North Carolina Newspapers

    WARINO Sc PRITCHARD, Proprietors. |>
^ PRI^H|$2 PER YEAR lu Advance.
Cljr Itiitrs—Disiiic as tiir 3BiIlDUj, but onr ns lir ?rii.
VO[i. 4.
i\0. 4.
lie had so frequently deniod tootlnTS, “I’ll l-ach \ A K.iio%v>nolliiiii; Ciiiu tipiked by «me ot j
^ you nmftners,” said Ald.'n ; “I’ll teacli you to in- J own Jlvii. I
suli lliosK Mko ■ir€? ni I f I K * r I n f r irk u/nnicr t'ltii ( ^ I
Sahatoga, July :J3, 1855. |
Deal Sir: I did not receive till last i
Capl. Alcleii and Prcxcolt.
llOlt3E\Vllll*l*l.\G .1 TV a ANT.
Genera! Prcscott, the commander of the British lo your warns, you ^
PflMTVriCJQTmM ivrnj PU a iVTTC | ‘'•‘^‘>1*« ‘>» in.odo l>l..nd, wusonuof those '> '’'‘"'Cal minion of Eiif^lish (.|.pr**.ssors”—nn'1 nt i
IrljLjtivJlxllM X ! spirited, |»«-iiy lyrunts, who, when in power, ex- "ord the long lasli of the wliip wound its ;
Noa, 1 and 2 Atlantic Wharf.
♦ r* >' ? ;■ ^ i i }♦'* i *
kJ O ',*>A jw. 0 ^ VJ jU i ^ 0> J#
(: ,*»**ral a«ivanceii on ('oiinutiriionts.
K* lt-r«*ncp:— U. B. WiJhanis, Presit eiit ot the Bank
; ■ hj;
J. > ly.').'..
A, I!. I'lHI.I.II’.S,
I ’lir til'" (tiii I'll I"'' iiiiii s.ilc «jf IJ» Ai. I !s I'\TK, S fni'KS,
il liiri!-! ol Ml rrli;uiii««r uiwi ('(jtiiilry
r lilt ’ Hank, (’uliim-
J I > IM, .N Ni I'*’
(il U" '-.
I ■  )ilii-i- III ri ;ir
oi», S ,ii (ti ('.I riiliiia.
Jiiii',' 1 'i 1 *>.’ j.
ll 1 had ¥i)(in«'r sr«*n or heard of the ctitents ol
your card, 1 shoiil»I huve d«?ein» d it mv duty to re
ply at once to that portion of i/ which icfcrs to
iny>'ell luul to this maUer.
You are m'staken as to ih*- purport of the rr.
Hi-trks made to nio by tlie r' pre>ifntaiive of ih»-
Pi P'* at Madrid. ]i was not thai he knew ht fore-
hand that Mr. Caniphell would be af'pointed, and
as!i riiemt»er ol ihe C .tfiolic Church, or that h
I'roni the I’a.tiiiioie bun.
Altuciviu.;^ llii' 4jiu\vi'uikit lit.
i' vNiiit u».. Ill tiiy ut uur  i>ieiii(M»r>iri'!», .i
pit. vuitMii di'P'i.'i Kiii u> iitiurk itu- uoiiiaiisiraUiMi
til the g V t rtiuifiil kI llic L; mud '^jiatts. Ni» in a-
ler mill puvv c i. i liere is ii i vv a \ !i u p.i 11 v
uu( oj jjouc/, rt-aO\ li» inagiiily liie ;lighusl ci-
rur on (tie u! Uit- Iv^iiiicr, and to iiiijiuli.' iticre-
ti) :iit lli ;K tu-> auU ( vt.-ii Cl line u|)oii ilio t.iiih i l
pulihc lUfuiir. vv uiiiiul p uling lo inquire tiow i;
oihern, are the mo.l ’ contem-ible sycophant, and >ou with pleasure.” «bout the appuin ment ol .Mr. U nnpbell
parasites. An aristocrat bv birth, he had been . onicers pre?*t?ni made no efTurt to relieve i J*’*'*Ti^>er ol the pn senl Cabinet nl V\ »«>hingtiin.
reared in tlic lap ol po«er and nurtured under the prisoner Irotn the well deserved punishment,
inlluence ol those peculiai insiituiions which, in ' ^ iichly merited the piisiiga-
elevating the few depre.ssing and degrading the casl-fallen g» neral was too well js-
mass, pieparo that priviltg.-d (ew to become the It'elings to wards him lo reproach
most VICIOUS and urbltiary ruli;rs, particularly of u ■ 'o>k a territile reveng«, when,
people w ho n^pire to Ireedom and equality. Nnr- ^ “ lun**, he wa.s exchanged and n lunifd k* hid
row-niiiiJed in the extreme, with a heart which at N-wpirt, by burning ihe lowns and
knew noi the least touch of benevolence, and cal. I ioinndiate neinhborhood, and turn-
lous to etery feeling ol iMiy, he was far from being ' UP'»" "‘>fld.— . r . 1« • ' ’
a fii person to be placed m auihoritv over the pat- . utiver forgot or forgave the ii ffliciion of pun- , any thing about^ it liehtre the appoinimeni j r.xaniple bi lon- ih- ir readei;# und oi servers.
1 «»!' .4l>i»oiix«'ll.
From I hr* Hiihs of \^’ejssh:id, (Canton of A{*
P' iiz>-ll ) a ruj'j^ed f)’ith, steep, and suowu wi.’
he ilt'bt IS til rocks, conducts urroHs the Homtnet!
Alp, ,ind in al.>out an hour and a half brings us t
a wonde’.i bridge, suspended over a IrigfuJi.
ebasm, and leaiiiiig to a chapel, ingeniously cr;;
sirucud iM a cavern of the rocks. Few jio i.*
•■'in be m'.re aji().illin^ than what is here oilers !
