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RUFUS M. HERRON, Publisher.
VOI,. I.
3fiu5inr53 (Ciirbij, &"t.
IP. Yii-sn/a
^Ittonuy at f^aic,
CnARI.OTTi:, N. c.
CAKOI.I.^A l.\X,
iltarloHr, *r. V.
'III' .‘'uljscriot r i' iiuw li;i[>py to i:i
fiti/.i IIS of (Miarl.jitu and tlic sarnjundin
untry, fliat he 1»
From the Raleigh Post.
. ;»ry
mi. s
t,Ui F.L.
> '
.M-i..... \
into his vv Shoj», un ('ul- i
.. - . . tri tt, iirnjfiliatclj' b.ifk ot Sail!: rV ilotcl, where lie j
D'lw ff-.idy 1 ;.tt( ' d *.o till 'iii.-'irics.-? in hi.s line. lie li;is |
iS'ji Ihi' b'-sl "f Wi/lkmcn, uiid iss tlicri-l’otf det riuivt d to i
do H., ,-ijjd nioh' f;islii>uah!o woik, ever put up in ‘
l.j.s . inodi rntc prices-'.
,L J*,\ H{1.\ J d in'- neatly and in a durable niuri- ,
nr r, 1/y i t tJje f^hop of f
Pit 11.0 II £: i> E u s o'v,
Tin: rot; i' solturon.
“ Life is as tedious as a twice told ta ■
Vfxing the dull ear ota droway ni^n.’'’
i; I of
."ff, / ,
m*»Ct « f
'i A ’
1 Hi;- * flu
^Fo'\«oE, yi. C’.
TffK sul•^•rif): r havintr piircluiscd t!ic h'.ii.’d-
vo!ui.'! f'lf (J to pr( it, and such wf rr> our ri-
lafioiis lo th^ "iftf'd pot i, tlmt we never Ir ve L
able lo :;i'jirofi('h tlie g:ateful but uiijjleniiy’it di iy
vvi li ih ii pel l( c! r:,!ini!'.'S /-incl cii:ic;il coolu' ^.".
rt qiiiicd cithi'i j I* i dei-'n or thi‘: iri*'>il'i—
\^'e .'u’O ij'- ,!• fiKKiL^i, « veri M 'U, 'u
ou..-ei; ol the o! itie ir.e/iJ, f)
. _ i‘ t’ r»r
\ . ■ M T - -
!hc |;i . 6eiit pfiper; but nu oiu e'se
aris and wiles of that vain oftspring of frailty
and folly. She wns as artless as th'- P.incess Nh-
TTy..;) of the “ Happy Valley,” and as naive and I
v: ssiiining as the firs? fair d lughtcr of the ear:!;, |
' iie tuver chose lo flin" if.s charm over any huf ;
I' vlo, and that spell flujitr ji? pure halo aioui-d h?s ;
bfd, and winged his lalei', ihougiii up to •
ho gate of heaven. ’
Si;e gfive him a jiiedge of her devotion '.vl ielj
• "evv iro/n hiru ?he following p.»th tie respu’is ■> ; ■
A way worn pil^ritn dying lay
Far fiom the haunts of men, !
A’here ii? had lallen on^iis way 1
0'er-’(>i.n“ w ;vo> ari'I sin.
And vih-. R thoufi jv. tit ! y th- h w. r
Wl.eru she uscii lo sit ,ttid tir-.iuj,
Bir.. ''!:t'y '■■'I t-'.y fadt.i ii,.\v.r
Wiili ‘JvljliC bti'.ail!.
iTii l ijTs a.'iii'
. >-t '.Cl til.- S'
Ffini: t' y c» ol
'I i.I i.i IJ I !
7 ; oil -ii e’si j.o I \ liiv FUi nj lonnt iiia
A I cl:.;! bl ;ti» >u Iw ;;u’ui.u>iy.
.''inr lor I! y \v eping j. is
N ili h. :t on 1!h ir I*: ifjht >r
”^1 he f in S' Ol t y IK r' daef^l.ttf-,
For titc iii b rs i.i i; ... gr.. vt .
:v.. the “ I >uon IJotoI,’ kopt i>y Johu
. ’'’>ii''i rispct Hilly ill lor 111 tl,i‘
. 'f , iii/.e III 'pf; *lit ■ ■ ly
i). 1 ! !h i l:c \-i ' iu l;(*^fct\
> ;• I,!" •• MO 1. t\- ) IV. r Min 'vith
I- ! ; ■ : ■
. • I
;a 11 -
■ rt t )
i • h
I -
Ilf- tnui.'ii
O'er f Willi.-lii.Ts,
When down an angei bf-r;t its flight,
Tlie pilgriui lone to bless.
The gentle murmur of its wings
Broath'd on his pallid brow,
Soit as the soothinji whispennga
Of rOiiiC pure streamlet’s flow.
He tnnied his dim and glazing eye
O'.i I'lS avi^el c far'’.
And tliere iit- n\el t'a«' sweet reply—
A^i ; ctihl s'ld f i'cnt, rciinly
I ii» the v..iitt h
At : ^lo'.ii y . j>r’ . >r..iii-.h
\\ ‘ I}. iir -’t 1 ! r, ‘ •
\ i
S'ti i-pi!
r \l‘,
^ v\ i i.pil
T •' ’ ■ .
iO- r Efr“* '
iii ii(.r i.r
t v>.
