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The WEElOiY HEDGKK U furnished ; - j -
ttub3criuerg at;one , dollir and! fltty
cents per copy jier uiuutxu Iijviriabl;7;r.--
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. 1 . "hik - a' THI Till Ml-
inM, t w ual)iiTijn. The jtide
Was t weaUnt 4 uy ot in nfetgh
Irfir, snl, thtlefcr, coald V well
inl tb cipt4s k !v is W 01 1 hii
If rager reaoUf : prcejed - at fiwt
oiii, ipsrhiTTwIij; Kit lav
sbijtji-irttic f c it about the sjkH Via: hnrae, s.4de.froni
fi prida ijyli in ill arrange-
iSatB. -' 1 i '.4-';v ' " j j; v: . . v
I Oue mtw thuj cliil it; fqr tHe
ae of his itailiier, Alices hi only
hlld, who was as deur to him , as the j
le rJ5& eya . . '. I i -trr-rJiex
was from. the fact tluit
um weiil be vond the confines
own estate!. ,
wiv years llfore r onr story
hetf'rhade liim , a cripple Jor
I Confid thui atF hobe he turned
la atteiiloa tu-. Ids' i$imediattRU'rJ
Clnvall' though he was?, mncrh of
is "ti"te i as apen t out of doors.
;H;1: QMUght&r 'wis Almost ever by.
.Ijisideloi ;.;aniorc t;V';l or lov
ngchUii, a fktVfjr'ivas never blessed
.ith. ; !- 1; ' ' Mfr:-'; .. ;
x Shj' wry be!i;itifuV i:id icam
Itslittd. , N I? ji had been sured
V thft Juilire'V iitticf her mt the
j;?witi;i bhe- was' detiiicd tu " j
rThi . i f, he lac'tl, thai tr e !
Juilge was utalttv, aha tiih his lulv
I'. 'j; ougULjiernanieroiiS suuprst i
Viost of t.'l cm. i hatLiy'r)
i t. inucn to i ae r t
V ; .ho a!thiudrh he wouTJM h-
aiciaie, ner cto.c almost tvm-1
v rted from he
:vo srentlemen had
Uuh jiot drtva y omidier: slds even
ilthe deirf to'jdo so. - -; v. ? "r '
Bathcreie SGslduo t in thei
ntion to; hfcri-uid she wa.f bbligid
$ conC'ssa that(sh waa not indiiTer
h.t,tOw their xnaaif eatation of regard.
, Or a. r as -a gentleman, ilfrcm; a
ei; 'bijilngrcl avman of steline
ient. an.vapp3Eiit weaitn. n . V:
years xier svuiur.
kooH-n him before
'A?ed" which con-
;ned I xm at huiae," aud" hid liked
'ia v .' - i- . '.; ' : -
Bat ii. real'ty, Ralph Graham was
ct ihe man he had been in those
I A life ot dissipation had impaired
r4a fbrtiiE as well !aa his censtitu-
- - ' . ' : M-.;;-
lt - this wj.s tmkuown! to the
ee. 3 .-5 . always. at; noirr.-, he
W V lit "C -t t .a. wiv. going -on in the
rivatA -arts.: . n-
I4ud lis' but ibivra theJtru- n
Ward to;$ranarj,5;U iM'.'t- -ild:
ft have me wi'itie - A
5me he al ways d. H::. the lio ;o -
The other adm;:r o: AHK v
hung man by
thf 1 n ;i
ir. wn much m the s,'cietv ifyo
had ieanied to love: her,;
...v ...... w ..w. rr-iiy was
gainst -btm and at times j
istrdown to the deaths of despaii
Yet, he knewMhat Alice, was not a
r oman to-be bought by johb Could
voiijv win lifr 1 tove he felt that
I would be his in spite of dibs want !
