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Clear tlii" way ! ;
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That t'oiragi-s longhave Iirhl n.
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Men oi' thought anl men of aetion,
jjlear the ! . .
11 112, 1JIVAI.S.
A Till' K STOilV
At t&eJtimo wlieai lo succes.s of
t!ie allies had restored peace to
Europe,, a French General, named
' Kavmond, sailed Vor the East' Indies.
voyiage was a .successful one.
?.nvl good 'foi-Ume xvuipanicl him
..V-wdi idllvis i-iidertakings. When.
' - I " ' . -t
in tin jnonth of May, 1.51, he re
turned .to Havre, de (Iraee, his. na
, tive phiceAie Juo-ngtit: with Jiim iut
' vu s. nV'hni n gid, but aso so
irfmv jewels lrnlcishmeiTs that-he
surcL'Iv knew what &g do with allj
l.k trsares. ' '
xetenil Kyr.cuii itad never beep
married, fiut lie had one brother
and one sister, whose children he
lovejl. . .
wiil send f.r' my . 'nieces, an.ll
r.lopt as my, own chrtd the one who
s'irall best phase nuylhat she may
soothe and watch n-vt-r m in ;n
old sge, .nd iaxllv beeome -liiv
heiress:" ...
In pursuance -"of" this thought. h
wrote to his relatives, inforining
tlieni of his intentions, and inviting
them t visit him with'their daugh
ters at tie cliarming country scat he
had purchased soon after his arrival.
The General's brother, Mr. Chas.
-Kayiiioud, occupied a distingnis'hed
position in Parjs. His family con
sisted of two sons and one daughter,
Amfin.ta.. ,
As soon as nc learned that the
-lidi nabob had returned from India,
til iatcndel adopting one of his
nieces, lie Itasteued tolmpart this in
telligence to his wife. Madame
-ikaynrbml received the welcome
MWs'with the liveliest joy. Slie
aynot the faintest floubt that her
daughter would be tlic chosen one,
kid .repared hei-self to exhibit the
fining-qualities and endowments of
tar !eloved eliild in the" most ad-
antsgous mliJl;r possible
W-uida, who had just reached j
Iter lift o o
.-. v ii lit en. i m i .-
:u"-'"inpIUhdd as slie was handsome
3fH uxdl-urowii. Great care had
'x'" Im stowed upon her education,
e Li l iKeii instructed in' music,
In" titig. anil English : amlj before
!i,T Jomticy to Normandy he was
lake some lessons in tlancing .from
'He of tJ,' mst 4ciiowed masters.
I'o -ouhl 4lolit that, with all
hVse -tdvautages, Amanihi could not
!ilto Mirpass fu r eoimtry cousins ?
lit- Iiowcver proud the; hopes
,,:'-iaii,0 i;ayinoml haI conceived
lur the future, those of Madame
'H-linus, ilC (ieneral's isistur, who
m a small country town, were
'ss sanguine.
Her husbaud'j an
'"est mamitactard'. conducle! his
"bail's in quiet obscurity, and, with
t!e aid of 'his ivam-engine. -srin his
wool ami wove his cotton. WI
i'ho learned troni his wife the itivita
! tion she hacl received, anil - that his
j dauohters were also1otlered a share
i in the inomentoustchoiee, lie M as
j highly delighted, .ami .immediately
presented his children w ith a whole
piece of iIk? finest and best calico
i his factory conhl produce.
. Lucy, the eldest, of -ids -children,
was -a good little creature., of about
I ihirteen years old. ;She assisted her
motiiey inj the hovNsek"epitig, wns.-at-,
! Leiiiiort itself towanls her father.
! . 7
and, through her kind and benevo
lent disposition; was the cspocial
favorite of all his Workmen. Mary,
the second daughter, would proba
bly have ! peen 'thought much pret
tier, had not an unfortunate affection
of-the eyes left them so weak that
shcubver could expose herself to the
light of day without wearing a
shadcj or other protection. Caro
line, the .youngest, was thej idol of
the iamily. r.. Father, , sisters, J and all
the Bervaute of -the house, following
the example of ; Madame Ansebnus
seemed to have eyes for llie little
one alone.
