North Carolina Newspapers

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U E W KE ICL Y L K t G R .
TfXn contracts for mlveitisonuMits
.Ul bi mutle with Jos. A. I auu -
M:iii:i"rr umce on .v"-
' ' -
JnlXmloiH , Sunday e-c,.tc.l,
i.;?rlualiam'--Uity, .K a wei-k-;
at 8::- 1; M- j; A. MIC'KLK. I'. M.
.irstiulen are it mainin- in oiw
viW.: :i;,a inUM.a to tuke:irt in the
formal cll ? : ;
.. ' uititUlt.fri a :cliaxis
t o mil.- Wct of this ilace, ha. on ex-
iachi in tlu,
. U K will t-KWJKU t t.V
iuriuk the Normal ScImm.1 for iV cenls.
H mVu. that wc :.hca,ly .hrthecX.
vbsnatioa - WhW Is th:it ? ;
t' t t-i,toiil .Ines Watson. -M;
r . w it..-
' . VENTIOx.
.Kalkioii, X. C. June 13l8:s;-
Tin; convention is now in -.session,-
f with Hon. Jolm Manning, ot Chatliam,
as temixjraiy'Chairman.iUKl the Demo
cratic members ot'., the .SUie iness as
1 Secretaries. ' . , ,
Tlie Committee's ottCrevlentiaKs 1 vr
manent Organization V ami IMatfonhs
Iiave just been apnouitcl an I have -re-tiretl
tor business. ;
The sjiccch f Mr.,
ami was a i-omiuelK Hsivc review t; the
past work ot tlielMoeratit?l:'tyvvitlv
a strong enunciation t' tlie piui
that 'party, tor tlie Intuie. The address
waslomUy applaiuleil, and the rcfereinc
.l i. ,. ,.-,!. nln leal tv. of tlie soi& of
I UIVi ..... - "
Demoeracv, and the substantial reforms
that party have, organised, were greeted S
with storms of aj)plnnsc which rent the
building and showed that tlie trite sous
of North Carolina-are: awnko and ready
to buckle on their impenetrable armour
ofVight and justice wliich lias shone to
bright tor the past twelve years. v
Every county in .the State is pro
seutetl. withjhe excejUion of Ashe nd
one th'-r. Seven.1 rxies are pn ncnr.
We regret toVec miteh log-rdljing has
leen carried on.
Smith will be noiniinted'oi 1st ballot
for Chief Jivst Lee. aud probably by aechf-
mation. .
o: the sland, ' ami is mukin
He luis refer.eil t the depressed state
THE ' NOUMAX.- IMl'onrAis
V ; INFORM ATI- - ! !
- Tlie number of persons who have
applied for a'ul put of the funds lo
nated Dr. Sears,! added to. by the
ISoard f. Educationare HI, about
Urnmip resident Battle that among
others Rev. D Sears, Gov. Vance,
Senator Mcrrimon, ex-Senator .Gling
bianjRrof Kerr, Judge - Dick,! I lev.
Br. Rritchaid, Uev. Dr. Smithy l'rof.
Winston and Maj. lnghai have
conseuted to deliver leetures. The
limes of the delivery of these lectures
will be duly announced.
Wb are glad te learn. ihl umpeo
eii, as
40 ladies, and the rest male teachers
Tt 1, been iound ininossiblc to give
more than the 'necessary gravelling .-,0 v-XXKI viHage are determine!
expenses ol eaeh the oojccl oi iiiy
iioard being lo Pce thoeilt a dis:
tanee from Chapel Hill oh the sa ne
fooiinir with those iaie oca.
anvthihg usually kept in
-nisheil , ' . : v j ' - '(
xri CJ1 XxMr" Store,
call on . ; , ' v
tm r elsewhere.' '
V full supi)l v of the. nest, l resinu ug
Tim applicants are trom all pans joi
the State ; some as hti: west as CUy
county, ami '.as tar . east asi ram. ico.
i...:.i H itilo has hotilied them
that, rooms can be turnisneu lu-iu
students but not bedding, iree, and
recommtn Is that Who uesno
...,oit r.niirnv to bring thOnv own
UWWOitiu j - , - , - 1 1. 1
sheets, tc, and an '.empty.
which will be iiUed; here, .It - is .iifit.
designed that the ladies shall ocvu,)
rooms in -the: University omui.n,
but v6oms haVb been rented in the
village which -may be ocCup ed by
those ladies who may atesire to board
themselves. A .club ot ladies
4,.., ITnimi County have already
ii v .I. 1 r .
t .