Ml taking the firsi sl» p upon the bridge. iM
orig'nated. IJat u i6 n il uni^ txpmlyoux ol pow j sp. clator.s, unles.** familnr with such scenes, e\
t r w iiu will dij till'; :i IrMjuenily serves the ni i ! perieiice an involuninry shudder as they suddeiilv
ieriul ol u pariigiHpli lor culur und even reli | come in sight of the precip'ce beneath, wiiivl
gious pipeis, nii pu Us!-iiiiiatly partisan. A tling j ^^(■^ce^ds to a de;)th o( two hundred and fifi> In’;
ut ihe L in ed ii.ali s goveiniutnt, a reckless inui n* i pt'rpenriicular, Mid tho wild and savage graiidi ur
do levt ll» d at ihe iiitegii } ol a |)iiriicuiar i tlicer, wiih u lnch liie wiiole scene is invested. The v i* w
or di.scliargi d iniii»criiniii..ifly ag.iinsi the w hole j lo iIk? south i.s ma^jnificent, c»>mpi ising the si.!!.
ol thi-ni, Is a lva'U,e ol cm rent sport widi man\
kvho, wtiether proniiiit nt in catineciion with ihe
prtss, or in any other way, should set a betler
X>rOS3S OVt^VllLOX-,
‘J I'dOit.s MIKTlI l l- Kl.llll's lloTI-a.,
\I.f, I»ri M>> ml und iii:il. liy tlic ci It br .tcil A. I)
(Mi tlioij, iihil w.irraiili il t.i lit.
oiiiii t» trijiiiii(-(i in till- ••t xlvl*' at tin- shorteiit
ti I'. ' . A]»ril’JI(, 1.''.).'). Uiur.
r. JDiixsox,
CHAlil.ESlUS, So. (\i.
Xl-cooivocl tlxis JOzxy,
^ . N r * Al.l’Kl Sl.ll■lM:U^■, tiKiire.l.
^ I 1,.* ll- “ •• with rllMf.^. j
( ooH-il Ki'^iireil Vflvt .'^l.Il'I’J^lkS, \
' ‘ \\ il it i‘ K 111 a 111! Sal 1II *•
t l.i|;lit ( iilnrod r.UD’l'S. at |
J r.S llyut \ Shuo ]!iiipoi iiiiii.
JuiK- 1
1*1 Eii.K' :^OTin:. |
1.0 \
Capital 11,000,000, FIs.
'Ill'* l.(>.\N i-i •'III rnilci-i. ly till- (i'lVi-i iiniciil, aiui
•\ 1 ' In’ llr ,1 w 11 III I. iill rt 111 [11 r/.i fi, ;is o' jnu m :
If «>i ooo i'jh I i.'» «>r i(>.oi>> ris.
1 • .(.I, il I-',-. -j:{ 111 l.'i.l)):) I'!-. -i ll! I'J.UOK
. .. I i, ii'i; I s to i.r inM) i'U. -j i.t t.^ino l-‘ls.
.11 1, III M... nta; ,,i-J,!);!,! i-‘is, im 1 ol i.o'ti I'ls.
\|. \i. A'.
'I'll- |iri/.r ll' liii: t'J Kliiri U.S.
1 J I'luri ||. an iijiiil Id 1 V'- I )..II.i i-t.
'Ml ill \i I>i .1 iiiu i.ilvc'|il.;c-'.it ^^lrl.snlhl■, ihe
D 1. I ,.iii lit 1 Ilf J{..l. ll ;.*vI’Mi111' lit, 1)11 lilt .‘t! .-1 .\ iii; ">t,
] *1 I, « !>■ II 1 vi i \ lir.iw ll iiiii.ilii I iiiu>l iiIj! liii iiu' ll! t.ii'"\. nil ii ii mill I'r i/.i'. \\ hirli uillli' [i.iiil iiiei'
■ K • til • i>; ill’’ u.iijc1111 ll. I’li'i'i’ fiirtiill l> S .
, III rv 11.,t r. sMillii; nil tin- >i>' t, will li:i\i ill* ir iillMiUIlt
P lit ■ ” |iiil t'. t. rill t.irmiLli iH‘ i s'.. Iili.^inii
r. Ilk. 'I'lli- l-l't... i.tlili- rr till \\lll Ilf SI 1.1 t i IMcll
Sli ir. 111.jilt r, ;.inl lla s icf( ;ul iiuiiiiiers l u'ijli.-^lu il in
' ii. V. w |it r^
Tin- I’lii i III 'I'ii kfts i> 'I’wd Oi.Ilnr.--.
I’ll*- tii; 1'n» in;; ;nl\.iiil.i" s .i r i vcii liy t.iUi ii(> a nniii-
ii. r lit 'I'n-l.i l>. \ I/. ;
II ‘I'li kil- eiol Iiiiiv .'ill Th Ki Is ciiNt iail\
••I 'r I'.vfts  ti-i iMilv l> tun'I’lcki (-= i>>>»'•>)'> t.>l
'liii riii'i- li>r 'I' fill 111- SI nt III Itiiilv Notis or
1 >i .1 ll.>., ]i I y .ill!' Ill :i IIV III 1 111- i-'iiii nil ri'i 11 tnwns ol (n-r-
■jii.. 11 >, II I liiiil, rr.iiii’f, llii;; 1.111(1, Si'iii 1 mil, nr I
t .rl
silvery lake of the See-.Mn sCOOped out ol the Sen-.
Us, ai:d g'ving birih to the Situr, the glitterii:g
course of w Inch is a s’riking feature ir. tlie pic
ture. Immediately over head, the rocky waUs u*
the I'^Sen■ Ip soar into the sky, and siiut out lh
world ; while precipices nnd vallevs, Innvning
one ol ihern tlut he w t.s conipelled to withiJraw
Alter ihe others h id announced their btisines.s,
and t!ie (.icneral Jiud become somewhat culm, he
inquired :
“Was not my treattnent of Foiger rather un
civil ?”
“Ves,” jepli«d the other.
