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VO JL.UM.I3 lllt
."i,m- I.Mr.
Look not. back uikmi the past.
Sure to profit bv lt teachings 9 .j'
To experience hold tast,- n d
Unly i;o regard ,it preach! ngsl.
1 al"k days raiiy hve been. -
let there's brihtnes you ra&3--xviii-
Look ahead t
See yon ship that cleaves the ware
Stormy is the aiiiy billow, '
Yet she sails on firm aml brave, I
Tho' eacb mnst bends like a. willow: .
B-ick. is ure disaster Y re ; ,
Forward, hope Jbtuns like a jftre, : , .
Flames of which shnl neer 'expire-
- . Look ahead! ' -
. " -i - ..
Be tef far the will that keeps
Fast by long, though vain endeavdrj
Thau the eiierg'v that sleeps,
And lies dumb lit sloth forever ;
111 success may mark the past;- , .
But with hope oailed to the inatt.
Victory shall come at last
Ix)0k ahead ! f
History with names is bright I
Tha; shall ever live in story,. ! '
Names of men 'who braved the fight
Patiently and purchased glory
Let their grand examples be
Stars to guide you o'er lifes sea
To tlie port of destiny
,)t Ixok ahead I .
One looked back and lost the prize,
Vhen she fled from Sodom burning,
And a pillar 'neath the skies : ,-,
. She became for backward turning.
Look not back, where'er you stana ;
Keep up heart and nerve -your hand,
And you'll reach the Promised Land
. ' Look ahead I. , j '
' "I- declare it is ' too mortilying !'?
exclaimed a brilliant brunette, throw
ing aside the morning paper with an
impatient gesture. '
r "What is it,. Jennie?" asked the
gentle loking girl beside her.
. "Vbyt justjto think .every lady,
with any, pretension? to respectabil
ity, has given a party this season but
tts I ' I declare, I am truly ashamed
to accept any invitations, as we have
not returned, the politeness, nor have
any . prospect .of .doing so. . I don't
know what papa ' is' thinking about.
Whenever I've spokep about it, be
bas given me not a bit of epcourage
theut. And Pra just going to take
the matter 'into pay own hands. I
will ask him just once more, and if
he does not agree. -1 will have a
party ifno matter what it costs"
Jennie replied with' a determined
look on her handsome lace. '
Jennie, on't talk so T Have you
not noticed that the lines ot care on
father's face have , deepened much
lately ? I know all is not well with
him. "He isUroubledi I see plainly,
and is ; strivipg pot'1 to cast the
jhadow 'of it over his family, If he
could have giveh you a ? party, you
know he . would-have done so long
ago. When 'did : he 'ever refuse us
any pleasure be could bestow ? 'He
has bcfn too - iridulgent, T fear, and
we too extravagant. ":I ' heard. Mr.'
Barpard say, last evening, that many
of the oldest :firms in our city were
ingand the proprietors would
he npancial storm., l, iear.
- - a A" A u a m-
may be; imopg those, anxious ones.
Don't worry Inm Jennie ucat, ,
leaded the younger sister, hef wir,
f. ' j .iJL no Ton.
Bweet lace growing suuuei,, ovu
nie oukklv answered :
UOb1, nonsense!. It is notning oi
. - - . ' , r
the kind. Papa is growing penun-
ousj and wants to economize. Saving
pioneyis whatjiejs UV to' ; '
"I think he is up to more urau
that, Jennie. Saving his name and
'';-. o . ! i f ' ' '' ' : ''
h '-THeretoprtief ;i; dop't
I V?.iJ' cormnn on that
Pve , kno wn , papa to vget
tbese rspells
KfnrP. 1 k am i aeier-
VrrntV i Mamma 1 will not object; I
r. 'J ! cv ,ortv T'll "have." 1 But
viorA ta'mamma now. ' ';, tl
-JaiHiUteail.'ienteritt inqwired
..hAAmW the subjeot under discus-
D:rtW';.fenniere! eated wltet she had
paid to her sister, concluding with:
! Mjsbvi manima; don't yott think
Vight manageto ty"
1 V'CUti.rifnr reason ;for ' wishing it
M VI V-f Vjrfr,, -.-A r A VL I VJl V V I fl 1.1 III II I 1 -t '511' y 1 r AJ II 1 I II r . I I I
L " - - '.r . ; -.lifuum. V Jit v rw 'i i ' 1 - rl i -. X LAU m 1&7.M,- iillfc II
. f iVU A'ULi ' 'U. I ... XTr CZ A rTiT.T.TjTA A .. "XT" T'A'tt.- . ..'.' -i- . U-i' : - JU ..:n
"" "" "" ' " r f f
a - " ' " m .JL -v A. T i 'W t . I 71 j" 1 v V I r -m VP . JP ' I
"l$$yi Unkn"jye, cap, Jenpic.
