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    “ “jr
R. P, WARING, Editor and Proprietor. ^
“(Kl)r .Ihitrs—Distinrt iiij tljr %ilkuu, bu mit iis t[jc .Irii.”
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VOIi. 3.
NO. 51.
From the Augusta ((Jeorjjia) Constitutionalist.
All IK- Whim’s Ofifiiioii of llic
Know XulliiiiB Plalfortii.
.Mi{. Euitok : Our Southern Know Nothings are
(rvirij; lu make a yrcai d*;:*! of fuss about a ctiiain
Itidil'unj oil I lie slavery qiu*siion, u hich /Aei/' oivn
-nutltcrn (kU'^atcs^ with the assistance of the dele*
jraifs from N« w Vork. at th» ir late Ci«!-
xt-nii'Mi in I*hilfiiJcl|)hiii. Now, uhik- this knc •(
iiiiiliing j)l.ttforrn is not as >ood h.s iIicj Gfctrgi.i |
|)!iiil ii III, it i»i hardly as good, and ci;rtaiiily no \
tli.m tfi»* late nationul ufii;' and nationiil
jl (riocrut:c jilntlorms. 'I'lii; ktiow-t.oihing reso- !
iu'i' IIS ( IjcI; the holdi.P^s ol « xj>r('Ssion •
ot bvith the whig and di inocratic rt-soluiions in j
rtdatiop to :i sire sulj-ct to Uit: iN'orih—the ftigi- |
tivr-hliivc i.iw—K'f "I'llf the formrr inakt-s no j
allij.xjon to thf lu^'i.'ive shiVf law hy n iine, both of j
ih** hitler  x|^rfs'’ly nuuiid this .so intK'h iiate! !
by n'srthern ImHttic;*. 15 it hrt the* several plaifurms '
6j)cjk fur ilRinselve**. Ilrre tin y are, viz : |
kn«)vv-.notiiim; .\atiuxai. I’lattuhm. |
X!l. The .Xinorican piirly, huvinjf anscn upon
the rijuis and m s|ii:u ut lit / oppositiiin of th*; whig
iiiid di inccratic partirs, r;tiiMot he hehl in :>ny
niaiiii* r resjloI^^ible /or the obnoxious acts or vto- '
litled j)leilg( s ot ei:hi r. And the s>8ttnialic '.igi- ;
tati.iii 1(1 the slavt ry questi^jn by those j)ariirs h .v-
iM^ I levated sectional hostility iiMo u |> >sitive
rit im lit ol {)oliln'aI jiower, ai;d brought our in>ii-
lu i 'iii intopfiil. it l»:i3 tlirehire bi come the im-
[icrativi! duty ol ilu: .\i«.erican j»'rty to inler[x»sf,
■'T ih- purpo-.e o! ^l^lny peace to the country and ,
prr(ietuilv to tlut I nioii. And as t xpcrit ncj iias
it iiijpos'ib'.e to recoiirile cpiiiions so e.\-
if.-int* as those wlneh srp.iratt* ihe di'putan's. and ^
as ihtii!- C'lii b«r lio di'^bcix r ill subiinlliii;^ lo thf
' iw>, ihf national coui cil h.n (ici nicd it the liesi
^111 iti1>e ot C"iiin "II ju-;iee ai.d lutiin- pi aei; to'
jihidr bv Mil l (iiaiiitain ill.* c.xiMijii^r l,iv\s Upon thf !
iiil i ct ol >'av. rv, :is a li:ial and ••oiiclnsive Sftlle-
ii> III o! '11 it j fi. Ill ''j irit and in snl)>taiic**. I. :! '• liiirhi'st duty to avjw tii»-,ir ;
.pii.i'UM u,. n a 'li' i ct >o j;i p. r’iiii! i:i dislincf 1
iinl 11(1'1 i: is |i re‘y d ciand, as;
il.c M n.-' It! 'io-> n.iliii'uil eonnril, (Inii^it ss'
111 s •v.i .s ;u. i \i-»i I ttif I '.> 1 ij;-
i>l .:i- iipiM) lilt- •! ni ^!ilv^'ry in tlic Sialf ,
liciit a iiiii"; '!! iiiii ih'' I oi ;i In c !J^- its c .ns'.i
t'j'i ;i diK.M (ir d inr i cu;_Mi;st' il;e tn«titu'iun ol
f ..V r\ as a pii! >: Ti :iiic al ^\st in ; ai.d i f-jic-
(iii v j)i‘iir( nil anv »■ \ pri-.'-i. ai of ojinion
I ,111 tJif port IT lit (' ii 'f' ss [i> C't ills'll or ijrn-
I ; ''It i>Ut \ f r \ ill a II \
I'll' r-v.i- ii il et)Uii ;l
i t ;; it' I ", It
(‘>.1 Trc
is : hi
'S (lu.
■J mil { >
j ''it' u,'"ii till’ sijl i rt III ^!.1V(•|■V wi.iin liie
II ii| \ (.1 ;Ir I iiTi (I S' ill V • rti.d that an\ uix-r-
I b\ ( 'i ^ r ' s w I; h !•) 1 vc - r V as; it i-. ^!s in
i I 'I'M |i'' cm' ( ' •!IImil: I W ould ill' :i v 1.1! ;Inin i,I
’■ «, ti! .III! :ii:'iii'‘n III ihi- con.|inc't If, w (ui-h
S III .\i .iiid (/• I -I :hi‘ l),'liict (■! tin-
d S r f. ' II I ii 1 I ' ;n'!. (d i,«;: >n i! l iit!\.
M'l «;IU' N\ri‘>N.\l. IM, \|>>I!M.
