Lei'ches.—Tise demand Tor leeclics (‘blood suckcrs) is *o great in France, that the marshes ol’thal country catmot supply it. Immense numbers are caught in the lakes and pond.s of Spain and brought into France. A few months since, the Spanish leech hunters caught a Frenchman, who followed the same trade, and having stripped him, they tied him to a tree, and covercd him with leeches, whUh would have sucked him to death, if his comrades had not released him. A farmer in France earned 30,000 francs in 4 years by the trade in leeches. —He had multiplied them in a small pond so that the annual produce was 200,000, when some flocks of wild ducks alighted on his pond, and in twenty four hours swallowed all his leeches and his hopes. Stick to the carriage by all mea7is.—Last week, Sylvanus Miller, esq. was shocking ly hurt by rashly jumping from a dearbon •wagon, when the horse, having taken fright, was running at full speed. He broke his leg in a very-dangerous man ner, and was otherwise greatly injured. On this occasion we once more remind our readers that we have repeatedly cau tioned persons who are thus run ofl’with, never, on any account, to leave the car riage, when it is thus hurling along with furious rapidity : for though their situa tion is, at best',dangerous, jumping out, is certain injury, and almost certain destruc tion. When a horse runs off, he seizes the bit between his teeth, and is beyond being controlled by any steady pull : The only way is by sawing his mouth, pulling al ternately first one rein and then the oth er, which sometimes answers to bring him up ; but, if not, remember to stick to the carriage at all events, and in every case but w hen you see a precipice before you. N. y. Eve. Post. It is stated in a Virginia paper, that immense swarms of locusts are making their appearance in the vicinity of Char iot U's\ilie. The forest seems to be alive with thein. and their monotonous drone is heard in all directions from morning till night. On the 31st ult. a man by the name of Preshoe, in flischurging an old rusty swivel, in Wareham, (Mass.) had both legs blown to pieces in such a manner as it is supposed to require amputation. One of his eyes was also very much injur ed. Hay is now selling at S30 per ton, and it is found that Jlour is a cheaper food for cattle than hay It is given as a fact worthy to be put on record, that while the maiiufacturers of Great Britain arc suffering for want of food, the people of Pennsylvania are feeding theii- horses with flour. Philad. Jour. Great Fishing.—On Monday, the 8th inst. a company at River-Head, L. I. took in a seine 1,500.000, moss-bunkers, or bony fisl*. These fish are used witli great advantage as a maiiur*-, and it is stated that I0,0f)0 will make the worst land pro duce twenty bu-shels of wheat per acre. N. Y. Times. NEW-YORK, JUXE 5. Larc;e Car^o.—The tiew Ainei ican ship Creat llf'tain, Capt. French, cleared out yestt'rday, for a market m Europe. She has on boart', under der.K, 241.5 bales of cotton, wpigiiing 886,600 pounds, which, it is siipposed. is ihf largest cargo that ever left the United States. 'I'iiis ship measures 725 tons, and is fitted out in a style, corresponding with her admirable model and materials. The value of her cargo forms a striking contrast with its worth at a recerit period. It is now esti mated at 8S‘).0()0; and about twelve months ago, it would have brought in this market more than g250,000. Mer. Jidverliser. Grnfon —The Legislature of Connecticut has passed an act authoriz ing a lottery to raise tlie sum of gll,()(i0 for the pui po'ie of erecting i. monument on Grototi heiglits, where the brave Led- yard and his conipanions fell in the revo lutionary war, beneatl) tlie ireaclierous blows of their own surrendered weapons. Tho. Shccjj Sfciilinq lii/.vne.is, we uniler- stand, has been carried on very exten- sivelv for some weeks past, espei ially o!i the larms lying upon navigal)le streams. ^^Ir. lienjainiii Harwood on South river, is one ul' the suderers—Dr. Waters’ farm, on Uliode Kivi r, has l)een etitirely strip ped of sheep, not leaving him the oUl ewe to begin with as;ain. Mth-jiland licjtuhlicaa. T?