North Carolina Newspapers

    vow (’!;i;;f-'( (1. smcr your li'ttCMS tii Ml'.
’ (i)!;)i'.', l!i' :i Aiiiiisltr'in .L(»iidon, _>^avc‘
VO ilii' /. iiioi icaii a sp( cliiicn «i!
l'i* Irc 'injrs w liii’li you rlifi ifu (l,
Mill ihi* t(»iic in \\ hiolj you tlu-n poriiiit-
i-j'! youisell' to iiululj^je, tow.-irtl Aineri-
r.\. In lurllicr roniinunications \vil)i
:M»!Ssis.; j\lui)i()c nnd Pincknoy, nnd
^vl^ll IMr. riiu’kncy alone, your man-
lU’i l)ponmo positively insultin':; and I
fonlunioiious. Ci'rtain of the sarcasms j
i;t, I
. -t
niit.i' tin-
of thr
h(\» f\ *!• uri’ciil ’iiav 'e t!ic iic-
% iU \ Ati ♦
fcr f,.ritc;'.a’!y oi
fj{’ (,j1 I ica'Iy. If t!u‘ Lit* we iia\>* noMiinp i',
is (iuy ifi j protrti against ; but if tlie s;akinir
with whicli your diplomatic notes vverej j
i!ien interspersed, lel'l a stini; in tlie A-
jiierican mind, not yet: extracted. It
’ nrcly fails that tliey are repeated, when
ever you are tl'.e theme of oonversalion.
7--!iut years hail passed, your own c.i-
j cer had l)Ocn ]»•'} promptly triunij)hant
jhan you then pruVably exjjected. ^'ou
Lad found yourself, by the force of cir-
• i:ii.-.tan(,L>, held in loni:; and ii ksome
‘•'.hor(!'natii>fi toan itdei ior mind, and the
.\’!'»'tican people were willing; to inter- III) iiL'lu tw iiiMitu'a* a rfw
iiiissii)ti, V. iihoiii Jlic pK‘vi{)iis  (iris(;ni
of iliut lx>dy. '1 li^ n«‘( ( ssiiy (d‘ il.r pow
er must Ijf oiivioijs Id ali who r'^oci ^ipon
llic j^rrat cxU Jit and irT.pdrlaiicr of our
! rcpuMic, iiiid fi rrju’ciit oti'if Ilf!-. , • i'
^ iori'St-cfi cveiits in oiir int»_*rc)UP‘'.; wi'lij 'auv.ious tu ktiow tlie ic- ( ^ic. La\vienc‘, I^d-uaHl l^v-
j I' I l)(‘r Ti ai uiT! s. 1 !u' want of s'.i r l> a pow-' ^ of 11 u* r:iv >.■ !)(' I wccii t lio >- n i t ciJ S lalfs j j {, ISI r. 11. (i. O t is, r. phci d, and
t“r inij^lit lost' us a !’a\o’lrable oi cas!OTi of ^’'^1 Ijra’idywii r, t!i»* foiinti wcii^li- j .loiias I hey coiiU’iHieil loi
tii'Ljn!iaiinc*'. to iicikc pcai f, pifvviit war, . ^ d ati ln)i- r.iv.l ' out l^r untler j nc( rs-sity ol su[ipoi lin^ nu'.niifat.lures
W; ha\e b(.'cn po!iw 1 v
followiti'j; jxtiact t»l a Ij jih an olL
ctr i", tlie I nittd ->'alcs N'avy.
[HiiU. ('fuon.
1 ’■■'1. T.— 1 ..J.
jiid M ufMd-iC Mi'ITS o{ \>t
'in ? l.issa* bust‘ts, v. as hold tl. is duy iti j l»rotr ^ ^
.vnrcd ViUHltr tiH* K.M,i(‘s.-ii!anvfs Ci'.atnb.-rofllu-Lap-jmear.t to t.e inflictrd ot, ilu« Ivliiorj.,
itoJ. '] he n;.)iM and rraderies were characlcr of tlie we feel called o
! crowded. His I'-xrellcncy (iov. Lincoln, I to pul a vtfo ou all such violent
I was chobc'ii CMiaiiinan, and Mi. Sliaw of j ol our proiessional brethren. JSou/i,
j Lani -.!)c!uu^'i., Seticlary. 'I'be nieeiiiij^ '
IVh. ’ is:;7. was addrt ssed by Mr. 'J'appan,
oini ii»nnrxii;ns w bu b, the p'jbli*
safely and interrsis inijjil n quire. '1 lie
presuutpliun '‘u ifl(*ie is, ibat the sc-.r»‘s
who frann'il (»ur i un'.litiulon c»>nl(! not
b.ue (It'sl;.,'n*.-tl lu dt privc lue i'-ArCjlisc
uf so t's'.cnual a ]»i i v licj’e.
