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With love 'wei'eet the stranger,
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And joy and hopeful gladness
A re 011 rs,' bey oi i d com y tje. : '
. So' helpless and s fragile ' .
1 ' Our tender, lloweret seems.
We muse, "Is this more real
Than other pleasant dreams?
,Or shall ye wake, some, morning.
To tind a rifletl nest.
And weening, feci that birdie
' Is thus'iuore t rely blest ?"
Fathr, v,c crave thy blessing.
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Chapel Hill, f. CM May IS, 1878.
"I am so tired of it.all,:" said Addie
Cliligrove. -
The little wooden clock on the
mantel had just struck eight ; the
lire in the cylinder stove, giowed
with a red, comlortable retiection.
Mrs. Clitfgrovc had gone down to
issue orders to the kitchen depart
ment, 'relative to the morrow's
breakfast, and Addie was all alone
l 1.
jwith a pile of invalided household
1 men, a package of unmcn.ded stock
ings, and a work-basket well supplied
Svitli ail the necessary implements -ol '
'needle' craft. And this was to be
the occupation of her elegant leisure.
Alas, poor Addie!
. Shenvas a pretty girl, rather be
ow than above the medium height,
you sec in the "flowing blue" china
f our grandmothers' days, sunny
tirown hair, streaked here and there
with reddish gold, and a round face,
where red lips and dimples and shy
j-oses made up a, distracting confu
sion to thd eye masculine. And her
hands were white and soft, and lier
waist alight and trim, and she wore
a number two and a half f shoe, and
altogether would have been 'phrased
a beauty, had she only been fortunate
enough to live in Fifth Avenue, in
stead of being the daughter of Mrs.
Cliffgi'ove, who "took boarders," and
was . oftentimes sorely troubled to
make both ends meet I
Four little brothers and three
little sisters to make and mend for,
to wash the faces and brush' the
jocks 'of, fluid sec duly packed off for
school every day dyed dresses,
three-winter-old bonnets, and gloves
bo shabby that she Was fain to hold
her hands folded within her shawl
whenever she went out, and a tread
mill round of daily labor more wea
risome than the constant dropping
which is said to wear the hardest
stone away this was the epitome of
Addie's life, and for a girl of eighteen,
there is no denying that i wasvery
hard. Ami Addie wondered, some
times, if the blessed gate's of relief
would never open to licr faltering
footsteps ! - ' "
I To be sure, t here was J ohn Torrey,
who had the little hall bedroom in
the third story back, and was. ? clerk
in Messrs. Cash & Bullion's banking
establishment John Torrey, with
the clear hazel eyes ami the merry
riiifih voice, who had told her only
yesterday that he loved her, and
would fain make her his wife! But
lie was not rich, a.d had only his sal
ary :o depend upon, and Addie had
always dreamed that her pretty fate
misrht "win her a ifiore important
prize in the matrimonial lottery than
ar mere bankers clerk ! She did not
want to toil and work on forever,
and. where would be the relief if she
married John Torrey?
) Yet she liked him a little too, oij
she had thought she did, before Mr.
Carew came to the boarding-house
treasured tip, . and
given her ";a Phiiopena present of a
turquoise brtxr.h, the prettiest '''thing
she had ever seen. And they had
been talking only the evening before
a s h o b ro u gj it her f 6 m e i'tu m h V
promenade concert at the Academy
of Music, and she was quite su re ' he
meant that he loved her. Of co'
he was very rich, for he wore' dia
monds and superfine broadcloth, and
talked about hts country-seat on the
Hudson, and his yacht and his racer
horses, until Addies simple eyes
with surprise and
"Because, Atjilie, a thi(ng like this
at in.vplves i!e happiness . of . twof
1 Tdie.'--1 Shall I leave . yi
? UI would rather, be a)
were dilated
,etimes,J oughtj not: tor bo -dyided'
.W)n too! rashly he went on ; ';and
rhaps t-But I won't say; more now
alone," she an-
srereu bneny,aia J.r. , l orrey, : (ust
apointed a little it the re)ly -he;hac
rceived, rose and went slowly ay
iijWouldMr. Caiew come now ? He
hd-vtoldl her that tuorning dunug
tfemed 0 forl)id the .'fulfilment of'
opei-ar ei
gagernent, and he
5'oulil spend the, evening with - her,
fea (1 i n z a volume o f 11 e vv po e ms alo ud
find simple Addie hadcpuhted tlie
1611 rs t h at inte r y e n e d , i u 1 j i r r e s t less
1 gen 1 ess;
of anticipatidn. Poor
It ' 1 1 . . 1 ! ' L 1 - - . . 1 '
amazement, not altogether unmin-Pohni! how nnte inongnt (oc gave
0 him-and tlie bitterness of his dis-
gledwith a secret exultation, "in-that
one. day all thse might be her own.
