre'at, shut up in a solitary dar
kened celb under tscarve of the .Direc
tor armed' with the! twsfcrtotpr and s-M-jr-i - "b''rt youth will neyoV be' forgotton. -Ouf
searching stethoscope of Confo.ton 'bf .lGr"to ?h ,Wleninv"'mavcarri' us to"distant UL
Th ftr,l.t',rm oni.Y irnv;t!.. actually rCclaimable,vould vastly ex- ,i.,l4. - ct.W.;.a V,J
.... v,. j v ...v, ' f.,a l.n.v iiirviu;u iiunicuuu Jiumi m.i
two years of severe .probatiofiV .Of this urfi'V ? . " ' thtmngers' guest." Y'he .whirl- r
tim.a month', is emptoyed .iii pas.g) mar for a while
through the spiritual exercises! A Mttontion; we may parHally
coiuVmonthis spent mfamha' $ 0,?eat ,aIl;it ffdr-et the Vcen-W iarfy chi!dho,d for
in an i nuance upon tue mck m any innue
prescribed. A third month is gi?en;td
l?ginn!nfb peregrinations from door to
door. ' The novice is, then require to
fjeJbe most meniaiotuees wash-
I h e ; a pos t le : ai id f i rst ; p r ca c h erst a i i A c d
at piecisely the epds litclf Jcsuilwn i
professes to do.1 , . ' b'
Pan I ws h fe.dy to endu re h n i d !: "?. s
as a good soldier of Jesus Cb.l-', but 1; ut
had no ue for a vow of perp.;Ui il .niroliP
gratuitous poVpty.' He ..was nrverja.
seen walking the tfceets. In ging . bis cr
bread, while he had' plenty of gold i;i j m ',
his purse.' ' lie.' . gave 'no directions'. to ftJ.t;u "!' a.l
limothv, or iitns,"or any one ct-e, np-
proaching most. distantly the directions
given in the ?SpiriUml Exercises and
Constitutions of Loyola. - He nevcr.deb
manded or exacted a mqrtgage ot the
mental and . bodily powers of heart;
mind. soul. Xviliiri'a-word, of,the
imhriduriiittf of his converts or of thofc- ' 1 r " J"'::: A":u-U L:- MI N;i
to whom the deposit: of thd cvangelhSi, Iloiae ami I'iciiiN.
commission was entrusted for the ton-j Jinrtfulln mhlrrstj 'to thf SrrJurs
verion ot the -world. buen an iinmo- -';f! if,, t ni.&'.'irf-II'niv , Ab ('., Li
mtion ot me lac.umes wouki nave os'oa i ijirir' lefctrf. - 1 I 1 t . . I . . (I . f i! J '
" y uttir x (Jiui a i cf.. vt nun iuvi;
s-rats flowers .around f-he, pathway of
the young, andVmpartsvith i't5 fnagie
InJIueuce,, happy thoughts and virtuous"
Jesircve: .care nnd thiok but little pf
the evcntrul vfuturc!'-- finger
V fT !". Tirritt iiV ti w i f n u r f tin 11 r'i iT(t
. '..-i....... 'i:. ...r:jH 4 t " of moicine. -It Kt then.- that the .nimd
r , .,.-?, ....i:,.!. .-L h Iron from -qir . thoughts of the
"r - J : "I, ''b! a Vp :S futbro dUtuVUilirf sereniK of our mind
; , - A 1 "1 ,1 h.:n we art at thoitie; surrounded bv
sleerdes? dspionage, are easvdo be Unit' - S v ' r . '
It:i..: - ... JJJ.mubTind atlectiona'e parenK we jrc
llCl 5iWU -. rtllM' i' I f I'! V
r. .,iri
. 1 u
our p 1
f r -.' "
r. ' V(';
.r. mi..
Then v. i".
veiling :;
f our '
',fp 0 '
1 r
1 ill
: a
-r. I!;
I . j M
' I'"
i ll
; owcr
' . n tl "t-
' and
; iti'bi d
t! i i In - f 1 ,to
i'a; ,v'.;r". I
M.11. b.M .
