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VOL. 3.
JVisinras Ciubn, •Srf.
S« IP. fJlUJflQ,
^tttornuy at tAtw,
0/}i:e in Loncr^au's J>i i lc ‘Indjloor.
Clir |tatf3—Distiiirl ii5 l)f J'illora, but oiif ns t!jc
RlFl'S M. flERRON, Publisher.
NO. 30.
ramjm mu j -jui-i. i UBJ.
(harlodc Marble lurd.
nAVIN(J di>iifiscd ol' our entire inln ^* iii the Mar-
l)!o \ ard lo Win. 'I'iddy Ac Saii, vvc reconi-
lucnd tlic\n lo our frioiuis.
SepfcnibtT 2G, 1851
j ^ P[IK su!)scribcrs Inivin^^lit out tlie intf ri st ol
j 1 -Messrs. Stowe I’l {jrani in the t.'tiiirloltr .M.irblc
I Yard, rci-pect.'ully ti luii r tht ir st r^ ici s to t'.c pi i j>I»'  f
(.'harluUt.' and lliu cminlr}'fj' iu raliy in this .iiie oi bu.-ii-
lij'i'oii and ’tlai-y C'liuu’ortli.
Grace C»reen«o(ul in her late visit to Enr!arid
paid a visil to NVwsirad Alibev, tlic- well known
resitJeiice ol Loril Hvrnii. in sjieaking oi ihc
ev.-iit she l>uchii»gi>f ar.d b :iutiiully alludes tu
lilt I >VH of ih' p(jet lor .Mary Ch^wnrlh, llius :
“S raiigi iy .surruu 'ul, aimost ogonizinjlly fP-
AVI-: j(i>t oiiorifd a -[.i-ndiil ytock of WA'I’CJII'S : Tin y arc fully jt. pared lo lurni>h
II aiui .ii;wi:f.fiv, sfiAKfi vV n.A’i'Ki) vvauk
and FA.M V ;un[)S .,f all lUnd.s. [XT’ No. r>, (iruii
ite Oct. 27, I f. 1 Itt
\vn()u:.Af,i: AM) Ki.'fAff, i>i:ai-i.i
r 771 'I
iSj ^ J tX ^
soM.i: LiutT£5i:ai, f sa
fJMx;; A.\i) MiXDiNf; skins,
siioj: TOOLS (>!' nivscuii*jio.\,
C'li.ol'jr/e, xY. C.
Oct. 2(1, 18.') 1. 1 V
For«ardi»;j^ jiiu! ('ofjini sioii '.en liaih'
i\(j. 10 !•: ka.ncji:,
« M \ KM. 'Tu.N, S. C.
w. \v. u. joiixsox.
.1 me 2:i, ’r> 1. •I'^ll.
Moauir.ent.s, Gravestones, Marble
Steps, Table ^labs,
and other palt> rns cut In.iii Marhlf, accordiri;,' to tlic
in'jst a()prov'! ti^ie and ^fvlc'•, ami njioii ifn- ni;&t a‘-
roiiiiiiodal intf f' rnis i \ ( r ii! ri d in Ibc S.'tillu rn coiin
liy. i ill' IS Ml n ; led >n I! ,• N ort li W  sf cor 111 r of
tiio I'harlnUe l)i pot Yard, \\li('re t!ic buh^cribl■r?', or
li.tir arcnts, may always !>•
W.M. cV SOX.
.^(■pi' inbor l''.'f. llll
( KK, s.
^ 'i'llly snhsci ibt r ri .sjx ctf nlly inforiiis liis Irii’iids
.r I'^ii.d the pu:iiir jjinirally, Iii*t liis hoii.-.e, kiio.iii
the “ Iv.illroail Il'jlv i,” >IipOf.ile
ill]..;, i'^ »'ill iipc-ii l-r ihc rictption nl
l>r. C!iapia;«ti. \ An Iiil^rrKlitiu IiicUlcHt.
'I he late Dr. Chaptnan, ol i'iiil.idi !plii'i. n'iOurn- Frpc-lhi'. kers and mful* la ollt-n nilicdlo reli
ed ol many who will laugh ul fiis v\ it no niore, has | gi(n, and Ihost* wlm imhrac • it, but there is llui!
teii Ijt hiiid hitn a rru tm^ry that will be transiuilied j «iihi!i ihcin that letis tln fTi iliai religion i» reality,
throiigli succer-sive geiinr.ilio is. llt^j wil was i arul that ihose v\||n are aet'jated hv 11;= spirit, and
tqual to his skill, li was haid !•. say which did j governed by i's principits, are entiiUti lo eotifi-
his pa It ni! till- most gf;od, find hs h;* alw»ys R-ive | d» ni-c and respecl.
gri'tlul, wc-re'the thrughts which Twei.t over roy j be.-i: ui bulh at the same nine, liiey probably . 'i'he hdlowing jiiin*(!oip was re!at*-d to us a few
miiid, nave oiler wave, and shook my in art like | fielpt d .tracii ..iIk r. JnSt as it ha|-.|)Mii-d vihvn ont- ; days s^ince. li has pr-.biMy bcn pv;b!.shed nnd
a leinpes! as 1 stood in the place w liere tiie \ oniiif patit n:s revolted at a iiioiisirous dose o( phy- | b' Her th.jii we can lell it—but a ill be tr rcpeti-
poet paS'-ed nianv hours ol silent ihoiiah's, it ni’iy j “'*id : 1
be o! lonely w rt tchedt)» ss. 1 never Ix foie ; ‘ > o'i don’t nit an suc!i a dose as ; 'I’wo m-'n were travelling in the far vvest ; »ine
d» I f)!y I' ll how j)assing iru-iirnfol was the smry o( ■ nUeii;* n ?
