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VOL. 4.
NO. 6.
W fjilT 1 liatred of Crttholics and (he insensatf policy 1 Visii to Tn!»I»- Kook. I
J AI U UAIXA A w with regttrd to ihem, proposed by a Inrire class of m , , . ^ '
American citizens ? Where are our Spanish Ar-! * oki-.vntox, ^ . ug. , |
mad:,s. gnn-powder plois. Popish conspiracie.s und ' ^ J. hghi.'ul ;
Mighinnd inv;isionb? What continf^t'Sjil wars rage • Morganion is suunied, is . nclos.-d ,n all |
in siyht oi our shores, involving ,he existence ol ' vt souili . asi- j
the I’rotrstnnt religion ? \Vh«l shadow of .-xcuse I "
have we to hate or fear the Catholics? And yet ' and iniersrcted l.y numerous !
It is proposed to leap back to the hates, ihe fears "‘‘'f courses ; the soil is h rule, .ind ih.t clunal,- j
and the pnnaliiies „f those times, vaultinLr clean i -s^.iul.nou^. natural advant.-yes i
over Ihe peuc-. and librrality of the in- I V*"' ' '-y a thn'ty and ini. ll..n-n. |K.,.„lal.un |
' the upper classes ol
li, p. H \I{IN« Si II. ,M. PRITt llAUt).
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iT" \ny iiH five NF.w s;i>.5ciibfis, necoin|ia- t»-rvening period. It the ^r*‘al American peoide I ,
: Hive themselves up to such bigotry, we hope (hey ! i''d‘ l»‘»
'■ I will no Ifinger be absurd enough to talk about their
Terms of Advertising. progress in pcditical science. In such ev»-n>8 we
w hich (ire » duca rd aiid re-
r*-e M>at indt pf-n-
which is characieris-
AV.ortiscmciitH v.ilMi*'insericdat $! [*€rsquareiormofirst,' must b»-g instruction Irom Spain and pattern after
.a::. .•('I.ts tor tacli su'-s.-.iufMit insertion. A miuare c.>iu his nroar,.s;,ivP M-.?psiv
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his progressive .M tjesiy, the Sultan.
From the South Side Democrat.
Mr. F.ditok :—Will you obliire a friend, and
deni and courteous hi urmg
lie of Southern gentility.
Promin^'iit among the mountaiiH of the western
or Linville rang*-, about eighteen mil* s> from .M >r-
ganton, is I'ahle Rock, which, from thf pecu'iari-
from the New Ortems Ti «e De.t i.
The L.oiii»villc Al»«scilit‘*.
It is not necrssarv to call the aili iiti in of our
reitd^TS l) llie details fd the rt*c*:nt insurreciionarv
pioceedings m L»»ui'Ville, the hlofidy, lirutnl uni
di-'griictfill record bi ing d; SMiied to a w ii!» eircu
la:i«iii am‘>ntr otir lelinw-citixiMis, u'touiidi d that
such lernljle transaelions could ncetir under the
v ry 1 yes ol the public autlioriries of a l.irj;*' city,
uiimt' rrup'ed and uupunished ; and tfie
I n itionsol tiu! old world, where ih*- t uennes ol our
I republican svsleiii can u«e it tis a powerful argu-
j inent iig iiiist our insti tilions and the cupacily ol
: man for S' ij.government.
Wi* quf)'»‘ I he /iccomi's of tiie depjorabir i xces.
I Sfs c.inrifiiiii: d, iVoin the Courier »iiid ol
; I^l•tli^ville, the former, we believe, a r«'Ceot sec*‘-
i der Irom the order of Know Xothifiiis ; (he ;lier.
Th«* FiIiiCrN IfalL
A Wakmno to DkmiicmiATS. — In view of the
Mrs. Lnvert. ol .Mobile, n-'w tn Pans, givtsihe re>u!t of North Cnrolina, iht* Wilmington JournnI
lollowing arcounl of this afFair;
I*ARis, July 21.
‘ Last night we wer#* at the reception, ns term- d
here,ill Princ«* Napoleon Honaparte, heir presuuip-
tive to the Empire, and who bears a wond'-rlul
resemblance to ihe Great Napoleon. tin is I’re-
sident of the Kxposition, and now liv> s in the
Palai3 Royal. 'I'he Princess Malhilde Demidoff.
hii sister, received the company, und ther*' was as
much form and ceremony observed as in Buck-
inghan Pclace. Still we pnsseil an enchanting
usts the following warning language :
“ It is n notic«“«i»le fuc>, and wo would eainestly
comm“nd 't to the attention of thoso dcmocruls
who may think, or may have thought, that tho
‘order’ would promote tfiem, and that, through i's
porials was tin direct rou'e to oflice and prefer
ment, that not one former democrat has been el
eicu-d in Norih Carolina, but that the former whig
know.nothing? have bt*en. Iletd, Latham, Shep
ard. and Stowe havK been thrown into the breach,
niul, pidittraUv ?{»eaking, slaughtered. Paine,
.^,j,,.M;M M., n>->:!.-^ rtfdi.iomh!yor(iuarterlySli.ers-iuare ’ who is not a C.uholic, by inserting the enclos
K ir Mim uiii' Ml;.' t andidatei for ofhcc 93 in advance. : ed, clipped from the Washington Sentiiu l ?