If tb'. i-i 'n? nlvifi I.? 'of . the Soci 6t VV arts
iui ii iuv lyv u-jiiyi uuvu iv -. r
nothing, we dream of nqthing but ha p lor cngagcmdtits, afid droj y
Lifies". io.. darlc vlouds arc ccn'to lines', b "
fmr"bihc bfirtuty "nl ,our .horizon
no inch folly, as .not to be aD.p ; J l0v i t cm i pes ts 1 re hoard,
a rational account of lscK-- Us, IJ,X - v . mY- u intrrCate
pat It of Hie' Oh.njoVouth .is 'one
icasiu nm to me worm. ii,propa,,e-
. u .i t ' tir"' i iti ' i
. . vv - v . "MernctuaL.socne .or rejoicing anu ciei
emphatically its purpose is to take into ; - H ?, is .sunshine; nod Ala'day
its keeping and Under its control, the t V i5udiy ' is youth .a sea-
soul, o .those who possess and .latlof MkaAwer; iris be-
world! It proposes the cducatiorf of . - J ? if ,'j'nt hhmo
,i i-. -.f 4 , eau.n we arc atnome. Jt is ai norne
vouth; in realitvj.t means to perpetuate ' . lX - : , r ' n
i i t .i 1 t that weeniov the societv ot ri,osnv vc
its spiritual domination, b the sort of.," .'V: ,J - - , ,
-.1.. l -1 loveot tho.e maue near-10 ,u? uy c u-
timentsof a peculiar cast, puts tram- K ' m tnn(W
mels on the nUnd, teaches a V v
-1 1 " 1 : 1"1 ' ' . ' . 1 I . . . W .
V" ' V V.k- K r; 'P1;1- " naV.bles cd with the love ofour parents;
stripped ot the light and fire of .gonitis w, , r .,.. 1
The evangelization of the world, diiraL pother?,- an of Myr, , .
lv, if homVup as another of,its great- b 11' Vrf
objects. But n rWii&Vas Mr! TIorjl-V-m
r.. . u. .fa ' ir.C rff c mav go cTray,but.thc home ot-our.
1. nU
.u the Miirutv .hoc
ii. u k 'atrmht tb". ei n"i ;
clvtrtnre-", earr to tty oiir
.a . 't a'i;- lauds. Uuf ! f- iti
.vli-it lMeU.ou: you ' will .iifva
v. i(. rn-uy severe trals,"Jmt we. will
.A.: to to - ay, amid the Vrreek'of hopes
ai, 1 ibn anticipation?, your,' theme, the
burden of your song, will be "HoMr,
s;....rll Though4 jorumay wa::-
dirin di t'int Hiim s'and'trav.-.r - foi
cign strand, mountains may n'fMai. 1
'jca.1 may roll between you and ynnr
homes, Kt ill memory will fioiut you b tcu
to by-gon.e miys, and hajipy liour' for
ever He'd. . , -
roit ,twe ' Ar-ii r. uJja mii -
Letters to n Toiing Jiinislcr.
;4 p -b;;"(IVol XW" 'I1. :
' I" Hoi.ston' CosFKRr.vcn, 1 Si 19.
Mypvfr lirQtltcr ::- Voit niebco
write td iyo'u.v Such .requests arebTre
qye'ntly made of me so'frpieutly, that,
in m jst' cases 1 airtiiiMlr.Ui. neessity
of; declining; Hut feeli ng' nt deep and
growing interest' hi jour personal Sveb
tVrre, as. well as f in i bsu cee'ss,' 1
h a v d efe ftrt i ned t o sn n t eb, oeea siop a 1 -
ly, a few moment from the prcs--f oth-
voti a lcv
t.i 1.
ou wii!i
4).,ly. f"
i .
I fear, how'evef, that tvvhaC fyou are,
pleased to "calf. .mV ' age and-cxjieri-eficen,has
led you, overfitcwny abilf
ties to' give! you wholesome 'eouiUd. .
