North Carolina Newspapers

    r ' lu- i . !■ vv-”.,- liiiMiinms \ui
''.ii’^.i'iii'ril oi' t!).- Stiflblk
Cl! . i-.Acil, al %\ I. c'i was (li liv vcil a ilis-
r.ciir't' hV the no!i. Ltnaui S.'uni', on “ini-
jjsrtiincc of t!ic pn>t\ Shion -t L;»\\ iuikr :i ln. e
J{t pvosciUative ». rnmnit, uiiJ tho d>itiL>. muI
ct’ ;*u Aniencim Luw} Li'.”]
Sure llte Iaw is a coniiciil iutlc,
Aa:i wc lawvt-rs are comical fcUows,
AVlio work ni^^ht nini day ut ourtruvle,
l':ir more than a smitli sit l»is bt!lo\»s; ,
Tluv th(^VaPt\es are botli biirc to lose,
Tlic judpcs get never a tliank d’ye st-e,
Tlie attorneys come almo:l to blows,
And the end of it all is mere bankruptcy.
Sing FEE, fal, tic rol.
And Ki.K, I'al, de vol,
Ah ! FKE, f.d, do rol.
Oh, FEE, fal, de ro'.
Courts and lawyers tliis problem ad\aiice,
'Vliat layman can wad us tlie rlddK' ?
’I he fewer arc willing to dancc,
rhr more arc tluTi- longinj; to iidl!e,
“ All starving', yet crowded to death !
■\Vcll. (lod Iviiovss th.'ir tradi- is a mystery."
Sav nn more, 1 lia\-.' lci:iviic—and l)riavli
And 1 11 read >ou a l-.v.ycr'^ br'i.f liis'ory :
’ ri.-> t UK, f(>>. df rul, icr.
■\V!u II olil l)iia!.-y hi’d mattirs la har.l,
All ! *t\%us ennii' to l)c ''■ on vviili Ir.iir on,
Not :i lawyer couid iin .itlic in t:ic land,
}’or t'u juJgi's were .Mtnes and Aaroii.
The otdv Attorney then kt ovvn
ronnil iittlc t » do, siMOi‘ tlie prison I'.e
Baile them jdcad no nian’s i aiist. but his own
On pain ot' conviction tor larceny ;
\\ ith his FKK, f>-), de ri'l, kc.
Tiicn iiilcri were init in the- ]u)iuul.
And witches, those o’.\ “ nimp-i'ed ronions,”
It' thi V c:tuld’nt or woi.ld’nl t>e owned,
'vVere s'iiing hy d'iZfns, I ke Tiiions;
’ i.urh 1re..s(.:i l- drink of tlie,
rh; y V. iio ‘^'rd theu' iVu'iids stood on a black
er li.'^t,
And tlic ro;.riu lound iioi cf rape
IVas still to be iincJ a. a b-'icconiit,
Tek, ib!, dc rol, etc.
But "ourfoi'.ia” soon vowed tiiat’twouhhrt
T*artics liitg.i.nt must havi a jury,
Send us one lawyer, or two,
if there be svich >n rirum nutura.''
Behold .‘itr..lgiit a i.iTaclc wrought,
[It made all the w .>men histericky,)
For the moment the lawyers took root,
r»ot a witch eould be lound in A.merica,
Tot a fee, fol, de rcl, etc.
By .nnd by came the d.iys of long robes,
TV.ih our .lud^es in scjrlet and ermine,
And the barrister’s big wigs and bobs ;
'■.Vhich looked wisest 'tvverc hard to determine.
IVjncli :iiid Hur in thobc days were supreme .
Special pleadinf, was up at is maximum ;
Prerog'ative every man’s theme,
And take fees where you can was an axiom.
■J ake Fti-, fol, de rol, kc.
