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PRICE $2 PER YEAR-In Advance.
€\}^ Itnffs—Distiiirt as t[ip IMIloras, but out iis tjjr .frn.’
,\0. 18.
UiHoe,one door soulh of Sadler’fc Hotel—upstairs.
Terms of Subscription,
jf pai'i •/rirt/y m ad .aiict tl.OO
Ji paid ^ ithm thre inoiith ...... 2,50
It paid at iiu‘end ol tl-t* ycRi. 3,00
yr Any person .sending us tive niw sub«criber«, acconipa-
.., (1 by the ad\aiice Hub^cnpiiun, ($10,) wiil .ersivt the mxth
j('y year.
Terms of Advertising.
.\dv- rti»>crni ntfi will be iiiHerted at ?1 \>er niuare for rno Tirai
. li eeiit« lor each sii**s»M4iient iiif^rtiKii- A sijuare c.ui-
. - ol thirtt eu lines or less, ihiP size teller.
A reas mahle dediiciiun will be made to those who adver-
t, = by the year.
Umble ( oluniii advertifle.metit will b€ charged if) per ccnt.
ifllMiMinl on lh‘ iisnal rou s.
I'.ir an'ixiitjf'itijf caudidaie^ for oflice !?rt in ndvanrp.
I’r.iK 'Mini and Hiisnief's ('ard^ mil exceeding six lines
,i .d at 8.') a year; m*i exccednin n n'juare $9.
> ii'j. ri'bers4 and oihere who inny wist) to send nioney
f.. i 3 cfiii do SO ot all tiinoB, hy vuiH, and at oiir rink.
\V. js. lj-\\V'r()N & ('()., (South .\tlantic Wharf,)
p >• uui auitioiued a^-'fiits m ( harlcston,^. niid are duly
,iii 'iwered t(i lak*- Adverlifenieiil.‘i and Sub'-rriplions at the
« ' re'unred by uh, and crciit roceipis.
(\ JOllXSOX,
t I!M{1J:s'IO.\. Sn. Ca.
WM. K. lUtAILSFoliT). ~
Baltimore and Philadelphia Packets,
Cn.Mll.USTUS, So. C.V.
I.lHl'RAl. advanof.*, maU'i on coii?*igiuiHnt"»of produce to
-f S* till S'.jCfl.
n, k
\Vhy art thou sad ? Ha. life no charms
To win thee from thy gloom ?
Are there no flowers in l.,ve’s bright wreath,
To cheer thee 'A'ith their bloom 7
Oh, throw away these idle fears
Of Cold neglect and strife 1
Dry ail thv burning, wasting tears—
Look kindlier on life.
The world is not made up of hate,
Of coldness and deceit ;
Thouy;h si;ly misanthropes may prate,
Lite is not all a cheat.
Tears cannot chase thy fears away,
Nor sighs ren ove thy pain ;
Then droop no longer thus, 1 pray—
Be merry once agitin.
Lookup! It is a joyous earth,
This go d old world ot ours.
Smile on !—Knjoy its scenes of mirth,
And cultivate its flowers!
All Nature woos thee to dismiss
Thy melancholy lay ;
She courts thee with her scenes cf bliss
Anil asks thee to be gay.
Kind friends are clu.«tcring round thee, too,
»V'hc >tr ve to m«ke thee glad.
Bland are their words—their hearts are true
Then say, wi.y an thou s d 7
lightly, are but destined to tur*it and disnppt'ar \ iiijj \% Oiil Luiid.
ill nothingness—that liie liseM is hut a round o( j . , . , . •
utwv. j . I I u L .1 I •. c . u An *'xpennuMil, which tias bf*-n tried bv sorn'*
labor and toil, and he who gets throui^h it nrsi (i>t9 ^ ,
,L^ 1 , , . , L j 1 pnifrpriMii;* t». nUein’ ti not jur from ihi' pmii, tiu-
the least to do, and soonest recfives the reward of ion , , i
his labors pr^•^elll suimner, esiablisfi* - ci'iidu' tii-v.iln*
»iM II ■ I- • L • 1 T . .u ol derp jjlociL/iiiio, and ihi* ecrii.uiiv of r'O'^
1 hf*n, blessinjTs on liitie chiulren. Let them ^ ^ \ , * . ,
i„..„. J J 1 1 I L ftililizei a \ aiiJ it also »:hows ilu»i Hi -
laugh, ani> romp, and pruuie »^hile they >n ’
joyous uncnnsciou.sneps f>l future ill. .And let us
cherifih and li»ve ihenn and emulate the rxnmpl^s
they set for os of me'-kness, and purity, and truih;
lor ot such is the kingdom ni heaven.
No. .'j. S'pruif^s’ Kow,
4 tKi.Mis k.k'T or THE rncfi.oTTE ba.nk,
(•llAliLOTI’li:, N. c,
10. 30if
!F. 'VJ i 31 'J 'fl e .
„1ttor»ny at
i Jii ir f. linihlihg, -ind floor.
cn.VKLoTTt, N. C.
A Woman that Just wanted to Peep
into the Private Closet.
A Lodge of 1. O. O. F.. in VVoodstow n, dt*termin-
ed to haVH iheir lodge roonn done up rlean and
nice, Hiid it w:ts resolved un tnimously that Mrs. K.
should be Pinployed to do the job
A'lpr the m eting adjourn»"1, 'h»* pu-irdian wl.:i
knew ihc inquisitive cfiaracit r of Mrs. K., prncured
n billy-goat, bf,‘d placed him in a close: i/iaf wus
k*‘pt ax a re.servoir for the secrt-t thii«g>i. [l‘Mh* i\
informed the Indy of the wishes nf he Lod^fc, and
r« quested her to come early next rno.-niug, as
v'ould then be at leisure to show her what wasanci
what was not to be tionf*.