Axe-fdoo-i )ut '(.ilvVnygiv 'ability nor
difcsjlme, fots experience ohYlrtv s make
ex pc rien ced " me n . b Me t af hy si eaP vtr;r
tcrs'hokl that ?)hc only method forcotirV
putingtimo is 'by, a 'Succession' til'
thoughts or perccptionsV This f snp-po-'is
true;, and" if. so, it follows,', th.t
est im!Cl b;tLi3'Standard, the ohservT
iug; ticking man will live nfnch longer
Jts vvelb'as to much greater purpose," iti
tHeamenum"I)er.of 'months or. years,
than-he who passes jnost'of his tinie fn
a:oft,ojrwaking"dream, A fixdt! liabit
6f attention,' observation and ihouh;
s- upperaddetf to original mental v igor,i
Hvbat gl vetf men 'Ubi li ty aitdm akes trfern ,
intellectually great,!. ! aiji soTullylsati
LsfiedVif tlfi' that 1 believe I. hbazarij no
thing' in say i n g 'that the, di-lfereilcd bc
twi ( a great men, arid 'common u. jn'is
owing more than anything eK; to the
P T t .i- n .. ir.' " 1... ' - .. . '
iug d-hcrt-'Tmg-neTO mariyr
upon the. rook lOT.sculIicjn, . Hcboij! cnyn.OiTHnv hereon Hie oTbcrje tf
rn.;)!'vs himscjf lor a thrtem teaching f ' - ' ' - . "!
-ssuiTiins: incrreai ana -lcaunnr cwk
"V -.v" -"r IV ""--Sa-ortsoavon; bir how -nhll n-i inei-. tion on an object or a sutqect ! - .
isbment any ., among , his colleagu. ,N t,.cnilp.irmf.rt-s -,fl fille Vlhcio till thev-have vleV, ,! h a
vyl.u.u h.gk temper whose conscichri Aspect Voiee, a kind h-ik, or all its "pMK bearing and leb.tions;
ttous f,rmne. or whose bright ropnta; f nhMi nrtr, ol-so. hri!.ht . x, i;ilft 0'the.s thro(1U bribils 01" ilVl-;
lion, iiuguc iiuike u ue&irauie mat mev i
your.iAvu luiud, oi tuu'.s'rt
erea-( d'faeilities tor succe
miiul .1in.rv.bob din- ti .1 U ti
. . - b'j'yit of att-nt ion v. hi n juiptr
ly 1. 1. u 1 and n l t th 1 1 g.d. f- i '- i 1
eu.-'b on to jh; -erve f: om ti vc
f'-ld 'r,y,:!il and hcariti", all tint is v
t lb ii . ti.b v a 1, ; i . ' 1 " ; . I
a;ih ' Whlcli on will m a !,L nnH
no smalj attainment."' Cul i vate it fully
ehaten it vell andvoumiy tllen r t; in
vbat you please nnd dishu" what ou
.( t.w, jip.'. tun." tb'u14 robrf. At
tin'iv h'.iiii Unt'.N'ii ) et many
o'biitrNot ;ir ire.iebe:5 e; r gu all V, and
i'o them:elcs much harm. '; Many per-
;o thein:elcs mueii narm. - 1 any per- . I frp
hap'in.).tophrm read too, little ;'otIi-"--v- J
era Wul too frregulavlv read almost f (
aifytiiiug' and; ev erytblng 'which. may J-
' -"ii".
