North Carolina Newspapers

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Saturday, - ---Deb. 21, 1878.
Oae ctfDV. one venf." - - i- $I.i0.
Vium opy, mx. mouths . !
. .uWcrint ion's must
1 1. DO.
t be paid in ad-
i:v;rK8 or -advertising :1
: i i i '
On synarc. one Insertion, t - $1.00,
Kadi SIllMMtiU'Ht HHHtKHlc--!- - -50c.
t&TSpecjal eouU-acts iiuide; for. larger
a dver iscments.
- &OTICE. We tcilll be
- pleaded' to piibUiJi' any coihmunica
t ions ftohVani person relative to the
good of tJus people ;Tut any "commit
' iijcatipn felative" to personal 'natters
vr icnuing 10 uring irooiuya. contro-
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' - m . i . i- .
This gentleman gave .two readings
in one of the Ilalls of the University,
during his recent visit. ! lie was a
favorite before, and has added mucl
to his enviable repntaiipn by his last
recitations. JSotwithsjandmg the
" 7
. ifuxorable exactions of the examina
tions, the students attended in largt
numbers; and several citizens were
enouirh to share mi the
pleasure? smd profit. Those jwho
missed these elesrant entertainments
are really to be pitied ; for it is sel
doni in life that, so much can be ob
in our
community, for so
smalfa eonsideration,
l'rofj Hartley's claims to the ad
miration dne a first-class reader.' are
above all contrpversy His imper-
' sonations are, almost always, good;
sometimes, masterly. , He is equally
happy -jin thev grave and the'gay" in
I the humorous and the pathetic. His
most ' Clftt htftrrs' arc oonvntscil
with laughter ; and the most cynical
t i
are apt to be be
31 r. Hartley's
.rayed into tears.
readings willhlways
be- most welcome at Chapel Hill:
aud we junhesitatingly commend him
to those commi nities thatt he" ! may
favor, with a professional viMt.
i I '1
Slowly," quietly, yet constantly,
the villaco has been crowiii'jr in
numbers for the last three years. In
1875 there were many vacant houses
nere : ana, iiioe wno tiesiroci a
place. would consider, ' which sllali I
take j Now, those . who comej are
forced to' inquire, "what .place is it
possible 'for me' to get?" The. vil
lage is gro wing 'as well as the Uni-
mere is eviuence oi in
crease in business. (The stores show
progrpi. .They see "improvement
and lay-m belter stock. The mer-
i i , , i
chants hre selling goods J In quanti
ties, an(l, we . tliink,at low prices.
The citizens ought to patronize their
own merchantsj for we cannot get
along without stores : and stores, to
do wpli for tis.must (iave the benefit
of our trade. j i t
- : UP, HILL I
. Tiie, last University Magazine
give.a short poem -from the pen jof
Theo. II.' Hill. When wq saw - his
name, we hoped to find that he had
crep onl of lusiVrovoking retirement
and thrown another sparkling tributel
to the Muses upon the bosom of the
literary jWorld.
taken from the
Alas ! it was only
jvolume that he, pub
lished years ago. Now, wo join the
Eds. of j the Magazine in the compli
mentary; wordsjin which they refer
to the author, and in the earnest pro
test they make against his continued
silence.. The Legislature is requested
to pass an act to compel the recreant
poetto-take upjhisharp. "Howare
he permit it to lie so long silent and
unstrung! Up, Hill ! 1 v
Pbusoxs desiring to subscribe to
a first-class paper -would do well to
try the Ledoeh. We hope to ijn-
prove the paper very much after
the Christmas
- i i
holidays. Send in.;
vour-names an
1 the cash. Twelve
months $1.50
Six months $1.