\rn» Tii.\vEi.t,i\(.. — P.issenpfcrs who K ft PliilailrIpliia on I'lu s liix inuriiiiiif, tlic oOUiult. arrived in tiu' ('ity olW vv-Vork time- rn(High to tiikc tin, AiiiaiiN sti’urn l)c)Ml on the s.inif I'vo- ninjc, fiml ri'aclic'il Surat to diiuu-r nn Wed nfsday, beinj^ a distance Ijiit litllf short of’JuU Sviriftf.—Yesterday, says the I'orcstville (f'iiaMtang’i, N. \\ York) tia/.cttc of die 27tli nhiiiio, Mrs. I'.iyloi, vvit'r of Mr. .Iiislus Tay lor, of tin:-, tow n. :itti r .ittmiplinj^ to kdl hi r Jnisliand, pnt a pi'i’iod to lu-r own i xistt nco l>y ^'Mitnij' lur throit uitli :i razor, and tiiat too in till' pv>.>,rnrf of lln’ef or t'onr pir-.ni>.. Mrs. 1a_\ l,,r w.is a rrspi ctablc wonjan. and lias U-ft a fiiniily of small cinidrcn. Slu’ havl tor sometimo J)ri.\i(msty in;r d^;utt^ bccu siibjoct ty tits of insuiii^y. CHAlHOTTEr TUESDAY. JULY 4. IS JO. Another disappointment in the receipt of paper, has compelled us to delay the publication of the present No. of the Journal until this time. The jiaper was purchased in New-Vork early last spring, and arrived at Charleston in April; but the low state of the river, in consecjuence of the drought, prevented its reaching Camden till within a few weeks past, since which no opportunity has oflered of get ting it hauled to this place. We were, in consequence, obliged to send a small wagon for a part of it; and the remain der, no doubt, will be received before it be will needed. Under these circum stances, without being able to buy or borrow, to relieve our immediate wants, the regular publication of the Journal was a thing impossible. Transportation Irom the sea-port towns in the southern states, to the interior, is attended with so much uncertainty, and liable to so fre quent interruptions from natural causes, that disappointmei.ts of this kind must sometimes unavoidably happen:—that we shall be except from them, hereafter, is more than we can promise; but we shall spare no exertions to guard against them. We are authorized to slate, that j}fat- thew Wallace, Esq. is a candidate to re present this county in the House of Commons of the next General Assenibly. We are also authorized to announce, that/o/i/i M. Ingram^ Esq. is a candidate for the House of Commons in the next General Assembly. We publish in this week’s paper a cir cular from the General Pust-Oflfice, con cerning the failure of newspapers trans mitted in the mail. The failure of pa pers is doubtless, in many instances, ow ing to Postmasters ; i)ut it may also oft en be attributed to the negligence or care lessness of printers themselves ; of this, the Post-«.)fTice in this place furnishes al most weekly proof. Many packets are so illegibly directed, that it requires a close inspection to decypher their destination, and it not unfrequently happens, that the superscription cannot be decyphered at all ; on others, again, the direction is im perfect, as for iiiitance, papers destined for Mecklenburg, in Virginia, are, in some instances, simply directeil Mecklen burg^ and consecjuently they are some times turned out of their course and reach this county ; this has sevet’al times hap pened, in the course of the past year, to packages from the office of the Hipublicau) in Petersburg, Va. Another cause of failure, is wrong di rection. Not long since, a packet of the Fayetteville Observer came directed to this place, when it ought to have been directed to an ofiice in South-CaroliiiA—a new wrapper was of course put round it, and a proj)er direction given ; but the packet which should have come here, never ar rived. And it was only last week, that a packet of papers from the same office, passed through the Post-Oifice in this place, on its return from a jaunt to the west, for a /yroy/e/-direction. The above are by no means the only instances which might be mentioned ; but they arc sufii- cient to show, that blame often attaches to Posttnasters, in consetpience of the carelessness or negligence of priiiters.