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Tis when sorrows- encompass Tin- friend of hex: soul; , ,)i WheujtriaU eojne thickest, ;Anl heavy clouds rolj ; When loinnn she's 'a comfort,' ' A barm and "'a re$t' t ", Then - woman,-sweet, woman, iieeins iairest and host ! , i . . " When in womanly duties . At home she Is louud ; , , Allien; as. mother, she gathers filer little ones round; When there's no place to her Like her own oozy nest, Then woman, dear woman, !Seems. fairest and best. aIhI yet she may shine tin her beautiful sphere. May risejas man rises, ! (Untrammelled by fear May'follow her calling ; sWith courage and zest, f And still be, dear woman, The .fairest and best! . ; ,..' fFrora th' New York Ledger. , .. U?H: O It I O I INT OFTHE ! TE11M LYNCH LAW. In the infancy of nations, as in all newly constituted communities, the wntrm rV lanr is nnvthmtr lllt. n K(U " ""'o lute, j It. only; becomes sovereign .when "-the Joiindations of society I y 1 .-ll J - . nave, dccu caruiunv iaiu, auu i.mi- hns fnmeTiLcfl the Kuuerslructure. . j - When the action of the Jaw is feeble or buspected, a wild species of -justice supercedes it, and executes .an informal, but not necessarily an un righteous judgment. Tliis irregular mode of procedure, generally known as Lynch Law, is by no means peculiar to America, which has not even the, honor of giving it a natne. ' Ireland claims that jdistinction, and with good right, as we shall proceed to show. Many nations have practiced it in spirit, if not in form. In! Germany, -in the thirteenth aud ifourteeuth centuries; when every petty prince, noble and prelate 'claimed, the power of life and death over their Ivassals and '-dependents when merchants were, plundered and taxed at the caprice of the no bles whose territories thby passed through; when the honor ;of the Wires au'd'daujxhters of citizens" was held as a thingbf small-account, a singular species of Lyncli Law. be came established throughout i a con siderable portion' ol the country, pariicularly in' Swabha,Thur;ngia and Baden.' " It was adminis(e'i;e4,by- secreC judges, wlio ; yeVe" bai;uil by 4 np written code, hld.no hxed places forilolding theiH- courts,- but assem -; bled in vlie "depths '6f6itte Ionv'ipr-, estj ruined church,' or castle vf .one oUueir chiefs. ., ! ' ' L : They-made no' prisoners, and pro nounced but one 6enlence4-death."ir1 This mysterious association was known as the Holy Vehni, or Vehin dencht. ' ' '" '. ' j No person, however exalted or humble liis rank could withdraw himself from its jurisdiction. It judged and executed in secret: Did our 6pace permit, we could cite llie names 01 royal personages: op, demned and put to death by its- sfej c ret agents. ' " ". The tlloly Vehm has long since disappeared before the progress off law j and? civilization, but sevWal interesting monuments of its j former . ppSver ire, : still to 'be met with in Germany. Possibly ' vb may one day have an'opporturiiiy of describing them to oqr -readers, and entering more fully into the subject In France, during the earlier stages of the monarchy, when the great vas; U ot the crown were fre quently more powerful than their suzerain, and entered into cabals aud even foreign alliances against him, the king. .appointed some -great per- sonago or laitliiul auherenV toehold what was termed - the Grand Assise, 1urino;w'hich the laws became Sus pended. ,Hc c)u!d j ud ge, .cond e m n and execute, without any form of iruu j,.prt cpuv-nis.aciionsever- qe called 'tQ account- i 'i4.?;:': s This was- 'but another , form -fi Lvnch Law; t; ; : "n . tT ,1 Iu. Scotland they 'hadidui inc.' the. . . . ...:t. Tr i s . v 1 tiers, wnai was termeaeqpuy Law, rjTho accused was-firtifc hanpredf.ahd then a jury . was! summoiAivl lb pro- nounce upoii his innocence 'or'guilt-' ii.' . i i,. i mt.t . KttQ(ii.:.5; mf . .irjifft'ioat Y'd Theiiboye instances are quite suf ficient to prove ihat 'lynchjhcc did not originate iu Vmejicajj, , j The following -jsadj history,, -the truth of which has never been lis puted, establishes the fact, that51 if ij-elaiid did not give birth Jtb r the practice, h -at ; least gave., occasion tor the name. ; ":..