Hard on came the times when iiif.n’s souls
Vv'cre tried, ’cause they would’nt “keep ’asy,”
V.’hen the King t.liought bis People were fools,
And the People swore Ccorge had gone crazy :
For tiie lawyers obse rved that the fees
■Were nil g:-abbed by h’s A! ijesty’s ofTteers,
And tl.ey warned him t tey’d blow up a breeze.
Or drink “ tea without tax” and not eoll'ee, airs,
Ter their kkf,, fal, dc rol, kc.
The King to this matter deniurrcd ;
To be non-pros.sfd was ’nealb his hit»h station.;
but the lawyerc, a.^ rue as their word.
Stirred up all tht ill blood in the nation ;
The Kii>g ri ft unni6 came (m,
’Twas a tresj)a-.s de snu njuriu.
So we t(>pp’cd iiiin oil ol his tlii’one
And placed 'Washingion rrrhiti in cvria
Without TKK, fid, de rol, i^c.
Ho\\ lawyers iiave Ihrivcd ever since,
it need- n('t a giiost or a poet
To tell us—1 sef* you allwincc
And e>-\ “ pr\thee be quiet, 1 know it ”
'I hat (uir mimberis not very small
Of ait',.riie_\.> all icad) to tram.mtl one.
Yon • rt\ harn fn m the r ill.j—ora eall
'^:r tlie bill ot' I .V'l.uiiisc dr.i'.n by Hamilton.
Fer liiS n r., la!, de rol, u.c.
True it 13 %M.'rc a poor sit of dogs ;
Hali'oiir cileiit:. ijegni.lge nstii' ir moiity,
\\ Ink fbr them we ret hoar-.e as l(-ill fn gs,
.AJ.ikiiig ';p> ee!i. •; oi’ pun od and bniu) .
Tiio' oi'u-':' ts we stand in g’catiued
'i 'fthi r iiicii of tu>iie-;?y dubious,
Give us noiiglit l.iit the v. il! tor il.e deed,
And we our estates an in iwlili'",
Willi our FKi:, !'.d, de ro!, ke.
SI li ti.c U'l \ ers li.ivc not iu'-t their —
a (H'Usidtr'Ation ,
Aiul 'ti.H iliey v. iio the cabinet grace,
ri;r:iis)i a to the n.itii/i',
ki.,;.i'.'.adtir'. sv nt beyon ! se.i.s.
Lots of new I’reiideiitial caiidiiiaff:,
And hu; (li who make, without u e.-,
T-v jrlastin'' Cuie.'ri -slt;;'.ui jvrain.1 ilebati.,
Al»out 1 i.r, f;.l, d.c rol, U j.
■Beside'., the re’s (uif‘ day in the ye ;
■•A ben we t^re not a tig fer t'u ibino.
The ii.*\ that has i )oiij.rbt us;iil iiv ie
W1 r ■ minifies t,i rvf-.i ,
>,• \t:)rii'ys and (.oiin .elli 1 s. all
Ve .i.-.hunters whei\ VI ;• u .-,\li_nt,
riit Innnpei staiids-v. ..I'mg our'.alh
A!\d hwri’s to tite 1' > 'I
I c. 1 ir fu’, I-';
I'loiii iicenes in South Ak’.ca.
Lbun y///?//. —“ Wc muttered by ,
(la\; ruid ai, wc muxu/us, ‘'T
the MiUi; of llKj ii.ovt.lLy, io Imvt; some >i
iho 'raiiil)ui;Jvi(‘s to :iccoMip:uiy >i‘-,
!5ioniist.'d lo kill lliciii jjlciiiy j1 IjucUs,
ami wore not lonp^ in jiOisirnliiio; lliuly
ol t'u'Mi to follovr' us. In a shurt t.itic
wc ob>t;i'Vc(.l them Ic.'din^ “Ht
CHllle kraal two n.ilk oxr ti, willi
hums bound loaml with ihoiijrs, v. lurh, |
10 all apptarani-o, one t s.ii:;!! coji-r. r>bout a miio dis-
tanl—and l!iO inrjinc,’-untl varii^ty oi (iiO
jtiil(;lo[)Cs onoijrl'.-n. .s«.oj: in.";'oil
VnC ’ . - V. r, i.;iu Ol lii.^ ii.i* j i'SfjOC'tivU t. c oi ^ i. '
that too Wlictlicr there ;r, cause i;)r-nc.s-1
“Wc- hid I'.vdlv !;cc;un to tio otir j in^ or not, all have l.cnrd ol. ^
l.orses v. lien Ih" llot^cntots stn^ioncd j educated cla:=s do not use this v-o: . i\. .
