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tisenrents. ' :
Advertisement.; shotdtl be dent in y
-Thursday before eaen lay ot issue.
l'.V AliltrK C. MCKKKVKir.
)1k nilrt of a IMessed inohiin ! '
Vlu-n the noor man's work is o'eiv ,
AVheii through the blinding snow-drlils
..lie sees the oneu door
Of the little eotlui tfie.meadow,;
Or a room in ii'diny stleet, . i ,
VV'here fancy softly pictures" -
.. The -faces of cliildren sweet ; .
A iid aiiot Iwr ever waiting j.
With a world of loving light ;
In her gentle eyes that speakem,' ' i
i . Jler hanpy j-Saturda-'iNightL"; ; .';
Oh. night of a (blessed mprnlng !
When the weary workUs done, , ; .
When we kuok at the door of welcome
Beyond the 'setting sun, .
Vheli the bark of life has lloated,'
)ef the troiibled sea ai'id tide,
..And gently gliding onward
It ne irs theVther side :
To the harbor there in waiting
With its star of hope iuid Iiglit,
That guides the wearv traveller'
To Ids filial '-Saturday Night'
k . oil, ;
t , . -
f ' i er. si
- "X :
j;Y f.IEUT. CTIAS. 1. 31-
L'j.S. X.
"If yoiijCatoJ ith the fuiink iantics
ytiiL are always -cuuiir up, can
a -laugh onto, poor Aliss Zibah
s hand
some counlenanee, I don't knbtt who
Thus spoke Tlarrv GrimeJ
mait on boat d tlie good ship Caipit ol,
tben in lite latitiute ot ttieritlrr lu
Plata, on jier ihssaire from Sau'Fran
cisco to JJoston, to ,Cato Con 4CS tkv
colored cook of said ship, lib, 'an?
swering said : : ;. ;
' , "I has tried hard tobrouir
id some
oxpressibn ob la ft on dat ai
JatlVfS countenance, uat s a
w .
tain'-, bui
she seein's loihav Lfoiie clai
it. i s e sunj hviiui", and
and nigger songs,
to lJoston ' on e (de violinnliiin til
nv armr"ncfi(rl, d;t:cel J nnn
varus other lerjtsichoriums
ill my
legs ached, rose- do debble ' g
nil my heart ached, ami all lor
" lioa't say that,'Cato,T' a
a i SjWe et
(irimcs, ' ' for vour good
latkir and
C 1 -I
company alive the whMle p:isage.,J
curious anucs nave ; Kent iup siiin
'. . 1 S .1 ,
K-tccnt 3llss
Cato, musingly. -
And slics at least alive ob-
served Grimes.
i i
" And dat's about all." responded
Cato. .If 'pears to, me liVe I can see
her arowin' thinner and thinner eb
cry tlay. Besides all dat, toou; she
nebber smiles. Dat's do vlistest
sign oV All. Make a sulky nigger
! smile, ami you'll be surehe'il iiebler
spile ; but if you can't do dat ar,
he's a gone nigger, shuah,"
That's a curious comparison,,
anyway," observe! Grimesr ;
" eberdeless,n' rejoinipd Cato,
"its de best I'se cot to oiler.
W-w-wliat lo you think is de cHise
ob Miss Zillah's 'fliction, Ilarry 4
. ' It hi ay be lote," replied the hofi-
gona migityt don't say iW, bcUl
it Jaf s, cb? case, de young lady may
as well Tie and gib it up at once." 1 '
" Nobody "ever say'sdie, so'long as
there's, a shot left in the Jocker," re
turned Grimes. , ' ;
"Tab, but if Miss gillali is dyin' of
lub dere can t be any'shot left m - de
locker," answered Cato. '
-'" I tow do you know that ?V 4 , '
"Uekase I hab in my mind's 'eye,
a case in pint," replied our sable
friend.. :" Dar was once a ;yaller gal
ob my acquaitance who fellrin lub
wid a . gembliim black as ? a char-
coaled midnight. His face!" was so
black it shone, as de sun would shine,
if it was covered 'wid a coat of black
varnh.0: , : ". " . - 1 .