..... ... .s? S-' 'IK'S j " . ' .. ,
Vv Vas: -atVaid of Ihelj judge
!d h - ever corsent take him
dit in law when jhis prispects
:lrbbk ? ' - 'j ; ''
denied to liim .ahnost impossi
that hd wonldi ; Bill remem
' the old adage i4,thai la feint
ncveil, won 'a fair Iady,T I he de-
I .
Vynoevcr ebej J light niarry, there
s 'eiiouh fo 1 lr; and he was dt
iiLied hatf would not - be
1 a-.TA;tiH--r:
xie waH vBo!
,he judge hit
JS accident
W' - 'AVy-y X r iJ'nir'ihniu;,!, the rhrubberv ' Iule da, iinr, nb ; but ills goV,dj ways, not gapping ami rubbing your
lie was a lawyer by protv. -rn u-anoii jr P11 1 '' '? V V ' , t o p. av You aro -a -.Vod ;phildni eves as if Von were hall asleep, but
iad yet to ,a io. fii-f - W wj ha!! f tid! V what the win, ays j wi.1, ake tVr whatever may turn
the worhh U l : - jha,,; .. , .he houe;:an bha,i . . .. ? ! up,andiV u will W- somebody be-
Pe had :oaened : an .inttownins-t - it nn a few feet ,d her. . J- :.0:! . :: r . Jl, vouMie. ! ,-
b a, yet h.a chenwere fw.; .-IGraharn li ,emi who had, " y i xU . to. reflect nk. rpuch as
But he didinot despair' IHe was , pr? -.wcwl her namej. . - - ... - VTThe is yoV pU.a4, befi.rev you act ; but
P.1!? Pluckand determinedyet to; iMjss f,rjv fa UU? , h; ,in,rv a and. the bliSk; bU'quickiy and closely; audwn
111 the world. iwifer haid. ,. 1 to mgnt .Mat ; , . tcs the. frail iv?.a Jiavci tfxed yoursaiui--r
nod td do hifii bnnfc trt'wln herbnearly; run thtigh niy
Vit5Ur ear to hmi.?; ! ! . Something mt : be done to repair
fOjpat he had alformidable
m Ralph Graham, whoi being
"cv:tn. world, possessed more
3 of rteirfrijr tbjin he: f j
l'i -tv'meof him thaf
'e-orfclf daatrhter; and saw at
' - -K) .t wrthat,he4v&s eb anx-
3 o-ta;s the Hand ofAiice;;.
i. .1
111 Ml
rm-uv itlHifl
hU own JoM fiirrnnP.
ihatht WiuiFd . i.trver have bsii
u 1 to r r hr haw I.' :: -v ,: ,
One i)kv the fi jnt f r: Aicv
to atttnid him in ? Kmry.
She; obeyed ih ; ;aatainw?. and
rhen the had taken; a Vat !y hV
3ide. De at once xnada ;nn n sU-
xea?-o'ld-edlB;r lor her- -
Alice, he aid, , 'I have had ai:
hrtervievf'with; two ehtlemeat in
Uur room tO'flay I Perhaps you can
iiess thmr 'errand, that I need
not tell yqa.w J . " !
r "Indwed I cannot father,' she., an
RWred. - I:.; y'',- -:
"But they concern youi very
nearly." 1 - -y ; -y i
: ;; '.Met tat her. ?" . , ' ; , v ..; "'
; Yea, Mr. Graham and Mr. King
I have both asked; me for your hand
to-day. -; ; .; -y .... . .,; .
. Alice cast down her eyes. ,
i4And what did you tell them,
father ? she asked after a . moment V
silence. , . . ';- 'i'-
"I referred th'm both to. you, my
dauiihter. If yon lve. either, yon
have my vouzvnU' I
yotvr happ.tes. any c
I llook uuy. tc
child. Either I
think j- v.,-ihv t yfliuMr. Gra-
liani has Hith :$: t l ysition, and I
adnVit.that I vvoul-I: Ji.ti have him
for a son-in-'aw. But consult your
own Loart, Alice. Although Gerald
King! is poor, "We jiave enough for
all. Think the matter over, child,
and choose him who vou tlnnk will
ni ale you the happiest. This .day
week, let 'me know which yoit have
eliosen. if, eilher. I. told them that
they. might come to' ,wh for an an-
swer then.5 ... .
v.ummwuinium uiu nut Lt.e
Alice, by sarprie. ' She had e.t-
r. .. .
favAu.V. r V -vA-T frA: buVm
?iss um- i.--- r own ueatv.
tered by the " attention of Graham.