'liut li t iis S( c whjt bas 'been the pruL
ticooI'lbcCJuvei riincnt fii»ni its ( oiiunenci;
top.i_ryip.»|i t ;>»• V*e))int^ nri(!(*r
topsails LKtil i!:*’ ’ nil'vt Slai* s baJ pa‘-s-
f*il {liiead, atid chopped i"T ’lenr a inile :
!uTi)rt‘ !ioij) ships !;ot ijnd»‘rlull suil. ibey
u *‘r* distant aboul live inllfS, and it 'vas
ibi {'tiieral irIlpre.•.^iun of ilie ‘jt^nifemen
1!) fbelops ef the Vii.eniies, and ihc otii-
i.t'i', uf lilt: i.iij^lish Mjuauion, ilje
tonnuge of American vessels now cngai;-
( d ir/ the coaslin.!,^ trade, ticarly equals
ttje baneful spirit of faciiuii iookf'd at ev-l *y rapidly; they wtrc ''biill down,” liou-- lo,lna^e cnpjaged in our foreijjn trade
ment, in times of trannuiMitv, and brfun. | iii'an-Iywiiie was eomini- up with bs-r vt-
^ ^ * • ’ ’ >11 1 . I n I . >> I
as b'’tu firial to e\er) interest of the w hole
union. It is piitiei'-ally by them that
New Enrjiand. is aide to pay for the nu-
rni rotis cai !;o'S of Hour, tobacco, rice
Extrar.rd’mnry Cow—Yielding twen; •
pounds and a half of butter p«>r wei j.-
Several depositions have been exliibiicl’
to us, atjthenticatinf; the following fact-
That an improved Durham short boir,
ed Cow, in the ])Ossession of Jolm
Powe!, Esq. yielflcd, between 'I'liursila--
morninf^ the IMth of May, and Saturd;,--
evening following;, that is, in three dav
rotion and sur^ar, which she imj)orts j nulk ft om which ei'^^ht pounds and tldi*
from tlie Sv>i tfu and the articles she t(en onces of butter were ol)fained Ir*
imports from loreii;n eounnies. I hej the usual process, equal to 20,j pound-
;.rot some -ood-noturod compliments, ] and excitemt nt.
whi^h vou ehr:nc;’d with Mr. llu»rhe
i:iio an inilinrtfion of a
cd [)j I I'ars and postpon-
e.t i.iverpoo!,
temper e!.‘:.>,‘x
ed suoces':.
\ cMirrccon! corrovpnr.dencelias woful-
iy uiidcrnivod tiicm. ntid they are reeei.t-
iV hroiisht toprr.-e;ic, fbatiu yoi:r ma-
VJre.^f as in your oarlifr ynts, uheiiev-
rra f:ep;otialion ’with Amcrica is on foot,
ou must needs dip your oflieial ptn in
tIk* 2;uI! of the anti-jacohin. You are an
i-Iesrunt scholar, and seem determined,
>rj tliis respect, if not in some others, to
obst-ive the Horalian njaxim, in your
jiolitical character ;
Qualis al) iiiccpto proccsserit ct bibi constat.
JCe pleased, nevertheless,
to accept, ^c.
• I alhule here to the ;econd;ijj;T!i])li in
ycur U tter of 11th jNovt mlx'r, in these words;
“ Tiic uiidi;rsi)^neil feels hiniselt ^^n utiy iti-
tieUted to M;. (. ill.'itiri inr the fidl :ind frank
rxpi'sition whicli thut not- contuiii.s cf h;.s ov'U
Ipltiu Ji.r un\ oftliose of his }*ovfrmnL'nt, upon
:!)c whole uiuttcrot wIikIi ti>c order iu council
T o'lit’ L'S.' ’
'I'll K ■if'script.ion of Mr. (lullutiirs note is as
f:~o'.i!i«iirss in iuct as llic* ii.s’uiuatioii is oliensivc
r».;ui ur.statcsiriaiibke.
ry; witli a jimttdicetl eye ; ini' • ui n
times ate more fViendly to a j'ast inter
pretation of the constitution, tiian peri-
1 o
I ascertain what those who hav- ?:'>ne be
fore us thoiH^bt of iliis iptesiion, K l us t^u
back to the time of our fnsl Presiilent.