Ak-xanuer. - xvow i .11- fartalrs in tlje ...untry ; the tyranny ot
, nrweek it.e , ding the Stale Con- , te guv.Mnmnt bver th ,kmM, e ot Uie
...ghtluM eKJ v !s,,uth; in lavor of intlatton ; against
en-aed rooms for thisj purpose
M? A. Mickle, the Bursal' ot the
UniVeisitvthas beeji appointed agent
wVrmiil school, and.will attend
. to pocufcing board and lodging foi l
invjtod thJku(leins. He liasfnade anauge
g aspeceh.; s have 3 Veieiverect,ed m
the, aud to p.rcure cioun.a
W Iltr the benelit ot the mrde
teachers who desire
i, N-oMlLiTH beginning to put i
trailed" rather rhv Sweral
r":Ahli wk. andthe irnlU,;-
rtJu are that everything in Chapel u..
,v ilf Je monopolized by them. '
u'lm have' sub-
1MV i I-. Vaities
H-ril-nl tu the liiaHu.must come
. . ii u. ilroiiiu'
jMriqv or mciruaiut- v iJiiriuK Vice-l'residents from each Congies- Normf
ifrulMtlUtal 1 The r,1rtItv,a-aloptcd. , or $11
i-t iiMKb ITTKJ.-Th- tollow- johs. lleiulersou and J. Kabm- prefer
. ! 4 1. . 1
sectionalism ; reviewetl tlie l reMuemuu
election'"" hist three terms ; D.-mocrats
must stand olid, Itudleals are going to
'pieces. ; .
.The Committee oh rcrmanent Organ
ization, reported : : . '
.. ! M I 1....
lVi.4dent II. Ii.-Short, oi i.ofmiuu.
Seeretarv-j; ! Cameron.
UiAut Secretarv--!:. M. Furnian
to have their
and lodging
own i?ookin: lo.ueJ
f'ninfl n?t able board
v.o-l.M.led at the hotel- and many
i....1in,; d.onses itor Sl.oO; .Dei
will costal little niore, ; (tO(m! tab e
board alone can be had;tor
and SU0 per month.! It wilt thus
k onoJdmt. those: who will firing
'their own bedding cr
ast vear, Xo make the time.; of the;
u ndents asr a Li-re cable as possibh ,
Tlie i-e need be'u iear of anyi flail lire
in accomodations . v lany of the reg
uha' University '.students.lmve given
Up their keys to r. Mickle allow-hi-'
the formal students to use their
;rX)oms ana ,in;iny .oiui. vi-v,
theirMViends who will attend the j
Xormal school the use ot their ji ooms;
bosides ' -hiattresses ' will bo sol
loaned or lien ted as called for. . ;
The Vi Jsident. of tlie Debating
Society last vear, Vi'ol A. D. Brooks,
. will bu- present and- re-organize, the
Socletv soon ,af,er me, openm
sch()t. . . i
Arr'i tucfunents have been;
bv which any student of the, school
can get books from the University
and Society libraries. , V
, There will be siiihciert acjtpmoua
tion for transportation $Vou Durham
to Chape) llUh ' ;
- Ttoiv OirrUi Deputy Marshal
Wilkern, of Dnrham, Ayas in town
Thursday 'serving warrants on par.iioi
;..: : .'i,yt;(M;i nV l-evotiue hwvK selVi iig
whisky in Chapel lliii wunom
,!.,;.,-' commeii6iuent .week, i
undei'tan I two distilleries were found
... ? ,r.;n. rr tms mace, noi
in r i i. y . iinvj - .
times Ahead lor some biidy.