" What was the color of the young
lady's face ?" inquired Grjmes. .
I " Yalle'r as de best quality ob, siv
Sar house' rnblasses," ansSvered Cato.
il"u sue luoueu uat nigger io. ex
; faction, shun?: But alassitm ) as de
, loit says, he was a gay . decciber.'
1Ie purtended to lub dat yallcr gal,
w6re on his- hands and knees , he'd
marry her, and: den rmroft wid; and
rtt 8iHced to ; wo.nch blacker it
jil.Ie than he was. Den Idc' yaU
g:d went out into her
jar", tijis i,er8;eit to a pitch
Jlt ir;i4U,-to a pitch fork, b
fork I
bait, a hay
aihljljetl Iafnentetl by
all hcr
vJ.'5,,s' and detested by all her rela
,nYd H.ury,; with an oath unmen
mni'i 1.1. . t
dollar, r " .7 " ".- ..-,- y: v vV-iVUI' rTSA 'VW'VtW '7 V
; : " CI1J A.bK L
"why not?" responded Cat o,- to
tally unabashed," either by Harry's
oath pr question, " am t. black fTilks:
and valler folks jest "as liable to lub
as -white' folks- eli ? .' Go way, bahl-
face and don't .talk to dis chile anv
''Yon know
pist as much eon-
cernin' love," said Ilarry, "as I , do;
which, is justjiiothing at all ; so' let's
talk of Something else. What do
you' think- of the weather ?"
',Po-wedder in 4js .purticular laf
umtiide," answered' Cato, " is bery;
unsartain. Sometimes, when Jt's
calm as a stopped clock, and . dar
aiiVti single cloud to be seeis' ih de
hebbens abjtili,1 'cept a little speck
no. bigger dan a man's hand, dat ar
same little speck will grow in live
minutes Unto a hebby squall, and
dere' a gale o 6 win, aiul, de
debble to pay, ginrally., Jljht de gale
most always subsides as quick as it
comes on,an eberyting is all' quiet
and calm agin, as ebber, and ;
"Sail 6 !" shouted 1 tie lookout
from the main top-gallai t-head.
This announcemeiit not only
brought Calo's, speculations on the
weather to ani abrupt termination,
but it also sept Grimes 'to', his duty
on the t recastle, and brought from-
the- cabin, Captain Clark, and .a
young ladyj Avhose aven' tresses ol
glossy silken hair contrasted strange
ly with the fiery glitter pf her spark-.
ling.eyes, and the death-iike pallor
of her handsome countenance: '.
As he inquiieil of the lookout
what the strange sail -was, that in
dispensable personage answered the
cintaih thus: - - r-
Four points of the lee bow, sir:"
. :On hearing this, the young la ly
jirevlously referred to,' addressing
the captain, said : . .
" Will you speak to the stranger,
sir?" " - ;
" I would like, to do so, but hardlv
jthink I shall be- able," - answered
;Captain Clark'. , '
Why so inquired the! maiden,;
somewhat limidl v.
JJecause, siic'i's such a !lnr dis-
tanco off, that L fear it will Jje - tiark
bef rj we ean come up with her,'"
aid the captain in reply, i " -IIowcv-
vr,.I will liave the ship kept off, and
ry to get p.earenoAign to signalize
her, If nothing more. , j. . !
, A ccoj d i i.i g lo o i d e rs. i : m n e d i a t el y
'1 ft 1 l' -.-! ! I 1Wlllll ' iltO llHl wliicli
.icrc!ofui; had been steering. - full
uid by. was kept off.3 ne.-i.rl v before
!ihe wind, which Had been-freshening
tor some time ;aml ! now seeineil
threatening to rUe .'magnitude, to
a heavy gale. . K .
jln consequence- , of this, the ship
did not run far upon her last named
course, ere it" was found -imperatively
.necessary to heave her tr, and put
tier under easy sail at once.1 J3y the
time' this .was done, it had become
very, dark -indeed, and' all hopes ' of
speaking with her, or ever seeing the
, . 1
stranger snip again, were at an enu.