IJ\ run’s first and only h ve. 'i’hat .Mai y Ctu;" or'h I ‘ Oh, no, suiil ilio Doctor, ‘ it s f.)r woikin^
relin ticd the pas>H''i ol hi^r j’oiing poei lover I ha\i- ' *' •
not a doubi ; bui lik.- ihe .Ci.i.t.agu. s and C»tpid. is, , " gf '>d l:n:«h is cru n '13 go-, d 8s »
cii:e. \\ nil him ihe phas=ii.ti\ was at> ci rtain as
the oppoi tuniiy. Kvt-n in c.rft(inis it wtnildcome
ont ol him. lie was \Vi:!king in t'le streets, and
« bukci''i) cit, driven lurii.usly, wai ftbout :o run
him dov'ii. 'I'he hak^ r reined up snddt niy, and
)usi in time to >p;in- the Doctor, who insiantly
r(!i rs
i ht I r
i:Ia r a iid
ul.iic : and that
Vo.13lassioyk .^3 s:£:i S5a:%t,
Cui'iii r uf ilir/iiinlsoii tntd hiuiicl citiulS)
Jnn(.‘ 0 1 "^r) 1 ] V
15HKM & ST1:KLKs
Nf 7.‘ !) ff If A r\f m n
iJiX Xi X\ U II X\ Xi X ^ V,
'J'liADh: S'l lii:!”!’.
Nearly o-. |n-ite Kltr.'; \ Sjiratt’s (j'rocery.
uiiAKJAri 'i'i:, X.
D-c 15 t-’Oif
Ir.mMi ,.t li
is iii:'ki:ig tv ry c.vertion t > di st rve and s( ci!rc a
(.■■'III :!ij; ince of Ua- l>iiul .viui libtr-il jjatraiajre iii-!i
h ' liii l.( 1 to b' I 11 ( ;;; rill.■ d to Iii.u. lie l!.111 r:; hiuim !I
ihileviry a rr;: a [: ( HU lit biu r lu pr-
mote l!:i e''’ul'orl ofallv. i.o itt.pwjlii him:—hi.--' rooms
are airv ' Ui iMiirnis'u (!. hi- s> rv;:i:ts arc al!\;/
Mid o1j( diciit, and hi:; I .blc  :i.-!.inlly .'-U(>|ilied v\ ;lh tin-
bi'> I ol till- h( a SOI -, > o I liL t Ills r i( l!('' i. i iiot \\ ::iit a i:y
aKeiili-.ii n^f•|■^^ary l > niai.i-tlu ii' S'j' i rii j.l> ..s. !i'. and
able. lii-^ s-i-.l!s are (nr;ii.Mi(.d v. 1'd host-
j. I S .1 iilii!;d .nee of ;';r)V(;i!i'i r, and !ie is jireparid
at a niu’in I'iinliei.’ to supiily h'.s c i:>-loni( rs willi pri-
val(! eon\ ;. ai. ■ s ol .V( ry Morl, lo a:;y part o! tlie;- ar-
rum:-inii;' (oui try.
lie (!• ir-s to retsirn his It i:h iii.s lo the
piiMii: lor p'lsi :.ivt,i's, :;i;d n.licits fur the future an
! ti|iial!v sliure (.1 ;-atrona!r..
i Ao'' l-.Vl. .lil ‘ J()!K\
the houses ofCliaworih and iJ) ron were at feud. ;
.Mary had not the str» ngth and tru'li of Juliet, and
so they wor(t parted — a sensation by lar morel
liil> ous lur her, and more fatal ti> him, than death i
amid iho full .summer briohlntss ol happy love. '
'I'liiiJ, Jiot Sliak'peare’s, \va.s the true.scjol ol !
tragi dy. Might she not have redef mi d even his!
wavv.ard and tiring nature, by the divinity ol a'
pure love and a s'eadlasl laitl)? Lio! it was to If. |
.Mary lies’ her li'ind upon a rmui of whom
litile better can b(; said than he ranked, “anionj: ;
tiie most (niiiuii! sporismfii I'f ihe day’’—lived,.
a sk 'ptic and the oih« r a ('hristian. 'I'lie former
v'asoii every occasion ready to dr'nounce religic n
as an impusture, and profe-sora as byprocriu-s.— j
,\'"e(>rtl!,)r i() I'ifs own cif i|>-k malti-r, he al- 1
way s sij!-pec'ed those who made pretensions to |
piety—leit pariiciii iily e.xpoo d in ilu; cmipany j
of Chrisiiaiis—took .special care of his horse and
his pockets w lu 11 the saints were around him. I
'] bey had travel'ed late one evt ning, and were |
in ihe wilderness; tiicy at last drew near lo a so-
look (dl his iiat and bouing |'.(;iil* lv, exclaimed, | hiary hut, and rejoiced at the prospect ol a shelti'r,
‘ \ ou ;;re the be>t L/C(/ in/in in lown.’
,\t the ”re:it gatht riii}"^ in I’hih'd: Ipl.ia of thi’
'!edical Si cieiv d tfie Uiiilf'd ^'•.itts oiir literary
and tli'luigoishi d Dr. I'rancis and Dr. Chapman
no‘t, as tfi. y iiad tJone a ihoiisand times bidure.
it is S' id, to \vpf[) wild tears over the words wfiich : bet n liienilsfor hail a centiiry. At a largo
tiave linked her nan.e in Gjrrow|'ul imni'Tt ilitv { P'tr'yja poiri[)( us IntJp Dr. .''lann, presum-
'V • 'iji''. T'-jr.
BY J E N M I N u S C . 1: E R r..
# .r. e.
January l-.').-!.
■*ry ^
I' snbpori:-' r h
1. 1 lie, re-;'t'i,-lf i
and tiuntlenK a t.i 1
y iiJViNs
,'M V > "A
( n 0
iicnUy lof-at'.
Ihc alti-ntio:.
iiid V.'
'■"S •
1;^ OWIi
• oe!; I
ma nu .
■ \ • V
AT (.i;i;a'i
r I ’ H 1; siib>i-rili r has in stor
I .Old .i:ij...fIalioii enofi!
SilvniiS, dt ’ orniei'S, I’.ijn r IDii'/.n- -V
Slim f) liini-s, n..iiris''Sj and M.i'
'I',I, i.i" All of V.-'.-.K li arcoil'i iiil
*|i.-t ,1: ^:,.r-r: . !i d !iy ail i lur.'j L--;ytrs u’u'. i-
fi.iii-. Ixi ;-ers.