on tlio iiill crlcMl out thnt the lion v/as of its pioper place : yclnianv w lo p.i -
n.i.nimoff .1 tl,c lo-.vcr r-n-l, wl.erc !^o 1 IV« to b. «,■! .Juoaled, .1 r,.l the
before. We i ff'-’rimon })Cople, u^e k c\ei> liotii in
had jittenijited to r scap ^
were on iioiscback in a second, hut the i tliotr lives.
l,.,n t,:„l ; ve IkuI hn-.v- The f;r.^n,mal,oaU.TOr_ of
CMM-, in fallvicu-. Mlhcre ^vaMH)lh■llS ‘
l„ ii.u rcq.t i. Olt-he .can.pcrc.l—| to »,u you
'I i». ■ramlK.okic-, ivlio la,I j.i- t , onif i con'.|KUHoil me,; i aU.., lri.(|iK:rjt. iui
, ...1 .•.nionjM h.s couM i h.'ar it ;vn. Irom Ihc.r school,ras.ers,
, Icai- tli-il,.sl-!v,’5 o;' otir liors-:- : ai„l who r.iv. o'l tho,r wny lo ^ oik State
lor ti'.e purpo«’e ol tcjclunp; j;ranimar.
iiitendcii lor sacriJic.e, hut on (’.lo^er iii-|
sjjei’tion v\ louiid tht'y wore Iheir pack
()M*n, pri;i>ared to cany home such as
we lui.^hl kill lor th»jin. We made a
sini^ular a{)p«^^ryl!lce «s >ve eantor'd a-
ion"-. Juach 'rambookie had a k;dl' starv
ed do^ ; some ol' lln- best runners would
keep ciine lo us, but on oeoasionally
lookin;j; back', the |)L:iiti seemed covercd
with hor^einen —wliites and liottcntols,
blacks and doiJ^s.
‘‘Our party u'.'> formed Into (v.o di-
visioiia, Mr. S. Mv. a. and otnselves,
were to cross the plain about thy cen
tre, Diederick uas our leader. The
olh, r i,a,ty to ^kiit the lw-,e of
mountain about wnich ::rew a lew tail |
I'iOV.linr: I’rul harkin"’—^\e
iic ll;»n in vien, mak-
» S .I U!
ierent directions, hirnied one oi iht'
m(>st nninvitcd sneclacK-s the ani:..Is o!
]iro':;i tow;ir(;s iiiccju iulc,;,(■(>
Iho riehl of ovei y m-u. to
must be slow ami uiu ertain int'kL'';. ;
is jirobal-de now, that as a ^rtK.ra! |,;j;
riplc, U m:iy be asstnnedj that oi;'f
every million ol' dollars worth of ;,rt;.