— 'I'here is no doubt that many postmasters arc culpably remiss in their duties, and strangely insensible to the obligations im posed on tiiem by their oaths of office ; but it is no less certain, that printers are freciuently in fault, and complain of o- thcrsj w hen they alone are to blame.— Were they more careful in packing and directing their papers, there would be fewer causes of complaint. Failure of jjfipcrs.— W'e cojiy the sub- joiiied artich- from the last A”. C.Jnitrnal:- “ In tlic course of the j'cist week, \vc received coinpi.iiiits from three of our suljscri crs, tli it tlay d ) not reecivf this paper regular!} . W't- assure tliem that the papers arc i)uiioluallv ad- (hv'ssed to each suhsciibcr, are carcful'v p.nt up liito secure p: ckages, and are •lod},'- d in tin- po5*.-oHic- lici'c in ilue tune, so th.ii ilu f ult i-. notwitliiis. W'e shall endca\our to as crt.iin how the I'adnre take.-, plaee, and sli i!l ! e obli^- d to each and f \ eiT Mi!).'5cril)cr, v lio dot s not n-ceiM' ins papi r, to inti.rm ns i>f it, and \u- slia I try whctiicr thci'.- beany rirluc in Mr. M'- L'.'uu’s (Jirt'ui-Jir.” In riclation to the above, we may re mark, that two or three weeks since, in a pack'-t of the Journal directed to tlu I’ost-OfTice in this place, came three pa- jiers directed to persons who do not reside in this quarter, but who, it was supposed, wc-e residents of Richmond county ;— the papers were consequently returned to the Journal office, to be forwarded to those to whom they belonged. Perhaps the editor can “ascertain” from this fact, “how (he failure of his paper takes place.” It was only last week, that another packet of the Petersburg Republican, in search of its destination, reached the Post-OfTicc here—it was directed “ West land, ]\Ieck.” without the name of the state. 1 he packet set out on its return the succeeding mail. Naihaniei, Silsbee has been chosen Senator to Congress from Massachusetts, ill the place of Mr. Lloyd, resigned. Mr. Silsbee is represented as an enlightened merchant, and well qualified for the office to which he has been elected. He is, says tiie Boston Patriot.^ the decided friend of the present administration of the Gen eral Government, and was among the earliest advocates of the election of Mr. Adams. Misrepresentation.-ThL' statement which is now going the rounds of the opposition papers, that Mr. Foot, recently elected U. S. Senator from Connecticut, is an unti-administration man, turns out to be, like most of their reports of political changes, a mere trick to catch gulls—it is altogether false. Mr. Foot was not a mrmher of the minoi ity-caucus—has uniformly been fiiendly to Mr. Adams, and will give his administartion, so long as it shall deserve it, a firm support. It is amusing to hear the opposition ringing incessant changes upon coali tion! coalition!" when they have fo.mod, or are endeavoring to form a coalition as incongruous and monstrous as cverexist- (•1. In the opposition are combined men of every shade of politics, from the most latitudinarian interpreters of the consti tution, to the most pharisaieal sticklers for the letter—of staunch caucus men, and no less strenuous anti-caucus men— of people’s men, and anti-people’s men— of the ultras of two, and the disappoint ed all parlies— “ I’.lack spirits und White, liiue spirits and ^Ta_\ : Miiigie, mingle, mingle, You, that mingle may with no unity of feeling or sentiment, and agreeing only in one thing—to oppose the administration, right or wrong. For an opposition, cortiposed of such mate rials, to denounce coalitions, is the height of absurdity ; its very existence depends on a coalition composed of the most heter- ot>(‘iieous materials, but which, having no aflinity for each other, cannot, by any process of political chemistry, be made pfrnianenlly to cohere. Latl/ig ^nuj).