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V. - J.
April 18, 1878.
V i i - r-
There''" come a singular doctrine, Sue,
Into our church toj-dav.
These cur'us words are what the new
Young preacher had to sr.: ;'
That lUend evrlastih fire j" '
VVT; mostly- iii our eye ; "" I
Tii at sijiuers (J.'Htli if tlfey desire,
' pmfr t rinothenJtry. '
II j doubt d it 'a' wknnfr clline
Thnii thi world could be proved,
Thfjittle 'smp-J-f foar some time
Ije'l! get this doubts ft'rr.ovco. ;
".'J, . ' .. ' "
Zvn.?;;hed my duf.y straight and true,
t t r-itMjiiiuio it wen,- o -,.
"lrt ff thpltiue kept heaven in vtewy
-j An' partnered clear of hdi ; ;
rAn' nou-halt of thfc work is nuasht;
V: -If I roust'iiat to h'cV
An' this Vr devil 1 bjjve fought,
... Was only just a whim. .
Vain are the' dangers I "Lave braved, ..
i Tke .sacrifice they c st, ; .
or uht liiii w bes:W?d, '
'If iio oneieise is iostK
... V
thifdc Suppose :
.: --Vlien'Oiiel view.
The heaven' I've toiled to win.' .
A lot of unsaved shiners- top,
Uomema robing grandly- in !
acu. diiotae, same us if tliey
. Had read fbiiir titles 'clear, .
: IAsj looksT&t me as if to s:u-. . "
- - jvVVte p' sec you here !""
.Ah if to say-, While ytm have " 'been
.fr: at to top the mark," . " . . '
"Ve waited till it rained and then
- ,"'
' gU tickets for the ark r '..
Yet there would be" some- in. that
Crowd j . ,
. ril rather like to see: '
' Sir boy JackIt must be allowed ,
'ikpfe was lib worse than lie."
I've always felt somewhat' to blame.
M -"everal different ways, '
Jy That he lay down on thorns o s -arae,
' To end his boyhood dayn;
.AaM'd bftjwililn' to endure,
If that the Lord thought - best.
A mhiut:'d quite hot trmperature,
; .T( clasp. hlnS to my bre:i.vt. r
iM Hantaln Barne3 ' wan Tcvii s sou-
Withheteiiodoxy craramt'tl;
- f uw to think. he'd bo the one.
. ; If any one ."Was damned;
N S ?H. when I;aw a lot o' poor .
That "he hid clothed , and led.
Cry desolately rotmfFhis door.
' ' As soon as he wa.s dead.
There came a'tliought I couldn't control,
Thht in '"some Central land, '
IM hke to mect!that svorched-up soul ;
- ' An' shake liiui by the hand.
' ; ; ; - I " ' ''
Poor Jetime Willis, with -k cry ?
v ; . Of hopelesslsad distress,1 -Lt ,
t ' Sank sudden doir one night to die.
" . - All-in her ball-room dress.
, Hh had r precious little while--
, TopRckupian'nway;
?i :H she even left ier. jsweet good smile
'!- ' ' "Twos on her face next day ; " v
f - Her soul went off unclothed by even
"'-' One stitch nf saving grace; : ..
How could she hope to go to Heavqu ;
Ac' stait trqin such a plat-e 'i '
Bit once when I lay sick andveak ' .
dhc came and bvgged tostay ;
;ohe kised my faded, wrfnkletl iheek.
":-'. be soothed! my pain away; -v
L ;5.v.e brought me sweet bouquets of flow--'
' eri ' - VH - ' ''- " .'
As fresh a? Xii-r young heart;
i lirougb mativ long and tedious hours
She played a" Christian pa rt ; :
; : .i'-i ere 1 Ion; .will stand aroun xx
r - The singin saints among,-
1 . . I'll trv to take somevater down
, t rTo coorpoor euuie s tongue. i
: .... - - - i . : , .
"jVTXiat tears can never quench my creel .
STx r smooth God's righteous fro.yn.