cles manufaclured in cur cotinliy, )i^
farmers reocive five hundred thouw;,.i •
beenuse it is they wiio f-.trtii^!i the si:\i
sistcnce and materials : .-’ncl in
the cost ot' them is rqiral lo vone ha!;’m
the whole value produced by labr,!;;,
iTieohanirs and mannfacttirers. 'I'hiswr
think is a reasonalde rnlculation—{;i_^
how "reat advantage docs it show to ihr-
farmerl It is not mere speculation.-
Durin.i; last year, the
S'airs: received between G and 700,'if;,,
“ ])i(^derik anil .Mr. S. bein^on very
s))irit(;d hor5^C''. were Ihe iorem')sf, and
we wot^clered to .‘=ce ih^'m pass on in a
direction (liflercnt iVom the copse wiiere
we had Feen the lion take covert. Chri':-
tian ^^axe ii'j the s!"nal to dismoiMit,
v.’hen vve werf, as well as could be Judg
ed, about ;^00 yards JVoin the ccjpse.—
lie desired us io be in tyii;- the j cinp;,
horses, whieh was dwne as (’asl as they j
\ntl i.ow the liC u'as
(_iiamnial;c:-] err(;r«, however, arc net
numcro'io :tm'j}:i; tiic .I-astern people;
thoir.i u:e more I'Vetjuently of yirnnun-
cialivjn. The anM.|i.;ut'd pronunciations
of n.ifn,-', ((hicafton, as if barrels ol lloi:r from the 77?/r/f/,V Ay,
writl.n i'lrtu, nuhir. still and other articles hem- added, perha;,.
mon people, and I :i - value of the a-vioullural ]„■ .
I oijtains aiiiorii^ the common j^eop
an.on'; iviany
of the old.'r olersv. A Iof them than their wiiole ex;
kind of j)roniinciation of these I '■'placcs. ImiI yet, and u
• ■ • ■ ■j wo irake further | rop;res.s in inar.'.ii;.!
1 tures, until we have more roads a:;ij ci
I nalsto “ conrpicr spncc,“ and mrtkedi
j tant states near to oacli cti/ r
word.s r; aNo heard from .‘ome—neitiic.
tiic old !ior t!ie common [ironunciation,
—ns n(tir-urc, lUinvatioti. 'i’his is a-
honMiiable. '1'hi‘y iiad better s[-,cnk out
boldly, like (j)her iolks, or j
i'AW J\(r.
-no imn-j ...jiva.Mv i i'.e;-!,.iv.
Y(jU often hear th*' ?/ of o, | 'i-'e"‘‘ i'l hemp, flax, v/o(;l. riik, c.:p.—
as if written hu.H, as if] The y»V/??/nvv too, will lu.'on have to mu:
else jro back and sav udivr
must I'.nd ou, or adop>
ijTiO-! prfd'Uable industry.
mimosas, and to keep in ati even line
with u;-.. aljoul a half a mile distant.
“'J’lic mountain seemed to mc(;t just
before u-., but, as wc approached, we
.sau a |>retly v.’itle openin'^, f.lirou:.5h
•whicii we passed, wlieii anotiu'r \'aUey
bllf oi
Here all aiiimated nature
seemed collected, and to rei;j;n unmo
lested! 'I’hesij^nal was, however, soon
o-iven—that man. the destroyer, was
approaeiiiug, and all the various ani-
there was no i ctrcatiu'C- V* e were
or i)laiii, of similar eharacier, but
much «jreater extent., was'
our view. Here all
written in'i/f, chUdrcn as if tuHt/nn.
'i'here are few (‘vtui - f tlieir leanieil.
thalp;ive o its ful! soim.d in those v.ords.
The word hccn is Irc'iuejitly pronouti-
eed /jcji, and (/oiv;, duoz, instead o'i dvz.
on lower ground thai* tiie lion, with not
a bush around us. Diedei ik and I\li .
had now turned their horses, lor, as we
afterwards learned, they had been ruu
off with ill conscquence of their bridles
havinp: broken. The plan was to ad-
vanci* in a l.'ody, leaviii^^ oiu' horses with
the Hottentots, who were lo keep their
I backs tov.ard the lion, fearing; tliey
Uhoultl heeome unruly at the sight of
him. j
“ A'll tJjese preparations occupied but j her uwt!, tiic j^rocci
a f«‘W’ seconds, anti were not comi)ieted, |
These are all faults, and should be cor
In the Slate of New-York many of
tliesn same faults are crccpinj.; in. The
most marked ])eculiaritics, however. ,
v.liich these people have, are tiiose of
Dutch origin. This is often not.i:ed in
the w sound of i\ 'I'he lady sj>''nks of
of his
and tlie doctor of opening a ;rcir.. T!u
mals, with snorts and hounds, began to j o;rowl, and imajr-; i and r have Irecpieutly the vv sound al
ccllecl in bodies—gnoos, iiarte-brasls;
(piaggas, spring bucks and rue-bucks.