“Ihen, ’ said Prescott, “1 will tell you tl)e rea
son ; he looked so much like a d — d C'*nneciicui
tleinan to oflice, or that he knew, or Imd any rea-
san to believe it was done, in pursuance of any
bargain or intrigue to this eff-ct, on the part of
man tlul horsewh'ppcd me, that 1 could not en- jwhalBoeyer.
dure Ills presence.”
riotic inhabitants ol lihode Island who could be i up'>n his person, and when, upon a sub- ' ''*** actually made, U hat 1 have sai l, and what | '1}^. jjovi rnnn. lu ol the UniteiJ States has inva-
' m(ire easily conquered liy lenient measures than occasion, three of the citizens of Newport ; ''epent, is, that b*fore 1 had any certain news ol j nutiiy embudied iii ih«- jn'no/Utel of iis ailminiaira- _ , ^ ^ _ ^ ,
^ by the us'i'of co;istrainin‘» in(lue-nc«.*s. From ihe upon liim regarding the business of the ; Cabinet, and while its consti- j (,y„ ujfuiU' I) more tai ni, hun- »iy, ttriciuiicy and ; wiih winter, or tirilliant wilh verdure, come
, O I I I* I 'tlltl/^n %A.' AfcllZtltl I It 1 .1 I 1 » . « -A
lirst day ol his power, he pursued a system of ihe
j most pitiful tyranny, with u view’ to crush the
spirit ol those who hail dared tr> resist :he op-
presi*ion.s i.eaped upon tfieni bv tJte mother coun-
j U rithing under u s( rtse of wrong and injustice
nnd maddened to desperation by the meanness
, and fnaligoi^y of their tyrant, the people of the is
land deiermind to rid tliems*.*!ves ol the curse, no
matter at what risk or sacrifice. Various plans
were sugy«‘Sti d, and even aMsassinaiion was hin
ted; but It was reserved fur Col. LJjrlon ol Provi-
, dence, a bold and courngi;ou.s man, to ni.ilureand
, curry out a plan by winch they were relieved o^
j tiicir burdi ti fur a lime, und ttieir tyrant was
I taught a severe but well merited lesson. It was
I a bold and d iring »xpeiiinent, but its success*
prov (ul that ihe niost ha/.arduus enlerpris*', when
I uiuh riakt n wnh al and carried out with d-ci-
; j^ioii and energy, may be accomplished. Its very
d inn;; is a guur.mtoe ol succes**.
] W nil a f w cliost n men, in lour w lialo boats,
niriDii embarked abuui U o’clock in thi; evening
I ui W.irwick Point, and wiih mulll'd oars, carelul-
! ly and ste.ililiily fi It his way ac''os» to tiie llhode
Isl.iiid shore, passing ih-- Hiiii>h siiips find guard
boats Iviiig ut anchor in the bay, withoui uitract-
ing attention. J,.anding in a little ciive not far
Iroiii Prescott’s heailtjuarlers, he divided his men
totvn, h'* stormed and raved in such n manner at was sull in doubt, and the guhj' ct of e»in- | gt uerul e.xceilence ol ch in cter than ol any i ternaiely into view, and by singular contra>’?‘,
jecture in ^the public mind ai Madrid, he told me ntiion. ll :s coiistan'.ly e.\po*(ed lo ihe tin- | give a cliarnctrr lo the laiidscupu which il is iin-
that Mr. Campbell was appointed, and that he wu.s | restncteu ^c.■■utlny ol u powerlul opposition, the j possible lo describe.
a Ca'ht)lic; which was the lirst ialormalioti 1 had (ri.,. cruiciain ol me pres.s, and the most tteurching j Having accomplished this pass, the chapel f'l
of either fact. | dL-inaiuls ol Congress. It cannot secrete villainy ) the de.>ert, as Ms name (Wild-lCirthlein) imjiorn
1 did not at all suppose that he had any prcvi- i wi;re il so dispos« d. And tne most thortiugh tn- i eomesi into sight ; and a more e.xtruordinary
ous knowleflge of an intention lo opptnni ihisger.- j tesiigalion hus laileil at any time to delt cl und ; tion for a shrine it would bo difficult to select, even
t xpoie sysienmtic Iraud, under tho direciion or j in the Alps. Hr hod the chapel, a grotto »pcii’
connivance til the guvi rnnu-nt of the United Stales. I into the rock, tho walhs of which ure covered with
This can be said oi no oiher country in the world. ' luc-linic ; and here nn altar is erected. 'ihe
Indeed it is a notorious laci that whenever inves- i view Iroin the windows is unrivalled, '('his sav-
tigation and exposure have been practicable with ; age nnd solitary retreat was chosen hy a nativt'
rcspc-ci to liurojuuin guviTnuienis, a sysiem ol of Appenzell, named Ulmann, who built theclipp-
wiong doing, exiraV ig .nee and villainy in some el in 1 050, and made the cavern his abode. From
shape or olh' r tiet ;i sufliciently exhibited to that time, ilie second grotto has been occupied
convince tiie most tcepiical that worstf remained during' the fine season, by a hermit, who rings ll.c
intelligence of that fact to the leading member of behind. | c(ia)iel bell five limes every day—a signal at winch
the Catholic priest-h«iod. [ lieaides thi'^, our governenenl is free from llic the shepherds of the A!{)S fall on their kiteCii ill iKo
It is proper ta add thui, having seen in a Ival* i repioach of aristocratic routine and conventianaii- j exercise cf prayer.
eigh paper n brief, and what appeared to be an im- ; ,y j„.c„ii.^fly obnoxious in foreign affairs, 'i'hat |
pertecf. report of the speech recently made in I and honor.ible distinction is ours, which
Wai.hington bj tho lion. Cenneth 11 ivijer, in i hnlds the Inghe.Nt c.ffj.rcs in the gilt of the people j
open to ilif fiithlul pub ic sei vico and honoriilile :
ambition of the man of humbltisl origin amongst
us. 'fhis IS eiiuiigli to endure to us our system ol ]
yovernmeijt, and should be hiilHcit'tit to make us I
The inference 1 made was, that the appoinlmei?