Alas for poor John Torrey ! His
heart .would have sunk into the soles
of his boWs, had he but known how
slender HvereJiis chances, compared
with thrtse of his dashing rival ! Jiut
ignorance is bliss, at least so , says
the old proverb, and Mr. Torrey's
face was as bright as ever when lie
came into the little parlor where
Addie sat darning table-cloths.
"It rains pretty hard, eh ?" said
John, rubbing ;his .hands before 'the
fire. "No church -lecture for us. 10-
. ... . i . i
night. ! ' ' 1 .
Addie bit her lip.
"I was not thinkiiig of goin to
- v- 3
diurclr; even jf I it didn't r:tin. Mr
Carcw had asked me to go to the
opera. j" 1 -.
V-M r. Carew, eh ?" said Jqhn, so'm e-
wuat luguoriousiy. " rsceirs to me
vou'andMr. Carew are "cttiii to
be prettygbod irienls:!"!
Hi:..:iru,' -mm- JlnllO, WTtif
a toss of her pretty little head, that
added, as nlainly as words could
have phrased it, "And; what then."
; "Addie,'' vaid Mr. Torrey; jailer a
moment's siicMce, wliicli he employed'!
in twirling the sjoo'-st nnd j round
and round.
"Weli r ' ' ':
' Have rA thought aiylhing more
of what I said to you last . night
about :ab(iiit being my wife, you
know ?" " , ,
"Yes,' 4 said Addie, coloring and
Ippointrnent ! . how much to Mr
,'arew, with, his idark eyes- and dla-
lond suuls," and. his smooth co:n-
)a?id -of 3olysy liable language !
. ulfe is so, -lian'dsome V sire though!,!
and he has ;so much style ; and tlien'l;
- i- ' .
-j then he loves me srmuch ! Ifhe
lad not; he never would have pfessed i
ii y hand as tie out last ingiit, wlicm
i a was speaking of the loneliness of
his .heart; and its' jearui ngs for con
genial companronship'.''.
The- current of Addie's d nice J
m e d i t a t : o n s' w a s h e re i 1 1 1 e 1 r.u p t e d by
Bridget's voice. ' ,'.r
"3Iiss Addie, plase,- the misthrss
is gone to tlie market to see the
calf's 'Jiver fr'akiast as was or
dered to be brought, and the blnii
derin' thal'e of a butcher left behind."
Addie shnildered a little at the
abrupt change of mental ternjjerature.
"An" t here's a lady here anxious to
wouhl v do
upon her daily in. coin e, let . her get
rid of him ytll' pnce. IleT, is not one
wl)orp-ays his iebts,-'atid the widow
and t jie, fatherless" s4;eni'''-to'flcPhis
nnlnro iii'm- ?1 - ' .
p.ui-, niiu as 11 wei e
f opFosi rE the stoue of .l w.
CAEft, Esq,;
ItAS- oj'-DVKnTISIXO: j ,
One'sipiiari'.-one insertion, ,ne uoliarr
Oiio square,-each subsepient insert iou4
littv cents, j' ; , . '
pivial -,outr;icts made for larger adver-
ti'emeiits. -I ' '-'. 'IT' !"- '
Ali pi tisenients shoutd be sent in by
rhursday-K'ire?acli day of isue.
Fa ris letter to Ua 1 1 1 :n re S u 1 1. f.