II. \V. Kl.NSM AX. 17V Kit'-
t'.ic r.( ture, '
D’ .iA^L>
i; Ve”’J al.-'O
la. 1oe-i
!( mil, ■ .! ; li.
n r
Ir- IS I.'
'»! :n, ;i
1 not
v. ;i. ri-in; -r u
ii \ ite ;
F0-: AGF.^:.
.Mar -J I, T)
il!;: h'Al..
I' h;i I ie
■ n.
' 1;..
( ■ )>■
/ lOKNI'^ll IMMIl’.s, Liitiiiv;
\ ■ i'r’l-.ii'TS, Stamps, Meaiii
.^llala^ u..rk, niielc liy liir 1:';:
H i
Ri'fer to
,la. .1. llodi^e, l'i;., N.w Vor
June ‘J. I 1
i mcui!'
I 'ornisi:
lb- b*.
i .1 .1 IV'.
• -s! (■; 1: llj
I ail e\',i m i
■ .'i-, .M Coi ,p
rt!. O'
:• \a-;-
;.?i •, t!i','ro
bis ,
fav cr
u.- ^ c i '
any liial
. cdh.ijiv
j:r.'icf \i
laroi.'b. il.
'J- Wif I-iV.'-'.oX,
' O.,
e,i ;. N,
Jiu/1>, J‘ : ;
^j''ffr. snbscribers niar.nlac? ere M,;m
1 f Mo WS, VI/. ; 'I'm-: ( ei. ■ ; -,i I'i 11
aail I w pressiirt' I'nnipir. , >tau:,
S I I' >■vt r.\ > I vr-^ ; s ;i 1’ 1 1 , >
\Vl'-:i:v, li:ii\ 1’, 1,0c . I' 1 1,'.: el ::
vaii.-ty ul .M.f InnerV U r .Mo ni'4 ].!:
'i’l U ».M \S. t I,'!’.'''. I
|ini>‘, 1 1 -1" - V
■ ".'i rr.I.Y inf.i-;.!-
■\\i ll-f, '! I' c-i rr.:
■ I ii i‘ S', lid Is i ;
- a i;.i i:i- .t l.isliio!
i L-v i;i.-i i.;,' to ora't r,
1. iJ!\v,;ilii;;: f:>!’i -;
lii.' .'irU to f:’, ^.lid
' i-fUl
: 1 ac
; «»r-
with her lover's, and died in broken hoartednees i
at hi'f, wliile he grown r» ekiess. resijess and t!e- j
fiarit, tho \'er',' con- ol iiis heart tnriu'd to b'lter |
ashes, lorgetiing li'.s Gml, and di.sims!ing nnd !
devt,;:.i,;iir 1,1.^ bro'lier, swept on his glorious,)
si.ainrl'.il, sorriiulul and stormy career, tiii the
'liadov. s (l(epind, luid th*^- long niglit closi d in.’’}
j 'i'he p ii:;lij! romai ct; h-rc allndi d to, is well j
' rornen.h'red by a!l v, tio are fanrliar wi’ii Llyrcn’s|
I hie. 'i'hat it j>re\t! upon n mind by nature
j ^■l'ns!tivo m-id morbio, driving iiiiii to fits of e.\ci ss, j
Id' gloom ami biitorness, iii which ic'ii(jc’rni's is;
n;i.\( {l v ''h disappointment, and every v. ;>rlliy i
aoibilion ca: t down by aoonizing reci.'ii clifi'is—j
t!;at it deed il wa.s tha iindvii'g .source to him ol j
sorrow, noi’.e cr.ii doubt who have pondered his
writing?. \v ho has (or^oilen !;is own description j
of !;i.s love 'i,T Mary ('huworth, li's nnrriago and ,
its eon-cq'.ienri'.'^, in that j.oem v. I.ic h '!*,ore char- j
i'Cii r/'t-s as “ilie nii orniii', as v.ell ft." pic-'
t;;res{j',ie b'.ury a uandrrin-^' life, that ever came ;
fru.u l!.e pvt! heart of man?'’
“A ci..i;'.;_'-e ei;”j o'er the t.-j,iri‘ of i;iy (’r.-am —
'I’lio v.aailtrcr rcturiiei' — I saw him stand
i; ;o;- ; uii al'a." v.ith a ' bride.
Ili-r fr. • ■■ - , f 'lr, b' • v.-;:s ;iliL tliat w'.'.’.e’. made
'1 iie s;ar!;i:li! e.i lii.-^ b i'. hr.od—as lie sti.-.d
Iaci; at lb.- ahr.r, o’er nis 1 ri.’,v tl.crc came
'I'l.c ft'!.' .a ;:.- ; ct and Ihc ”tiivcriiig sho-.-k,
'I'i ai ■■) li.e ai;li']U ■ '.‘rtH-ory ^;I:o,•)ii.
• 11 , 1 -..I;; ;i. -;o 1;:;.Je,- 1 tl llieil
; ia tliat ! ' a ir.-unciit o'er his facc
'I'i-.c tal.-l,^ oi a iil!-’rab!c ti;or..;bLo
lt:u.u»'—!iad the;', it laded as itciiinp.
i.-.i .ic •‘•.i-d cairn and ijuii.l, a;iJ he rj-eliC
i'' ■ ;i-tii;;5 f, b.:t b' ; 'd m l ir e.-'va v. ori’s,
/ •: ' ;.Ii li’.;: retlrd .-ironi.d idi'i—’ee P(i;ld sie
v, .!',nor t! at v.’Iii;,-li '^l;oii!d b.ivc been,
J-lf ;'.e old ma?;.-’ -n :,;>d tli.^ ;icea.-!o..:d I;-;'',
And t. • renit iMlu r’d e;;:'i:ibt rs, art! t! (• plac.',
'I'ie’ day, tl.c hour, tb-j liini. ai.a ihe shad;;,
/.]'■ ; pi rt.iinii,jr ;o;ii;-t pla. e and hour,
An ! tier v. ho '.v.-i;; bis ti.-i-iiey, came bacl;,
u'! t!;riu'- 1 In n;st. Ivts bi I .vecii !iim and the
mg that these g( iitieirinn were stran^'ors, sa'd tu
Dr. I'rai.cis, ‘ L' I me in’iodLiCe yon to Dr. Ch:ip-
mun. th(‘ head oi'our prohisn n in Philade!phi;j.’