‘J. '1 h .i I 1 li^i' S' I:a' iM. p iw I f uiiiii r ih - (’on-
!■ in’ I
, I
f. I ll or eoiitiol thf* «i('iii' >lic
■•>1 V rai S'a'C's, and iti il >Ui-li
and pi opi 1 j ol i Vi f i
own ^'li.iir." noi prnbiiMOii !i\
;bal II -l] n's ol 'lit' u!n>li/i'jn:> s
ti iiidiic- (.'■.ii;ju?> l» iiit f'i ff
ul -Im il, ;r tvi t iL; ll.i^’lj !-nt
: • 11
t !:i 1 I
A ', s ;i I •' 111 S' ‘I
p. r iiiiiii ” I
(•:in>M;iiii‘'U ;
n: ll* IS II.a:
I Ii mil sii n
► p‘ in n lull 'II ihffi lo. iiii- ‘;ili.:'da!ed to |i‘,itl in
till- in >•! ai.iinrj .iiiii d in^n lUs cnisi «ji' lu'f';
Mid ibit ail Mich ill ii.s bivi- .in imxratdi: liii-
lit i.iM lo I'nn ii I* Ii iI.'' b.i ji; .in .-'.x ol tiif pi-i'plc,
iiii i * lui.i'i;^! r ibi' .in-i (>' rin inen-’v o! tlii’
I iiioi., ai d I I'ubi n : lo lji‘ f .1!nten.incni liy any
; : nd ol I III i'O : ((• . 1 i..>'.!ulions.
'I'iKit ibi' lori’i;' ini; pi''|>'isi:i(in covi rs,
a .d 'vas in',1 II !i d i;i ’iii!i.'aci-, lln- hole si.hj'‘i'!
i: sbiV' r\ ii^iiaii"!! in 'i i-jfi'"‘; iiid th*n Iuk-
till' deni'"'! iiif V"* "I""- f'l 'ninii;^ npo;!
nati-nal pl nl i"i, will ;,ini|. b\ iiid adln re Id tlic
I I liiiil I \ iMi'ion ol till' acis kiionii -ks tin' 'vin-
pi'-inisi' III'• I'11 ri'S, st'iib’d by iln’ list ( oii^re>s —
•i.' iift .iT icrliiniiii;? ol I'l,';.'! i\is limn s ruce or
...L ir ii.« '..ri w liu it lit'i. bi i' ;j; d'-'i;^n d to c ir-
rv --'Ut ’in • xi'r-'-is piovi>ion o| ih * c n^iririoii, •
^ nnii'it widi I’l b-iiiv tinn to b- rrpt-aled, or so
( haii'^'d a'* toib-strov or unp iir ll^« ( lii«:ifncy.
l\‘' sh'dl, 'I'b it ilif d in iT;.'ic p-iriy will re'«i>t ;
.•''1 alU'inp's a! n iii-w in;.', in ’i n„'riS' or out o| it,
till* it;: I la 111 II ol ill*' ‘'ill i-i \ (jn s i-jn, nndir w biit- •
t r »hiii)i’ cr i: lor tb'- at:i n pt may bv mad;'.
Wllli; .NAI I XAL 1’!. V i ; I'ltM.
The St rn s ol iic's (.f the ‘Hst ('on^'ress, :
•uminonly Liio'.vn :is the ('ompromi'C or A fju-.!- j
riiifn', (dn; aft oi the iicuM ry ol fi'gnives Irorn
i.i'iM- inclii'h I.) ari- nc,i iv.'d ;uid .Tctjiiit sci d in b\ .
ihe wbigs nl thr I niteii Sla'i s as ii tinal setlle-
-in nl, III princip!'* and siil,i>tanci’, of iln; sii'jccls j
.o vvli -'d; t-'ji y rcla't ; and, so £.« ihose aci' are ;
"i.iit• ri.i'o’, we will nnint iin iheni, and insist on
hfir siriot eiilori*eiii“iit, utili! tiijit> and e.\p>-ii'-nce ^
► hall dcinr'iistr i!e the nt'Ct>»i;ly of fnrlher lei'isbi- ■
>i-'ii to ^'U.irtl ii^ai/ist the e\a»-i. n ol liie laws on
lilt? (iiio h.nnJ. t/i‘ abuse ol their powi-rson the .
uthi r—iiiit iiiijiairing thrir prt st iif. tlficieiicy to I
earry out the n i|ii,;it rnents (.| ih'' coii'^tMirion ; and j
we d prerati* ail rurthi'r agitation of thrt tjucstions
thus th d as d iii^- rons lo our p 'ace, and will
disei.unteiiaiice all e'l’oris tv> ^oniinue or renew
sucli a^i[;iiii)(i, whiMiever, whrri ver, or liowever
niadf; mid we will nnintiin liiis setileinent us >
■«s(“riii;il In (ht; n itioniili y ol the wl*j p.nty and
ihe integritv td tlw I’ni-.n.
II re ;ni' ihree platlornifi — the firt adopird by ^
t'l • si'Uih'T:) U' li wi h ih ■ as'i'taiici'ol Nw
^‘■rk, ill liie bite know iiotbing naiioiiiil conv n-
• 'H at I’hiiadOpbi I ; lliti secoii'l hd.'ptid un.uii-
"i"U»!v at the last Dein. craiic iVaii' nal (aiiui ii-
' ‘II ; iiiul the third adopii d b\ ilie l.itc S iH"nal
' i'4 (’invention—lit') i! !i-;^"’i n i: votir^; ("t it.—
•\iid I wi.u ii n>k ibe unpr.jui'.i.vd le.idi i' :l tin'
k II'w. II.-it hi lit; reso!nlion-i are anv bettiT tliaij i ilher
"f till- old p.TrMt s? N ly, iiiori'; aie il.' y even
btild and fin()!iaiic as the other two, ♦ ven
tttiiijgli but iK.irthern Stiie in ctnnmitiee voletl
I'-r ibt in at the late know-noiliiny na'ii nal t on-
''t'ntion ■
Bat -iur soirjicrn know-nothin;; Iriends s>y ; —
bu’. our |)1 I’furin was so ^ood l»:r tin* ^South,
dial the abuliti >n didi’^ itt s from ihi^ 1'.2 norihern
and wesiern Statrs si n (b il (roni iis nder we p.;;.s
it.” They did, 'h*’y did ? 'riien, s ) nuich
ihe worse lor your iisi>>yi;dion widi theni : for, il
heir withdrnwing from your coiivfiition pro\rs
•inythin^, (rv; n w i bout ^7"// o///r- evidt i;c*-,) it
pr:-v: :i (’.‘iicli iv: ' v wha* w c all i-!.iio\v-no:l.iii‘'''
have .all along saiii about your northern know,
nothing breiliren, viz: ib.t then tue u'otse nioLi-
tlouiitl iIkhi luive tvet' before hutl jxjhilion or fo'vvkk
in any oj the noitheni arid ucUn u ISUiLts. And
ho'.v does It prove ii ? IJecause, heretofore, while
there have no doubt been free-soilers in bi'tli the
wljig and democratic National Conventions, still
they were not so rabid as to withdraw from their
(larty associates and front their convention merely
because a majority passed the above resolutions ;
but these northern know-noihings, ii seems, are
such rampant abolitionists, and hule the South Hiid
its insiitutions so intensely, tijat they w ill not even
remain in a party conveniitm ihut pleases ibt-m in
every other particular, whose majority dare agree
to abide by and maintain ccitain Unis, piK>-sed in
iiccordance wiih the constitution lor the jirotection
o! the riiihts of the South. Upon what ground,
thon, can our southern know.noihing friends con
gratulate themse lves or the South upon the pas
sage ol their platft>rm, ichen they had to puss it by
thrnisc/vcs, e.ct(j)L zci/h the ussishaK.c of JS\iv
\ufL? 'I'he resolutions are no b» tier by being
passtd in I'hiludelphiii than tney would liuve been
liad they been pass»-d in Georgia or any other
southern Stiile. Surely the southern know-noth
ings did not e xpect iheir deleg:iies to become (ree-
soilers and abo'itionisH, and to abandon the righls
oi theSou’h a'. Philadelphia, ami now coiigratnliite
the South that they did not do it ! Il there be any
othi-r cause lor Ctuigratulaiion connected with
the late I’hiladt Ijdii.i convention, really 1 cannot
see it.