A short time aftti wards, when the
young lady before i referred lo Zil
lah St.' Clare, by namewas comforr
tably seated in the ship's cabin, look
ing over a friendly book, but not
reading at all, Catain Clark came
down iuto the cabin from the, upper
ixMil:.aud seating himself near the
pale-faced 'maiden, rsaui ; r-
l Thus far,, during the passage
from California, -Miss St. Clare,, 1
have looked npoii what seemed to
me the gradual, fading of your health,
with deep regret. And the i appa
rent loneliness of your situation here,
I have deeply commiserated also,
Being an obi pan, having daughters
nearly your own age, yon will
cusG iiiv askincr a a ?T
u A sort of explanation," inter
posed Zillab; with a transient smile.
"Oh yes, sir ; and as the explanation
of my prcseut situation is very brief
and simple, I shall gladly place it at
your disposal. ' ' j-.
" I am a; native ot Boston. My
fathetJwas a wealthy merchant -of
that well known city, and in propor-
tion to
weaUb so was Ins family
I b tea me
All ice jtais uq '?
icquainted with Walter ,Elvell, an
honest and resjiectable young inan,
with whom, foolishly, as my fat her
said, but wisqly, as Ithought, I soon
fell deep in Uve." ' ' 4
I" Which he returneeT, -of course,"
Interposed Captain Clark.
" Most fervently,' responded Miss
St. Clare.. u And withoiit scruple or
delav, he told my father so. On he-
! in asked about his wealth, as to
what sum he could settle j upon me
in the event of our marriage, Walter
replied, 4 not much; except a loving
lieart and a, willing hand ly re
...,.t,..l fytlwr then answered in ef-
feet, that ft wouldn't do
eitlicr- lor
that until
11 1 LL, N". C, SATURDA Y,
dollars ujion me, his addresses must
)ht on any . prelsxt whatever be .re-..
Mimed. . ;' '.; . . .. .
; ' B.iwing io this harsh decision
wii h all t he firmness he could pos
sibly comuiainl, Walter, look "a pain-
tul lcax e l tuc, ami a week after
wards saiKd for Cal dwr'nia, with t he
Ajinguiiie hopes ot realizing a fortune
ih the slorte'st possible time. .
: " A veai; elapsed, iluriug which
Walter informed me by letter licit
he ihad done well, even- better than
hejexpecfed at tbe start. Before an
other twelvemonth pssscd, my poor
father-dled of apoplexy, and r was
suddenly left an heiress, free tot hi nkl
decide, and act tor myself alone.
Hearing, v soon after this thaJf
Walter was lying sick in a:- hosita(
at San .Francisco, :I resolved at onctj
to go there "and jninU'er to his needs;
as best I might .be. able.. Actuated
by tins desire I went., and in .due
time safely arrived at tire. ' liohleu
Canital,' onlv to hear that . Walter
hail recovered trohi hi ilnessf long
before, aud.gone to ' l'uget Sound in
Oregon, on returning from Whichi
the vessel he was in, foumlered, and;
all her company ' were supposed- to)
have jx nslictl bi the sea. Then,
heart-broken, .friendless' ami alone, I
took passage in younsli:p tor home,
and here, just as yoi see me now,
lia e been ever sin-.-e,'' . , ' f
'T'Vour case is in Iced a b ird om-;!
sa:d the bluff. bit! ciptain,'as, "at'l.hc
conclusion of her' si ihj tie , story, Zil
lair burst into a tlo Xl at' t ears; bii:
recollect, dear ' tliat. 'there is a
God in heaven who relieves and ot
ten cures all . sorrow 'tis al
ways darkest just before day, and a
glorious isunslune ' w 1 1 follow even
the heaviest storm. " .
Vs he vent o. deck, a moment af
tei wa ds, Qaptaih vC!ark was not
surprised, tbj tin I that du inJ: his al
sence the win I had increased almost
tosa 'perfect 'gale,' whilst, ihe rain fell
hi i orients, and the ira'.lant, shin wa
j hove to; -under close reefed lopsaris.
i ''Ti) wards laliglit next nioniinix.
j the f rain ceased lalliiiLr. tin1 wind
! lulled a'most as suddenly as it 'had
bet" i
e risei nil
wi-f set u pon
the galjaul sliin",- she went. Inrwdinir
off o'vcX a heavy sea atlthe rale ot ten
'miles iter -.hour.