|'r >fi'iinl H.miiie*t.s Cards not e.xceedmg six lines
'y of having its sumniii capped with an immensti j ,r . i- . ■ ' i
, , . , , .1 one oi tnosl inratniHHtory, dangerous .and iiii.'^cru-
rock of the lorm ol an oblori£{ .-quare, ha.s rec iv. , , ,• i ’ i
, • II , • .. I pulous supporters o| the secret as.socia'nui whose
u this HppellaM.n, and been an obj-ct of a:frae- ; ^ i . r
' ' I influence iii the eleciions of thecoui'trv siiic-^ i s
lion to travellers who visit this in‘eresnn; coun- 1 . . . o i i i ■ i'
” - ‘ '—‘ ‘ ■■ gr s^es-
Cotn- j try. The first ti n miles of the rorui from Morgan
, ; ,n-eri-.l at a y. ar; not e.xceedina h «.iua're «9. 1 unneces.sary. May it reach the hearts of | 'on, is over a successiot. of wo.-d- d hills and ler- j jesses. W« do not say that the blame ol
fT.■' ibscribtT-ami others wlio may wish to send iiioiicy i those who have endeavored to create a prejudice ! tallies ; for the n* j( six miles ilw coun ry is
J can do H ) at all limes, iy and at our risk. ' , . i i i i i n ' broken that 'he jwurnev can be made on Imrse- | , ,i i . • i . ,i
- ; against that church whose meiuhers are so kindly ! ' • • ' • ■ . . ■ ' many el ciions m the last eiohteen months was in
Uomaii Cjitliolic l>i^abili(los.
When tlie Somnites had surrounded the Roman
,rmy at the Caudinn forks, an aged Senator of
.jpproved wisdom, the father of the Sotnnitt- gen-
rr«l was called on for his advice as to the proper
di;;po>ilion to be made of the conquered enemy —
i ;iiniss ihem,” said lie, ‘unmolested and unran-
^. rncd.’ ’i'his being a straijj of generosity too
and benevolently serving our afllicted people.
i violation ol iiidivuiual righi, and the most iiideieiH
it Ir {*xcesse«. We do not say that the blame til
iiiilia'ing the de[)iorable outrages cominiil' d at
naiiy eh ciions in the last eighteen months was in
all c is' s fairly chargeable to the Order ; nor do
only. As rhe ninuntain is :ipproaeht-d, the
path stretches iiion^ elevated rith s — m nnnv nla , ; i . » „
' , . , L / .• I 1 ' we think u nece?sa,>-v or uselul to provo.'^e cotitro-
Ct s scarcely wij.* enough lor lour horses tostiiiid : i . i ^ i , .
, V. 1 I ■ vnrsy about such a matter: we sunply assert ihat
which ifradiially uscendini; reach it neHr ' , . ■ . r « i r
° ; since this s( cr*-t association came into iieid ol po-
;In our exchanges we find the most dishearten
ing accounts,uf the continued ravages of yellow j
fever in Pori>ini()Uth, V irginia ; and while our
heart v ifldtuJ iis .sincere and ready .syrnpalhy to
^h (i:r the eotiqnerors, he then said, ‘e.xterminatt' ' ihe afllic t d and bereaved, we were lUtracied by a '
bright .'poi in the desolate waste that was presen
ted by them. j
Al:er staling that the panic was so great as to
have caused the flight of more than one half ol i
the ciiiZ' iis, to have cioBt'd all !he.i’tores, to have
suspend'd all branches of busines^J, the simple j
staicmf-ni is made that “the Sisters of Chanty ;
have voluntarily sougiii th*‘ fearful :;c*'ne, and are ;
u nr> thiril "ay. ''/'(/fit/m iitillvm ro/isi/iia?}j rendering the kind ( iHces ol nursiug the sick i
When asked it a iniiidle course would not do, and ' comiorimg the d.”
whi'her ihc 11'tn uiK should not he subj.-cied to j tiist.cisoJ Chaiitij! Well, indeed, are you so
hard roiidiiiotis imd dismissed unhurt, he said,— ' called, w ho luni your backs upon ease, and com- ,
'ii rn to the last man.’ Asionis?i d at th»* seem
iiii*^ condition in llie counj;el p^ivVen, the Sornnili'
C» *
^tner:il retjuested an explanation. ‘Hy niy first
niivice,’ said i1ih old S«‘nator, ‘.'•vhich was the best,
I recomiiieiided to you to ensure the e,verl 'slintf
ura’iturie of a powerfiil people; by my second,
wliuh was the worst, I pointed out to you to ptd
lev ol getting rid of a dangerous enemy. '“I'bere
1st I ijiiifUhi s’ti/i htia etl, qmi )irq‘ie utnicos
J,(, hC'/!(t' iitimii us. 1f)Ilit.'
'I'he s n, tinhapp !y for his country, thought
liiins'lf wl^er ihan hi.s father, and adcfited the
tiiidtlle c( ur>e. pa'sitigihe Rmnans under the \oke
imd .^enilin!: them home irreconcilable enemies.—
lort, and pleasure, and suleiy, to wait upon ihe
sick, the comlortless, the desiMt.^d, in the midst td ;
peril! Whether friend or acqu licitance, or stran- '
ger, it is all alike to you.
Where is the heart, hard and rugged in its orig- ,
iiiai nature or improved and soltened by tl.e influ- :
riiis iiifidi tif. formerly applied to the Catholic | enc S of genial pielv, or lodging in tlie breast ol
iiipoii.iu in Creat Hriiain, applies equally well to ■ the bigot and fanatic, that does not bent a grateful
’.lie >:.ine qucs ion liere. | response to such a noble instance of dismlerestt d
We have a parly who fancy tint the Romans | c'liU'iiy ?