Init is there no o^her evidence that ibis know-
nothing platlurm is ill a cheat or a hunibijg ; or,
at best, thiit il ami unrs to nothi' g ? L' l us see.
I presnine tb it surely none of the smiiiiern know-
nothings will tn.*v have ihe hardihood lo say that
the Stiu’.h can i xpict any lavor or justice Irom the
know-nothing parly in the twelve norihern arul
wi siern Slates th.u seeded from the Philadelphia
C'lnventHin. they may .say '• .\ew Vork i'
.'ouiid, and thai »he will stiind by the plailorm.”
IJut >■ this hue ! I he eh*ction a ft*w mon'hs
^ince in Ni w York dtuus lUc h uth of this asser
tion. In the lat»; electi.m in ihat S iite lor mern-
b' TS of the next Congress theio were alioui thirty
kiiOW nothings and Whigs el-cti d to ('ungress;
and so Jfir Irnin New York beinir sound, ind bt r
know-noll.'ing^ lo ind *landing by t^is |tlailurm,
out ol the lartTe nuintiertif know.noiluiii' mi inbers
f' r*
to (’i)iigrfS.'J, ihe Ni:W ^ t>rk pij er> tell U' there i.-
not even one know-nuthing im inl)' r w ho will vote
n^ ihe n j/C il ol the iugiiive-sl.-n e law, or
ag iiiH'. die npful of tlie K^insa.s and Xcbra>ka
ac'. And ihis is. indeed, a pretty n tlion il org.iii-
!/ition lor the Sonlh to lonk to lur ja'^tice or a
ptdii t'iiosi of iis righls! I'or inv own part, I i)ra\
liiat ibe J^iiuifi may ever be delivind (rom
ittru a “ n iiio’i.'il organization,” hi; il called ultra
di-iniKMMlio, wliig, know-nothing, or any :o.hi r
Thin, what is the use of souMit rn nun keeping
up .-uoli .Hi organi/aiion longi r J H ive they ^oi
O'llbin*; betier to lo ili in Iji* ir\ing to run down
ami pers'Ciiie a few (brei^'uers and Caiholios in
siiiiilicrn S ales I 'I'lieie are tiul live nr six ilious-
at.d Caiiioju-s ai:d foreigners in Cj'tOigla, uiiha
j.pijl;iti(iii l'l .-ilniu i»ni.'ntiilioii; ;iml there art; liul
i»i'oi;t ihiie hiMidnd llnn!->and foreigners and
(’;j :li;ili's t'.geih'T III the whole S')u!!/, uith a pofi-
ul.iimn ol 6 out),000 or y,00t).yV.t^ 'I'iiey art* uii
line and lov.d to the Soudi and ii- r iiislituiion';.—
I In n, why make v\;tr npnn them? Is il b ciuise
lbe\’ ari- ft ir aiel /;•//•////f.>.s ? Jf-o, ihis p"rse ot on
ol ibiii wea.k (d.isN among us is Kun lv n»it mai>nan-
imons, (ir eharac;eris:ic of stiulhern chir*»e'er.—
And since it has now btcii proven in tin* late
1 h lad' Iphia cotivenlion that tin* nali^ e-A mericfin
or kiio\\-i.o hing party, in at b.i't twelvt? of tbi-
m rihern and western Stalt s, is now composeil of,
and is e,(inirolk*d by, the inoe' violent alio!itioni>ts
and free soiiers, so lar Irom ue of ihe Soutii jo.n-
lOi; lln'm in lln-ir crus ide against the (’ath.ilics and
Ion igin-rs tb re, somd policy would sei ni to dic-
taie that we of the Souih shnuld exteiid our sym-
p.iihy and “;nd :;u'i comfort” in the bi^he*t dej^ree
to ilic Caiii lies and foreigin'rs i»t ih>' North uh}
lire a'lfi.Hst t/n/ii ; and we sluju'd us'* them, il :
we can, to put dow n tln^se n it>vc-bora IrtiiVtis ai '
'he North, who an* ^toic plottiiig day and night to
ile.-troy the constimtion luai the Ciuon, ar.d wh i
are uoic plo'tingday and nigiit :igi.inst our proper
ly and our lives.
D in t you think I am righf, Mr. Ivlitor? Com-
nu n sense tells me lhal I am. lUit 1 w ill cuiclu h*
now, iuid let you hear Irom im* a^ain.
Pkksiuk.nt PiKttCK. — Whether the Know No b
ings oi tin; North and those of tin; South art; sin-
eeie or not in regard lo their re.spec'ive [ibitlorms,
ii IS certain that th(*v are ihoroLgbly uni'id in oj)
position to I'resideni i*'ierce and bis adininistr;i-
tion. H it while their hitrrd is directed to the
overthrow of the general administration, it is a-
musing to s. e what charac''-nstic and contradie
U^rv reasons they i;ive for their animosities t.i the
I’resi leiit. 'I'he Know N Jlliings of the North are
( xceedingly indignant, because, as they alhge,
their President is in the hands of tht; sIhvehuhlers.
and shapes bis policy only to suit the slavehuld
ing Slate*. On the I'th* r hand,!lu* Know Nt»ihings
of tii‘* South lire quite as positive tint the Presi
dent is untrustworthy in r»->>arii to theidave S ates,
anti tha*. ht; is in the iisnds ol the freesoilttrs.