T . . I
Which' she; should choose, she; had
asked her heart over 9f!d over again
-but as yet it had gitenber no de
finite responee to hei'mquiry'-
, Sh cotU3 not pfcceal . fro ra he r
self that she preferred Gerald to her
"other admirer, he felt that he vas
the better Tuan of the two. .
; But Le had not the polish of Gra
jam , or, th e" iacy Ity o f ; making ' Htm
self so agreeable to the ladies. Yet
she felt1, that tor honeat worth he was
lar" his superior. v V-ff: ;'. '. .
1 wo day 8 later,: Giaham4,&ad a
frifead;or i is dined with them I)u-
rini; the afternoon she left; them ''mthWy-lK?
gardenhat she might be bjr hers fe ?"J f jy'l S
Graham had bcenmore tlknus'ual- "
ly attentive .-i her .that day. He had nS. Voaning, :wtav i e jb..a ,wn. ;
evidently done his best to please her, E7 , P, In nuti rav tor -me, -A; afy ,doddmg,cap,
knowinthat inashort timenow hia ?sy f Pray,a.?yf Pray , for. nje, miOave ?V ln
suit woSld be decided fbV or against Paisy, Da:sy That ,s whaf. ihe htt yW ago, but he don t, d(T or
him.,' 7
Wanderinr; down one'of the paths,
she at length seated herself upon a
rustic bhair'. and gave herself up to a
reverie. (' It - lasted I for some
tL!ia, but .,it' length was broken by
h-?. 4ia.s:!d.;fif voices n;arrher.
4-art-d up a-c was about to
rViravj h r and thus make iher
;i:s!erco known when lier motions
- w'
tion, Kalph.y"
"And so I was,
UC" I'll'
I s
knov.-.'.' f
"iut no-: y it hour, a cause.
do anyttrtnj; w,;.mu a
I confess' I 1 annbt "ne .. it. ,Iiss
Kingtley " is as :A:ur asu the plage's
laiiirht;r.?. . ' ". 7'- .. ' -
v Alice bent ltir head loUistenhe
iVit" that she htttst heaf wha he
woiihl ay liij-reply, t.o this. -;
"IKwillJetiyou into a secret, Mar
shall:' he said. ;Perha s you have
tniessed .'. it.-.e ven now. I I must have"
the, iudgeV money I own to you
here - in confidence, . that
1 have
it ; Miss "Gey has money, in the
prospectttc at least while Miss
Kin&sley .has little or none, You
see now how it is. There, ts no way
i n t.i o, ir -Li i i im iiiiri-. t j . ; . i i - k i"
771 have one.- ' i
.no tn rio bat to secure
judge's daughter, if possible. I think
that I have done it, and that m a
miMuni i me sue .-'- : -?,
' - ' ' . ...... .... f '.''V" , , '-- -- j- :
1 thinc yon hav. lUh h ai a
rate. i uuofr-s l vtmn i
fl'HHi in yMr noenr inongo xor iuY
iiwii uindM are jget.-i$r lion. 1. hopv
you- n-jll remember rt tiii-nd Vvti-U
lue'lwrt.'irtVH.r'Hy youiv'
!rh HiiSWei'J Gi-ahain- ma.b Alice
did her, for at" ihif ; v.inciu:c
thVy tMer any irta the p"'.