"The ' tehivals of, the Christian
church resol ve, thefnseJ vfe ,'jn tb three
grand d i v isi'ons, yin.:VeaoV oSvjKjh
there is one festival' Hearing x
peculiar relation to ouiei-dt the
same class,;ns.heircommoVt
These great festivals are Christmas',
Easter and Whitsunday. I 9
these, j
enta ofj
the first two relate "to it he scent
rt,v;,'0- i,;ittimirm -e&rth ruhehettf fronts" Oieasure .fcarrrioigers
last to his . glorious t -exaltation; aud
power. as displayed in vlhe shedding
forth of the Holy Spirit.. The va
rious festivals connected iwith these
most-.promiuent ; ones', were so nu
mqrous that they .crowded ahe -pe
riod from the lBt . of jDecember to
the Sundav of Whitsuntide, nwith
festivities corresponding J to the
"greater events in the? earthly life o
the ; Savior.. ;: H .. - :!-" -:,. 5
. The 25th of Decemberj.was ac
cepted as tht day: of the nativity in
the 4th century. The festival: itsel
is said to have' been established5 by
Pope Telesphorus early in the 2nd
century. At first it was' not ob
served on the 25th of December or
any other: fixed day ; but' was
movable day of commemoration
When 25th of December- was thus
marked, "some - of the Fathers"
thought "there wa! not anthentic
proof of the identification of the
dav." but 6till the decision was uni-
versally received so that all, after
wards, observed the same day, This
like other Christian festivals,' is
traceable . (probably) to the declen
sion of true piety -in the church. ' As
the pure simplicity of the early wbr
ship failed to give contentment to
the "members of the church, these
festival exercises were devised as
auxiliaries to the better agencies ap
pointed- by God. As they were
bom in a compromise" by religion
with the spirit of the world, so have
they ever been characterized by a
strange, inconsistent blending of the
earthly and the heavenly. -' The
minalinir of devotion and merriment
in tlie earlier Catholic church ; the
rinirinsr of midnight bells'! in Euro
pean countries: the "leasts of fools
and. of asses," nnd the common
scenes uf mJc, urukitrss revelry ; ilie
Christmas carol, commemorating the
angel's song ; the ;cgg nogg, the
revelry, the chai iues,tiho giauaening
of the hearts ofthe children, and the
universal relaxing of ;are and tojl ;
and the multiform relknousobser
vances peculiar to the -day ; these all
- .i
keep up the mixed character of the
! lestival in all countries that cele
brate it.
i I ;
The Germans have long rniade
Christmas "the childrenjs- festival.-'
Formeijy, in England,' the season
was protracted from Ch-istmas eve
to "twelfth night" or Jan. 6 ; indeed:
in some respects to Feb. 2nd. ' .
"The lavorite and first'l dislr on
Christmas day was; a soused boar's
head, which was borne to the prin
cipal table with great state and so
lemnity,' 'upon a silver platter with
minstralsve., There is a tradition
that this custom originated at
Queen'ii College, in commemoration
of the valor of a student, who while
on a Walk, reading Aristotle, being
suddenly attacked by a furious wild
boar, rammed lb4 volume into the
throat of the aggressor, crying
Graecum estt ; till he had fairly
choked the benst to death." ' '-
Let our untiring students beware
how trrey expose" themselves during
the holiday, and . be careful not " to
provoke feiocions wild
reading Greek at such a
beasts by
Lime. lne
old heathern Druids arejthe fathers
of the customs of hanging the mis
tletoe and holly . in" houses 1 and
churches. We- have it from them ;
as, indeed, we have many customs
from like sources. These -evergreens
used to be worn on the head. An
other old English superstition lingers
among our people to this day : to-
wit : That the cows are on their
knees at midnight On fold Christ
mas ' eve. JYlany of the ignorant
who believe this do not know that it
is connected wjth the story that, at
the birth of Christ, an ox; and an ass
knelt as in prayer. !. .
Notwithstanding all the abuses of
this great festival, it is1 o be cher
ished by all
the wise ,and good
ells of the birth of
t . 1
hearted; It
the world's Redeemer -:glad tid-
ings of great joy.n It breathes
a blessing over all ranks and in
almost, all homes. , It- relaxes the
At rained nerves Of the anxious
and the selfish, and infuses the
- ftpirit' i'of beautiful charity into' all
heaifl8.;' 1 It brinS back the aroma of
buth : tos:;-thft-jy.ithered realtfisof
and blisses of life To' the thou
toilers iivmiddle years ; andjinspires,
cliildJiobd ml -youth with a mystic;
through life with au'Elysiari cbarnf.