W’asliiiij'ton cotisnhtil Mr. JelVeison,
when Secietary of Stale, as to tlie exletit
of bis ])ouer on tui.i veiy point. Jefur-
son’s opinion w :;s, tiol only liiul he had
tiie power to itistiime iniboicns, !)ut that
the power tested I’Xi Iusi\••ly widi ihe
Presiden' ; and i!ie Senate had no
l ic^ht to ii:(]uire into the propriety of liie
mission, but merely to pass on t!ie bitie'S
of the person nominated. Mr. Adams
never dr«,*amed of ^oin?' thtis far ; nor
indef'd has the practice of the (iovcrn-j
I'roin the National .loiirnal.
ri.c Cotnhinalion.”—Amonic the to
pics of .iljuse w hicli the “ Conibination”
nave resorted to, fur the pui pose of ex
citing ajjii'nsi Mr, Adams tlie indij;na-
';on of his counii ymeii, is his declaration
tbi f he had the power to accept tlie itivi-
'ation of tbeSoutliern l’e[)ublics, to send
^Ministers to the ('on^ress of Panuma,
'.Thich hud been tendeied to him d'jring
the iT( ess of the Senate. y\n lionoura-
^ie Senator, it is believed, laid a resolu-
on tl.e table of the Senate denounc
ing ' tie assertion ot' his power as alarm-
in^r, and solemnly p^rotestin:; atjainst it.
ilow much, how sinrcrely, is it to be la
mented, tbc‘.t ?>/*e it I itiisMt;i[in;ial princi
ples—the pieservcitioti of v. Inch is essen
tial to ihe wholesome o.cicise of the
rosv^rj ot’the (ieneial tlovcrntiH iit, and
TO the pv.jiic interests—should be made
to ’oeiid to t!if' ‘piiit of far lion, aud that
nuestiT, . ; out (d’ihem, should be
vLci 'eil r:;t'.cr by 'heir iiearing on con-
in a Very r.hoil time, and we have
no assured rptniiids up«Jii which to forni
a posi’ive (ij)inion. 'I be Unih'd Stal»"s
*'.!■> bra’en every thin;.’- in ibis sea, and
th('"e r:in !'(■ no doubt of her iwch. C)u'
['leat an>!»*tv is to know whether in the
ra'^e of modern ship buildirif^, we. have
improved upon the aneient model. It is
wiiii rite a niauer proiib'maiical, w hether
the siiijis of tlie old school, to wit: Con-
stitution, I'icsidenl, L'niled Slates, ciC.
aie nut the nc jni.s ullrn of the ai t.
"flu- Liif^ii'.b squiidrua, consisting of
the 7\ Canibridfje, iVig'Mf niam.he, ano
sloops of war Jasseuie and ii^Llair, treat
ed tin. United States upon sailinj:^ wilh
ivrf'at coiii’tesy, mannintj their ri^^^ijint;
and tops, and clieerin;r iier vith hearty
assi!ratice-. c>f r’(;od wishes. 'J'he C'am-
ment ')>-en iri accordatu c wiibr*!r. Jtf-1saluted, which
cheers fron» the Unit>-
in the times »jf our commercial proj-pei'i
ty. 'i’he l\,>rmer is now about 700,000
lons. 'I'iie latter w as about 900,000.
The meeting was held ou propositions
frrm the Pennsylvania Society for pro-
Ti' itinp^ DoTuestic Maiiufartures and the
Mechanic y\its, ai'd resohilions were
’•assed coTtrurrini; in the \ i“v s of that
Society, aiid Dide-^ates to a Xalion.d C.on-
'ention U' be btdil at Harribburjj, I*a. on
June 'JOth. I'he opinions of the souifi
u( (reaii-d with (icfereme, but a hope
expiessed (jfllu ir totiviclion evenlually,
that a sustaiidni^ (ncouraifcmeiit to A-
inei ica« ManuSuLtures was proniotive of
tlie inuresi of the Soiitliern planier.
