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xtuuday, - - - 'Aug. 24, 1878.
Wc are extremely amused that
copy, one year, - - - - $1.50.
One copyi ?1t month's, - - $L(K).
. tSrubsvriptions mnt be paid in ad
vance. . ;
.': One square, one insertiou, - r $1.00.
" Eaelf VUbeodent insertion: - - 50c.
tS75?pecial .rontr.icts made for larger
nilvefrtseinciit. ' ; y
, NOfEICE. Wc will be
pleased to publish any commimica
(io.'ts from any person relative to the
Xjood of the people : but-any commit-
nieati&ri relative to personal yiatters
or temuny to briny about a contro
versy wilt not be tolerated. -En's.,
Foiity THKEKoasesof ycllowfever
and twenty-one deaths were rejK)rted
in New Orleans on the 13th. It, has
al&o made its appearance in Memphis.
Aj qckuy- for thp Richmond ex
cursionists. (Whom j ydid Claret
punch? Some one answers, Olaret
didn't punch 1dm, but Lemonade
Dashed him ..into a Port,, tfce. . Here
xye melted into tears at his misfor-
. r
I unos.
.Iaj. Yeates, the popular Con
f;ressmarr." of iheV first district has
been renominated Tor that position.
This honor bringswith it more con
sideration when we see how irreat
an array of popularity and ability
opposed him. Latham, Coke and
oore each possessing inestimable
. qualifications ior that positioh, and
' the unbounded resjeci of the people
contested the palm with this- chival-
rous representative, but came; off
j worsted. However, they, not less
gallant or chivalrous than he, though
. individually defeated, unlike some
of our other disappointed politicians
have warmly congratulated Alaj.
Yeatea and promised him their
1 I " . -".in III -
rv naL a nowe example for lovers
of party organization and ultimate
vjetory to set before the people !.
Such heroic . conduct, despising
personal emolument fori firm party
. principles, should be most especially
. cherished and lauded by" our people
in such times of political intrigne
: for public offices exhibited by ovir
j popular demagoges. ' Surely they
i cannot fail to receive their just and
rell-merited reward Well doner
. good and faithful servants !
ourj jovial, genial-hearted ; inerid
Deake, cditorof the Roan Mountain
Republican , and Press Association
liquor abolitionist, should raise at
his 'mast-head the thunderbolt of
war' aud bellicose maniac General
Grant for President in 1880. Now,
Rrol Deake, how can ju swallow a
man habitually addicted to' so much
"rot-gut" when every.orie knows you
introduced temperance resolutions at
the j Press Convention ? Rut sup
pose ' we come down j to the real
issues of the question; There js a
great summary of strong principles
in ' the term Grantisra. They ; are
principles ostensibly revolting to a
free people,, and . tending" to mon
archy, Having in, the capacity of a
G e ri e ral, p o s s essed 1 i n d i s p u t ab 1 e ,s w a y
in action, and acquired a crew of
boon companions which a brother
hood of warlike 'propensities always
rymlers a firm compact, in his civil
as well as military 'career he has still
clung to those principles. In his
White House capacity he has al
ways exhibited these military habits,
and has clung to his. opinions and
corrupt companions just as a military
leatter of despotic "disposition always
overrules th'e presumption of his
subordinates' arid .gather around him
a crew of companions of a particular
cas(.e. ' j, -
. luch principles, all of which are
displayed in the term Grantilm, are
evidently incompatible with the fiee
atmosphere that has. ever invigora
ted our Republican population.
)re do not in the least doubt but
that if Grant were nominated by the
i - 1. . .
Republican party lie would eagerly
accept it, and show to the people of
Europe his influence: on our soil".
He will "come back pampeted with
the vanity of a pedant, and deified
in his owh opinion, by the respect
which must necessarily have been
paid by the European government
to I the highest tunctionary in me
United States. This alone will be a
stroricr incentive in causing him to
irfnntJthfi nomination, i 7
iirthc journalistic capacity, we ri
say that you are tainting the free
unadulterated atmosphere of your
' Yov the Ledger.
' . Waioi Sfuings, N. C, h
: August 8 .1878.1 i"
I Deau LErtOEi;: Accordmg to
Tennyson the nvef here which the
Indians called "the Racing Hi vcr?
contiuually says ' -Men
uia.v come, and men may go,
But I flow on forever.' .