The gnoo is ihe animal so well describ
ed by liarrow, the existence of which
was but a very few years ago (lisjnited.
They run sluggishly at llrsl, but all at
once they spring out, whisk their long
tails about, and, with their heads to the
grotmd, defy their pursuers. Their dus
ky colour and bushy iieads give them a
strange apjiearanco.
“i\lr. S. iiau chased iome of those
animals in the direction of the mimosas,
trenching Oii the ground which our
comrades were to lake ; he was gelling
closer to his object, and was alj(;iit to
dismount a second time, wiion his eyes
glaiicefl on tiie long wished-lor g:um—
an enormous Lion ! lie was w.dking
majestieally slow ; but when Air. S.
gave the tally-ho to Us, he couclied and
seemed inclined to wail, bul soon after
wards eanti-rf'd olf to the mimosas.
[n a lew second > we were ail uji--
at least, our divi-ion. 'ihe lirst object
was to i>revent him from climbing tlie
mountain; we tlierefore rode tlirougli
the miino'-as, aDoul tliree huiulreil yaids
Irom where lie liad eiitered, 'anil got be
tween h.m and the hcii^ht"-. Diederick,
Midior and-Mr. S., nith their servaiits
and leatl horses, ihen rode round the lit
tle grove, wliiht wo were stationed
where we lii\>;l er.tered. The grove
baldly live hundred yards in iength,
and twenty in breadth ; consciiuently,
wo could bv this arrangement cummand
the whole of it.
‘•True to cur engagement, as w(dl as
heartily wishing tiieir assistance, wu
v.aited'for the oU»er party. Ti.e other
puit of our division liaving rode round
the jirove, came up ojjposite to us, but
at a iiistauce, end as we saw them dis
mount, wc tlid the same. Our s;fua-
tion was not very enviable ; we had but
one latge gun ; hut Mr. Jiennie, who
C'lrried it, wao i^erftcily collccled. We
were talkii'g to each o:!ejr in a wi'.isper,
when Tvli. Ueimie very I'ooliy ‘aid,
'‘listen, the geiiilenian is grumbling. ”
The soiiml .'O vmv like
ih'.indet, that udouijHHi it; hui. al ihe
•'.uiii; moiiieiit I cat'i'lil a glimjjse of the
lion \\:tilii ”• a-.v:i;' , not a hu’.idred a:id
lilU sale- l!'o:n u-i, ri;;il he niii' l have
1 i.e II er to tis I !;;iii
I ' a\t‘ the alarm.
ined he was makin-jc oli’again ; but no— i sc, as do ut, awniUu sjuUuiu for do //.
as if to retrieve his character tVom suspi-! s/n'//iThe best educated
cionof cowardice from his former flight, i of the Dutch, however, do not coinmil
he made up his min'd in turn to attack' this error.
us. To the growl, succef'ded a roar, and j In New-Jer'ey, Perinsylvanla riiu!