) F v'
\ •
J) I
1 .
■ IM’
i. ;• of
'•= I .1
■ •111 V ; ;
Mil i win tue race.
a.t tlie* \vr.rrr;f'r grew,
' ■ ■ t,
■ • ■ u him threw
.. iii^ht.
Pv rdc!;’;- I’-er f' r.’r ",
lii .'t.ii.s *hy ;\vi I, i.isi il.r r.ow,
A’ld 'iinh'ss :in^ a o\i ii \
*1';» it.'- I.e ,n:y !m w ,
And f)ii t:iy 0' > iii, r uble iivt r.
I ron; it' i :'ir! h')M'o'  n
7 ii;'! lli.v\i-r Uii. ? k lur- vcr
ill: t-- bWi'.- and I i ^'er e\r.
cnij!i c'liin wit!\ Hie nornds' yf$f
b it a few tv ’'iths I‘•'ore he di'il; a vi in ihe in-
I-' r^rn, lie I. id r tTi--\ed lo ih*^ parei i.ii roof, and
ins ihridiliin'r hend U’j ’ii I he [losoui ol his .sni'
I - f'
i 1.
■ r I
. 1m-
iii V
THi; ,111' 1V ,h
llo I !■." wi
t e travelli
; ;ui.ed ; . t’.'? f’ -
1 l.fOli-.h _. K.. I .1-, t ! . , ,, I V
• h. to it. oi in the e tiz-'l;'- ot «. tlf'S-
:';4 pi;L' I- j(i*P'.“iiilly, tliUt lit- inteiid-:
rii ii |!
■ 1,
f lAhi i£
n\m tt .ys.HAsm,
\iiri'- ill tJi Ill' ll.
July n>. 1-tf.
“ J.lVl* AM) M’/r LIVE.”
• ' -J ; ’ t ’
• o i *■
>111 kiii(l*i «if^^ iiK'^i, l..ii|iiorM siiitl
c-oitHfaiill.i oil hand.
r T . t-.- .iiily,
-c- -L'
Si-c  « Ns us (rl .laiiu K C o.
AlJ(;,\li’.s .NiMlI'll whauf,
Cll AKI.i:sTO>, s. i\
' '• ''-r ;■ ('•Ii'l'tn "ill i,(. .||\CI1 to (lip Jiiir-
■ ' t I'll. ..ji ' ' , , ,„ s,
I I .J, , . . '  - I
* I
GominiSbion lilercliants.
i (/ii 'I'lii*: SALi: »h'
ihorH, (.I:\1N, AND 1‘HODl ('i: l rNI U.M.LV,
« II \ KI.K«T4>.\, S.
One »f 11i‘ ISoi
ill the up coiiiiti V, ami e^niO'sily holicit their patronas;^,
{'iiaiaiiti einsj t!iat not'nii'; sIjuII be u-aiifiiiK- aiitl no om*
shall h'ave di.-?>atislied. (jientleinen atleiidiniC (’ouits
are particularly invitrd to tliis House, as i’s .''lose prox-
iniity to the Court House rendtTs it (|Uite convenient.
TIIK TAHI..KS will always be siipjilied with tiie best
the market aiJbids.
Tiie liar aiid 03s(c*r Saloon,
attached to th»^ house, is kept in the most modern style
by experienced men.
'I IIK f>TABLJ'.S are large and commodious, and al
ways well su])i)lieil with the best of Hay and Grain. '1 he
be t 'jf tJatlers alwavs in attendance.
J.VO. T. llOWFJiTON, I'ropiietor.
Dec. 21, 1S.52. i-Otf
“ A I/jf Sf\ a Hors^, t.iy I\iri2''o/>> for c I!o/sr
J)uf ivhul ii^c 2'j a Jiotsr wtihuui a L die /
■ r* i\,
i ‘.e ii i mJ.
;ir ;S.';-ar
•nbui^. in
i 'ii -
T S s:i id to he r ne f>f
* ,,f -I ;
nio.‘'t nofi/c and use ful
«. W.VLKKIt.
\ il A'l'LAN'l'K' WdAlU',
r//.i/.*/.A’o .s. (
-riling' • • .\;li ne nfi} cent*;
iii>|>lii-! ulll lie j>'ir(.hi*sed t^r our
n ti» the .'^eUctioa •)!
( Kl
..'linn- i”n f 1
lie. l’:inilly
I nd s pi ‘i'll a 11' i;li 'U
■ 1 ■! nd.
1\eiii ii John
1 •.*.
■n, Charlolti N.
1 I—Im
di. ■' • ' ‘ • J ' ‘ Jl. IM ■ 
T i’ 'I'll ' Su'>-eriIm:r i'; ; lo 1'i>rr. h n, !'is own
■-1.-UU , a n;'-i t ■ I'Ullit in the v.:-y of
BSridlc^ mad ISai'iRr
Ill- .S.idiilf.' ton-i't t)i llie ji.llnv, iir: vTiitu
\orlh '.‘irofii!ia ^
Btriiliit'ky o.