VOAlPiv!" O '
LA.UrS.nnd 0"MnS iu; variety j :mi now vreparedogivc to my cash
Kl.Y Til A1S. rATlONEUJ. J buveip ?ait,d prompi K.ylng euitoiners,
rOHACCO, SNUFF and C1&AUS. tiling kept neat ami no trouble to bov
Ui;yy4vli?t wAi -, .ttiest stvtes of PK1NTS in .
s IUiUSIIES;&f , ty. ; liaiik-HUU only 7 ceptv - I J
.:. . t,i .:;;f..",.n sMvemonex TJiJKSS (iOJDS from 12 .1-2 to 'Mr
i;...'t.Mi'ii;i.. .if fliij ''iiiia.. :is thev sell a
low as anywhere hi the St tte. ,
T O T S O U I - V
; V n T EriMlUiUM!!
. j'r "J:. -.. ; . ; .. ... . , ,.r . -
rn if O M A S D U N ,S T O Nj
ven-s. ! , - , V
P V C l F I C ( ' 1 1 ET ) N N E i: cents.
;iJLEAUUEU MVSblXS hum tutu
1-2 cents, i
,12 1-2 ents. . ; L r ,k ,.L' .
UJSiI- 1 pi a'tii.
!as i irrKD til lit
J). A RJ1 E R . S A 1 Q O X
r i
PJ44 SlIEETLVt Mi-Un m'i
10 to 12 1-2 cents: ' 1 ' ; .
C()TTONAl)ESil noi i-z eem. u
CASSIM EIIES lVoilV tu $1(1. I
lOLT S (J ING1 .pis II. f -2" M 12 -aj
VjWe also
and will lo
in the
".."-' Trti '.-, . .1 tl1;-
most inhpiovetl i ie. .to
lo se his custiuners ' any
rittirauteas irood Wgrkr.-
Shaving, -r 1 - - ' - ,;l
Hair'Cuttlhg - - - "
Shampooing, .-' ' , . . j
T He Ikis iVboot-hlaek always in atlendj-
aneej (Jive him n call.
: api is-tf " ' 'S rl
COHALByup; Ef)6'iNas i i t
25 cents.- & : ;- i .
HUFFS o toJO tnts. - j ; I
COLLARS iinl CUFFS :;0itq(Kl c't.
tpnts per yard, f .''4.; . , x
Chats ranging fiJom-75 emits-to 15 .
Fauts from $1 to Vesf.1 tipm l
: L - r-k T
Xo hog or hogs can he penned wifhih
40 feet of the stroaf. j-..-: . J
X'.. 1.,-v.r nrJimrS l-'Mlf iKi'lCO ill IV
orlh'e i-ide-alk,.laud Titty cents tine fob
e ich oll'ence'witl be collected. To tak.i
eltect oil and after Monday, May 2tl,
Silk Necktie Bibb's '
I Sbiir Fronfsi ,Itibl
ERS FOR! S3. )
White iifid Fancy. Ir2 Jloso,
White &-Faney, Ol0V ,
.Suspenders. Cra il ;
jiwiiinor cattle in -the Corp
ite lhnits of Chapel Hill,!'a re i-equirell
tii..m nil kt niiitit. and jt tli'
be fxmmi at large on the strips -WiU he
t ike n up bv the T(wn Constable, and
jug h-tters J emal
lulled tor; ; j
f Jfonse, Suaiii
Jones, Mrs- IL, E
s W JlJiams. J. .31.
:ih ii the poslofihe un-
on csei.rtedfMiVShoit tothe stand, who
took liis seat 'rmid applause and pl-
.mIm1 to address the ( onveniion.
Mr Ceoi'ge WVliarb-e wonUrvsptH't
fullv iiothVUhelNprianlite.s Unit he can
(uxulAx ue ana romtortable l oo.ns Jo.
.1-Tlii-r,,oms neatly
,ruWed. table board can.d.o be Jad j
...-f,.,, or tift'een gentlemen, i
eded to aiwress.ine v oiMui.i.w... .v ,
Will report mo.e lully ntlweek. ... to pui-clmse, it is t us
1 cvvmii' iievefbeiore have such
This Convention for the purpose ot
noininatiuga Solicitor ot this Dtriet
met in Diiibaiu l.tst Tuesday, June llth.