ffM";,;"" Wiirei b UyUcoscu
without asking, y him Jerinie
Captain Lovell see me W thehop-
ors.: He was ddmirhigjAda-lw
tou's dignity and grace' tb'e other,
evening, tvhen she, ( presided ; t-at . her
party." ... . J . f ( , .
. She blushed a little, and looked so
lovely, her mother felt disposed to
help her tavonte child, yet scarcely
knew how it could be done.
Jennie saw she was yielding, apd
said-J :" - v ' . -( '
"Mamma, I have fifty dollars. If
you had as much we could pay Gil- j
bert that on the supper in advance,
and he would gladly wait for the
balance three or six months. n '
"I have a hundred' that your
lather gave me this morning to pay
several, little bills. Irerhaps thev I
might be put off that is,' a part of
them, those not so pressing. But
you forget the musicV . t , j ,
"O dear, yes ! , Twenty-fiye more,
that must .be : paid at the time. I
Couldu't you spare Aa,, mamma ?'' I
"I must pay twelve . to Bridget I
owe her fori last inontb,; and here
this is nearly, gone. I must
her, which I cannot do if I doiiot
pay her. Then yomr father told me
to be sure to f give? fifteen to John."
"Oh, mamma, divide the "twenty-
five betweett Bridget and John; and
let us have the party: ' Papa need
not know any thing about it until it
is on hlhiand he 'Wfmt trofryover
what he?catttiot h'eip: ' You'll never
regret it, fymi 'darling manihiarAnd
we'wont mind wdat it costs," Jennie
said, then in a happy mood, havfpg
succeeaed in winning her mother to
her wil she krietr. I .
- Georee Halstead sat in his count-
inxr-room. a weicht of care plainly I
visible on his sad face. He, was evi
r. ii " e it.
dently waiting fbf the comiug of
some . one. At length the door
opened, and he arose to meet the
visitor, saying : .
"Thank you for commg, Walton
Courtesy would demand my seeking
yon), but you understand me I
thought ypu would. , Here you can
isay things to me perhaps you would
hesitate to in your own house. .Six
months ago you lifted . the burden
from , my mind and heart.,. I tojd
you with your relief 1 Could stem
the tide. To day I am a. ruined
pan. " ' Dimcttlties Jiave increased on
every side. ,1 can . neither meet my
liabilities to i you or. others, although
Heaven knows,! ho?y hard I have
striven. In ten days at furthest the
" Halstead, ,L have seen its coniing.
I must be plain with you. And1 you
would have more sympathy - when
this is known,1 had ther exwayagaPCe
.k. j halftsuppressed i groan -escaped
the miserable man. xxis
It would be more cruet -to; with-
,A thifi than to to youy i f ou
are i keeping dp an establishment of
magnificence scarcely jusuuav -manf
bf lHons-y6ur wife; and
daughters are ifhe ost .elegar
, rMfted women in
. Ynar bovs '; a !! ?; 1
-Jl Iwmpmv StOP! L0
things and l woiId jiiptjke .to jask $ leti yoiSviil do tte tt yotf can
Mp now." . . ; 4:.; ; wtth. Vmir-l.j WotWr
asked,-with such' a swe?t.plerfding ; ;"N6t less rfhan tWent ibousand
expre8siouTin her darlryeikasshe dollarsl!' ? . f if f 'ir
leaned her head caressingly on her Mr,; Walton .remained in ; deep
motlier'i shoulder and whisj ered f thought' several ; momentsl " Then
DlOp, owy - w ..." (
ope yon are unjust; Gffi
YesI ahouia have ecepteher
I know she s: a poblei glrL t.Have
you talked witli he? '
4No,; fno T f could - iustj tef?9
grieve erllovinarW
than, necessary. ; aUpp,. 'Wpuld
willingly 6Wthei;froxhi3
tronble,?in-truth por, at times, 1
r von to ask for anr .qeiay, n
lvrould not help me only to make an
i uoeiuniiicni -vi' Hi! in V. 'tJiieClS vOVfJll.