'J’he meetint^ apjioir.tecl lion. Lanaiiel
Taft, jr. of Uxbridi/e, Josejih P.. Sprague,
of Salem ; Col. James Sbci.herd, of
A Ihrifly Calf—On the 15th of I cbri.
ary last, from a Cow in ibis vitinuv, a
Hull Calf was produced, w eij-hinir at one
day old lOS lbs. It was a^ain v\eighed oa
, . , , ,be 15th inst. at three months old, and
was r* turned by j Xnrth impton ; A!)i)ot Lawren-e. o'" ilos-; f.nind to weigh :,r8 Jbs. bein«'ar. increase
d wcairs. anc (^un ^ . Sc»nnel 1). Colt, (d* i'lttsfield ; Ed-jof ::,^ l!)s. or nu>re than 2l lbs. a dau
vard Kveretf, of Cand)ridk(»', and Jonas ,'I’he ('ow is of n l:ir;--e size, ofour -
per week ; that she tlten yielded, and eon-
imues to yield, 26 quarts of milk, ascn
tained by actual ineasurement, within
twenty-four hours, atid that she had no
other food than slop of Indian meal, an,(
clover and orchard ^^rass. Some of he’
'.ream was c(/nverted into butter, bcfui;-
the Philadi'Ipbia AJ5;i-icultura! Society, a”,
an experiment. It was efTectfd in
srcondSf accoidin_q; to the report of K,
Haines, Kstp as appears upon tlieir min
utes. (ieoi j^e C. Lentner, Esq. Blorklev,
is the magistrate l)efore whom the pal!
ties were «xandned, and the depositions
taken in regard to the quantity of milk;
and butler produced.—ruuhon's Jidv.
fersou's opinion. It is now undcrstooil to
be settled, bat the Senate have a iig!il 1'Ihe huzzas tiiat b-trst iro
to infpiire int(i tlie exjiediency or p'-opi i-j‘^hip to ship, wrutig ift ibe>vt lkin, and | p,, 15ro\\n, of li >sion —Delegates lo the \W\\ hn^f jknion.
ety of a mission, and iftbey ili^agree m ill. i spi’ead o\er the liiiis and through moun- j Convention to be lield at iiarn,dju;^. ! Concord N. II lu'f'
the Presid.‘lit, to reject il. Was!.!ni>-ion. tuirs iii rt vi rb>.raled accluautiuns. JIow - •
his right toinsiituie a nc'v ims^ioir with
out consulting the Senate. JifVersonin
the same manner, withfiui consulting tlu-
Senate, appointed Mr. Short as Minister
to St. Petersburg. I’lfiy Consuls, al leasu
" •• ' / , t Ul.lV,
;, i,Kiiccs »„ unwonl,,- of
:uN.S and iul;'lralcMK.l!,^.,.„ ^ ,,1,,,. r,,„„ ,
in the mission, we believe of .Mr. Mur- f^'' courtesy go to wear out
ray, to I’ortugal, and of Paul Jones to | *ho.;e pr
treat with Ihe liarbary Po\v»‘r^, a‘-serted
iVelitigs (;l fellow ship and philanthropy,
two of the most impor tant and indepen
dent governments upon earth Surely,
it' they ean forr^rt in the great contest of
maguanindty, we ran forgive, in the mu-
and their appointiiients stand on the tual obligaiioits of interesT, consanguin
same fooling with those of Ministers—
have been appointed at diw'ereul Hines by
all the Presidents, during the recess ol’
the Senate, without exciiiii!^ the slightei.1
It is a little singular, that among the
staunchest advoeates of this new d(>cirine
were Messrs iniite and Tazrv'dK both of
whom held an I'xecutive appointment,
q'lite as objectionable as, if not more so
than, those which Mr. Adams claim‘d
the privilege lo make, and agninst wliicii
those gentlemen have so loudly cleclaim-
td. 'i he Iasi treaty wiih Sj)ain ex()res.s-
ly stipulated, that commissioners should
ty, and p«dicy. If the L’niled States is
marchiiigin the van of liberal ji.Mnciples
in America, it should be lecoliecled l-n-
^lut.d has d(;laclud herself fiom the il-
lilicral compact of modern despotism,
and stands before Euii)pe in her proper
attitude, free in her civil, and independ
ent and daring in her political govern-
Tliif) day is a great festival throughout
(.'diili, bei'igthe antiiversary of tb.e battle
«f Chacabuco, and the date (d‘ their in-
dependeiire. Thiu day is otw -ith of Jiilv
A'AN J i:\tract from a letter to a gentli iiian in Ml.U':'.
C'oiiric’,” has l fluted
lepfescntii- j rrcnllin, Jliii/woud Ciuniy, Mut/Z].
lives ii) t'ongiess from Penns\ I vanl.i to j The village f.-om which i v. rite )ou, i'i
his friend in iJosion, in w liic.b l.c s.ivs—; siiuaU.:.! on li.e western bank of ihe Itii-
“-)ur na'aonal policy has arrived at a t'eseee tiver, .^bnu'. miles fror7i (J-.>cr-
moM imjiortant and inti'resting t ri,/ts.— j gia on tlic fotiili, atr.1 about TO from ihi*.
