North Carolina Newspapers

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Saturday. - - - - - Nov. 'loe.l i;,:,! ftt rihanpl TTiiiVa UiiiVcr8ity
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i frFromviY. AVorlil, Oct., 2Stli.
One of the rnbstjdaring aqd suc
essfully ; accoMiplished burglaries
e vudon? in j thiSv aiy ; was commit
tbT vPiiMlav morninir in broad aay-
V J T J t- . T I
Oir, if trWall micbnsciotis.Wtfght cn the Manhattan bavmgs. in-1
";f Tia northeast corner ui
o o t- ... .r '.: 'ii,U,VkAVinf'nf rui-'Ao u.v'rirt R ftftker, street ine
i..nAo:i:i:,u.i.-eiitinfy A&iudircsl litufirlars.fihtained the keys.
. -.tnfrWiufJ.the uroceedings were awirBw.K j - u: aVe ioddv to &o rtthei ,beicii ati bank doors, ana tne ey ujiuivv.wm.
int aniinrp. our ni!tenioii. - ei.w 1 l . t.i nbtmrr i . CT T ,
m rrirr lif
RAtES'OP At) VKR'lIS ING1 c r.M-4
yftj b!ore -tliai date? nd it not a
ceiiteimiarthen why anything ? "Bjit
jiaucu k - . .
. J wm u t Dw 'in i iir: t iiiv vivivi " -
Tfeotives.'4 itiey nrrviien"-1 iijiiwjr
beyond, and keep surveillance of sp-
Ulh the-lavinsJ of the corner- hwtSvett TheyerttWJhpr!y
onlre-'lite buifdingtedvhftiiitersi fThey .iriblieltbiH
y of iTn. ..v.,u ' r V:: , sani arx, reaulajianA.-QtU eir. .own,
day ot vctooer; ii. . - - nci i,ia-,n fact ,s j,at they are cen-
Tic,6bjct.t1ibTruste8.a'to every 'ftmaa
-elvd anrroi)orlunity' tor reviewing
r.;i:i :r.T-,i . . . . 4- .. .
mill vltritiI'heirr6V8 his iiinrciiice.Tbt- ky to the bankrdopfs.i? 1 here- is
fip)iu&! from .a wroyg native, uptll
h tontrary. phall be tuade toxpear.
Abstain IVouvthis evil pf censorious-
f 1-1
or tending 'o 'jfr J'O
vtrsif ic ill ik oriotemtfuf-touiv
t - t nvha nave passea jrum no(uviniv arnoimt-.or virtuous niuignanou uu
-TTVr; eV, J -r Vn l-n-fheirfn;ade8rAraoni''the arty? 1)efiitTrikc6idif V'lnrt'breth-
w?pnerpriue ....- 7 tlije.sih 1 1; . putfbt Jjate, ;t.wJ
irtB 'for- ' UM. nroud- df. fairi-"tlifl ?eih louto'loVei JWe
isi- rov iBii w.,i ihvh . " - r . .- - . k .y i i r 1 .