1. - 1
t Soon 7 afi or daylight - had fully
dawned upon the a';r and sea, a inae
w ho happened to! v at work ;)u liie
.ship's main-tojigallant-yard, e.vclaim-
1i ; . ' . . -V.
i -
'iThere's a man in the water rightl
ahead, waving siunethiiiii w hjtelfiouv
w hat looks to" bea piece of a wreck!"
On looking at ! this start ling oljjectH
through- his 'glass,." Cap am. Clark im
uicdiatelv "discovered not. jnore than
two ship's; leiigiiiV ahead, a man
hanging vith one hand lo what ap
peared to be a hei coop.p hilst with
the other,; he frantically waved a
large white handkerchief towards
the approaching , slup. ,
! At the same moment lie also ob
served that the glorious .sun Was lust'
then rising, clear and bright, above
the ..distant horizon. :' 5. .
Yf In less tlialn ten ininutos after this,
the 'shit)- wrecked stranger was res-
cued fiomdiis perilous situation, and
stood in safety on the Capitol
deck. ' i I r . ; I. -
s main-1
, t'iv-aj:ji-s.
1. , 1
Zillah : St.
tUtare came out 01 nju u.hmm, ft,.
he tinst sight of the rescued man,
stopped short, then staggered for
ward, murmuring : '
u Can it be-is it indeed my '' ;
It is indeed and ."in trulh,'!'tir
rupteil the stranger, as he sprang
forAvanland caught the trembling
maidenf in his arms, " vour foml,faJ-
I V , inn'ii ll'rvi't.'l I I? '
Very easily ami simpiy nu
plained next day, that(instead of" re
turning from Fu get Sound to Sad
- r- 1 1 . " 1 . , r
-..-' - ------ f t 1
Francisco he took, passage in anotueiil
vessel bound direct to ISoston that
the ship in question sprang a leak
soon after she f passed Caje Horn,
and that tlie lak gradually increased
until she was, overtaken by the. storm
of the previous night, ' when in .less
than-an hours .-time she, foundered,
and became a total Wreck. V
Zillah St Clare that was, ts Mrs.f
Ehvell now, and sinco- her happv
marriage, lias more man once ouci;
called upon to realize the fact, that i
..'.n- Mii.!i..n Iia niu-ava KllfP t.c.
-. 1 . T I .1 r .1
glOIlOllS miming 10, jMihuju .....v ,
come after the darkest midnight an
the heaviest storm
i Uk I) 1 f.d Satisfied." I shouh
like to live to draw twyo breaths attei
I am acquitted, and thenT would die
satisfied' said John Sniart , of Burnet
mint.v. Texas, 'who had Iain in i iai
nenrlv a 'year on 'a charge of murderlpense of running this yastj and
and was brought into . court on uphcated raacJiuiery tor the year in
couch,Mck. At 11 o'clock, the ver4qtiestioiis amounted to $,40,324,-
lict. ''not gtiiltv was brougnt i,,.cxcecumg incrcccipis oy uic sum
-. .
jl uc jztitqiurcr, 01 inciun.aii, puo-
lishes Utails of the inovemeiils and
plans of an armed force oi ooinmuh-1
ists in that city.;. CVuciunati has 70I"!
tate b!c6me.;the ijieathpiarten-s of aJ.
so-called socialistic labir party, the
Secretary of the ::atiouai oigaiuz;i-
jtioui having g iie ' there some time
since, and recent ly followed by the
'lisufer, preparations are noAv
inakin for the publication ot a na
. tioual jorgau. 'i He party has "o,U0U
men enrolled in: Cincinnati, and
(iarge ijiiihbers of them are va ready
organized into miliiaryconipaines,
X. 1 : l.( -. ' ' . 1 . 1 '.. ' - .
wnicn; meet . sccreiiy. vrms .are
supplied; to llieni as rapidly as-jios-sibie.