4 JL.. S
i : roinc to band, diregarumg " , . z 7
iferyl:iig hko sycrb, order, or, rrgi-" Vt
larity, llcuce, what theV dpnwv W 'f
lfr 4bV vk; iart. ii'n rf u-;tfndTgcstc d, ' -
1 1 nri V ;1 A t m 1 1 1 m ' t i 1 4,. I n s S Ti 11 : "j ' vb
mimbl The uw like be s V T"' ''
!cgorg'ed lill t;uttt rly,fnils Vf"rif,
ns proper itmei ions, 1011,00
member the. exeellent nnd v
1 cmarks of I )ugald.S;e.-nrttr
jec' and I m-c.Unot rcp'eht .th
let me beg -vtfii -to poiuW welllwhat..
has -said; and" bv cloif lvi following th
rlueelioas given by such writers as ltcid., Ia x
J?wart, and. rp'Pnn. oi vi secure to - t . V f i
you'rslfjin iminen'se, go"d, n's " Well 1 as ; - t 'j
avtrld Jucalculafrle. eviN.' Head much . . 'if'
t ..1
.ijigyriwiocn iimro uamv than .gooK-7
cliildreu; and tinallv invthcolIicejs of
preacher or, confesor. At the '.end of
this novitiafcduring which he has been
subjected, to every, kind of siftmrr and
tet, to. ascertain whether he will an
svver. the purjKises of the Society,' and
whether thorough reliance can be plac
ed upon his discretion nd fidelity, h(is
admitted, in forms the most solemn! into
me -urucr, as cpo 01 ine proieseu.
He takes uponjiimelf the.obligation
Xthree vows perpetual povcrty,cbas
ty, nrrl obcHlicnee. He thus ritls him
rll' the nio&t absolute manner, of
all! .personal rights, and .. posyessionsj
he s. renders, to the keeping cf hi Sk-i-
neru. jonscienceano ."rpn-c
but rfr,adbutdew booh1, and think much s
irKjjethan you rftftrh " fading .without
thmktrrg is like eating' vyi: bout, iljgetv
.ijigyritIoc iimre hamv thaiv.goe; :
Loril; 1 hiqou, yoii ' knonr, ay. i that '
":Heading makes a learned nian, convert
.safiori njrcady ,inau,,writi;ig a correct
m5n',and tb'm(;1ng.hgrrntrnan.' ..Then .
to be leanjed,rea(t, to Lt correct, write
--t(f.'bc great .fhiuk." j,Vlur t- cvry, Vl
young tnVtiiteB tias'snnie aspiration, fV;r
iliflinclionili right I;o shoubl have;
Lhciuutid Jo a !iini;i ! "lent1 he should
indulge thenrb llut n-cojlect, grr 'atnesH9
Ioen'ot-eoijM-'t in fine u- ;Iatnations of
IjorroVc-J sermcj-'. . I' :Vfo -:-i isi u - is no
rrnrkbyf a gftsat mindbut the 'oiitra- '
Au inj.fl 'b ldmai . mindrn- . de-.
( 1' -gr -V ii-' -yet-1
'' isiu e,- oner or
i lu th'- :.; r.'i'icinvnt
' (bi 'V fli.'T;. r-ovcrol it-
b' rs of itijf' Ofaeo' i::
. ! . 1 ... .
jstri . '1 of nuu I ji S ilumn-'f;
b of thedifou:
ho . whOdoo-; i(,
b't't r jo tr;d -tOU
lab'-d v.
.-plfv.ilh" lb- feat 1
pluniaire'd. bird7riftenstir ; up the -(b-fq i teutcution, take a hasty, j.irtjal aud of-'ji 1 tl'r -Mcd i;y b fiariif..-i - "1
fcuintains of ourw)uI 'and', a'llpod o t' n incorrect iAv oV whatever may' b- ,.r innd ad-,aj. a- . .
svc( t. irManf "bf ichVtUb "1J- -cf.lX.'r ihouiht, an 1-''" mu:, if 01 1 do nnrdt lV.' .oiir n .id-
1. ' I ii 1 ...... , 1 r. 1 11.. vi. -
Jmgy up from fhvVdecp ii.gcijc b Owi", i aj Mil. 'r"'h r..)i .1 .rapidly to j !;,; be-
..t c an t!i mpt to relinquish the rod
,r.f! wc-r. Hit deMre for repose was; I': )nuenn i ,n:ci, n"
l.v,- rl'hH nrntW,?!'1- 'But -perhaps after a
.ha.. ....... i .