Most of the delegate. were present
Cantain James- 'Oraham. was chosen
et-j Chairman, and tj;e jnembers of the dis-
orettinjr acco
Lr.i.A n'rboawiimr liotUes.i! As tuition
is entirely treeaiid books 'will p.
loaned all those who do nou fiesice
I apparent
never before hayesuch hnportautea,i
cational advantages I con tfeed
cheaply to the leaehe
In Addition to the y
above, who hav3 aj
'Hie newlv married eouple; will com-
merWlife with the good wislies .of a
libst of friends,"
i oi theSlaUl
17 sppken t j . jyti
lied for aid, ! ' 1
Awarded liiIoiin ji
ito ITsni-'.o1 ;A5?4r
g lJ; G E N E
l. n uV it n i
., j vats, pents
' ! I .mpil ,- ;
!r i;.v?oiV:iii(l Tjnen Collar
h!JTnnlorehiirf 2n edits, S:ish Jtibt
1 , bon 20 ctuits per yard! j
-1 Corsets 50 .cents .to Sbirti
7.". e(tits b 2. J. i'.
I v-Jews and ClarkVO. X.J
n i) -st sis com ooi
Cottoii.".") cents per
dozen. Spool X .
V ' Sktih Silk,; ,
I Umbrol-
r '" i ji in t la ra.ol s
. T'nilhisL (ients. Misses;aml I
.VrtiJSt in Craythi,
ChAPEL Ilibb, N, c.
,m,m' Pnitoii. ilovt's Oerinau Ci-'
loVhe. ' Indian Queen Perfumei
Notion Departmenc. i nim.
d -
... .u ; l. in the lat two weeks tin ee rj,. ,t
. ..!..,,;. ,lellin"s at night, Can-.nxl.-. it "Was n -oiveU uiai . ui
:r:: s u, !. ?r n,t:..i. n t.u -7ming to
lMf7'"T- he Demoeratic vole of eaeh, county,
Jtra - - I , 1 Knowin- one vote . huh Conrention for
ToLTK. IVe haveiu iv.vea a iM,r.H ju the eonnty.,
couknmnicationifrnm two ymg h y;li':ln ulu. Uv evey tract m ..ver.;
iuVur CommcfieemeuT. Ue egiet I nominations being in order- Mr.
President Battle fias.lleen notilied o"-y. TJ ;Tj ij
oreat nhmbers or others wno, siie; . ; L
:iiiaCK .sTA-.i.' :..v7.v;
'ii-i:iiAM. ,. e.
able to pay their own
it maysaid t nat tjiere
200 Normbil- studen
Chapel Hill uiid: its
aiidrthe wbole n.u nf.e
tiod will le
outside t!
who will at-
Is!rab!v larger
thaiithi.. Very many of those w
attended last i;esjbr.
of' (irujjyjii.
L .. . . . I.if ii Till II ,i 1 ' 1
vein- aim-R that'll vame o-v-.- jM1kin
. L ..! fill
tui liaving our paper n.e; - . . ( vre jrfo:
!... tr.-j.r f il V"'!" t . ' , - . .1 I.:ii itiiii iif Mr.
d t kl - " ' nol I'l'.ll I'M Jil IJ "' "'
Mod Mr.J; N
have engatL;eji
rooms, and will enrfdl their nanu
as members ol Ihe set
iw.yi. session. We
IOUI lltW ill
tavtv seen
W. I',, il LACK W ELL
r l'roprietors. :e
ji mi s Pi Wn i a u.i:i;.
much.-' ' I j Sn udwM k'by aJarge majority.
i 'rr" TT'Nh.V U-o'the, Mr. Stru Iwiek was ealied "IMm and
: ,,,,-Mr. German iu . - I ; j - , , ,:d, .vmarks;
6fCMl.lI.B.i;p.!.r-.a, a. 11. Cm , . - J a,;(llt st:U1,ard-
meeeU. 1J.II Thursday f , 1 , 'er in the-gWlathr eon test.-being
j7J v.urs.uI-U i Ke never. UM;- "
,f toiweco. draAk a drop - whiskey, o.