Morninj* came, and wnh it Madarne K.. wi-li
her broom, tiru'ilifs, pniN, tub^^, »!tc ; pr*'p ired and
armed forihe jot, and .'^ound the guardi.iti waiting
for her,
‘Now Modnm^',* siid ho, ‘I tel! ynii what we
w’ant done, and how we came lo eniplfiy yon,—
The brothers said ii was difil.'qlf to ir.*t any bod\
I I i lliejobjOiid tiot be ni'-ddling with the secret-
^ I 10 th it iinle closet; vve have lo«it ihf' l*’y, and
^ I he Hon. A. I . Stephens, in a late speech at | Cannot find it r^: lock the door. I assured them
(jrifliii, CiJ., c.illed /or three cheers for Mike | v«'U couki he dep nded on ’
VVulshi and they were given from loyr thousand j ‘Depended on i’ said sIih, \ ^ I can. Mv
, . , , , . I poor d**»d and gone husband, who helonfied to the
Mike ha. c-rtu;nly been true to .he £outh, and : p^ee Mas.ons or anti„s, 1 don’t know which,
wiib nil his errors, we nHieve him !0 be an honest I used to tell me all the secre-s of the concern, and
•nan and a patriot, We first saw him nearly !v. hen h-show.dme all the marks the gridiron
twfiity year-'i ag >, when he wa-sn l more than ^ niaile when ho was initiated, and told r>e how thev
iweniy-one ye,.r. old. II- came into our otii.e , n^od po ir .^jorgnn. I never told a living soul !o
in an old suit ol clothes, muddy irorjj head to foot, this d iy ^ if nobodv troubi-s your closet to find
look u dollar from his pocket, which ho said was | out your secr^^ts till'i do. (’-'ey’ll lay there nil they
all ihe money he had in the world, and ofl'ered it to 1 rot they will.’
UH to piy lor advertising a scoundrel, who, on h:s j .] thought so,’ the guardian, ‘and now I
way up the rivur, had stolea everything belonging ; u-ant you to comm* ncn in this corner, and giv.'
, , , r o 1 J i whole room a decent;’ and I have
\\ f couldii I lak»* the poor f Ilo» s dollar, but ^ pledged my word and honor for the n.ieliiy in
your promise, now lon’t go into that closet,’ and
Ij-iter foi
Cuniiedicut men lo go to work on Un ir pooi and
‘woin oiii’fields Wiiicit coiisiiiiU'' so large n
portion ol ine jurl .ce o! itieir «i.vii S n'v, ihm t‘
utart kr ‘iht- vV t si’ lu liirin it, where Inll tiie pro
t'lis i/f their crops aie ab'orUed m 'he expeint-s
tiiin-poria’joit to a mirkei. liies'- geitilerii'u
have tir -Utih' into culuv iiion sonn- ilnri\ acres o
land « hu h ti «1 been ahfindoned i»>i us- le", it h iv-
mg hef-ii inpo‘ ri'hed i«nd dr.oned ol all vi’giM.i
ble princi(>le by pr> sisteni cropp ng, yeitr- a^o,—
Mu‘’l» of It too to grow gr »'', pine ir* e>
being tilt only produiU, and n 'lie of it vvas bettei
ttian tr>e ttiiniit a: and poorest ol nil tiUl pasitu e 1 >ls.
This laiK.', ill pncr" raeging at Iroin S7 t‘> SlU •!
acr*‘, ha.s tie- n purvli.ised and plowed wl'l.
nnbsoit jtloir — ]u>\ 'ucii :in it.s rumeui -s soin • o;
our liirtoers iii Coniiecncul need lo h ive then
.'kolls iiiid nieiji plow«d lip with a linle, till 'he\
Can see Ih*-inipoi lain irulii tliiii 'Z jiiid ".i ln;lke^ 4
a(i(! ihai I'iiili u>i ler iti-^ verv l;iroi wtnch lh»-\
fiave iinpoM M>lii d iiiid are now wurking lo pooi
'ulviiiiuigf to g iin a bire .■*'jh->isieiic-, exisi other
farms wi.ieh tmve ii* ver be* n touch d by the
plow>hai( ; ;iiid wfio«e eiip-ciiie.> .*rt; \\ai’i"tr *"
be df'el(»p d A uiHr** annual sci'utKhin^ ol'Ct
of llie surfiicc to n d* pth ol it-n or iwt*lve inches
Tlie American Partf.
Local Grand Cov^cil, ^
Charle>ton, November IG, 180r). ^
hrre?»s. in the opinion of this Local Graini
Slay Where 1 oh Ai-«*. ]
l.'i the We^t we ht«v»- mi-t with p--rM>us pr:s»s- j
ed ol a mmia (or cleHring kmd ,K* hmg as their ]
I irm-i iifForif unhinited oj.p..f unities fVir chopping |
ilo«n huge trees and burning up hug»* logs, they !
vvork a.vny with the ardor of p,.ss,on ; hnl th - mi. | repr.-s-nting ihe bubordinate Counci.s c f
iiUMit ihe\ have made their farms tiilalde Hnd their I the Atn**rican Order in the city of (-harIe*?oii, i!io
(1 u-i'S fiabitrtble, ih-v tnkr no furiher interest | ter to that p i rtv in the late Municipal election
111 them whafever, Hnd are eag. r to m*II ou’ anil | n,,r,hut,.ble to cauaen arising (rom ila paft or-
p'liiiw deeper into the wood-, lo ply nuam (he nx*' j . . . , i , (
' , ' , ^ ^ , 1 ' canlz^llon, .nnd from msnpprehrnsion ol some ol
-ind trie; t»r.»nd. I hti* the rountiy is cleir-u ra- | . ...
pidlv ; hui th.* blood of ihe pr-op|.' is lever-d, ..iid ! pni'Ctph s, ns well to inte.stmo division upon
iiie prissioii for** connnu"!* uiter ihe tjood ! !\Iunicnml poliry .Tud i-fTjces ; and, whereas, al»f,
done by it fias he- n •ccomplu»lied. j ihis Council h.i^ an abiding confiih nee in lh'»
'I'he necessi'v lor » rH(>id cle>.ruig of l„nd ha , „f the Amnican Keniinjeni, and theju-* -
cea>ed. We have ch-.ired fisier 'hm we have ! . , t i, . i ■ _ . i . ^ .