To compre'iicnd this extraordinary
partiality, it was necessary to have
been informed of tle long illness en
dured by the little Caroline, and of
the unceasing watchfulness. required
lor the preservation of7ier- life:
When one considered the endless
night watclres-, fatigues, ami suffer
ings which Madame Ansel in ms had
borne through love to -Kw child, one'
j could not but "'lament the - meagre
results of such great 'sacrifices; for
Caroline looked much more like ! conversation wre -ever tlw same, ai
tiome. unfoi'tucatc monstrosity, than j wav l relating to balls, assemblies,
like a healthy child. Although' she j pie tsure parties, - fashions, :md
--as three years old, fdic cotdd not her repertory of art was son cx
walk a single step, and still less ! hausti'd, the General finally began
could she frame Iier thor.ghts into
any htlelligibb; fqrni of laiiguage.
If she desired to speak her wishes,
she did it in such harsh and disa
greeable tones, ,(hat stmngers stop
ped tlieir ears; tlie tender mother
:lntl Lucy .were the only persons
wnp cpuld " comprcheivl the speech
of.tbe mfrtwnate child.
Not witJista'nding all this, ladame
Anselmus not only thought helittle
Caroline very beautiful, -but even
felt quite assured that her brother j
would 'immediately select her as his j
The noble and
love of the mother led her to be-j
Hieve that all would share in her sen- 1
tiinents, and her blinded , heart
prophesied that her dear Caroline j
must certainly win
a flee lion.
her uncle's i
Mr. Anselmus, however, who con-
sidered the matter from a
miu'H !
more unprejudiced point, "of viewj'l
endeavored, but in vain, to persuade I
his. wife to "leave the' younger-cliil-j
dren at home, for he'kuewhat the ,
onod little. Lucv w:is the only one
among his daughters who could
enter into- a contest with Amanda
for their uncle's favor,'
- Nature rhad in truth endowed
Lucy and her cousin equally, al
tbougii differently. With a lively
aud sensitive temperament, the lat
ter possessed a clear understanding,
overruled by her kind heart ; anil as
to her exterior, her lace, through its
cliecrful and friendly expression,
was almost as pleasing as Amanda's,
through the regularity of her
Jut . nevertheless; what a .striking
contrast at, the first glance' appealed
between tlie tastefully dressed l'aris
ienne, who had acquired the most
elegant and self-possessed demeanor,
and poor Lucy, who. was 'decked out
in a calico gown, as short as it was
narrow, with a pair of old-fashioned
sleeves, so immense and so stiffened
that they came up nearly to her ears.
IJesides, her hair was sc ill arranged,
and her shoes' and stockings so
.coarse and heavy, that Amanda
could not ri'frain from smiling aa
she surveyed her little rival. v
f ; While Madame Raymond peg
lected no :nearr; of Mttracling the
(4eneralV .attention toward her j because -she ; ove.shado'Jd " flieir
laughter,' who entertained -him now I daughters' 'ami the dauglitlersl : be"
with' playing fimVsinging, and now icausehe had. so nifinv acfuiroments
with (. reading ( -English, poor ' Jucy jja'nd o little iriemllmesS, -and,
found herself continually ; occupied"! finally, her uncle, 'because nothiVm is
with her littleisters. She. was' also jnore con).agioils than the judgment
so modest and sl)3', that neither to ! and ' pp'iinOns of those .-around - us':
her uncle., nor to lier distinguished i An individmil win) is: .;iirroeabIe to
1 - j - j
Parisian relatives, eo'uid she say m very tew person's, . will m .time cease
single. word' heeding, j to be esteemed even by that small
. "Mary ; aml.Caroline, ' those.; little j nmi4f-.. m
untortunate.ereatures, telt so little at
honie, so forsakeii ' amid the great,
glittering rooms, that Lucy was
forced to use every effort to soothe
and conceal their ill-humor. Jt thus
happened that Lucy was . at lirst en
tircly overlooked by . the I General,
and was usually to be found in one
corner of the parlor -with the little
sick Caroline in her lap, a silent
witness ot her cousin's proficiency
- Madame Raymond; as well as her
sister-in-law,. who had.hrriyed at the
General's country place during the
early part of July, Jiad given a'
promise to remain' at least three
months; and the old man did all in
his .power to render their sojourn as
pleasant as possible. The first few
weeks were exclusively devoted to
Amanda's triumph.- She appeared
early in the morning . mostUastefully
dressed,and took her seat at her
mother's side, and shared in the con
versation, iln the evening- she
played easy .variations, vn the fashion
o-f the day, or samg an air or so
from the latest opera.