Bat ' hi? hav.hea'dei.iwiigh.i! The
Vt'il va torn Km her eve. nnd
aw Iialph w rlian ' iii biaXrue
ATee wna with her father, when
thw day uauie round mi whicti the
yuit rt v. o ji eeeive t hv'w an? v er.
Graltm wtin the first to arrive..
With lbivhed face and tlashing Ipvts,
the judge ..repeated' a 'portion of the
conversation Alice had overheard
and he brik4out of; their presence
like a convicted criminal.
. Get aid King nie with a different
reception Alice had . jn'o hesitat'on
in making her- choice now; Sive
Wondered that nhe ever been o
blind -to 'f the emotinrt of h-: r" own
hart-: ; Rhi kiiPU' tlmt h:id l:ved
Jiiin all the' time: but the rlun-rv
Graham blinded lier eyesv t bh
merits. - u - i
- Neither she or tJie ju1ge t. id
cause to regret her choice. Gvr-td
King has made hin matk in : vj;
world now, and r.he is proudi'f.
tbuder"of hin than ever
"Wjat doqs rne ulnc
mar asked b.'.if v. . 1
The' rncthtr ' :mU Z o u f:
and d:e w tKeilt? je .cprv: Joner
side; gently fmnovhing'tbr poft f.:
Viatn.d j':win tei! you, X-
hv. Ii says tb ;h-aif grr at 'r'
V dlitrg iij' -.ut 'f tbe : Darii, an-
gi y- ciouusi yrjrneaii, . uiruHieiii ug
jtrtcrn A a(i..i h :ii(i hit ml" ;linl
a r ( - -u I a . - I
L.:-. VC.....i. .i
yf mm. na.ns iui ir,-.- y. -..:"
weflbye. is in the ship, Dajsyidar
wind'tells me of ybnr :i4paj.IM
It. aaya, " IJfanger ? DeatV. !' , : '"
jiDgnmKing oinoipe, uuiitvu.j; tm n'd 'ft?.p tvatmghia-.liaiids and arms
you and me, ; wondering if , hcr haji j mosf j-llcctablo tbehold I He re
ever see ? ua f atralhon earthy H i? j:buiu! lth tnrjesty,J cimnsels j with
heart achesas:rrnine iche
tear- c;e; c?.-l : oner -'!faiw.di: Vet h:s mjanwers are v
over the pale' cheeoine wrMrirl feasant 'DVut he ba wep Kfrej
WJfe, and tell on the imtat natiSoia- jjhit: in the uviice t men ile
ish face of the ' little': ofWf who'ii he - t ,5n t-Wite mtdeiit''aiitl wiseVa man
urew. closer r to her bvars. - X?aisy r:i-.fe--11eitra6rdiii
-kissed them otfV: :-'.y - ; ";"-v- 5rleotiojj; surpassing the
i v' Ilush, mamma 1 tlje ( win;V teiltj sf inow ",.'ui"ijvery sense J
you naughty
aini wha ia b;i 'saif; wl'c n
wind says to me. Paj-a enr. he
"We will pra- t f-gei hir,';l )
I Daisy
cijas;-el 1 nl hnnds. and
kxielt at .Mm- liiitw--'
s.i. while
they renV-'ated in
tones the lior-Ts Prayer
i"lam so tiannvr now
tia' I U:yv prayed, j Will the wind
iT r -ln back l"o t.npa. and J ell him
sllilj Witl. i Iv
i i it u-m v e nil
' hand. a knows wh;
. i . : . .: .
i ; i HiivT list .-
' ' ' 1
S in Hun."
.1. t i
..o ,m ! tir' ' ''It IJ fii "ft . 1. nu
i a . .......
sic nou
,iU,lt.WWf m:l!veS S'
JL ilium .' r,'. ' i
o U t l " I V -
, j
rrvv. fiui'll all i OOl'es,
l ac i ? rs. inci a 1 1 v e p e o p i
ic. iei -
: . .. 1 1
tales. and'-ludlovv-heaHed evil-doers.
deliver us.