'Phis is an !»ppropiiaie work lor such politicil
gime.sti’rs as Garret D ivis and G'tirge D. Pren
tice, of Kentucky, a.nj their cchoes ; but how
much St If degrailution ft must require i« p.rovetl by
ill'' f/ict thut It is just such irij'i'tiee ;i.^ this tb it
tlrives ( fl'tht* bt*si intellects ol tin* Ing party in
the South, and leaves the wij de b;irdeno! tlie can
vass in the h.unis of cast otl' dt'magogues an.1 1-
fish olliep-hunti'r.s. No'bing m oi* cun'inei:ig!y
eilablitihes the iiiinite fal-selined and corruption t I
tl'.f! leadrr.-. oi'the new paity than their violen'. 'iiitl
ctuilriidictory assault upon Presitleii! Pierce- And
it we d d nol see dally evidence id this ra.nk and
slinn'it less [iractice, ue should scorn to besit've that
any (n'r'.ion of onr C "Un'r\'ni n conld be g'diiy o;
such monstroui >ell slnbitica'ion.
[ Union.
‘ Sam’ seeme to he furnishing ihe c nntry wiih
;iny number ol caii'.liu'ates iiir otli-'e. In Philadel
phia the Know Nothing orgui unnounc'S a lit oi
only seven'cen cainlid I'es !or the t flloe^'herdl.
' ami sixteen lor iho t. tVi.-.e of R. gisier of ''' d '• Il
Anierieansdo not govern Americi, it will not b'
' lur want of men wiii-ig to aoc pi 'he t^llict s.
31uliuiiiiiii*d—Ills l*‘i‘s»iiul Appciirancc
and Habits.
From a life of ibis gn at Pr.)pbot and Ui-form‘T
recently iiublished in London, we exlr.icl the Ad-
lowing descri])tiou of his personal appearance and
habits :
*• Mohammed was middling size, hiid broad
shouldi rs, a wide chest, and large bones ; and In*
wiis fleshy, but not stout. 'Phe immoderate size
of his brad was partly disguised by the long locks
o( hiiir, w hich in slight curls came nearly down to
the It^be of his ears. Uis oval face, tho igh t;»wny
was rather fair for an Arab, but neither pile nor
bijili ct>lored. 'J'he f jrehead w is bf')ad, and his
fins and long but narrfiw eyebn)ws wer«; S'-parat
ed by a vein w liich you could see throbbiny il he
was angry. Uinler long eyelashes sparkled blood
shot blaek e\es throi'ijb wide slight syeli Is. His
nose was larei', |)romineiit, siighily hooked, and
the tip ol it see/t»ed to !>t* tur'in d up, but was not
so in reality. 'I'he month w.t* wide , he had a
From the Mississippi Journal.
A Fi'i;ili(f'ul iSiiuke !i(ory.
The ftillowing incident was ri lated to us the
other day by tnie whose vi-rHcity is unquestioned,
and who whs an e_> e witness of the lact. it is
more ajipaling ihan any we recidlect to have ever
read in ihe his'.ory ol those reptiles.
Some time last summer ihf* inhabitants of Man
cJiesier, Mississippi, gave a Imrbacue, which was j we shall not deplore this either. The case of Na
attended by most id the fashim and beauty of the j poleon is one o( tliosn cases where intelligent Ain-
riapolcoii. ^ when Know-Nothingism first made its
On our first side will be found a notice of Ab- | appearance in tiis neighborhoood, determined to
boll s Ijile of Napolt*oi). Foiji work we hrtve not j a lucfnb^r; so uhou llit? n>ght of ihe lody®
read. If it places lhis||^eat man higli Hoiong the . |j,ee|jng came, locking his front door, and taking
benefactors of the age, we siiall not quarrel with I informed liis wife that as he should be out
It; nnd i/ it induces Americans lo ndmire the bold- ! |;,te, nol to be uneasy. This was an unusual thing
I ess wiih which his migluy arm attacked and de- ! vvith her, as he had never, lor the last fifteen years
molished the hoary c\i batilenients of feudalism, * kppi |ate hours.
He did not return until about 12 o’clock, when
his didieuliies commcnced. His dog mi^t him at
town aiul .'urrotinding couiury. It happened that
among the giie.'?ts there was a young hidy. Miss
iM., recently Irom nut* of th * easii rti cities, who
»*ias on a visit lu Ju r rclulions in the neighborliood
of ihe town.
Mi'S .M. was a gay and extremely fashionable
erican judgement will refuse to ratily the decisions | iho frontdoor, and would nol let liim approach ;
of ilie iiritish courla ; but will decree iba*, like
Cromwell, he was one ol those rare instruments
that Providence ratsc« up to do great an^ needed
We can write this w ithout justify Ing Napoleons
young Ijiiy, and wnhil possi ssed an uncommon; usurpation, his dt*.ipotism, or his mad passion for
share ol sjnrii and ct ur ige, * xci pt in a matter ol ; aggrandizement ; or withoul being in love w ith
snakes, and of tho>e she Imd so great a dread that { .some of the traits ol his character. The oligarchy i night.’
she scarcely dared to walk anywhere, except in j and cruwni d heads of Europe liated him with an j cunmenced puTlinw up the weeds which had ovor-
ihe niosi fr quented pi icts, for lear of « ncounter- | undying hatred, and liave done all they could t«» ( run his back yard, to while away the balancc ol
he scolded and hecoaxed, but il would nol do, the
door W!i9 too well gunrdt;d by the (aithful sentinel.