. aiQiisE, j m Q;to i ; s.i; ,
may hero "say
olher peculiar inter
y.iuoiG sat
paralyzed; - Thjls, then,w:as' her hei
ot romance -her chcvaiher,, ' without
tear ,ai(I witnout . reproacli ! Y el,
perhaps J here was ,sonie ,cruprinis-
..... ... ,-,, - . . i . , -j .i .( '
. some spiteiui, envenomed sl:ui.-
n e av o ii" l not ; tie t, eve it
a NvoM'-on n n
est o4 Paris, 4io rse
liven . as jlthis reflectK)n.,eddieo
vague)y ' through lier 'mifadihed.oor
opened, and Mr. Carew himseif en- thq.;'jjj$ii jaunty stfp thai
was; customary i ith lijml lib stop
p e d; s h o r t , 1 11 r 1 i i n g o f , a. 1 i v i d -.- jAl U ) Y
as he jsa'w the pale; worn au in bljiisk;
"Augustus."' 'she greeted hiniVc'o'm-"
posedly. j ' '"y ;:V .-..! af A
Hi. g-rspod- "f'l I; ;did'
see yoiihere.'f 1
you did not, -she
. i "You ' th might' you
illy " concealed ' -your
i Ibra ! -
not "'expect t
'; "No, i
said , hittei lv
S :
k uevv
lected wife' has kee:er
one" is 'apt to
sewing on very intently. "Of course
! have thought of it !''
- "And what have you decided ?"
"That we hadn't belter think any
moreofit, John."
. Iloiiest John's countenance feil.
"Addie you're not in earnest ":v
"Yes, John, I am."
"But, AddieT love you ; I can't
be happy .without, you ! And it may;
be I' am conbieted, but I don't mean
it so indeed I always thought you
liked me."
"So I(did, John; but liking isn't
loving, you know; and the morel I
tlunk of it,'the more I am assured
that we are not adapted to one an
other. Of course if you are disap
pointed, I am: sorry ; but I can't
help it !" - ',' ; - ,
John had risen up, pale and trou
bled, with a pleading light in his eyes.
"Hear me, Addie," he said. "I can
not let this decided so. It
is a question ofdife'and death to me,
.whatever it may be to you.- Before
'Carew came but I won't speak of
him," he burat'Jbrth, with an evident
effort at self-cdhtrol; "except that I
am firmly convinced he is not the
right sort of a man to make a good
husband t6 any woman but you
liked me well enough then. Addie,
take twenty-four Jiqurs more to con
sider it well, before you pronounce,
your final decision." ' ., j
"It w ill be of no use," she said, in
a low voice ; . "and, John, if you think
to advance your cause by abusing a
a rival you are sadly mistaken,
that's all." ": j ;' j ;
. "But you vvill wait one day i more,
for my sake, Addie ?" he urged. ,
"If you insist upon-it; but th de-
s;e ner an snaps yoz
"Ask her to 'cdme up," said A ddie,
sighing, as the golden pinnacles of
.lrea!n-!and vanislied into the dull,
gray atmosphere Of daily life. "1
lare say it's somb' one .about the big
extension room."1 . '.' A.
Ajid she rose: and drew a '-chair to
waril thej fire, as a tall slender figure
entered, with siiavid and wrappings'
all dripping; with rain, ' and a long
crape veil thrown back from a face
that was very pretty, though fhin'
and (Hiito colorless. In her hand she
carried, a small black leather travel
ling bag, and. she entered with 'the"
free, graceful air of one well aec'u.-
' -''
torhed to society. ; v
from. me - but Ja neg-
, vision than
Will you not
renovators. , It would; perhaps be
riiore correcH'to.say hQtsc restorers,
but' the hf&rRssis llie Isatne.v .Twice '
a week in that usually qaiet 'Boulcf
- - - . .
;ai t 6f Hospital you will hear tu-
niu'ltnous outcries and loud -;vOicc
like the snouts of a charging nqnaclf.i '
ron of iiirassers; Th noise comes i ,
from beasts and men.-' -'The - whole :
assemblage of pi en is mow like- an "
insane as vluiulet hose. Tho groups; -t
..-.'i- - . ;.'! j - i r ! 1
of horses-art? like - excited povei y
out for ali brgfe. Tlns.j is the local!' ;
tv of stables that arei hefrnatically
Seated to the,' vulgar eyes of. those on r,
lknl-ina,i".or-eyn . on a coil'J.
raited "high horse.". You hear t ho
"noises at leat. ''Lv a ruse, you may
get in. , Jt ii atV equine sauitariunt.