of a Catholic to this high o(Fi ;e being, lutur illy,
a cause ol much interest und sati.sfaclion to the
chinch (if that faith, e.'pecial pains had been ta-
ea 11 lest
SoL’TiiEitN \V.\TEKIN« Placks. — W(.‘ are gra-
lifted to hear .hat veiy iew people Irmn the 8 lUth j jn gome quart«?r, to communicate the
have g'»ne North this season on (lieasure, and we
could wi.ih that none would go on business. It i.s
high liino we had calh d a halt. W'e are treated
worse at ihe Noith than if we were foreign ene
mies. Uesides insults and systema’ic organizi-
tions agaiiijit iur institutions, a S'Uitb,*rn gentle
man cannot take .his body servant with him with
out being mobbed and plundered. We are under
no :ieces.sily of sut jecling ours» lves to such tre.nt-
ment, and at the same lime pay the Yunkee.s for
innicling it. vVe have sen buihing and mountains,
and hcaliti giving ftjunlains in abund.»nce on this
sitle ol the l^otoinac. Let us all with one accord
dtierrnine to stay at honj> , and spend what money
. ll It .I.
I I.I-
' ■111.! r.o |i. ftii^ii « .i|i|i!) tu llif iimli r>i;;i.-
liulis. , \\ lu.'li |« .1 lijiiilliti ti l'r llif; ol
into .s]u ids—each having Us speci il duty assign- j "e have to .';paie ani'ing our own people. VVi
ed — and silently advanced toward the house.— shall ex[ierieiice more pleasure in the expenditure
PiSsing about mnJwav tjetween a Pritish guard j *^d it, and at ihe sarne time augment the nuans ol
liiitise and tli ! enc iinpmenl ol liglit horse, the i Southern indepencii'iice.
Ciilonel and his parly reached the gate where j For years p »st the prodigality of Southern plea
sure seekers ; anil ifie purcliases of Southern mer
chants, have supplied ihe fanatics of the North
with the sinews of war to carry on tin ir cru.sade
against us. Wilson, of .Massachusetts, who is said
to have slaveholders, is on!v one ol the million
who riot in wealth accumulated from slave labor.
The ttlnnghty dollar is th“ only god whonj the
Tin* ihrew the s.VuheT off hiigu ird, thinking i Y 'nk.e devoutedly ador«-s ; and il he
till m Iriends from the camp-and hi, musket was i made to f-el that he could only approach the
s. iz.-d, and himself gagged and bound t.elore he | preSt-nce ol th .t deity and hope for h.s lavor hy
w a-* iiw are th.ii he w .is in the huiuis ol enemies, i chan^inj; his tone af.d ac'ion in regard to the South,
1‘nitering the house, |{ir!on lound Mr. Overton, ! 've should speedilv wiiness a total revolution in
the |)roprielor, reading in ifie large open hall, the
.stood a sentry on gtiaul.
‘•Who g(>es iheie he cried, as he Lecuine
aware ol the pnrtv.
* Ft lends,” repin'd IJirton.
‘•.\dvance, Iriends, and give the countersign.”
‘We have no ccuntersign to give ; have you
s;*en anv de.-crters lo-nioh! ! ’
his sentiments and deporimeHl.
iLuhmoncl \\7ii".
,M( 'UIZ .'^'1 li;ill.i; I! t>Ki rs.
I I iiikturt oii.iliir M.iiiif (.» riiiiiny,
.S’, i; -1,1 tit rs ti. Ill iliri i t' ll •• |i- r S'i-.hiut. vi.i I.iv-
ii|i.i..i.” to \h>i;i/ srji::;i,i; limUir.s, in
I ‘ 111K liirt I III t Ilf .W . I lie.
I*' Ml iit.i iii'i f- u liifli ai iivi
illi r till- i! i v III Prau i n•,^
will 111 r. t iriif.
till n|lti. |l it' till
.liih --'Till 1-.'
' IllVt »lt ll 111 till.
ill r.
in-.\l D; will;.
rest of the l.'ioiilv having retired, and inq lired of
him lor Pr* seo'.t's iic m. He pointed ujiwurds,
iniimaiing it was imnieiliately above. Ilisiily as- j
c ndiri'' iln! stairs, the Colom l found the door
I ick> d. No time was to be lost, and the door was
burst open by a blow Ir'on the head of a negro, I p,||,iished a D ctinnary of Archaic and Provinri.-tl
who Was (uit! ol the party and they ru^hf^d in to j Words, obsolete phrases, jiroverbs anil ancient
till 1 Prescott, who took lie m lor robb'-rs, on the | from the fourteenth cen'nry. We e.\
lloiir, in his ntglr clothes, with his watch and purse j examples ol t’ne dinlect ol Slairordshir; and
ProviiiciultsiiliM ol' (he I^au-
A few years since fi Mr. Hallivvfl! of London,
The c(i-p.iriiiei'liip ill reiolnre cx'siiiii; between
lb'- snbscriiiirs. iinder the lirm ol \\,\KlN(i A:
lll'.UKl^N. in tlif publiiMlii'n ol tl'c \\ esiein
i I iiiiici'•I.” I'.is t ,\pired this day b\ its own limi-
I Ition. 'I'lie aeci llllt.s due ill'- liriii niusi be closed
illiii 1' a ut III iri'/.eil losei|!e.
uriT s ,\i. iji:iiii()\.
soon :is pii.s> ibll. I-
AOTH i:.
in Ins hiiimli>. S’epping up to him, and laying his
ii.ind quietly upon his shoulder, Birton in\or(ned
him that he was his prisoner, anti that any noise
or alarm wotilil insure Ins immeili ite death. Pres-
ci'it begged lime to dress, but it being a hot July
night this was relu*ed, and he was hurried on
bo.ird the boat with his aid de camp, who was also
secured, together w ith the sentinel. Wilh as !ilile
nois*! as the\ came, the party returned lo War-
wick, where they I'uund a carnage in waiting to
cmivev the prisoner to Providence.
‘•You have made a bohJ push to-night said Pres
cott to ll.irlon, as they drove hastily over the road
eiul- avofing to draw him into conversation.
