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Satukd.vy -- - JiW '15. 1878.
"What has this woman been do'iur,
So lon since the morning began ?
I don't believe she can remember
One-half of the work she has tlonc.
Dressing the dear little baby,
. Combing his soft silken hair,
Putting him bhek-in the cnitlle ,
. To sleep and grow health r and air.
. Doinghf? work in the kitchen, 1 '- ' .
Just vljat it happens to be, '
Covering' books for the school-room
Ready for callers at three. "
. -' i . '
blending ami making and chatting;
: Two or three children to teach,
If not the primer's firt lesson,
Methods no others can preach. .
That's what this woman's been doing,'
Day sftler d y 'tis the same ;
Angels, O watch and defend her ,
"31 other' -for t
at is her liamc:
..urbane.: "What is
Rat Have iye ivcr a letther for
me vour honor ?i -
- T Urbane Official. What name ?.
Pat. iVhy imv own name -ov
corse, whose else?
- .Official, still
your own uanfe
Pat. Faix, an' it wa? my father's
. afore me, an1, would be yeF, biit he's
gone dead.
.. Official, not quite so urbane. Con
' found you what do you call your
. Pat, firmly. Bcdad, I call myself
la gentleman ; it's a pity there ain't a
couple of us. ' '
Official, with tlipjnity. Stand back.
. Pat, moodilv. The flivil aback
I'll stand, ontil I gels me letther.
Official sternly. How can I give
it to you, if you wort tell mo who
yonare ?;you stupid old bcg trot-
Pat, satirically. Is that what yer
... paid for abnsin honest people that
comes for their, rights trV me the
i letther, or by the whiskers of Kate
Ivarneys cat," HI. cast mer vote agin
you, when I, git me papers.
" m ; OfficiaT, very nearly angry. You
'' blundering blockhead, can't you tell
me-how your letter is addressed?
" , Pat, contemptuously. Dressed !
hov should it be dressed, barrin' in
a'sheet o1 paper like any other ?
, Come, hand jt up, avic.
Official angry.-r-puce tako. you,
, won't you tell who you are ? ;
Pat, furiously. Wei 1, I'm an Irish
man bredd an' born seed, breed- an'
' gineration,' me'-fathcr was cousin ' to
one-eyed Larry Magra, the process
To seven pounds of fruit add three
pounds bf sugar, one pint of vinegar
and a tablespoonful of every kind of
spice cloves, cinnamon, allspice and
One cup of sugar,- two eggs, half a
cup of butter, half a cup of milk, or
watery two pf ! flour, teaspoonful
cream of tartar, half a tcaspoouful of
soda, nutmeg. : .
One pound. of -flour, three-fourths
of a pound of sugar, one hall-pound
of butter, four eggs, a gill of rose
water; bake on buttered paper in a
quick oven. ! -This makes sixty drops.
One cup of sugar, one cup of mo
lasses, two eggs, .one cup of fried
meat gravy, one' tablespoonful of
cider vineghr, two heaping teaspoon
fuls of soda, one tea3poonlul ;of gin
ger, flour enough to rolh ; .'
, It is said that oatmeal moistened
in water and applied to the face once
or twice a day, will, improve the
complexion and make the skin
smooth and rosy. Oat nreal, when
taken internally at breakfast, is also
excellent., - . ' .
TWhere borax and insect powder 1
fail to work oil-cockroaches, use red
waters, scattering abundantly wjiere
they run a surdcure. A quarter:
of a pound will clear the largest'
house; they eat it 'arid'die. .
One-half pound of b utter, one
Though corn is cheap it is never
theless one of the main crops of the
It is also a fact thai the
produced per acre in S ew
England" is larger i than in any wes
tern State. It costs 'more -in, labor
and fertilizers to raise corn here
than in the' West, and it i5 worth
more in the market when secured;
If a large crop is raised , from the
land planted, nothing is more profit-,
able. , When the amount is less than
forty bushels an acre . there is , not
miich money in it. To make corn
raising a success bur land must be
heavily manured and cultivated. In
our c"ae we are this spring, after
using the ordinary manure of the
farm, so wins: a half ton of the mix-ture-
of bone, potash, sulphate of
magnesia, etc., to the acre, and har-
rbwincy it in before nlnntiner. i As I Hrookl vn' . was thrown from the
this mixture contains "only old and track, and five of the sixteen work-
tried fertilizers, its use cannot bejmen on tlie train were killed by the
deemed experimental, and we shall crash. The accident was caused by
confidently expect a good, crop. It obstructions that had been placed
is easy to grow from 80 to 100 btish- on the track.