All this did very well for a short
time, lint as the subjects of- her
to weary of this entertainment, lie
sent to Paris- for' new .-music for her,
but this" availed nothing. Amanda
could not plav1 well at sh-ht nor
I i i . ' ,
could she study a piece without' the
assistance of heif teacher. ' 'Like
many a young gir.j of !
?r ot.-u
shfc (v-vetel .iraise; am, aouuiation,
but she shunned 'the. labor' and self-'
sacrificing indnst ry ' necessary to ihe
re:d ciilli ;.s ion of; any talent, and
oR Id
V '' '
secured to
her permanent appreci;
itiou and ap-
plause ; shef was1-satisfied with tli"
instead of striving for
'i .... . -
1 ,. .
the reality. ,
It thus happened thai Gen. uay-1
vmtnd gradually begat to turn his
oborvation;.tb wards Lucy. lie-had
long re marked tlie tenderness with
i which Uhelittle giriC'devoted her-
I ' - . ' )
self to her vovuiger sisters, ill
order to wEi her conhUence,- tie now.
began occasionally to- caress .Mary
and tm-ohue. t ram thamomem,
JVV had one inlyresting 1!opicj wit h
which to. entertain her uncle. She
gra.lually thawed out, to use a com-
mon expression, and finally ventured
to bestow upoii her revered relative
all the tender little attentions sle
had been -hi the habit of lowering
upon her father- from her earliest
childhood. She. "intuitively divined
'all his wants, and her eyes beamed joy when' she had succeeded in
anticipating his secret wishes. Tlie
General was especially pieced with
tin? heartfelt friendliness and good
nature which were Lucy '-s most . -per
culiar characteristics.
When thcjncigiiljoring, land-owners
visited the chateau with their
wives ami'-. daughters,' she spared no
pains to provide for the comfort
and amusement of her guests, with
out? regard to their appearance, their
agrceability, or tediousncss. Hence,
Lucy always received a hearty part
ing kiss, at.lcast as affectionate and
truly felt as the bow j given to
Amanda ; she was most cordially in
i - . ... . i j 1 1 -.
vitea to visit inem, ana euuie&s
were the caresses with which she
was greeted, j ; 1
Amanda, on the contrary, who, if
not exactly haughty and coutemptu-
- l-mis, vet possessed an exlrenWlv cold
j dinpositioh.. displeased tiie ni-otiiers
; The position of the little rivals
j stood' thbs, when an apparency in-
significant, circuinstance .finally -dc-
cided he uncle's choice. . ;
It happened that a magniif cent hall
was to be .gken iri. a; neighboring
city,' to j which t)tc Genpral and his
guestsMVere incited..
Who knows not the pleasure
which the prospect of a bail offers
to youn people ? 4 JJotli girls re
ceived tlie news with 'sparkling eyes,
and both counted the hours to the
promised festival ! '.
'How glail I -shall be to . see
Annanda dance T' cried the good
little Lucy. ' .