It wa;; too much fw Dr.  I 1 ipiiKiii, >vli>> It tor ted,
' L'i. Franci', h i me introduce you to Dr. .Mat;;i,
the /(fz/ (four profeS'i ".i in I’litladi Iphia.’ Little
Mai.n let the lionc alone afier that.
Very iiit;e;i again.-t will, tlie Doctor was
made a ves'ryman in l;i." p iriuli cfiurch, and one
of his dii'ies was to pas's i!:e plate for tlie contri-
however humble. 'I'lu y asked idinission and ob
tained It. Ent it was almost as dreary and com
fortless within as without; and tliere wag nofh-
itig prepo.stessing in the appearance of the inha-'K. 'l'hcs>* were an eldeily man, his wile,
and two sens—i;un burnt, Ininly ami rough.—
'i’hi*y were; app in nli^ hoS[)itable, and welcuiiKd
ihe iravcllers to sucii lionu ly fare a:^ lh'‘fore->l af-
lorded; but this air of kindness miglit be assumed m
deceive lliem, and the traveler'* h» eonu- seriously
ilppretien&i*v> intend'd. It was a
!c-ne!v place, suited to dei ris ol rociv i _> .lov: «ii.
No help was at The two friemls commu-
i nic itcd to each other iheir ,.ppreIiension, and re-‘
i solved that on retiring to their jiart of the hut — for
. there we-re two apartments in it — tliHV would .‘;e-
! cure it as well as they could against the c-tilrarice
bution Ht the inorriii;g service. He prc’set.ti d it , of tfieir host—would have their weapons id defence
F.l hatul, iind would take turns th.rough the night
in v.atching, so that one of tb» ni .should be cc u-
stantly on guard w hile the other sh-pt.
Having liastily niaiie their arrangemeiTts, tliey
joined the family, partook o! their homely lare,
and spoke of retiring to rest. Thr> old in'a:i said
il had been iiis practice in better tinirs, and he
continutd it sti!!, belbre his family went to rest at
wi'h great politenesii ami becoming gravity to the
genih man at the head of the O'-w ntarest the chan
cel. who was not disposed to contribute. 7’he
fc ithlii! coh'eclor, not.hiiii; daunted, held the plate
I't ioro him, and bo-.vcd, iks if he wouI.> urge him
to think lha matter over p.nd give sa:ue/Iu/t^ a lit-
i|e sometfiiiig, and refu'-ed to go on until h? had
see!! hi.s silver on the plate. In this way he pro
RE;lPUH'l’rY *rill]ATY.
A rR OCLA il/.4 TIO X.
U’hercas, by an act of the Congress of the
United Suites, approved the filth day of Augusti
ojie thousand eiglit hundred and fifty-four, enti-
tbil “ .An net to carry into efFect a treaty between
the Ignited States nnd Gre^i Britain, si^ed on
ihe filth day of June, eighteen hundrfd and fi/ty-
lour,” It IS f^rnvided that, whenever the President
ol lhf> L'niitd Slates shall receive satisfactory
evidence that the Impf*riHl Pjirliiment ol Great
[{ritain and the Proviuci il Parlianienis of Canada,
Xew Brunswick, Nova Scolia and Prince Ed-
wiud's Island havt* passed laws on their part to
give full rll'ici to the provisions of (he !*aid treaty,
lie is autiiof lo it»uu h.x pruclarnalioD Ueclar-
ing that I'.e has sucii eviilence ;
And whereas saiislaclory inlormalion lias been
received bv* me that the Imperial l*arliament of
Great Britain and the Provincial I’arliamenls of
I'anajia, N'".v [}innswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince
Edward’s Island have p.issed laws on fhcir part
to give full efi'ect to the provisions of the ireuty
ul'oK'saiiJ ;
Now, therefore, 1, FrnnUIin Pierce, President
oi the Unit«‘d Stat«*s of America, do hereby do«
cljire and proclaim, thftt, from this dale, tho fol
lowing articles, being the growth and produco'^f
the sa'd provinces t>f (’unada. New Brunswick,
Nova Seotia, and Prince Edward’s Island, to wit:
grain, flour mid broiulslutis of all kinds ; J'rosh,
smoked, nnd s'«lted meats; colton-wool ; seeds
and vegetables; titidried fruits ; dried fruits ; fisli
r'f all kijul.'T Droducts of fish nnd all otlh r crea
tures iivin>i in ibo
Poiiltrv : ; hides,
lurs, skin^t, or tails undressed ; s'.one cm: in vrtile
coed( (I dow n the aisle, \icimi/Jng every man till | night to commend them to God, and if the stran-
he came lo the pew neatest the door, where sat ' g rs had no objection ho would do so now.
an aged cd:ired w'(;man. 'I'o his surprise she laid | Christian rejoiced lo find a brother in the wilder-
down a jiiere of gold. ‘Dear me!’ said the a..-
t'inished D.icior, ‘ yon mtir^t hr; a Guinea nigepr !’
'i’l;ey t.cver triiubled llie Doctor to "o round with
Liie pla'iC after ihat.
Bjt w e :';rc telling too many of the good thing**
oi this good physician. A volume might be made
nnd a racy on.; it won!;! he, by anv one who would
la!-:(‘ the trouMo tn gut!>er up ihu trifles the Doctor
let full in I'.is public and privttle walks. One tiiorc.
and we v.’il! h‘;ive itini.
i'r. Chapman was u d-dega'e to the convention
of ihe chi.’reh, whicli v\as !•.» hold its annual sei-siiui
r.t I’lt'sbnrgh. I’ariy-spiiit ran hi^h. nnd th?
j mei.ilu rs, lioih clerical aii;l l:iy, being n'.^'n ol like
) pa.^'snin^: with o'her me;., became more exciied
1 ;;nd violent in won! and i;.ne than was beco;ninjr
! so reverer.d and ''rave a !,..dv. When tl.ino-s had
in its crutfe or unwrotiiiht state; slate; butter;
cheese; laDow ; lard; horns; manures; ores of
metals of all kinds ; coal ; jiiich, tar, turpentine ;
ashes; timber ami lumber, of all kinds, round,
hewed, and sawed, uniwanufactured in whole or
in pfirt ; fire-wood; [ilants; shrubs and trees; pells;
\vo(d; lishoil; rice; biooni cirnand bark; gypsum,
grtjund or unground; hewn or wrought or un-
wrought burr or grindstones; dye-siulFs;
hemp and low ur.maiiuracturcd ; unnianu(actuvr^^
tobacco; rags—shall be introduced into thw Uni
ted States Iree of duly, so long a.s she said treaty
shi'.ll remain in force, subject, however, to be st-s-
Phe ' *** relation to the trade Vi^ilh Canada, on the
comlitiofi mentioned in the fourth article of tho
\ iI m:
I.-: el t!!C
; ou! .':l..;;d.