;ii' jH .!ie Casidiiie loi ks, nod, utih ippiU for our \ Are these the persons whose brothers, and falh-
'I'lintry. t!i::i!;iii'^' thernselvrs wiser lhan their I crs, and kinsm m, are to be proscfibed from huld-
-Me-. propo.«e to p iss |!;e*|nemy under the yttke. | jog ofl'ice and placed under the bun olTgovernmenl
This «:ell sl\l(d Anit-iicari party represent to ns j di»[deasure, because forsooth, they worship God
Unit the Roman Catholics are fiowerful enough to j jn their own way and after their own conscienc* ?
lit* d.Ulcerous, and pro^jfiso to wound, bi-t not to > Are such useful and un.-eitish charities to appeal
'.IV them^ to makf* tin in in* iigibis lor i ffice, hut
tn leave them in p 'ssr ssion of the elective fran-
rhise. ihe great iiiatrur.ieiit or political power.—
rt»'‘sn C^j!h(jlics who, from talent, wisdom or
>rih, would pro!)n!)|y be elevate*.; la otV:cr, .arc
fle^raded and insulted, while ihe inferior j)ortion
nre left untotiched. Can it he supposed that the
iti/liienee of the Callic»lic leaders over their fdlow-
in vain for an equal participation in the benetits ot
our government, and the bh ssings of our institu-
lions ? As WMis beautitully said by Mr. Senator
Hunter in his late speech :
‘•IJiit, fellow-ciiizens, I went a little too far, w hen
I :;aid it was proposed to procribe Catholics from
all ofVtces in tfiis country. 'I here are some t fl'ices
which the sons and daughleis of t)»at Church are ,
ers will he impaired by ineligibility to oflice ? Will j §*il| considered cornpeieiit to discharge. 1 mean
tin re not he, ns iu»w, the ties of n common reli- ; the rjti'ces of Christian charity, of ministration to
gion, and, lo Some extent, of a cotnmon pereccu-| the sick. The sisters of cliarity itiay en!er yon-
tion? 'I'hey are to be irritated, but not disarmed. ; Jer pe't house, from whoso portals the bra-
■| litiir followers are hit to them, armed with the I yest and strongest man quails an j shrinks; she
clrctivr franc/iise. And this powerlul weapon is ! niny breathe the breath of the pestilence which
tn be wiehhd nt the command of injured and in- | walks abroad, in lhal ni insion of n’.isery, ;n order
'lign:int I'.ad rs. From loyal cllijtens they wdl be j to minister to disi'ase where it.’s njost helple.iis.—
iiiciti d to hei-( nv traitors. What love or rever. j There, too, the tones of her voioe may be heard
iticecan they bear to a Constitution whicV. de- ; mingling 'vith the last accents ol humm d'.’spair,
j res'.es them below the common level and-stigma- m soothe the fainting soul, as she points through
ti/.' s them as unfit to be trusted ' | the gloom ol ihe dark vally of ihe.^hadow of death
il thev be etwmies, und are powerful enough to I to the Cross of Chris', whicli stands transfigured
he hared, and we have them in the (’audine forks, ; jn celesiijil light, !o bridge the way Irom Karth to
let in ix'ermitate them poliiically or ilismiss ^ j^v|,pn diolera or yellow fever invadi s
them ‘unm(;le«.ted and ut;r;.nsomed.’ i your cilies, the Catholic Priest may refuse to lake
itulJinii (onsil/iuiftLei rhem go. or deprive j refuge in flight, holding the place of the trueSol-
'lu ni of the elective I'ranchise, n;ake them ineligi- ! ol the Cross to he by the sick man's bed even
hie to oflice, take from them the educ.Ttion of tlu ir j though death pervades the air, becjtuse he may
children, abolish Ca h»'lic scliools and cfdleges, there tender ministrations of his holy ofUcc to
di.^qnali'y tb* in for sitting on juries or serving in i|,ose w ho need th^m must,''
the i.rmy and tuivy, and, if they still gain upon ;
js dejiort them as the Moors were deported Iron: j Parisian Gossip.
I The l\ow York Tribute (H. (i. having return-
] he Ia!|( r course is a logic:l deduction from IV. ! i. ■ • • . i
Nothing principh s, hut, ‘willing to wound and yet Raliic i'S fotni. arisian gossip ouc i
li ra'll to strike,’ they shiink from snch monstrous ing 1’ranee and tjie T.apolea.iis. V' e quote .
iisei)uences and content themselves with a nud- the absence ot a lineal heir to his throne
.lie course, which serves no other purpose than —and nothing is heard in France of the pro.spect
slu'w tilt ir maligniiy niul to rouse Catholic of such an heir recently heralded on this side ol
I lie. ' the A’lantic—the succession runs to old Jerome,
It is the to sjx.-ak of the men who de- only serviving brother of N-ipolean I., and next
>i-ed the aiiti-litholu* laws of CJreat Urttain as to his son Jerome N'‘polean, who was a noisy Red
.er'ii'ioiiH bigots, and yet, comp.ired with the in- jt* publican previous to his ci tjsin’s usurpation.
HMi O s of ^\now Nothing tm, they are gn at, lib-, [i itr.oiic statesmen. I'hc y h;d some
^ .vciMe for their enormities. 'Phey livd when
ihe ngonies and struggles of the Reformution were
n' tiieir he ght, and wIk’U i'.ngl.-.nd bo;e a divided
itllegiance — t>ne part o( the r.ation adhering I ) an
t .xiled t?atholii- family and ti’.e Other maintaining
re gning Protesiant dynas'y. There was some
its summit.
'i'tie eastern side of the mountain is precifutous-
ly steep, presenting the a[»peurance of having beeji
cleli from its summit to its base ihrtiuolioui il» en-
tire hnglh. ’I'Ik; other ^id•B slope gsaduilly
ilownwards, and are covered with verdore. I’p-
i,n ihe very summi', rising to the height of ihiee
hundred feet, is ihe rock, the length ol which run
ning north and south, is about five hundred f»*et,
with a widih at ihe toj) of about hundr'd feet.
