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pel UU1, N. O, May 18, 1878.
For their sake, your sons ami daughters.
IxMiktu to you, their parents,1
. .Make home pleasant! .1 '
Let them haw no cause fo aiider,
"' ..Or to liucer
Where Sin beckons with her read',
xcmpung nnger I i - i
m m L
inougupu inar nQt pet and pamper
i J
Let home firelight shed its glory
a m .
, mesi retuigeiiL'o:
As' your heart yes
irns for the comfort
JJo tlielf young, blood, running riot,
.' Yearns tor pleasures!
Give them therewith prudence tempered
lowers oi oea u : y,
buch as once you plucked in youthtiine ;
-. "lis your duty: f
Starve them not on folly's diet,
..' ; , Evanescent; ,
Yet be careful with your license
' Make home pleasant !
i . ;
Written for the Chapel Hill Ledger.
Bf MISS E. K. H.
"Stilnessof summer' nbpntide over
hill, and deep ' embowering wood
and rock, and stream, spread forth
her downy pinions,' scattering sleep
upon the drooping eyelids of the
No sound broke the dreamy si
lence of the soft, balmy day; but sud
denly a bright happy voice rang out
merrily: '
'."Come to the woods in June,
Tis happiness to rove,
When nature's lyres are all in tune,
And life all full of love." ;
Beneath a wide spreading oak, in
a pleasant' yard, in all the careless
grace of youth, reclined a young girl.
just budding into womanhood. By
her side lay an open volume of Ten-
nyson, and through the leaves of tbe
lofty oak fell the , sunshine, flecking
n'ef .bairjwiih. fiQldenJigh
by'was a large house, which stood
upon an eminence,
at the foot of
which ran a river, lazily winding its
way over the hills and through the
meadows. The yard was green
with grass, smoothly cut, while the
flowers seem springing up at almost
every step. The tall oaks, quivering
aspens, and dark fir trees gave new
beauty to the scene. ' Down the
pathway came quickly, another girl,
seeking her friend, - whose merry
song had revealed her retreat
MNellie,w exclaimed the new-comer
with; an expression of amusement,
"I declare you are a perfect Epicure,
talrtnrr nrt thonfht for to-morrow. I
- -"-O
" .1" 1
believe you are always giaa
in the
gay sunshine."
"Mary ,n exclaimed Nellie, startled
out of a pleasant reverie, "you sur-
nri mfi. I was iust building a
most charming air-castle, and lo! now
it 'has vanished into thin air How
beautiful is the summer! How
could one be unhappy, when all na
ture seems smilingly thankful for her
beauty? Yes, I guess i I must be a
'lily of the field,' toiling not nor
spinning, thinking of no future or
past, but rejoicing in the present.
Nellie's merry ;'blu eyes looked up
laughingly 1 at, Mary, who stood,
leaning against, the tree, smiling at the
enthusiasm of her friend.
"Perhaps yon are right," replied
Mary, " is hard to dream; only
to bo rudel awakened, and you
know we must all sooner or later
test'for ourselves life's realities."
MaryUaughed- Nellie, "remem
ber, 'sufficient unto the day is the
evil thereof so don't let's borrow
trouble, but be happy while we can."
"But I forgot to -tell you the
news," said Mary, ' "two gentle
men have come home with Lee, col
lege chums bf his; so quit dreaming,
and hurry to the bouse. I want you
to look your very prettiest. I heard
Mother tell Papa' this morning that
Mr. Green" was such a nice young
man. I have quite a curiosity to
meet dear old Lee's great friend,
Robin Fuller, I know you, will catcb
him,"-and Mary looked lovingly into
Nellie's sweet face. '
xru; ornofl reluctantly, and cast-
ing a lingering look upon her pleas-
JbillX, H. P., SATURDA Y, 3STQ
ant retreat, she walled toward
the house, savinsr to
as she
"I am glad Lee has r returned, , for
he and. I used to. agree famously.
But as for the r otherjjtwo, ! wish
I they had staid away. I don't want
any- men coming- Here, disturbing
our peace; As for Mri Fuller.