—Maj. Denham relates, in his travels in Africa in 1H2.1 and 21, that in the empire ofl'elatah, the men alone are permitted to smoke ioIjuccd, hilt ihe women are also iiidulgded in the luxuT-y oi eating snuff. Perhaps the ori- gioiiof a practice which obtains pretty cKlcusively in this country, may be trac ed to Ah ica: but be this as it may, il is certainly very much like the one in whlc-r) the “ women” of Africa are permitted to itidulq:e. Tl’.e hirth-day of Aineru:an liberty Independence, ihe Juliilee ol'our einaiici- pation from bondage, will i)e c( lebrated at Hopewell Church, on the 4th day of July. An appropriate discourse will be de- li\ei'ed by iht? Rev. John W illiuinson :— a political aildress is also expecteil. Tliose wiio may honor us with their company, we iiope will not regret their attendance. Coil) mil tee nf the Congregtdion. At the last term of the County Court of (iiiilloid, it was ordered Tiiat the (!oniity Sui veyor make an accurate sur vey and measui'ement of all tlie prim i- pal rouds in the touiily, as soi.n as may Ije, und ))resetil plans atnl his charges lui tlif same to nex.1 Court ; and one p!un to Joiin Mi IJac, i’M{. nlT’.iyetteville, lur tlie use'ol liie-Map t>l Noi'ili-Carolina.” i he counly coui l ol (Hiuberlaiid has also o;- ilereci a sni vey (,l that c(;unly, and ap- pro[)ria’.'-'.! I''J d s t'j t'« iV.iv t.h: e.\- rouRTii or jriA’. The citizens of l.ineolnton met at the Court- House on I’hmsday cveuing-, the 8th of .hmc, for tiie purpose of making arrangements for the celebration of tiie 50tli anniversary of the De claration of Independence. Col. John Zimmer man being called to the chair, the following re solutions were adopted, to wit:— Jiesolvrd, Tliat Cajit. Ah xander, Tsaac Erwni, Paul Kesler, Major Michael, Vardry McMee, Da vid Uamsour, Daniel Seigle, Daniel Sluiford and Col. Zimmerman, be the committee of ar- rai'genunts. Itrsolvcd, That J. D. Hoke he appointed to deliver an ora’Jon ; ami that Virgil IJehe, Chals. Torrence, A. J. M. Urevanl, Jacob A. Kamsour and (ieorge Iloke, he the committee of toasts. litsnlvcd, 'I’liat it is the belief of this meeting, that economy ought to characterize the cele bration of the 4th of July, and that extrava gance is contrary to the repuhlican simplicity and patriotic spirit of ’76: therefore, a dinner ill he furnished at a very moilcrate price, so that all mny unite in feasting together on this gloriou.s occasion. Jifsotved, I'hut the foregoing be published in the Catawba Journal and Western C-.rolinian. JOHN /IMMKUMAN, Chair,nan, JtiHN D. Hoke, ISccrttary. (’'onnecticut. — In’relation to Mr. Foote, who- has recently been elected a Senator of the U. S. lV(jm Coiuiecticut, we ob serve that several gross errors or misre presentations are going the rountls of the papers. An article in theXew York Nai. Adv. says Mr. Foote is ati anti-adminis tration man, and thut he was a nK'inber of the minority caucus of sixty-six. N'ow the fact is, \lr. I'oote rtjitsed to attend a caucus—was from the begitining in favc^r of Mr. .-Vdams, and voted I'u- i,ini as President in the 1 lousi'oi Rcj^ i s, iitali\es. His accession therefjie to the S‘nato, is the accession of a trieil and most lecided friend to the admimstr.itlon. The coti- test between Judge B' istol and Mr. I'oote was u contest between persons of the same jjolitical views m relation to the general government.—N. F. JJinerican. Cotton Factory.—We have just roturneil from a visit to the New C jtton Factor) of Henry A Donaldson, Es(p which was first ])ut into opi'ration during the last week. It is a laigc three story fllame Ijuilding, situated immediately below the point of meeting of lilount and Cross Creeks, which allbrd to this town ar in exhaustible atid invaluable water power, and both of which contribute to renh • I'nis a most adiniralilc situation f«>r exten sive works. Only a small poi tioji of the ma':hinerj' is yet in operation, b’ui there is enough to show the benuty and siin plicity of its fixtures am! movement, and the wonderful facilities and advantages which lul>oiir-saving machinery has over the otdiuary and tedious labours of the housewife. From 20 to 30 persons, chiefly boys and girls, Were em[)loyed in the establish ment, who from their cheerful countenan ces and the lightness of their labors, seem to have cause to lie pleased with their situation. Fayetteville Observer. The aggregate of pupils in the schools of Boston, IS 10,436, of w hich 7,044 are in public, and 3,3y2.ill private scluiols. 