- ' - K ' w ' i .. Gal way, one of the mo'st rorrialntic counties in the' province of Con naught, is washed by; the Atlantic. Its shores present the finest bays and creeks in the country, advanta ges which naturally led to extensive, commercial 'intercourse, particularly with Spainj whose inhabitants set tled there in considerable numbers. . The streets of the cities arq riar; row, arid many of the houses have. the jealousies or peculiar spec1e6.-l shutter so common in' the Peninsula.' The , n eigb bo ring peasantry, as .well as the citizens of Galway, -still i ' f ' ' ' i afibrd proof of, Spanish descent- dark hair.- fine forms, and iiashini; j ' I -l- eyes. T"he women-iniirht s'erve' as models- for the . painter or the sculpton. , - :. ' . V v j Iu 1403, James "Lynch Fitzste phens was iMayor or chief warder of Galway, a very, different office from ihat of chief magistrate; of a town in modern daysT.lhe holder of.it being not onlv tuprcmo' iudcre, buL com , " . . ... mander of the rude species of militia fortned lor llie defence1 of the place. He could call it out, disband, or em ploy it as he thought necessary.' Tiie Mavor' had considerable com inercial relations with Spain. llie family most probably came origin- . - - ! ' -' aliv from' that country 4-although the n;lme ' woiild imply a Norman, ratfier than a Spanish source. ,"r In thc course, of hits. transactions, this worthy man found it necessary to "sendl his ' son to Spaitu Unlike his father, the youth appears to have been of a Jv it d,' reckless disposition. Instead ,ot i.atteitduig .to the .business whicli bu owyh.bhim .'.over, .he squau tiered the funds intrusted ;to him in vulgar dissipation. This compelled him to borrow a large, sum .01 money from thc'.meichaut: JLonhom , he was accredited,-;'. iti i lris,- father's jf name Aud it Wa's a"grtedJ thatHhe.pep.he.w 01 xne jentier bnouui accumpiwoy juuh back, to Irelauvjto receive payment of the loan, .and 'euterjuto more ex tended commercial relations..' Truly fias'il bden remarked, that the., first - crime pro.yes ' the- fruitful parent of a hundred others. Young Lynch having no raean pf his' own for discharging, the , debt, and' not daring Xo -avow his defalcations to his fath'er,- concbiv-ed the!. horrible, idea of riddinpr himself of his iiabili ties by murdering the companion 'of his voyage,, 5 : . !r .r Havins: induced the crew of the ... r - vessel to assist !iinv in- this evil de-J sign, the uuforturiate young Spaniaid was seized in the dead of night and cast overboard. -.v . ;. . Everything - appeared; to prpmiie immunity' to- the cowardly assaasmt The ship' belonged to Msihirj'Kiid the seanien were in his employ'. Spain - was far distant, and inter course f between - the. two countries precarious. 5 There is little doubt but, bii his arrival from Galway, young Lynch was joyously welcomed by his family aid friends. Iu time,, he too be- came a merchant and unless tradi liou err a very, prsperous4)nq j"iu fact, so much; sothat he. pnojiosed for the lhapd o ?oue (of. the friost beautiful girls iahis ,naUve,iy, the daughteif of a; w eaithy burgher. I. It was.williugj .aWorde,d..'n'- i if t ; Preparatioii ,4br; . j.he marriager were bejug madejjwjienhe oo, cpn-f hdmglathetv. received , a s tpre$sing. SuinhiqnatQUqntjheea oj)efyispld -seameii- As the inau, had served him long aud, faithfully, Jje,Uel;t,oun4f?t9 attemj to jU .vQuf rjpader.may, jtulge pf the ,-Jj or- ror-.and despair, of, ,4b e. t rge-liearei. lagistitewlkeiiJvthoy dying sailofg impelledby.remqrseypnfes Jiiin thevj.Uiany qi";his qnly;sx)n.pd$ the t shar ,h :had ak"ea,ifv his priifle4 Tt yas one5pX,bpsev blqjys wjiM?hy falling, upou the jjiearty :4i)nst .either crush vQr; change j itj ,iiitc steeUjhO af te r-con d net tof the j udge . w ij sh p w what effect it produce .upqnUiim. The. first act of: James Ijynch Iitz stephe,ns, ,011 re tu r)i ing.to h is d esolatTJ honie, was to arrest his Boh, "1 whom, despite the entreaties' of his Svife and relatives, he commit ted -to prison on j - -pi .