f roife in his IUV. Nor did bv
rKrtxv kwlrj , Beat this, it yit t:V' Dr. Patterson, who
-r ; .- r i ! . . ': i ........ 1 ....I-...I f. im-iiioii be-
.... r ' .'i......i..,- f. riM-eivC'l a ,.t-,. ii- ie; Uie i;iet..n.M"-".
letters of a treat! nun bor, and. were
.'Bjitiliod to see them soeulhnsiastic
as to the advantage received lat
CXeariv all ol ,the; 117 apllicanis
4V .dl are nelsons who were' not
misent last wissi()ii 4'bich isastrikiiig.j
fi-mn - PbotoLnanhs,' Ferrep-i
tvpe. Dauerrt-otvpes. Ambrotypes ajiu.
Miuiatures ih'tho iuost finished !tyle ol
cravon draw ing am. to any oesueu
Pa st 'k A. e; IVico ijjQde;-atfi,
k ) . - . ... . L .
mm nv.-nvi. ,u ah ot mv DCJiooi 101 1 uA,i irniwi . fuiiiiv umiw.
A "V.: iCfVA,.,! Ainsie. will n":Ti si,f.p l elU. a smodl Jiuality,
I IMIUt,, - V. . ,, ,. KTi ,,r KArcn anil Mlllft SliOCS.T i-
I I A til 1 1 HUM 111 liiUUMIJi
iroe. . iiiuMii x"" , .rr . .1
'An ni iti:iiiv other thiii!r in the
f Votion Department. lolMU
Soan 25dnU per dozen?
' 5 o 15 1 cents per cake.. .
: '; Blacking that cii't.:i
.' , be Heat. .Moore s
U o o 11 1 12 Jf f I
Uv,.Q siooir "Raeon. lining l'ih, Mo
lasses. Meal, Flour, Pepper, Sp ee, Gln
rcr, itiee,.SodsUnd Starch, ) . y ' ' j . x
j Tobaoeo, Snk, Pooler Shot -a d
Sole and Uh Leatherliefc IUndsf
t...,.. -riui iK. names iUiFT.
id 1 iiua
Best- fiurk lit Lowest l'riffs !
eomvu .71 ;r ; ; , nVcViw,;;: U'U. at boft6m Prier,
& and Tejct- T Lanj deterin ned' not to'VKI,
loaio, "M-r.', rjuif-ir.K). iv;iT, ,ov th oiks for past mtronage.
-. ;.t;-.,vi:,.i ,,.( ' the benefit .,,wi olicitintr I" a continuance 1 pt IM
. liHIIU iiuvu'i ..... . I . I ,
of the; Normal School Avhichl begins at
ilMi same time. ;fTC,- .
' -. . i, ..wl IlilL "NT. (I
ie )-ti v-"i'A - -
called f.'l. respnHvl '
.wb k and llvtrUiu ( -
'""""-V I : ' ' ..r;.ii, j,r:r:. b.i;iu-ela-. eoubl non re-
NsfiUcs 10m some j "4 , ,,,,, , :.,
r,i1U.M our l..rty thank, for U.r j .Us,..,. ...... M.c arc J.-...J
- .. ..i ti,;.v vi'i ved verv much ti re-i soiue letter.
.J,w,nont neonauitanees. ? -4 i.101. iu.hj;.
.-..Lird,wut rniKS :i Hie
fact teinling tx snow w.u . . i for nrinthP' Tobacco
attended l Kes,ioiVhave. acqmd , my in
superior positions which enab e then) b I b i in ."tjiis'.'spe.eiid line, we
L ien oui. h.m- - r .u.-miui respecini ,ii
e are also prepareu 10 in
5. . . "
Mkkchant.4. avc are gWtm;
. . 1L1 1 1
m SV " :Pilf. Mugm vill leave for Oivei
;" whe boM next week. I -
In tl.lV '