••We h?ive heeii fortunate,” replied the Colonel
lIwi.NC made nut all fie- accnn's due th'* laconically, and thus the colloquy ended.
■ • ■ Ih’lore moining the prisoners and their captors
were in Providence, vvfiere i*r« scoit was delivered
into the cusiodv of (Jen. Spencer, w ho treatid him
wilh consider.ili tn far aliove nis deserts.
Alter a few dav’s ^Iay m Providence, Prescott
was sent under an escort to the headquarters ol
W.ishmg'.on, on the lludsen. (^n reaching i>eb
ation, iho party stopped for dinner at the tavern
ol a (.'apt. Aiden, who vvas an ardent Whig, and
h lied the very name ol Prescon. Nothing could
airnd him higher ^jralilicaiion than the opportuni
ty to inflict condign punishment upon the detested
tyrant, Hnd P. unwitiingly atlorded him that oj)-
poriunii V.
,\t th«? table, Mr*. Alden waited upon the Gen-
eial, and am mg the dishes presented for Ins ac-
the uiiilcr'ii;ii»‘il aie prejiareil to iiiri i'll (all p-‘rsms wlio c( ptance, vvas some “succotash,” or Corn and
111.1V wish the protection ol then lives an.1 property^ Ix-ans a favorite dish wilh New England people,
w ith th. atiov. Koils, auil ,vit th m up all coaiplete, at Pr. scott’s wrath and
resiMi'meni. 'I'aking the di'h in liis hand, and
forgetting that his po.sition vvas th ii of a prisoner
and ml a m'ister, he hiokeii at it for a moment
and • xcl.iimed indignantly, ‘-whars tfiis ! whai’s
this! are you going lo treat n»o lo the food i^f
hogs? ’ .'\s he said this, h»* dashed the dish wi;h
lorce upon the 11 lor, breaking it in piece*, and
strewing the content'^ in all directions. .Mrs. A. a woman of too nnich spirit to brook such an
insult to her C0'.)!iery and table, and lelt the room
'.J inrorm her iiusband of the circumstance. In a
few mumeiii.s, C^iptain Alden, bearing a huge
tart whip in his hatici, entered the rootn and de-
ininded of Prescott what hmeant by such con
duct in his house, 'i'ho General, seeing ven
geance written on every lineament of the c'lp'.ain’s
W’I.NC made (Ujf all fte- acc iiiirs due th'*
■ 1 )F\K >1.'K Olliee fi.r ,\ Ivi rii->ing and Sub
scnp'ion*, all pcT'Oiis iiuli bl> d to us nn n «ju« sit d
ll’ pav up witlii.ut ll lay. I he I'U'iiiess ol tlie
l .'e him iinisi he elosi ll ;>! .lulv ( onrt, or those
indebted l.ike llie roiisi qui nces.
WAlllNG ^ Ili:iMi()N.
.fune t2'.» 4!>
A «Ki:A'r iusc’€>vi:isv.
I Mir. ria.PI.K i:.nirillv hiv.- e.uiciMiid tin* l.irt tleit
\V. \y. \Va.lili-lI \ Co'.- Liuhtiini^ l.' i. the only
•lie pr.itertor Irom that ilaii^eioii' elfiiieiit that now
I'XMt. Vlie |iieiiuii:ii was awar>leil t'> them both in
1.-.11.Ion ami .\ew York, at the Worlils I'air. the jioiiits
■lie ciiiisfriii-tfii so as ti> attiact Iroiu a dist.mi'e, ami
i'i> npose.l ol a eompoiiinl ol t"o|’per an.l Silvei. Vfttii
;i al nna ['oii't', w liicli i' warraii’eil not !o rorioile. VV e
Sussex in Kngland.
CunvciS'ltio/i UUctcn a i'unnL Boatman and his
Wife—Dun vpii know Suden Mouth .femaiy ?
H latmun — ICes ; an’ u neaiion good leller he
is t*‘w.
Wife — A desprit qtioiet man, but he loves a sup
o’ drink. Dim >o know his woif?
lioatinan — Know her 1 ay. Iler’s ihe very dev
il \* hen tier sperits tip.
Wife — Her is. Il'-r uses that mati sheamCnII ;
her rags him every neet of her loif. Who was
her fey I her ?
Iloatman—Whoy, Singing Jemmy.
Wik—Ol don’t think as how oi ever kn*>wpd
Singing Jemmy. NVas he old Shaker’s brother?
lloaiman — 1C es he II** lived a topofll'di
Bulk. He was the wicked-sl, swenrinest mon as
ever I knowed. I should think as how he was
which there occurreil a similar staiemeiit, though I
somewhat different in detail fr«mi that contained '
in your card, and in wiiich my name was quoted
as authority, I too« the earliest appottuni'y, on the ■
6'fi instant, to write him n not for tf»e purpcse of ]
correcting ihe erroneous impressions which might !
so readily be made on the public mind, however
unintemionul, from nuch a reforiince to a casual
conveisation in social intercourse, without a writ
ten statement of the fuels.
I am, very truly, yours, &c..
To Vkspasia.s( Ellis, Estp,
Washington city.
Ciruiid PIijkIcmI Jltirvcl.
We puhlishetl a note of the reported fads con
tained in '.he I'ollowing, which has been kindly
translated (or the Carolinian, from the Courier des
Etats Unis.
.Many worderfnl stories are recordidof the
Ireaks of lightning; but ihe lollowing freak, rela
ted in a French pnper, lias, pi rliaps, n ver been
iqu i/led. Let the young .Miss, exulting in all the
pride and sex, read the story, vouched h>r by
•‘men worthy of reliance,” and take care, lest her
ow n late be not lore.'ihudowcil iu ihatofihe unfor*
tun.ite Juln S:
A v«Ty curious ca«! recently presented ilself in
the j-rovidence of Niufles, during tho storm of
Wednesday l.ast. '1‘he lightning on striking a
liitle girl sc.«rcely seven year® old, changed her
sex completely, and made a lilile boy of her.—
The child was not 8iruck directly by the lighting
t)ut experienced what is known as a reiuni s/io':/;; |
•bur explaining how it was he or she exhibited no i
^corched condition of the body. An observer, ;
whos»^ attention is directed to electrical phenoine
From the Wyoming Time.s I'xtra.