“'{'hi-: tnchiog
clo'-ely in tnany v
i’\ rcr.'s ov\ n j-r>■?'
tiien: 'i a:: ia ; in \
-icture,” ..T\s Mocre, “agn
its ciretnnsiaii^es, v,ii'i L>
aceoii:,! i..‘‘ ll;e v.;'v]din,^. in !
;'.lv (.>
-1 Jv
its viei
r.iSDIC/ s 3
nl!. r. 'Al,l)\Vi'.!,i. I. 1-
jtt.' NV. r \i t>w i !
tieeol .Mfilieine. t >iVi ~ii‘l
buiblinu^ near lie- (.‘uurlleiUM
.y'.ir. il -’1, 1 1-
;j • . i
. , \v i i 11 11 •.
-torv Ul 1-i
il-s- l.'-l. d so
( ' 'cr:t;('--'
Waking f.-n the ii.ori iut: ol 1.^-^ m:iariage v.
most nii hincl.oly reiV-rti.-.iis, (>n seeing his wed.l’ng
;-;mi .sjirejid b( loro him. i;i t'ue same mood 1;:'
v,a;;.-r r. d ahiiu: li-e gnmnds alone, til! h'.* w.-.j.
sum- .ot:. d for th.‘ c're;riony, ana found, for the
tlr-! •'■TK'. f.n 'Jay, Ins bride nnd her fafoilv.
II.' 1;?-'It down, he rejie.aie ( the ’..or;!,'; tilur the
V, 1 j;,\inin, h\;l a m.;/. \v;,s Siehire hij e\f .«—
h;s ihei'giil^ were e!>ewheie; jti.d !.^ waii hi;:
. .'i’i:-iieil h;- t! coii! rtiula'i.'in.i ol il.o bybtandt rs
lO fiiid '!:;u iio v. teT !,a:irri( d.”
new bru'k
V. x .
i l.l M
! .1
,\. 15.—
(I t »
.M ir -J I
jicrAojis’ iiitl !MciI to nv
it tM'- I [»c Saiiii' :it .1 n c:: 11 v
i'. r. c.
d Patents.
I'!^'>S..\! AKfV^
.;i, ... tleu b' !.
It) 1 Ita.'O.
ij r
TZ2 3': r.'
ciiAiiL') r'r::. x.
H!Hi to anmme.ce to my M i' tids, t li.'
I nl pal r.iK - e f the a !)oi i
t I
•a.i me n-r .1 term ol y ar.-
Vfti-r wliieh tiuif, the enii;->- pi’oiit-ilv
y r.-i>.(--ed and ren .v.;l. d, .\ii.i ili. !i
eUt s siv!'-. 'I’liis II !• I 1>- ihf I'
Iv'-il, rtMiilcrin^ it a 1. .'ii a .ili. h
and f.i;uilii's.
Dec It), is.-):i. ‘j-:t
d .1 - lilt.
L e.'-' Li CZvB y
(ti i iS »Sw DiH.
(i.A'i.: risiii-:;: i!Ei\ri;Sii.)
f'53 *,,!’» i.OT'i'E:, Tt. i .
J'I-r 1.1. inform tlie inhabitants oi ('har-
i ■’ 1..I vir inity. I thi'y have just rect-i/eil a
s;:;.,.iy ' .M I-'DltI M'lS. wliicli a; ' oi'ered witli
to Ii -il' aoproval. icuard bavii.g been p.iid
■ ■ ['"rity ai.d slrei-i'th of tbo Dru^s, tiiaii to
Pktttv Gooii. — Oi'! Rip Van Win’de has gen-
er'illy siistainei) luTSidi' very well, in the enc;>L’niei
 : bord'-r jok'-s and w its wiiich h;i'..'' s. lor; in-
v( ! ■{ d her ith l;er n' igjihor, ‘ i|;c’ Old Dominion.’
iil;-- i.5 ilurulore e.xpcctcd to ‘ con;e bach’ on the
j)t rpelraMon s.l tiie following:
good story istoltl [;y I>ay!v, of \^ir2inia.
Xt vL'r having =uller'd himst if to ho uo.m; bv tfint
notoriot:s character Beau iiiekin 11;, w Jio is vc ry
I'Mich t.'i a w;tg. nnd a irenius in iiis uay, 'he Gen
eral was nceo.'ted by B-au on ti.e avenue, the
i-iiirr eveair.e^ (,jr a ‘quarter ’ and bv way of a
p‘-. .;vjad' rcalied lor it in the name of Old Virginia,
and as u Virginiaii,
‘ IIov/ dare vor. call vonrself a Virginian to rr.o.
Prop;ietr.ry Meiiicines
(’. M. i; 't V
a :i(i
IfWlNtJ piird'a-.d the builiiiii'.;
lu'r, a li'W tloors iiort h-ea st ol Kerr .'
•rt paireil ami tittetl it up in lirst.rali slyh . 1 w eiild
ri -p.cthilly inform the tr.ivi llin«i pi;!die thit it is now
open loi tbe ri ; fjite'ii of rt t;iilar and transient bo:ir.ii rs
Drov.r s will fi ul itiiip’.e ai-eonimod ;*ions at my house.
Jui. 1.>,1-'.,'). -J.j-ly S. Il.’ui;\.