I .- -
versftf,ptfy;r,in Jtci . inz. Irtc
of- this niace, now ...i.ias Laa "ftWocifait'to hav.ei,a
VraMicW Uwvera in-J'avetteVnie, r:r. :.thnlrovp'tf'dtrtieatWq ponWiqeniBMJWpu.i, aru
1 . i D.UD1UCIO V1 iuio c,.v ... I VIUIITV
the irniperilyf of a4mraufflv County tr. If
oeon el eineciallY.th6se. ot iJtialetr thVKv va ofihe'm-catihiu'n of i!f3wy wwb WW
ft 1 1
!tv j .M- !.ifitTjU.H iCxAI(ti'(ii!!h,lh''JcKrnBr i8tneJ was
J "r 7r .;-f4nt -not laid until 1793, the begMinmgiv;!rrtfofeea
-have, elected T'theif Re?ieiUt!Ye
in "Cofit,"ie'9UerMisVbrh U7p,hen the -r!"0;;1 X) Ven votff thu UanL 'Sclim were
. Fonteiyikicih& BoV!d,-fcet .coctaution inserted, coni. -er of . Uiree
.il .Aon1VnfA hnhhld wood Pa' lo-lhe GeDeral Assembly to hundred, -The sMdMmrasnmir;
i m a x . - - r - ; .... i ... -a
Lby Ithe. Loudon Tmth,: wonder 11 G:3U o'clock, wliile he was
f hmrmanJ'ttW seve'n 1 tnaed 'neffed
Mr tin? rar... i ..iua.Hii.u, ; . - roUIn .niAIHICUIIlitl n Iwl im i
haitthorbackMit fPhc'sMlsland U4u u iteaiidusd iitKia-iruard t oct
I ' - t i r i 1 I -' II, . ,- J
: J. J. Davis wilf bo certain. ' ; "iv D'
: r f ... - established by the Lt
institution" '-afterward.4 ' ' t," wainuWered Dy urotntjv
esUDl.snea py xneiegis aiure n.c-J taohe-d ( big selhn; a? a he
'two corhijartnieiits. of the inner sale
Sifo. helped lthe'uaselves'td; thecoii
nUcarry iug otF $ll,i)00 ash,te73,4
00l in negotiable securities, .nwi tit
00,7 U0 Hegisteed s purines.
also anothfcrpersop possessedpf keys
rick jShe veli n. Kealy goes o n d uty
sit 6i W m. Hiifl ' off at'U a;' ni-l when
Pimnnr. Press : Cant. It. B. Da
vis has just finished caring his fourth
barn of tobascoNirid it is -Very niceTJ
in tact, his whole efbp -is good, rt
flectiue much credit upon tne enon
to raise the weed in ;t Inspection
L Wilmington Star : We learn that
one David Mclutyie, ) while tmder
the influence of liquor, set fire to the
afftrn-of his father, situated-about
four, mile's. froViv.Al.otfs i 'KecktKoV
"'t' .... .1... OitK 5nwt llPMIISfi
the old man ret use I him somQi' Wine
pwliich he . craved. The -store and
iH ni Mi.ti.,n iliisf-vean ia very farire.
and the n iiUis vifry!rlne;:At Mf:'JoO
McUallV placv, soinopx ins trey nw
have a fine second crop o
the.'flrst ripened in June, and rthe
UpiVond about the first oflast, mpnth-
Mr. Thos. Peiineli, of King's (Jreek.
also has a tree bearing the second
Crop, V. pjif f ;. - ' 'i Vij i '
Greenville Express :J Alaj. JL-v C
Latham met with quite -a 'iseribus
accident. He i was i frupt
ftfTils Iioi ka. when the animal sudden-
fly . sprang5 rbrward, knockhiiirtl
tiawii ;iimi LiaiiiiMiiiu .x.
The shoe of the horse cut 'anfngly
gash in his leg opening it ;tp;the
boiuy and caitsing a yery , paiht'ul
wound. He is doing 'well, though
it will be pome Vinie before hes can
walk. He twas to .hvebeaiiir Ws
I canvass in aid ot" Maj. Yeates only the
day after, but is torced to give it-up.
p Raleigh News; A Qn, Saturday ast,
a venerable lady, .win;,. lives ira ark
corner of his county i came into ihe
cit v VJr the ' first Ttime: JSlie -)iad
'1-aJ ..ii.T .i-f lirtl; n .itViA.