Ztop n moment Halstead -What
apjoout would ave you?" -.iiUyu i'J
raising his eyes
said F ? !f;
. ;.Hafstad; tfiat sura ' 1 wllt lace
at yourcommand this; day. week, if
J you .will .promise me to make a rad
icalireform in your household. Make
your sons ; dependent bri !theif own
exertions, j . Sep that they obtain no
crediU- And mak your , wife -and
daughters understand the trouble
I you are; iu. Do this 1 within M the
week, and you are saved,-t; Take my
counsel, and ip less than five years
you will be a free man.?:
; "God bless you, ; Walton ! my
more than f friehoT ! I will do it. 'You
who will save me shall counsel and
1, very well I snail be a stern
I ' Very wel I : I shall be a
master, iou will'flnd merreadv
when you are. Cheer up now. J Good-
Dye p I v an 1 engagement at six"
Mrs. Halstead and Jennie; had
Hy decided upon the party at any
rate, and when her, father returned
home that evening, hjs face "wearing
a niore hopeful expression, Jennie
whispered ? ' : i n
you n
was wrong
papal See
how pleasant f he
looks 1"
. while. DoP't
gi p to Jeuie whima! Yon
know, if father was not in. aome
trouble, he would not have refused
Jennie, when she asked him to let
her. have the party ,' said Gertie; '
; But her pleading was ' useless;
Preparations Went on for a grand
party. fi Jennie triumphantly . said,
"Fortnue has favored ua,. when her
father told them he should have to
fgo to r
on business, to be absent
three or ipur days, possibly, longer.
uet me fiftd you all home when
I return, at furthest, Thursday even
ing. I want to have a council !of
peace, J j hope' he ; said; smiling
pleasantly; when he bade them good-,
bye. - U-Y.'
' "We will ail be ' home," t M rs.
Halstead and Jennie replied, while
Gertie stole out after her father, and
winding her arms around his neck,
said : . ' ,.t ,
"You have been looking so wor
ried lately1, father ! Are you feeling
better; pow.?M ' , ,. ; '.. t .
"Yes, yes, little ppe. It was a
passing cloud. Things look brighter
no w. 1 .1 will, tell you j all when J
return, and shall want your help,
i a. v... ... : '
Iofvitations were issued for, Thurs-
miiSMct umsupces.
Two days after, Mr. Walton wouia
fulfil his promise, and then airwouia
be well. '; . ! . i ; :,
' Never did Jennie Halstead look
more beautiful than when she stood;
amilinff. and conscious of the afdmir-
ing gaie ifrbm' eyes1 in whose sight
she cared alone to triumpp.
j ; The magnificent rooms were filled
to-! their utmost capacity It was
decidedlythe party of theseason.
The band wasplayifloike ofMraus
beautiful waltzes whep Jennie, '.sup
ported by the arm f Capt. Lovell
through the dance, raised her eyes
At.he door. - There j standing the
fpalor of Whose face frightebed her
thep, apd
haunted . her ever alter
was her latner.' , ;s j , f. '
bined efforts' of all, refused to join
the merry throng,, war watching tor
his coming. J.vt.... .v.,,..
VShe drew nhn with her fer away
,to an upper room, off ;i from the
company, and there, through tbe
niffht. strove, to cairo
td 'hi r friend's.' he
ette into whichioeehcfckhaa
nexvittptning, when , Gertie.
seeing him Somewhat rimv3, threw
herself ddowir fan mate Jistoents
rest a Iterrini never reamiagvo
toe mischief 'be was dofn. borttto
MnHalatead the nbtw rbicli Gertie
tound after; and. which somewhat e
plained the. sad : sequel : of oor tiory.
xiiia tbww:i -Xijijil rlJ Jj
5 1
' FRiED'HASTitill Lasl
event prove cleWrly youhave iut tJW
'""i,,CB8i fjwsiuij nox we disposition, t'
u y our uuiy. why sh&uld I try to
save yoi ? , You need depend no further
on my assistance -,i -Yours, '
;.-,..- r- j,r A. W1LTONV
t, That :trightf eVadirigrthe JoVing
girl, Ueorge Halstead stole from
his hoine, never to ' retttrti. ' s
At last the river cleared the terrible
mystery. Ofi its' bank werecastnhe
reraainsof 'the misetable vmad-the
sad result of a wtirmn's yaW ty ex
travagince and earelessiiess.-i .. -The
verdict "Accidental death by
drownlpg, when in'a lSt'of tempora-
ry insanity,": was given by 'the jur,
ana accepted by the people; But I
think aPother Verdict
might5 be
which wduld more ' cleariv
explain this case, and many others i
"Driven to death by woman's folly."'