KvBe careful, reader, how you spend
yotir Christmas. iBe prudent in your
pleasure, and the season, . will be
sweet asMt: passes and ; sweet when
j emerabered. i By a little j folly you
may make it, the birth:day of bitter-
hess that will cursej althe xjoming
years. We- wish you all a merry
Christmas ! ' .
On last Saturday' 'evening
Hartley gave his ;atidience airiim-.
pressive recitation of "An Inaugural
Odc,"; taken! from a volume of poemR
recently published from- the pen of
Mrs. Leach, of Johnston; county N.
C. The piece was written to cele
brate the triumpH of "Gov. Vahce'uV
his late election. v The applause that
the ode won from the audience was
complimentary ' alike ' to the4, fair
authoressj the- accomplished reader,
and the popular and honored subject.
By the j way, ought not the literary
people ih North Carolina to give
more regaid and encouragement to
the modest little book which Mrs;
Leach lias written ? 1 The title of H
is . "Scattered Leaves." It contains
nearly 150 pages octavo, and jfs fronj
that excellent house, E. J. Hale &
Son. Any one can find true poetic
inspiration ; in
Vane, or
the. 3Jamac i$rntc." the seconq
piece in the book. i
liut we do not purpose a review
ot the volume at this time. w4
wish only to call attention to it, anc
ask for it ji roper regard.
Mrs. Leach is a daughter of the
late Rev. R. C. Maynard, and the
widow of 'the late Dr.JLeach, of
Johnston j county. The , price of
"Scattered Leaves" is 1. 1 It can bej
The first session of the University
year closes this, week Being an ters its growth in grace and its cn
outsider, we fednhatlit, is-pioper fbr largement; Wednesday, Jan. 8h,
ns-io express our opinion 01 me Christian education, the family, the
general appearance of tlrngs in the young, coilegps, seminaries of learn
venerablei institution. Weare ;Sld iDrj, Sunday and other schools. Chris-
lighted to be ahlcto state that the
'oung geptlemeh who make up the
present bod v-of students have won
just coniplimeuts by their general
good bearing. They '-are; not want
ing in the fun, fervor, and vim that
we ; always expect to see iu the
young; out iney Know -now to be
i'-.i t ";- ...1.
lively without, being- vicious. 1
iuey nave uonc tnin-jrs tnat tnc
ought not, wl
iv, 01 course, we. uo
"'- vo
country to tnrnish a large body ot
spirueu young men who can snow
- - ' . t t ...... S I - . - , . :1 .
bettfr reconl than our university
Do you know Miss Patsy Self n
She is jail afflicted old woman who
lives near, this village. Her aged
is also an invalid. V enly
they need more than they have or
get. Well, when the news was cirr
culated '.about
RnflTprpra and n
the yellow1' fever
time' appointed to
. . i ' -'. f - 'i
take up a collection for them, poor
old Miss. Patsy gathered up seven
eggs it was all she had to give f
and totterinir to town, tzave them aafirom v orestvuie- -For two years
her contribution. She said she knexv
, . - , . , i I
wirntit w as 10 oe sick aim 10 neea
in ends." 1 J
The , gift was small bnt, in the
ietiger 01 me oKies, it maue arranu j
record on the credit column !
; The Ledger will suspend publi
cation after this issue until January
4, 1879. I We do this in order' to
cive our employees an'opportuhitv
to enjoy the Christmas holidays Iri
"! r n . 3 r;, -., I
the name; of all connected with the
. , i
w wish tnu peopie 01 our
and ; especially those pf
North Carolina," merry Christmas
and a happy New Year."
We have olio or two communica
tion's that should have appeared in
this issuel but were crow ded out.
.a ' - i -" '(hs..- i -'i''. ........
J jgareWell forever tW8J8, withyks
College duties; pleasures and : tron-
fbles; : - ,:..IL.i-:
There is Vfuture Go verhor of the
State at the University, but whom it
isV vrw&uld,nbt'like to predict, t t
' .The chief amusement Christmas
to those who remainhere, will be
be': Bandy, Hunting and ; running
owls, (of which there are a great
number) out of the trees in the
Campus., , . ;; - -... .
' The Di. Society has lost a distin
guished member in the death of Maj.