j Theie is also sahl to be a
hlrge ornanizatin known as IvtiiLirhts
of Labor arming and-drilling. S'u'ne
il these have made attempts 10 gel
possession , of Stale a nis. Ipe
Kniirhts of Labor say lrttle of their
is ,ihe
biff it is lunlerstood.' that it
saine as that avowed by all
communists,-. -Tl
ie police nre.siirnng
in the
matter, and are 'drilling
aJ Gatliiigi gun; land making
preparations. The military are fully
cognizant ot the state of ;itlairs, and
are juepared for an outbreak, which
they tully expectj' will come. The
communists could muslerj w ith the
rabble .whjcli- would join them, f,0'J()
men. 'It is not known if any time , is
fixed for an oidbreak. . -
When the JJomans dine to Brit
ain to live, many-hundred years ago,
tl-.ev brb light, Of. course, their own
customs and festivals,' am pg which
was one in memory of -Flora, the
Goddess of Flowers. The heathen
our ancestors,' you know- adopted
them'-with delight in the childhood
of their race. They became very
popular; and when, some years la
ter, a .good priest, Gregory, came
(from Ttom'ci. also) to convert- the na
tives he Wise'y took advantage of
their fondness for festivals, and not
trving to suppress them, he sinfcpiy
them from heathen
m games, bLSifl)stitufing the
names bl saiids anil mart vi s for heat
then gods and. goddesses: Thus the
Floialia became May-day "cel.ebra1
lion, aiiil lost none of its popularity,
by .the; change. On the 'contrary, it
was cafried on all over England tor
agess-, till its origin w ould' have been
lost luit for a few ;pains-taking old
writers!, who " made notes " of eye
r thing. . - ' - . v
The.ijFIoraiia we care nothing for,
but the May-day games have lasted
nearly to, our day, "and some relics
of it survive in our young country.
When you crown ja May queii. ' pr
go with a JNIay party, you are sim
I I y .toll o w i ng a c ust (Tin t hat 1 1) e J 16
nians began,ahd that pur remote an "
cestorsin England carried io "such-
lengths, that iiot only ordinayj peo-
j pie",, but lbids and; ladies, and; even
j king aiid quetn laid. aside their state
I flllVl II VIU II ' ...w
I'hio ruing, to wash their daces in May.
j;lcw, ami brmp home fresh boughs
im u'imf "' n ivunr " oav v in Imp
! which! reared its flowery" crown in
vil lage.-x. 2f icf tolas.-
tlTI I , .I
w natever tne government may
have achieved or left undone in othei
departments,, the people have de
Hianded all the time increased iacili
ties and 'cheaper postagei This de
tnand i has been responded to frorn
ime to time, until now the dissenii-
hationi of intelligence by mail" is all-
pervading and almost as
cheap a the
jight of heaven. Ivor" the year end-
nig o Miic ov, 101 1 , iiici c were 111 tne
United States y,2oF public- mail
routesj aggregating in length (inclu
ding the short routes of mail messen
gers) moix than 800,000 miles,, with
an annual transportation of 150,000
000 miles, ebualinga daily transport
Ubn otlmore than 400,000 miles. . Of
these public routes 74,546 miles were
on railroads., 17,085 miles by steam
boats, and li00,5b9 ' roads where the
jnails Were carried by stages, wagons,
pii noie oacK or 1001 oacK.
immense work is mostly paid by pos:
tage: carrying; half ounce letters at
three cents each, newspapers at .'two;
cents a
cent' or
pound-, and other printed
or mercnamuse at a nan a
cetit or one cent an ounces 1 he'ex 1
!A:V V"--'.;; XATL
MAY 11- 1 8 7 l:
K ' u-:: ,': IAN A.
r Governor Nichol Is has ha:
inulirated ilu! MolK'tt Hciri.o.
fwhich, was 'passtMtnt: -"tbe.'ri-cje ;i.t-s
ting of' the Legislature The1 b
tax on
j y aces iu (jijaner ,oi a cent
every (irink, and '"it;- S tliought w'jll
vield a -revenue of o00H) amijU
tlly.- When it .was' passed h was
done 111 pre as an experiment than
anything else, it being belicS;e tlijn
;it w)uld wurk fa'vqrably, t.houih its
opponents said it would
1.1 ja
dollar to the revenues.