At l!ie next sessioti r)f Congress the pol-j Tennessee line on the iiorth-w*'st. h
icy (jf the co:;nt:-v v.iH be s-t!!ed for at fon.'^i'-ts of a few log buih’irgs with r.d;-
j least some tinv:- to con^e. 'i'he contest | in roofs, vas l;iid ofV by llie ( nmuiis-
is between Hrittsh anrl American Agri- sioners in 18'j ■, ns l!,e scat of justice iyr
culturists and iMannfaciuicrs, and tin'j the proposed new C('mtv. Tlio tlvtr
ipiestion is, which side wo sImII take.— I'cre is alio'.il liO t>r I'.Q yards wie.c, ol
Disguise it as you will, this is the true i the jmresl nnd most iini]>id water I ha\c
and only (luesiion, and on its tlecisione\er seen, kiid i iiiis o\er a l ocky bed wiiii
depends tlie y/r?//f,;,f//yy>v,'6yy(7//^ on tlie one i'ii current of about live miles an i.ou;
liand, or nal'onal rum on the o'her. l.i ' I’ranklin is surrounded on all sides Lv
will be a contesi of the American ajrainst i lofi}, ei ai^gy »rioiintaii!^, t isiug giad.ual-
the Atrti-;\merican f^ysleui—a contest for; ly one aboM.\ anot hei : the majestic
nationalatid national ?«/y»-orc-! Ivid2;e t,lre:chitig it> pinna
uietif, against tiaiional drpc idc.w.e. iitid na-1 eles along to tlie south-ea't, give 'O'.I,'
lional r'.iin. Our agriculture is without I sitnatim a ijcauty and grandeur far st;:
[aniarket, and t>ur ni.inufactures lanetiish
fliciing p-'.r'.ios, f!,in on the infinitely
more imporlant consideiation of what is
really the true interpretation of the Con-
stituiion ! 'Vhat a source of well found
ed akirm for the existence of our Uition>
'0 ai! wiio look to that union as liie rock
cf (.‘■ur political salvation 1
V.’tiere w ill the tfToi t conduct us. which
^ve .vec every where making to deprive
t!'.e (iovernment of those essetitial pow-
i:rs v. l'.icii its fjunder.s thought iiidispen-
sab!'- to its duration } How rapidly are
VC l.ustiiiing bai
—l upe (jf sand ! Every demagogue
co'r.'rii nces I.i.;: career by seeking to fiich
something from the (letieral Clove'ii-
inf !!l. It is a renewal (d’ the (dd fable u\
a roo'-piracy of the Members agains\ ihe
Mr. Giles cancels all his former politi-
eul sins, by denying that the Cienerai
 ic VI nniC!:i J'.as the power to prolet i
the iiidusiiy oi tlie c juiury, and secure
gaitiLl ihe sell>h | olii y (>f i'oreign
}',o r nriKnls, wliith rxcimb* our pro
ilucts w hi!e tb'y insist on rending us their
own, thongli ^^■a dnnglon, Ji tl'erso:',
^ladi'on, tVom ilie ioundation o!’the gov-
erti 'iert, have iTcommenc'ed that policy.
— Mr. (iiirs rlenounces the j.'ower d\
j.'iaking p'-si toad‘, ihoijt'ii Jeilersun
and Maciisoi! iiave procLinud that this
p^v.-er is essentij!, i!Hot lo the '\!slence,
at least to I l e hi s; ii.te) est.'^, of I he L’rdoti.
IMr. G'.les iiini'ie'i'-s tlu* w arm and able
L'dvocate of tiiis very power ; the nation
by a iurge r.i;\jtriiy sjannion it, and aci
npoti il !o?’ thirty \ears I yet to de-
lioii'ice it ia t.'.e road of popuiarity I Mr.
Giles has obtctined bis reuaid, and is
made C.iiVei ail." (d’ \'iiginia—v.hiie the
J'liv ijsb moi.jic.Ill’’ ,jul lilt' r,ii..,!;sh nio-
iiOp fist, loo'ic iipo!) tie resolutions oft
this same ri';vcrror as iridh u'ini; a rup-
tur-with . I e O'Tierr.l (io\einnient I
Tfo's*' t'',in..;s a:'" I'lluded to nov, mere-
j'y (tj shov* si t Jed pui on the part (il
liie “ Corof t lalion” to rnahe tlieir wa\
t .\vei, if necLSsary, on t i,c of the
Ul> '•I 1 1.11 i lOlU-
Ol the s'me c’lararter wit'i this new
'^i’.C'jver/ of M - Oi/?-, 'be potiuon
l>e appointed by and with tl.'e consent of
the Senate—yet, v.iiljout that C(jnsent,
these gentlemen obtained ami hehl tlii ir
appointments from ihe Presitlent alone,
from May until the meelii.:; of the iic-
nate in Deceinber fi llowing.