From jmg-wi ndu h p rosy essays,
harai jgilirs, an d 1 ad -storin f n-m
hiirh wiuvfs of ad verity and rich re
lations, deliver us. Is
i- From rheumatism J and lumbagd,
quack doctors, drug-Jills andJi.ta;
tious, deliver us. X f ;
; Kf'm smokv chimney, scoldmg
wives and wash rtavs, oelivei ! us:
From ail kingcraft, witchcraft, an
priesicrair, "Good Niiord, deliv
" ySiiV'is.' it that sticks closerj
than a brother ?" said a teacher td
one bf his class. 5 A postage stump
by gum," said, a young mcorngibleJ
rn fa s A vioh tu e coiiyi po-
' - :?; ::H.
OhV a iuw;' ant ixjnariep,! perhaps,
arv ' iamiliar .with the prttile ot
Christ, trom lite oh; an emer
ald, by order of Tiberuiw, and - cen
turt .V fitleryrd ujivenl'bv! one ol
lopr the' i:anMm t of. bU brother.
then ;
eapti ve tc the christians. V ie
seen an artist'pvoot ot a
sihiiM ennravinir .frou'ii' this lemerald
Hud the. face is rernarkablei tirsc in
its own chWiacterislic8 anjl then in
its 'd'issimilarity to j the accepted
pictures of the anons schools. It
s;K Greek head, with jlloving cm;b
big.h?iirand prominent yes, a sweet;
benevolent beauty in the lace, and
bogetheri coinciding with the . iol-j
1 Iwiuir (hjscrii)tiou b - Publius Len-1
ullusLwriiteTi in the reign ot
iThero lives. at this time, in Mudea
fa in ari.'o'fujirular 'virtue, whose name
is LjesV- iniist, wliom -the barbari-
:ujf esec:n as; a prophet, but his tbl-i
' lower's love and adore hiny as the
;'fij-nir of the immortal (Jd. Hi
rcalls tbak' .the kad trom the.r
; gtavc$, and' nerils all sorts ot disea-.
Tses. wib a Word or touch., jlie is a
! Udl num. and IwvU shaped'; sof- ah
a'Ht.'ihje and -revmeml : -aspect. . nis
Isair ot n c.olor that can hardly be
I ma'chl; tallinginto igracefiil curls,
; waving about and very agrei-ably
lN;omdun.4r.iipon Ids shonlilers, parted
.. I (...'...., v.. .. i.f" lint ' tlU-ll't '. l'lllllllllO
, 1 ; j i lit.1 it . v j.
j"! .t-'ireani. to the Inmt. alter the
ii Jii..i'"f the Nazarite, b fore-,
V;.eid h;ig U'hnge aiid imposing; hi
: I cihebk Jwithoiit spoti ol- svrinkter
I calirilu! with a iovely red ; bis nose
;and fl&th'i fVirme I with exquisite
j .pymiiry ; hisWard thick, and ot a
! Corol; BJiluble to Ins haii reaching
UWw Jiia Ohm. and' parting; in ne
r - - ' i- " .- -
r, !:- . :j.i ft.. . . ovo.: Iirorht
eut i - i inea," riuiiiiy ano
( - .-Si .I . I J 1: ' :J ,
oj opbrthm Or bmly. moKt perfect
jWnd AVt No'mau has seen : him
:' -I; t-W3--: j::v:vr -iyi-
ihesc ttmes
AVe live in an age of quick ideah
rm en .thtnk'-qn ick--e it, sleep; :eourtf
1 'marry; and d.e quick and -j. stow
'coaches are not toicraieu. s
(;' MGo ahead, -it yon 4 burst: your
I boiler !" is tlio ; motto of oiir age ;
and - he succeeds the best in, every
j line id business who has the most or
! "lo or die ' in him. , ; . j
-j. ctr
al once.
i liiii nbo'v' "all! thimrs
be l onest.