CHI 9, till 1 1 iWnpiSH IKU X'Ji.
afmost. dreaded curiosity. When
shVeanie to a poiiit.near the railway,
she' '.heard -,f a whistUs ' Vi'hicli.rKef
i,,;J huhlntliH to Kl m the sVi earn 6f
he engine. .. She f ,lf il ieally 'bgt'd
hm to get out1- of the linggy :a1fl
head off. the train to stop it. ,. file tpld
her he conid nt lo this, - but dfovp
w i I h a 1 1 speed el use l 1 1 1 tV t rack that
slic 'nnglit .se, itr vv;ui p.uinttg
mohsJer went by, ihe iady tainted
lead away from trighti- I '
He 2 wakes up the4ahitor, whovas
fenmbaifahjirirtttM tlmidayiv The Jan-
Litor (.lives on the second floor attjtlje
jear. and his.rooins are reached, by a
flight ot steps running up; trom
Bleckef street;' At1 tlie loot bf these
Stairs is a double 'door, iwhichi fastens I
with Hprjiug. :Jlath. ;?Kea,lyf hasf a;
rkey; to.this f door, and it is his habit
wheV about) to "fcave iir the' morning
to go up' and rapbri Werkle's door;
VVerkle being'' expijeled sW give an
Answering whip on the iuwtdejWBr-.
kle hasa wile:and,a iQotherr.Miaw, a
(liviug with hi in: y ,
4 "kSjofttmg b4he siHteraterit! giV6ti
bCy5 1 U'eYkie'o-'tioiica?lieiU'a4
M'RHuuf up nr:yeU; tiiy- jitimrtiinx byj
dress :
theold;woman.i 1 1 J is w i e bega i v
hcfafn.but he .tvld lvi" to.rhuih, .(jr.
they would kill her';. Three' ol tlie
M t n '',. J'fvl! ..! !:--..
men reniained lips
while the other lorir, hafing g:iini;tl
possession, of tho
;keys and t li secre
lion to ; the vault
aifa in tli e 4 'roonV.'
. . . . . . ...!L. L:. .:. .,AtAn . 1 ha t ..-. ; ' V i j;v'
i XX ai;.i:v;rim'-.Arcoruanco wuir vuw iiimnuiwu emsntfctert-tliat ine women nan .aiueu l.:.. t,
1-ij-iv.i:t,.'j.': fundamental law datett back to the hishncle's mmder,or.1ftt alleveuts.nad 1 ti:: Ar., 4v.,-"tK,
Th WAtfl l.Vrfot aaAuch aUdption.oiatiivconsuiuui.i jliiv . . - ---- - v 1,1s aory twice neioie art, niuing ipi
bank iind; v'ilt
ot the coinbiua
lock, went if)Vvii
bink 'and "ldckeil
door after them. v.Wefckle told
If - , -V
nsfoPthri epltfot Rakish'; fundamental Uw. daeH baefctofe
a lam tate i air traa not aamucn ""-r - r- . .i... rv.r-.
.w, .j r. Cenienri a n of - thetUli er1vas :ihe bur
ofa.sricce8Asthey-secmtblhivk it .'f'" rr, --:;Ivtjpn fU)ufieitbbthfreTiuh,ltaliaM antt 0fie.J
; ..f,i i.jl- nue-oifDecember. 1870.LIhit was udNlLJLi.r. A;i,i:.UUnr, OI l"t:
. !: i wfia fied nn ti h. vanlt -flnd the-' "next I .1 J V , . .'. .
-VxVji .Ti'''V' , "'7, r . " tne puperiutcmient that tne men
oi.TnrmornmgaviayireaK rt
. s UnW TirV r,cmre7oi
uuij.mnu ii
Mwaja uu ineir
.... j
lht 'Krf'rVbiiQfrJs;i
en done.
glars'had olitained.'k'UMKte.dg
co in I i i i atio ij; f ro m. , u i . r , I'ii t
e' told
"j Ad vert isements tpfftaritig In the
LfHiEit will! reach the farmers oi
ATamaiice; Chatham Vftkci Prange
' 'it.i i vLt.nv. !;);.. M'o-;:! ..; ,
and olhef cbunticaj 'and Is the rcfor
a sood ad vertisincr medium. :
mm' ?t A . ... w-. - .