Kc hii.' al.'io il Viiiiety of f^.id-iles n.uil. e.xjirct^s’v - r )>rr.
sons tr-:vell;ng a hmp, : :nl w.irr '.I' d hj v ;
well. lUvides a largi' .i.''-.rl,n .it cf ■ .di .
j I’htiiki ts, H iriits:;, iJrovi ts V\ iiips, i!ni ,> V\ I. I},i\ ^
! Saddles, t(>M- tlier u ifh ;.!i niantii r .t
1 Hr will ritll on the most rtasonalde iLiia?, t iihei by
I whoit sale I'T relail.
• (’.ill ;uid e.\.inline .jI my lOst ibli>!imenf, one door I'.i.-I
j of Sjiniigb kV .M'Clouu’:'
.-rv-ijf-s whcr-
hr!^:h^'’ 1'
'.'U'-- > (1 |,mV.
.1. rh t
;v- d n; i
u h" \\ rites iio ii a.> iiu
Mr. lltiitlerson wis I
(’Imrcli, in the ODiinty ol
liis jjareiii.s, siil! Iiv;uj^ at i) i\lo.-ai .oh’eo \
long lo the niOot re.‘-j»ec!abir I'aihiik's ol In "  -
til'll. a very early nL^e, PJiilo di'covert d si>  s
of much genius ; and his pareii’s, wiih an ail
tionate and conjuiendahle appreciation ol i;.s e\i.'t-
ence, affordpd him evrry opportunity and aif-;
tagp,. protnotive of its greater uevt lopoinenf and
r\piinsion, that ihe seliools and colleges ol viie
Slate atlbrdnd.
lie went lor a wliile to David.'^on CoHegc,
from there to !hj University. IJul like th^
many other gii'ed men, his coiiegiate courff
m.Trked by u wayw irdiicss which vv^as crr i^i
not criniinai, by a wildness vvhicli was lu-t
conducive to hi'^ prospects Ibr graduating h irnrs.
but tlie same time vvai not b_v any nx ;ns
(iistinguished by vulgar or di>!ionor;. .h-.
He, hovever, went liwongh his re;.!i. !ion;' ^dh
iiiucii liT^r'credit than ni.^'.y btiiici, disv roe' .i.'
res and schoia; v- 'ii' iievf^r nuV-.oiI u
«tid iKo - (or :l.
anf^’l->i *i.-'p!!>y
him in the i
A.* . oa I! ' . -u along his
.-..I'j' ' s.'iiile uivjiie,
Unt.i -.1.'! Lefoie liim ’ ,
i’l-- iiol), long s; ’ .i.-.
T! ! i i.iauil .'^nr! j-^lie .c ; ; to any ‘•iiilul
• •l^.,ess he » vi bef;.- j^ui;.y oi ue Ci.indid
.:Vo\val of it, and Mie ■ -j;' i it ion .1 re ci >n\e}'ed tnor--T
‘^werilv end p-'ii'ivi-!\, uith the nio=»t poetic l«. n-
li'.nfss. I'lie ei}' .;t o! h‘T lc\’e—only leit or,'.. !i*
(d l/tron^li the [iieSfui ’—upon his wayward-
ees.s, is ino.'i' .'^uccessluliy developed in the dch-
c-itely vs ri.'Ught i-‘ose, and place’s that l\ ric, to our
apprtanaiion, upcMi a lev( l at least with i\I^or*.s
well known "Child's prayer” lu the Peri.
fe nrsfi d ’-o'ed ni dher ; th ;t nielhtr
: ; hi, v.rolo among o'iicr stnnr.'is :
“ I i;FR.‘’
w. rhj of ] Ol V t h. r o ; i d th" t sv. cct Wor«i,
;'lVC1 lioV-"-', L Mil- l::i Low l-IiJ
o.jii.J :• ;;i. 1. lili.u' MI.i' V. .'linj.l wcr.
liiCii 1-; (lic le.i-iol nr.l’b Siiio y s!;
il l i:er \ o;- '’ dol’. h'’B ' !'s with rier
, :i S' • is is'ji.f, it wlii.-'C' )■' iron! atiovr:
.1 t:.; bitiis a iio.irt, on whic.i the v.orld ha? trod,
•;r.-'l.f* ’iui,'- b.;i.ii, aid p'-iiit-; ih;.- \.ay loLiud.
(hi ;!ii- ‘Jlst fit July Itiht, wliilt! on a visit to
(’haI hdie, he w as tnhen sick of hoJv, (hi.-i lieart
hail not been well since Ada’p death.) and dii'd.