And it speaks the truth. It is'a Ion?
time since the bed' ofe' French
Broad was on a level with the tops
of the mountains that enclose it
And for af part 1 of thisftime men
have been; coming aua going 01
late with increasing rapidity. W hen
the railroads . are completed, this
coming and going' ..will. be very; fast;
Rut the river will.fiowj onas it did
when, it , first began t0 cut its way
down 1 to its' present leyel. The reg
ister of the hotel here contains 828
entries since the beginning of the
season. Mune lst.V As these, entries
often record the arrivjil of "Mr. A
and wife," or of "Mrs. R. and fam
i y" it, is but reast)na)i)le to suppose
that' more than one.thousand. persons
have within . - the last ten weeks
vieiiorV- ihi beautiful scene, and
lOI V IS . -w j . j
bat hVd In these healthful waters
But few of these visitors, compara
tivelv, are from North Carolina
The jolting, down along the (river, is
too formidable to weak backs and
weai ied nerves. .Thejfear of yellow
fever in the valley of the valley o
the Mississippi is driving many; to
this refnae this sure defence against
all sorts" of fevers. Whole families
linvo hppn trans 11 lanted here. There
ivorti ' tdi-PTi at a nartv the other
dav. How the little I rascals do en
joy their life here ! They run about
and kick un 'their heels all the day
lOnov Were 'Miss Coe a in once them,
she might have a flourishing Kinder
garten!" The little boxes would be
niimL-lv hill of 8iieeimen8 from "the
three kingdoms," As for the colors
the primary the secondary and the
tertiary instances would be abundant.-
The hair on heads the. sashes
round waists and . lower down
ilAwiiLmid stonkinffs! on feet miirht
be 'specified ; besides: the cohns o
the bruises on bare slianks. But al
are merry, especinlly my little pet
of not three years who jabbers En
glish to her papa, and; French to her
mama and nurse, with equal ease;
never putting an English word into
a French sentence, rior a French
word into nn English .sentence.
. Besides this ; vast array ofIiulc
folks there is a bright array of their
elder sisters. -Bui ehler brothers are
wanting, and I hear many wishes for
lively Chapel Iill boyLs to,keep things
Stirred UP. AS .lUUge viasion, w ruie
ibout the 'North Carolina girls, so
North Carolina girls ;say the
gallantry of the .Chapel Hill boys.
itv- 1... u.:v... 1. ti;..i.
In iirn n' ri ii ri hnr ' rr 1 ino tit 1 1
... . ' . . t t7 W llll lt-UUUV V '.Vllllbll 111
mountain home ty nanaenng on in blond "j j am tol(, vcry ,(idom
"eon. Here are tresses of all shades
your columns encommms upon such
a miscreant.
! t
Now that the bunrlars who havei
been a terror to the
from the lightest flaxen 'to the deep
est auburn some for shortj would
call them red. : Ihev; all look well,
save when done up iri what may be
called the mule-tail or pump handle
style. When the dress ball on every
b nday night is m full swing, dia
monds Hash in great profusion. I
We eali attention to the article of
C P. S. to be found in this issue on
the 4tlt "page; There is no other M
subject widt h should inore .attract
the attealion c-f oor people than the
proper training of children. The
bad ch-ihi aliaost invariablv lipmrnos
peop)e of ; Chapel Hill are secured
ana conmietf in jad, it wonhl be a sad
reflection on theireftorts if thy were! was glad to learn that! waltzing i.e.
allowed to escaue for want of nfor,er hugging to music, j'. is practiced
'rnu :J J' chierlv by trirls with girls. The best
i , , . . . - dancer nere says ne iearnei 10 cut
d jour county jails has long since tho 1igeon wingifrom'Ilai Nunn at
eqn me cause 01 so many criminals old Uhapel Hill." He and Ins trrnnd
escaping from 'the hands of justice daughter frequently graced the same
nild TiTlincrmfr rrnin intn rimn rivnvn SetS. OO 1 WJ8 tolll.
j - & VI jiillV 111171 V
revolting and dastardly than before.
It should be the first dut v cf the
the bad man. The boy whor instead county commissioners to examine
wv-tn- uii".ii;v;u in diluviums, re- f t .,,.... .,:i ,
out to sec a friend." . Kind reader,
you were never worse deceived. It
would paralyze your every limb to
know juBt where they arc. With an
evii companion they have sought, a
place ; ,but let lis. forbear. To
speak the trutlf in this ease would
shocks you ; but far bejer to be
shocked-by this than by seeing'yonr
sons borne off to jail chained like
dogs. Again we call attention to
the article; of C. P. S. Read and
: ponder, it well, and we feel sure that
you will act accordingly.
jailpr noted tfor his trustworthiness
and finbendihg integrity, .