- -U - ! -. the eliarge: of.murder the'next, to secure- f urther evidence of his:; crime as time and circuinsthiices permitted.' The old 6etmah ;ras not Uitvonly living, witness pf Ltho't deatlfbf Jthe bUe, criKJ. 'ere stilu lrv'.mg These "tbe uirifiWmat?ikitc..'secured; and 5 wh'ri '1 eyreything;8;pepared!1t iuruier ine enas at -pisuce, orougui. . the. .wreUihed criminal to trial. , ,'JCmust have, been: an awful , scene. Asou befor: the tribunal of justice pleadirig for his life, and and his-'father presivnM 1 Tfce Jevideuce -was f over: y helming ; in facti it does nqt appcaF thaf the' young maiienied his giHlt With 4 j Bitperhiimari fortitude, the Mayor of Gal wat,' faithful to'4 his oaih of office and thb .trust reposed in mm oy uis ;ieuow-cuizens, uearu the verdict of gui ty aud condemned the culprit to deai.h ! '-fi Few persons j Relieved' tn'seh tence would be executed, and, many resolved that it should not.. , . The first; attempt to save young 'Lynch : from : his! impending doom, was made by his 'distracted ' mother and female relatives, ( - 1 1 . r- who,, threw themselves at.t)ie,feet pf the4nexor-; able iud;o and implored his : mercy.; "ItJ iltieavf33S childless," iirged, 'f uNot more- Ihaii his crime has 1 done," was tUp'steru ; reply; "Think on nameV ie ; disgrace df' ;onr' "; c We must bear that as we may ."In human parent!' exclaimed the wretched mother. ? f'Neither 'jthe la ws of God 1 nor man caf3 de'manjd Ruch krsacrifice. I It is asramst rnatare horrible wicKed iVphalino'WH The oa , ,-..roa. snqqiniSsrjieajas mourhfuIly.H ii iiiw 11 vat-m- o It is asserted "that 'the v beautiful eriri affianced tpf the s murderer 1 tried in vaih , the effect of ther tears aud entreaties to snaKe nia resoiuiipoy-jiAi so, eha.inust have loved the murderer i 1 well. . The mother of the condemned took' 'more active steps, and nearly succeeded 'in saving him! .- t , ........ . .1 i . f i i Dame Lynch Fitzstephens . ws a Blake, one ! of a the wealthiest and best-considereid families in Galway. HaXC)Hng to lher 'I relatives and jtriendSj'she Implored them. to invert the ipfaroy frpm ther iiame a well as hers. iTheyi promised,1 and on the morning ot-sthelexecution assembled numerously and Well armed in the street opposite the Mayor s house, to wchfoi creater security tne crim- inaWiabeen'rejniQyea,-, . Whetr' James Lynch i-Fitzstephens appeared with his; 6dn, : surrounded Dv.ine omcers 01 lusuce, uu iue wjf to execution, a j rush was maae py the Biakes; and many of the' citizens to 'rescue hli mf' j Seeing that he t was unalile to cbutend against their num ber, the resolute old man commanded 1 i i that the culprit should be taken back to his Home, ,i This was accbmplished although' with some difficulty The Mayoi- was the last to retreat, strong ly barringi tbe doors behind hlra. - iTliinfttD they had Succeeded the rioters setup a shoutof triumph; but theyf knew not thb-spTrit'tliey diad tcr 'contend with. In a few; minutes culprit and judge appeared at one of the upper; windows of the building With a cry of hbrrdr the Blakes aw iheMaypr diimseli fi x the rope roun d the neck of his son; arid after embrace mg,1 launch him Jnto eternity; v ' i I i'TJiisiJ stern - act of justice sP con- fouiided them that they dispersed v ; ff A tteri the d ealh of -his son: James ilrnEch liFitzstephensiTesigiied s his ofiice, and'ntningledf nqriaore inlhe iworhTH He had done with life;, and .the fewremainjngfyear8bf 'his exis tencei wercirjassed:in, prayemand : re-r :tirement.'