\V’(^ hope fhat niinisiering angols bore his lVe(‘d
spirit up to the sho!e.s of that stream of life,
Awhile prior to this period, and lor six or eight ' where now perennially blooms in Jadcless youth,
months alterwards, he abstained Irom quaffing the i his “ Cata'vba Flower.” j
..ifatuating liquid that C’irce’s never-exhausting i ^Ve find we have extended l!;e friendly part of ,
•. up overilows with. Ada’s love, Ada’s smile, ' this ofTice, to the lirni's of our allotted',
Ac] - ■
i The most striking feature of the !asl news from
[ Kurope, is the proclamation of Louis Napoieoa
Uonaparfe, ns F)m,'H'ror of France, under the title
! of Napoleon HI. There is no surprise in^lhe e-
. vent itself, lor the steps to il had been so plainly
. puvfd, :hat all the world waitt d for the consum*
i mation. Bui take tiio, whole s-rios of events, from
the c(.tnmenccment of 1848, to ihis tiii'c, and t|jo
j • le-. aii4jn,t;f Louis N;»f)olt}on !o llie throne ol Francs
t soves^j^n, must tc prcnounred iho
niost ',rorid{ rful ch.'»pff?r in ihc hiafory of t'hristen-
I dom. The iwre memory of th** Conqueror and
! Lcgista.'or, w }io elosrd hi« carccr in 1815, after
' ail inTi'vai ;it' nrsnrly fortv duni g wh.oii
•h,'* wiui'.n teiidoucy rl *>a.ic?* .itcinpa lo he fi.
^ r I. 1.!— iil -.Tn-^nrlv -rriiiit?* of c- nsfl*
• U ' f/i I'Um'v, I 1= bit..’ .^x.1'n. j
f rapid unobstrucit d prv^.^s.-, . ‘ iinm. ' of
, h.s own nhsoli'.tf? cuthoriiy, •( member o.' .ut. 'wn
I’annly havinjj no prestige (>l his own, and wljo‘?o
personal notoriety lud brrn ot a kind to crowj*
hitn rather with et'iiten;pt isnd ridicule, than wtih
. lam** aiiu pow* r. Loui.s Napoleon is the same in.
! dividual, wlio, sixtten^pBrrs atio, after the riiJicj-
hnis lailnre of ttie eof^piracy of iStrashurv, was
put into a diligence bv Louis Phillip*’, under tne
I charge of a police ofiicer, and sent ouietiy out of
’ Fiance, as a disorderly pors(jn, who could :i t be
^ sulierrd lo remain, hut who was loo feeble nn « ne
niy to mrel ihe serious attention ( GoverniTi«-n;.
Tiiis man is now Emperor, by the a!moi>l unan*
mous voice of the French people,
Modvin history all'ords no parallel to this su*%
cession. But Roman isistury presents one \mu>
j so mftny and so striking points of resemblanc**.
I that It could not I’ail to be recalled, even bejor.*
I ihe parallel was conipli-ie by Louis Napoleon’s
j sumption of the Imperial power. No modern in-
i dej'd. sa\o Napoleon, can well bo coiTspare-J, both
I in his fortune and liisL'onius, to JuliusCtrsar. Each
of thejii is a prriijd of the hij^hesi civihzalion, iru
j umphed l)y personal ability, and th? daz/.le ol' an
unequiilleii fame, over the long eslablised inslitii-
: lutions, and ifie existing factious anarchy f'l his
* cotmtry. Each dislingnished his reign by a Kplen-
j dor of stnfesmanship scarcely inferior to that of
Ills warlike achievements. Each was rut short
^ in his career by his violence. Tlie reign of each
, WMS lollovved by llie eelablishment of an order of
I's soft, gentle voice, lulling ou l,i hearl like i wi'.lioul gelling into llie c.M r.-.nnn of criticism, '
imcr’s bR-;a.h „p„„ ,:,e wav-ivorn brow, w:,s-r«hicl. must form Ihe sni.i.-cl of -..nolher |K,pt-r. |‘'''"S"''l"'■T''''' '? “I"', T.
! ratum ol the demolished throne, u fiv s
I’u to placi
si.a! he II uht seiect.
1 cl'.i - ■ iIh' I: vv, an
;i' n \r. 'li.;' d:s;Hii;n;'
■ “ ■ J'
•f nni'--
a'.!, ranks oi
su rnmcr
■nlatuation enough for him. Her love was sufli- ^
cient i(i bind, as with a e.''lden ligature, his life ti, j
rectitude. And never, do wo believe, by rash act j
of hi.-:, would the sacred cord have beiM? sundered. ;
P.ut the traducer with his tjoisonuus tonaue ;— |
I O 1
'• -dander, whose sting is sharper than ihe swords
' iivy •Mill i:- envenomed teeth ever ready to slick ]
i.uo virtue, CKinbine-d againsl liiem, and ibe loves
• ... I 'tUii * - ‘ '
1 '■
\V"e may appropriately ciose this brief tribute
Uith a ray Irom liis poetic star:
Sorrow has left on itiy heart its trace,
And hope ha'? withdrawn its hria;iit beam,
►ifince last 1 b ihel-l tiie sweet cheering ” face
Of the “ Poet ” who dwelt by the stream.
i^\!ract Iruiii tlit^ Oratiuii
1 recoiv* (1 ;irivat' ins’;
'•■•d orri .iiK tit of li.'S .
iN’iii'-on — liovv liable a'Sociai.
'! i> !U‘l
. . I 'tv,;', . .
; . I: nil ‘•M' a^fi joy
11 piiismiou.s roiitjuf wiifi
:3t :n(‘y c
I'o.soni lull (.1 -'■ighs, a lieart full of grief, and a soul
that ct'uld only find rest from her relentles.s mask
ed 'IX'
t!)!' sih
o: il.