Men sometimes are more considerate
than wise 'lt "-" ' ': '-'s
It was ri (errible "blow Wthe gen
tle, loving Gertie ; Not a thought
she spend on the' -toss of al-worldly
possessionsali, and only for the
dear: lather she crrieved. ' But heir
sorrow was freed from f the bitter
pangs of conscience. . : ; t
- . Several i years r. before his death;
Mr. .Welnter started off from Marsh
field , on a troutingf expedition to
Sandwich, a neighboring 'town :of
-Gape Cod., On approaching the fine
stream, he alighted from his;. wagon,
and just about that time -he met the
owner ;of the farm through which
Uve stream: ran; , -,;'. .
i "6opd morning,! djWebsterj
''is there any trout : here ??, ,i ...
".WelU! says the farmer, "some
people fish here , hut Ir don't Icnow'
what they do getsirlj . .,; .!t
; "I'll throw mytKnein," saya Yeh-,
ster, 'apd see. what there ia.", .. . '.'; ;V:
, Webster walked up and down the
banks of the stream trying his Jack,
and the oId-farmerfollowing-him.
Soon? Webster rem8tU&:
"You have, some bogs Hj f
"Yes." savs the farmer ,4tbat ain't
;. ' "i i . ...
the worst of iu" . ? f .;
Fishing, still further along, Webr
stersaid:!'- ';i',. ir'h. u
: 'You seem to have pleuty of mos
quitoes here;" i .v ih
"Yes! he replied--Mthat ain't the
worstpf it."t ' (
Vebstr lcepN throwing , his jine
observe that yonhave plenty
of briars herem .i h,,---u--; !
Yes," said the farmer "that am t
the worst of jt.r ';'-:.-; . -'..
Mr.v Webster getting somewhat-
discouraged in a- ht August ;oay,
bitten bv mtaoMitos,- scratchetT by
briars, and not ? raising ? a single fish.
dropped his rod! and said c ?
"I don't belie ve, ihat : there is any
trout here:, j f w&t-yj'rj''
. VAnd that ain't tbo worst of
said the far mert ? i'-M s -?
yvWell,,,t4aaya Mrv ? yy-eosteri
uld like to knO : what the worst
of it is Th i1"-1 P-' m- V -j
. t'There never as au here" ;said
the"farra0r ''.rc4i-ft-7s -r. i''';
Mr. Webstprnjoyed i; the joke
and often told It to his friends.
iiSi of tHvitanty and enterpnae of
that seeuoi-u v 'r-'-''- t r
in New jQxlcfna fine dayagtjreek
mntA to over eleven thousand
bales, tho receipt at f a4I the cottbii-
POrtS Prog uiryw r -
Otl MIUINL Afi aiiHJlJvM&.U ..... f..
ClT ' '- - - -- - - - 11 " L I. .a .J, . .in. ... - ... k '
.vjvciiuM-iueiiis j snouia ue sent in oy '
Thursday tefore'eadx da3 6T WifieV 1 vt:
line ruoning
Mexico, to SarTDiego, "Calitornia;
vaa fobbed by a fe individual;
' ew
ptrJWl Sab
It- was stateaVtt - v loid robber ;
slpTang fjKpgt'I. a tfe covered (
tlie coacwtUi 'JJlsTJiyMin Chester and i
demahdetiArieraTstrrrlMider, 'Hiir
,pertmpttirJH3eWa I
met anoT he secured fio ihcumHiera- , V !
ble aniouWT)fiouV,Vroftthe '
iress anpVtfgisteffcd Milk's fc. '
.vAiewtrr-i--rc,: r.vj;
a. detective byHIie 'ii&uieor- KVaifi
came,down;the;line to Mot and cap. . ':
ture th daring Vobber., lTlmf reacri: : '
inir lhs;identrcali;t;i''uv,;,'
former robnery sdccuirrea,vthe tjrive '
reined ;ui)twas no WijiisdaVk?