. --i i
if f' you intend to be an art st, carve
! it in the Iwobd. ciiisel , it in the
I nuil'lk f. ir
a merchant, write it in
Let 'lioiiesty of jui-
1 .J' '
you, .cj;C
pose be your guardian. star
. I
I -
The liiSEi of1 ;Liquor. For the
v,l.c ilL tu 4' ci.iroc Vif
. 1. Iinposfd upon the nation a di
rect ex ptns of about 86,000,000,000.
2. Has canst d an indirect expense
otmiuo tii noo i
ii. Has destroyed 300,000 lives. '
4. Has sejit 100,000 children U
the poor house.
5. Has commi
ted at least 15.000
people to the 'prisons and workhouses'.-'.''-.-
.'-:--f I" .' !
6 Has determined 'at i least 1,000
suicide's. I ..-"! i' . ' f
7.; Has made 200,000 widows and
,000,000 orphan
"Wnr-ukH exclaimed a
harolinlau ;! when steered a
job; do
rLn n'tn VA worink. mister. wherTf
i!oon t
piides pJ-13:H r : 1
NO. 1.
AMY!STitibus :Occi;kui3N('r Ex
UUilN Ki.--An Englishman went in
tia church Un Home the other day,
ah d as service was going: pn The ) sat
quietly dob, phicing his haVon the
ground beside him. After .waiting
Uule -.while, and as' there seemetV no
irnmediale prospect ot the cf remony
coming to an end, he thought he
.wotdd go ami readied for his hit,
but was iioppej;l;by'an ; unseen iirnv
. w Y."'ri.v.'7 .4; Mf". 7
Flunking that probably sOmV custo
dUri ot the church wished jhhn to ve
main till vthe conclusion bl the ser
vice, he again waited." . j - f -
Presently he again thought of go
ing, again reached for ' his hat, nnd
ajrain the unseen arm. firmly 'prevent
ed hitp. j .' Convinced thai :vhe service
was really some important one
which his leaving would disturb, the
E 1 1 gl i sh m an agai n w hi ted, fori about
a quarter of an hour. '. A the cxpi-
ration of that time he determined to
depart, in spite of etiquette. So he
again reaclied ! tor his hat. .Again
the hand grasped him. but as tie de
terminedly resisted his restraining
efforts a voice behind him exclaimed
in English : " I beg your pardon,
but that is my bat you are taking.1'
And this was the fact. Our hero
had been detained all this time be
cause each time he wished to jgo he
had reached hi mistake for the ha'
ot another stranger, 'placed in etose
proximity to his owiil JLondim Ex
mphter. . j' -,' -'' . ' '.
i V As Intehkstinq You?fo
if- '
IA .well known physician j? hi Sah
J nan, Cal , was recent! v called to
see a lady who was reported .to be
suffering with terrible pain. i : The
ilivsirtinit bastf nd to the rPsidciu'i
of the lady ana found her in bed.
He felt her i nulse. looked at her
tongue, ami 'commenced writing a
presqripnon. i oi?e saui io iiira (
i -Doctor. I doilt think vou bniler
Ntanvt my case." ; ji 1
:0h; yes I do,'' aid he "Itf!deii
slab ri Tt Tervelb---- : ill I
Xtteiv a little while the ladyre-
marked to bun again ;-". . . '
.Doctor, I don't, thhik ybtt
what's the matter .tmhlme:':' 'iftat
you understand my condition." " V
The ilhctbr repliefl : : : V J k
l. 4Obyyes; Idf, madam ; I havp
patient' up town', a young man, just
in vonr fix, ufiering with the same
il.isese.fv't,. X rA::f:.