Tlic Sili’or LiUkc Scti .Serpeut—a fixed
' f»ct.
1’errv, August 2, 185.").
Yesterday, the 1st, iiTstant, the existence »>/a
exceednnglv cautious how we utter a word of un- monster ol a fish or serpent species tn tlie
just reproach or careless deiraction ngainst ihe w aiers ol Silver I.ake w as established beyond rcn •
men chosen by the voice of the people lor its ad- sonable doubi — if indeed there has been room lor
j ministration. ' liiit we find th- reverse of all this. | donbt lor a week past.
i 'I he very liberality of ihe sys'i in seems lo be es- ‘ At af»ou» noon on Wednesday the monster was
i teemed by only as ihe auiplesi license for the seen by at least half a dozen persot.s froni different
I most unresiniiiH d a'l.use. Even that pre^s which ' points of vww, from the upland adjoining the lake.
I sornetimt s nil'els ;i nominal respeciability unat- : There were no boats out. Workmen on th»
I tainahle by any olhi r * arlhlj ihing, does not ^ farm ol Mr. A. M icomber, not half Miile distant
! late to (ling iis vulgar oppro'oiurn, hardly candid ^ —two young men visitng at Mr. M.’s on another
j by iIkj common decencies id language, against part ol the larin, a young rjian iinrncd Merill, oi
' the repotatioi) and coii'luct of laiihiul public ofli- this village, Irom anolher point, and part of Mr.
I cers. It presumes to uMer tiiuigs in type which M.’s lamily from tho upper window facing the
i It wouhl courteously lorgel in pi rs uial iniercourse ; iake. All saw the nionaler, apparently suniinig
j and ll intenoeatcd, vvou'.d usciibe to puliiical Icel- , himself on ihe surface ul ibe water.
1 mo the malignity ol the pen. i A description is imf>o»sihle ejicepl of his tnovc-
I '"We have b-!or-- us an article from a New York menis. He moved atid Qoundered about lor tei.
1 paper iip'in idjcatfd politician*., iu whtch some or fifteen minutes. 'I'he parlies w ere from one-
' gold thtngs are said, tlinugh a general principle is quarter to ^Mie-balf a .rnile dibtant. Iho water
misapplii d. .\ud the ariicle cl ises wilh the broad elsewhere on lL« lake wan as smootl; :i8 g siS8 oiitl
and un(,u iiifi'd a-seriii n tbit “the country has ihere could be no dwepuon nor oplicsi delusion in
tried eiluc.-ileii politicians lor the three or four hast ^ the vision of the parties.
adiiiinistr itions 1 >st past, and h id most wretched. All concur in the »>tiit»?mcnt that "he m as large
irnbeciln, pliinuering, retrogre-.-ive governments, round as a large log, and ihul iJO or i*i Utl
as the (w-f think.) naiural cons quences.” ' of him was visible.
'I'he purport ol the iirticle i> lo detract from the ' 'I'fie parties saw U unknown lo cach othrr.
services of ••educated poliln'i ■ n»”—men accus- Some oi them have ne personal acquaintance, ami
lomed to political Iile, and esio cnlly lawyers, and one or ivvu are yet almost ready lo disbelieve their
by way ol bols't ring the argmnt ni, ihe above as- ' own .s' rather run counter to all well c»-
serlion IS most reckle.ssly | ui loith. Now, we | tablished rules in regard to snakeology.
venture to say that each of Ho adjeciives applied i For ourselves, we are forced to aumit the l(Ut
lo “the tlnee or lour admmisir iHons last past” is of the existence of a monster of thn serpent species
a wholesalo libel u|)on the Rfi. ihlic, ihe repuhli- ol immense proportions in Silver L"ke. Uecnn-
n svstem, the th.- c.iuniry, ns well as not escape liie conviclion and belief, unless we
n«, inforn. , us that he demonstrated, by means ol ' -ral ’.-.omtnistiain.ns re!.-, red to. Il would disbelieve merely because we have not seen.
a gold-leafeleciroscope, that the clou Is from which
the storm referred to arose, \vere charged wiifi
electricity positive or resinous. 'Au* youn^chilj
vvas therefore, cfiarged, as it were, wi.h ehctiicry
negative or viin ous.
“ I'tie ex young girl, Julia S., hnvin^ become ol
the m lie se^c, is in >very ^jood health, excejning
the uneasiness produced by a violent change.—
The strangest pari oi tfie ttfl'air, however, howev
er, is ihu stupefaction of the p.irents ; this phe
nomenon, which is almost a miracle to them, re
verses nil their ideas, derange.^ nil their plans ;
and whilst they are econonnzing in order ic am iss
a dowry for their daughter, they h«ve, now, lo
tiling of amassing to buy a subsiituie for thyir son,
sut>j'C*. to iho conscription. B hold nhat a scope
t(» the p!ay of oiie’s fancy, the -.i.but gives.; w»
be a di'grace to this great nation if tho assertion ' e hope, /lowever, lo announce Jxjfore long
were true, consequently to a^s- ri so foul a libel, n that he has been captured. Every effort is be;ng
li:ile le«s than treason to the i- ;.ublic. made lo ucromplish that object. One word more.
The foreign and domestic i.oiicy of the country \Ve assert, without fear of contradiction, that ihero
haye e.qu 'liy ptospi-n d un ii-i ihe successive ad- is not a log on nrir in the waiers of Silver L ik*
minisiraii'Jiii of Polk. 'J'avior, Fdlmorc, nnd —that nothing lias been placed there to rreale th-
I’lerce. Mistakes may have !,■  n made by all. or serpent story —and that what is above Kinlid ami
either of iheui. W,; do not assort “inlallibility” " hat has appeared iu the Wyoming 'I'lmes, re-
for an Amirican J'r- sident or his Cabinet, wh .t- g*rdmg a serpent m Siver Lake, has been rela:.-(*
nv m iy h inpen to Mi;.:,h the White Hou>e to us hy candid, honest, and truthful men acd
ever p
the iliortc*t possible iiotico
.1. H
June - J, 1
rniii.AN \ CO.