1 V . I ' '....! ..f -lii.l tr !n nno ' 1 ' . 1 . .. . .
this We Stftte ttlC .Cse ui n ..mj puuiie inut "
of our
count of
quired 1
..nimr mother. f and the mother
1 . :.i....i.-,.il f'lW.bmcia me
of'tne Normal Hebool on account pi
the rrreat benefits derived by her
. f il.K nnnKfOnts fll- ftld 1
AbOUt O Ol iou in'i"- --, i
Hoaru to ue vit-
.... .1. il l'bLin anil
Southern wh?m and
her superior teacmug ae-, . . - J v 1:llHlcr; and at very low
ujs received promotion 111.1 Uvi yt, ,iefv competition. ,
:(.hool has been taten charge, VVc yelect tolloNving houi anum-.-
' . i - -
. K-riljcrs -Even- Way aiid hour
iare rour advrtiicit? Don . von je
know wheji lifiplcubseribe to pape rs 0 ) y Uh
.nArn DlfMlIlIlli. Uliw
jaouev s
. - .' .1
pej4e will buy more proviou- TtiU eertainly is au
i liertitf County.
astounding fact, yet it is so .
r,;- nrnvod to the
't'crlv: destitute of means' so that it' is
ill be unable to "come.
anVfamilvleft Wednesday . Jt' 50 or would-be donated dy
YhV Xhvlr. m borne in I s6mc: charitable persons, it
the mot valuable .cuamy, -v-
1 " X. . r Ml ' - -. r
c.l.Anl ! Will. COUiU'P"-
l.;r ot .
uu,, inoof is reeeiycduind dops you
rent credit. ,'It is lianusome. ,
' I 1 Kemp 1. Uattlo, Pres. L . .N . C
E X T I S T J.t Y
, r;- ; '.'. '- ' : '
?tl"0 at the hotel, r '
v api t ' ' 'v ; .;:;; :
T O I' J C :-B
1 . .
jelrtf v j,,., yryr.
slTMMEIiY', L n .: .
. Li. . ' , -i TV f
hrx S . W 'A. I " 1 x a: i v
LLx v' -
Tnflir M1UU lJlOLrV ii
a speciality.
: B ROWX a ml BLl IE CTAIf il
rn "pj niKi vi!i5r. iur.-i
.w'.;.,ir"....i imv'v r
. .ivl.N ano ra.w
' ' " T PANTS.
"WHITE VESrs. isiElrox
-; New AtVEUTisMENTS.-AVr; Black
vpU rJ -.Trtli Printers, Steam Print
ing Presses, &c. The reputation of his 1
. ,;firmfiriodpVintiiis.i'.ettU)S Xo'-
as extensive as its rvptatbm tor mi u
- Jug Millie of the best.sjuokJ ug tobacco
iu ii kM. end tbet your orders.
l4-i?tr;ttM3U books at M- Cheek's-
..From the Baptist vingSoey.
Mi' C P Crai"-c left Chapel
IliJl W'e,lnesdav itc? Xl
lu Mt er li-ieiids ajilauv, J 1 IJer-
.iuT. as well asltfrCbH L E rom.i.m will be OHO ot lhaKA-
hwumsequejiee of ber departure m
Bamkt Sing Society tvlll njeet, hue
alter at Mrs. A. J. mcw.". - -
...... , , . -i were. nieaseu
'itcnuanee. nti .rnn. ---- t,t f,
iuia snrprise.1 by a visit ami tijt 01
r.....:A..;. . . B. Kobel0?l-
Thanks l)r, . You have our di-m1
ot-tlCr) invitation to cail aganu.
- We do not rememlH-r t ip
iuiv cxi.reioi, from the huhes in icgarU
lnti.n'i, . a njfrw -115- t say in11
j.r.ix r.ik. I te in
Ave aie glad the Editors have - -
tlift.i.., in tliiibeiitfltsOI b..