He then toiik a wide circuit around the house to
the backdoor, and kn'^cked, awaking bis nrife, who
laised the window and inipiired—“ Who’s there?’*
“ Me.” “ W'ho’s me f” “ WhVi don’t you know
No ; my husband don’t stay oul so )ate at
Failing to get in by the back door, lie
good set ol ti'cih, and tilt; foreteeth were asunder, i ing ili'm. Lvt ry elFort was used, but wiihout j blacken his fame, and erase his memory from the
His bc iril rose from ihe cheek bones, and came { avail, to rid her of her childish fears. They | hearts of ihe m isses. It h is been, i»nd will ever
down to tht* collar bone; ht; clipp-d his rnousta-i hannltd her con'inually, until at last it became the ^ 1 e, all in vain. TJiis mighty m«n won their con-
chios, but tlid not shave tliem. He stoi’pi d. nnd ' settled conviction of her mind that she was desiin- lidiMice and their gratitude bv c irrving out many
wassligb'.ly bumpback«d. Ilisgiit wascarehss,
and he w.ilkt d Iasi heavily, as il he were ascend
ing a hil'; and il In' looked oaek, he iurnt*d roun I
tiis whole b.idy. I he mildness of his countenanee
gaint d Inin iln; ct)nfidt“iice oi every one ; but In*
eou'd not lotd straight into a man’s faee,* he turn
ed his » yi*s nsml'y outwards. On his b it'k he
 tl to iall ,1 victim to ttie langs of a ratth snake
j-he secjuel will show how sou4) her terrible pre-
senunenl was (uifiMed.
'I'owards the close of the day, while scores of
the lairy 1 et wi re k.'eping tinie in the dance to
the music, .Ttnl iht* whtde eon'pany were in the
lull tide of enjoyrn(*nt, n .«cxf am was heard Irom
bad a rou'id 11 shy tumour oi tin; .siz*; of a pigetms j -Miss .M., ioliowtd by the most agonizing cries for
egg ; its (nrrotvid suriace was covered «vilh hair,
and ils base was sJtirrounde d hv black inob-si.—
'Phis was coiisidi red as the seal of his prt>ph>'-
tic mission, at h ast dtiring tiie l.itti-r jiarl of his
career, by his followers, who were en devout that
tin y lonnd a etirc h>r iheir aiiings in drinking the ^
Wilier in which he had (ia'h"d ; iiirl it must h>*ve j
been very relreshing. fir In* perspired ()rofus»'ly, j
iiii'j his skin exiiali-d a s'rong smell lle^'estow- j
I d consid'Tiible Ciire upon his p-'rson, nnd more!
particularly on his ti*eih, whicli he rubbed sti |Vt‘- j
qnently wiih a piece of wootl, th it ii Shnih antlior
was intlucetJ to consider it as one of the signs oi i
his propbt tic mission. He batln d In qiien'ly, j
washetJ stV'Tiil times a day, find oih d hi.s he;i i :
[irofnsely after w ashiiw il. At times In* dyi d his |
liair and b>'i»rd red w itJi henn i, in imit ition nf his ,
t.'r 11 d ^iiMier, who imported this habit from Yar- ^
mm. Though lie tlid com!> himself ri*gnl-irly. bt* '
t!id it now ami thi i'. At first he wore his hair .
I'ke lilt* J' ws and Christians ; for le* s ini, “In all j
instance’s in wiiich G .d h is inn given me an or
der to ihe contrary,1 like to roljow ilieir ex irnple;’ '
but suhsiq'.ieii'I V he divided il, like most o( his:
coiiiiti y mi ll. Jvvery evtning he a|»plied aniimony j
lo hise\* s aini lli.mgii he liad noi many grey j
jiairs evt n w h**n In; tiled, he conct'.iled them bv j
dyeing or oiling them, in ordttr to jilease his wives i
many of wliom were ynung and iii'jiineii to bt; gnl- j
dy ; and wliose numbers he inert;ased in propor- |
ti n ;is ht-. b''came more d' crepit. 'Phe prophet
was iisiiallv dres’Sed in a white cotton shirt, or
of the sound principles of the early French revo
lution ; that grand di rnocraiic movement which
e\ery aristocrat and unrtfdged theological ghidia-
ti>r loves heartily lo kick. He abolis'i-d the laws
of primogeniiure and mail ; In; aliritigei) prieslly
iiilliience ; he ovenlin w that iliing of iniamy, the
inquisition; and liy his code Nap-ileen product d re-
lornss as admirable as they will be lasting. For
help. Tin* crowd gi.iheri'd round her instan'ly,| sut.-h things, all France, which he loved so we
and beheld her .standing the perkct image of des
pair, wiih her hands gras[iing a ponion of her
dress with all ihe tenacity of a vice. It was some
lime iielore she ctuild be rendered sufliciently calm
to tell the cause of In r alarm ; and theti they gath
ered I'om her broken excl-imation thal she wad
idolized him when living, and now pays hamage
to his sh^de.
W’e may deplore his errors and regret that he
did not heller use, in the end, the immenst? power
he attained. Not only, however, in France, but
in Italy, in Holland, in Prussia, in alt Gernmny,
gras[nng iht; head ol a snake among the folds of be sowed the seeds o) future progress. Hi'S errors,
her diess, and h*;ired to let go her hold for fear of tho?c of an insane afnbilion, caused bis downl.ili.
reci iv ng tfie fatal blow’. 'J’his intelligence caused i 'Po liie eternnl disgrace of England, he was tor-
many to shrink from lier; bul most of the ladies,
lor iheir honor b'l it told, determined nol to leave
her in hi r direful extremity.
'Phey besonghi her not lo relax her hold, us
safety dt pended ujioii it, until some one could be
loiiml wi’b courage enoueii u« seize and remove
the terrible animal. Tln re were none of the la-
d'es, however, to perform the act, and the situa-
tit n ol .Miss M. w;is becoming more and more
cri'ical every moment. li was evident that her
sTengib was failing fast, and that she cotild not
m.iintain her hold many minutes longer.
A hasty consultation arnon" the calmest of the
reaclu'd to bl.s wrists. Me had a skull c;ip :ind
! tiirbaii ( il his heiiil, the exirrnntii'S hanging down
i the b'ci^; ar;il S Intli'iis.'viib I w 0 I‘‘alh'T .siraps over
j ihi* iiis'ep, on Ins (I'l t. In ihe hoiis;*.^e wore nien;-
I ly a jiit'C*; tdCl >th ('ical) ili ) ti''d roi;nd hiS tem-
; till-!*, leavini: the crown of the iiead une.ovt rt d,—
! Sinnetimi's he v^ore instead of the shin a “ sun
j of clothes ’’ ( Iiollow ), which consisted ol an a-
j pmn ^ izir ). tiial in to say, a |iiece of cloth tied
roniid tiie wiisl and iianging in iohls down to the
leg', like a woman’s pi'tiicoai; and a sheet ( ric’a )
I ot sfjuare .shawi, which w :is ihrtmn ovr itn; lelt
1 shoulder, atid wr;i['ped round the body under the
I ri;;hl arm. S'lmeiimes he wrapped inmseif iu a
bl.inkt'i ( inirt )."