els to the, acre, if we set about it. . Fifty persons were killed and
Alany farmers are doing it.; It only fr0m 200 to 250 seriously' injured
needs two good ears tOeadrsraJk durincf the recent Wnado in Wis-
three feet apart each -y.y. Having Consin, while the destruction of proV
a corn that yields four 6r- five ears l)erty will reach into' tiie millions,
to a stalk, it is l as grow 100 Woe an(i desolation were visible
bushels per acie Of corn, as 25 bush- everywhere in 'the track of the ter
ej oi wiieai, wjur uiu buiuu luamiif i r ble Storm.
Louisville has a secret society
called The Elephant, They keep
all of their documents in a trunk,
j A Columbus man says he started
thirty years ago to! make $1,400,000.
He has! got the fourtceai, but the
ciphers bother him!. '
.As many .as 7,000 "salmon are
often taken at one haul of the seine
in Alaska,, some bf them weighing
45 to 100 pounds-each.
A portable saw mill boiler on a
farm near Hillsboro," Ohio, exploded,
killing .three men land dangerously
scalding ' '. three ' others. The boiler
was found .-' three hundred yards
away; and one mkn (was thrown
completely over a tall, ti-ee.
:. A gravel train 'on the Prospect
Park and : Coney J Island railroad,
. -7:: ' '''
Vxv thfi Hest Goods at the U
For Dress Goods' Dry Gpods and
;or Ready-Made plothingHatsots and Shoes
For Ladies and C
and cultivation.
Meadows and
According to
tt v X A hTKRS.
For Ladies Linen Cashmere and Silk V ra; b!
Prices 1
Prints 1
Ready-Made Suits ! . I
te advices from
little stimulating fertilizer.
ing of 200 pounds per acre, of the
mixture referred to above or of its
equivalent' in ashes or guano, should
l-tSbU1 a Fort Renton. Moi tana . Territorv
A - - I 1; : , .
hSitfing Rull
the svar pfit
centi'- made
is preparing
i again soon.
to jro on
t r
lie i re-
Fo r Ladies D ress I
itv AnTT AUTFRS.,,!
For Kid Gloves Bows, Ties and Corsets I
a rancorous harangue,
Id return to' tlie United
Foi-Paht aoodsiTicking Domes
rious tribes followed :thisspcech;
At Omaha, Neb., a woman named
Oieson, while in a. fit of temporary
insanity, seized her daughtef, twelve
years old, and threw
and then, jumped in herself. The
alarmed people
t -; ' i lirnmisinnr
A I J . 1 " - I I t r A A A " I ' i .
n.nn,l :f .,, fx,,,. arrrrei , , Ann n sreaiiy increase ine neiu. iMiraie c, . . i . . i
Dounu ot sucrar. tour ecrcrs. one cun J . . . , Stntos u-hmk tl-io (rmss amws mnd
1 ' i - 1 i.Kft '.' - I v p ts, ,-ir
of milk, one teaspoonful of saleratps . V P $ ninkc lhe sMdiers weep
U1S30 ved fni vinegar, two handfulsr -b-"-, , dmtisterinjr idf the va-
of flour, one-half a nutmeg, rose """"on?,- as iiiav. irom me ; pnos-
pnatic manures, .improved- mead-
- ' - ' j -'!'. i-
ows means rmorD milk, cheese, tim
othy blue-grassi red-top and clover:
A good -harroVing will be benefi-
. 1 i . i i .
cial. All! this mav. .be .done this
Trimmings, Trimming Silk, Ribbons -jJud Fri
tic-s kc., Ssc.
water, thicken with Indian meal,
not too stlfF. .
Four eggs, oiie ' cuplul of butter,'
one cupful of cream," half cupful
of sugar, one tablespoonful of salt,
one tablespoonful , of mustard, one
tablespoonful 'of cayenne pepper;
For Carpels, Xatfngs, Window- Shades, &c.
' HE A I) QtT A JlTERSyi
Por Fiue Grocei ies Plated Table Ware, fcc:
screams of the girl
IlAtLiXG Maxuim:. In drawing within the sound of
manure I use nO' wacron box : with not, within sirdit n
v,J v J . . . . - r. -
puu wu tuC j i y" two- stout planks for the bottom, and searclf was made, which resulted in
v i : ; -i i - - ' x i ,,.