1 i'..;,,,,, Liiinr ma o
iii-u nr ;i iu;iii mill"- tilf
'e .MiAaineil to improve ami elevate ini
tandai-rr er m.jra and ot . literature jn
vjt eommuniti', '
,1'jiiT. Siiomlsanil wite leif u.t
dav'moruing lor dthacar;X. J b
oinuphde maluu- a short tour North
and West. ;V '
i liev.Dr. Sneei of pidjadelplua. wn
aUunntis U tm 'Jniversity and a class
mate of Prof. Hftop conducted .ser
vices iu the Epieop:d Church lait .,uu
II u sermon was an execHeiit one.
i'lie Senior Edited is in lialeigh this,
wr tcncJing the ; State Demoeratie
Conventioiu'As tl duties ot eon.
dueling the paper devolve upon us,
hope be eeu,ed for any very
prodigious mistake.
tidied froua. tlipfr norther. tour ..xh
gentleman has been traveu,
hiterestofllutherford College and
leaw haseceeded yeryrwcU. He U
t vWiinit' in the Mbthodist
occupy the ttpit i
Church. next Sabbath.
11 " . i
promptly esday moifnmg. i
Lad d will probably ' arrive to-n ignL
The'school will be organized into
,-co-ular classes which will be graded;
thSse of interior: attainotents being
iL.l nnn claSS. tllOSC pi SUpCrLOl'
n r - zr: . Thpm iii be nd
1 tl 111' I I ,UIJi3L'i -
examination for admittance lurthei
ib dass to which
than lo-asuiMwi i -----
' -Above all'Mhings, det f there "be no;
mistakes. : WeK have neyer lia LCom
'imnriinumes vet tiee 01
misstakes.'- --. . ' ,1, In- received
riwi iH-r.or'amines were duly lcccneu
unti "-ave emire satisfaction.
w !i it.ul ;U1(1
i:liJfV AYCll' e- ulv"
errJr: : 1 believe vyoii
best job in thc-Stato - "
i Prot. Oeo. 1.
' -Strips to band and satisf:.tetv;ry.rf
t bu-biuir Bros.. Baltimore, Md
-Your work is rery stitUOvetory 1
;3 " Prof.' P. W. Snnonds.
Ifaviug Secntir; .V-n'i.S
Deputy Sheriff tor Chapel Hdl Lon-
shii). and the delinquent aax ml ui y .r
hayin bwu. placed ;hj hsuuls Nor
collcc?i()V, I hiiChy thke' this method o
I ..ii ir-tnsis iwimr taxes I01
s liil e ar tio come.forwaid aud pa v. ithe
ame'al oike, mid save fuH her tr ule,
; G. W. BAUBLE, D. fc.
ajil is-:h '' -1- '
They vyr.e"
free- from.
.can turn ouUtbe
J . -. E55 7, E J, LJ,
. 1 ' m-n-i ..OrtVl
tUO t - ( -J -
mnle provision nas.
who do"nbt desire to join
should be
lmcn who d
rc2ttlariclasses,suuL uc p .,-
as heli t as
..'ei.,, l-ut; invitations were
-possfble and gave entire s;itisfaetio.v
T : li, S, White, LouisLjurg, N- C
1 -Vniir iob "-ave: entire satisiaciioiK
lfSUe LiKlVseb iothfiffJlP hiteriee with your
'-we S ii a very suyssltil
S. S, Barbee Ciiapei ino,
Ud tiii there are a1 few liugeiing
uteres ol Commencement, soim'-huhes
- . . . . i . ..1. u
still remain prolongin-then sj - -to
visit their numei-ous tnends. Jl
teiid- to relieve is somewhat of the
notonoiis- ,aot,uJI-
mir Commcneement piean,
C,.hoy. trill ot tor tl.cmlclv aiv,y
tor some tiuic j'et. . -
JlwCoi. for a ....c U.t ol c.
cumber. . . -
' 1 ' . . ' ': .