■ 1 -I'l p ^ 1 M J I sj, , xc'S of the rf-kirnja vtiiirh it claims, when prrr r-
ipproprlaft-d, I fie fc, isiern and .v] Hid *• iJiates pn?- |
-e.;i an exp-.ns.-, almost unbr-.ken. .d cullivu- l> prc»' nted to an Jntellipen! pubUc, and r.rpotuiu-
'ed land, di)ited with tin iitractive homes, A larg-- | ed in public form : 'riii r fore —
iioinber — prot>,ibiy a m -J'rlt>—oi ifiojc w ho or. 1 i, J^rto'vci/, That this (’ouncil nci nim'iu! to
cnp\ iho-e homes, jirc ai le-i.'t wriing. if they are j the sub-r lin iie Councils in tins n:y to dish'iiid
ii'it tlesirtius to ?*ell ihi'ir f.irms mid try their loi. ; iheir pr* !*ent O'gmiiz‘oion, nnj discharge ttinr
lun*- in a n> wer region. i hey knoiv that the j (uciiib-r* individually from ila i xisting obhgatioi.*.
Iiurden ol liU- i-* heivy io b“ borne wh-re they are; ■; o. litso/vrd, 'I'lini ihis Council reromniendi
they hope ii will he lighter »otnev\ here fl»». 'I’hey | the .Si Me ('ouncil, and t-> the other subordiini^
f-irg' t thai ihe life of no honest mm is oasy.—
Th-y omit from their c-lculations all ihe uiis en
•m l spinlu i| adi ani.ig- s ol n permanent residence.
I'fiey ov*-rlook ihe I ct that ih-^ real n'ilrim'ni»
fd a iree or a man tl -w in froui ilie fninu *- lendiii.s
ol the root, scrc ly vi.'ible to ihe e\e, which a
CoiUicil* of ihe Slate a similar dissoluiion.
3. lifsolt-ed, Thai in the opicuon o( this (.'00%.
cil all s'-ciecy in [)0*itienl association, Miy ifi'» r-
inixtiir-^h-'v* > ver misconceived) ol srC.ari.-sn witfi
polnicil qij-stioiK, Hnd ilie ailmini»lr.ilion f>( s
111 party oMigrion, .should l)e repu lnlej and w.
will never iK velop ihem. I'he f^nlirt;
re.nov il rudely t-:irs aw ly. Tn. y 'nave negleced j 1, njdon* d by the Amt rican Tarty in this city ati.!
suri'Cf* "I I to m>ke their hmi's char/ning. by plan ing th*- j Siate,
these ihirl\ actes are plow-d lo ih>- dep'b ol two
It-ef—and this on a I'ght suii'iv, worn t»ui land.—
Tht n a pit ntifiil use was made «»1 guano ann
[ilio>pli lit B. 'I'he fcsult. is, Uiai on kind hiiherto
supposed lo be loo potir lor Hnvihiiig, ihere ar-
acres of such potatots, com and buckwheat, as
can be lounil ii iwliere else, 'lot ev- n in th * Con-
necticot V.ilie\! Th*'poiai>-es were piiiiit-*-! d eji,
ill drills *‘ve.nly plowe'l out bv lior>ie power, a su
p-Mior rneilioil w.hich saves space and gre.iily he-
nefifs the crop. J^argf and unilormlv good s'-ed ^
polnloes were s-lec ed lor (ilaniin**. 'I’he grtiv» iiig j
crop u -doubled'iv surpa."!ses anything id thr- kind !
orinnteijtal shrub, the sh idiug tre , ih- tteanijid! j 4 Rrsoh'cd, 'I’hnt at a -propttioiis period,
fl'»«er. I'bev fiav-- no: enli>ted in ih-ir corps of i p, rty ncerijily ha* abated, and rational calm ex •
co-opentors ilie n» xi io-yinn'potenl Hid ofscience, ists, n p'iblic movement should here be 1.1
nor bound ihems'dv-'s 10 the fields they till by th--
interest f)l v aried, inielligMut experion nt. Th»‘v
do not know ihai new lands, iliough ih- y give n
largi- increase, yet draw large !rib'tie from ili--
fn*-n who go lo live up'»n them, 'i’he forest mid
'he prairie do not yield with-'Ut a slriigut*-, nor
>vithont imparting some ofih- ir w jldenies-^ to their
conqo»‘rnrs. It is a game o' give and take b'*iwe«-n
civjiiz' d man and wild nature.
I he most ol iiH'ii tiver twenly five years ol »«Te,
MBU. Ym'nihm,
X>jfosE»j3 IVCiaii-ox",
y l-OORii .SOETll ()F KK.IIR S IIOIM .
we published his advertisement. We had lorgol-
ten ihe circuinstaiice uniill iie recalled it to our
mind, m ihe prt>ence ol some of iiis Congres>ion-
al C'-lleagties Iasi inter.
li seems iMikf w is coming up the river w ith a
r» w hatd earned dollars ip his fid), when a fellow
wfni claimeu to be ihe son of a minister g(*t inio
I,I, l»r. KM 8 cut -uid ni;ide by Ihe c:t:ifj)r:ittd A. II \ ihe young man’s goof gr ices by repres*Miting him
self sick and ut'erly ih slitute. Mike put him into
his own slate room aiid gave him part of his niune)
and touK care oi'him.
W ht 11 tfie bout slo|>p^■d at h landing, the inva’ d
t'. III* tiiod, .'iiul w.irr.intcd li lit.
iM.niii t.-* l.-iiiiiui-d III ihi- l.Uest style lit ihc shortest
.latice. April ^0, I ■'O.'i. 3Dtt.
K. A. IloGERS.
of Alnhanin.
}V . I). 11.-WELL
ol Florida.
1.. 1 > w ri.i
1)1  icoi s^lii.
DDWSLIi, atailliS h w.,
North Atlantic Wharf,
CUAlil.LSTOy, s. (\
{Hcsent prrai fee liti^s for nelhn^; t oiuiii, and esjieci-
I'll) .r, Wh. •«', Corn, ai.d Dunirs if I’u'di.ce. Me iiake^'enu iiis wiih >iir nitenor tmi.ds 10 nuiisie't their l)u;.i.
iies.j at ihe very lowest rate of i;har^;t'.s, si.d pltdi;.-oui^elvcH
promiiincas i-i c\piy tiansactii-n.
labeiul Hdvaiici-.s made >n i'iiiMj:nmenl«. Strict personal
iiieniion M the MiU'rests ol >ui pairoii>, ai.d your lavor and
iiiriiieiM’*' icsppclfully soiiciKd.
fit r«lerciu‘c.s j.Mvtn.