' All Cluuosf IBoart t» love Voii.
nv iikkmim:.
! Nothing'i iind what more would yon have young
gill, win-n that is all, indeed, :ind ihi* n st but
i little 11 ss than noihing ? S:iiile on now, in ji.iiet
■ happiness, jor with that blest adsuranee you may
j look with liitp.* upon the fu'ure ; ihere will be ills
and gri(*rs, Mil l hi*ait acln s, but still will throb an
. honest man's in'jirt to love you.
Nuthing ! Are the pnr^ de\o!‘d lo\e of an
honest heart, the }»ener)us ir^ipuls'-s of a I'^olile st>ul I
, the virtu s which insure your future Inppiness to |
be counied noihin;^ ? .'\»s ! ra'Ii- r let pra\er a i
ris'. ()ii high to Him who his given yon so much ,
ofh.ippin ss. Ho.v many as yonnj^, as good, as j
lovely, bend iln* knee to ask Almighty (-Jod the
j)reci.)us boon of an ho:i -st he ir to love them.
A lime mu>: come w hen youth, and gni'Ce anti
h>veiine»s will i'adt; awji\ ,w hen boprs atul dreams
and yeiinings change to qnict all tiu^t in Provi-
t!enc**, '.>bcn larth’s siirface w ill seem void of d iZ
z'in ' roses, ami iite's skv unlii by gloriuus s'in
lured to death as by a slow fire. 'I'he evil he did
died with him. The germiniiting seed ol good he
sowed will in time spring up and confer blessings
on the nations.— Boston Post.
“ I NtVER IvLI'r .Mv Hl'SBANU W\\iting.—
How much of moment is conv*yed in these words,
•1 never kepi my liusbaiul waiting.’ How much
of life is lost by ’.he lost minutes; how much ol
happiness, by nol being ready to enjoy it; bow
much of prosperity, by being ‘ fivo minutes too
, . , , . , ® heard these words uttered by a ludy
laili.'s was held, wbt n it was determined that _Mr. j of character, whose readiness lor duty,
and whose prompt performance of it, gave us an
assurance that whatever there might be of adverse
loriune in her husband’s future lile, he could al
ways ifly upon the belprnaie God had given him’
There was an energy in her tone of voice, a dre
in her h»ok, that told sho knew a wife’s duty and
would perfurrn it. We shall not soon forget that
event ; we shall bear in mind the luture of thal
c''>uple, and we venture to say lhal dardkness nor
despair cun never drive iiiijipities^ i'roin that ijo/ue,
so long as that God-spirit reigns there ; (or it was
the vutco of true woman’s heart that spoke, and
that was a God-spirit.
If every wifo could but thus speak and net,
how nipidly would the world advance. How
many iiusbunds have been ruined by waiting, pre-
cioiis moments ol lime, too in the li/e of a business
man ; and the never-ready wife has, step by step,
broken down the characteristic promptitude ol
many a iiusband, and with it tiis business ener
gies, unti{ ruin comes upon his business, and
wreichedness enters his home. W'iuld wives
wish peace oi mind, and blessing* at bom'*, H iw.
ifig from the prosperity of the husband, let her
constant aim Im, to be able to say, ‘I never kept
mv husband waii'iug..’—Qkia l'\atncr.
Tison, who was present, should be called lo their
assistance. Hi^ was quickly on the spot, and be-
io{r a m*n ol urictmimon courage, he was not
n>any niitiut*'S within the circle of weeping and
hall lainiing femalos, nn'il he caught the tail ol
the snake and wound it round his hand to make
.sure ol his hold.
Ae then told Miss M. ihat she must let go at the
loust* ( q'lamyc,} will) pockets, and sleevs which i moin'tit he jerked it away; and to make the act !
as instantaneous as possible, he would prononnce
tht* words one, two, three, and at the moment he ;
pronounr^td tht; l ist woril, she must let go her ,
hold, and he doubted not he could withdraw the
snake before it would have time lo strike. All
siood in breathless horror, awaiting the aci of liie '
or death ; nnd at the moment the word three was
prnnoiinci d. the doctor jerked out the largest and ;
most di ifioiical looking bustle that was ever seen
in Missis'sinpi. 'I'lie whole affair wrj^s then ex-
plaint'd. The fasicnings of the machine had be
come loose during dancing, and it had shifted its
position in such a way that it diingled about the
ladv’s limtis, nnd induced the belief that il was a
snake with an enortnnus head.
'Phe doctor fell right down in his tracks, and
faitiled—lie .'Id
iVoi tli C'aroliiiii Rail Roul.
The annual meeting of the stockbohiers of this
lload will be lield in (he town of Cireen!»boro’ «>n ,
I bt* 2nd Thursday, the I2th day of July nxt. W'e •
uiidersland thal iln re will be a meeling of the •
Diri'ctory on ihe 9;h of July.
We learn ihat the work on this great enterprise ,
IS progressing with all possihb* despatch. On the I
Ciistern end,the cars are running daily lo .Mebanes- I
ville, 32 miles east of Greensboro’, nnd 100 miles 1
west of Gtildsboro.’ On the western entl the cars *
il not now, will in a fww days be running to L"X-
ingion, 3.") mih-s west of Greensboro,’ and 02
miles ;asl of Charlotte ; miking 162 miles of the j
road now in use, leaving some 60 miles yet to j
finish; and a portion of that but little to do except
to lay down the iron. We fu'fiher learn t'iiat a j
sulliciency ol irtin to comph;te the whole rond h is j
been purchased, and that there will be no delay in |
A Vkhv Tough Stokv.—Sixty yoke of red
bull?, according to the Frontier News, were seen
last week, by an old lady in Ktnsas, hitch* d to an
empty wagon, which was mired in the streets of
this city. The team reached entirely from hill to
hill, across one of ourvalhys, vulgarly called
guts. The w-ngon, being very lighl in the mud,
refused lo move ; the consequence was, w hen th it
the nighi, and by morn'og had quite a clean yard
He says he wishes t.* meet the brethren one more
niglit, but lhal if the same difllculties occur again
he is done with Know-Nolhingism. Truly, tho
way ol the transgressor is hard, very.