1'lie annual ex- ])cnse is ^152,722; of wliich individuals pay 97,305, and the city Ji5j,417. The number of schools is 215. lit ED, In Iredell county, on the 16th ult. Mr. Koii- tnx McNki i V, in the 71st year of his aj^e, with a paiiitui di.-iease oi' more than four years con tinuance. tiis character as an eminent Chris tian was too Well known throughout the large circle of his ac(piaintance, to need an iii.->ertiori here. Hiillloc' it to say, that Ins religion was of tluit kind which was aMc to .suj)port him nndi-r all his siifl'erinj^s, and enulde him to meet death with joy, saying, “ for me to live is Christ, hut to die IS gam,” ^ [toMMUNic.tTKii. *Mnnlii(n}uihino‘. rpilK sul)scril)er respectfully informs tlie cili- 1- z ns o'f Charlotte and its viriultv, that she has arrived In re fnnn Cliai U ston—where she intends fo carry on the ahoxe liu .iness in it-, va rious lu-aiic!ies and at tin- sliorlest iidIkc. l.ej,diorn hats cut and irin.m. a in (lie latest and newi -it sl\ le—oM legliorii.s l)leac!inl and (lean ed ei|ii it to nev.' N. H.-- Head (in sses made In the latest and neu i.st l'.i)},'-risli ind I'len*, Il fushious , also,'I’ur- an. p'niied iii>i.i tlic best manner. i:. l.KVISON. Mrs. K. L vi‘;on occupies, at present, the linnse lately occupied by Mr. .fmies Harty, nearly opposite the Fcmal;' Afadeij.y. 3l'j(j •Xoficc Is hereby Kiveii to tlie eitizcns (.f Mecklen burg eonnty. tliat all those who liave any business to transarl witb me, in my diicial ca’- |)acity, are r. (piested to attend to it on the 4tb .Mond.;-, (d'thi, ii.oiitb, |.>-evM)Us to the Court; inasmueb as the hise ri fjiiirisine to make mv returns on the first day of the Court, (n- suffer myself to I.e ainerci il'in \m v case .vln rein | fail to make in\ return on tin- .Mimdav of Court JOHN SI.OW, sin. riff of .\1 ( kleidnirg County. Jnlv 1, 1826.—Z{[K) thi- subscri!)er, on tl'i ' !Mi iiisliiht, a negro ;^iil naim I Clil.Oi;. Sbe is IS or 1'-/ year.-; (>f a)>e, J t' c t ^ '"''■b. :oid oi i-a. J coiuplevi,,,,.— , \K>, a tjov i;e{i 1() (>r K IK (;-i oes ;.n lotli:. A 11 per -on u I It nanic.l nii.j, ul «|uiie small of his a;.;e. ; )vd to bf lurking about fjbar- ^•1 !• Ward will In- f^lvcn to any !; .'C i re tin ni injul, ordeli\er H OSIilS ('hnvlotte Fniinlc ActuUmij. rililK KvMmination in this infant Institution i took place on Thursday, the 15th June, in presence.of a n spect lule number nf the trus tees ami citize.ns troin the tow n ami country , and we are ha|>|)y toli;ivc it in our |;owcr to state, that our highesi expectations weiv more than realized on the occasKin. The clas.ses were so judiciously arranged, and snch e(pi ibty existed, that no attempt wa^^ made to signali/.e'iadivitUi- als ; the trustees believinjr lionors e(iuhl not he conferred on some, without doinj;' injus tice to others. A considerable number of vi ly small scholars, the most of %vhom eoinm^ . et il in the aljjhabet, w ere ex.iniined in ^pelbni;' fiviri J to j syllables, to the admiration of all. TIiOsi? who were examined on re.adin^’’, mai.ifi ste 1 tbe strictest attention to punctuation and empliasis, Tlie iliflerent classes in (irainm.ir, l’irsiiii>', (.o. ogra|)hy , I’ainting, J^c. ha^e, probably, not. In i n exci llcd Ijy .iiiy in the same time. I he Kev, Thomas ^'o1ll^ II and lady wc) ac companied to this jdaee with varitiiis letters o(' recommendatKHi from the most intelligi'iit ami respectable sources in ^\■arr> n county, whertr they ftirmcrly tanfi'bt ; and sim b has been tlu^ almost iiiiexampli d pro^;Tiss of flu- pu|>ils nn- ch r their can- during their iir.' session, tbat w? feel no iiesitafuju in rf'•oimiK-nding our Institu tion to the attention and p.itronagi' of the pub lic in general, under the firm [x rsuasion, that tbe various branclu'S (d' female ((Incaticm will l)c tauj^lil a» radically as in aily other, pa!t ot' the slate. l»y order of Ihe Hoard of 'I'ru.stees, K. i. DINKINS, Su-rvtanj. N. H. In this .