'•'h(j ea.stern side o} the rock, being parallel lo and
corresponding with that of the body ol the moun
tain, pres'Mits a cmiinuous perpendicular surlaci*
d' nearly eight hundred fn t. On the western
.side there is an immense fissure ex'ending down-
wards toi about l«o hundred feel, vsith an aver
age width ol ten led. In ihis fissure there are
several caverns and tortuous passages, where the
drippings from the rrcks above collect and lorin
pools of water, crol and refreshing to the j oh-d
explo 'e.r, who seh c's this spot to take his lunch
an« ;>‘cr,uK hw ^Khausied i iiergies. |t' the^finsure
were continued ihroughout the length und depth
of the mountain, and the outer fr.'t;nient removed
the motintain uouUl resemble a cotiic*l mass wish
two ol its si»I. s remoy* d perpetidirul.-irly from a
point near its ap-.\ to its b:i.-.e. The busc of tie-
mounlfiin on ;ill side^ is of a iniieh higlier levtd
lhan the neighboring \alley^, so thougil the ^
elevation of its sumojit is nearly as great as that ’
ofany ol the |{.'ue Ridge, il is not .if> eonsp;einius
as it would be wfie it surrounded by deep val
Ir. thf> sm.TlI pool? of wat^r which cdleei in the
cavities and depressirms on t/i« surlace ol the rock
millions of the lar'jeof m^'^qui'oes are th pnsiicd.
In a small c.avity on the topmost ledg**, (.ibont 500
feet iilxive the level of the S'n) CMittiiniiig not
more than a quart of water, there wi>re hundreds
of the young of ile se in-ec's nearly in » condi
tion to take wing. The fully developed insrct
does not wander f>r from its place of hir'h tr> an
noy the human sp ci»‘S. l ut finds i's food in the
thick sbru'.ibery which lines the shady s!o])es of
ihi'se utiinhahi'ed regii.ns.
I'roni ihe summit ol the r ck, tlie county of^
IJurke is seen slr*>!ching out South eastwardly to
tlie range of ihe Soh'h mountnins, Iwenty-live niiles
distant. On all olher sides rise nionntain alter
mountain, beyond the range of vision. The
(irand-father and the Roan — the highest of the
BUi“ iBidge — :ir« in fuU vi*-w, 'I'he Lmnville
proper is immedi itelv Westward, and b'-yond is
the Linville alls, wii' re the, river of that name is
precipitated qver three rockey hdg»*.« tfie deplh
of three hundred feet. Near th. se F dls is an on ,
exploretl cave, supp 'Red tQ he very ex'feiMive,
which, from the picturesque scen*,ry w.hich sur
rounds its entrat.ce invites exploration. j
'i’he view from the tof» of the rock "ell repavs j
the toil of the ascent. Nothing but aclu il ohs*T- |
vation can cnivey tin idea of tlie gia.nd rimgn^ j
v'ence of this mountain seen- rv. 'f'hi* bright sun '
o’er bend. th“ gn-en valh'ys below, and the innu- i
n)er;ihle mouniains looming out in'ermin thly into j
the far di«tnnce, with iheir peaks either bithed in !
clouds or jutting into the ch^ar sky atiove, present
too many imig' S. r^ise too a:niy emotions, atnl
give birth to to*' many refiectioiH to be expressed '
in lani»u*ge. 'I'he appearance prt-s- nted m a
rioudy day is strikiriglv similar to th.ii of hurn- j
ing phi'n — the v.i[;or(UiB cloud: moving m varioii-
evi ning among the most disimgnished per8t)nages, Rende, and Puryear are elected. Don’t you teo
literary, political and artistic. j how it is? You d»-mocrals are put in front ranks
• 1 fell into conversation, in Spanish, with a i (o break down the demt)cratic party, without nny
very ancien: lady, superbly decora'.ed with dia- ■ chince for yourselves; but where there I9 a
monds, whi insisted tiiat we must be coimtryw’o- j chance, m.irk the di/l'erence ! Not one of you i*
men, from n»y pronunciatim ol someone pariicu* | thought of. Don’i \ou sec and feel ihe secret in-
lar. Replying m the negative, 1 snfl'eretf her to fluence ihat works the w’iresT Don’t youiee*nd
guess all the difl'- rent naiions of the European ' feel how you are to be useU ? To rising young
world as mine, belore I protuiunced our (*wn dear m*'n in the democratic party tlie appeal is nriBdu
.‘\merica ! Cireat was her surprise, and greater to come over; see h>w you are served when you
mine, wh»n Prince Napohon coming up. made (h» come over. Is it any place for democrats?—
me arqiiaioted with ihe mother of the Kmpress ! . We have iio doubt that many who make lhe»e
WMiispermg to the Prince, she c.illed his attention ' appeals are perfectly sincere ; but just look st (lie
to Octuvit,, ‘ as u perlect specimen of .\nd dusian facts—the practicable workings ol the affair as
lilies as an “lenient in our elec'ions, more blood
has been si)-d, more property w.anlonly destroy* d.
greater .at d more daug'-rous violations d the iiws
havu oceiirreci than had ever bf-l’ore t een * .\.»eri-
enced in the most exciting times or the m >st vio-
It II' coiMeiiiions of p.irli'-.s, put togfiher. Now, it
planned out by the hidden hands that hold the
wire^. 'I'he fact is that it could not well bo oth
erwise. The case of the four former democrats
put forward to be defeated, as contrasted with that
of the three former whigs who have been elected,
is a pretty hard one, but it may be useful for in-
It may teach a lesson.”
We append another brief extract, on a very
liifTnrent subject—a picture to delight Mesdames
Slow and .M)by K’ lly :
•'I'o us the funniest obj' Cts in Paris — though
taken quite philosophically here — are two neirroes
from St. Counts, or somethitNg of black S >loque’s j struction.