P>ut there is one* precedent so apposite
to ibis case, and parlie.niarly in its attend-
atit circumstance*’, that it cannoi be (.>-
nutted. During the last w'ar wWh Oreai i
Uiitain, a nrospect opened for its sue-*
c{ ssl'iil termination tbrougii the m« diaiion
olliussia—Mr >i,idi''on, conl'ormitig to
the reason, tlie neeess'ily and ibe u-^uge of
the cabi', a;(poin’«'d .Mr. Adams, Air. I)a-
yi.rd, uiid .Mr. (iaii it in jo.nt i^leni()Olen-
tiaru'S, v.'itliota v^aitin;; ’.o consult the
Setia'e. ’i’lM- appointmepls cd' tlie t'vo
former were c.omi.'-iiu'd, tlial of ihe latter
was rejf! tea on particular giound-. not
connect'd with tbe que.tM.?'. Wiide
tnes'* iiurninalions we'-f« p, uding f't fore
the Senate, Oovernor (ii're, a deadiv op
to t!ie Coiifederation | poneni of the Administ ration, brought m
a eries of resolution', asserung ihe doc
trine now sit up, that llie President had
not the power to in-iitute sui.ha iiiissiou
w itliout the consent of the Senate. 'I h.-
fate tjf liiese ret^olu.ions Mas au iiidefmite
pos-poiiement, tlie mover not c\cn tallin..^
lo" the ayes and no?s.
It is the same deadly hctility to the
Admmi-i'ration that has re\ived ibis doc
trine. 'I'be bad passions id’men, in limes
(d party excitenn’ni, prrunpt them to
s> ! k, reelvless ol their counin’s well'art',
t!i' a!)ridgemeiil ol power, however ''.-i-
senii.o or constitutional its exercise ma\
lie, if it be their niisfoi tune lo be excluvi-
ed irom ils partici(taiion.
Let us hear no mote from the ‘‘‘rotii-
binatiuti” ag-aitisi iVlr. Adams, fur bis
in Notth America, ami is tlall^•d wilh all , i . i r . t . i ■ i ■ , , • ,
,1 ,, ^ marker, and t)ur ni.inufactures lanetiisb passit^g anv thing that can be coTicenei
the t iithusiasm of that illustrious era. i i v i m '-I'l i i
. I '• .1 / I r K- and dechne, wbi.e notning IS wauling lo I ihe ronntry wate.-ed by the 1 ennessit:
Ihe vess(ds OI the Chilian Navy are I • , ^ , i ■ u . • • ,
^ , I (;ive life, ar.tivitv and animation to the in this State, is in most respects ad'
splendidly di essed out, in which ours and! • i , . .i ‘ i . i 'r i r i i i, • ■
ll.v Kn^, Huts ;.,ro,., | " I 'k'' '''' ‘ co„K,;„.An
Ihe luvc L. u ilro.l Anl , to tl.. r.vcr r.od r., .nhiaary
from lli,' l,;psa.,.llj.,;..cncs I-, «l,i. I, ' Ous li ihc .jutsuo,,., the part,, is possib,- lo rulh-ak.
added iwen'y-one ^1.1)3 in bonor of tiie
'I'bf Conprr ^o Mexicano, ('om. Por
ter’s flag shi p. is efpiippiiig, and I nnder-
st.iTuI \m1I s.iil k»r \'er.i fiuz in a short
i;i ess w ill be sirotigly I is of a good (juality, ihougli not firsl ratr.
'and Warndy contested. Penusyk ania ! having been in cultivation possibly I'or
j hold^ the srale, and, if s!ie is true to her- i ceutui ics by tlie Indians. In many pla
j sell’, to her uniiorm prineiplts and po!i-j ces there is r. j appearance of a s'.umjitu
jc\ , a.; she most assuredly will i'e, we ! be seen for miles. Il was l.iirl (/fi' bv ti.e
I shall obtain a jdoiious triumjih, by {'ar ' sta'e in small sections, from jO to JOo
I m"ie importar.t to il;c na'.ifni, liian ev^'n
. ' • the memorable victory :.t Xew-Orleans.”