Sept. 18, IS.^V ‘y
3Z>i». IX. 2Vt. IST ox’ioixcixt
Ri;SPF.(’TF(M.I.y ofFers his professional services to
the citizens of (’harlotte and surrotndinT cQiintry.
He hopes by devoting his entire attention to the duties
' 111- proles*non to merit patronage. He may be found
«t ah hours, at his office opposite the American Hotel,
when n.-'t prolessionally engaged.
n'.ar«'h 2, IS'.-. 3Utt
THK. Siibvnbt r having Ih-ul'Ih the  ntirc intrrrst o J. C.
ihen left the kdy to herself.
\o sooner had she heard the sound of his feet on
the last step of the Btnirs than she exclaimnd —
‘don’t go into that closet ! I’ll warrant lh»-r‘ is a
gridiron, or some n-ins» ns»*, jii-i like 'he nn’i .M •
sons for all ifie world. I'll b*‘ hound. I wiHj i-i
lake one pe"p, and nobody will be any the wiser,
as I can keep i' to myselC.’-
Suilrng the ac’ion to the word, sh* st*■pp^'d
ligh'ly to the lorhidden closet, turned the tuut-'n.
which was no sooner don»*. than hi>h ! iv^nt the
in UI- Si..le. 'I'hey.- potato s wii! jield ihr.e or j ho have n good k.-ding up--n th-ir na;ive Soil,
lour hniidn d bushels to the acre. ' •''** h- li. ve the advice is go-,d: Si ly wh- re you
As 'I’ris'ain Sliaiidy siys, »A handsome mora’ are, aud d-'Irrmine to sf iy as long as life last*,
might b^ puiked out of this, if J h id lime to Ho it Pcrsev-rinn toil, ^-iiided by n ihinkiny head, and
as ii is. we 1- HVe ih»' Conii' c'icui tanners lo pi«’k j ennobled by a werihy purpfise, will reduce tni;
1' out (or iheinselves. With Ih- assurance tint it is ‘ mongag/ by degr. es, and heauiify the old home,
worth Mii'ir se-int;.--'I'/nies. j **”d fertilize the sN'rde field, and dram th ■ too ler-
I tile, and convert stones into si k-nces.
iN^w U.'K F -R l’or.\T.. \i.\KS. —1’. A. S:rohf'i, 1 m’lkeihe kirm the pride of the town>hij) and
• if tile Am- n. U' F-m ile lusii'.ute, sends to ihe ' the dtdight of its owner. Stay where von are,
G'0»gi i legr.ipii the folluwing : 1 '"'"d 'ry ii ! 'I'here tliose who should remove
“Ii oiny not b-- known to all your readers i|,ai | .'oung, the uncapimled, the one-too-many
professed a terrible desire k>r some milk, and beg-■ billy goit, wi:h a sprinii to regain his lihenv,
ged Mike to jjo to a house hajf a mile ofT toobt.iin j w hich came near upspiiing her ladvslop. H ili
! some. Alike demurred, saying that the boat | started ktr the door, but it was filled v\iihimpk»-
Hould leave him. But the lelloiy made such pile-{ (n»-nts for h use cleaninir, and all were sw pi
Otis appHiils to him that he actually went, and 'he | clear from iheir po'^ition down to ihe bottom of th * j
boat left him sure enc -oh; whereupon the inv.ilid, stairs. j
recovering .^udd- nly, took possession of Mike’s { 'i'he noise and conf'.tsion occasioned by such '
trunk and fill his worldly possessions except svhai ' uncer'^-mnnenus coming downst-irs, drew h df the i
he earned upon hjs back in bin excursion afn-r the j tnvn to Mrs fs effort to g-t from nncJf-r
milk. Mike went to chvipping wood till he go'. | ihe pjl.e of pails, tuc-', brooir.f, and hrushea in th * |
enough to take him lo L-■ui-vill^*, and on arriving j st.-eei.
here k)und, as h • expected, that his cusiomrr was
unknown m ih--se jiari-s.
\\'iihi>ut a farthing afiout him, he went to shov-
ill-' sw-ei poiaio vine may he sived during Ihe
winter, mid us--d the lollowiog spring, in prop^.
ii iiing a new crop. I h;iv>- iri--d ihr e.xperirn'Mit
during this ye »r. lo my entire siiusl.-.cnon, and,
ilierelore, i^■*■l it mv dutv to coiiiinuiiicio- tiir ic-
Mill lor lh»" benefit of the public. In th-- fall (any
lim- bclore Ir -si ) the vines may be cut in any
convenient 1- ny'h. -•nd placed in I lyers, on the
siirl ice of ill'- earih, 10 llie d* {>:h o' twelve or
• igiitcii in( ‘
in a lamily. Hut, if possible, such should remov*
t'ui «»nc*‘, 8^-eking not a stopping place, 6ut a per.
nianeni home, in which, and around which, all
that is best in their natuaes may gather and cepire.
7 lUtKtrrtfi't!
ol \1 tsoii eouniy, Ky., has a twenty acre fi«*ld of
corn which promi>es t'ri*m what his been gither.
ed, a yield of one hundr»-d and eighiy ftushids
'hes ; cover the vine.s whd'l dunp, (ear'^) p»*r acre. But Ihe luniiy pari of the utory
:;ihii he did not intend to make such a crop.—
wnh pirliallv rouen s'raw ( nh- r [>ine or «. hea I
will -inswer) l-i the depth of six inchejj. and c-ver
ihe who'f wiiha light soil aiioul lour incites d- ep.