SeatoiV Gales, and Phi. Society in
the death of Hon: B. F. Moore. r Qne
by one they" pass away an'd their
places are filled by others, i
, ' " .-;.--.- ,
IV Another'. 'year" will soon be past
and. gone. The University has ob
tained ; a firmer ffootina: and 1 now
ranKs "jirst in tnejoremosi line. ;i ay
the lapse, of time bring her increased
blessings, and may she be a source
of wisdom whose beams shall irradi
ate the. whole land o'er which the
Eagle cast his piercing gaze, v
Winter, with all its severity and
l loneliness has come. NeaJ ly all of
the boys have left, and . those who
hayo not will.s.ooaYollpw.f The. last
examination was on Thursday. Only
25 or 30 students , will remain du
ring Christmas. Dull times, indeed
will : it be. Thedullest sport in ,the : trying to. 1c ill time. - But it
w il 1 j bp ou r fa t e. B u t v i tb a ccess to
the libraries, we may pass the time
pleasantly and profitably. . ,
t -
The sweek of prayer has become a
fixed institution among many of the
Protestant' denomination in the
South as well as in the North. The
following is the schedule of subjects
" '
agreed upon by the Evangelical ,-Abi
liance, which has the arrangements
in charge, ior Sunday Jan. 5th, as
r,.r.j - .... ... ,,...1-..,
d Kiimoct. tur inp mi imr "I instmn
Union ''..Moinlaj-, Jan. . Gih, Thanks-'
giving ior the blessings of the yean
past, and prayer for their cont jnu
ance; 1 uesday, Jan. tih,
P raver
Lbr lhe Churcli of Christ, its m nis-
flAll associations of young men and
women; ' Thursday, Jan. 9th, for
nations, rulers and people, for peace
and religious liberty on earth; Fri
day,. "Jan. 10th, the press, for a bless
ing on publishers, cdjtors and au
thorsthe cause .of temperance and
other (,ci:U reforms : S-iturdav . Jan.
11,1,,' homo and foreign missions.
Lmd the conversion of- the. .world
On Sundav f-vonino- Jan.! l!th. mil).
l.'i - - l r
lie union prayer meetings
will be
, ,d f er an(l" ai
L fHillsboro Keconler, Dec. 171
l?leasnfs, conilairiing Of being very
sick. ' He said that he had walked
down the railroad track, and had
,r.. ti.. in u: '
finding ihat his condition was becom-
ing worse, sent for Dr. Strudwick.
Subsequently Dr. Wilson was called
n." Towards morning he was bet.i
ter,' but suhsequenVy became more
jllf andjied n, af m. on Sunday.
His name was James Sikes, a native
of Wake, his father living riot far
P'lst he has been working at Holts:
:Oranite" tactorv.- tie about
22 years of age. ,
. His
hy the town authorities, and decently
In Chesteifield county, Va., on
Moifiday last, a young colored girl
vetii-ed rather precipitately from din
ner: at which a rabbit pie had been
served, and when found, shortly
after, in an adjoining room, was ex-
tended -at' fu length in a chair, and
was entirely lifeless. A doctor was
. 1 ; - , u
ueveriinjiess, summonea, wno pro
nounCed her death due to disease of
her heart ; but as the body Was be
ing made ready for burial, it was
discovered that her throat had been
cut by a sharp rabbit bone, which
protruded clear through the sWd.
The population of Durham, N. C,
is claimed 4,000.
- Wilmington Reyiew : .OnSatut
day afternoon'about 4:30 Pelock,
after the Southern bound passen
ger train had- left Enfield and got
ten under.full.headway, KsUp-.
ped on the track about ten feet
. tt : 1 1,
of the eugn
in the ditch
4 tlfl
innp -h was found-to be alive and not"
1 v" ... : . irni. -
hurt beyond a severe garring. , u
man, who was' white and drunk,
Wave his name, as.- Parker-, Hadr he
beensober, no doubt he wuld
never have kiowiY what struck him.
RaJeiifh Ubservi
: Last Wednes
day night, C.T. Tlomas, of Chatjhara
count v, when bi inking some mejjt to
-this market, was accidentally jshot
with a pistol bv a companion named
Gaston Johnson. They had .gone
into camp some thirteen miles . jwest
of this city, and it was J ohnsonV
time to watch tho meat, whicH;had
been placed on the ground, on pjles,
to prevent its becoming sour, pur
ine his watch, a couple of dogsi ap
proached the meal and Jotyison
endeavored ip fire at them, but? the.
pistol snapped, and .when attempting
to remedy the evil, it suddenly ex
ploded, sending a, bajl int-j. .Thmas'
leg 1 about - the: region of the Icalt.