^Vi\Ining;t()^, Charlotte Hiithori'ordton
-t't I Hi * Jtrku B
Books tor i.ii\>‘C[4>liin lo the c^^l>ilal f-tocli of the
lliinn^'tiin , C i.irliil*r ami l\utlu rI'.iriiton Kmlroad
’ iiiipany. arf ii.ov niicii at 'In- stuns ut' McM^rn, lii\in
11 iiL'i; ‘V C’o., -1 ml N' 1,11J nis, I >i .xmi A: i \i., i n ihf tow n
. • {'harlotlc. .\ll IT CO 11*1 arc inviUo tu cuiiie forward
aiiU aidin this ^ooil vvorli.
WM. joiiN^jrov;,
JN('). A. Vin’NM',
J.IILN lilWlN,
JOILN walker,
w.M maxwell.
W. W’. ELMS,
C. J. FOX.
Ccin/n i .Vi w/-t'/'s.
April lU, ltJ55. 38-k
hlank deeds fgr sale here.
the w'.ckedesi nion in the world, and saj he had i j,|,„jder when thinging of the complic.itions w hic/i
the ihi umaliz so bid. | j|jj^ accident would have produced, if the victim
SI ssEX. instead of being a child, had been a wife or th*
m ihgvr. bcttccfn two Farm L iborcrs. ^
'Pon^ — DiiJ you look at the slack ?
Jim — I in|)hs I dll!, ami it rockes terrible.
’i'om — Why didenl } i; make a hole in it ?
Jim — 1 be gu nn to it.
Toin—It’s a pity. ’Twas sich a morta’ good
Jim—I's sure. Well it’s a melancliolly fine
time for the crops now : aint ii ?
'I'om —h’ll be ripping time pretty soon now.
Ji„i — Ah, I shan’t do much ut thit for the rheu-
-'I'oin—What b'' cuain J''K •
You'd belter lei it b-de. D-» >'mi think the chim-
bley svvi’i per will come to day ?
Ji,n_lss, he safe lo rome ; let it be how ‘'.will.
I'l.ii, Which vva\ do ye think he’ll come?
He'll c"ine a hiri and across the common.
'IVim — What, caterwnys. a\e?
Jim —Iss. Did Nc in;ud what I was tellin’ ye
'I'om—To he sure ; but me if I could sense
it; could you ?
Jim —Lor, vi.-'. I don’t think it
CkIT” “W e want .Arneric*!! rul -il by .\in *ric in«,’' j
js the slang phrase of Know-\othiiigism. Well '
whorule.s .\merica now? I’he Presidi.-nt ol the!
Eniied Siat* s in an Arnericin; so.nre all the mem-
bi-rs oi his Cabinet ; so were the two hundred and ;
ninety odd members of ihe last Congress, iwo |
or three exception.s. 7'he Executive, Judici'il ami ,
Legislative departments of the government are un
dtrihe ••xclusivH direction nnd con(ri>l of n.itiv»
born ciiiz-ns ! and yet we are told that the Re
public is in immiuent danger of foreigners in of
fice !
How many udopt*-d ciiizenii hold office nnd*'r
the State G')vernm-nt of Alabama ? In V’irgmia.
ll turned out, upon inbuiry, that the lush Inifpec
lor of Richmond city wcs the only »iie. 'I'fiai
i dignified and responsible ofHce is filled by M irk
j Downy, an Irishnvin, who, we .*^ee| assured, ha^
I no denigus against tho lihenie* of ih*t American
, people. With a magnanimity worthy worthy of
i all praise, he offers l-i resign his position in favor
took much 1'*• “oy Know Nothing Elitor who can bring »ut
ufactory testimonials of charactcr and qualifica-
ti'ins. If there are anv foreigners in Ahhama
for the time bimg. jijt we niiiutain ih il each ol
i ilie udmioistnii.ious u >oied v. ou!d cooipare favor-
! ably wilh most ol ■ihi.ise which iuive pn ceiU-d them.
I While the probaljili'.v i.s. lie- “uneslucali d pol-
i ilician,” vi 'iieral I’lvlor. m ui • tho rr.ost serious
mistake of anv. And ni no case ins the
I public policy of ihe iuiiinnistr I'i 'iis warraut*’d the
I assertions Ihit they wen* im'i guilty of p!un-
; deriiHT the public trea-ury, nr retrogressive in
i :h-jr mauence up .o th- n.ti ni. In Ihiri c.s« fads G.-nee-ce villa-*-, while gaiheting flags from
I speaks louder w.irds. r.n 1 ii idicate the nation I *ke, fir cha;r LotDms, ‘ pcrcx-ivtd «n old log, as
I ngaiusi the clumuy. A id ili -i- is not a man a- !i'J suppOMd, lying in the deep water some twer r
i moiio*i us who would h-ar a Ion igner-a foreitrn. : ll'r' " n-ds Irom him. It looked dark and mi; s.
I er in the real -s.xi-e of ihi- t. im—a royalist of culored, and was ns long as • oi.o of the tchgiH; '
women — persons who have not flinched from tee-
tifying to the hicts as given lo the public.
I’he same pap.-r, in its issue of 1st August, con
tains iho allidivits of several jjersof.i, aiie ?ig
whom arelwi.1 young ladi*'s, to ihe^-flect that l! ey
saw ihf! s rpi nt, while recently making nti cxcu.'-
tKMi on ihe lake. A 1‘tti r is also published h iOi
Dr. .M. (t. .Smiih, in which it i^ stated lhat us f .r
back ts '.wc nt\-one or lu'o years, .Moses Nun', ■«'!