4 An; h)ur aft er ward th Jady f gave
birth t it a Vt en-pouiiifdjoy. Hi i w -fne
young' "mangot ahng,oui intoruatit
did. noi say. TAS: "i" f4 -
.'A Gooii DAT'S W0HK---pur wor
thy LGb;errib'Zili -Y atc.edea nof,
staiwl 1 back to peVfl.rt'a') duiy. biAat
t eiijl to any rnatleloi import ahti'
ihe tate nierelyUcau
Last Wediresiiayihe arose at day
light in he : t'vwfi f Asheyille,
mounted orrellpoj y .aiu rode t
thWSwapnanoa- Gap before he ate
break'ast-a d tsi ance " of : t wen t jr.
miles. He t lum IefUhU steed and
Walked through' and examined all
the railroad fforks on the mountains
and then on tojlenry before night -niakiiig
a distance of ninehiiles that
he w-alked.1 When we take into
consideration his size and the bodily
punishment it is to him ' to , walk or
l idle o;n horse-back we should' feel,
j ro u d in d eed ; t hat w e; have a Goye r
n or I liat wil I saci liice hisj own feel
ings tl su.-h ah extent for ii! Vis
through these efforts that he .'be
con&esS thoro.ugliJyXacqwaintil' with
;be, workings of ibis load ihereVy
kiiowiicr how to act that the State
at large might be , benefit ted.r Pjcd-;
n toni Press. ,
-: Agks of the SovEiiEicx..T-With
riie expiration of last , year,! the
reign-sovereigns' of ..Europe, reached
the following ages: Pope Pius
(since decca.-ed),J "eighrydive years,
Williani I., lnperrr of Germany,
-ig;ty ;f William HI., King oj Hol
land, sixty; Chrisirati IX., King - of
Deninaik fifty-nine ; Alexander II.,
i he Czar or Emperor of Russia, fit-
iv-i ine ;Victoria, Queen of England,
hVry-eight ; Chat les I.,: King of Wnr
temburg, fifty-b ur; Dom Pedro II.,
Einperor or IVazib fifty-two: Alberi;
Kind- of t Saxcn ort v-nine : Oscar
Ill TJ";.w Ktvoilon fr.rt V.ichf
1 " ijV iV" i" a 1 i
I r r Ml 1 f;l? . lio" IJ II ' Jl. Ai ii I'ci ' ' M.-n-i
tria. fortv-serpirf Xeonbld II., King
of the Be triins, forty-two ; Lud wig
I. King iof
Portugal, thirty-uine;
id, Sultan f Turkey,
Lud wig or; Louis IIJ
King of Bairia, thirty two ; Geirgj
I.riprtiF-6f i&reece,! thirtytvo; Af
fortso XII; King oLffpam, twenty. I
i I
The cry of "shuV the 00 Jsvrtl
no xore ' , :. " '
Six inonth3, one taollar.1 ' i
Eleven eopie, bue yetr, flltcen doljara
Twantv-two coolea; one year, thu-ty
Addrew all orUrmtto -The! WKEKLT
LE DO Bit," Ch4wl Uil'N' O. J
r ; MUBniRttts.
On Friday last, a corret pondent
et pond
of the LVWm aooorapanied bv ihtt jCd'
itor of the Goldaboro Mesfngtr.
had aiij interview with Noah Cljer.
rv.;llarris Atkinson,' ind KoVmjU
Tliohipaoty (nejgroeig the alleged
af y 1 1th, c n thelarm. of W m.;!1 A V, ,
Kinson, mine conniy ox yue.
This iutnrview was he)d at the .
nnext bf the nrisoners. At 2'P. .
Noah Cherry was ronght down m- ;
t - the jail yard, and at once began a
lengthy statt raeiit in regard to hitn
selt; which he said" I want printed:" ;
rn; iiituvLMBtv luutiiH Iti'nu KftllW. flf.
course he tri djo vindicate himself.
but said " I expect to bo witl roy
God soon, and what I have said lb . ..
yon is; the'; truth." The statemek
which he desired; printed" i was ;
simply the evidence elicited before ..