I)urinr the ' vuiiam ui.u 11, i;i;m
r v
nvu' 'k:!1.v:i -'.is rc,L '
re-.iripi- - x years ot - life, he found i D.e lTV, na-ont, cr ttiat tl.e .s-Jt
. - Jull c -n .tb -i iu i . v I -ng the celc of! c4y holds his whole soul at 15s com.
the -i.i ev . ' "? the hostility I "1And-. To,m-t any such liability,
1 : X it 1 - - V uoo!iit.tft,ere 15 s"r"ra tvhat is calbd the
tbe i: - I-t." :.bvtorclaxatn..nii L 1 V "t. 4 ........ ea
;.- , u'i , ?'op.:" th . ,.:nd 'after, eaca ot
. .Jl I'l ' .-''.' ' ' ,
- ... ,ij 4a:s i;ik ,
' 't:. 'rb: l bo:-r- and'Drrfer- . -Weven
' '.'''."..',' .. i." r ,f. : :b': i'.' iV--',,,:..b.:.,;,,;.: -it'.:-;:":,;.;; ;i'b'i.:vb; -s
up bv'tbc menial
of. silc.t trc"!, rv,
..e scattered rb-out, and
... .',';
jrct of Jesuitismito'havebeeil the t,,t be.r13 andavSuik down ov?rwbnVd j Jrom 4t , Ion -c t-.a ;at pre-.-nt.;j nni
mbllment of a dominatioh'bver 'the lhtoire?It- ot- Pinir M'usatr,n;. h,; miubmg down . the.. iJlvrf nc c, s.miuy
soulsofnun,;untversal, irre,is'fible;Urio V'ldt Mm :'T . "Iw.o. 'tcntionand
retali.atiouof spiritual despotism thai pIw.41,1c:wa' Jtin- , is-ae, .. ;Vf;; -
1 vvAs. meauttorTave m,aukinJ;' arid 1 V-Vr -T ; " , 77 ? .u ?- e
hold iiV.the'irresponsible'h.ndsMts f 9ho H iou a blifntne, vn the power of
Geiieral the kevsofnll power seeularTNV r1.10 rn--,-?l5ldcn' Paf V;""' fl"'"-? '. . A Pf-
and-religions 'mIs preparhtorv disciif P"ch pur lbir. alter Inowlcdgejn idea., is the cou.equ.nce. I hey olen
line the Training of i W..WcnLH7"its Vt.v tl LtsA4r Cf1 iOU,lt'-' Am r. i mUch Ut od
4 . ' J . ' . t 1 rJ4rr' rt-i V tr. 1-vfV n iinfa .t.rvrli'i n l i 1 11. ! rprnpllr: . : i OOV Tarn I V fTfl m I tin itni-
Uav-marcti ufon -power, under the, cloak ""."- vri m p - . " i 4 bb 1.7 .1
ortcligipus prctcxts.are preeiselvsuit- t . tteirtio... we open U amlthe, one .ubject Un- j:nouSU to.form their
ed fo'thiit object. T hei I 1, adl-cab I hriV thai IfW 1S I'e,', jadgcnr?nt correctly. . . - -. . -culated
W H.w wAenandplac,j.- Ut me thea-urge it upon you, to
its ends 'and its means, between its real fclc ,b';:i J)rUn?:77 'V1 V"r fit cultivate c ose-
rinrrwi .n V 1 'V-I n Wn f . , bi, :"r j,l Hem it , 1ST? mrttorv i busv; sLc j ly auq cons:aiHiy,iucinaoiioi aucniion.