I There is an ehirtion ta a man of
criiiie in escaping from the hands of
thej?aw wltich attempts to- satiate it
self by surpassing in boldness and
injury the crimes which' he formerly
committed. We mean by this a man
Illllllr mill ImilVnvlnH llio tmn.l I..'!' II 1 I. -, .
v- 0 r-.-e, - .mini, ia.eiv an uencieneies and appoint a
1 1 . 1 - ' I " - i "
set-u tiauy lounging around the
street coiners, smoking cigars, black
guarding, and, pei baps, at the same
time, half drunk, is paving Ids way
to a worthies dangerous manhood.
2so impressions last "like those made
in childhood. The habits formed
when young attend us through fife,
growing stronger as we grow older.
The boy who drinks to-day at the
request ot .mi evil companion, will
to-morrow drink of his own accord.
Step; foljows step, down the hill he
goes, downward ever downward
i jngs his stealthy foot-fall until some
heinous crime hastens him to the
penitentiary or the gallows. WTho
is to blame for this ? Parents, the
responsibility rests with you. Where
are your boys tonight? Are they
at home ? "No ; they have stepped
There is quite a number of very
distinguished ; gentlemen here' just
now. Chief- Justice Manning, of
Louisiana, with his manly form and
grave and graceiui jand dignined
manners: Judge Marshall, ot Alls
sissi'ppi, with his bright spirits which
buov up wonderfully a brdy injured
by intense and long protracted men
tal energy.; Senator Clingman, with
his vi varcious discussions of political
and of scientific subjects ; Gen. Poin
dexter, with his large i store of orig
inal anecdotes concerning his legal
experiences with Graham, and Manlv,
and the ALoreheads, and Waddell,
i.k .I-. o- ic nftfiiisive. But - it is
weal i ii " i
paraded wealth. " However we . try
to be good christians, and wish that
he may be so rich for years to come.
There is a report among us here
that Col- Bethel of Memphis, Tenu.,
has offered Col. Rambaugli aud his
partners $75,000 for .tliis place or; to
take half of it at that rate. The plan
is to include the immediate and costly
beautifying,; with A all" that modern
skill can suggest, what, is already
one of the most beautiful watering
places in the country Another front
on the rail-road side will make a
large square of the hotel, , with
porches of nearly a naii-mue
I .uUni' nrnnmmodations for a
thousand guest sj
at ten
cents, chickens
dozen, milk
Tt will not be difficult to feed so
manv neoble. where beef and mutton,
on the hoof, is abundant at two cents
l.iit i firbetter no one needs
nnn. i a hi vr iuix vuv-m
unv T" )
at eighty cents a
twenty-five cents a
rrallon and vegetables in the greatest
abundance ana oi goou quality.
the beef and mutton! can be greatly
improved. Messrs. King & Cheek
would ; have hesitated to set ! such
meats beTore1 Commencement folks
or Norm ali tes. I Were some of. the
mutton they furnished, during the
Normal School to be seen on our
table here, it might j open eyes so
wide that they ! might j not be shut
again son. But the? rail-road will
mernl a'l this. ' " . . . :. - y
'. . Q in the Corn e u.
; Communicated.
Ji A .nun mil llll O irl lit rTl flS Wpl I
as; a drunkard. Probably as many
indulge in excessive eating in their
daily food, as do in the excessive
drinking of spirituous: (iqours;! and
perhaps the epn sequences are as ex
tensively sad and ruinous. Bjrj fre
ouent excesses in eatinir, no doubt
thousands and thousands have been
thrown into violent fey era- and
brought to untimely
rr craves.
the same brutal act, doubtless, a
" : ' ' j - r i. -'I
much greater number have become
subjects to other diseases whichjhave
Six inonths,
St 00.
preyec upon their bodies, andiby a
gradual, yet certain fund fatal ipace,
have shortened their lives. Every
gluttonous person s.owly enervates
and wastes his body!;! obscures and
wealcens all the povvers of his mind:
- ' j M )'-
brings upon himself ja heavy stupor
an d. d.rp wsin ess Glut taiiX-Stuiis -all
tlrc tender and interesting feelings
lof a human being, and shuts all the
T - i "t '. " i - i - .
"passages 'to a refined; education.''- In
addition to the ,' varied and lasting
diseases both 1 of body and mind,
which it brings upon its wretched
subjects, it draws them jntd the sad
habits of inactivity and idleness,
which are the parents,: the nurseries,
and forerunners of the most perni-
cious vices and degrading crimes.
If a person eat to excess but seldom
. i ..... -. ...
or even hut once, he destroys his
own comfort, sins against God, and
wounds both soul and body. How
does excessive eatiiiir render a man terms as in any first class paper.