- Tr.ough ; the preachers leiu n to rrarl
-' "' 'I hc'-rBibiei'-tivside. down' :
."."T I:--? r:i .irht tlce i p iiih-cire,
i iri eve iroafiiii.
A::Vcoax hs with d-r:iyfp.rarr.
i oall uo.rivan inters .-in ; ; f
put if the' s;:uV wjrtt draw iii ,L.
' eruvation's pan. ...
J'.l h .vc to siaii.I iiii ste 'titry,.
'. To dcir hel.if they can.; rv.
-.' Tut Elu and thf Gf.ay.
; Some raonth'sr since, the following in
cident of the late war'was related in
: the Raleieh iVre:c. . Mi James It:
.Mcore. of Morgantcn, K. C, otj m;e
''t'.cesrion. went out in front of our
J 1 t to give gome . water to a
" vru:;ded yantee who was lying ja a
hl.'p'.css condition upon thu; ground
" lately occupied) by ' the ' federal
Jorces and lrotii which tney caa re
tfentlv. bern. driven. The. man was
crving p:teous! y - fori water, ahd the
1;u"!!etJ were irattiug around' from
tcth' arniifs.- .-1 Moo re. sakl he intend
tn r'slr iLe erncsure to do a
deed of mercy and went out to him'.
, i .
He proved to be a captain ol a I'enii-
sylvama regimcni, who was. piuiuuv
vith thanlis 'and. offered Moore his
dd watch, vhich the gallant, Con
,t 'erato" declihed.- He begged for
name, that! he might, if he stir-
rdrn. ' This
l The .captain i recently wrote
. T"!-.. "14". .tnra ,1'OQ llvVtlO-
" . , , . we rif'K. but dvinsr of ccn-
fiaiU fife' v-.i- o , . r '
n, and watedto proyide tor
Humptic .-TtrL ' vi
r n ins win. xui, iuwiu
." to hica at"'
j. ieliLag- hit
,vi&ll3rs eet
Q receiveu a iF4enijr icjiy,
n - there was ten thousand
apart for his use, to be
fitrrtpr.ta of two thouand
CVV,; h. Sine federal omccr
Iff Tlff tx rmenl ot two tnonsaua
DKIdlS received. Truly 'tis
do!li txNv eleven a cup ot cold
1 . - KJ
ight spirit."
3 sent to PopeLeo a
valLer wV
i1. roidfi to the expressions of
frindj.-T JW., that he hopes
v:l v : ties?, .., , . .
The report oh the general condi
tion of the agricultural interests of
North Carolina, from returns made
to the State Department oi Agn
culture, is one o the most valuable
and instructive pamphlets issued
from that Department: Circular let
ter of inquiry were eehimrttocorreSf
pendents in every county, and from
the annwers to the questions- 27 in
number tho facts and data were
collected. Only 4 counties failed to
make returns.
Of the 90 counties reporting 64
produce cotton Of these - torty
lour estimate , the yield ot. last year
to be less than that ot 186, and ol
these thirty-six report " an averagt
decrease ot twenty-eight per cent
In twelve counties, the yield is es
timatod to be about the same, while
in eiht an increase is reported
The average of the estimated cost oi
production per- ouni throughout
the sixty-tour2 counties, is 8 11-12
cent. . I , ,
The average yield per acre of to
bacco in the forty-two counties re.
parting it, is about six hundred
pounds.: Estimated cost of produc
tion is not given.. . j
I orty-einht counties -produced an
ample supply of.bread and meat and
forage for stock, and of thesw t wenty-one
rejiort aMirpliis. Twenty
others report a supply ot grain and
forage but not a suthciency ol meat,
while the remaining twenty-two .re
port a general deficiency ,
One county reports no small grain.
One reports no wheat, but a largely
increase acreage in oats. Two - re
port a smaller acreage-than in 1876.
Thirteen I estimate fhe acreage as
about the same, while seventy-three
gave an increased acreage, varying
from 25 per cent, to' 200 per -t cent.