. ' .. : .,. " .11" J ' ' "
In fact I AM HEADQUARTERS for: anything you may 'i
nLi t iwQ 0ii mv wirtils -it Bnttotrt Pnees. :I carry tho'jur!
illiu . j. j ai n (jo., ovh ( , - T l i 1 ' i ' '
Freshest and Most Fashionable
3 Stock
voice, but
the DOiul. A
then remove and beat it iu one and twowhre'lboard for, the side pieces, the finding of the Hlcad bodies of
a half pinta ot vinegar This will the riirginis then" complete. .Ar motlier and d:iuhrcU i r
frige rat or;'
of Goods' in the 'County, nti
sure to please yon. Give me a call you can do no better. ,
,T. ;2V.--4T-A.vM3XOK(
Sbrders by i Mail attended to lroinptiy..
C"Sa m pi es furn isljed chee rfu 1 ly upon
Keep monins, tigntiy corked, in are- in the, field, take off aside-board,
oiirl ri li ! of a Tiill nil
lV.ft 1111 li I1UV"1 tlllll V7 it
Two ihen' entered the house of
I Ml I I fllll-ir t . -i ' . r
1 ! iurs. Jieckv liaidvvm. -a vountr
enough manure for a ,hcap,;startmg wi(ow residilur hear Tazewell CW
the .team, another heap is made from IIoilse Va., and ' bemanded her
iveuiis arc liuiu: wuius uiu uiu . eacn eiur, j iiiaKiii'r aiw ay aiiii , , ; , , ,
' ;. ! - ... . , i. I.Af. iMif 4li... i..l-nK.nlun,,l 4him..i
l - enmntimno c v .nine frs.n no mu iv uii t . lliu iWhUlWuu,iHU unun
icavuo I . ., i . -.. i -! . idinon fnr
! .2.1 . . I rake off in heans because the m.n-Mt into ine lire : and as one ot the "
l ie example of the good is visible mi- is unl6aded much, more raiudlv men, stOoned to JccWver iL Mfe.
sarver, anVmy mother belonged Ho philosophy. j f . than by .pitching. If! had to s pilch fJaiawin1 snatched "nn au axe and
r . I t- . t . 4 if ni'ni' o n'nVfrvn hrtr no o noun ' ' I f
the Mooneys ot Jvilmanaizy, . 1 on re
1 1
I , m. -w . -9 1- T 4 II I M I VI l 1 1 I 1 I ft
I I -V - ' - - .- ; , T
have just opened a fre.-h Stock of
v .
-lwndncss is tlie High, tide ot the - - ? Z" , -v-. - .t ""'f denlt him a terrific blow, which she
an . ignorant oum .uscipie, an av "uuniy . , - u is ilv lhjg rapid.. unloadinsr. that Allowed np rapidly bv others, dash
you II only creep put ov yer hole I II Practice economy, and industry much of the saving is made. If the ing Iris brains out. The second rob-
K 1 1 ) GLOVES, TvO cciitsj
j IK A fj 11 A 1 11 mi A t t)S, $2.
J UTS 11 Allt, GO cent.
Abo a nice lot of JET .
welt you like a new shoe,, an' av' you and success is yours.
- " get any piore satisfaction out o' me,
my name's not. Barney O' Flynn.
Shnfiles letters, deals one to Barney
who cuts j
PAYS! ItllVVS; ,f Vpw (JnnlrfMivnl
distance to draw is short, or -. the I ber dashed at her with n dirk knife every fcvdays:.J,Cali;aiid 4 our-goods
xiupiri i u gwu a tiling ui.i , somotimes fln(i jj; better' to have two ? T
should never lose it and always com- mCn to load. lilis a material waste but not before the resolute wot
mandit.v ' : : to allo horses to e. k)i . wfiilo-'ithe. ha.d .- nearly : severed his; right i
manure .is inoonyenient to get; at, I
Triie feeding pf the animals in a
It irbetter to sow a good heart '? anurff. em8 spread, j
wiin Kinuness man a .neia wun corn,
for the heart's harvest is perpetual.
aiid stabbed her in the left breast.
with a 1'earful blow. jThe miscreant
fled and' his dead body was found
the next ; morning, two. miles from
Chapel 1 1 ill, N. C, May 1$; 1873. f i ,
Q 51 X
O T i O K '(
Having purchased the- entire interest
of mv father in the rurniture Business.