Lof isville Democrat.
Misapprkiie.nsion.—Wo recollect once being
much amused at the rihition of the lollowing an-
ecdoie, from the lips ol a vt>ry amiable, ami withal
a modi st widow lady of New Jersey: Soon alter
her huslKind paid ‘.ho debt of nature, le;i\ing her
sob) legatee, a claim was lirought agtiinsl tho  S*
l.ile by his b.'other, ami a process was served U;> U
her l>y ibe st>er;li‘of ibi; cnunty, w ho happened to
bn a widower «jl middle ogr. P.. unused, ut
lhal lime, to the lorms ol law, tiiough in the [>ro-
Iracted lawsuit which followed, she had amph; oji-
portunity of actjuiriug t xperietxe, sht; was mucli
alarmed ; ami meeiing, just aller iJn* departure of
ihe sht ritl', with a (eni ih; friend, sImj exclaimed,
with much agitiition, ‘*What do you think ? Sher-
iir Perine Inis been after m-* !'* ‘Wei!,’ said tin?
Considerate lady, with [)erfect roohiess, *h« ia n
very fine man.’ ‘l^ut he says he haf» iin wil'aHi-
ment for mo,’ repl.eJ the with w. ‘^Tiel!, I ha»i7
long suspi:cU‘d he v'as aitach*-d to yo», my ti'-ar-.
‘3ut V"U don’t uiidi rsiiMid — he says 1 must ^fo- t5
court.’ H)h, lhai’b quitn another atrnir, :«y chilli;
don’t you go so far as that ; it is iiis platv tx) conu*,
and Court you.’
Filihuslero pro.~pnc>.s are looking up in MexicO-
Ctdont'l Wheat, ol Cuban memory, had passed
thr'>iigh Aspinivall, en rouu* to .Vcapulco, to assume-
a (jeneral’s commission already signed lor him by
Alvari'Z. His staff hus been du'y appoinud, ami
only awaiting the arriv .l of thf ir commamh r. A
printing press from the hou»e of .Messrs. Hue and
Co. of New York, had arrived in Acapulco. it i*
destined lor tht; propflgalion ol liberal principle.s,.
and w as rcceivt.d w ith all the honors and then duly
'I’o lo.NixK Dami’ .Matciiks.— A damp match
wiiriigh rflf-'idly by lir-t bohiuig it lo llio arm or
other wiirm part of the body Jor a lew seconds
until il attracts i s/nall amount ol heat, then lub*
bing it gently on a wooh ti du'h oS close lexUin’,-
such as dueiikm, or wh;it is eomtnonly u.^ed lor
|)anlaloon('- It will ignite il the compn8ilit>n bo
almost as soft as puKy ; woolen cloth is the best to
use in that cast*, as it ciiusef. little Iriction, and is
a good non conducior of heat.
'Pi.MCLV \\’AK.\i>u. — A iiiau iij Sent lo ihe
Penitentiary in Arkansas for coJHiterKJiling, whu
coiifi'ssed ihul Itis ir.'f step in cuine wan e.lieuting
a publislier oul of a year’s subsrrj)tion. It is «
dreiidiul iliing.s lo delrautl the printer of his honest
earning*, and person.? who trunsgress in ihis res-
nect siddorn prosper in this world, and heap red
iiot coils upon their heads in that which li'^-s b*-
yond. D« linqut*nls about lo cm'gratc will lt.kc
nole ! ! !—JUchnn;p.
No Pi.ACK Likk Homk.— \ nogro boy belong
ing to Judge iSunruutffS, r l Kanawh i, (Vh..) re-
ceiitlv ii4i'C»n h*d from h»s- home and wt nl lo
nada, but was so di^giisled with the npp'*;iranee td
ihint'S thi re tint b,"* tijrned r.benl anil came back
portion of the team in the lead, over on the other j ngnin. He says In* has seen the ‘eh pliant,’ und
liill, (spread themselves in a stronjj pull, and straigh
tened the chains, ihal yoke nf the
bulls in ihe centre were suspend' i! in mid air, by
their necks, somilhing less than fu'ty feel afiove
ground. W’e diti not see it, but understand that a
[irofile view was taken on the sp jl lor the Neu s
eiBce.— Kansas Cify Knterpi tse.
is sitisfied. — IIirhmond
—' it is «aid to have i»oeii satitfar.-
torily tlemonslr.itt d, ih it evt ry time ii wife scolds
her hiisbaml, she adds n wrinkle to h r luce I It
is thought ihe aniioiineement of this fact will hav«
rt rni»si salutary ellVct especially as it is under
stood 'hat every lime a wile smih s on her husbunJ
il will remove one ol the old wrinkles!’
blO 'oi swi't't (lowers of jj ippinejfs l-j
and j-'olit ued holwr t.niniHlit flood ihi; sky ; il fui j
the desi rt land there throbs an ho;it st heart to love !
you. i
Ncthipt;! Th''re will be an hour in wh-ch enrth j
with ils pomp and sht>»vy wealth with its pleasures i
and delight, and beauty, with its charms and po’.v- |
er, will seem to you like nothing : tht; m"-
jiwjry of a love that b'e.^t your ni iidenh:).-.d aii-J i
ehei red vtN« uiiil the storms ol liie, thal went be- I
lore vt>u and j;ave yoKjr spirit strength to fo!l.>w, 1
lhal crushed the thorns of iilH ction jilac d upon
your brow and culled each tlower that blos«ometl ;
on life's way « ill rise in pleasanim-ss befor'* you :
and while yo’.ir spirit quiet iuiJ sirtne, awaits
tleiiMi’s sjinmons froKi this world, f ni"raber that
th'* pt*,"ce. the crown, th'* happiness is yurs, h. -!
casjB" of the virtO'*, truth and bright example of j
t!ie lionest hrarl that love I you.