t -t - '. . '. ' -. '!," -. '
I in, niiei views wiin inon
vhis:key men they all stated U
correspon lent that they wouh
it in the courts to th.c biite
Thy have al ready formed ai
eiati'-n nir.r.ibering about live
ured inenibers, v bo Jiave enij
ill hi-
counsel, ami a bitter if .pit w
made. They also stated they Would
ijeyer subscribe another cenf
o- am
' . u
the Denjocratic party, whicii r
yie-oil ij that they w ill fjgh
partv in , the fntuf and liefp
. that
il at the. next election
. i . . . . -
.The. -first at1
iiunipL win . u& wia le to -prov
ej lh
U.Il unconstttutiona . bin
as lit hi
circiuiiy orawn up hy an evdudge
d' the Supreme Court, and jiasseij1
Jpon by a 1 1 hoi every 1 ca ling ' 1A w I
yje.r. in; the; LegisIaHire,1 it is nt bej
lieved this wdl.hbld. Gov. Xicholls
hVmself, after a , careful jiation,
believed it was f c'oustitutbniaJ, ,aud
heiicejhis signatiire V.3. JeiaUl
! :t '' '.' '- ''.-'.. ' - i:
S .... , , jj
i SciIOOf, C()M-.i KXC KM I N'T?v r-Wtl
cii p t h e f 0 1 1 o w ' i 1 1 g i t e 1 n s l i ( j n 1 ja? 1 e x 7
;.jM?. JJ., T. Gray, of Raleigh, del
liters lhe;address at 'the 'Commence!
ment .'at the 1 Greensboro; Female
College, and Rev. J.
rn 1
11, of
M'.uustmro, preacues the - sermon.
Tjl(ie exe'-cises will take place, on -Uic
20th and 80th Hnst. i H ' ; ' , :
IT. IJ 'P.imoir Fs,.! ' nf Rnlr-irrh
has-been felAfed; as the bibg aphc-h!
Ot the class; pf 1 A) at 1 riniyvCobj
hfge cotnmei cement, Jinn 12th ai.d
ne, c cs:ng exercises 01 uioson-
e Acaaemy take, place the'
24th of May. In addition to the
day exercises Mr. G.djam. Iralsha w,j
of' G r ec ii sbo ro , ': w i 1 1 d e l.i Vp r an ad -,'
dress.' At night there will be .some !
eiercises dialogue.-l, tableaux1 &tv .!
j The closing ex!crcises of ha Sa
lem Fethale 1 Academy; will 'take
place this .year, the latter part of
June. Just, one month later, than
the ehtertainmeftt of previousfycars.
Xlie Commencement i exercises of
Oak Fudge High School, Guilford
county; take place, on Tuesday, 4th
dav of June.
' IARlSATi -Gb-N3v On a distant
land in the' -Bay "of Hcngal, alcfcjotd
ing " to a German;' scientific journal,:
there is a phenonieiion known as the
Blr sal Gu 1.1,' which is,.often he'ard at
the beginning of a rainstorm, a.nd is
li.ife the sound of distant cannonading..
It seems to have no connection ; with
the season,and sometimes coinejs from
thl1. north, sometimes from the south
oil south west. A writer 'who- hjis col -leeted
somi data 5 bn.' the 'subject,
comes to theacomiIusin
comiIusin nhatt .thset
iMnijsjdieric ami -con-1
way with eleciricity.'i
i,rrxis lire afmo'sj
lifted some way with electricity, j
Ajtounst;dn Ins letters froni.the .villi-
ges of the Himalayas,, describes; ex-i
cceuiiiLMy powerini noises nearu in
t he early' morning, that can
be! 'ascribed to avalanches n r ex
lilained bv the natives. -"Above the
town of Koinibator. in Madras,
on an
eldvation of 40,000 feet, is a
from which, Lirivani river s
and w hich the natives carefully shun,
because trighttiil noises rise oiiit of it I
aivd roll aw'ay anioalg the lulls. Sonf 1
iiepiieiiouiona niay oe 01 cijeci nc, qonic reply. 1 fie door-keeper, im
ielof yolcaiiic nature. t j ; . mciliately dispatchel a page for 3Ir.- 1
7 (A; rKgged shivering middje-aged
mni;n called at a house in Detroit and
aslled for-ipod-; bn the lady of the
hoiise called out: .' j .; N
, f Vhy don't you .work for
food-V' - : I
.'II woul if I knew where I
could ;
timil wor-k'Jiediromptly-repl e
HThore's. a place down town Avdierej
voU' can rsawr wood.- anu earn
V" ! -r-
4 i . ,
dinner,'', she. continued.