In eighty-nine I counties shep
could be raised profitably; and the
average ost per head of keeping
them through the winter does not
exceed 50 cents. In iifty-six. cun
lies sheep husbandry woul'j ai 'once
engage theattentiii of .'ihc$l larjmeiv,
and couldbVniadf very .rein'iiiera
tiv"e, but for the presence of yorth
l'ss sheep-killing dogs, v :
Four crnitf ties report that they do
not desire immigration, and eignty
six respond strongly in ttie ufarina:
tiv , : , v ;
There is no system 'recognised v.i
the employment of farm labour i
the three- plans usually pj.-Vt -d
prevailing to n greater
tent in aH sections of the S.k
tor wages on shares oi
ers." In eighty-four count ie-
i ..i.t
lands . under the management ot
feedmen deteriorate, while in- two.
they .improve, and In sthree Jjey 1e-
main "about the same." As fanners,
in six count ies there fs iv ke I
chantie in -their' condition. -Iii lif-
teen they are improving, and in six
ty-eight they are not improving..
In forty-one counties ' farmers are
generally fiee from ' debt, and ae
improving financially, while in' for
ty-tive -theyare-much dej n essed. In
th ej'o nf "r e in am in g counties, while
they have a -supply of forage, grain
and meat, money is reported -career
than since the war:
2. W h i'l e i t s not ,clai iii e d t h ? t these are thoroughly ace,T:ate,
vet Jev may be" '"accepted as ap
"nrox:;r.ately. correet. They - were
V.r;Vsred -w.:th ca-e. and furnished
bv jit i-ess th;oi oiie hundred : and
t'f :'y .cft respondents,,- representing
idj.etv jvt.:.iieK!i and whose obsei va-
a:id"ex-riv.ce during the ast
e yu! s 'ivtf ifrm other .la?a
mere, tneory
t;Ill t
ii'ell ui
d ra w con cl usi ons,
1 ; 1.
Although the' aggregate yieM of'
our cotton crm is consiueraoiy ieix
tbfin in 176. stilt our farmers hae
: l li I ....
been compelled toselat aD verage
price for all ! grades? noexeto.liiig
the av.erageTo?aL-jaf its pTDdHctioii:
Thotfe who in their - crop system
.Wisely provided. fyt f a arr.plestore
of home;FCppHes, are not eo eri-our-ly:
emburrasxed by the .'narrow
margin in profits as allowed by ' the
prices Which have ruled the- market
durnr the g-tason. - The rem'ai ks ot
the various correspondents on sheep
. raising re valuable in relation to an
ii.dust: y " n:ch couio bo eabiiy e
...vrTc. bvaiiihip -as' an e:ement oi
weaitb ai.d' prcsperhy. Acozding
to ti.e Ua;;cd 4tHiear census, h e had
in our Siut sheep in 1.869.
In the year.lbTO we had 463,435
a decrease of '83,814 m ten yws.
They can' be. raised cheaply and'. pro
fitably in at least ninety cpunuesin
the Stateiitrinsread of the number
given above we should hive not less
than - two millions. Under - oar
laws jheep are taxed as property,
but w orthless sheep-killing clogs are
jirotected as property, and are ex
empt front taxation, and the eonse
quence is, that hundreds of .thou
sands are kept at an auivual jexjiienso
of millions to our people, vthi e : our
limited number ot sheep is 'cpnstant
1 v diminishinir under their ravages.
It is hoped that -the demand iron! j
'v "I " , . to'.tiv I
the'fifty-six counties for Prelf
laws for Bheep-huhoanory '''.."1
fttrenghtened by Publl8 " tl;at
our nex
gard it.
throughout the whole, d-sre. !
our next Legislature cannox. .
(Prom IT. V. Evening Post.)
The oid llsdn who has so long
been an inmate of the park Tias a his
tory. Some years, ago a dispatch
was received by Mr. Conklin that a
"bufralo"' had beeri seen .in lbwfr
Canada, having evidently wandered
from the fur west, and that, if aotne
one was rent to aasist in it.4 capture
it would, be 'presented to New York.