ZSThe Ledger's circnlation is
1 In . Raleigh last Thursday after
the Orange" County Convention .was
organized this gentleman came for:
ward and addressed them as follows :
Gentlemen of the Orange Delega
tion .;'.-' :J- -: -; r:V
4 "I only wish to saa few words
After Orange has given me a com
pliment,ary vote; then Orange can
vote for the next man of her choice
I release Orange after she has coma
plimented m byjher vote, and who
ever is nom njued I will be found
were prtriotic words. L This example
would do for some of. our older
friends to imitate. Altbougb Mr.
Carr was npt nominated he exhibited
strength that will make him the
Democratic nominee two years hence
when lie will be triumphantly elected.
Everybody in Orange county loves
Julian:S.. Cakii. '' He comforts the
poor, feeds the orphan and helps
most everybody., ; ; , - ;
We are well pleased at the re nom
ination of this gentleman, and he
was, undoubtedly, the next choice
W Juliau S. Carr. But as the rot
of tne district .were not acquainted
with the sterling Worth of Mr. Carr
no one felse in', the district
as we,
could have been
iiorati.ated - who
would have gratified us more. We
expect to say somethiig more about
Honest .Joe in our liext; issue and to
work for him ftlroughout the cam
paign. ' ' , - . ": -':";' .'.. :.:
K IlY . E I) G E K ,
CIIAPEL llll L, X. V.
$1 50.
.j . . .1.,..,-rr
W r C A
Full Lino ol
, V-(-
A ijfXXLt LIS V i)V
: ' ' - (
IIES, - i ;'
r -t. i - , .
l- I ; ' GLASS V
itiii'Ofi no ;OHi; Iron
i- M - . : . . ! -:
, V IV !!! Cotton Hoo
I inn still selling the
- K E : T UCKY .LO
Tliis plpv- stands; unrii-a led J It
chokes ? pulls eas',1 turns nil' w
fact it sni i s ortr fanners ycttr. th:
other ploi nov in fi. I- .
I am agent th19 esisonof ilie
Thankriig my many friemls fo
past . f avc I would be plea:
see them at all times,' f?ml; will i
my large and varied stock of go
the very bottom price.
CJiape! Ilill, April .10,
a pi 18-
Advertiseineuts; appearing in the
L EDO Kit ' will rnudi the farmers ol
i Alnmanco,' Chat bam, Wake, Orange
and other, counties,-and is . therefore
a'god advert ising medium.
2Advert:enen(s will be- in
serted iii thesc columns on as liberal
A.wJixlelXiilomu at
v '- r ' . ' .' -'A ' 1 .-1- -'
; StrtteFairol
D TJ R h a
f'-'-'l--'-' ' Jj j '
Wriluj, n.
- I
: .Manager.
Work ot Lott h'un
naturally and habitually addicted to and Gilmer, -and. Mendeuhall, and
crime, one in whom it forms a carnal Gonl &c. AVhen these gentlemen
A i ' '. t. . and Judge Cloud get toetherntf,
necessity and comes by instinct, as is nnA 4i . -x: . ,
i . J- J ' one end ot tins magnificent porch,
thejease, we beleive, with those who there is nsuallyfa lage and interested
outraged so long and successfully the crowd around ; them, while peals of
virtue and property of our citizens
- Ih writincr this article we wished
to call the attention of the authori
ties: to the fact that if those criminals
now committed," to their charge suc
ceed in eluding the law by escaping
fronv confinement, they must , bear
the (invectives and resentment of an
outraged people. .We have heardr
bnti know not haw true it is, that the
jail ;at Hillsboro i a very defective
one; and one Iron, which a , practiced
burglar migfet escape If this- bei
true it is especially incumbent upon
the county authorities that they at
tend to all necessary repairs and
place around the jail a guard fbrmed
of pen in whom the confidence ot
the; people can be safely placed.
We call'atteution to this fact hav
ingjknown so' many instances where
Crime has gone unpunished on this
account and the prisoner allowed to
go forth and transfer his criminal pro
pensities to another scene of action.
laughter testify that1 some good
thing has been'got off or some racy
anecdote related.
Another larcre sratherincr much
more gratifying because the ladies
are in it -is tOjbe found whenever it
is announced that Mrs. Jenkins,
daughter of Rev. Dr. Pritchard, lis
at the piano in the ladies parlor.
The room' itself; the passage on one
side, and the balcony on the other
will then be crowded with silent
listeners,: entranced by, w Hat all de
clare to be, the sweetest singing they
ever. heard. It is truly marvellous.