Ohri:uJed.h9rses,.tninns nny "go", in ! 'r
them are iM ken to this - retreut,-ahd
by a special class of food, composed -principally
of; carrots cvushed i, .intt;. -mi.vd:
with brsnr to which a jitt'u ;
flavoring.of Tnrseuic. is.. givenf. theso ,
:'uiet quadrupeds become fiery gtccs
j introduce tiifl ibi;;iially Uyonr pretty
yoiing friend
; "Certainly
Air. CaVew, '
with ..morti'fi:
1 '-; -;i . r a
assuri'ie aii ea
dh, . : Of ' '.course "' said
growing red and pale
at ion, yet striving 'u
;y inannqri
groye,' this ish a'--niV -wife T
And Aildie's "look of contemi't
i Ke keenest tno'rtitic.a-,
t i oVv o fiH 1 1 t li a t A u gust u s Cafe w " ha d
-i ' .- i . .. : i.. .!-.- ; -
yet Experienced, j ' ;' 1 '' A "." '
-.. . Mr. and Mrs. 0ii;bw went home
the next dayj thql ibriner prqirtising
to send a remittance to .Mrs! .Cliff
grove per mail -w hich remittance, it
' n a Y- JeU tnjifl o -
arri vedl
' Addie bed
I1 or John's
wise -in-its ti
spoke Mr. ('
- And AdiHe
quiet life," a
pitying kind
row's pale ;w
and engaged her mother's handsom-flay will be useless," she said, coldly.
"You ae Mrs. Cliflgrove?" she
asked, 'as her eyes fell'ou:the. figure
by the stove.
('I am jSIiss Cliffgrove.''1
. "I have called-specially to see IIr.
Carew, but the servant tells me he
has not. yet come in. In v the tucan
time, I should like to ask you ai few
quest ions." : !. .- f
She sat do wji quietly, and Aldie,
vaguely wondered what was coming
next. :: -
- "Has he been here long V
"Mr. Carew, do vou mean ? '
".! CS. ' , "-. ' ; .,-
f '"For about four weeks, I believe,"
said At! die.
"Has he paid his bills V" .'
Addie crimsoned, "Not yeL"
"I thought so. .Nor will he!"'
. --"Madam,", sahi' Addie - spiritedly,
'you have no right- " - .
"Yres, child, I have," broke out
the lady impatiently, "the best right
in the world the right of one whom
the thoroughLpaced villianand impos
tor though he is, he has cheated; and
and wronged most cruelly of all. I am
his tcife!" " -- r V
"His wife 1" involuntarily repeated
Vddie. ' - ' , 'y
"Ah, I see," nodded the strange
guest , "he has been palming himself
off on ' you as a single man. It is
his style. He lives a gay life, while
I, down in the country, am sufFerir.g
for the bare necessaries of life. But
in so far as I can,. I wilt not soe peo
ple deceived 'arid' deluded, by his
arts. , If, as I suppos'e, your mother is
one who depends for. her daily bread
f k . cf at a.
a m e J ol 1 1 1 To r r ey 's - wife! 5
oving heart ' was: very
n'derness, a'li'd ho'tie'ver
-. - - -. . - -
:rcv s, name again. ; . .
s ver.v ha?)PY; i ri hbr
id always thiiikw with
n ess of August us' Ca-
- IJIlN'TpAURYOR bxti.
A '" -.' OR. aMOXEY. f' ' " (
.' A'ifai'meijV son", from 'near ;lteily'j .town last vcek" selling hogs,
ami ran into an old acquaintance on
the'' street. .. . " v ;. ; ' " .'-
; -What dy'e Uiirdc, Bill? : J'm mar
ried ," said tlie Butler bounty youtli;
"The deucti Vou arc' WelU I
n'Over thoiig
W'lio is she;
"Old .Unci
Mary, and I
Bill; j You :A
but its. hone-si
trthatHof 1
e Dan barrel's daughter
I open you- .eyes a. bit,
on't believj) it maybe,
gospel truthi I didii't
iv love nor
faded ' horse is
washed jwith
marry that g rl for nei
money holiest Irijiui,''said Sam, wit 1
a bigrs'mile that mad er hiN face' look
as though his
fenced in.