Mr. Conklin marted in person, and
after a few weeks. of 'genuine hunt
ing they discovered,, the "wanderer,
and he was tiuocesstully lassoed by
Mr. Conklin. He woti d no,t be led,
and .it last the huge creature was
thrown to the ground and tied and
dragged upon a sled to the nearest
railway and rapidly wheeled to its
present quarters,'
. Iii and about hi caite a famiH ot
chickens ha ve taken, up their abode.
and the ros;ing:plaoe is a large
.beam about fifteen feet aWe the
floor and tar out- reyomi tne reacn
ot the "ordinary heri. The bison is
therefore, lisen ; as- a ladder. The
rQostter gener kllv starts hiHt, ,ai:d
atjer three jol? f"Ur .'' scrambling at
tempts .'obtains a foothold jipot the
back id' his" bi friend ; the hens
soon follow, ami five .r six are at
last upon 'bin .back 'throwing out
their wings and legs in desperate en
deavors to kefp time to his ungainly
movement h. This curious. scene of: en
lftiits an "iiour betWre ail Jlhe- chickens
reach the tooflt.
, In the buildir.-; west ot the arsenal
a hugeJ i himcoros tindx a'j home
anr ..camels,', saored oxen and
ostriches. .""He is a tetv.cious brute,
the !aiiret ever brought to this
country, snd weighs itntre tlian-Wn
thouind pounds. -.When taken to
the park'tie'Vas saf"J V pacl.vrd in one.
ol 'he relendent rcarriages that, be
long to the oil cuS. "The team w'a
backed.. up .t the en t ranee,1 and J lTe
house xdeared-' of spectators. 1 L a
in hi ad tirt.f Hnd .nsecpidm !y l' t
to - bac ot:t ; f?!''s v.:' re. ;-.'id
tVoln'-. th? Var UU .t he'' g ': nl. 'i he
very fond ;v;o..!-l.'il. i t-.1 .in . ix-
lllSed." ' Cnf'Tl'.e 'o1rj s.V:f .'w;-.t-v.i :i. i'tt.
and (ne w:i.' ;.er i -'''''d hj f.;nd
ur jimi Si f bandK iiu ; ;w .,l .. l tie
hint. va raken, a? d. s; iy.' is
feet 'came out upo the boar. is, !rn
the w As n; ty 1'ie t eri
:b..,iv:i!i,l i. ouu :s or . ss i e. Awl i'.is.t
;-.ft-n t-aim, .aim
. : 't- t ti ? tisiK
- . ' . - .V ... .
h.: t, ...'. i
sn'oitiii' .ami; t 5 1 -
nvuiii- g ;sf vV:Sv ;
fiie- lieat was , ; '. tfv .
men threw iii-'inseiye-.
wii'i'dows, ani tlu h- n
.i - i . . . .
j .1;
aLl-'ii'it ' he end t ; !.c -'.vi. iu?
a - iitic. tha'- made'- tl-evrur:vis
A 'crow-! h;id :iimh!v v.iii
th oAitsidc. and t h.nkiiiii tieu h
creature was coining 'lirongh, fl
poll no li. The. v Ui'? ceio li ,v -
did not attenip
5 ti.
charged .agaiij, (Ufiggo g four .o-r 'nyt
men 'after htm, ho .'
lv t:ik :t liold of. t l.i- , ; ;
th I'm ut in a o-?!l ir.
alof'r. .I'Var-i'..-ih. -t.c "
.ti'i ..';::rj.;.-;
.tti upset
ea'is , w vi f- ;ire; ti'icti, arid
tT'-n of lit)-! ;iities; wk ordered,'
fust bilVa .))iiceU-ii:io. hir
. a I -nf o:' 1xi-ad. t f .
a ces-i
and a
cage x
RICl'LT liAL iilIflCS.