in the same instant we saw him bearing I Maryland, you liear continually
down ujjou us, !irs eye-balls glistening chciisdny, hirrurkcr, lor j place of leas'on, and leehng ejcct
wit!) rage. We were unprepared ; \ns duel, 'lunJaj/,/ifcrc/u^'e. Also 1‘ion trom the p0i!s^ until Dru!&lior:‘.;
motion was so rapid, no one could take ! shntc avA cnakney lor pursuit anil ensue. | Miall prevail over the law, and a '■
, and he furiouslv darted at one of; This pronunciation is supjjosed by some j opinion subject him to acts of violciic.'on
sue a like course of conduct. At jirc
sent the ^vhole of their Mig.u, and imc
lourllt of their co!f(in is con.siuncij
boine, and the latter i:j incre.Tsihj; nr/l
will increase, bul s’iil, of eottoi, Uif
have raised a great de:)l too juMcii—ai d
as the growers ot v;heat will be rom
pelled to do, so will they. In Fi, lid,
tliey may add coiTt;e to their j'ro.l;.ct>
and' the vine, and the olive, with i'.i(
mulberry tree, u.'C. vSlc. will probably hi-
oultivateil exti'nsively in the soiith, ai;(’
with niiich advantage. All tliese wiri
j;:t‘-s into the consumption of the rr,ui:
I'faciir'rrs or increase the general cot,:
7ucrct' of the whole couptry, addiiiii; to
tiie naticna! wealth nl every^e, atul
continually extending the c:’)r;)fjrls o
ht'c to al! classes of pcop,Ie UNr:;
t!ie su’r/iimc principles of our irstil'jiior"
sbail be given up !o gr.itify a vricked iu.^.
tor power—irifil passion shall t.tkt'ui'/
our horses.
whilst we w'ere at their , to be truly Walkerian
heads witholu a possibility of their prc-' liis standard altogether, and is only' lit-
vi 'iting it. 'i'he poor horse sjirung for-' efary dandyism.
w.ird, and, with tb.e force of the action, ' '/ronunciation in ti.e SMithern States,
wheeled all the horses round with him. i is in general more correct and elegant
The lion likewise v.-iiecled, b'll ir.)m ;-j iban in any other j^nrt of the Union.—
diately couched at less t!i:in le-’. y.;rd.-. j Thf^y liave, however, some grammatical
lV(m u‘-. Our lei’t Lank thr.s l't ..‘’imc 1 error?, and some strange words. The
c.xposed, and on it !oi:’.aia*'-iy stood C. of li.e* i>ersonal prono in //if/)?, in
but it overleai)s ; li'S I'erson or character
Midler anfl Mr. Jienni.
Wiifitan aiiA-, |)>lacc of Lu.
common ; us
lou.s moinent: Tor a f'^’v si'conds we j/i''/.,v ' ^c. Among
saw the monster at this little dii^tance, the laboring people you hear words of
resolving, r>s ii were, on whom he shoultl I n':-.v sound and new signification: as i
lirst sprit.ic- Never did I long so :>r-j/o/c* for r7/, and plundrr tor
deiitly to Ik ar 1 lie report fif a gun. | • A landlord who saw me carry
imtii we
have a legion of priests of some O'^'ai):!*:;
ed church, i'earitig not Oon, !)ut ('ileiir,:;
incense, in the tempoial pow 'rs t!i:'.t 1''.--
uuf il the military shall be prefer c.
the civil power, and men xvbost
is to bear arms become “ cotiserv vi,:
of the public jieace,” and the nur
power whicii uo'.v !^upj)orls the l.i’
shall yicM to the rcc/’on of the bayo’i'
—and ir/u'n these things shall liajipc’.
\'-Q may look for the tuirilment of .Mr.
;ij; j C’ambreleng's ptopheeies, ruid with'.
^ forr. e believe that there is efiougi
I good setijie in the people of the UtiitC'
looked ;'.t them aiming, and then at the ing a portmanteau said, ’‘Sir, don't
‘!'(M:bl(! Aoiir yo!ir^(.df, let me !o!c yeur
hot), it v.’as ahscilutely r.eecssary to
"ivc a mor'al blow, or the cousequcnces
might be I'lta! to some one of the party.
A secfind seemed a minute. At lengih
Christian lired ; the under jaw of the
lion (lrop]ied—blood gushed from his
mouth, and ho t.urned round with a view
to es(;ape—Mr. I'ennie then shot him
through the spine—and he fell.