-;,:.: s'f'.ip-j- Vvj .1 The: bouse in :. which the ragedy tooklplace still iexists' in- Lonibahl street, which, the people generally call .jDead Man's, Lane, c Over., the principal entrance;. are to be. seen a skul I and cross-bones executed . in black marble, with the inscription, vyaniti ofi; vaniti; and all is but. vnn U,i."fiThe building? is j exceedingly massive, and illustrates a the archi; tecture d the period. -;, .;H 1 . Tradition imay have added some thing to the tert'iblo; history we liaye reco rded, blft .the facts are ' indisuut- 11 - rrt aoiep, iney prpve, !or ; .we. , afe greatly mistaken, that we mus.t .look to Irelatid fb'r the trqe qrigin of the term Lynch Law.; - , ' I .-. : U:-:- -. r -:: i)Ayib NiWARK THE " F?AT ' '': " -BO Y. (; '..'" :J ... ;Tie f .pctiesterif thus' 'de scribes thijT. overgrptirn;' .American youth; J ' He waf ..bqru-in-Rbchelle, Hiinbis,sbVeiitea years, ago, ,At the timev ofj his.;birlh; he?, weighed but eight ppnnds au .continued; tqbe a smal Qild, u'nti j he was six years , Qjdjwhen all-pf a, sudden he began tpjg;rpw.Hj Op ihth.birthday.he weighed 112 poundsf : and continued gradually to ipe'rease till on his ele venth a birthday Jiv weighed 212 pounds. - The .next year he increased iq iveigbt to the time of 155 pojinds, and jbdng, weighett when twelve years old.he fwas ipund to kick; the beam at 325 ? pounds. In, : hjs thir teenth year ' tip? siced'seyejely; .from HytyhoidfeverprwhichMired uced 'him somevhat itf ticsh ; but on recbv eriug from' the disease ;he - soon re I jraihed what lie ' had' -lost and made up tim'e at - a J rapid rate,-and bri his - - ..... last4 f arid se venteeath 'birthday he 'weignecl4"C335 pountis.-. This ? was lasi; winter," arid I t is probabl e,1 judgi ng frpm;past experience, that his avoir. dupois - has' increased slightly"-since .titefi! ' tiis health iBerfectlr gpbo! as' a? general .thirigand h'i flosjh-iuri: steadof being- flabby,' is 'quite solid tythe:ftouch'-'Kis'aftu; ?which tifbstwerity-four -Inches rbund the biceps', being like' a bar rjf iron. His apparently" sole bbmplaint is that this "doors jpf thVhbrtse8 are too smallfor hmu' - 'J; ' , ':':-r'-:'1;'- f Ayiung Nevv .ork man, travel; ling in Kansas,, recently received the dispatch, 'Return immediately i you are a father. ' . On the eve of his re turn, his .friends determined to play a joke on hinf. They procured three other babies from the . neighborhood and placed allfour in a ;ow on a bed in an adjoining apartment, arid cov" ered tbom.up. When he arrived jie embraced his wife in a. great delight and- was led forth- tf behold his first born;, envcqver as .rise an,aellloQ overspread his-.cunteiianceiind ( he eXGaimei; f them get awy ?" r?r- 4 ; Alms are thegblden .key that opens, tfeb gate'of h eaveri. ; ; 'iv t .. . :v.--.yrr;' v. . ... .;-,, j - Atl between-tne, craaie aua comu is uncertain. Heaven is worth the whole world. I 1 ' 1 1 M K x: wccoXTJiL,ii:Y' Stock of Good U uow- complete) la verj Department, und will be sold at 4 -, 1 'BOTTOM riUCKd FOB CA8II, or to prompt paying customers.. .! , . His istook cpusUts In part xf : - ! ' CAlSSIMERESp CLOTHS, c6T TONADES, LINKN DRILLS ; ' '' " : 'i v-"-':':'" 1 for 3PauUsand iiulti, ffce.. -i I ! A PulhLlnbof Domestic 10-4 bleachetl aiid unbleacheilSH EETIXO. PILLOW. CASK (J 004 Is. V LA KE GKOROK 4. A HEiAVY" SHEETING 4-4. LONSDALE; CAMBRIC. . , A Full Line bf ''.- FIGURED AND PLAIN ! '" J.-'.,-1ULA.WNS,: I3ioh Ooodts lix lirorjr vJ-v It'- VrKStylo;- : ' LINEN FOR LADIES SUITS' - and TRAVELLING DRESSES. HAMBURG EDGINGS, In every stylo ffrom 5 cents h up; . LINEN , . - TOVEI Iindr,v;V,: . !. . . ; CRASH. . , 3I4RSEILIES QUILTS, n large lot. "KEEPS SHIRTS and COLLARS,' a fulilln. f5- 4' ' . ' . ' ; If p lUlliAO tJllKJ lJll O hand ;made Slices ;lu eve.y tttvlel for Gep tlemen, Ltvdies,"', Misses , and Chil dren. ; -Also a ,14irge- lot of other good audi-popular makes of Shoea. ' " - McGAULEY'S.v - is Headquarters for ;-i -, . : ; . ? . , . ; BACON, LARD and'GROCE.; UES, CANV & SUGAR CURED HAMS on hand all the- :::.vr'rv;V;".v. -y,;,,-. -'. 3ime at Bottom Prices. Htl G. HiMS and SIDES at lOctsJ GOOD BROWN SUGAR at lOcts UisHf GkANULATED. 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