heralpry. They have an ehgant ‘ turn »ut,’ j
and with a white driver, and iwo while lootmen. j TiCKS on Siikep.—S. L. F., o( Starkey, asks
i is f'l p.Mrfii: i(» us, and it must, we think, be equally j 'These caricatures of aristocracy lean back in iheir j mlormaiion as to tho best means of eradicating
I so to all ('ecent, orderly and la w• res[iectmg citi- j hrilliant carriage, with all ihe vulgar nffecrirm of j from sheep. Will give remedy, which 1
i zens, that one o'" two things cannoi tiui follow the ! i.Ksumed importance, wn-f deliver th‘ir orders to h;iv*» never known to fail : When sheep are fed
! commission of such atro^iiies ; eiih*-r wo must ' i|„. pervants with a laughable atlem[tt at dignity. | j,„|, ^vkhich they should have often.) mix common
I ah iiidon our systiMu ol self-governmen:, and su!>-^ 'I’he fragrent airs with which th'-y surround and | g^j|pi,,jr vvith it thoroughly, bo as to give each
I out ourselves to a military despotism, or take such 1 endejvor lo imbue th»*ir charming persons, are not j gj,eep a cornn)on->ized teaspoon fuii, and by the
I steps lo elF'Ct an orgatiizHiion of the government i ihe elegant indulgenc s they nre with ns. but ah- I given them three such portions you vill
' of our large cities as will enable those charg(d | «o!ute n«‘cessaries of their condition in life. .\ik’, j t'|„, ticks have taken a furlough and left for
1 with their ailministraiion pronifitly to vnulicate j j,„ppily, it is not an expensive luxury, for perfumes , p.,,.,^ unknown. 'I'his is the cheapest remedy I
“ laws atui trample down all those who d re to , „,,j ntoro abundant in Paris thati Arabia.’ j [j.jve ev»-r found, and am satisfied that il shopp are
violate llit-m, whether in the desecrated n.*me ol | ...... { f,.d surphur once n irionih, in this manner, through
.imt-ncitus or others chosen by adopted cinzens, j Assvhian AN'TlQUrTfes. — Bvrt)ti complaineil j the year, they will never bo troubled with ticks, allegiance tr) the republic is made snhsurvi- , jgjut knowledge of.\ssyrian life, llisgor- j nnd it will conduce lo keep them in a healthy coii-
 nt lo tlu ir evil passions and habilsof ii%suboriii- | ^|.(,us drama of “Saranapalus’’—the c«)nception of : diiioii,
natinn. lo Ann ricao ci'i?ens, nati'’e and adopt- j jj^^. jmJ the morul .setting of the pl.»y —rose | cannot give the tiiot/iis opcj atidi ot the remedy
ed, if they really desire to m.>intain and perpetu- j jj,y poeis’.s mind raihcr than from known ' In full, but ihink ihe sulphur is act«d upon ehcm-
ate republican government, all violators ol the , ,,iaterials. The scene was a creation. Thirty- ic.illy in the stoniache of the animal, and difTusing
laws art* alike odious, and sympathy with them is years have passed, and, th inks to Rawlinson useif through the system renders the skin oflen-
a crimo liiile, il a! all, inferior in enormity and Layard, the F.iiglish Court as w ith that of j sive to the ticks, and they quit the j»remisc8. 'i'his
turpitude to the actual conunission of the crimes {-'gypt. Our knowledge, too, i.s daily deepening, i remedy is sf) simple, so cfuuip and so easily od*
ol murder and ar'on ol which they are ihc iiilctinoiis ^ ^\mong the many curious illustrations (d .\ssyrian | ministered, that if S. L. F. is ftill of ‘Old Fogyism,’
iiutinirB. life brought h.)me by Col. Rawtinson from the j he will perhap-t read it. und then, with a ‘sphaw’!’
lo thus untjualifw dly denouncing the perpetrn- ,j^i^ nnd now oh view at the Hritish Museum —
tors ol such crimes as those which have, within a , ^vhere they have been visited during the week by
few days [).isi, disjjraced Louisvilh-, and lo s;.)me ■ Majpsty of Kngland—are, an alabaster vase,
e.\l« nt lower'd in the eyes ol the world ihe cliarac- ^ containing some remains ol swec’rneats, various
terol onrcouiitry. we .-.iiould be uiif.aithlul ti (Jur f ,,i,;,.ctj m gold nnd ivory, part of the throne of
duty did we lorbeiir from pointing j Sardao«palus, nvmy iii'cnptions r-laiing lo the | p,„,r creatures rub ihein'.rlves against trees, fences
r» Il cting ci izeus lo iluse persons, neith'-r obscure | j^jeds of men celebrated in secular anti s icred his-
lay down the papei. Hut il he, or any other fnr-
m»‘r who keeps ►heep, will gi'c it u trial^, they
will find it not only simple but tru» ; but truth al
ways is simple, i keep a lew sheep, and I nevcf
sell any licks in mv wool—neither do I tec thp
ind'.s eye at this mometit, and we hope ^ gnangeto think ol these spoils of iht' proud dyna.s.
!)es[)ired the pain of ever relenng m >re | ,y f,| ^^i.mir nnis, alier three rhousantl years, bt-ing
Old Jerome i» nobody, and is not known t» have
ever hdop'ed a principle ot chcrished a convic'ion.
Young JtMorne iias s nne talent, but no character
—or rather u bad reputntion, even in profligate
He is there accounted not merely loose in his
morals, even when judged by the lax Parisian
standards, but ia popularly believed to have be-
‘■.\ciise for haring C.itliohc predominance when trayed a w.nit of courage while in the Crim‘a.
n.en were hanged lor believing in the Pope, and
burned fc>r drnving him. A Catholic was icrriMe
;ii the dtiys of coa'inental wars between the C^ih-
ilics and Protestants, of .Spanish /\rmadas, of gun-
j^'wder })b'ts and Popish conspiracies. Wh-n the
It'S (>f Ojtes, the muriler of (r.'dlrey, and the
Highland nrn)V of the Citholic Pretemler, frigh-
tfin ij the nation from its propriety, C^atholic was
(joiiis Napoleaii’s rule is endured because it is
kno'vn he will fight to maintain it, and not
run away when it is threaten'd, as his two last
predecessors did.”
then "viionytn' us w ith traitor.