In this wav the vines vvill kepduiing ihe. Biiiif-r.
and in the spring they wi'l put out sprouts -as
favt.r of osentiul reforms in naturalization ar i
.*). llftolvrd, Thit while the P'»rly nf
ihis com niMiity will ever hold themselves sternly
reaify, us S'^ulhern men, to iriaintain in all rx*-
yencics the righiiii of the 8lale and the South, they
Aill not. on the one hand, commit them.selves to «
blind adherence lo federal pai lies and dominalioitjj,
nor on ihe other urge, ~it any impolitic junctino
and for prfMiiature ends, a policy which lo(;kp to
the di'Tupiion of the confederacy, excrpl (in tfie
language of the Georgia [»!uilorm) as “a last re-
A. J. Russel. Secretary.
Won't l>Uliaii1-
The Cfiuncil uf ihe .\merican Tarty, in :h*
Third Ward ol Ch.irleston, at a lato meeting,
adopted the following resoliitions, wliich wc find
in th»* (.'harlejton p ipers of yesterday :
Whereas this Council being notified ihal ihr rcsj-
IiiUons and suggestions ol the Local CJrand Coin*
cil of this Or«k-r pis-^ed lOih of November, 1B50,
recomn'.eiiding ‘Mho City and Sinte Counci'n ti*
rl-vhi'r1 lie oresi-ni o r«i\l7 :u to I > nnd Olsptr-.'* 'o
a projiitious [leriod when party aceriiitv h;i3..i i'td
and rational calm exists,” ttc., fif'.
ileso/vcd, That this Council disagree i*iih ihr*
resoluiion, and ileclino the siiggeslions o iheL 'i'al
Grand Council, inasn.uch as they conflict v.’*li
what WH rt'uard the true intere->tj and pmjijieri'y
of i*'e American party.
The /im |.lH„„ng CMni.lg „p W..II ,.r | „f „,j. £.„u„c,l
r-v ri-i'k 1 1 I I (V MiA I-1 II t u  1 ifiM ooil .. i *
eling in liic cmal. and the fir.>t dollar he mad^-
ihere was ih'- one he tiroughl to us. He trdled in
ih«- iniid unlil he made enough lo yo to Cleaveland
on his way home, and there met in the street the
man who had swindled him. 'i'ho swindler ran
like a d-er, bui .Mike pursued tiiin like a grey-
promising. he r» planted tielween ihe rows »iul af-
u rwaif'i. noi being atile u> decid which row.s wt-re
In si or whicfi to plow up. as he intended to do
wiih ih'- first plan iMg, he k't boih stand ; the pres-
nt great crop is the result. It is needless to say
. atiyn-lanlly as the potato ilsejf V'Jien bedcj-d.—
Who should be first to the .spot but ihe rnscnllv | (.pr;,uts c-jn pk.nte- first, and the
door keeper, who after releasing the goat, which | jrseli can he subs-quenily cu' and us. d as we : ,).„^the kujd is good.
was a cripple for life, and upliliing the ru'.b'sh i p|.-,nl. 'I bis experiment is worihy ilu-j
that bo,ind the good woman to the earih :.nx I p„(isideraiion of larm-rs. as it wiM^ave a greai i A.Mi.nkof U e a LTii. —There is no need of
ously inquired if she h id been t ikins thedegre. s?” j ,„„„y a-ed po'aioe-. (p irticnlarly on hr -e plan- Calilornia or Auslr ilia, or to any oiher j and leel assured that at any election where
ihi- late deleiit in the municipal election did ti-»t
arise from iniesdino division or disreg^^rd t'l gf;j i
laiih, but Irom the f ict thai not much over one.
ihiril of ibis Oidei had rendered thi''m.«elvrj q:i.-i’i-
fied as voters ' y the payment of the poll tax.
lie ulved. That tins (Council has full and abid'iig
confiden.;c in the mrengih of American sentimcnr.
‘I’aking the do{ire«s !’ exclaimed the lady, ‘it
tations,) which can l>e
used lor leedin'ii. L-l r' g'"'- 'or g(.!d. Almost an ,b.idy cm right ol the ci’izcp is not trnmmeled by a t.-K
the stairs, with ihe devil after ye, taking things bv
degrees. I have them, nnd if ye fri^h'en kdks a?
liound. caught him, and thrashed him nearly to; ye have me and hurt them to boot, I'll warrant
dea'h in the sireei be'ore any one could interfere, i they’ll m'tke ns much noise js I did.’
Mike was sent to j -il for assault and battery, and j ‘I hope yi'U did not open the closet, madam",’
you call tumbling from the top to ih- b.ltom of | larnier, h.ufver, make lh* eiperiment lor ! ‘‘ M'dch shorter, easier and beu-r way.
5i and be governed t>\ the
Oilr>rnx Prve Cunevt.
•wnply by pimiing po'.atoes. It is ahtoni'hing
how f.isi ihe mint dreps vn i I turn out wh-re p-i-
t.itoes are lurn. d in. Wiin es iho lollowing;
IlrsK Bkds. - No oi|e wlio has not tried them j • One of ihe larg’ si crops we h.ive heard ol lately,
■jcnows the value of h«i>k fieds. Cert.iiiily m it- | ih.t r.iis-d liy Mr. McMurty, on his farm near
tresses wui!d not be u-ed il liu-k beds were tried, j L“xin{i'*n. Iv\. Ik* ha-* I6d acr-- in potalo.-s of
I in I III (M Ulf II 111 1/1 II ' ' « '.3 IVi 1 ^ .-J-V V • •». .. J ^ * I ,
I'pi and pulilie i;enerally itiai he willciiniinue wllint; his j un,-r stranger lo either per-^onal or poli
•.vliii'.L-S'.'u-k 111 (i.iiui.'; at fo.^t, striclly tor t ash and invites! - ... ~ ».i>,„,
hr. CHS oaii is and the public goiieially to »-all nnd rcotheitical f- ar. V\ «- aj with .M,. fc»Itpnen. , threi
upon the ballot box, u triumphant aurccsa u,il
aUvavs he achiev. d.
Rt&olvt'd, 'I'fiat our exp*-rienoe »n rrcry
te!«l ol American (iriciples, wh-re the right of the
ci’izen wis unrestrained in ihe Irre rx^rcise of
his sufi'rage, iill'.rds a suflicient giiaranteo ior tha
future strength and prosperity of ihis parly.
7'hat our dekgates to tliO (irand nnd
Local Council wilhdraw from all connection W'iih
[ his victim was sent to the p- ni'entiary. Mike is | said ihe door keeper.