No. .''i, Spruills’ Uow,
■1 Dooiis K.vsr OK THK i ii\! i.0TrK
I'llAULOlTE, X. C.
I'tb. 10. l''05 ;^t);f
W. S. LAWTON 8c CO.,
Faclors, I'orHarding and Commi>>ioii
me: n.oii^ro'•!?£»,
Sol TU .\ri.\Nne WnvjtK,
e llAULHS'IOX. S. C.
w. s. L.^WTOX. rnos. .\i,kx.\M'KR.
X>1*. MI- nXTo2^X33.exit
UK>ri'l ri TLLY offers his professional services to |
tbe t'lti/.ens of ('barlotte anti suritii ndin ’ eoimtry.
He b.ip.'s by de\otii;g his entire attention to t!io duties '
ol lus prolession tf> merit patronaj;e. He may bo found
at all hov\rs,at his otfice oppostte the .\niencun Hotel,
when not proiessionally engaged.
march lb-'>r). 33tf
i k 01 the varioas
con>tai)iiy tin band.
Lirai.iiy; l’o;I. J'herrv. .\Jai!eira Malaga Wines,
fci.i-:.'.] ;' i .^!•-.■i^■il■,aI p:np.'es.
Paints, \'an,i, Le--. l lmd.t aniphei.e, \e.
Laiulreth's liarden Scctls.
Feb 10, 1 30-tf
JSff 3
THK unti -rsijjncd r-'spcctfuMv informs t'lP pi;b-
^ lie, tiiat be hasopcntda HI. k.'^ ,d I’l 11 ? IIOI*
i ,^-f'lOil Cidiejli' strei t, opposite file I'harbltc A. t'.
h’ailroad Depot, w lu re he i.-s ^-re; ari.d !•) t Xceiilc a!i kiiid.s
t>f 1)1 icUsi'iithii:;,'-, Horse Shoeing'-, Kepairing- IJoiJcrs,
makin;,’- .M ill lr ns, \ c.
.\ll orders to .1. |{. Ilami nr Messrs. Irwin, Ifugfiiiii: A:
Ior MlvSI-If will !n- spct tiily attciidi d to. Ut 11 r to ' r.
H.ivis, mi Ihe .North (./arolirni Kail ad, and Win.
(.Jiazc A: C'lt., liJUtto i oundrv, (./’eiumbia, S.
t;. J. I’LIHiY.
march 1 3'J Cm
!5oiiu, w hen i kn^.w you to be
onh CaroKnia'.:?’
gone On il.i.t ra'e for t>vo days, and were nothin:,
b ttered, bn' rathe'r c'ew' v\orse, ( ne rd' the most
vei.erahle members rose and .“.I'd, that he :hoiie!)t
ih' ^a* scent s were highly indecoroi;,^, especially
as ih'-y v.i'ftj ei;aci(d i',; the pres'Mice of (Jod,
whose s( rvants we all piofeis to be. Dr. Chr.p-
mai> for the fui:; tim^ no;v siood up, nnd wiili a
peeolinr tw i'tiMj; td'his \vord>, and ih.e prolound
aiientionof the convention, remarked : ‘ Mr. P.o-
s:J( 11:, 1 thinu so too. It is too bat!. 7’hti tiiem-
tiers I*! ght 1.01 'o go on .io. Ulii f do not ft-«-i I lit
;V)rc(-i I that last remark. Tie- genileman s lys ue
oi’^'ht not to conr'uci in t!iis manner in the pr s-
enee ol God ; i:o^, Sir, lo my cer'ain kiiowU'dge,
II ■ I'.as not ^I’en in thi.i place since we c-ime to-
I r I/1 e r. ’
'i'lie lli])ul.e was so just, so pertinent, t!iat
pries; and pi'Oj^Ie lelt ii >iiike, ni,d the bii.sinecs of
the conveiiticr) was conducted with dec(.'ri.-in to iis
'i’lie better half ef f)r. Chapman’s happy liits
w't re irade in the .social circles of v, liich he was
the li.'o and s'';ul, and diey eannot be retailed
w iihcu! trenching on ilie conli'u s of good fe!h)w-
•^hip, whieh ought to h;* s:icred Hgunsl intrusion.
Pei haps we have erred on the w ron^ side in re
lating some ol these. But they are good iiever-
theiesa.— IJ I,per's ^hi^dzim.
Pa^itas GiiA.'^r.—.A species of grass known by
this tiiime is, at the p.oseiit time, aitracting con
siderable aiiet.'iun in Europe. Although h true
orass, il is likelv to form one of the most ut:e!til
. ,1 1 .1 u:„ sail! treaty ; and that all the other iirovisions of
ness, ana even the skt'ptic could not con-’ea! his / ’ . . ■ , i
sa.Ur.clim, n. the pr,.[.„,,ilio„. The ,.1.1 .r,-,n took "■» f ■* '.S'- I*”
downa Wfll worn fiil.K o,i uliich no dust was boit.'cl iMat.s.
C»iven under my hand, nt ihe city of v\ ushing-
ton, ihe si.xtoenth day of March, in tho
year of our Lord one thousand eiglit
[i.. s.3 iiundred and filty-live, nnd of tho inde-
peiulenee of tho United States tho ee\’-
By the President: FIJANKLIN PIERt’E.
\V. li. Makcy, Socreiury of ^Uale.
Shnkingof hands .s the accf-ptcd manner of per*
forming “ho\v d'--do,^’ ‘‘glad lb see you ;” but tha
mantu'r of doing this varies so rntich, that with
some people wo have “great shakes,” and with
other.' “no shakes at all.” Politician.s, if ihey are
running for ofiice, have the nrl if hand-shaking lo
perfection. Ii^fitor.s have a very impressive s/iake
f ir a suliscriber pa\ ing “in advance.” In .'baking
hands ladies are generilly passive, (or the least
pres.suro from their >itiIo (ingers means volumes
gathered, though arje had marked il. and read with j
reverence a |>ortion of tiie Sr»''''cd Scriptures.— ‘
lie then suppliciitt (I the Divine protection, ac- i
knowlcdged the divine goodness, and piiayed for ^
pi.rdon, guidance, gracc and salvation. lie pray- ,
cd, too, fer the strangers; that they mit;ht he !
prospered on their journey and at the close ol their 1
eartlily journey, they Oiight have a home in Ilea- I
ven. lie was evi'-ently a man ol prayer nnd that
humble cottage was a place where prayer was ■
wont to be uiade.