T'eniiuaM i eporL' 'of , t hp '.) N p;t
York- PrJducb , rlxNiu;:- for. the
; past vtar. cm-s it ; - atnountj or ut-,
iLn, ..1fS,w.Ui;,:o:-m ihe ;, r
r-'Vir;li ,iu::1i
i t!M
'e.oi;nt-rv-: .
rf 1 S70
!- .';;!! a:, tne cio-
the t)t:i1'aetr'a'gL de't vLdj tf . eml
crops in 'this ootitty was 9 ,254.1T8 ;
In'ISTii the acreage, so used was G7,- j
831,70(),or an tour; ; "years !rice er-p is a failure tliei-e
d' 25,42,47 ' acres fin, other words,!' -. V-i , i
there we.cX HmdeVag
mot e t ban t wenjt y-tire iniiliops. ol
brv-onattali advancement' iold
yinu6 cereal crops Bt and in the fol
lowing propr.Vticfrjs : ' lieat.-. 2,762,
702 acres ; com! 49,033,364 acres ;
oats. 13,358,91)8 I acres ;rve, 1,40.8,-
374 acres; barley, l.6o,511 ..--atreyj
Iowa raises the !rgeH.t ci' jSl .
wheat, lilihois th:e largest of tfrii ;
and of oats,
liatiii' ry;-j nUJn
chief producer of bat ley. in adrti :
t,.1i i,..nnfi tin-. .onntrv.- nlr
187C.: yie.ded1 sl, 253,827,500 bushels
1 1 iv.-.v .-v - i -
of 'lndi:. c(x.n, valned a; $475,491,-:
d ?
Ion CVOI' ll.vl l,iu ait-n (IB-
v ,1ed a',1(1 the value of the crop was
e by"riv'T. j ii;(n ic - In lour years th'ej ; Ot m ubb- tnenibcrs of the two
people';o- thi4 (o' r. ve added houses .'ojf congress.; 239 arebiwvers,
t if "their "agfM-uStnrsji .domains an area 20 hvicns, 19 iaukers, 17 mer
greater than the ; entire J farming j ckaiiw, W. editors, 12 ,'iarmers and
lands of thy British Isles. ,T.he . va-; piamniKfr rnauulactui-ers; 5 officer
210 of 'rtatoes,i I24,27,UUU bush- genuine i;.u-j-pnai yuuniev unougn j ; vv.hy are -cats Jilce urx.ik.Ilfal sur4
els valued -Kt S83iS5l,390, and rover the-jsiatf n . &U Cardura. At i .geohs" Y Because thev ;ei6-'.llltxt&
s-nc year -there1 -Aven. 381,002.000 eeiv; w;itir popular dem-onstratioiia! j.lent8 v'-; ' .. . ' - r ' : r
imimds oi tobacco raised "from an of d:ght. t ven the colored pen-1 . ' . 1 : ' : '. ' . t
l:Tt 54047 acre,, and the. value ple,t -me places, have turned out I y . . ;wa,lierwon:a, ? I.o kiohI
. .coconQ ", : -.;.," t .licet him. At , one. tmi-n or 1. . 3 yc:ton in .w. .a: je-
- 11,677,250 acires were de- ore(
id the value of the crop was crj
229,444,600. jln short, the space
covered - by the I crops named; was
133,163,106 acres, and the total ! val-
ne 0f the nroduct was tl. 577.499.054.
rmruit. mnviii&r incident, illuatra-
bt the extraordinary ; atrungth,
as well as attachment, ol tneray
horse, i given by Lamartin?, n his
beautiful travels iu the East. . '
An Arab chief, with his tribe, had
aitaoked in the nigh; a caravan . ot
Damascus and plundered it. Vy hen
loaded with the spoils, Jiowever, the
robbers were nvertawn- in their re-,
turn by sotne horsemen - of the pa
sha of Acre, who killed rve:ra: and,
bound the remainder with coids. Iu
this stated of bondage they? br-.u-hi
one of the juisoneis, i.a.ue l Abon
el Marek, to Acre, ami bun,
bound baud and f ot, wountiod ns
he was, at the entrance of thy. tent,
tliLv slpnt at liiht.