.. ''And it will cdrtainly afford'. me
great anjusemenl to, see Liicy in her
ball -costume f r c j 1 i.c 1 Amanda, in a
tone 'which ftfrmod a most striking;
to Liicy's good-naturcl ex
of delight in her cousin's
icquiremeuts, ; ;
' This occurrence caused the Gen
eral; to bestoV upon his nieces
glances which, began to render
Madame Kfiyrnnd quite r,neasy.
The eve of the ball arrived, and it
so happened Amanda's, father
liad forgotten to semj her the flowers
with whichjshc intended to ornament
her liair,and iier dress. - The spoiled
clilbTW'asncrrlbl v 'oilier m5y,Td '
no one k:uuM get :; friendly word;
IVoin hor during they ' whole evening.
fit. iinvl tuniMMnn' T . 1 7 1 r ' r n c
i !-
She was toibe fputid neither
lateau nerVin the surromid-
in t!
e c
ing gardens. Mother, imcle and
Osiers, ill called her name invam.
::iaii v ei eii'M neo, p-st as ine oeii
ii T. i '''.. -it i ii
was smjimomng uie iamny . 10 me
breakfast talde.
' i i - 1 . .1
're have you been IT cried-
her m(
he-r. ' - ':, ' : ' . ' ;
tlie extreme e-nd of the
ret died -Lucy
i;G, look at,
-j-ije . Lc:iutiiil .wreath 'of liawthorn '
j f 'jad a 'reat deal of troti'ble to ibid
I . i,?"" : . i
j it, because it is not. -so common here
as I x t oar woods' !'
"Aiu' what will you do with it ?;
asked some one. . " ..
;" 1 li-athercd it" for Amanda,'' re-
Pi,,)iod lluev
!. 1 i J
k Take it, dear aunt, 'she -added,
turning witli joy-beaming eyes to
I lad a uie' Kavmond :
- i
'T hope.the're-j
will bei
(uite enough to ';make one
for .the hair, another for the
si(le, ami
mother 'to1 Hoop .up the
dress ivith." At these words: Liicy
uncovi,el the Pleasures which she
bad brought in hei: apron.
All w'ere touched by so delicate
an fallen tion, even Amanda, who kid
noi a Lad hearty only .t 'jcotd and sel-:
fish.-dispesiUon. and who now felt,
.1-, j ;
with s!hame, how far her little rival
surpassed her m real goodness ' of
feeling. ; . . '
After breakfast, the General invi-'
t e d Li i e, v i n to h i s ca b i 1 1 e t . : 11 er 1 1 ie re
gave )ier a beautiful half dress of
wdute crape, trimmed with satin ot
the sainp color; for lie desired that
her ' appearance should bo quite
eipial to that of Amanda.
Ij u Cy : ' w a s o f c b u r se , hi g ; h 1 y d e 1 i gh t -ed
with this gift; but .what was her
surprise - when the worthy man led
her to a table whereon stood two
neat; jewel-caskets; anol begged her
to; choose between two necklaces,
one of turquoise, and : one of ame
thystl . ; i; , ''."
?It dear uncle, you have 'really
determined to give me one of these
costly, necklaces, will you permit
me to do as I like ?V
l' Certainly ,!", replied Wie Gene
" butfvhy suclua .qnestfon P ;
4i cm see, ,dear uii-cle,'' answered
sshe confidiiigly, that,: to my taste,
the blue atones which you cr.M tur-quois-es
;are imich, the prettie'r -bat I
choose the juiple oies,1 because: if
you wdl alio v' niLv I u'iH lnd them
to Amanda, to complete 'her ball
dress. : Tiicy have precisely the
cob ' r o f t h e . b 1 b o.m i-i i g h a w t h or n , a 1 1 d
will suit' admirably with Amanda's
fair hair."- ,
u Uravo, my cdii bl !" cried the Gen
eral, 'u-Ilencefor:tS, let no one tell
have no taste! ibit Wnv'jV'J OViV!
me you
you" must' take ..this turquoise neck
lace too ! It will suit no less ,adt
miTabl-vitliyour white -dross, and
your brown hair !" -
V'O that is top much, too much,;;
dear, uncle !" stammered Lucy. ;
"Dear child !'' said1; the General,
pressing her to his heart, "this is not
yet all -I intend to bestow- on you !'