Marv. vou are welcomed hint: ; T
I " T 1 . " 1
can' imagine him easy . enough., some
conceited fellow,Jwlio i ieels this im
portance." No more comfort'for ns
but we6hall have to", be wdrneiF by
play ing. the agreeable tt persons
whom we shall not like.' ; ,.p :rj$
Mrs. Lawrence met them at the
door with; . ' - M
'Rnn right up stairs and dress for
uinner. 4 x ne gentlemen have -come
Nowgdon't keep us waiting.".;, ,
Nellie Holt was a guest and
schoolmate of Mary Lawrence's.
Nellie, . . warm-heart ed, outspoken
generous and impulsive, was full oi
strange contradictions. , Slie. was
merry and gay, arid ;heV' blue eyes
full of mischief and
Her face bad ; caught a new charm
lately, for over her girlish brow was
stealing the feanctity of woman's des
tiny. Her figure was rounded in
all the symmetry of youth, and her
heart was full of yearnings and vague
ideals of the "beautiful beyond.". ,
Jtfary Lawrence was. not pretty;
yet her soft grey, eyes, when lighted
up by animation, .lent a charm to a
face, whose sweet expression won
many kind" friends. She was not
sentimental, and often grew quite
eloquent, when speaking of the dese
oration of love, by modem lair ones
making a jest of such a noble feel
mg. She had high ideas of woman-
in the cause
firt ot5nffliirjuary T
to flirts and air last; girls. She be
lieved in the modesty of our moth
ers, and declared that men ought to
bp made better, not worse, by asso
ciation with women.
While Nellie was dressing, Mary
stood quietly by and watcliedhcr
friend's fresh young face. 1 here
was something so blithe, so free
from care, in the expression, that
Mary sighed half involuntarily, feel
ing in her heart? that "beauty is an
i ... " af if
open letter oi recommenaauon.
Nellie looked 'cnarmmg in ner
- - '. 1
white dress, with no ornament save
a half blown, rose, which nestled in
her bonny brown hair.
Mary was "nice looking" in a cool
lawn, with cherry colored ribbons,
but she could never give herself an
air of attractive, unconscious loveli
ness, which seemed Nellie's own by
riiht of nature's kindness.
"Hurry up Nellie," said Mary,
'there's the dinner-bell."
"Mary," replied Nellie, "I have a
nroBAntimflnt of COminiT ill. But of
course, I know yon think it is sheer
nonsense." ,
As they, entered the dining-room,
Lee Lawrence came forward, to in
troduce his friends and greet bis
sister and Nellie.
"Well, Mary," said Lee, after they
were all seated, "we have all three
come here for a glorious time, and
you and Miss Nellie must exert your
selves to entertain ns."
"Lee. : do be5 more gallant," spoke
od Mr. Green, "and say we are ready
4-n. nlonO All raelvea at the service of
J 1MW v -
the ladies."
1 Ta . means' that we are sure of
beinir pleased, and takes it for grant
ed that it is known that it is a pleas
ure to obey ladies," and Mr. Poller's
sarcastic smile curved his lips, while
uttering a sentiment he did not feel.
Mr. Green, wbo sat j near Nellie,
had an openr winning countenance,
and .his very presence seemed to say
"away with melancholy." His blue
eyes could laugh with fwny or grow
deep and earnest with thought.
Opposite Mary, Mr. Fuller sat,
whose handsome face was peculiarly
striking. There was about him such
a sense of reserved power; of deter-
niriation, of self-repression, in word,
in look, and act. His dark hair was
ami ueuitj vsrvieosiy irom bis VUOUgnt
I ' "
iU, u, uu U, aa rami oi
dilatingjand cntiingwWch gave
tt& lialf jesting. ; ball earnest' tone
, . . - .
in ma naiure oe-
tween sincerity and decit, doubt and
belief. He Was at that neriod of life.
when hopes , of "not, being made as
' wipi, ouu u reams oi , waiKing
on celestial heighu form a part of
oarjcieaiity v-;r v;;. - - r - r
V These four people had; met; , and
never agaAi obld tberee tbe same
m, 4.-'.. , ... ' ' .
tcui.Miu iui,ivr inuuences were
weal ot woeJall their lireal tte
ayof: June had passed by qnibkly
v v v wings
river, and .croquet-parties.