That seemed to stick him for
half a
minute, but'he finally said, with
tcMadam let me state a parallel
case. There is ia lace ih llea'ven
for Hon, but you don t want to die
com-ltilMyou are driven right to it.
w - - - .. - -
She pondered'ovr his philosophy
for a few seconds and then 'called
pnfel to. the cook to rass half a loaf
? 11 p ' VVK K K Ii yJ le d g H it.
i - . 1 '
Kit; is furnifJioil
nie wei:kly:t.ei)(
ro suhsciuikmx at . oik
dolhir anditlttv
cents per Jtvpy per :fjiiiiuf invariably
in uuvniiee.
ix liioiiths, one dollaiH
iMeven p)pio."anc 4Ve:
1 wenty-two cojnCs, fliie" jearj; thirty
U i liars. ,
.uiiie! ail onifris t
I ill, N U -
YKAL. ' ; -l i-..s; :
Tiie IJuffalo XY.) Courier tells,
with cut ire serumsius o' a very v'y-
mar kable case ot nervous
that. city!. The facts! as
"It st at et
hem, are that the, iwelve-yeardd
daughter. ot a Mr. and Mis Wag'
inan 4iesi in an : -iinctnicioiw fctatcj-iti i .
their house, :md has si lain for over
a yeaiv during wliicli tiure she has la
keii no fd. The details iven're- 1
Ibctantly by", the,ypareiils, w bo , will .
iV.t " gratify ihc liuirbidly curioit.- - .
by iet i:lg them, see tl ie girl, are giv-1
eu by the, Courier a follows ; " The j i
iiarelits stated the little girl liad '
been extivmely studious, and had c)c
liibited biaiked piety iii her ''-inter- " ,
course .wii.h those about her. More: '.;L
than a ear ago last. Janiiarv'.flilie A
.c'oinpJainie I of great j ain in the hack' "
of her head anjl neck. This, was IbW
low cil bv the gradual loss iff th.v use -
dd he 1
limilis;. For thirc'e h urs eacd
'1- - 1 1"
iay,iurpig a peruut
hat timin', she lav in
of st weeks at
a tfrt cc.iand
it poll, cohii ig out of in
, wbiild talk of '
the Mieautilul land she had - enjoyed
h physician w as calleid.' in to attetid
llier wiieii the, jjb'st. .yiii).to'ns; weio'
manifested, but. after she began t
haye hei subsequent expe: ience, she
refused ito take any niedicitie. Tie
doctol' s'0011 afler carr c toTthc conr )
biilsion that he oitld do nothing fo
her in any event. Inj January. 177,
,onu day became unconscious; and .
ias re.maiae'l no ever since. It . is a
year ftgo jsince a particle of jiourish-"
inert has been admin teiered to her, ,
with flieVxceptio'n : of w;atery ice or .
cream, Three mqni li s sitico she be
gan to be 1 affected w"itjhwiat may bo
termed spasms,' iil thoiigh thete is no
evidence of pain or luifiering whorJ
they bccui;. -They orpine:1 011 every ).
alterna e hour antt-.las t jusi an hour.