I !mi
V c
,1- i:--
Mi;, -ibUi
■ ;ui. -i
,'ir ill'' '
for tli!'
XIAMSEY’S PIANO 8c MUSIC STORE. rharh.tte, n e. oi, lea.
U0i5!:ilT SIl \ v/.
M V.Nl r '^ '11
t>i:AlJ.h* LV
&Gii!I|rj arjOlSESQs,
COM IIKI tl, i\
M'-T IJt pectfnlly arnoiinct'^ to the 1’itiZ‘Mis
. tab!
> ia' t .e at
i'\ iv> see t hi'-
,\. l'., and'iiirei ndiiiir eoiintrv tl ;if ht
ri.ANo riiRii. AXP'.Mr>U'
; 0 !i'’ ;!1 bt' most
I i.i I * lih a vmII.
:e invited to c.ili and
i^lim e!>>-v\ her‘.
- J
■ J"-
a\ I.n
; .1111
aeii!- '
■ ah
pnvi'::.i e
lie jinie
.1 t
and Ho-’on
! ! reTiair*'.!.
|s now leailv to .Manufaeture at their Shop in this
te'wn.all kinds ol'(’;il inoiand Household Fru-
niMire. U''p:.irs ii«-:i'!v dene and che;ip.
Ch irl.M:
.r. — ( )iie
Ai; . i:,
Nor-h ul
the .l.;d.
his IS ill-.' \
t ) ‘j:*
H.s pi’>ir ss in
ke ii . d H'lied und riv h
[. ( il i: .V'- n ncc:ei th"? lu
. il ■ ly ii.'Ueruio; and
!.ii;; ' :• iu*'n;‘c to practiee in
in ('Il irhiCo, North
) . I •ii'.s ; and about
I lilt;'' .- Iw him. and thou^ii.
was the handsoiiU‘s.1 man, i xc*‘pt iloberi iMnn
H'd/inson, we had **ver .‘^.'•en. His cheeks wt
the “ verv picture of hfa'th,” bis eye brioht, ni.d
bear',111'^ with poc ic ilri! ; his ,'aee round, and h
t.ires suikittg an] very re;;ular; /Von) an
sive forehead and '.\(11 devcdoped head, fell u-.-v
to his shoulders, in ricli prolutd‘ti, luxuriant c u ' ;
of na!ur(‘’s own trainin;.^; and he had  '
commandinj, oracfdul f)gni*>, of the full inedii: a
h'-iglit, well rounded and every way well prop..*_
liiint d. *
*- * * i, * 4 .
The qualitifs of his heart were such as to w -,
ft r him a host of friemls ; atid the conceplioiis n! j
his head, so interesting, a.s lu make his social in-
t('rcourse pleasant lo e\ery one. We h:id evt r>
Dj.portunity of bein^ well iniorn?ed on the poin’,
a.;d w--* never knew him guilty of a single mca
action, of a single small and selfish motive. Ei
rors no doubt lu; commi:t> d, but they were n(
>'jch as coul-.l tarnish his in’'«rri'v as a man, his
hi'our as a Ut-'Uilenian, nor his sineeri’y as a friend.
ll;s were tin* n-hie imp-ils' , th*i generous ae’J >n
A nd now, h :
:n til't in.h.jiir.d' ■'
> Sd. II Mil
of the resto-
Wfiy should the
lamily ol Cffis ir reign in Uome ? It was a family
that save in ihe per-^on of the great Julius, was
among the h'asl distinguished ol that cloud of in-
ble names that have consrerated lo undying fame,
the hiistory of the Eternal City. Why sho-ild the
I family of the Honapnrte;. reign in France? A fa-
! mily tl;at never rose to the level of historic nolice,
liiLAautdeca;. fcmbL.2..^iJc4 it itt his
measure iho grauih ur ;>f Utosc i.vft
ascend iucy they exercised over the
ffppam/ii’yi'-ttw alt? •vHi'menio rti'TTTcTr
; passes on to succeeding generations, and curries j power iiad been dissipated. In either case a ne-
. j with him the glorias of his time and the memory ! phew, a man without a shred of positive power,
mu*.-. Ill iea\ n, went dow n, sorro\\ii);/, to . people associated with his aehievements. j without even conspicuousnes.s by good luck, with-
nee beiieatii the sou, ui'A they revelled in j on his historic column iHnstraied to sue* ' out a name in arms, or the reputation of a singla
itiad jubilees ovei li!‘i biKie-clasping arave. Pre- , ,.(,^sive gunemtlons the brilliant aciiievements :n quality of superiority, has !>een borne, by the im-
leiH fiends, their but Ind their smiles, | j,j council, which im- , posing ascendancy ol their names, into a position
.inc. their sobs were but subdued expressions ol | lustre and immortality to lii-t reign. Cun- from whence, by sure and rapid stages, ihey reach-
xult.ition.^ 5 'iifp' d Irom their funeral re\e- i gtantine, from his storied arch, for centuries has ' ed that very summit of power which the conqu®.