1 he- warm weather of July and
August kept the young folks more
closely- at home, but still there were
al ways sources of amusement. .
naa oioomea out into 1 a
brighterraycrgirltid often snatclie
of,ye a,,g8?fe11 trom her lip for
by her sSdef Kobtn Menwd to linger
wlloMSD swaa puxwca at
himself, Vas tbe Summer went by.
His theory was, "Beauty strikes the
eye, ouy raeni wins ine sow." jjo, 1
while feeling Nellie's fascination as
oniy sucn lovers 01 oeauiy can leei, ne
resolute y devoted hitpelf to Mary.
He told himself over and over that
Mary was wnat ne neeiea, lor ner
womanly character made him ad-
mire ber. -Yet he felt a jealous pang
whenever he :,saw how entirely
charmed George Green was with I
J - - - . ... .! s .-. 1
a CHIC 1 I
" September had come, ancl Nellie .
it ti,of t. iA..f -
,ia r raatiooa tin-1
quiet. She liked George thoroughly,
and met him with such friendly
kindness, that he might have felt how
1 . . -fi .. . ' ' '
itlle her heart had to give him of unfold, the stronger grew his inter
ove. But when by chance Robin's est m her. and the less nleasure he
eyes met hers, a strange thrill 01
pleasant pain shot through her, and
a flush rose to her face. '
One evening, she stole quietly to
her old retreat. Only two short
months or more, she7 had sought this
place, to build air-castles, and -enjoy
the delights of Summer. Now, to
night, she came, to bold communion
with herself in bitterness of spirit.
She knew, past all r doubting, her
heart was Robin's, and she felt
humbled to feel it was given un-
" While she was thinking so bitterly,
she heard approaching footsteps ;
looking up, she beheld George Green.
He came and stood by her, watching
the slowly gathering shadows of
"Well, Miss Nellie, we have bad
a pleasant Summer; "How quickly
the days have past ! I came here
gladly, and leave with, sadness." '
fYea," sighed Nellie, tbe Summer
has.nearly gone, witb'Sts. pleasures
to be.forgotten never f ; I wish some
times pleasant days would never end.1
"I don't know if it were best," re
plied George, "for the line ol pain
must run parallel with that of joy.
We could not love tbe lights of life, if
there were no shadows, to bring out
their beauties. Besides the mere
fact that such moments as these are
fleeting, few, and soon gone, gives
them a mournful charm. Then when
the pleasures are' dead, one can bring
them back by memory's magic wand,
leaving out' all that made tbem less
beautiful, and touching tbem with a
glow riot of earth."
! Then there was 1 long silence.
Greorge was thinking of the fair girl
at his side ; he knew he loved ber ;
yetr with a future to make, he felt
be had no right to woo her. . r
Nellie, too, was lost m deep
thonght. There was avague onrest
of mind and a bitter stirring of
heart, and she was wondering why
life, which was so full of promise
V. 2. 1878
only a short time since, now seemed
such a shallow, things s ;
. wanv you, alias iMellie, 10 H
MY - a - f m ' -.
member.n abrtinttv r.-M n
"that I;rf more rihan a. Summer
I dear von t . : - .s
1 w j' MWlf .BVUICUlUe
i hope to ask for- more than
shib: how much I r -(,.
terposed Nellie. som thinoi nr
oest left unsaid. We are friend,
and I. shall not fort. vn,
I - . f- jw trwu.