Kept awake by the pain of h.;
wounds, the Atab heard "uis y. vxe s
neigh at a iitti'e dita;i.:e, .and; UtUg
desirous to atrjke tr the 'list time
the coml'an.on of h s i te dnvgged
himself ui, bound as he was. To his
horse, whi-h: was picketed at a short
distance. V
," Toor Iriend,' said" he, " what
will you do among the Turks t You
wiil. bo, shut up uuiler the roof of a
khauj with the. horses of the pasha or
an agat !'No longer wil. tHe women
an I 'Children of the lent, bring your
barle'v, camels' mil k 'or dourra in the
hollo'w of their hands; no lougor
wdl you gal..op, free as the X wind ot"
Egypt, in the desert ; no h.nger will
ym cleave with your b(soni the wa
ters of the Ji dan, which cbol your
sides, as pure as the trd,iii n'
lips. It I am to 1 a slave, attesisf
you. may gi- tree. Go, return to our
icnt to h.eii Marek wiil .return n l
,njore., bui put -your' head; still m the
fo.ds ol the teui aiid lick the hah4.;
"of my children "!
.Wiiir these I words, as . his hands
wei c .tiudUu u.eliii with . his -teet h
ttie iette-s vvh'icli he"hl the courser
bound, a' id sot linn at liberty. But
tin; iiol)it; animal, on ',
lr d.Mii, instead of bounding, a vay
to i he! .Tese'i i ticni over " its iiiayiei
anl; rntu ,l1 letters and on iiie
'.I! OUill
(to ; ti.s CiOl ties' ireiiLiv .li
iHi'ti'eUij iii'cd. him- up. 'and
.set nt
at uu':p.'e'a towar.i
oui eer' re..; n.:-i",: ne
liou.e. ii n
iniie for iie
Ltit .V'tiil iill'iWil
tenl iu tn-j
uioiin.'aiiiN ol
Arabia. He ai i ive-i
- i.ete ill .sale.y", anil -aid. his mas-.,
sare .io . u . at . ifie 1 1 . oi ins .
1 1 . . . i
dr. ij
d ...' u.l dea.i.. n '.aL:i
. i . . t
L til'H'?.
'1 ;. c :' ii'V
t ,-
.; v.o
in i on .o.
I ' V.'IS.
n.sio y
Hack U
' i - ' -
IvWjll'g ot Ui-.ol,
nave eo
tlSOO- JiJUilLliOi;.:.,
ifit iiationai -capitc! i.iiiibe.
, i! l.'iziite.d
an Vxoense ol 400 a iHobt. ' i
V This liiiyUthtUe-Pl'vilad-.ev phi.-V- ?ho.
will tufa outiSljCOjOOO in siive)?.
jcmmibnr- of agriculture
for Georgia Ua'ieislaliished. '- raete-
il sta' Thomasville.
mi' t
Ga. vest on, . f exa,
taid ud.e the longe and b:aaeA
iii" the, yorl
U'llL'tti. ., :! "
.s t'.vcn-ty-nve r.iii;j3 iii
to ho.' i.-coVI :.Ta 'rJ: Con
;u - - , ..... -
'.federate: .uemetuy . ki.Y :scno?ter,
:'e ruer.ry - v.;
X. hae been caa.t ; af a : foundry '.in
that city. -'' ' : i
yt; j8 pVopo?:d bv"he S'wi-"H C
nna Mgricultural soeiely '. o plant
j0AV co;i!;t islands in "wheat, as
ta v ' .
be a.can-
l dilute for re-elect iotr toi congress
-fudge AV illiautGetson as an inde-
vand 5' 8chobritflhtrK.
OT the sfVti0, K cii
Kethodist Epispai Chioch, Bho)
. .s . sh.,
irhU Wi
1 IIO f 1 M U IIUUII i - III 1 .
.... ..c. ' ' a omee tniriv-two f
wentv-two -.years Fishop !
riiitiiQii ni,i tw 'Vmiv l
j vera; nvo : iore bishops are !
trf b.ejijctea at t!.generaltcoiiter-1
whjch meet9 month in -'At-
, . - .-. .