proclaimed rt ligious toleration to the humble rors only won by ihe course of lime, and the ra«
Christian, and proudly recounted '.he glorious . rest combinations of genius and fortune,
deeds of his life and times, 'J'he sculptnn d mar- j i’erhaps as a j)aral!el may be run between
ble above the urns that hold their sacrtd ashes the fortunes and charuler of Octavius, Cajsar, Au*
delineate the .nnimaled scenes in which iheir lame i gustus and Louis Napoh-on, as between their il-
was won, and command the admiration, il not j lustrious antecedents. Both started with a mar
vellous small stock of reputation. They wero
tliought to be harmless persons, worth nothing in
themselves, but worth cullivating, on account of
the grefit names which ihey recalled order, !o bo
used against the factious leaders who \>ere threat*
id th'* lib' imI I'lid uus'jlil.'h view.
nil. w
rv to dig their glutted we;ipons into the hrarl of
poor Philo, to sheath their now satisfied poinards
in his tortured bosom. J’hey mel him with smiles
that were darker to his soul than Hell’s frowns,
widi soft words that were dreader than Heaven’s
ti*rrihle curses, and with smooth overtures that
were mor* bloody and revolting to him than a
seal( J, siiined and delivered contract to serve
Bf e!ze huh.
R(md**r, we write the painful, the agonizintj
truth about our friend ; and truth must out. Is it
not truth? Philo’s li!e is written m his poetry.
Read this from his pen and heart, written about
‘he time we to:
Oa the green banks of Cata’vba
Once there lived a beauteous maiden.
Stainless as the flower at sun-set
With tiie dews ol evenit-g laden.
' - Gentle as the west-wind blowing
Washer soul’s unearthly feeling,
Softer than the streamlet’s flowing
Came her words that soul revealing,
High the br‘alhinrs of her spirit
In the radiance brightly beaming,
Of that land it would inherit
When il ceased its earthly dreaming.
On the green banks of Tatawba
Died i'.;at rare and radient maiden,
When the ni- diys came on her,
And her heart with 'jrieJ o^frladen,
P .■’{] ihe victim '/ dt^’usion
iVuids, fhat ne'er were tiue believing,
\V idi :bal tiiifvl her liuI wi!h anjriiish
\V le he' -i; ‘drvi’'.^ hc'\ ^ df-.e vai2.
ilu; homagn, of il,e world. 'J'he best of Ernper-
ni;-'., .\5.ircus Aurelius, looks from his fiery stei d
on the realm he ex.illed—a group in moninnentf.l
bronze (he iiobl*’st in al! antiquity. It yet ^ur-
\iv(’s the ruin of his couutry, in suii'im? maj'^siy
perpetuatiiig the glories of ihe mm and the ^ra!i. f|,(. existence of the Republic. Both were
tude of the Roman prople at»iidsi a d-grad .tion ;-^,ry willing to be used for so beniun a purpose;
to whicli it now imp'irtii a hope of re^■■neralion. hoih accepted a share (d power, with the saino
I he statue before you s the work of a man  specious modesly ; both clung to it, once ncf}u»r*
aUei.j by Ilia enthusia-iin Ibr the jrlorious ce"ds ind with the samt; combination of policy and force;
wiso acts of a hero and st iif sman. it is tiir y„,j marched, v\ii}j the s'lrne ^nre and spa-
work of a voiin*^, untaught Anieiican. I eantiof cions gait, towards the linal consumniation of tiieir
'udii d nor C‘>|.i'
;rm', nor ev. r
call him an artist. I !e
1 h' n: V*r .V I w ; n rqU'*
model. It i-i tlio work ol inborn ni is, nrtese
to en'-ifZv by (he .'riurnphaiit S| iril ot' hix r‘
wu'.eh '.lirf'bi'; in :!se oilail ;,-a;t o!'o;i
of gr-at copcej.ti i
the rrn :,ia! f icidtv
irliahle m-iieii.
- mr.ip.)r.' lo :he
:ha* ;)jb'(' 01.n ‘
uh.cli cr«--’;i’s lliM pov/ r
tlie nspiratioi) ar.d tl.e wi’!,
th*' rsi nu ?! ski!', fe, ('tei'n;:: * t'-.e -•ir o'-
Mohl * c-'"i!i!rv, f y t!i' ir f rtn
pr* : n> ? J im ' i
Pi'o-;-. V rTi iv V
r-’-' !,u .> o{ lai.f’ii*'
f ^ne'i
. ■* .V
MM ^ ' n M N
- . t t
E3 RrtAP.D &, CO..
. '•im
iiadf- i
.11 .V h I ,
tw t! ■ r-> h I-'W [)
^ Iverr’
l'=>rn I
1 l’..rk>’
.- tnt'V .ii
II. a‘-
w ;
anil t'! IV
;; tt ri.lls, ^ -od
a r. \\ 1 1 cn-'Ure
t .iiul
ar as
at th ir
.-nl Hi • r!y >.|i: o it- Iverr— i
|f-ret! ;0 '\i' n:i ail w ;k in t!.’ir , m
111’•'t l’i>hi-'i! I'K- in n>n r. 1 i'y «i'l
work lo h neuh,' ; t'th b- st in t. ri F
vn II a^ any in this si etiuii. 1; j:o d
W:.'iJvnuii and a htriet att- ntiuii to all l>ri
• IM ■-urai;; nn i.t thi v are licli r.aiiu d to nurit it. l^IVF
Tin;\i A 'I’KiAi.'.