Oxftrl Torch Liixla : 3l!ss Annie
Cusicrs, a heaniitul .and charming
belle of N rihamptoti co uuty,' came
so a shocking tuith on Saturday.,
Captain Tliia T. Togry, ,at jover;
of the llidy, luil just ."returned
!wm- l7tiatiitr.' unit kat" . will liei in
the portico, of her father's resideneeV
He" said t hai boih barrela pf the shot
gun were unloaded, ami proceeded
did not i-ive thein 1 1 siu'u'c ol 'wiiat a fine time he had
they ' would kill had' in the 'forest.. While he was!
1 Jl.iTllBR'Cfi?tne tolldfinir ;namea muic delivered an address, tfivins to MLeeii
gentlemen 'could till, the dfficefot Un'thq history: ot.the University down
S. Senator Hons; -D r G. -rlowle'j i Jl to the laying j of the cornerstone
M. Leach,' Thos. L. Clingiriarr J Thos. ) embodying sketches ot Gov, Uav
C. Fnller,:WmJ Ri Cox,iXYml.Mz and Jndge Aloore, andViHio Jopi
ilowi -o'r .by beinsfi. beaten i on the
fihd with 'the heavy- oars.f
i f n I . . . l ii .w.-i.v-k
j, V" f-"v,ij .1.1,1 L.i.i i. ; ...
,: . - - - , amnium 114111 II Iiv;
taken ;by- the eu- tW co,nbnation,
' "VY... f him.!! He .answered thht if he yave VnlHnr h.- K ,i,f.twil .ft ,
successively thrown i in- t. , ,. ,. , V 1 : . '"
I r 4 .... 110'n 4 I . . . ..; . I, -i i. .... . . i. I . 1 . 'i I l .- I , V 1 i , 1
P -
t7 Kobbina or P. H. Winston, fkidand. G0n.AIeban&' aud..oteW,;oSfh:
. xvii y uu in trie. uurta) i ussus(cii .tn Btai iuig ine jjuju versuy j
.1 II W . . f '...ll
. Li'i . r.u' w "oc -v iin.-ju,iu;tiirv mim uui anra iieavv ioum oi uticK-snov
ro'K' . -l" know how to turn the knobj They Miss Custe V head all to nlecea.:-,
:paai rni rv rnr nnr ni ir pn ipwk i .ii;i. - - . : l i - i - r ' ' --
-.LAf o -r-Vlw;! Ti'wi'.v! said,i'ive t to us, and we will man- unlbriunale victim was " popular, w
:iei LntizUn biC the Guards and Aaye a to; them,
BAf :erakilIe'dreitlVer bvTbeiim r,, rwn m Va!lK. i' ue mourned by: the community, v
with ih
en t oft1,
i'.-l'V 11 ff; u-ii' -bit.'.')-.': M -1
.':"t:- ; r . '
'AWAivtt r ? vi.-rfi-t hi.-,.
1 1'er annum,
i V Six month . $f 00, ;
, . I of ,'Vfprsi , .v.n .f.K.; r ,
.'u'Aao-i !orr r
Ad'crti8erntiftjill be in
f7M TrM if I
serted in these columns on as liberal
1 terrps aa m any first class paper.
h(TnTh-44Ejp!0Cjt. jcircnlatioir ij
. . ." ' !. ' ! ' '
increasing rapiaiy. ana . oias rxtr to
TJf 1 r 1,V rivKl Vf or-
e as large u clrcnfatlon as toy
t country newspaper in the State. ,
r ail Season will soon open,
4 iii' v- ' ;
and t every ; farmer( should keep op
with the cotton, 'tobaoco and pro-
markets. 4 kTlie, , Ledger will
r "x ':? 1
furnish tho markets ol
Arrangcmcirts'are being mada for
claim 'on the Democracy ;oTf6Vth 6f .Uieil donors of the, si.e;:.of the
Carolina ibr.ihe' rposition as .Yaiicoj .jcajisetf r'wbicb'.led to; Its Iocaiopand
or Merrimon. f. f -,J j ! mochjotherjnformatioiii:of gfjeaV-in-
.') ; . ;.r; J tefest and importance. In hfs recent
j WK.Tetnra ourthanlcs to the.Sec- ar M.jtsontuiued.the.Listtffy
etarv of the rjarolmaair A8socia-l v;fli, i...".:.. a .