Hni'd oVthe h III of Ahin’s iV lland rf sprclMliy inl.iriii his | true hearted, j)(ss*'.'-ses very considerable talent, j *0[)en the ck»s* i ? Eve ate the apple she was j 'I'hey are noi only oujre pli ihle thm mattresses, | th.' v ry finest qualities, and calculates on raising
forbidden! If) on want a woman to do anything, { but are more durable. I h'- first ost is bui ; ov,r nine ihousind barreU ! Mr. .M-'Murty will
three! tell her nof to do it, and she’ll do it certain. I j trilling. To h«ve hu'ks nice ih--y may i»e spin 1 realiz- m>re from liiii IGO acres than h- could I thit body, and place themselyes iinrnedi^ittly
could not stind the temptation. The secret was \ ait* r ihe tnatiiier ol spliHing •travv lor braiding, j djnke by going to Calilornia, and wi'h iiifiiiuelv | iind.'r the coijirol of ihis Councd.
there, I wanted to know it. I opened the door. | Th'- fin- r they are sjilii i|u‘ solier will b*- the bi d, j i^-as trouble.” j lifsoltcd, 'I'hat these proceedings be publtihed
public goiieially
r. w. AiiincNs.
N. B.— Th*'N >ti « and .Xcoiints due the firm are in the
band . ol .Mr J, Hand lor colk '!ioii. F. W. .\.
Sept. 11, 1 .0, tf
Mv .'iiiti?' ;ind .Xci'inints h:i\iii'r b t ii placcd in the
liuiuN ot S. \V. D.ivi-i, fv'.!)., tor (.illeclion, lh^e
Tv h I nre bu-d t-> me ii.ifn iduuIIy, er as one of tlu'
oid limi Ilf .'■'Itf'lc it U.irty. are respcrtfiilly re«iuf8t-
»d lo in.ikc stttkincnl Ly April I’ourl, it not xooner.
h-b. ‘J, l^'C.l. ‘J^'-tl
ch^'ers lor Mike Wal>h.’
Loinsville Juurnnl, Zd inst.
L-ltllc Cliildreii.
nSTotioo tio X>oT;>tiOX*s-
HK sybvcriber liavins entered uito partnersiiip
V ith Mr. Palirier, is desirous of closing up bis old
busi:;t^s. He therelerc most eaine'slly requests his
(i-riiier rit'iuls and custoiii**! 3, w Vio are in ari f-ars at hia
;.h.ip, to call between this time ainl our -■\pril court. ai d
setih’ their accounts cither by i.ote or cash, the lafer
march ?, ISriS. 32tf
Matches! Watches! Watches!
and out p'lpped iho larnal critter ri>h' into mv alihongh tliey will not be likely lo ln>; a-* long as
face. I lhou£iht the d'-vil had m“. and I broke for wh- n th»‘y are put in vnliole, I hree barrels lull,
the stairs with the devil hutting me at every jump; \'ell stowed in, will fid a g-'od >iized lick, ihat is,
God liless liltle children ! Th^-y are the gems j fell over the tub and got down {he stairs as you •■lt*-r th- y hav.- h-en spl.i. 'I'h • i.ed will always
ihit sp.irklu in man’s pathway — the stars that found us. all in a heap.’ | he lig‘'t. the hu'ks do not become maned d.>wn
stand in ihe fi rnaiient ol his existence. Wiihout ^ ‘But madam.’ .said the door keeper, ‘von are In like le athers, and they are ctri iiiiiy njore heilih\
ihtm gloom would overspread the whole earih, possession Oi the great secret of thf* Order, and lo skv p oti.
and the light of lile would lose all ita brilliancy. , musi go np and he initi-ited, sworn, and then go ; Feather beds ought to be done nwav with, es[>p.
\\ ho does not luyt; the joyous prattle aud ilie jp the regular way.
lithesome glee ol the li tle clieru!)'» as th-'y elimo j ‘Regular w^y !’ exclaimrd the ladv, ‘and d>
your knee, or frolic round you jn their innocent yon I am goin;; rear the t trnal plaC’ a-
mirlh. Who does ik>i find his heart warming gain, and ride th it .ar critter with'Mit a luidle or
lowards iheoi as they look up into your face wiib i lady's sat^di'-? No, never! I don’t want nothing
cbildi-'h innocence and smile as only children and i (o d-i with ihe man ihit ri k‘S if. f'd look nice
ungets can. ‘i&ulltT lUile ctiildren lo come unio i perched on a billy iroit—woukln’t I ? No, nev.
me,’ Ctirisi said, *lor ol such is the kingdom til ; » r? I’ll never go nigh it again, nor your ball
heaven.’ Ilov* jusi, how Irue the cornp .rison. j nuther—if [ can prevent il no lady shall ever join heal- n.
ciolly m v'lirm weather. For •■prin^', summer,
and fall, h'i'k b*-’ds fe.jgh' to bo “.ill ifi-- go,’’ and
such'uhinliy will be ihe e ise v\ hen ihey are
once broii^h i:i ) use. 'r.h r“ is no better tune i.i
... ,,, ~ ~ ill the dailv pipers of this State, that the order
I HK W V.VND -T I « iLinc (.ou.N.-LXpcriments | .hrounhourthe St.le may have due noltce.
have h-en made this »eas -n in several places ivi h j
the Tfrnarkasdy pn^kfic varieiy d m uz- otitHined j
ir-un ihe Wyandot Indi iiis,d which we some iim-* I
I'.. B. Crvi.Rii, St eretary.