- But donVbbperTlbrlntmngs
sld regrets. ) Iemember that if tbui
gumer aiea ajioer U cfea pi
i tiaps, Xraught with happiness for us
l 'Sotavinff she left Georm otit tin
drj the sura, rtjtry ng hard o.fape
i fas irouoies wtto maniy courage ,
As Nellie approached the house,
she saw Robin and Mary out on the
porch in learnest conversation. and.
as she : passed them, she heard Iob
in's musical voice, declaring 5 Nay,
Mary, why will you doubt me T X
love you as a true ; woman ahould be
loved ;" and Nellie ibeard oa mor
i She went up to hen room,, ipd
fellinff by : the window; she maved
for strenith to bear herself fikw v;
and to teach herself the lesson of
j When Mary: came up, smiling jujd
happy, to tell Nellie what a blessing
Summer had . brouffht. Nellie list:
ened : Undly I w all the storV
Kobin's love;
What strange creatures men are!
How soon the rest, iwhich thev
showed ini pursuit, dies out. WliPn
.. . f .-rr-
the object is won.
1 axvw. Awuui uetievcu inveu
-. AT 1 ! : t , 1 t
Mary' but when 1 he had succeeded in
m-- 1 .....
Alincr in his ardof -Besides the
more he was thrown with . Nellie,
who tried to meet bim frankly, the
more he saw her beauties of mind
experienced With Mary. ' He cursed
himself for his .. folly, and thought
with regret of Nellie's winsome
ways. 'V, . ' : '
Nellie was loyal and true, but
a natural desire to please, beside a
strong, irresistible attraction to
Robin, made her forgetful of Mary.
Robin felt that Nellie was becoming
for-him the one woman of -all the
world, i .-.v;f';- '
"We count time by heart-throbs,"
and now how long it seemed, since
he had known and ' loved : Nellie !
"Every moment lightly shaken ran
itself in golden sands," Ah ine!
Love is ever busy with his shuttle,
weaving into lifes dark warp, bright,
gorgeous flowers ; and Arcadian
scenes. 'Love is" ever hanging our
gloomy prison house with tapestries,
that make its walls dilate in never
Mary Iwrence ibad xpven her
love, her all, arid now' that she felt
Robin no longer cared for her, the
whole happy tide of feeling came
back to ber: heart, bringing waters
as bitter as those of Marah, arid
turning all her past to pain I Here
after she may learn to love some
one else, but never with that entire
self-devotion 'which made Heaven
itself seem to descend In lo ve. Her
Summer has changed her life, arid
her heart is like "s weet bells jangled,
out of tone. 2 ' " '
4 The lait &t'6t pumber: had
dawned; and on to-morrpwv the
party would separate, probably never
to meet again. A sadness settled
over all, , for meinory was busy,
holding up to each the-recollections
of the Summer now gone. George
bad bidden farewell to Nellie, and
had gone irp to . his room, saying to
himself, a he looked upon the quiet
beauty of the scene beneath, bathed
in I moori-h'ght : "To every ; one
cometh pain. Am I not better for
loving ? Not. every, blossom ripens
into fruit. . I feel that
CARR,:Esq ,v y , . : ' . '
One sqllare one insertion, one 'dollar,
Qi square each subsequent inserUom ' ' '
-.flay cents ..jX, ,ur ; ,'tJ.: " 17'
Special contfacts made ifor larger adver-
tlsementa M v p. . - ,,','-
Advertisements should be " sent in by,. f
' Thursday before each day of Issue,
. ; -' ' t : "t "p- -(t
i It Is beiU nave loved and lost'';"
-'rThan never to have loved at-Blb!-. ' lJ
1 Mary'lwrenrtbcMwas ofTb'
bersilf, AtnUi;brMVMibleh
some to her, and her heart ached
to rememoer ivsnappji
throbs, to
short awbllessa ACiJ
.Oh ! sweet Iltcilonaf
the brain,
and sudden tbrilfo erf fire and frost
.... -
While ye remain with us, how bright i
is the world I When ye leave,' bbW
dark; and dead, .:;-p' -
''Town tUlrt Iatliefs4irdyinij"V
S&mer, inlhV; Blood iltobin-iuxd ;
NeUiev taking farewell fxf fiemmeri ,
which bow seemed swift a a shadonr, '
bigbt-iu:a' dttsm. ji f ..ivv-v'
nwr ;$sm ' gbe,;, and' do '705' Icnbvf
witn its flight jl havojost myilpart ?,;,:j'
Indeed 'I lore ytm;)otneield
yourself to me. t My hopes and yours
are one.1 ' Lay your sweet bands id
mine, and trust me," and' iMbio.