Thomas does not appear to be jseri
rt HQ 1 v hurt' but the ball had !i not
been found at last accounts.
Wilmington - Review : j A jmost:
cold-hlooded and brutal minder was
committed o':thi prahtation.:,pt Mr.
J. -A. Evans, in lnmswick cointty,
la'libut twolveniiles fro'rh this city, and
"we1 are pleased to slate that' the
murdereVs have been arrested and.
lodged in the Smithvilie jail. "Mr.
Evans has had' a man by the iame
of, 3IcDiiflie.,Vfpr'ineiiy. ot Pander
countyemployed as a: wood-cutter
for some time pastL On Monday
about sundown, Mr. Evans saw) two
colored; men ly the name of Davis,
who are broi hers, pnsn his housje, go
ing in the :i recti; ui of McDtifiie's
cottage. They were : armed f with
rnns and passed 31 r.v Ivans', oil a run.'
Th ey, caj 1 ed -'MtiU ufKe: out. a k e
if he had sail "so and so, I , aud
1 htm
shot hi. 11. On their wav to M!
HtTs house, they told a colored'! man
' . " - .' i mi' i Ti. 1"
mat they; were goiiig io kiii, mcxjui-
I fio if'lii QiT.1 trlil ilari in;l crfc,
Slllf tL ,Thft T. vJ, bi-othprs:
were captured about eleven o'clock
on Monday night at 3leares bim.
i ' L
ratesvil a
Jandinark : . About
j;uryeiii.ajiDJii A'epccab'
esteemed.'citizen of Alex
ral 1 o .an d W uch
xander conn-
t v irve or mm
t" .fie report that a
Catamount or' North : American Ti
ger inhabited the cliffs of Davis'
Mountjiin, near Bethel' Church.
Xle .'also stated, ih , great earnest
uess, that this or some kind reel ani-
inal was -visit ing his flock of sheep
and geese, and that the trac,k Of lie
larixcst was abont'the sie of a1 New
to i ind'la 1 id d og A 1 1 speculation and
coiijeture in - reference to the correct
ness ot Mr.' Davis s'tatement was
.settled on Friday -moining of jweek
be fore last, by the,-chasing .with
iiounds andshooting of a large an it
irialr supposed to he a North A mer-
icaii .1 iger.' f-Mr. W.. C. LtrinV was
out on the cliff early that -morning
and; very soon an old well trained
hoind commenced crying, whl'ii the
hunter perceived an animal closely'
pursued by tlTe dogs, capering from
'rock to rock over the cliffs, theianimal
being larger than the largest , dog.
These dogs (two) caught hiiW' once,
but soon released their hold., j After
running about two hours through
the .cliffs and thickets it stepped at
the edge of a pi ojecting rock! where
it was shot, and tilled by Mn W. 'C,
Li nh e v. ' -'" )
Raleigh News : Sunday monning
Prof. Powell, a colored 1 barber, was
at some trouble starting, a fire n his
shop. Thinking1 to hasten tpe "igni
tion -of the coal he took a gal on can
qt. kerosene, and turning it up jpoured
patt of the contents in the. stove.
He then put the. can down on the
floor, near by; A match had fallen
on the floor, and he stepped pn this.
In an . instant it ignited, settiifir fire
to some oil . drops on the floor, and
then exploding the can, filling , the
siiop wun names.- toe I'ro lessor
was in his dressing gown which was
covered with the flaming oil. He
rushed out into the strej2t,.and yelled
fire at the top of his lungs. iAttract;
ed by his cr es and seeing h is ; awful
predicament, a crowd gathered.
One of these, Mr. G reason, with a
bocket-knife boldly ' cut away the
burning clothes, until hardly- a rag
remained. . The unfortunate man
was taken into his fshop, when it Was
found that the loSver part of both
legs as well as of a portior of his
back, was badly burned. . He was
carried hpme ancf a doctor dressed
the, wounds. .But despite all the
care of the physicians the injuries
were so serious $Mb baffle either re
lief or cure, and the suffering. of the
poor tuan was intense. Butfdeath at
length interposed and at 8:B0 p. M.
yesterday the iniured main died.