reaijy appeared in the columns of the
Nines; . Harris - At kinson i and , Bob $
Thompson were then btougb intb V
the yard; but they decline tb majca ;
any statement. Terry H. Cor was
then sent for. (When he came down
and confronted the murderers 'of
Worlevl and Wii witei the cene lC-
came deeply interesting. Cori said
u tlmse three men right there killed
Jim Virley, llUy killed his Wife,
they outraged Mrs. Worley, and I
saw them do " it." Cox describocl
the horrible scenes that were enactj- j
ed on Monday night, (1 1th of FebrnV j
ayx); How Noah , Cherry first "I
struck Worley in tht? huuse then,
foT lowed ' him around the? housu :
where Bob Thompson struck hirtr
with a piece of wood,, Noah. Cherr)
giving the final blow i with" his ax ,
that put Wothy to death. Harris
At kintiUretnaitte1! . in the housej
house and was the first to attack the 7
joor net piess , woman in me 11
euce of her three little ' children.)
Harris Atkinson followed and then-
BoH.Thomnson: " -
1 After committing the most horri
rible crime in the annals of history
they 4i,finished Mrs. Worley " (we
use Cot's ; languagejleaving little
Worley and her two younger sisters,
Orphans alone in a little log cabin
: wit h no protection whatuver, except
the faithtitl;! do JJettoir, to watch
over theiu during the night. . ;
pox says hetood at thev btrf "
and witnessedthese crirnes, and then
went home. v- r:';.r- VT '
v l)ming this Interview : Cherr
rv took occasion to cr.Jl rAarl
ainl tVeouentlv ?aid7 1 ..V for f
that poor vboy, ils 2o nc ficts".
were elicit ed.T:Nbah - C?ierry said
he" expect ed to be ; w iih' iw : v Maker,
soon and that his it-ata lemeht. was :
true. The tital bt tficse .negroes i
will come otfbntheth Monday ia
this month hi thb citv f Goldsboro.
His Honor, Judge Kerr, will pre
'shje. We learn that Hon. Win T;
Dbrtch has been, employed to ass'iBt
tl'ie Solicitor in the prosecution.
A V aUD. ExcUbE - Jne of tr.
teachers in a Uinjlunnton pnbb.f
school, received t e j other day a:;
excuse writt en in behalf of a deliu-i
qnent pupil by the lather. It tuuk
.in ihiH -wino; -j ' . " ' "!
. Mp. TAcnEU: l)ot poy ofmir-.
vos absent de oderj day yen
shlald oiu. He. grd one big tiolt i ;
Id's tieck vpt make hbn much tfonVI.
all de vUc.' Please: don't give biy
sorne buhidiment ven: he vas late i:
the morning. He' woult got thV
shnst iii time everydayjbut : he i-.
not himself to blame, he got it
mother j Slie vos dead JO years og
I am this poys I parehtThy bis motb
er! before he vos dead. Aingsto
Freeman "
Ii a i lb oa D Tickets to GESEKAr.
Oonfkuenof. :I am in receipt
tetters infoimih me that there" wi'T-r
be put on sab at GoJdsbolo,,
eigli and tireensboro, oni Apri -:. ,
28i 29th and 80th, round tickets to
Atlants, good " to return 'within 20 -'j
days from the date of sale- They "
can be purchased! by both Delegau
and Visitors to the General Con fi i
t tr r ii : . '
ence. 1 l lie price lor reiuru iilhi
wdl be ' v . f
From-Goldsboro; j
Froin; Raleigh,
.. ! . . - I .
I om iGreeiisboro
jDlegates starting from Chariots
will he required tb pay one fuUfa
10 the Atlanta Atad unarioue Ar
ThVihiiott; (tieigrwa,) the awegei : . -
'Line Compan v; ?vnd wHl be retnrned ' ! ' v
fkke u pout er tificate of the been
. . -' r.. jr
JX r
; .5-' :i
)':: V- ' . . . ':' j y m. i' ;v , v- i'f : ; . : -' - ' ; . - ' 5 K'-'-. j ; . ' It's'-1'
' " " - - - I j-....- . 1 : j "i'r, i j - -H - 1 -

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