The I'rcK Ml'\ Nohi ii. — .Mr. (.'lay d«ciared,a
since s[)ok'^ as growing in the garden of .Mr J. (’. 1 >hori iime belore liiK de,»di, that if the ^^'ii'g p®fty
I h'impi* >11 of St I'en i'i-ind. I'he .\!ion W- ekly ! oi (he |Ve!e Stutes should ia come ahohtionir* d, Jio
Courier, an I'lin 'is p iper, sper.ks ol a bill o( Wy j would vote with any sound (Jon-ti'ution «! ji iriv
iii'ioi corn, r Hs- d fr-.m one kernel, by Mr. John | ..{-ainsl the party thus degrade I. Know No'
(kdiper, ol Lppef Aiion, col^sl^tIni^ of fourteen ' ijn ;,fid fd ick II puMicimsm have pretty
■ii.alks. I'Mi le* f n';;h, on which wereninet- en ears s'vali.-wed u[» and jiholitioniz d the Whj'j p.irtv
o: f--ur fiundrnl a>>d 111 v ernins to ih; eir fui an
Till' ^u’-isi'ribi-rs are now riceiviiig a larjje stock j
A I'l’liUt) tio;.i thf must ctlfbr.Altd iiiakcrs;
al^l .1 ricli stock ot
Fashionable Jewelry, Chains, Atc.,
nil ofwbicli will be sold low fur cash or on short time
to dealers.
april 27, 4t)lt
new books for sale
loiyiai: .ind en.niss’s book stoiik.
ri'IIHj Slave ol Hie I.ainp, a Posthlliunu.x Xovel, bv \Vd-
proeure husks lhan when coru is h-rvest d. i rage, makoig 8 ihli) grams as the pr-jduci of «
an-l .he husks will ne o.oeb n.e. r and oI...,n-r ^l''«k- kernt 1. 1 he same pnnt sp-ak* of a spe
when c.irn IS cul up at ih- hoTfom and put i„ | ^imen ofihe same var,. ty, e.xhibi-ed at ^h- f.reen
Macks. They do no! .so dry and weath-r | by Ju.lg- W-.odsoii, m winch eight fall
l! is calculated Ihnta husli b-d wi'l I k.-alfhy Stalky weie produced Irom h -ingl.- ker-
I’unty, peace, .-md love — such are the afribjies ' [fie Odd Fellows. lass trorn twenij-five lo ihir:y \ears. »*''cli s alk, and .-i lo al ol
uc ur*i ADiit 10 ascribe lo ihal plac« o( rfbt lo j ‘Whv, I'd Conner lie n Fr*'o M nnd ho d iuj^hi' r c-in su[)plv iv rs* !! witli IkmIn j^rnns. A sii > qtieni riuuib r o m* st.Tif*
wliicit we all U!=[>irr*, aud such ure the chciracf^^r- , briMluG »n a gridiron na lorj;^ as fire coiild he kep* ( at h w()ich J futn ..tfpp s ihr *mi. ot corn
istics of :he youi)!5 rnind, just w h' ii the dawn of under it, and pulled from garret to cellar wiih a is quite an indue* m- nt nr>w a da\s.
iiielleel begins to shine out in broken words and j halter, in a pair of old breeches and slipper.s, jus' : l-.n^htud I (inner.
hiill formed phiases. },s mv poor dear h isband was. ami h** lived over
Liule chiklren ! — holy angels that throng our' hut I never could live over such another ride as
I took :o-day.’ " "■ ' . i
raised by .Nlr. J. R. Thom is. M ogan coun'v.
j 1 hey were plsrked from a field which fir duc> d at
I Ihe r.iie .-f one hundred and hf'y tiush-di lo the
Cl'RING B.^Con U’itm t:t S.MoKK.— To mik-‘'acre. The WekU C'«• rier add - :
, ,wlh«..y, a.iJ clfiw m,r Itom lh« l,vw„ys o( 1 ,ooli :o dav.’ h.■•.rl; , ^ -Tlu-, ,.l l. I id. i-. v n-r-a'.
1 s,„ nnd crime. Il.w nu.cll lU «v„rld is indebl-d , ' — tern ..•11. lij - .-..rly y.„. „nU „ -r. I-,.- ..r v, -i.l 1 fr,..n .,
to them lor iheir saving influence, for the eon-' 'I'here i-j a disposili >n observabl.! in soni™ to a • ving o. b.oa, i.i.d weit Mt'en. d pork. Ihei. hill k rnel. sho ting I r b k-t-wen t w-n'y ar;d ihirty
i t'rolliniT power ihey exercise over the fiiind of man, | view urfavorably everything ihnl falls under iheir , hs early a,» ihe w-a-te r will allow, uiio .>ali a- g-)o1.-iz- d ears, and only a mooIm kernel t.-mg
' for the“ertrn-st Ihev give of a heaven bev ond this ! iMice. They seek lo gain confidence bv .'.Iways as-h-anim.l he-.,, ,s gone, wih a pl-n.y ol tie- n-ces.-ai y b. a hill, one ear is sntFr-ieni f.,r half an
' troubled vale of t.'-il and tears. Kude 'men nnd . rfidVring Irom others in ju.lgment, nnd to depre- pure-i s ik. and ab ii'ti .It .sn ounce id s ilipetre to acre pkinied k.ur k-ei au irt. 1 he grain*! ar« r--
j h'.r.fened liHians quailed’ belore ihe eye ol i eiate what they allow lo t.e wor-,h% in i's- if. by o-.e huud.-d p-uud^ .-f ,>,,rk. mi.rkahlv smooMi aiv> whi«e,and we learn iba* 'he
a child; pridchasbe.nhumlded, and the hai'ighty I hinting at some mi-^take or imperfection m -he A- soon a« ike me-,i u s .lie . to vour tasie
have boA.d th. knee to youthful inmicence, when P'-rlormancr. You are too IoIin or loo km m w hich wiis g- neraHv t,- in about live „e. k«.-ak.
nauoht else could have made those stern hearts your manners: You are too fruiral or too
Mam North. Ini;, luu-; or ibe lirst d.Vys cf the I5lu.-d, ! There is a maijic in the smiling face and m your exp-nditur- ; you are lo.. taciturn or t-
by .\Uxaiulcr Duiii.ik. 'rran^Uttd from the original laughing eve that looks up so confidingly
jiiamj-^cript. ^ I ‘ ‘ ‘
t aahiijn anil Fancies, by I*lrs. Stcphcii... j
I'he .Maroon, a k'gend of the Carribores. au«l oUicr
talcM by \V. Giknore Simins. I
Tho Caslk Builders, by the author of “lleartseu
‘‘The Ot RddolytTc.*' “Sjccnc* and v^h^nccs,” tto.
Thf Old Inn or the Travtlkra’ Enlertainincnt, by
Juiiah Barnev, ben.
The above are all the very latiit and m6st popular
novcla of tlic day.