\caden'), all tlie hranehes usu ally atfeiuli (I to in teinale academies, are thor oughly taught : and three teachers constantly einployetl. The |)rices of tuition are as follows: I.iteratiire, iflO per sessi»m. Drawing, I'aintingaml Needlc-Work, ?10do. Music, on tlie I’iaiio, 5J')' do. \11 payable in advance. 3t90 (i^j’The editors of the Cheraw Cuzette and Camden .loiirnal, .will i;-ive the at>ove fhrec, in sertions in their respi Clive papers, and forward their accounts for p.tyinent. Motive Is h ri'i>y K’iv n, that by virtue of a Decree fr»)in the ot'rt of r.ipiity, dated th' JOtU of M ly last, I shall, sell, at the Court llotisi- in Chailotte, on S .turdi\. the .itli of August next, a certain tract i.i land belonj^inj,-- to tbe lieirsi at law ot Isaac. |{ at\, dcccft-; d, lying In .Mt'ck- h-iiburg county, on the waicis of’sng.ir creek, atljoining the lands of Janns lljram, William Lee.s, and the lands of .lolin \Vi!s»)n, ticceasc.d, containiii;;- about 40 acres. 12 n.o; tlis i:reilit. w ill be given, by the purchaser ;;i, iiig bond and approved secnritv. D. DUNLAP, e. m. e. June 21, 1;J26, XoUcfi. Y virtue of a Decree from the Court of r,(jnify, bcarinjjf date the 2i)th of May la.st, f shall sell, at the Court House in Charlotte, or» Saturday, th : 5th day of .\ugnst next, a ertain tract of lami, belonging fo the licl s of J(»hn .M’l.ure, deceased, lying r. the county of ^.jeck- h nbu>-g, idjoining the lands of Kol)i r* IJ.irc.ett, Uichurd Uobinson and Hebert Uoblnson ; and also a tr.ict of land usually calh l the Mo.vles' old place, containing, hv estmi i'ion, om hnn* lred and twelve acre.s. 'TweKe m-u-.tiis credit, the purchaser giving bond aixi approved secu- D. K DUNl.Al*, c. m. k. June 21, 1826. 5f92. 'r*cvki‘,n V3y», And committed to the jail of Meck lenburg, on the of June, a negro man named V\ ILL, about 51 vt ars of age, about 5 feet tliree inched high, who says he belongs to Uobert Johnston, on the south side of tho ;atawl)a river, in Chesti r Dirtrict. JintUH HALDWIN, Jailor. ul* •VovVUa aviAiua, iMeeklcnburg Counly. M’illiam Means lUiam Means 'j Joseph Itlackwood, V Chas. r. Alexander, f I’etition to review the rC* xander, I Janies .Means. J I T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that James Means is not an inhabitant of this Slate ; It is therefore ordi-nd, that publi cation be made six weeks in the Jatawha Jour nal, that the said James Means ap[>e..r ,.t our next (/Oiirf, to be held foi' the county i Meck- leiilmri'', at the (Jourt-Hoiise in (Jli.irl i»(t, on tin: Ith .Mond.ay in .\iigu.st next, then ai.d tin re to |jlead ()r demur to tti; fx-titnm, or juflgment pro confesso will be ent* n d a^-.dnst him. Test: InAAC AI KXA.NDKK, c. m. r. 6ty,> — pr. adv. .AJ. person, or persjns, who liave the 2d I volume of Hume’s Hi.st(,ry of Kngland, and the 1st volume of Shefipard’s Touchstone, bc- lonjjinn'to the subscriber, would oblii,'i him by re turning them immediately. W.M. J. ,\f,KXAM)i;iL June 6, 1826. ^ .'JiHy Vm* Hvv\v, Vuv V'ush , Hogs’ Lard, Whiskt \ in harrels, Hacon, Sii^cai-, (:olIee,, Jamaica |{um, Nortlu rn |{um, He st Madeira Wine, btstl'ort Wine, Paints, Medicines and Drugs, ?cc. ALSO, A good assortment of Holting Tlofhs, and Ian Kiddles. JOHN lUWJN. June 'J, 1H«'6. VihV‘.vU‘> ViDNd, diM’W. N^O'l ICC is given to all those w ho j;avi tlicir iKjtes at flu' sale of .liio. itovil, Utce..sed, til it the same ha\e now become due, and (hut payment must b.- ma.le before the first day ef August next, or suit will be l)ron>;ht upon cach, w ithout respect to persons. No long r indul gence can ur will be>;iv« n. I’. I’.AIUINOKU, Adm’r. Charlotte, .lune S, iJSJC). 8194 1*. Mr \\ ni. Si.ith, of this place,, h.is all the p.ipirs belonj.,ii,g to said estate^ in bis blilhis. 'e. tj i> Illir. iiiiblic are cautioned :.,w..inst tr:idin,Tfor a niimoer ot notes, (,iu- i^neii ' y me to J. Mrltum, the amount of winch wa.i sim nty-ou.; (!.)llars and son.e centx, d.it. d in i lu \ t ar is..''.?, til • otlicr notes t(> .1. il|i:imson, neither amount r.nrdale reeollLtti d. || tviii};'.ah i ady paiilthesi- notes to \\'dliam.ion, I am »l terinined not to pay Iheiii ag.iin. MKCi. JS. SMI | n Deed'-, lor sale hI Uiis UlUtu,

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