Oai of ihe Kiriii (roiniT N’ortli, ovce or twice a vear.
purpt‘.'« ly to buy I.ealher, tin y u.r. nd alw.iys to h.ivi
tlie h lliaf c n be boiij;hl at the N 'rth, and will be
nbh to 11 bctti r and cheaper wurk than anyoroihir
h- "P in this p ('tion of eounlrv.
a r A Mipply of all kinds of KF A !> V-M Al^E WORK
aluays i>n hand.
Sipteiabi r in, ISai.
wita i;euT
he tan i;i
W ILL! \M .1 U,
^^•r I’.a-1 01 J. i). i\.
■ra 'lii
.- I.'
*•' . ' sorV 'V
•*l > n^
A'd :::■ . ea
L It
_ ./’er he
' Hole
I't 1
'I .'11. ill'
in' f;li rs.
'1/ ;r iiii[:
‘‘ At Teace the worJd and the re^t
of niankiui!/*
nAMF.L LFDWKLL ir>ay s:.,, e to n ) at his oal
stand 1 do. rs noith ot lioy.-'s at the S..,n of
ruK Bu. Boor, wi.ere he is ahv.'.ys prepared in the it
possible manner, to mai.utaclure
U I ,■
i. IS
11' ■:
VJlMll, aiXiX/CSY ^
AG EX'FS F( f R A i: It IC A .V 11A ?v’ D W A R f:,
211 Pt‘(irl sU'rrf, Xnc York.,
Dec 17, 1S.>2 2-J~ly
Blank Warrcnt.s for snlc at this Offi co.
n ti; Tjt
il -■
ij llie .1' -iit ! I l|: t in't*r'-' ,I'j
cr«atuie. la.:t i. is b'- n c.iionizi-d in v» rs^* ..s—
•. . ! ('//;■,'* a d' iicate friig;: ■ Howes
bioraii.'ng lip j:: tie* banks ol (’al r.vba, and ghi:-'
nint: th-' h'‘art i.j a p (■'.sie.i.atf ly devijled ni -tiieii
b-Uit s v-^i\l i n bright atid rosy .t’:nmer5.-4
A hove iir
’ for A'/(' 1
■ tachmeiit was rrciproc
Boots, Shoes, and Slippers,
III ihc inosi Tasaionablc and permaiicat manner—and
why shou.d :.e not i‘o ?—becaii'e he has the very
b-*st of orRHien ...lut the very bf*st ot Leather and he
JefiP'any ^on o.'( rispin in ti;e F:..ted bt;.tt s, to turn
out a better J' b.
Ciiar otte, Ju.y 17, 2—tf.
Sup'rfine X'irf>'.crn mndc rARRlAGE C
und llARNL^.S ibrsj. . Apply to
c'vizkmax & wir.^^ox.
r!i.r!--t' , .T, : .f
tor a
v^reck ol his first hove, there L^owea
lire scarce less inten>e, a flame lV(;m w hich, lia --
ertd in hi-: bosom with the lust spark that ebb;.fT
life vt.uciisa;'-d. 1: is iinpos.-i!de to do justiceJD
the p *et, w i'hout (I relerence of some d..s inc:n'«s
to lin:» period of his li!e—a referf nce we can nv
without any it-justice to his nv mory, or to n r>.'
\V(‘ wi?h we ciruld fliug a v- il n er it; but iK*
caimo: do that, without {'U'tini? the whole of iji
article into ih« lire, and veninL' the record in a'l.ijf.
Wtio could't ihe spi 11 tliat tiie Inv. |v,
i interestin'', the amiabio Ada cliose lo I'.i-'g ?e-
’ him ^ She i:>.vcr a ecauettr ; «!ie disd 'nf*!
er m-'it v.;i| > ;de o! ji’’
I\. - i.eir .SIC «" '.eiiy 'er me,
a .' ot '^ad ; --
i’ei; o; le r mom njii sto. y,
N '*!■•> tile ■•al cise J portions of ;he s* corid
^7.■' al) »ve. S'-e there, how frien is h--
1 Ad I, a:'.'l rn.ide h'.-r hre.ik (aV the s m>>^
: t t It bro!:e h> r hc'uf.) h r pligh'.ed lro*h
ii Phiio. And liieii, his heait-stringa smpt
:g the string.^ to a n.adman's tair.-s'run^ harp,
r liis muse siilf hngered, like some wt i'd on-
r c I I
. ;ireal f
1; ,n liV
I.he _ I,
I S ' a !•
C M.- '•*' w i
io ih p- i
mi;n'’re! . d
; irm .lO't '‘*--
w! I n
’ ,ero.
i i
P ;e.
^'| ■ I;..
'K Ve t
r :f.p-
f h-
ij' in
iilii'J ‘
r i t,l U f
' i..- b.,
> f
ir - ^
, has 
d - ’
r.rno t.
■^t.'taie:f ,
the s» in!;
!.l ill
t'ss 'round a diamaniled ten.ple, around ihf
?'.a ruin.s of iij^ afp’-'ions. He w .lked am
I'l'^n but was not of th'-rii ; he talked with ni"n. !
h:.* r ot to ih^m ; he heard th‘*in sp -uk, but nev r I
lis'e. ed. He drown* d sorrow o};en, and s ‘oifiPi!