..;,-ii Ktiiities. A'o. w.v'"i"vi
learn that teachers of; euiinc0 w
Umebave announced their-
minatioh join the class ot I if es
Dor Pago iu KnsUsh TMioiogy
aUo the lectures ot Prot. Hotel kia.
on Geographies. AVatson.ou .1.1
tiouMiss Ooe on the Ivirrfecgur,
ten svsteru and others. i
V Por.nlt.V Oi l tlte 1UU1ioiV,
oecn refitting the aip"?M"
.. .itl. new biack-boaiUs
I I 111 llll v - - .
repairing tlie old Ofles. Uun"S
ep.",., nfi ili. ,lav the school
wiU be'd.isUibiited into classes in the
WatdimiiktT aiid-
- VluipelJfM, yf a
x '(
AVatehe-. Clocks ynd dewelr)
paired with fatness and -diKityh.
my 25-tf A'
I 1VL'V4 m ult. Ill KtVli.
r i l). si WAlTTByO,
wKvaiw-hil.v--HandJtfale-GaVri rft ,
tain 'their snape aim i vM.w-'-r-
the foot, "OfiO and v
tm iiiuch picked with i the work
aiid lP w Jive you fuHher, orders
lUJos. E, rogi.e, Henderson, N. c: ;
'i 1 ! ' ' . V
Address'alt drders to '
J. B. Willi A1vEJmJ1-?
E G 1 S T U AT I
lnrer.iiart. oil I tic uay
Will; Uti V.wva" , M.
ditierent rccnuuuu
ill all be assemuieu-
in the Chapel lor a common, lectme.
" The corps of special lecturers ;has
.".Ui r combletcdj; but we loam
II V " -j - ( it ,
..... T-i-innii I'll ivci-mm"
oiage vniio ,.uuter Lefore
tercd, are reqmreu t
eliectlohday. ,;nn,T Urrricj-
I 1 I I i I I 1 -
i,Ts- illegistiar.
aii is-:hh
' , Vi;.,.n mirt ir.ine.etfmlv so-
. uruers ior iiuu fj- i -r. r
licited. 7 , . C . . f
...ll.r (' ilV .IVlt .lit. .....y-.
jitimi'",',-) . 1
- '. .
tiee. ' paiisraetioii b :r-
11 o-
. , rioti.-e. that I will open
the SlSoK fit "office oppositejhat
ii J M. VlexanderU Uednespa
? fe"i2a 1878. 1 for he purjiose of a f,
J'Si? ""u; WATSON, J.f
s o
will be pleased at all tumjs :o
f . Will uv v . 1xIir,.lin
...iivev nasseners to auu ii. v.. ......
promp-tly attehtlc" to.
t- 1 - 1 sT
i ' ": - ' ' ' I - ' ' . ''.'.'":
r . 41... l
T..4.....I f ...Vi 111 Ilirifl1l t
well as thf best Ware fWl mi Ja
Uid rit wrtUt J'liee h0' L'-V
Silk and Linen 1 Iaudkerchicb k
uesows. Scarfs, Limuv drColr
k Viiiil Cuffs. White aud ,btrfped l-
Hose, Suspendeis and, QUV A cx)in,
lete Stock ali "T ' .
jeU-tf f 1 KaJeiglMN.C.
E L II i h b
y S ' r - I . if ..,,1 tilana
i !..,., iniumi I I If T IIUIll I.I .
and will be breparcd ftec June 10th tv
tak(' ch areiauU accomoujiivi uv-i..
Mv table will ai an muw mv -i'i"'f
with the Ix'St the market van ailon and
I will have ninl v iwliu,weat and bligln .
ieh iny.' Ivllt make special arraiiftCr
ments for nie iu:eoiiiiiii.i".. .w. .
Ultlll- , . I i fci..l..w,l ,ll Mil V
attehding uie .uf' vw . V .
Sting a !V7rtion or thei lJ "
aonage bledging invself to H ei.r acr
1 am, vi
and comfort.
j v 4'esiiect fully, ,
S A L d- -v ': '
' i ..! .'
i 1 ,
i . 1 .
bout 30,000 biick.! Also t-o, one,
horse wagons. Euir.e of A-. . ,
Chapel IlilLN G,
my 25-tf ,
- . 1 ' . ..'.'.'- ;-.'; -' .'-" . ; " ' ' ' . - .
,-';.:H.':; '.'' ;' v ' 1 ' ;' -.: '' :. A - ;.'.';,: .... ' - ;;' AA-:- -:.'
. 'I'.'. , . ' " '. - .. '
r- " -; . . .. - v-.- w, ;; :-'-::'::- .!, ;;. -; -v

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