Krporls.—^Ve Irive alrerulv juf*ire ! the j «
(•rjmrf ( f home-made m.H !;;>ifrv for the ; st.m'xto'; v\. ti-\k 1.
maiuiiarfii’e o! (lotti in Pi tissia and t!nw narrow is the rivulet wiiich divides
(ireat IJi itain! In relv-n i i:e to lid", the ! i iie tIo\>’ry hanks of life, from death’s dark
Baltimore t ia.’.ctiv su\s — Another .^ingu-| f-hore.
lar luct has coorj to 1 ur know ledge.— j A most distressing circumstance oc-
Soiiie of li'.o eelelirated c ai r'.itig making j cut red on Sunday evening last, at .Mrs.
mafliiiies inven'ed I y .Mi. WliiiiemoK , j .M’Oi.iTiii's above (ireenvilie, in ibis coun-
(.u Can;'»ri(!g'', Mass. • were 'Ciit to Etig-
latul and I’ratice, with ivost expliril di-
reitions a'.'out putting them up, with
drav. mgs, tcc. Ilo mechanic coidd be
who could put
\yere (d)liged to
fi'U ul in either t ouriM-y
in« ri together, and they
s'Mid to liosion for a man to go out and
(»ut them up.
'i’he Kaltinu»re Chronicle further tells
us, that .Mr. Pichardson, mill-wtigbt of
tb:s I it , is constructing the works for a j tiing
s'e.i'Vt OoMr-mdl, to run 1 p:ur of sinn''s, j boy, and se\ei'e!y
ni.dri- ord''rs fro'ii tlie po\eiiiment (d t*be : broliier. Mrs. M'
Netlierlahds.—S;!es' j iioi
M'-.w-vo'',:.. .11 m: r>. |
An emigrant rnt;lish f.iindy, consist- 1
ingofthe [larenij ;md c!e  •, ( hiidrrti, !
the cddest aged ‘dx'een w-a;-', ;uul tb.e !
y(oingest 10 months. ;.i) in good beallh,
and w(dlelad, parsed tbioiigb Wall stre‘'i
ty—the prrtirulars of which hare been
furnished by a correspondent. As Mrs.
.M’Laughlin, (the daughter of Mrs. Mc-
(iufthi.) and two of iier thildren—one boy
near five years‘old, the other a girl aged
about two years—were sitting under\he
shade of an oak, with her brother, Mr.
Chatles M'(iullin, a small cloud canjc
up, from \Nhich no ram was (jbserveti lo
acres* and is inhabited by a hardy, entcT-
prising', and I may arid, intelligent pop
ulation, by whom all tlie necessaries and
even many of the luxuries' of hie art-
raised in great id>undance, and of a su
perior quality. The range is exc;,lii nt;
the grass and rich herbag', even at tiiis
time of the year, being in many j)arts of
the mountains two or three feel liigh.—
It is a land llowing with milk. An or
dinary cow will give four gallons 1:1 ‘die
day, and cattle rKjuire little or no i’.rd
ing, I xc’[it for a i«‘w montl'.s in the v. I’l
ter. I see fat horses, fat hogs, and b'‘
cattle wlierev(>r 1 go. t^Inep thrive remark
ahhj 7frll and i>rodncc vin/ /me, nice wool
tln rc hi in}' scnnxl f n;trh a tUinv:: to ie fotiitd
as (I ('ot'klc burr. / am inclined to think " ool
h'ould in lime ruiv of i/a: ataj/i'a vt
, bul w hu h emitted a bash ol light- urrc U ml for wulrrs. TV' shrcp
g that sti lick the ire.-, killed the lifde | ;:pe ol>liged lu be oenned everv r.itrbl cIom
on til
shot bed hi
an ! .Mr. .M’C. had
! ac:ccdii;g morn-“
I /‘^'0/7/ /?■/? .’/ t'ur/.K I. opprniion.— \
tuuionr wiigUiiig upwards i,f eight
poonds, bi'iMT in si/e th-sti the human
head, w as  xtraeled enlire froid the abdo
men of a woman in Loinh^n, oti the .'1st
di'claiatioii that it was comi)etent for him |
Murrh. bi. L'r. Oranville. N'uiwuh
yesterday m-.iidng, and attracted miu.b
to atcepl tlu: 1 anamu in\ilation. i Ik j * homas Dii kason, from Luerjiool, and 1 |ViLij,tv
pctqde cannot be induced lo bebu ve that Il.rorreil to Ohio,
an act ol Mr. Adams i.Tind’est.s a settled I 't—.el has been engaged ;.t Jjoston,
design against their liI i; :;es, or a dispo-!  ariy a cargo ol provijions from that
sition to assert new atid dang( ious ]ujw- pb.n e toCireeie.
eis, w hen tie can p!ead in bis jnstili.-ation | •I'he New "i 01 Canals have iti t^.o n s-
the usage of the go\ernmenl from ils ve-' l'f*ct dirnini'-hed t!\e value of their tribute
with v\ hicii liie operaiKiii was
j I oiidiK.teii, tiial the (piaiiliiy ol biood lost
I did iiol exc(cd iwo ouncet,.