;is treason was naturally ci;nce.iled v/hile religion
was more re;>-hly :;vuwtd or asct.Ttaiiied, tho test
of the suspected jiolitrs was sought in the profes.s-
ed creed. It was uecessary to discover ihe Pa
pists who w .vshed lo r; store the ( viletl ftmily, and
the o i'h ol Iranstibs'aiiiiatiiin wa-j d«*vised to de-
t'ct them.* V\'lun th(‘se (invs p.iss' il away, the
■ lii' tis p-na.ities, fo which they given birth,
' itiished with him. 'rhirty-four ve;irs ago, i)ie
P’ltish Ift'iise of ('otr.mons, on the memorable
^ Api.! li ', !S‘M, ly a vote o; Ulii to 1)7.
^'^epf ; ht rn ironi th*‘■(•i (ulf book, iiliJ made ^.''.^th-
•'•' -i e.-^ '.'e t. r.ii'lM;;; i;t.
'' ... Ino;■;l^l;'^■.ti!•M, f
Anfxdote of the Latk C^ak.— U’e read in
:he du Sord. “In ihe month ol July, lto3.
the ICmperor Nicholas was passing along the L: •
‘Rut, (said Canning) fjlish quay, when he noticed a Hearse traversing . . , j i r
• ■ ,he road iollowcd only by o:ic- ptrs.i.., .... "■ ju.O 1.-. l.n
direction.'!, stitnulatinj the rlikes nnd columns ol ,
smoke arising from objects of diffiTeiit t-Ievatif)ns '
and distances.
Su mile.s north of 'I'able Ro. k. and Iv md-.? !
from Mo'ganton, lie the Pn dnioni S(>rin;»«. whicii
nre trtieh resotied toby 'be invalid resident* of
the vicinity. Th'*re is a .‘snlpborotis and cbaly-
beat Spring—the water of th- forr.n*r b*-inst w■^l
adap'ed to liver and skwi di.s**as‘-s ; tint of the 1 it- ,
ter to .all enenric aiitl debilitated condiiioiis of
system. 1
'I'he m^unl'iin rang-'s, ami the altnost iniiecessi-
hie vnllies of this region, ex'end over a space of i
about 025 square miles, an I are ne irly in n state I
of nature, being inh tbii' d aimo>' ‘ xcliisively by
their aboriginal bes'ial d> iiizens.'I'o the lover of,
nature and the hunter, tlp'se wiMs present many i
r.ttractiims, and when the contemplatr d r:i!roid!
from S.ilisbtiry to .Morgan:->n is completed, i: will ;
doubtlfSi be visit'd by ihou>'nds ot Car(dinian
whnnowyearl) w..nd' r ihrough !• .-s inii res'ing
scenes, and am.uig 1)10; t w ho ar-- foreign tn thern
nor uneducait-d, in our own ciiy, who tire found
oo(,‘nlv defending the murd* rs and the ileslruc'ion
uhich have occurred, and who dally, wi ilie most
p'jbiic m inner, ende.avor to stir up tlie mariii rnus
pa'sionsof bad men here to a repetiti 11 ol In* hor
rors ol nhich Lmiisvtiie has been m-ide the thea
tre. \\ «; have s*‘veral fiersons of ihis descrijdion
in our mind
we shall
ilin c:ly and pointt-cily t(j ihem.
The (piestion .sh"uld not be whether p'-rsons |
charg'd with violations ol the law are of thi or!
th it party, «d .\inerican or lereign birth, but whe- .
liter i|)>‘y are leaily guilty ; wlien the u'mos! iien- |
alti' S prescribed lor sueli offences should be ri- I
giously and impartitlly dispensed to them; for!
t-very one should be made to undersltind that this j
is a countrv ot law and order, not disordt r and ,
and liceniiotisn>-ss. and that no can violnte '
»!iih*-r with inpunity. Hoping that our columns ,
miy never again be polluted wj'h such nhominii-;
hie piiticulars as those cpied lr(.)m the Louisville
j (’i, we lake leave for the present ol the loath- j
some su'j'‘ct. 1
Bi.fF. Ridoe Railuoad. — The friends of ihis
great eiit' rpiise will b»-glad loh arn that the work !
IS progre.' >ing in a very c’ucoun'ging manner.— 1
In this State, 11 is being vigorously pushed forwarl i
by the suh-contr.ictors. In (r;orgi', all the road,
with ill*.- e.xc' ption of six miles is under contraci,
and, the woik progressing fiti' ly. 'I'lie remain- j
der ivill be tak« n in a .sin.rt t.ime. \\'e understand
ihe road in .\ortb C iroh.'J 1 vUd '/'enn* ss'“e will be |
didivereij! lo th" cyiiiracior{ Soon, and the wiirk|
along the whole line commenced immtdialely j
ih'T'-after !
Wiih the .ability an.i eneriiy uf the Direction,
the l.ivor.iiih- luiprov* ne nt in ihe i^:on y iij irket, ;
M biiunlif'jl hardest ai; ,l coi;sequenl che*pU''ss ol |
provision^; find indMsirious erierg tic cont^actni#^
kve ca.i st-e no good reason why the work shoultj’
not proceed s niii.ictonly, Hiid we b'-li'-ve that 11
will coutinuo to do so*
Co'iricr, A>i^. 18, j
* or slumps, and thus tear the wool oil belure shear-
mg. — J. .M. Wejcoit, Hirington, N. Y. — M'XjT('s
Rut III Afit' \orIc.
lorv—such as Nebuchadnezzar, Sar Jana pal us, and
Tiglath Pileser—gems ami oile-r personal orna-
mi iit.'-; log-‘iher with a sere s ol draw ings, made 1 _.