( he travellers re'ired to their apartment. Ac-
corihiig In I’neir previous arrang«-men's, the skep- .
lie was to have tiiv! first watch of tho night, but
insteiiu of priming Iiis pisttds and br.TCing his ■
nerves lor the rtlack, he was for wrapping him-
si If in his: great coat and covering himseli in his
hhuikot, as if he had never thought ol danger.—
His friend remindi d him of their arrrtngement*,
and n-'!:ed him !>ow he had lost his ap[»iehensio!is , not included in the formal aritl familiar cereme.ny.
(d danger ? skejitic fell tho fore*-of the que.s-' VVe have bten told, by those “posted up” in
tion, and of all it irnplif d—and he had the Irciik- ! such matters, that the tcllii-g und eloquent shako
iifs-s to acknowledge tlwu iie could not but leel
h:m?e!/as safo as lit a New Englund fireside in
any house or in any loresi A. :ere tin* Bible was
read a.*, the old man read it, and pr.iver  flered as
il;e Old tnuii prayed —Kxel(r JScas hitter.
Jure for
never were heller prospoc's
RW. BKt'lvU 1 1 H bas removed his .Jewelry Store
• to No. '2, Johu-^'oii’s How, three doors I'outh ol
L- li-. l ’
Kerr’s Hotel.
Feb 16, IS.aS.
'i'Hl' subscribe r announces to '
tlic |iiildic {,ft-iu rally, that lie is
now rt-i,'.-iving a^je ast^'rtnu nt
ul new
tioths, C’asiniert's
.»M> i
P’#:.S7\MV.\Si. I
for (J. iitleii.i n’s Wiar, and will:
f>i‘ sobi lur at a Mii iil pri'ti', :
i;r made luoyu^r : ceoi li i hjlT to tiie j
l.ilt.'t styic-^. .'^!.op i.iAt dooi to ■
D.ini', is .-VlhsuU. '
lOtt P. '.RKA. '
sa;d t!i“ G ‘ Now in>fe:.d, oi’ ‘ a quarter,’ I ^
will }(-l: a dollar, il'yoj will never aga;n call j
yniu..e!l a \ iro'ninn, l/.if will c.ill yourseif wliat'
you are, a Xodh ('aroimia.".’ j
‘ Gi neral,’ r p'iod Beau, ‘ do yr>u think I would
cnil myseii n Xorth Carolinian for oxi: i>oli.aii ! j
No, I c ui’l tai;e it.’ |
'1 he slory. as 1 lit aril it, v. a.-5 tohl to a member
frc'in Nortii Carolina, which was a pari of the
cream ol the joke.
ToCinETifi;Citoi’P.—A Writerinthe “Country
Gei'tlcman” gives the following prescription for
the croup; j
“Divest the child ol clothing about tl’.p nod: and j
cliest ; then bathe the throat and upper part »»!'
ihe chest f’reely w ith cold w ater. L‘t this be do:ie !
by pourir.g, ^poneieo- or very frequent application
of wet clotti^ ; while this ii being doiif*, prepare!
wnrm water, and immerse the feet in it. 'Phis ;
gi\cs rein 1'in n sluirt time; the child should be I
put quietly to rt sl, with a jug of warm water to i
the let t, w hen pers[nration and sleep soon follow'.
Any or.e can lollow the.‘;e directions immediately.
U'e believe there
fur cur farmers to use every effort in raising a
Iar;r(! crop than there are al present. 'I'bi.^ war
ir: lijrope will prevent the cultivation of tlie soil
in a number of ex'cn-ive and fertile disiric'i-
which, hereioiore havev r.aiscd n large amonnt of
surplus product.'’. 'Phis will open a g'tp for our
larnu'rs lo fill np. Corn is becoming more an ar-
lich* of food in l^iirope «?very ye:ir. 'Phrer times
the quantity was exported iti th.Tt there whs
in the preceding year. As it is the most import
ant grain crop ill our country, we advi'.e a still
more extop.dt^d cultivation ol it. Potatoes seem
'.o have becom-’' one of th?’ mo#l f:iilaciou-i crops-,
Faririei.'T should not trhsl to them, but sow and
plant other crops, and d» pcnd on them as if not
a potato were io be raise J. For thf [msI ten 3 ears i
most of th'i potatoes rais> d have rotted during j
(il garden ornatnents. in stature il is stiid li^ rival j winter ; they st em to have lost the quality .
th;^ bamboo, growing, in its t)ative plains, nearly | of preservation which they once pos.sessed. In !
tv.inty feet in l.eigh'. 'Phe lea-.esare haid, wirv,
very rough al the etlge, not half an incii broi'd at
of the hand, lhat eclipses ail others, comes from a
(•riticipal in a duel w h> n his second announces to
iiim “that the all'air was amicably arrnnged.” It
would he /mpr>‘ to give all the vari* d expression
that ehar.ic:erises the net of sh.iking hands ; hut
tiiere are a .‘^ew that can be d'signnietl, h;ch, li».e
primiiive i:olor.s, fbrai liie ground-work of every
j varviiijj shade.
I 'i’he pnnip-}>nnUr. shake first deserves notice,
j It is performed in a solemn ni'rhanicnl manner.
. N-> allempl has evt r been sviccessful to f^ive il graco
I or vivacity. .-\s a general rule, it fclionid not be
their widest part and of a dull grey green color.