Mr. Tlu li, Si.cretai-
penned every r.ig:
scif and I t(» tbe house, and even tlieii this s!}'  vx
my olten breaks over and commits gnu'
havoc in a few moments. The bear i*
very destrnetive to hoj's, and are a!v. ;
•me to i)ounre on the fattest and liest.—
1 he bottfim land produces w heat ati''.
oats tolerably w ell : rye, buck-wheai, l ^-*
tatoes, ( abbage and pumpkins d' a su
perior fpialiiy. Corn is produced it*
great abunoaiu e, though it does not grio.
largt , iii:j to the climate ; vegetatiou
being, T ibink. four or f;ve weeks bittt'
here than wiib \on, and the thermoim’tcr
being si* or eight drgrees colder. II'"
niount.ims aI)ound wii!i bears, wolves,
panthers, deei’, turkeys, hedgehogs atl^
rattlesnakes. — Mi [ton (InzvUc.
r) bnmdation, sanctioned
Irious preb;cessors.
bv all his illus-
During iis recent session, ihe legisla
ture of Connecticut bassoil a law declar
ing tlial after tbe first Oc.y rd' July nex’,
luo lbs. shall ( onsiiute a i w t. and ^ooo
ll)s. a Ion. Piv the same luw il is jiro-
vided that, brass wei^jiits of one, two,
lour, five,-ten, twenty i:nd fin y p(iuud:.,
sh-dl be prucured by U.e siciie, and b\
i'acb C(.Mi!)i) a):d low u, us s'.mdat d ; of liie
L'.V', ;> tV;»(. i • V-, ei'’'' ; —
to our wnat ves, noiwult'-l;.i,ding tin* ap.
pr« herrofdis about tbe Canada iimrkrl.
Sixt)-Seven boat^i arrived on Wednes
day, along witii other products, witii
I more ihnn 14,')'>0 !)usluds of wheat and
I grain, 'i'hirtv f]\e boats cleared at ihe
same tinic witi'i mereliandize, c\c.
j ..... i.u .1, .•■itu; of i'k;'i'lva'^urv, I
I has adv(^rtiscil that ir.ure than /.V.''
i of tbe i'll! lie Debt wiil be paid o'f on the j
I iir^l uf .Tii!y. ('oMsid -ring the times, ibe !
i 'fit asiiiy ;s in -.i highly Houri ‘ ‘ '
jdition. i lie .Naiioiial l)H>t i-, last sink-• brst paekrige that rolled out was
j me;, atnl wd! soon be paid olb d we keep|;> r/r nf potatoes, nicely done up and m-m
;on inthe wiseund piuuent coursc we:.:e! i,y a Post Master to his f-i. nd iodine
J-raji/oDg. — A Pennsylvania paper, tl'f*
l>u( ks (>)ij|)ty Pati'iot, iiK'ntions that 0:1
img eon-j npt. iiing the mul sometime since, il'C
now goiii;.
fired — A car loaded with coal ,
got Ions.• lately nii tlie .Mam b ClmiK.k I i'.diloi
rail way. and w.-ut
nfr 1 o’-tui.aJj^I y i ■ eiu oimU-i e.i iijii.iiig 1
i". ''s ('.'id 'Li !io in'"”- " \ :: 'j
nt)on, i\ li:t!e earlier
usual. .
the season ihan
An ex-editor J PhiLdemld.i v;.;:;ed.
a day or two .in, e, tbe ofnce of an -SVc/kA-;-‘Have you dined?’ sai(’
i r.s„, and ga%e him a mosi ter-, a loung'er lo his friend. ’ ‘ I ha\e, upf
s A, t.,e suih'ier i^ i.n Al-j my honor,’ replied be. ‘ rhen.’ n jnii!
t'-s^‘if ycm-hav'' dl-^rdjfj>anpnu.
‘‘ ’'w I ■ - 1 feir vou ha\c muJe a icat'ty

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