, i.ii.i.i , -?
Go verier. Hamiion is making .a-
:;Ji"it RtdD.iP 1 in JiTi-n rt!.
oier " ; - r- 'fi- -- "..m
; cr, and d : -'Governor IIarn
j toj !, ou slay tove rn or
We's had
1 a etter time Btnce you k? made Gov-1
efor tbap we s had before ebc the j
! vf""
oi raiLroat
!t7i.atitr wvnWpd-the annnal
caution day in China, when cve
prisoners were decapitated.
does not represcqt tfte sum total ot
irioe! who huStir'the .caultnlj pen
J..ImvVh't thJvearl for ail-'.bur-
g!a; s and liighwaymeu arer
pdL onrof .the Wy, -'x-he ordinary
femals only af preserved UK tit&y.
itklli- appoitA;-. ol- blore
Th ordinary
) iv- i i i ; i hLi ce
i- i nere are some
hH f:urio'is c.i ;tftr?s
inrc !U:fH;tuti
ith thtMii .Mr citTion.
:Viu: - iiisht before
th'es? nuiiAppy
mleu'Ar'e bfouht, ..n't to. di a regu
joilification take- place wituiu
tlj;j gloomy precinct k ot the prison.
The (loomed- nien .are loosed from
their Chains, anil have a feast spread
before them, with as much wine and
meat, etc., as they desire The feast
ing goes on all through the night,
and it is not tmtil the time) of the
starting ' of the " procession draws
near that the. shackles are put on.;.;.
JA theappo'tnted hour each crim
inal is' put into a cart frotni which
th.' cushions and the clOth covering
have been removed, so that tbe un
happy 'man looks as if he were in a
.4ir on w heels. .iHin appearance
l-it bowi'ver he niav-.haVe
far 2d iliiring thev previous; nitlht,
his;general prison fare ha.- not been
over-abundant. - The road irom the
Hsing-pu to the execution ground is
throtlgh lire .Swen-chilimeti.. Through
tlpis gat c th'i emperoi' never passes.
Frojn the gat w to the ground the
jlismnceis . abaui tw thinls ; of a
lOileTAlmut midway there jis.'a wine
stop, which1 for the iat i wo Tmnd-
.1.1, t oo iq iifl snunlu'iKt be criminals
with as much spirit, as nhey liked to
ih-itik ; so that the tst of f-hem :aie
iii a state of .rntovioa?:oti when ;the;
Ut..1 iVt..mi.tit. -ii rives. The tr' ouiid
was called the V ve,'.e?alie market."
It is a larire port ! H t;e eaft and
west sircr-t if t lie C.i.nea;.city. 'j
One v. ry Vk' ,n -te- ;i tha
;H ' lie nievr -
;. burae-i tty. the jempe-
cm th aiiaK ot . hraven at" tne
vioireV. ois'-ice.: Iu-"t? .I'huj snppo:-er"i
ol iTlfoTinl. heaven.-, of. the manner in
.-w!n-'"'-h- hoi has useil its deieaied , au-
v,v , ' ' ' " "; !
I ' 1 e - . '
c4':oe is o
J 'arr,ef-;;-j.rji'e-ised
otDtsmar on
::il&.tnid in I.a
I. -r : - I ., i , -',
. ll is .:e!(:At-.l. that.-: the
liv-iidonjiii'S'J'),''.' inhab.tan.
' "A. , D riji in "'dr'ero.T 'f -:iys. "falsi cases.
oi',3:.d)SLi;f'k-4. can rot! ba
. v., :Wa:h. J;
i 1
:i l-j rs,.
f Oatiarj
if SjbI
j jpoi'tvi. '
!. -. . v!. ;
M;tl(?v i I -sa'.V, 'of b .;:': r-
roce;) - is o-a-i,' :.m-.i nit:f- v .ri w.
! ' ' ! ' ! .