The '■V afIri't;'' n I’nioti of 'Phinslay pulili'hes
the pioctid ng of the recent l)eniocr:ttic Siat«
Ci-nveii:ion cl Lou.--iana, heid at B i on Kogne. on ’
the ISth instant, v\ Inch among olfter resolulions |
ndop'eJ t!ie tiroigia IMatform, imd accomiiiiiiics |
them wiih 'be following remark; •
‘ 'Plio resolutions adopn d at thi>*e n>eetir?i/s j
sliow an unl.dierinji adlierence to the recognis-d ,
principles and la.-nl.-nai ks of tht> de«ir>eraiic party, ■
* • its IrienJs and tlie trlorv of tht
VVaumng to Yorso Mks—Willis Kelly pro
mised to lake N «ncy C, Servoss tia his home and ; —
j journals slaies an lA'rj.ofdinnrv suicide hay
y of tht; OM North State. | ed 83.500 damages for los« of tiiue in coririing, ii,k'*n pl.ico Jit .Mons, M idame li , a res-
(Jrecusboro' Patriot. \ and the wear and lear ol afTection. Tl*e case was j pectable inhabitant ol tiiat town, threw iicr«eif into
1 tried in Ly-ms, W'ayne county, K"Hy wdl be j ^ver 'i'reuillt;, niter having firmly Med to her
h-ss aiientive to “ .Miss Njucys” in future,
Its rcci piion. Evtry thing, so far as we can b-arn j
b' ains, V. hen Iriends, and rehi'ives, and hiveliness ; gives asMiriince of a speedy completion ol the work i heart, but as he lailed to luifil the 'Co«(raci, the
w ill pass bffure you to tl.e grave ; but still w ill j jj„,j reaiiz ilion of the ftjndi*st nnticipiitions of j flir lady instiiuted a suit ag«in»l him and recover-
The cut nf a man’s cofit lias become tlio index
to his rank. W aist low, tail short, plebeian ; waist
pri-tty wt 11 “ up, ’ tail a compromise, wearer evi-
d ntly a doughface, belonging to both parties—
wasn’t the pluck to be a pure shanghai ; waisi
fijritiusly up, tail ireinendou'ly down,perlect brick
goes the w hole porker, fast man ; wuist exactly
SIX Indies from collar, tiiil precisely one inch and
three quarters Irom ground, kids, moustache, pt*r-
fuinery, aristocrat, so fitr in upper leudonj ibal he
c innoi be discovered wi honl the aid of glasses.—
*Phe coijpany of ehorl tails must be cut—merely
nod lo compromise man—u » very well to borrow
money Irom occasionally, but m'jst not ai«sociiile
wi h him. Keal si anghai, good company — bor
rows occa'iofj□ lly, howeier, but then, 4ie .3 in
'asliion. Shiinghai ha.-? unlnniied credit ; land
lady ulwajs givis him the best room, sweetest
srn.leg and litbi s, and never asks iiim for money,
w lu'e doughrace must pay punctually when due, i Know Nt»lhing in one respect. He appears bul
d'jvote iiiin-ielf to some less expensive ‘-Sirvoss.”
Yes, and if he dont, he will he very apt lo be
served in precisely thes>:me fashion again. 'Phis
p»romiscuaus flying around dimily without fixed
intentions ol following out the classic maxim, go
in lemons if you are sequeezed, is nol lo be endur
ed. il is a violation ol an inalienable right of a-
fotesaik diiuitv, and should be disC')urage^ by ali
Sam Sis'gi.vo.—The N>*w Y'ork F.xpress get*
up an ode to the Ku'»w .Nothings, beginning thus:
As an army of locu*t«, tlir Know Notliings fly —
Anti, “ onward,yet oiiwartl*” iticir slirill iiattlc-cry,
Tliv’re X {iilliirol clou l as they inarcli uii their waj !
And a pillur ol fire makes tiictr niglil as tlic day.
Now tht* locust IS nol only a ‘‘ foreigner,” but
. a des'ructive one. He however resembles the
and bob-tail invariutly in advance.
once in 17 years, and is then unanimously voted
a nuisance and run in ihe around.
waist a little girl aged five, belonging to the found
ling hospital, and whom she had most carefully
! dressed and covered w iih rose*.
I 0:^ The Native St nrinel pu!i!i‘lipd in WMson,
; N, C-, has gf>oe U> that Ujurne whence no news-
1 pnper return', and its publisiier iias given leg bail
’ for his non appearance before the grim visages ol
j his K. N. brethren.— Go'iWi'jro Tdegraph.
j “Your biatrs arc verv dark, .Mr. Dudsoii. D"»
you think I can find ihe boHom ?”
I “ N’ jthing e isier, my de if madam, all ycrti
i have to do is to let go the bunniile.s, and make a
! stumble.”
j Fine Fellovvs. 'Pbo rnin who advettises in
tour paper, tht; rrjtn who never refused to leml
you mtviit-y, and the lei low who i^ courting your
j fri»l«r.
01 mustard, forty-two samples analyzed by D'.
H:S'aii, all were more or less adulterated with
(lyur lor Itulk and luuveric for color. V'inegar is
adulterated with WRrUr and sulphuric acid. Pep-
Ge.mpel 1’kople.—'Pile young lady who lets
her mother do the ironing, lor fear of spreading
her ba4idi; the Miss who wears tlnu shoes on h
' ij
A Phoid Revolctioitarv SotBiKn.—Lewis
Sanders Noble, a soldier of the Revolu ioa, and a j ^ ^^ung gentleman who
- . . , . . , in Marion’s legion, died on the 19th of! to be seen waikii g wiUi hi- lather.
a calm, chHertnl, ai d an I'bidingcon.^idtiice lu the | pi r is mitid up wiih groiiiitl mustard seeds and : -^pri!, in Clinch ci^unty, iTeorgia, at ihe advar>ced
iuUire, and at ihe same tiiue the occasion is ap- | linseed meal. But Cayenne pepper 1 hear and j age of 104 yesTS- He f reserved to the last a hat
jiroiiriately ciaio'aced to pay a ditiij^ tritni'e lo tht; ; trembU*, ye lovers of high sesaoning ; out ol twen- j worn by him in battle, and pierced by riuieteen
witdt>ni, patiiotism. iinJ ltdtlfv of PrtSi-J'nt i ty-eioht .amples, red-U ad, ^nd o!!«Yn io poisouous : bullets. He never would apply for iior accrpt
Pi ice's adiiiui's'ra'i' ii.’ ' 1 q : Mi'fi-pr'-'scnt in th r'ccn. ' any pension.
Dr. A. J. Johnson, of Washington, and a gra
duate of tiie .Maryland Uuiverbity, has gone lo
Russia, to take a surgeoL’s cymtniBsi'.ii.

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