At first lliey were very strong, but
of late nave, growi
mime? every
particiflar con-
day. 'When iiii this
ljl'OH she rocks tli at
borttoil of her
body extending fromlthe her
head to the waist, li'oitt side ;to m)&
ot tlie lounge iippu ;hich j she sits,
Th e m o tion . ca 11 be1 1 icst ' u nd e rstoo I
w hen it- is-, describeil as reminding
one- 'of . the action ot ai pdildulnm
when iff motion. Whicu 'passlyo
both hands lie,; care!css,lj , upoii her
breast ; when- Lhe; pasfn is on they .
are held up. . As! she rocks to . Uio .
kft, tiie left hand is carried - to -tho
forehead and the .right tails upon her
breat.In her reverse motion tho
left hand is parried pvej upon tho
right, ; arid in every, instance tbo
hands fall nnfailingly itpdn the eamo J
spot, neveiv varying apaticlc. Her
body is usually yei'v cold but dmnt
iilie spasius. it becomes clammy 'audi
feels like that of .a dekd pereoiK Tho
little girl adds tho reporter! wh
Isa'w- her) is- very pretty and when ly-
big quietj presents an inter,estihg ap-.
' pea i an ce I o o k i ng Ii c a;beautifiil
.chilj "enjoying a- peaceful shimber, '
Uvitlif the exceptioit that the ":- res)ira-;
i'ioiis are not as marked"f i '
. ii i . v. ! 1 r-"
s 1 . -t -I T-
ixl- xoirni
sCAHOLiXAi - .. .'
He lives in the ".Wdstei-ii district.'"
YesterUay ,he callel at, tlie House to
V (;n, Vii. ' ITckndestly com rti
municate his wisheWl the: door-V ' " " '" J
keener. 'Havo'vouh card mr . " '"'.' A
keeper. f ''Have you a card,' 8ir," Ho
g,:utHy growled.! "(Jards" he said
thoughtfully, .mechanically Tiuinin"'
t iif imim im lilt? uni uyuhtl Ul lll
b.Oilt. .''NlO SI!' T (1(111 t '"iri-u ''um ' I
'Y r " - . w j a. vh v .'-V- IT Villi
lU here are you from r' inrjuired tho i
d. k. Xorth Carolina," was the-ij
iromjjt answer. "W elh how do
they doj in Xorth . Carolina; when
a visiting T nvhy they v
ride up to a fellow's fence' and hol-
er to him to tie his
dog, and they
,rCts down and goes ih," was the la-
Vance. . slleoilnd that hi. suppbseI
Verdant brjnstituent 'lyid got th-o best
of a Hoi'ise dporkeepcr. "Yuhintj-
ton Cor lialeitjh Observer. ' : :
' - "l ' ' Y : ' I
Warm Batiiin-o The warm
I bath is a grand retiiedy, and will ofv
. tei. prevent the most virulent, disea
HesV A person who may be in fear-
! of havinir received infection of any
kind, should speedily plunge; into a,
warm oaiiiy suner perspiraiiou 10 cii
sue, and then rub d ry',j d ress securely I
to guarS iagainst taking! cold. If '
the system has imbibed , any infect- .
ious matter, it will certainly Ikj re
moved by, this process ijt it he re
sorted to before the I infection has
time to spread over lip system; cn I f
even if some tinie has
elapsed,. 1 ho ,
drenching fierspiration
induced hTlr ho( .bat li. p
that may bo
win; he iret-
ty remove it. -VamUif Her-
! J
( j
p 1
1 I
; t
A 1
xn, .lM ears polite,
M;1.'U,,0ctl,V,P-e the case
to M,ss Zillah'sr
A J .; -j
: ; -'- r
just men- him or his dangntei, ami
. he was able to settle ten
I '
I at lli o' clock the old mail died.lof $5395j4,7:i7,18.
of bread and some meat. . i
- I '" -i - -; --i : ' r:' -Y-' '-- : - X. - i'Kf:-- x,
(':. l-:;Y. :r;'. "'W -,'.'-,- ; 1 ; ,V.; rr :Y - YY-fX''-'.y.y'YY
-'-!,-..''.;-'' A ! :'". . :!"-; - , A; :;A- : A A :-:A :)? , " A1 " A,;A ; "
- l:rT' - : a .: -1 'r; xv:;.: v ; ;,; - " : . f-: - .; ;;-v.
iLrl-XF7T'Xt':U; YAY;A--Ai'Y'y AY:,: : ' : :'-S-ai 1a: -Ay , - t
!fi,.-3' "v.V ': , - U. - :.i. .-.. V. ' ,' - . '-' !' - 'k ii,- -rm. J .'-:.-. t,.

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