Thtr' Czar of Kussia is- pa t.v'
. '. ' ' pine'
i n-t.' a a li'i'iH'-,
. o- a ; " : : ' - ' -
.r , : - . . ' -.tti'..iicx.'sytjr.-
m . . '.- ' 'Tv'
t-if'n.tiie Ujrt Vi , .'": jr;'.-'. . th- -ojjslii-ouc'.'';:
!. . ;;-i
-;;:-;' ' ; 'v ;v io';i -
..! : !..-....:. I ,,ur..i -: . ft ; fiiioSfe
ri a: -ri !.! l.ltit.". . . " - -J
au:!n r t;:.-' vear anu ot
i if
1 ' - i ! 4 -
.. , ' i
!C U
'tlie4il1'il','--t-bi'andy, and;- "dj-ink
S It
large ( oaii ti tie;. 'liiixedi' with ( hot
water .'and 'sugar
What game',. does .r. lady's1 bust
resemble f
When are carpenters akd circun
stanceg V. Vhen they alter cases.
t Why is the figure of your motd
ef like a grain of iye V iiecausc-U
(jranl'jorm. ; ' - . j ,j
i What is that which has get f?)
ap t nans, bat; no legs, to- ''"r
. - o.
j .w.ny is a nig tne in- f i -prov..aen
- of A'limaisy .liecaus'e ;:e savaVii' r:.r a .fcipa-rcib. or -two 'i .ut b-n.'
What is the bixX
T) . v i . i0coido-v( Or Vl
p? in tu-. ..!.. a iocoinox -ut.e fiet$
iip forh'js,.' and "-the
iota ,
i '
'do fid
What is t;: difierence vccn a:'
railroad conduct
etor and; :i V:"iJ coid yj;
s fitopp, and the otheri
One knows the ft' on
etoim th -
a . . jK- . 1
ciUTTL air c
. ! '
Kate's of. subacrip'dan i-TUn-; i.uw
1.50, virbb i: iCiw
tSTAny person, who rfill i.d-ttt
-early subscribers g.?sompj J.a
'I';'.'- -1 - Ii . i -.- !-
ths cAsn. will receive as or iu '
' s .
redzer, o
ae "yeaLr, fre. ,
Kftles of
i.lvert:!u : 0?..-,s-i'iirt.
- Insertion, $i.
Lali soJH1!-!. Lv-Ii
. .. -' " .1
v '. -.',.' ;!.:.V
. 0 cents.
ST5pecal contracts riid-;' for Ixr
E'l 'K
i -Si . . k
A. .-ii.i-rir and keep up wliif ,
r I;
' t;
voursc'.f, ''and k'-'I
. ! - - i
;ei.hbor. V
I r.;r to rs!rti
1 1. .
- '
r. .
r :
. l.y.
ill rhsi-
: If
' i.
. O'f -
I :
. t
;i ' i
,1.-1 :
ia'.cql the ifiodj
'.-If yoiiN$nt 1
2 ijft iii; V,
i .-' ' : ' V
v.i the Iedgci
bi.boa.V., Advjilir.-.d
Lit v wiiore t
a .bur
p.tid (titetipest goods, - takje tlie
if you M-'dut.' t6 ra.t the news trm aq
Ike Liispr'A
all rirtsoi the world
ir ytfi
5 J U
witr.t tio ) k,:i
v to hntl
your ciiildrs to! first
the Lodger.
i 4
I v
If -'you
to? nave- a
lie I.-i-J 'r. '
-.' - t.
if yrTu
want" -Tui' ehilirrfa
o .eir.i
to.rcu.; t:.x.
If youw'.;
0 k.::-'
' 1 :
-, 1 L
i Ilii: or :r,;le
i '
If voi
v. a:it !.: know v:iD ac
big,' take' the"' I.odg?::
If vou
waut tio '.La.v
.s .:e ai
It'i thn 1
in:i :s
. -
ic-t every mrrchiir.t sxlvcrt'i-e. if.,
. ; j: --vl- ; ' ' i'
. ' i. .'-(
' . 1 I ,
every c.ti
ill! fc v
i r
' .i
-" y

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