To hear uIrs. Jenkins shir Tho
Dead . Warrio r,". or "Tenny sonrs
Brook," or "Alolly Bawn,' or "The-
Cuckoo Song, ' is an -epoch in one's
life ; it gives him joy forever. And
And then Mr. Jenkins sits off with a
very imitating way of twirling his
watch key. ' and a look that says, as
piamiy as words : ,"Xhat's all mine ;
mint i tor reasoning r ..v hat an en-
emv to; cneeriuiness and improve
ment! How important then, fori
those who would regard their own
comfort, and promote their health,
o be constantly temperate! in par-
akmg of their daily food. The word
of Goil teaehes us that the richteous
nateth to the satisfvmir of his soul, iiave as
He does not become a slave to his
appetite, nor does he satisfy and in
crease his sensual cravings, but he country nQwspaper in the StatV.
exercises reason about the portion
of fool which at any timei may be
inert a
t our establishment nuik i
first, hi th South for printing Tol
MbeLs both in. quality and quant
work exedutetl in this iHeeial lin
would respectfully, inform the gem
public that we are also prepaml I
ordei s for pvcrj description of Plali
b .ncy J oU I'rinting. in a prompt
satistactorv mnimr. uim! at verv.
mg rapiuiy. and Dids lair to I" i "Cy compeimoH.
' ' i AVe select the followlni? froi
e select thefolloirlnir from a i
ut;r oi
circulation as any
j -
suitable. Solomon says
knife to thy" throat, 'if thou be a mat
given to appetite," This rebuking
caution "shows that excessiye eating ,
must be very wrong and destructive
--'-'. J
"Your pi
The Fall Season will soon. open,
and evei v farmer should knr tin
with the cotton, tobacco and nrn.
duce markets. The Ledger will
From the Portland (Org.) OregonianJl
Mr. Perkins' ranche is on the Co
lumbiaf about ten miles below White
Bluffs. Hearing of the Indian out
break, and apprehending some dan- furnish the marketsjof RaleiH 1 Dur-
' i 1 i .a " r - - . ' , ; .
ger, uw reotveu 10 remove ms wile
iroof is received and docs
firreat credit. It is handsomr.'V
Kemp P Battle, Pre. U. X.
"Above all thlnirs, let there l
mistJikes. We have never had t
'meneement prosrrammes yet free
mktakes.'T - . .
" rhel prbcrrammes were dulv rccc
and g-'ive entire satisfaction, lliej i
tasty, we 1 executed and ! free i
drror. I belie.vfe tou; can turnout
best job in , the State-" i
i J ." Prof. Geo. T. Winst
"St rips to hand and satifactor'.,,
ham, Hillsboro, Chapel ' Hill, .c.
- ; . - .--.; -' ; . - - -' '
Arrangements are being made for
to a place-of salety and started for
this city; but on his-.' way he was i'n-
tercepted at Rattlesnake Springs-
aoout twenty-hve miles from here.
He left home about Jdly T and is
supposed to have been murdered
tnat night. About the 16th three
men were sent out from this place weekly communications from Ral
in searcu oi mm..,' i ney returned
and reported havinsr found his saddle.
blanket and a rope covered with eigh and other points.
wjviuu. xmraeuiaieiv inereaiter a
bmg Uros., Baltimore, 31
"Your work is vcrY KatWactory
ideed." j ProtVjJ WtlSUnond
'-The last invitatiom were as wal
possible ailid gave entire satisfaction.
Ill S. White, Louisburg,.N.t
party of seven citizens and three. In
dians were dispatched to the spot.
A messenger name in frnm t.hpi-o
last night,: and reports that they
found Mr. Perkins - and wife about
three hundred yards from where
they ivere camped, evidently having
been dragged that distance with a
rope. They were buried underneath
a pile of 'rocks, near each other.
Mrs. Perk
uuuuuuicum Il
1 . , . , J
terrad alivp a tio. iioa - i
fi01"1' f'.H toJ.an7 body: bat tnding from between the rooks as if
iiiv. u aL ; ugree uiaL it is not ' tryinj
ig to extricate herself
. The Ledger will Use- whatev
er in-
fltferme.H may comrnand l have a
': . - .. : ' - ' - .... i
KatrroatT BlCicy Cliapcl lill, and
an .Eaperirnsntal Farm connected
with' tBe tTnivOrsity.
"Your iob irave entire fntisfacti
and 1 see nothing to futertere with )'
building up a very suecessful bi;sinei
A.-Sj. Barbee, Uiapel Ilill, 1
"Am much pleased with the w
.and hope
soon. ' '!v
Jo.s. E. Pogwe,
Address nil orders to
, ! Manage
DuiliamX; C June 15, 1978.
H O T El
tp giTe you farther ortl'
Hctidersoh, C
t o a a i
i v
13or Per Xoy
i Propci :
, . -
. f
7 .

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