'Ill- p.ings of nifinory in tie* fatal b'>wl. But l**t j
; or.e cond-'inn him, until he
.-':h. Qcciisi'tn dlv his muse, af'er Ada's death,
^0 eloquently fouc.’/ing a.s ti.ia ;
r. w or >ntli n t’aou n'>ble rifer,
Muriiier etiy on ihy s lore,
TnV f.iirest d tUjhtcr Ims lorever
T.rft tli*"e. \n return no 'Xf'rr
at', 1 mov* 'r-i - r- *r-
in.: steed of ihe i.-i; .e of Weihfur'^'O, like th^if of
tor ■ h“ C r niai.i'ains its ramp''.nt ;r-->l*i- n
hy Mie hind i-gi an i t.iii being riveir.J -e lir* in .s
^ive j'r-d' 5*;.l. Whal a w- ni'-r ul i '
our ijn'a i;j!i; nountiyinm a^’tii-’vcd >ve. ti:' s.- r '-
nown-' d trophas ot Larf'pean art in 'fie !; ;;n ',
^■4 ' Hf-ry charger beh re \ hi, leapiru! “ so | r..udiy
if he di^d i.ned ih> iiroutid,” srif.pi i?'d and n* !.-
sulainf-d cn the sing'e p i.nt whence h=- d-riv s
hi^ rnoU n ! No t>ri [>', nn serpen!-*, n iianatur. i
_ r on'r^anei s, are iteie. N itur \ hich h s tau^h*
li i.i £U.i* red as ! iinpetun’js steed to poi'o Ins weielit ar.rl'ier
; his s(reiirtji to spring into llie air, ha- given tlit
It will remain fur after times lo complete ifi©
parallel, or to mark the distinction. But even
now we may prophf;sy unleas Napoleon Hi
shall follow ihe peitcelul policy of Augtislui, h«?
IS more likt ly to share the fate of the uncle, than
and transmit the imperial power undisputed like iho
'Fh*'commf'nfs of tlie English p^pss show thal
there is some une? sines.s abooi ihj policy o‘ ili-j
n*^w Ernpf'ror. it }.s oL-?erveo ihal his siiuJi^' Js
cieleii-c! iht dynr i" 'M'r- . ' u'{
• an .1., r.r.;;..,! i»/ Ins inteaii^M to discard
aii I hat has been done by interveninc gov rnmentii;
and especj-il'y, that his as'-mp'iou ot someihing
re il ar. i legitimate in ihe ret^n of *' Napoleon H.”
who is at lta.>* as injatjin ry a monareii as Lo. i»
XV'il ; is a dtcfaratioti of hostility against all th«l
the powers of Europe ordained and estabiiihed at
the cun.''lu'ion of the wars of the French Revoiu-
iion. M‘»ieover, it is remafked that the expres*
-ions in favor of peace are much less fcm[ihatic ia
tl ac;dre6s of the ntw Emperor than in previous
p.ihlic speeclies. 'i’hcae things are certainiy
worthy of consideration. There are twodifnoa'.
ta s, 'I'he powers of Europe would readily »c-
linowh'dge l^ouis Niipoleon ns Emperor of Frar.c--.
but II is not so cerlain that ihey will accept him
bv t!if dvfiastie ti^le of N >poleon III. Na;>f>Vf*!',
iii i.S" if mfly, and is su'pcr’ed of a def»*rmir.a': n
to restore lie; E npire lo ll/: iiiuits it iiad under
his uncle w nieh would almosl cert inly involve n
Ivir'i;.*' (>! lh“ d\nasiic iii'ie of the n^w EmpTO\
and the res'ricted boiin'ks of the Empire, I’m'r*? m
n > usiuranet; (j! tie* cnritiriiianee of p«'&c*, anf? tl*n
siiadow of ihe revived B>n ip-irl** will bro.>d like a
nigfitaiare onct the repose oftii** worM.
Chrirh’s!.n Mcrcury.
(•/ k? iiurd 1V, [ie
— Ai.-riu! 8 o’clf;ck on th'* r vrn.n;;
ill; inst..nt, a -"'ij;:.: sh ck of an
Eirlhqu-ik»! vvas fell l.y the* ri iz-us of
vilie and Ur: .surr^'uindin^ ci urrrv, 1
i ded by a low rumbling noise likedis’ .nt ’
f.ikl'ned this *5roup tiie power to' As it ajpe^rtd lo s'lik'* fh** h'us** m
! uerp siitniiz’. ihe windows re.tta d af*d the w
w is pr» ce-
v^ iiich
Vi ri
} a^'uiu-^ w;.‘ich
impart grace nn J »*nergy to the tine!v-balance-! werr sitting,
alti’bd *, wl: eh makes the Wfirht liiat o'hf-rs prop j house truiiiblcd, S>nu* o'ii' r'- ;n mcnt.y Oe-
. J l/Jt a UiU'
and h 'd
j: r(-r,-T*'i •'
up by riv*
scnae It as murn m'jic
:u* a* -- I’u • n.

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