Powell was a native of Wilmington,
but came here some two years ago
and opened a shop.
Tlii order, to plofe up'ur stoyk rnpi,-.
ai possibie.fvc shall offer' our tnd
'-f'-' ? '-"I ::.',:! - V.!
We deem it unnecessary to give quo
tatiorts, as such advertising only lea(8
to cutting on a . few IciUlin-j goods by
the merchants without securing any ai
Vantage to purchasers in Iheir general
billss. .We can j safely say that our goods
have "Ween bought at the lowest price
reached this season, and' will be sold af
a very small .advance on .cost. Weare,
now Celling some goos -at 25 per cent,
under quotations given by other. Ari
itr respectfully invited to ,call and ex-,
i Fay Ui .Old. Scoi-ch.
' .- -yy. l. . y . .
We tender our thanks to-our; friends
who have stood by us so faithfully and
paid us so promptly And 'vouUl re
mind those indebted, to. us. .that, we ait
greatly m need of .the money. We have
Waited long and patiently with .some of
you, and we know that times are, hard,
that the priced for produce are low, and
it itiay be that you can't pay all at one
time. Come and ' see us. We will al--low
3011 liberal prices' and deal liberally
with you. Oijr inability to call on you
but increases j your obligation to' call
and see us and! pay what you can. - .
Very respectfully, . ' .
Ch'ipeUIill,1 N. C., Dec. 7, 18T8.
3000 Engravings j 1840 Pages Quarto.
Four Pages of Colored Plates, j
i Published by G. & C Meurim, at
. ' Springflcd; Mass. '
' Prescot,
George P. Marsh,
eck, John G. Whit tier, '
i ; John G. Saxe, f
Daniel Webster, i
;f :Al. Coleridge, .
.Horace Mann, j
F. Greene Hill
X. P. Willis,!
KUhu Burritt,
Jlufu.- .Clioate,
iMorc thaisfiftA- college President,
nd the. lest American and European the Dictioiwr' used in
the Government Printing Offlce.n.
T7 veiy School and Family should hav& 1
JLU it tor constant use and reference. .
Best family help iu training children
to beeome iutHligent men. '
Several Tear' later, has 1-5 more nut
ter, than any other Dictionary, j
j i - ' i
The, Authorized authority in Courts of
utice, for the "nieaning of worJs.
Fjptymoloics an'd definition far in Ad
JjJ vance of aiiy other Dictfonan'.
Pecommeud b.y Chief Justice ,Waite
t as "best autlioritx lor delTntion.'v-
F A CT.S: .
Recommended by the State Supt's of ,
35 different States and by over CO
College Presidents.
About 3SOOO have been placvd
in Public Schools by. law.or by School
authorities. J li
lt coiitaihs 13,000 'illustrations
nejirly three times asmanv as any other
r:..: -i l. . - I
lHUUIIiUV, 1 i . I
Three pictures of a ship, on nae 17h ',
illustrate the -meaning of inure. Ui
IOO words. - ' ...-'.
The sale of WebterV Dictlnarv.
SSOj times as givut as that'ot anv other
series ot Dictionaries. J
- ' 1 I ; -1. - -.-. - . i '
1040 Pages Octavo.. COO Engravings
I- ' . - - . -Is
il not rffjhtJy claimed that
" is Tin:.
NaifiHinl'' SSttiiiiMil.V
S.1,000 ,X1,'!:M
in every yost town In the United State
to send subscriptions to the r
vlin;toii IXtV-wlcoy ?f
Send five cents for copy, and term'?
: ; Burlington, lo'wa.
D 11
J . D . DA V IS
1 "
Pemianeiitlv loeatl tii Durham aii
Chanel Hill, f Offlce. will b- oneu &
L . .1 - v tlnmihoiuliai) rnv lft .1
Cash, 'at prices' neVeTpached before in
this market.- Wd have a" nt;e assort
Chajjel Hill twelve davs of. each m6nt
from the 12th to the 22d.
... .-I
- -
. ! ;.

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