‘”At tliis moment he looked grand
beyond exjiression. Turning again to
wards us, he rose upon his i’ore-feet—
his mouth bleetling, his eyes fla hing
vengeance, lie attempied to sj)ring at
us, hut his hind legs denied him assist
ance ; he drasrged them a little sjiacf,
when Stepiiauus put a iinal period 10 his
existence, bv shooting him throiigii the
brain. He was a noble animal—meas
uring nearly 12 I'eet Irom the nose lo tlic
tip of the fail.
“Thus ended a --cene wliich I have
in vain endeavoreil to di'seribe, and
\\liich I never can foii^et.”
phnidcr I'or yott."
It is no matter of surprise, descetulcd
as our community is, irom men of va
rious tongiies, that we should sometiincs
fail to s[)eak with purity, the tongue of
Joiinson and Addison. As a })Cople,
however, 1 must insi.-^l that tiiis tongue
is here spoken with less provincialism,
an«l on the whole wilh more jiurity.
than on the island where those scholars
resided. I do not say but tliat P^iirland
States to maintain our political inst;
tU'ions, to support wortiiy n!agist!•:ltl’^
and to jiut down t\eak and wicko
ones—and while thus conditiuicd, v,'
shall avoid that grinding taxation whiv'.
reduces the labouiing classes in i;.'
land of our fathers to a su!)sistencc 01.
half a pint of oat meal per dny, anu
compcls them to labor twelve hour.> t(
i obtain that for thcm.«e!ves and htnuiiO-
—tliat rc'c/i male may be eniiblcd to
pny lo the king, or his priest'^, ant.
for the support of the arm}' thut m'’>‘
has t!i0U.?ands who'spcak this tongue |''if'''* enormous stun rr.
‘one hundrel dollars a year. '////■^ i-
the ca-’.'ve of British distresses—tluH
lerii j'!
\:ou-i',' :t
we ii;'.: e;d( iii..lLd.
whicii was ehoi d to o'U’ liicnd, who in
in i:i;:'.atit mounti;.', and njd.e up lo the
!o’.\er e.-'d, caliing upi ii t;.: to Hthaiuie.
We Wfre ino'ii'.g ilo'.'.'ii to gam a posi
tion on a liHle hei;.';ht, w hen a gun was
iu'ei', lollov. i:vl by lour more. 'I'lus
oc-d uti our other divisions had i iui'wious to us ; and ought
ceunl, if no eiher, to be corrected.
I i-jined.
I'n'in the Ncw -Yorl; Observer.
AMi:UlCA.\ l>KOVi\i;i.\I.lSM.
J/es.vr . Jldilor^::—Penn it me thro*
V(Hir pnj)er to point out a lo'v inacc'.:!!-
raeics of speech whieh I have noticcd
\.hile travelling throui;h dill'erent jiarts
of the Union. /Vs I iiave been seveial
years i’lom tlie country, these jjeculiari-
ties on return strike me wilh force. 'To
a well eduoated lorcigner they mu>l he
still iviore striking, anti to some cxlen!
on this ac-
with perfection, and therelbre c.innot
be surpassed ; yet sh.e has inlerior coun
tries whose dia'eet is scarcely intel!i”;i-
ble to a si.udent of Oxford. 'I'his stu
dent would liufl no such diliicully in
any p.irt td’ the Tnited States, not even
in tiie most ne>v aii(i retnoli* parts. In-
fleed he u-ould hardlv meet any thing
bf''-'n Maine and Oeorgi;,, so far out
ot the way ;is in t!u' lollowiu" mandate
of a Jjondon Cockney to (me of our
co’intry landlords ; ‘•Sir,’’ said h-',
••come into tlic ov.'-v.and Ihe poker
ol, and n'.ake us some /'’.vg flip, so as
ihi'V do in old Henglaiul. ”
Hut we have delects en;’:!;xli in our
laiiguage, and J, as an /vmi'rican, would
be grateful to any man v.'ho would hold
t;iem up to view tmlil they are seen ami
removed. We ha've al'-'o some jiecul-
“ thought ;!u:re e. ould have been
;m cnil to our spoil before it hatl weli
i>e;j;un ; but on the coiitiary, the shots
wi re tireil not tmly to jjr-\ ent him leav-
in;r li'e* coj)se, but to prove their guns,
f(ji' a 1*1 iss i !
view of
is lV‘(piently of eonsi.