I would suv that I exnect to continue
.1 t mi ' " . I . j . ! S
. I ' 1. I l.llt. I I I I I 1.11 I.Val 1fllllr 111 . 1 J 1 ll.l.lllir I ilir 11. Il.r; .f.lllll.ll.-.1ll& lllllll W
i.T l -r.-lT.. 1 rn chnii i nnf i Inn mno i nf - 1 m i .it ' ---0 t-.--0 --r ------ 1 -i i ,
menageiie m anwijs eaieiimy ioie, - ww v n unipure sacques win. ne worn .wun bv several hours after Mlrs Baldwin e Uie Hotel., and .1 most respecttuiiy
because their -Hvcs depend f.oii -the themselves, and yet a man .should be black silks. ! " r -1 L m . 1 , lieit orders for new Wbrk or repairs
ere had Ine
told the story of her terrible encoun
ter and her death soon followed. ;.
nrii tin in v ot 1 iifir rorwi. i no I'mi- - -ai hui i. nn"i.i niiii.vjn, r J:n i u
v"; I w - . . - iiriuiK : iidiiii-i 1 1' k
Adelphia Tfmessnys lha the daintiest When you strike oil stop boring, something new and stylish
-M t 1A lll.VInl d-W 4 1. n l.v l T t V f " hftO 1 "V -V k."1 AAfHt 1 a rvli ' ' " l I
: o . . i - T: O I I 'hi l;l i-ntA'cl rl o o n o n ! r 1 1 nr s I
aretwoUhimpnnzees. ,1 hey hreakJast and let tjie oil run out at the hot- ,1 , . .i '
t . ;-.' i : - . longer by an' men-or two.
on weak tea, w-;th plenty crmilk and torn. 1 j . i I ' .
kut, ami bread thickly spread with Next in point of meanness to doing
honey- fLey lunch at 10 p clock on an injury is to do a man a favor arid
bawas .uid oranges, dine at 3 and every now and then remind hi
Gidozk oUii'ice or tapioca, served Qf it
.wall sugar arnl sherry, and sup at 7
.troublesome to feed but moi e ex- . f " . , .ti . stitched aci;oss tM back" with lilac or kept; his promise. IIe is a pure-
nensive, ior uve 01 mem eat daily . . l .1 - &4Uj''
eighty pounds of fresh fish.--'. Formcr-
1 ly lhe hons. tigers anl other carniv
.1 1 . 1 ' -
ora were costiyn out -or lae they
' hayc been fed on horse, meat, which
mi 1 T t - ' 1 f - 1 - i v
ne lceianii npss is mucn used-101
croi'heting shawls and sacques. ' j '
Reticules are pow carried on ;thc
J - i , . i 1 .
arms of young ladies, as in the olden
times.' -j ." ! ' "'. 1 ' ., ; . !'
Prefer sense to wit; never study, '' J' i 1 r !
y J u or second mourmnT flovps firp
nr 1. - ' : -1' i t .
vv e jiave a iricna max f:evei
spc-aKt. a , vulvar wortr. lie is a
minister and a writer of ability "I
resolved when I . was a child,". said
he, -"never to use a word which, I
could not pronounce -before my
mother without offending her.' He
is very clieaj.
Ruftaloes, deer and elephants live
now on the grass, in the grounds.
.The rhinoceros is the greediest of the
lot; but it is quantity that he craves,
. Avitliont muxjh .regard to--quality.
ners, ,nor say anything that
offend modesty, ' .
Kindness does not always produce
whaLwe expect; from a hand which
we hate they are regarded as of.
fences ; the more .we lav ish upon ona
who may hate us, the more arms; we
(tivp him nrhti i vishP9 1o ripsit-nv
us". .: , ''-.-..
.'' ' '
Ilnmility does' not depend upon
minded, noble, honored man to-day.
"Modesty, rqfre, , delicate "and last- His rue and example are worthy of
Ing" is the name and the claim of a imitation. Roys easily learn a class
of low, vulgar words and expres
sions, wh'ch are never heard in re
spectable circles; . The utmost care
on the part of parents will'scarcely
new.perfuine.- . " .
Princesse dresses are shirred in
the front, and trimmed with passe
Old worklmatle as good as new, and sat
isfaction fiven. h urthermore, I am
o--? 1 1 r fr cfll' na -liffii. a T onn nnil -w-tll
warrant for a reasonable lenrtl of time,
any the Furniture piile which
,may, be purchased ot me. audi as?