IHfe,. feS cbief j benetactors, pvmitii,.
nam in i .nnrinnn rr l ivini.-inii n i it- . - .t
people of Mecklenburg ; Mve a high gham, pimbandr-qthervthe
.reputatron for ' entertahdhg5 yfs,itpr cr&es xf itudyhe eariy struggles,
and we-preVliit toDthosejwho may jlj0;dJffiiiHiesViuidoda'nge so
attend hyf g aXyjfasaHt iime.' oceed .uutij. a complete histor'v ot
Zll Ai ihfi lfisfntnti-on halld Writtirt. He
herusOL acjis ; ly l. week ai., i .j man i ,)iftl ; ,ie xvas
m smoiuenng u.e.. u, .. afraid the bank had been robbed, and -L G. Williams, T. H. Briggs, Pv C;
the niattresses. o the bed . asked him Lto gotor'fthe police: Hardie, R. T. -Grayand Wm
!8hockdid her teeUDgsunderg .while Kohlman Iran a once? to the Ceu- Thonjpsmj.- The'Jiev.Dr.-Pritchard
brooding perUmity tliat, ou. ,tra officei ' - - ''- i , r, w officiated, Wsinar as the material of his
P-r, UfTinyrKUe burglars, hav.jisi secured, the discourse the death of Moses an
?! I keys - entered L the1 bank, by, the inevitable doom that awaits bur
ZLV ! or, Jocking it Arter; the services at th, church,
?v. ;w " X a 1. It wT 1.T " 1 1 i i atter i them and dpened tlte vault body as borne to aU. Jast
sons usiiiij -water iium m au i - ,r , i . " r- .
f ! II I II .1 , 1.1 . .1 - I I.II 1. .1 -
E '1 - m m
I x.r . isHiijrrent student.of the old.Jour-
Pr.sidet bfjly OnfvefelVy?Mel A paco,ty Boo and docunfets
er,j4VMi!n adfceiore ii 'tfe fchjyes1 6? JtK lnivei
thegrultSo iilg , fl ;jafl
sclitipc educatiop torjnej.TheU illustrative
ptvlewon of.agricuUorereajuras ih'i pastWdVaqn and future alms
mub meutolaimngr are jrpfea: ft xjniv&hyero tik&Vy.
sion ofUw-mtnl ipediciniThe au LTJJL&''Ttiiu i Hn' "o., tt"
m t ' .J-S ' ' 1
gentlemeik.' vh. will'.AddresV' the
clecdonTIC fs a Splendid! eiklence
c.tket unity of nurpos-of .(tb Ietu
ocrntio tfcrty that .every gentleman
before the nominating Convention is'
jro trr'nerdnsly "and actively 1 vork
inir ifbf his iJeaion.2ci6orb Jfo-J
iVi oow as the vbfe was annbunced
alecIaKng Mr.-: Davis- re-nominated,-
31r.!Cairr. wenv forward on the. plat-j
.form in". Metropolitan Hall, in :thej
city" of Raleigh,;; and jpiedged , his
Jiearty support to MrJ;I)ayis.; Mr.