On that very day he. announced
his intention of adopting Lucy as his
future heiress. . To all Uvho asked
him the, reason-of this decision, he
replied : "I ' might reasonably fear,
bee o n i i 1 1 g w e a r y . . o f A m a u d a's s 6 n -atas
and cavatinas, but never of
Lucy's goodness . of heart, which I
am -. qiiftesimV. will aflbrd hie the
same pleasure, and enjoyment in niy
advanced ag-e -which it occasions, me
at the present nioment." .
Nor was", the -; General, mista'ken
lie employed masters for his adopt-
ed daii.ghter her Intellect devel
oped, while her heart continued ever,
the same, and .many .were the happy
evenings they passed' together con-ij
versing; reading, or -playing - chess
the -..Gqnerafs favorite game, at
taste for which ' he,- cultivated 4while
in Imia. : ; " ' . , -. j
" Mr. Afiselmus was delighted at
his daughter's good, fortune' and his
own sagacity ; and the mother was
reconcile'd to the exclusion of ber
favorite, by the . love and attention
which Lucy. -never ceased to beslow
' ' . - :.
upon all the members - ef her own
family.. .,-'" '
. Iloedcl,' who was beheaded in ler
lin for his attempted assassination -of
the emperor,, w! hem informed that his
execution wat fixed u)tm bqcame
j "deathly, pale,. lie wished to lilead
j, pardon., but soon recovered compo-
Siwrei when .Lbld this ; was useless. , lie
asked lorjwine for supper, and drank
to the Commune a-nd the leader of
I the, ocial .Deniocracy. When the
j sentejiee wasread on .the- scaffold lie
j spat disdainfully, and cried ;lravo! '
' i lie repulsed the ministrations' of the
chaplain, declaring them useless, as
lie could not be converted in years.,
Fifty" persons; officials',
I judges, ; pbiie.p 'and twelve; citizens,
i attended the execution, winch is
j generally approved. uihcial
had been posted throughout the'cUy
as a -'warning. The . remains" were
im metliatei y -.bu ricd. Some 1 1 i llicul ty
had be eh ex perienced" hi bbt:Vmiii.g
an executioner, f t is reported that
the man who .'at: last., accepted the'!
task is a respectable butcher of Jer
lin. The biisiuess Was very quickly
done, lie was made to' kneel down,
the executioner raised an iwiinense
double-handed, swordj and at - one
stroke the head! Jell on the, scaffold.
It is reported that tlie executioner
refused any reward. .'"
- . " i. '
TliK Hod ClJOhKKA A l'itKVKX-
-tive The following is said to h'ave
been used w itli success as a jn even
tiv'e of hog cholera.- Equal'iKi rts,,or
a. half pound -of sulphur, to a' quarter,
of a pound each ef copperas' and as
vsattetida, stirred web together ! and
mixed with food. . This remedy has
been used, we understand, 1 y a, slock
raiser borderihg on, the infected-dis-trictilji
Masonboi'o township, and out
of . one hundred and sixty hogs he
has not.yet lost the fust' .one from.
the nrevai hmr (bstemper. As "an
ounce of prevention is worth a pbuud j
ofeu,:c," t would be vvo.jK wl,ilo?at ;
least, to try the recipe we have given. ;
- -. tr . ..' o... . . .
;-: ' ' . ':.-" ' - :-.:'- 1 V
Stock. o( ("iiMt!?! is roT,-' fprumietf k
Cveiy -iepfrt:iii!cnt, and wfU tHid at
: iVoTTOM lk-tCKS ?,-04R;.IIi' ''
' !.. --.'...;' - , .-!..
:''-'!'- ! ' - .'-V "'-' ''' '
or to-prompt payingf stifiersl
1 lis Stock consists sii part of j .'J
-. . ' .