- - : : ' :- r 4 -
lie will eat Jou pounds of hay every the wav in which a man carries his
t .t 1 . -I. - I . . - I -
uay, a nu m. no 01 poiatoes ,s to body ; it depends' unon what his life
; him like a plate ot -strawberries to a . . , -t , . ,
lmncrrv man. ll:s tood costs ten dol. . "I'V" "v:-
' " ..... . 1 . . . t t ... -ii
lars a w eek, which is as much as that ll' i upon wnere ne puts it, anu wnere
of an elephant. Ihc giratie .has to he keeps it; and what service it
be fed carefully, because he has no re- renders.3
gard for his long, narrow throat, and " 1 M
starts one mouthful 1 down before the Ry relying on our own .resources
one before it has reached his stomach We - acquire mental strength : bnt
tt.' t. t. I' -
imis . cnokiug nimseu. common we' lean on others for support,
mitnL-nva nnt nonrlv rvprvl hmnr liot I 1 1 '
we are like an'invalid. ; who, havinc:
monkeys cat nearly everythingjthat
is offered ; so do the ostriches and
. cassowaries, but some ofithc insectiv
orous have to be patteutly catered to.
The moose is hardest to please, and
'misses the twig of his native woods.
accustomed himself to a cruch, finds
it difficult to walk without one.
Subscribe to the Lf:f)qi:R.
pi-event it. . 55 Ot . course, we cannot
A Famous Statesman's Early think of girls being so much exposed
Tiiaixing. When Sir Robert Peel to this peril.- We cannot imagine a
was a little ooy, his latjier used to decent girl using , words Which she
set him on a table and teach him to would not give utterancejto "before
make short speeches ; and, while jier flither aiid mother. Such vul
stitt? very young,. h? accustomed him garity .is thought by r some' boys to
to repeat as much of the Sabbath's be "smart," the "nextthing to swear-
AAA' Av AXh-
In laet, anytbing you wantjj by giving
me short notice, will be made in time,
and satisfa'cfibti given, or, n trapes '
-.lie ? ure..; you examine my Furniture,
whicli tis handmade, before purchasing
elsewhertf. . , p ' ,
- Students of the . University, are' re-
spectiniiy invited to notice inV work
ana scyie oT-eustea(Ls. oce. . s
; . Ilepectmlly. I ' s
my 4-3m - : JASPER tJTLEY. !
sermon as he j could recollect. ' At -ing," and yet not so wicked: It be
first, it is'said the boy found some comes a habit; itielals to profanity
dimcultyj and did not make crreat n xn .:ii . '. A -.-. , ; '
progress; but he steadily persevered, y,u evu vuougu s 5
and soon attention and perseverance ;t vulSarizes and degrades the sojil;
were rewarded, and he was to repeat prepares the way for rhaiiy of the
the sermon almost word for word, erross and fearful sino Whi ,
- - - - 1 t 1 Na.B.aM mm mm A a 1111 W
It -was in this way that he becran to Lvm'rnrttr!Aiottr
enltivaro Innso i-fworc 1 .
- u i o yji IUCUJU1 J ' - ''
which he displayed when, in afler Dear young reader, set ,a watch'
life, he became one of the most dis- upon the door of your lifts : lcppn
tinguished statesmen of his country, f your mouth free from all 'impurity.
A L L E 11 :-.IIf(uJs E ,
' ' i ' . ' - ; t
Full I Liiio-ol
" A
LADIES TIES. . -111)
A fcll like of
; . A '
: '; v .
t ;
' ' ' "f : .' '" :.'..
Keroseuo Oil, Iron
IVnils, Oottoii llocfr
AAA A y-; .AA-A:
I am still belli nff the
j . - i
J This plow
Terms 51 and Ilo ifcr
my 25-3m , U
stands unrivaled.
(1mL'p.4 r n ills ftwf. turns all w"
fact ttpuitlour farmers better tli
otper piow now in v .
f'am agent this season for the;
A T 1 O X A L JI O T E h ,
I3oail $S5, Per t)ny.
' N- . . 1 -. .
. Proprietor,
apl 25-ti
Tlianlin'ir mr mnnr friends ff
past favors. ,1 won hi he ple,
sec them atj all times, and' will '"'j
my large ana varied ftock oi pr.
the very bottom price." , T
Chapel Hill, Apil 10, W78.
apl ISly

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