CtJT could not be induced to allow
hii name to be used ia the late elecj
dent candidate. 'Such
JftU Av
patriotic Action deserves reward.
original odes and hymi
Excellently,. sung Tjy -choirs of stu-
tie w jiole body of students " ami
their exceflent demeaf&f . are j?To6fs
Ipat they lully appfecia'e:fthe eur'ts
made 1 for their ' ' inf oftnaifoft' 'and !
pleasure. 1 V l2-' '
; -we hope the aiaae win copy
fVita'" AT-itlanotirtti ' rf C 'TTn LVAf-sutv
. . j
A Hjruta - (Ga.) gentiiielJ
' ;,i'TQ0PHOItliiBLK j '
sopie timet. Ite couldn't tell how lontf- i Italesgh Ubserver : Ihe tunerat
At tast they went ! away, leavjng him services ui me late denerson E isner,
and. "his - wife handcuffed. A Jew q - re observed on Sunday after-
mluules afrcr h.e...wentdo.w.u. (o the, J,oonV the Sa'is bury street Baptist'
i aJJ" !-J'f" " J '-Ti f U 1 I OlIClli illlU I I()UM,1 "P rtlHl UOH II. VM-vh, .iv h.i.i iuoi unity wv(VVi,ll,
cuiu.i wMau -r-M-'t- There was i6body; in 6ightr : Tiien were attended by aiUmmepse .iiun
county, Georgiawhohas.aUv.iysen-. , ent Abe dmir of the barber, her of person TheC Allowing
coumerea;uioW). iw-ij ' Uhon in thelbasement. and nllpd ifm ffentlemen served as Dal -bearers :
Jordan ' Wotnble, BaP. Williamson.
place n Uak wood cemetery. MThe
processio:i was very large, and there
long line ot private carna:es.
noticed .a' great n rim hereof
w. , 4 . i j . r Au.Aifi.oiN . ucf. zy. " uHMiiuu auu jiint.iiiitu in liia ; ueaiiniia
ue aiarm oi nre was -r " it"7. c.vt
Ihe : tmef jUptilhe:, suspicion of the
Tfainil v i.wasyarftused rb'v a nauseous
t:jin j ly was ' anaused b v a nauseous- 1 n i i 1
(Ostein the vvater;: he horses .Forri dence oauieigJi.Xewc.. :
having Vnibsed to tirmk it for a; day ' " ' f A SAD FATE. : "nro
ii.....v t.'.": .v.u!' p.iVLAA T ool 0Aw;n uz
IvUllU I lUf UC ,tl ViWCU - ill! uiUUll, -. . qwv; vuii nit aiuiui ui Vil ' IT " ' ' '
ihe -putwa- biood-oi me . woman, irom a room me. Fleming Hotel, uko.0r.oa( uZ. xa
SaspiciOnsthaCherHuisbandhad thus ad when the doorj was opened the JTV " V awajr
.alf.9,f?eeu arousej. but some , persons wrth great self , ,Qne day iast week in iumbefton,
. . .... .... fc.l ' . . T.-i t -""-v f-- -...,v.j VlJIIIlir i;i(IV IIIITTIHII ' lI I6fi I ,inL-hin
' ,v. 'I I'hUiKtelpJwami,, r. rresting'the flames, when to their shot Ed Hiftman a Bait more dT
liEP DBJI. PJlElIN Gtj v , horrb?, tliey sawrltKat. P. Page .m.ihong
! jFoF;aiBumber;oflays,pauJndians Bad fallen a victim. . The spectacle Robeson "county Both 'irtiea'-re.
alley : I
cenerai rendd2vou ior thri t ibis4 mosi consumed, u e laniD near him f i rn - o, '7
roruuijr tJiqw ux naye an i -p - ""r wiw.naa tron is to the effecthat. Kd JJatmW
abupdan ! J.PIPnf liSpqfljesr been; 8pendmg;oinie! week?ere Jor who-was shot by. Miss .LihW.awj is
kii nmnnitum,; and eem reoreauon, nd .recuperation. The lingering, & his, deatn 1
Jymn$h at-anrmoentrltls bended
bampaignalnst the whites . alohg o rodr .town. , - 'Mir that the ball InrUM ;.r tiJi
the HYerPrrhbTprbtcipal :tnbe Araong ; ( I '" I There are no addiKal prticnS
these Indians appears, to, be;l the ' LfcxoiR Court House Burned, the shooting,butthere;wasa very re
Phey enne and they have bee,, joined ,-fon the mornfnCof the 21st of last markabl n,rL l ll?r t?