'i I, ku't shut iiad the ellect el
him, atul we now li;ul a lull
him n turning tr) the centr»'.
\\hi'king his tail ahji;:, and treading a-
mor.g the smaller bushes a.s il theyi"a(l
',,.,-1; \'i'I f. i c:(:!v
Dili'erent sections of th(' ('('uuh y have,
I see, diii'ercnt error:-. ei:i;t r of gram
mar, pronun'jiat'.on, er i;oe of ’.ii.c.oni-
mon word.;.
In thf' lin^-tern S*.
tiie leasim wh.y millions of iiulusirioi;
and worthy peo])le go every night i^tip
perless lo ied.
We s'.iall only take time just ro'v !>•
menli(.>n these highly ini|)or!ant t!in
As the I'orrigti market is so smalk di'
itome market must be incre;tsed I i-
pt'ople of the eastoni, middle and
(Mui states, annually constitne I’'''!"
manufaclures to ihe value ol aimut ''
0.'')0,00(')—l.nit IJritaiu takes of ihcir ■'!
gricultural products le-s than
dif^’cr('nce is matle up by the cointi'*-'^,
which oi’iii;); iialions y r tis to li""
with them, or Ihe prolits on h'lhor ci.’
ploved iti nnvigalion, is>:c. .Dut tb'’
tabiisliment ot' one «mart manulactin
village in ’\ erv ten miks sfiuare.
lanties in our manners and habits, wluch I in tiu^ most ihuisfdy populated p.i-1
I ma\ jioint out at ano! hf'i'11 me, for tb.e | tlie 1 nited Slate's, \\’ill rviake a tn.i!!'^
purpose of causing them to be removed i for all l!ie srirphis j)roducts of
t'rom our growing and beautiful IJepu!)-
l’-- viAiin«.
tners tl'.at extent ol oun:.-
w!'.::!’ l!riti'h an.i other lore!"!'
C'.mn.'t ileprive them of.
shall be the e:!.-w the crops ^\ ill be
suilable to l!ie demand ; am! the
in -New-Vor’;, .Missouri, 3Iaineor
f:(.r[ueni i:
hold M.rvi
to OIK' r‘‘ ‘
C!,u-.f ^-e.
, ‘ J
•e f 1 (/:o, C".
■ ; a word
■ j.r !• outbi'i n
u, as r’ il ’
'i'iie \vord /r
hicli is
vet:; !’(i
;/'/ il, !>r
' oi_t-!ieir.'
I c
ii:'. nen
." tn an
•i 01 i r j'
,"j/ or
; ■ l:ic!i
A(.l{K:rLTUIk\l l>iU)Ul'(JTS.
i'niil the mnnuiacturers of iron, cot.
ton, woid, :tntl other arlicler, nml ihi
ma^d.ine make’ s and n;ee:ia!.ics, shall} i.siana, 'vlH h.ive :i regularity in busin'-
become a mueh t.iore numerous ('ass i w hich mu:t insure tl'cm t!iat degiv' _'
ti.:in theyarr', Ihe iar;’ier,- ..f ilie Cniled j iraleprnda'ivt ('.m.foi t v. hicb honi-t
tales muit h -en the'r erc;„s of I bor l,u.- .la i;;!;!o!iUtcd rit>;ht ff>
atiu iitl'.cr j-rnin, anl redm u :i',o amount; !
if cattle fed by them. a''..l inrrer'-e li.ei; j r—.
j prodU '; , of hemp, Il'iX, ,S.e. ;is \V*>:1 i ( iie-T. .U. ; bii"d ;i ntlicw
urn tiieir attwilio!-
as w-
to new rrrtii'
■> in tlie
at hoiu"

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