Said:iherdriVerKva I
i ve, Here'sthe vrVT Hher1 Y1
ic got aWy ' with us', tuft tleVeis,lh1kVf,'' , ;
app wliin faellea'inrme') - i
to, stop ana oraerea Hlfe.l?sseiiBer
tp; surrender.", llardlt fttd thesej
words been utteredi 0 th-T
profound amazement of both iletec4,,,1'
tiv4 iandV driver, ,lhey found ahemit ,d
selves, po yered agaiibyo ih?jamii, , r
piau with bis . WinchesUr. Jtifia Ke
apbearedi irt response t6 what. thtf. ,
driver' Wd saidhe'erclaiediY.',,I i
and theraBcars here yet. ' Thro wf off lu (I
that express." 1 .jut t.
8,1- e detective, Mmadirf;
move for his gun, , but (the highways, ,
man warned him' not to touch hi '! .
gun undeV penalty ; of 'death'. 1 The 5 '
express was lllcrefore' thrown olf the'
stage; the ,driyer iand ,i he detcotive t
were, forced to jumpj, 'do p, stand ,".
a"d .hold up ; their, bandswile tlieV
robber secured such plunder, as htf .
sought. "Evans hiseif ' Was 4 "
prived of about $300. ; After thlr' i
roooer, naa, accomplished i his 'pur
pose he rode oM aiidUhe detective
and, driver, with ,two, or three (huJ v
passengers, proceeded on their way,
evidently satisfied' that tbfey had es-
com) aa.hAV did.
This man continued: his course of -robbing
the mails for several weeks, ,
during which time he toolc niuetepn, 8
stages. Finally,- howCVer, deputy
sheriff Van Alstytsei of Pina county ,
Arixona, with a potfbf succeeded in
finding the fellow, and- while jre-
paring to, undertake his twentieth
robbery. ; xenyiffff Mm apyoppor
tunitv to defend htttfself he. was nd- '
died 'with Hbullels'fand ' ihtis
career was brought to a Close.'r 'w
r The clear weather
which ''usunllyf
prevails ur September and : October
and . frequeutiy the;,greater .part. of .
November, affords nearly as; many
remaining Piontrii xpr ? the "ye:
Owing, however, to the bright mobn-1 .
light during the last two ti ;weeksv
stars belpw tfe fRrfd magnitude i wa f
invisible lo the pake eye, and the
heavens appeared conrarati vety ' 1 a''l
blapk. Asirifl' noy thedatk of
the moon,. tbe sky for tfett remarodet !
of this moath wi(l present im usiial'.y V
interesting appearance... i..; vr v
, Jupiter, the largest of the planets, '
shines with' neculiar bVWM in the r
'sotith and southwest during' ithe" first' fv
houra of tho night,. while baturn, the
ring planet, may, he observed. lathp:
MLmBktttXttth 8 up. win h ;?
rauvuv r - . . .
Mars,hwbich atractea so. jnucu-aij i
tention ;a.year; ;lniost jmS,
L'tko' rawnf the sun and l-T ,
gradually" decreasing inhnghtnessj
f About eighVclock Cape1la;roay'
opportunities -ior. ooserviug-;
nomical phchomnaa occhf daring
the remaining month of the 'y aiv r.
be seen in j the northeast a nuw .
.kva thft; hoiizohrr while Yega:u
'hdTrfs atari s remarkable far
its blu4 color, and is
one of the'few
whnsfl distance ' has been' approxi
mately deturmluud. Thyswiritars
or Pleiadesthe guldesof theancient
mariners, ip. the. Mediteranean jmd f ,
BUck $eas, are juappeavmgabove,
th horizon in the east," while Arcu- -t
trus, the brightest star in the north.
errisky,W sitting in. the west .
- i At ten o'clock, GastoH aod Pollux
may be obseftcd:, in vthe northeasj. ;
apd Oribii in he east, while Great
Bear is seen nearly ' below the pole.
Siritis, the brightest star in the , heav
ens, nbwnrUffel .near midnight, but
about tbe middle of November' cau ;
be seen at ten o'clock P e?.ld
inst Jupiter will be (ionjunction
shy plapet; wUl oe atAort diitance;.
Iron? the: same; luttrhtSty the last of
iovember. "r. n? '-;' ; '
Subscribe7 to tHe Chal , Hilf
. a . jk r . r. mp ....
i'.l. t
, r .
' j. . ...
just HOW,, ( i j i .Mf-?r 4 - ,
" -i - i

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