by malcotiteota trom Spotted Tail's I month: tholnnrin hn.P in TCirc Q4V 'IIl - 'R'?,
TnE .'Dernocrats of ; Wake "county
hold a'' primary election 1 off' the day
of v the Congressional election, to see
who the choice'5, oi", ihat, county to
fill the position of IL S. Senator. If
the people of Wake are not willing
to trust such a naaii sb Geo H: Suow;
f their able Senator, the situation is in
deed, critical. j-
yeekly commnnicat ions ,from . Rily
clgh and other points. ; '
' !'' ' !:' . -'ytir.: '. 1
The JiBDGjER wiUtmc; whatever fa' ;
nrii:V.!-?iv ;z;.t vr'y
fluencr it, may command to have .
" ; . v v '-J. ,''
m ; j -.M hum-
Railroad built to Chapel Hill. wi;
in ; Experimental Farm' connected
i 'f.i
if" v . ' . t . I
the University.
The columns of the Ledger viH,.f
be , devbtecl! to ; Litorature, Agnff
I i thill;.
tnre, Latest Newt, .Original Correi'
pondents, Markets, and 'irllf
, - : s . ,.. rt-..i - . J v;r ---------
oano:, wnrcnnasieit-its. agency and! vyasd.gcoyered to be on fire. It: was The lady gave birth Wa stb'nt"
gone the agent knows not whither.; aboui 3 o'clock when it was discov: tliv M,it5 t,iXu .-
Th.'Tn.liQfln.-l -onoitornA Un-A 1 'r J V - '-i - J 1 . I """v " ''"-f1 iafr SCCOOIllS W8S
Vo- "v vr.f;u ei '-w, uui, u nau maae sucn neadway, living and do ne well Tbiw are
nf Sinnx are inovinfr over tho iun.! tUf tl flf.L..Uuu "J:- . u ; , ..' . fa o , 7c,u were' are
""rn'0 ' ity -i neu raripus reports in : circulation abpnt
-4 "e wiiu.c woouwors was the anair, relative Ho other persons
cnsd,ned, with -the entire records being, miiedj.with it, but is these
of theClerksoffice All the records have not been:t.raced to any trost
of t the Registers office were 6ayed, worthy source, is deemed best not
of Sioux a're ''moving over the coun
try in great force and Ithe settlers
are b'ecbmin'g, terribly alarmed. tip
at Pierie lb e people are arming and
preparing for. -any eniergency that
may arise., .a rjomen aoout there except thellast deed boolc' r.The'W tnMC
m?Kn .a?r,!:. Hiey.are i pers i. a .nation ar, -r h r;-Ki
beginning to' believe that the 'Indians
are at last in earnestand are cettin"-
leady lor them.
YoiofolftrcaJ' issue A'ks much as
-j . - . Vi. . . . -
fT." ! . t ' " ' 1
sitefctJfcmgh olaimuithei; rigbt VV
; i V ... . ; ,-' - " !. .
obicct to obnnTtArna' rfWn n& Mitt
I f . .I??'H Y19V3 ni siiA'-f-' '
irres, i r ..-,.:i. .- , . .,. i.'
i Thenellaw-toiiWf" bscriW
the Ledger and aid m in buiUJn
!'. '.) rt
i?p a goor newspaper, j.
tTpmce 1 oppoaitestht store
s ."j .
. i l i r
'- . V i
nniniAti id emA
d. .i ; i . w . viiuu piiwitu uliiiiium ia auuic
ent of the, Raleigh ,06r- what divided as to the motives, some
ver, says the tire was the work of an mnintim. r iiVot TTo,mo a'r,'f t.U
xunuiary. , 4 '-guilty man.
W. CafrJand neit door Vo
' Weaver.
. ;
i y

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