'ov I a it fs.-ai nl Hiul. -
A Full bine of loiuestie KM blonehel
ievst: (;.mmJ4. lak i: (;i.:oi:(ji:. .v
EAVY.-Si-lK7nX 1-1. I LVSlkLlv
(AM lilllls . -..' . I, j .
; A Full UfteVf ' ."' ' .' I :-' - '
; " . ' v; ' !
. ,F5GriKE AXl)FLAIN '
; :" -v- " SLvle. '-. f
: h d ,'1'HA V-M L LI X ( i 1 K lvSS ICS
ffAMHUIiG- 3iIGIX(?Sv in eveiy sfyl
from . cent; nip. ,LIXK
MAlfSEIbbES QtJILTS, alavre lot.
t' kKFPS SllJU'lVS and OOLLXKS,'
frill liim. i v ' , , !. .
i :--' : i -'-"j -'
hakidf made Shoes r-in ; every Style, for.
fiei tlemen,' Laoies. .Misses ; and i Club
ilren.i AIs) a large lot of Othei-gool
and popular wakes of . Slices. , i
M irdAU T,K V'.S
':' i " ' " -.
is Headquarters for ; . ;.-
t . ' ; v.'Lvi',w..
iCUltED HAMS on hahd allelic
time at lottom Prices.
N. C. HAMS and SIDES atUOcts
LOAF and best BROWN' SU
GAU at lowest ju-iccs"
QUITS and HOMIXY always pit hand.
i : 1 ': - ' ! -' :
. t (?i: ;r iiKKKiX(tt mullets, .
i i : : - ? ' " ' " ' '-.
. ULUE FISH, , ,
I- ' -"; 5 - ' ' l
UKST Cl'IlA mLASSRS and PUlii;:
' ; ' ' ' ' ' i ' ''.
! r'rjurc dumi vixixjAUand :-:,
.' . f !.
; V FnESit KICF. - ; !
; A 'full Slock of
Plows. Points and
Fanner s Friend
15lls, always -on
han.l. - ' 5 v , fr ". ' . J
iSWFElfS" lleiiiel. l.'Od. Spi:ire, aj'd
Koiuid InVn oii haiiil. -.of all the tlill'er
enl -' al l.'ie lowest cadi price.
I COffTOX; IKiES in all the latest and
improved si v le'. ! .1
liOKSli aiidf .Ml'bF SHuKS and
r ; rXAibs.
Cl'T and
1 fXlSIHX(i XAUiS of
every size.- .. .. .
(lUAI.Van.l K ASS , ULA DKS.
-r .' i . . ;i ' ' f
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; In fact. eveiyMihig in llie llardwarfl
fiilCv - I J.;. '"'-. :
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a heanlil'hl line, of
ll, .MISSKS, an. I C
TKI.M.Mi:i and t:XTKI.M
1?S .Sit i'l'iTv'StVle. - '
I foil biinc o-f (ienfleiileu aiift Lailh'-
XECKTH-H '' I v ,
h ntleu'.eM .mil Hov Ff.TT " and
Tlt.VW J.f ATS, 'in tall the latest and--
in west SUl;s v j . -
A full liwe of Men and Hoys'- i:EAD
MA1)K (.OTiff XG-atiprices tlijif can- -
-1 Hit he' heat!. . .' j If'
heats themlall, from l.i t-t'iits -to tyi
i IJ vxdi wind to sale moiicy, eoihe til
M'CAir LEY'S wheiu you :wi)ll HmX
wh it vou want at . pricc lo suit, every- t
body' I ' . : - -' :A '; '
i Thanking the puhjic for the liheral
patronage ivch me herelipms l jueon
m slf in the AiCurc, as 1 have t icd n
doin thet. to; treat ever body, riht
o - U- .
, - ; . ., l MeCAtnJEV:.
f -, Chapel Hill. VO, Ma- IS.. 1878.,-
r-, :

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