'Phe fhiwers appear in panicles, av.-raging two
lopt in h ngih, reser.'itding iliose of the cuminon
reed, but of a silvery v. iiiteness, being covered
with long ct'lorless hairs, nnd consisting of color-
leaJ niembrai.eous glume?. It is establiehed b'-
frw \enrs more, pfrhaps this disease will wear
out. I'an.Terd should raise more r>ats and barley
than lhp}'^have hitherto done. 'Phe former crc'p
in tb.e Northern States is a certain one. Beans
should also lie more exier.sively cultivated, so that
we may liave abiindnnt crops of many kinds.—
Rice is a standing crop; its cultivation secnis to
to be more carelully attended 10, and better un-
vond doubt that it w ili bear any degrees of cold derstor>d by plan’ers than the cultivation of Mther
and if is a complaint which is soon falal, unless |
ever experienced in the neighborhoud of London,
ni’.houl injury. “Lot the reader, eays the (iar
deners and Chronicle, conceive ol one individual
of a reedy grass of such magnitude, whose grey
hard warm leaves curve most gracelully Irom the
centre to ’.he circumference, forming a thin but
huge tuft; add to this m.iny sh*nder flower-slems,
ti:irling into the airy mass of light sc ilcs, whose
polishtd surface can oiily be riv.illed by the deli
cate w ork of ihe eilver-smiih; place this a little
above the eye in rocky ground, let il be well
backed up by some dark foliaep, and a faint idea
may be formed of llie general appearance of llie
Pampas (irass.” 'I’he botanical iMine ol this
grass is Gyncrimn- argentei'fn, and was originally
continu'd after your frieiuJ is in a prfiftise perspira
tion from the unwoiited exercise. 'Vha ])enla!utn
sh.ike is of a similar rharacier, but it has a hori
zontal instead of perji. ndicular mution. It is ex
ecuted iiy boldly sweeping ytjur hatid horiziuitallV
toward ytjur iicqiiaintatico, and after the junction
isefrectid; rowing wiili il from ono sitle to iho
other as long as htirnan nature will bear it. Tha
toii.1 .nq'tct shake is n xt ill importance. It de
rives Its name frorri th»j instrument of torture by
which surgeons stop the cirgulation of the blood.
'Phe person using this style, if he has n largo
powerful hand, can throw his victims into intense
ngony, and even prnduc'* dislocation of the small
hones of the fingers, and in delicate persons easily
sprain the wrist. 'Phe cordial shaku is performed
with a hearty, boisterous agilalion of your friends
hands, accomfianied by a moderate degree of
pressure, and cheerful exclamaiion.s of welcome.
'Phis style is indiscriminate and very popular.
'I'he grievous touch is the opposite of the cordial
grnp[»le. Il is princijially used by hypochrondriacs
und sentimental young clergymen, and is always
acconipanied by a nervous inquiry about some
body’s health, '{'ho major and the pntde
minor are entirely monopolizt'd by the ladies; ihe
first allows the g* ntleman to touch the fii'.gers
down to the second j »im; tho second gives the
whole of the (ore-fin^'•r. Tho very ladies, how
ever, who use ihese styles most efTectually, will,
in a moment afterwuid, permit the tourniquet
squeeze, provided it in done m the waltz or other
equally lamihur danc'*. We might cxtrnd our
list with descriptions of the ^fip foyal and lh«
saw mill shake, and th« shakes with malice jrrt-
pense, which are, after all, but exagerated forms
Citrate of Ma«^iifsia.
I FRFiSH case of this celebrated refreshing Aperi-
\ ent.just opened by
i SCARR it CO.
Feb 16, 1^55. 30-tf
checked in the eariv stnges, and m iny precious
lives arc lost because a [ihysician i.s not al hand
until loo late to save from suflln'ation,”
Smi'h and Brown running t^posiic ways round
a corner, struck each oilier.
‘Oh. dear,’ said Smil h, ‘ how you made my
head ring.’ '
‘'Phat’s a sign it’s hollow,’ said Brown.
‘ D d’lit yours ring,’ said Smith.
‘ No,’ said Prowii.
* Then that’s a sign Ws craclnd,' said his (riend. j vantagg of it to injure them.
i brought Irom ihe vicinity of Uto Janeiro.
Dl'I'.l i.n the D.^rk.—.\ late California pa
per mentions a duel which was lought between a
Vankte and an Efiglishinan in a dark room. The
Yankee not wiahing to have blood on hands, fired
his pistol up the chimney, and to his horror down
came the Englishman-
If there be a want of concord ^mong the mem
bers of the same fatnilv, t>iher men will lake ad-
ttheat or corn.— Scicn/tfic Afiicriyin.
I^VERY Laoy to hkr Likixj.—It i.s said lhal 1
kissing goe.s, by lavor, and also we read in ihe !
'1 commentaries of an old Latin cmtioi3sc«r on such 1
I matters, thul tha kiss of a thick-lipped person is '
far pleas inter than that of any tjlh* r. j
Il such he the faot, says th} Peitr'burg ICx-'
press we can easily account for a number ol ickile
Boston ladies bestowing on and receiving kisses,
from ihe big hUick negro Burns, at his recent ova- [
lion in the ‘ ci.y of notions. J pump handle, pendulum, and tourniquet
An eye vGtue^s informs, us, that after Burns ; varietie.s, and, therefore, can be conceived more
s*ddress to the Bostonians, a tiumber of white la- ■ (,ay,|y ^h^n described,
dies went up and embraced and kissed the negro , —
with all the warmih and energy of equality and' A I'rench emigrant, having been but a very
fraternity ! We exp*>ct shortly lo see his marri:ige short time in Englanti, was invited lo partake of
antUiUnced through the prt-ss to some fair ^ an- i l»irge bowl ol punch, a hquor he had never ms-
kee belle, who has a pet;uliar penchant for thick | i^d before ami which did not agrea with him.—
1‘P'^- 1 Spr-aking of his enteriainme nt next dny, bu^ for*
U’hat do our fair citizens think of such symp- | gettin;; the name of the beverage, he asked : ‘ Vat
to>^'iS of the progress of civihziti»n down east? ,j,. cuilu ilat liquer, dal be all contradiction, where
jg brandy tu mnk^) il strong, and de water lo
Slippery.—‘ Have vou much fi.sii in vour b>ig?’ make it weak ; de sujiar to m ike it sweei, and dn
a.sked a person of a fisherm.iii, who was return- ; lemon to make it s^'ur ?’ ‘ Punch, 1 suppose you
mg home. ‘ V»:s, a good 'eel, was tbe slippery mean ;’—‘ .\y, punck,’ said Monsieur, ‘ it
I reply. ' almost punch my brain out!’

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