by aitists on the spot, fr.on slabs impossible lo , TuK SoiTFi. — Kentucky is ihus far ihe only
bring away Iron ileir ancient resiing places, r*-p- | S'lulln-rn Jsiales which has trot rejecteil the ad-
r seiiting the more heroic lorms of annq'ie relax- ! vances ol Know Nothingism. L'poii her soil tho
a'ion—lion himi.' banquets, and th*# like. proscripMon has been raised by red-
handed not, ;md d fended by orginized vioienco
fraud. But in the S ate of North Carrdina, 'I'en-
jwssce. Mild .\lat)im^, w heris tho ballot was not
brutalized, Mild where citizens entitled to rotn
were un(d)str'jbu-il by hired rulHiiis, and nnnwcd
by arined bands, ihe rcsuh has bei n fur beyond
the exp’Ctalions o^ the frie/ids of older and lol-
eraiion. It is an incid* tit j!' tin* prrstmt • xciiitjg
canva-s, every where conspicuous, decorum
and wherever ihert; his be'n lair voting the vic
tory Itcen with the J)t iiiocr.its ; and tha'.
where the Conslitution was most acri:notii(>usIy
assaih d. ^o v.ere ihe candidates and iho rrdd (d
the Democratic paity.— ijtuon.
visiti d in a L'mdon Mu*-um by a l.idy w ho reigns
in all feminine g* iitleness over a mightier empire
lhan otieyed the “ ancient beldame” — who from
the endfi of ihe p’trih siretched a benignant sceptre
o\er that very Intlia from which the successrir of
Ninos returned bi.fll d and discon;fued ! — London
Native Winks.—Tin? Vini;_\ards of Oliio arc
becoming a source of great revi line to that State,
and if the populaiity of native wines and brandy
continue at an equal ratio with the last lew yenrs,
iir[>oited liquf'rs will linda formidable rival. 'Ftie
wine rn.tde from the ('itawbi grape, is in rdl pro
b-ibility the purest article thit possibly be oh-
ia:n»-d. The Wine Association of Cincinnati pro
tect not only themselves, but tho (niblic, and,
whenever an nrt'cle is ({eii-ct*d that i' not fully up
to th
'I’o Ki:i:r .Milk Swket. — A. Hoyil, « corrcif
i pond'Mit, Kilurrris us th it he has practised a pecu-
i liar m*-thod with much success ol presriving mniv
! sweei in the pan-'. It stmjdy consists in plaCiU-j:
a pi'ce of ni'W hammered iron, or three twelw
standard, the rnmnfactnrer is at onci* iu hl : penny nail.a, in each tm pan, then pouring ii'>
respoii'ible. 'I'lwre is noth'ng in tbe;e wines or j .varm milk »)u tin in. lie believes lhal tbctricit;-
brandies but the pure juice of the gripe. 'f‘he ; .somel/tirig to do with producing the result.—
Sparkling C.itawba is now [irelerred lo most ofilie ||,. |,.,d tri»-d m itiv t xjierimeiils b lore he hit upoti
imported brands, and, as a le-verag**, is much , this on‘, which he .oiind IG preserve the miik
iJxTitAoKDl.NAKV LoMiKviTV. — 111 a lale ‘Parjs
lelter,’ we lind the loHowing statemenl :
• Toward the middb^ of tle^ laM c»-ntury, an in li-
riiore agreable and healthy. it contains no “he id-
ache” coinruoilitie*. 'I'he still w ini's are pref- ra-
bio to the light I'rench or C- rman W'ines, mid.
as the consumer is guaranteed a pur** anicle, th**re
i» o.Mich ni'ire s.-ifeiy in using the n iHve. 'I hesr
viiue-s are highly reconimtuided by physicians ns
an excellent t*‘nic, and every way beneficial lo th«‘
F,*TUA0RUINARV OccruuENCK. — fJn Friday
evening, the ’.iTih tilt., hi Biriningha.m, some (illy
workoK 1) engaged on a new building retired to a
shed to avoid a very h'Hvy sljower. While there
an ehcric flash w i. fcei.rj. ami ihe fil'ty men were
in»/antaneously jtro>»rafed, AJone were killed —
rtio n>:.jorily (d th*-m recovered the Rhock within
swi;pi b»r a longer ti/i>e lhan oilier plans Iriid by
him. — S'-ici'tiJi': Amr, n.
\ Rr.AUV w iTTtto i\IAi).M.\.\.—A gentleman hy
! the name of .Man, residing near a private mad
I house, met one of ita poor inmates, who had bro-
j ken from his keeper. 'I'he maniac slop-
i pe.J, and resting upon a largo stick, exclaimed.
i'Whoaro you sir?’ 'I'hu genihnjan wn.s ruth';r
j alarmed, but tninking to divert his aiteniion by .i
I pun, he replied ‘1 am a double in ui; I am a Mna
i by name an«l a m «n 'jy nature.’ ‘Are you so ‘
1 rejomeJ the other; 'v-hy, I ana u man
self—so ICC two Will fiijht you tv.o.’
\ Tut’.'JDEKI.NO UOOK. — A book has JUit Lit;C I
fivR minutes ; bul i;i one caso, fifteen minutes i published m Cleaveland, called ‘Seven I bunders of the age ol 22 years was condemned to j.i„ps,.j before recovery, 'I'he niojt extraordina- 1 or u rntghty crash ol Lurope's Royal and Pap
.1.! e;:ii
111.''.-. \ .
’ ill; ( ■
' i; r n, w ,: i
d lii-* If.I
';o!ic dl ^a
n’i'‘ r 't;i.)\ I
;!.'S « h;c!i ad t'Ot e.\-
I'.d the ni;.gM:inimiiy
ihi 1:1. t') llie iH’i'ro-
from one of the hospitals. Surprised at seeing
ueilher ihc parents nor friends o( the dt ceased fol- .
lowing the remtiins 10 llu.dr last hoiTie, the Lmper- I
or slopped his carriage and asked «hoit was about
to be buried. A pour employe t" the liospit.d,
haul the rnin. .-\l these words the Euipcior lelt
his carriage, moved his hclu'.et, r.iadc t!i«; ^igu o.
llie crossj, ar.d lollowed the hi'ar-'C. his ritid 011-
c.iveri d. A crowd ol people, itic!t.ivliiig s ’liie dis-
liiHMii>l!ed pi rso:iag-», hastened to fellow tli;s f a-
fuiipU-, ciiUj n Wiij i;i)t bcMurc the
c.iine m,.!>: imposing. Tnen itMi'/ia^ to liv; crowd,
r.e E np'.';ur, ni a load voic.e, No-.v, .'••ir,e-
m.'ti, 1 h.'p'! tha: you wiil r»’iid'r i:v*
ot a chrisiian to th;s pour diccostd. and t'.ut \vu
I will acc(.mp.\n\ Ihe bod) to i!ie loi;?!'.’''
y0)iicsp'}niknce Chnrlc^fon Courier.