Pr.a 1 1L 1,2 :VrHpuui. . ivui colors; LiL' A lOiiertc attcniivelV. 'You are almoU
L...1 .r.. 4i. e u.ul.uulsi,.. lioints us 'baci tol
mcnts,,wben a vrorkf such magirTtude. 1 u" -'lVW -? - .lay v min
iiuiu.i.t.'Li, auu ui uvai.i,i-5u uuin.i;oiu. i , . . - . i ' 't , ' , -
lolivbed'- v -v ' - " ','ilal V 1 r bruu,C'J.u,"l vale,
!: We have exhausted tlie space prone c?"it 1 !ltS J!.0. " ,
, .i,, . ...,:.,., .; , 1 : ii-ou.a. 1 no mormr. :-"iorv &:ui an, u ;uinwi eiy
LimB(J . e . -., tdi .m-'ovtr. tbe old w mJ.Av: and ,te i fields lorpleasmg
l :lt : ..,i i . " ) 1'.' ."i ro. j.too, 'oornsm all its prutme.beaii- la passing over
V,,,t.Ink.i!1r t!,i... tllt. iWi.Iia cxsotore. -In l .--; rmlk' da
ever, without a 'ttfoment's. refer ''ice to 1 '' ' V e t Q ie. Jil pardea'LlIcd j ot ,beo ogy, Mme
' .- . .- - . ' . rvvifh .v(nt KfAntri:1 ,r.. frr .frivr f:ri 'iTTal t r i sir r.' r
'vin: niifl int.i . c ' - .- ..v . v. . . . . i - . ' j r
iao. i n i e i
c6r'nt!y passing from, point to point
ar. .id your circuit The brooks, creeks
.rivers and mountai'.wfrich youcross; the (the -roads over whif-h you travel the
iot mno-i mresis inrougu .Avnicn vou pass, will
oouerveo, anora vat
andprofitalile thought.
the country, btnve tr
Uy additions to y.
a a,
i l,"b" . r . riles r
ix. husty. and c.irr'!e-bobk.-lte-d
1 h't:-jitfenTiveIv' o-
readrit'at aif. Wf at'nnv timcb 'in (n
fearing aqui Ttioil an-t: Jn yo" ,'a;.J -aslothoeoh
njLpininjrof a , I, Y -locafity
of a. place mentioned or the, -
titncni v. 1 ' i an W;iit currc J al-1
YVM.i sirtivr ff.'.t nY.T.... ... ".,
j - v.u ,Uj.uii .uiui, 1HUJ1H.11V ll S01VC .
yqur doubts., It is tbeii y.jE-'mirid; is V m 'V
iet'ercstcd, and if the njm :;t of in rest "
be f uttered to pass, you. may not thiuk , ' ' il
of it again; or 'blinking of it with less in. ' VJ
terest oP feeli n-ou- will 'not be Wir" 1 7
4l. . , , (
so , iiiceiy to Temcmf
Avben -gained. ' .
I .rhc conference b. . prccribedb"Lr
you a cou rse o f r e ad i n ; fo r ' fo ; ; : v vc - rs
from the time' o Vour vb ib. '-. ,
Lone nowevrr. that. v n w i . v.
of confining your rr'di: r to tl
u.e jiro ijaule posi.
cf tbe Voiitv cf.Jesiis in tbe
s t a to o f K n ro pe an. a tf;
cf Jesus in tbe iv-: I - iiU'u'""o:'' - P'hi.-.. brot.,r, kcp ypur ev open, jas are 1
nTTntia? .;vltb'"-f"f'' Sin 'vcrlas;in .1 r n,vas xi ud ) our mind at work rndyou wili-realiret fc-en;
.:;.-;.' T'r..- "-. ' " - ':0O-.: -' ." '';';;:'-::.::!:-.:'.::-:' C ,'-'K';:4V''V'i:v::"' V. ,..;";.'. tv '&''.''"''!'-v':; "f bvi'V '" 1 b-:: ;f
there named. Not that i" v;o;;!i ad- " ;
1 1 vfteyou to doanv' thing contrary irfib't"
rr -bnovvledgr press'-d or imnlif 1 Avi.ri . vr - . '
ineralogy, 'utany and But I cannot f --uademv: " "i '
yceneralU. ' In avvord self lhV,t.ri brv- r rn- i ;ti:. t l"1
tbe Icad'm- 'j: cn cf ycur cr3x ' '
01 vc;
wcqbi ever prfrscribc -ncha-

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