E trope — assert so Imil a lihf-l i-> this against Ifie
g)veriim Mit ol ihe UuHed .'f iN wiihoul at once
cfiillen^^'n^ thi; jirool boldly, ay 1 being confident
as lo the re.swlt.
pKK.rrv G JOB r 'k P\r —I i * other diy the
conductor of a ir iin on o ir rn I'lad diseover- d hb
Iri«hmin m a car, soon alt*-r ^’•rIi!^g Irotn R^rn",
Tiid ilein inded Jiis f »rc. P.«’ i cl ir d he iiad no
mmey. 'I'he condU'-'t ir, aiici l.-c uriug hi n, t-d J
him to le.ive Ml Ihe fir^( Stopp t.j plaTe, not far (iii-
tani. Aecordin;>lv, f'.it '* ai* o .e of the Crst to g.-t
off al 'he ||. xt station. M r J I Ije ol lh“ eonduc- ncrcr ircnt ihtic ci^ai/i aftrr
•.or’s surprise .and wra h l'» fio i him aboard wh»*n ‘There are several prsuns wImj d.»lm
f.iirly on th- way. ‘Did I m.' eil you to get« if ?
•And surt' J did. ‘Why, Hi.-:.. >rd you here n-
'.jain ?’ ‘.And »ure di’l you ii • aiy ‘all aboord ’
I'his was too inuch f.>r ihe w , -hy cjnductor, and
no! wiiiis'an ling th • d. crc- i^iinst'dead h*'adn,
ho waa allowtJ t'l—~II . ■ 'lovofx
ic poles,' (noside whi h we were sianding,) h i .
go id deal lirger. After a little \vhil«, bcin» b';« .
ly eng'iged, we leard a great splishing in tl
w.iicr, an l tfiou^ht al first that somu hofs's !,.i'
were on ihe b.ifik had got into the lake. !’■ rc .v.
ing ini»i iri'ly ilia’ this w:i« not no, he looked vui i '
the sr>uu^ came from, and saw the water in g i >>
comm ili':n, a dtrk (»i>j ct d.sjppuarmg in tho w ..
'er—and the Mipj>oieif log w.isgone! II« ini'e
d.aulv made for ih“ shore, much alarmed ; hIi 1
was greatly prov -ked th it his stjt'-ment w i> re
c-ivi-d wi'fi incredulous laugh er by Ins men.—
y n;-
coll-ct of b'jaring .'Ir. IIj.U tcli tins story a. :!. »
cuieness lo do that.” [Nc w.irk Advertiser.
— I ti'ins. If ther»* are any foreigners in Alibama ^ Nkw'--The .V „r.,^ i .n Virginian learns
Ilr-UBV ‘Hurra’ is a Siivic word, which msy | holding the ctficti of Inspe ctor of pi«h or of T'lr, ; ,ij^, ^ r dl-uei ..l>o ,t to h- .-> abliihed at Lynch-
■ . . O..I , i __ I .u .;ti .u.. i . .
' - ■■
be heard from ihe shores o! Dalnvitiu. to Bvhrin’s | or of Guano, we hope they will imitate the ex- j Viri^iiu.4. und r liie pt'^ >:> of tho .Me’ho-
L-d i
2d:int^(in’.cnj (.1/.^.) A I'drliscr.
pRKNCri RaOY PoLlTEMIi-'. — \ (’’■end .s
a (ireity lilile child of six year* dd, ‘whic’h lio
luve the bi St your c »t or your d'A- V I h 1
girl th i.jght gome :i;'»« before an" .* ern.;’.
liien v.’iiihp'Tcd in the ear of thi: q itf-'M!! f,
love Uiy Cat l»*.‘lt ; t^ut piejtr dotl’j t: li :J. •'
k d
Straits, when men are cn'led upon for any proof j ample of Downy, and give some of our Aggrieved i Prot stani Church. 'I ‘ ■ wiH be the tlnrd
The origin r.f the word is | pauiola of native birih a chance for ih»- ^p.»:Is. ‘
face, appealed lo the offjcers of his escort lor pro
teciion. ' of courage nr viluur. _ .
“Protection !” said the captain, “IMl show you from the primitive idea, iliat every man who dies ^
the protection you deserve;’ and »eiziiig him b;- hravtly f^r his country will g.i dircctly to heaven. ■ — -
ihe collar he ilragired the cowering wretch from' (hurfj i — to piradis*-.) 1 hus .\liaft God —a | DK.iTils dy Ligiitmno. —.^I rs. Cox. wii'e of
his chair, nnd wii!i all the forc.'i of a vengelul arm inong nitj I'urk.s, is a! ways heard reso'.indinL’; ■ j (Ji'X, of D ivid-. oi c iuu.y, .Tud 3i:nu-l W’.ifd
rained down upon his d-vot-d head and shoulders each one encouraging liimsi lt t.) lorjret e.irth and , j[ c^)unIv, were both k;ih J by It-ih nin;»
a shower of blows with hi
victim writhe with ogon\
Co!|eg- (d
nation in
loe’u grafl- ft1.1 d by thts dtnr ini-
L 111’* d b:;.ta*.
s w hip, which tv.ado the . d» ^pise dcatn, by the hope of au immodi ite re- 1 ^ Saturday the ‘.?uih uit,
and cry lor ihu*. inerc) > ward *
Tile i 1-a ’h it tii be
the ♦ rr ir-t '■? Ih •
I) be h.tppv. 1.-* sHI'
AiSi .ir.o ViuviJ^s.
•at, IS *o b" h-ippv, it on*-
B ... n-it ! ' h(t gmd i.^
!g k.. . .v;,, Mt i-:ib!, ty ;i'ie
Sn''g“r. — by dij \ ou l.i.* iii% di ,,
H nit. —li-Cii'ise it* \.aa goinj to bue me.
S'fang-r. H’hy J; -n’t no;, j't tb». *u lo > i j
y -ur s'ick ? Y'wiU cou.d have tri^i.loiieJ u
i,r,' kii.ed him.
H.J!.:. —W'^v diu'iit : our Jog ci-m;) n- :j

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