We Constantly keep on hand a large and wi 11 si'k cted
slock of slitionary of ev-Ty kind, and are constantly re- |
Cciving all the new boolis that are being published, and j
books that we have not got, v.c can get on tho ahorte.t | raill.tiOW are but thin air-that th-
jjyoPi ' bubbles of pleasure which fioa's before you «o
Iree in your sp*-* ch ; and so of the resi. Now,
No’hing will iriore
conduce to your uncomiortahleness than living in
o* ill-naurn and b* ing lumilia
wiih di'^content. The disposition grows with in
speaks in it, and he speaks to the heart, and that ; g'l 'rd against this lendenov.
,, . I » 1 ■ 1* . L. • 1*.. rA»I.. ii^*^ in xji'Mit It n/'fint ff^rt/4 r
fail$ not to respond, as the steel gives forth i-s
spark to the flint that strikes it.
Little children ! God’s iinuge, pure and uncon-
lrt;r*inated by contact vviih the cold and wicked
woild. How hctppy are ye in your innocence—
flow unconscious of ih« sin and evil ihat surrounds
you on eyery eide. Soon enough will you rudely
awaken from the pleasant dreams that shed hilo
ol b* auty round your walking and sleeping hours
soon enough will you learn that the gorijeous
il out, :*n 1 i! aii\ i f 1' has bi-en c v* red wnh hrn.e,
k t II dram a o 'k . T' en t .k* i.i.tek p p(* r,
fill, ly i»r(ini and d si on the hock end a^ m -eh
as will -• ick. ' hen ha -g it up 'ii a uooij. clean. dr\ ,
airv piac'. I( all this u dune as ii stmu'd be, (it
in the (juar.'er rL'b rr. d lo—Mr. Clay's fturs haio
heen reikz d. 'Fhere mtc still, however, f.'itit
fier» Ilf Wmh-^ in the free Si.itos w h.j h.i%e i'i.>;\ei
‘•bo\vd the knee to n ial.”—and these, v.ith th-*
old kne U- in >crnls in iho?e S ales, constitii’.e a
s'r-iog. .iiid we believe impasiable barrier to iho
as.siulM of lana'icisii). '1 he tru** men North are
til'- old line D mocrata and ihe old line Whig.' ;
a l else there ii rotten at.d .all of evil.—K
I A f'.\MroR.'vtA Di i;f.. — .\ du-.-J look plice on
ihe lH'ii of (October, ni .Mitco, between II
B. 'I’rueii, , and A'lslin Smith, Ksq., (son of
ex Ciovernor .Smith, of Virginia,) two g*’nilem''ii
• xensivelv kno vn in .San Francisco 'diid in
.S ate. M j Uiehard 1*. Ilimmond and Il.«miIto-j
B iwi*‘ were i riieii'd .seconds, and Smith had Vo',
ney K. Howard and li- J. C. Keweii at> his
‘•Irieii la.” Dr. II II. 'I’oland was present on '*>»•
n.ur fr.mi them can be re.ddv b dred like ih.t I
from wh- ai.” * i Drs. B rfody and Ldwarfis v»ero bUo preieij*, %j'h
S . sMiill ’ a q-i mtiiy is nec^s-ary for pi .nting ^ *7'’, specUlors. The distunco was trn pn.
that wt- .sbill not l»e -urprised if tbe v-irieiy h« 1
Hoon (Jis'rin.iled over th^ coijn'y. and emu-’ into j
^ip.ijeral cul'iv linn. .Mr. Timm is, w h i*e n mi • j
Is III n i inerf ah -v«, is «he introducer of ihis kind j
and the weapons »ix t>arrel revolver*.
S-iv r«l of 'Fruett’a balls struck the ground in
rout ol Smith, biii the fourth ball from the pi>tul
of the l»riner struck tho latter in the right tU ;?h,
aboui six inches ab'^'ve the knoe. bmith f.nd
tho n. iuhborhood o»’ ill-na urn and h'inir mmiliar ouuhl 10 t>« .kine now.) y-iu will have n-» f'ur'her "I Corn. Mr. J. C. Ttioinp-on. of 3'alen Island, | ... j 1 . ,
- .rouble v^irh i, k.r bv flv lime in sprmg. your is the ngeu. fi.r tho sale of the eorn here. i once after receiving h-a wound, and then tnrew
diilgencf*. and is low and base in I'selt’; and if bact>n is s > weil cured on the ou'side, that flies or . /V V l.netiLim Pnsf. 1 f own is pi-lol, ant about t tinae Of II rrroinen.
any should be ready tn prid- themselv s on iikill buys "ill nit di'iurti it
andt'acilitv in the aciencn, let them rennember that Curing bae*>n is likr^ the lnshin*n‘» of,
the acquisition is cheap and ea-y ; a child can de. j making punch. said : “put in the sug ,r. then
face and desiroy ; dullness and stupidity, nhich fill n up »|ih whiskey, and every dmp of wai«r
s-'ldom lack inclination or means, can cavd ai d v u pot m a'ier ib t -p-uts tb- punch.” J jt
find iaiili ; and evervihipfr e-n lurnisli ignoranc-, w 'n -nring h e n: aft' r b-liowoiir 'h
pr> judice, aod envy, with a handle nf rep'Oich. g ven a -ove, every ‘drop" ot sm' '■
• oire.-i m...
e \ ■ u ,rj’
(O” The .Ww Vo i% \lnr-.r (»f-diefs ihat within
1 weii'.y-fit-e year- ih*- United Siaie* will not ou!>
supply ihn Amt-ric-in people wnh the pure juice of
ih*" grap«, but will b-come the largest wiuo ex-
p tr'iPij n-i'ion in th** world.
alter. I’rueit fired hii sixth and laat »ho*. 'Ht/t
I* ivsiciaps ex itnin'-d tho wound and declared that
It was a flesh wound, the bill liaving
ihroogti th»* l»*g out»id« of th«4higii br>n«
f«m'ir*l artery. And thus ended another “ttiTiir
of honor.”
J\ro. lVi//ijrn Jay, j about it spoils tlu ^^I^'/rla^e Dtmjcral.
CO" Fjshion 13 the rice of the r ch to get a way 1 Punch say* poverty inuat be « womm —ir »• tj
frjni the p^j>r, who f.ll-jw a:» na they can. 1 fomi of pir>ching a per*'^.

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