'I he Londiii; Times j- tys :
S.( jth W'rilei ihe fcuii^s.iiies
.sre mo->l active m prop:igili::g ai.i
dociriries ot the L 'tier I) >y
laboring popol.itior; tl/ey hive b»en
in Lirgiijjj iLe ou.ojs practice of
Among the tmi'.r'is aid coiiicra of
i dlstriC'S oi S'llJtll Uau.s, t!it
‘ In v irii’iis parts ol
ol ihc .\Jorniunitl'S
ihe huU'.!* lur hie. Il was then th'i c'-'siorn, nr at m this oceurrence is that 8ev«-ral of
any rate in this case w ts ihe nu.Cior of tij'* Coi^ft, them we'e covered over with large black blisters,
to pronounce the sentencfi for term of ‘JU jears. : va|.yj„g j,, from one anil a half to four inches.
I'hi' Cnmiti il has utuiergone his soni'*what pro-
leng d cmifuiement, ut;d !i lew d''>s, ago w.isS't ^'A\j;t;AL;s.v. — Some nnjracious person the
at liberiy ; though bent double, and alu;os;t boy-'ed j d .gu«rref)lvpe
dow 10 h:s knees, hu is in the e.ij .v men. ..f ex- : tomb.lon-, in'the
c* lieiit health. I le attains, n> x’ moil'h, his J 21 St
birthday. |
PoMTic.vL Asi-lct oi the .ne.\t Co.Nyutss.— I
"I'lie *Ntw York l^osl makes it cnticul anali>*is c.f 1
the politic li asptct of the next f'ongre.-.s, recogni- j
Zing .Nebrauku and anti-Nebraska as the only j>ar-
'rhronea, -Thout to b-* cast down by ihc Judgmtt*'
ol God.’ Nice readmg for n dog day.
A young g*-ntleman having m ide some progre. i
in utquifing « knowkdge ol Italian, addrcst^cJ ■*
lew words to an organ grtnder, in the pun st 11 ■
cmt. He was astonished at receiving Hit fjll •■-
ing refpouse : ‘ I speuk no Inglu.’
Goblets made ol qu isiia wood are now ;>uld at
l!j.l--l’a';g tbie
j>ol \ g'l n’.y.—
tiie ir- II HI d
tenets ot tliis
.. ct fir.d peC'.ii .r ;sivor, and we regn: io a iy ifiut
in I lO rn.iiiy in-la nces 'In se poor p'i ji e have b» en
jvrvt*r od, ai.d a ci nsid'-iulih* ii'.imla r have tins
>;ji-.'..-ner leit ir li .me.s a-;d cou:erv 'o si eii tiie.r
irippin- S3 at liie grea' m'TiCac. set . ir.t'nt. .\l re
:irc iib'.'ut to fc’l'i^' tins 'iviiuinu
1 ^pr'-admg the ty di« unction that c n be drawn. According to
btid am -nK the us summing up, the Smate wiil stand : Nebriis-
k.. 40 ; anti Nebraska 22 ; and the House, .\v,bra».
ku llifi ; ami-Nebraska 123.
Pi{ .Firs OK Oacu.vBDs.—A dis-i:;g'ji'h'd :i;iri
euliorisi, who lias 1000 apple tret s, (iiki iiweiis .o
set I'Ut as may more, says that il appleb wi;i s. 11
a: 25 cell's p'*r bos!i 1, li'.ey nre h;s most profiu-
lile cri'p ; ani U they wiil not a* 11. they are
c»'meu ry at \\ heeling. Such an outrage d'-8crv» s
the severest punishment.—Exchange.
We do jjot intend to defeiul this piece of rifle | ,i,e'',i^;d7ns7ruggi..l»' shops m New York.
practice, but we ojusl say lhal public las.e is as j poured into them, which, uflcr being hit for
much outraged according to our notion by placing ujumtes, is drank,’ us u curu for dy^‘|'' p-‘it*
i.uch things as daguerreotypes on a tombttonc as ; ^ valuable corrective,
public sentiment i* violated by their wanton dcs- ! *
Sa.tie men aro very eiitcfluining fur a first ::i-
tervicw, but alter thal ihey urc exhaU3t«:d, uii l
run out. On a etcund rneeimg wc »>hail ftn I th-i.i
very fl «t and ioo::oto;iou» ; they uru like iitin.i o -
giiiia, -luu We h ivo heurd alt '.heir '.utn-s.
Lxi-Kt-sivE biLj;:'OE.—* Small ihnnks t: yt
siii'J u pial.U.ff lo one of !ii« witnttse*, ‘ A'f u I
'I'ite editor of th's Rocfiester D«inu>crat gives
iits recei[)e to k.ll fl"=i3 on dogs; Soik th** dig
for five iriinules in can.pli^t.e. and th^.i ^et fjre to
i'im. 'Fhc etr> cl is instantaneous.
ch' j-p. st fo'^d iie can
i iri'jls.
ta's-.‘ tor
kinds of
Toast,—'Fho followin;.' toast was given nt . • . . , , - . . «
B-cdei'ord. on the F..urih t f Jul> ; 77ic CUrzy. = * ‘
cl-r^ym i>^ wh • S I MVS hi^ ?jus- ) C'-n.-cfUs, • bi:! lost think ol what 1 d
All honf^r t.» th
Ur ia»tcud of h:» l*j.VKi.i&Ur,
j say.

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