comes nearer in rfgef hlisteTTOItfXJp
the Jndus HtU'b
him away with -a assidnate f gesture,
"ii seems you iove to cneai your " 1
If with' words! YVnb'tf'loye
Have yoa forgbtteri Vbut vbwi
Zi; How can I beltVybtf t v
Pray be more consistent. 4 -1 cari nbtfi ' I
nay, most pot listen , . to you," sayg ' 1 1
Nellie, , .tremulously , moving . a way, t
from hifn, v ' r;M ;f "...
? Nellie," exclaims Ilobin r pavsion
e(y;'wV.n4J ;fi
bring.lbe dropping ftpwer.of. JknowL', f
edge, chaqged , to fruit of ? jisdpm
Vyait, dearest, my ; iitb i& Iaf ge ifl t ,
Time, and that which ;sbapest KO
some perfect entLQayliwtJO&1iL
"It is not right forme lo.hear such.' ;
words,'? sadly answers Nellie.'for. ,f
you have proved yourself both , fitfse,
;PWe M )97 79fi mof.
not trust you" rioTmc iif
stone in the arch of lo ve,.' which . It
its rainbow beauty spans thus, worJq (),.
of ours." . . ; '. ' ' f
The passionate flush had died out t r
from Robin's face, .tod with-bvwe4 .
head he listened to ' Nellie's iwords. : i ' K
"G6 forth, Robin, and learn ; that: A
to : be tender . and limef ; loyal and v'.i
good, is worth all else.? . .Coming to J.t
ward him the took bis hands, sayin .')
softl-f: - r l V Ji . i-,! i
iy this, belovsd of me,7 ' j -nu, .':;:'(
When from my dead heart SouUiera t ,(
i roses snrin sr. . '" i ' r ' ; .;"''
The whole year ronnd, where bes mud i
mocK-Diru sing 1 1 j'l-'if 1
Their lorf tweet j ublleej' LJlliL '
Sav this: Through llfe4 strange day ,
Of" joy and sorrow, studying to be truei
With Weeding reet sterp uuy to pursue,..,,
v She kept one hcarU om voir. " ' " "
With one bacxwaragiaoceoi pity
ing love, Nellie left poor Robin, who. ' '
to truth and loyalty, to love ana trust,
had proved so reereariu' ,
Oh Summer' days, so wonderful and
' white! ' ' v,-f-.itf "
: So rail of gladness and ef pain.
Forever aud forever shall ye j . .
To some the gravr-stone'of a dead .
delisbf: -r v-r ' .rxr?f?
To some thet landmark pf a hew-doaialiir
HUUboreugn, N. C.
4; A i .
;rVestlBi Is Kt It attjaf fetqule
indeibr sir years. -Outbreak aiw
few and far between sHhat next pre
ceding '1872 was in which
overwhebried the village Cercelo,
the stream of lava flowing ten miles
Between 79 and Wohlyforty-nlne
serious eruptions1 are 1 believed! to"
have pceartid and dorroghe early !
part of this xnt,nry 1 oref bad i
been so Inactive a toXjIIy Sir
Gharlea Coldstream's" remark, ' that
there's nothiog in it'.w -The som-';
rait had become in- appearance , a ,
rocky' serface, pierced ? byj ' fisf oresv .
whence vaporr escaped; In October,
1822, a violent eiuption carried awajr;;
more than 300. square fee leavlrig ri!
vast chasm miles in' cireumfeferioe; j
Tho eruption that f oysrwhelriied
Pompeii was in 79. The amount of
matter erected is enormous, that, sent
forth in 1737 being over 33,580,000
cubic feet. " : ' - : :' ."
Mr. Moody's. Somday eyenirtg B1-;
ble readings at his home in North'
field, are very successful His large
house is usually filled to overflo wing;
i ,
4: : '

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