Bill leaned
and gave hi
e y es; wore ab u t t o be
up ftgainst a
n a look of sfteechless
amazement Mr a second u: t wothen
whistled and
slowly said: -
"Well, thxm, by;the.old Ifany,IM
like' to kjiow
'j' ' ' . j
for ariyVayV
' "WcH, Bill,
You see .she's
kv I la t y o a d i d mlarry he r
I'll tell you hoivit;was.
on e, of 1 he best li ttle
workers in that hrt of tlie country "
a pec'diar loti?n,-nnd'! well - rubbed.
f .1 ' 1 T TT. .!'
vo ioqks weii) ue, w iiicn-
fed and given stimulants of a certain
class. Oats and barley . mixed arc j ,
his strengthening rations. The oilier. .,
condiments are . the beautifier.i. Jf -v
a whitc.foot" is objectionable, .it
dyed. sIt: a dull eye; prevails u little .
increased dose of arsenic gives; lit
brilliancy. . If theliair be, loo fdongi
a jifdicious'clipping is given. Tho
whole animal mado!."beantiful ;for.. f
ever" .by endless dodges. .Broken
winded horses are eased by a paries
f'T44Vrtri,Wnxrttiiigp, as weinas
a portion of-moistehed Spanish -tre-,
.fjbil :plaiit, w inch expands tern porarily ;:
the ; "ung. 'Broken, knees'' are -patched'
with' pieces of dead horse V"
skin,. g!utf on neatly.i ; Some dingy
white horses are entirely dyed black. .
and gl6ltf', !but woe to the vender if .
the disguised atiinia' be caught in a
shower of rain . pending the. negotia
tion of purchase. Tho earn are trim-.
medrshorter and painted, up, and, if:-,
too short, 'ornainents with lmlia rubr. -her.
adjuncts, llnress there be some
actual disfiguration by broken bones,
these art' decorators i of 'horses can '
pass off the sorriest of sorry horses
on the not over whie-awakc buyersV
A stgi'y told by. q, !(inJtillcisco '"
paper that a tramp wliile. vagabond-
iug not far, from the town of Reno,
( Xe v.") b e th o ugl it 1 1 imsel f o f a h a p j?y :
device for securing the chief aim. oC
.'-..'-s . ' 1
Ulfj I ill V lLltJ" I II li I J V. II HIIIU) J I J ,
Aware that, tlie'.Wells 1'argo stag?.
would scoir pass over; the road ho. 1
; ' ' '
retiri'ued Sam
the' old sniile.1
vOh, thjit's
exclaimed Bt
Robinson bou
last week on
Sam saM heJ
three o'clock,
W i t h a d o u bl e dose . of
low." it comes, r is'ty?"
!i. :'Well, Ohl John
ght a couple of mute
hat very same . recoin-
had to meet a man, '."at
and- hurried a wy. ".
' Railroad employees in the- South'
west formed a Rirrg fir steaHfiig
freight' and establishecl a warehouse
in Dallas, Tex, for; the reception and
sale of the pi and er ami durfng four
years did an extensive bnsinebs, theii
rascality having only just .'been
Advertise in the Ledgeii.
threw, off his coat ;, tjiirned; otit- his
pockets ; : tore(his shirt ; scratched his
face ;,. rollcddii the drt : then with
much trouble tied himself to a tree,
anxfously n wailing the : ilage, -.1 lie
felt t'onfident that by pretending (to
haveMee r bbed of his .last dollar,
ijialtreale'el and bound to i tree by (
despeate highwaymen, .he would get .
a h.andsonie subscription from ,thc .'
sy m pathetic, open-hanuqd passen
gers. The stage, unfortunately for, f.
' him - took a short cut by a new road,
:,'..'." :"-' ': A?. ' i.J :rAAAl "
.and -trie tramjy anr-jiairryingf -uniu '
nightfall, tried in vain rto. unloose hif
bonds. ; ;WiiIe so engaged, a hungry' ,
arizzlv bear descended the mountain. K
d.r aW n by t h e ma n 's 'cries' for fhelp' Vr
atbacked him,' unable to ofTer liny re
sistance therefore nearly devoured
hirii.His remains' .ire discovered
two day "after and recognized ? as 1
those of a tramp who had several, ;
times' rais- d money by "the means
mentiofiedj ": 'He is said to have been
once a man of: some property.; in
Sacramento; but he, lost it bY'epocn
lations became dissipated, and finally
a ponfirmeu loafer. He certainly
was hoisted bv his own petard.
The- locust maeks a noise by fid
dling on its w ings with its legs.. ,
. i
.jawvi iiiiimiiW. bin' i--zz:mn

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