North Carolina Newspapers

    I’uT Ih: IT- '■ ■ /( l)l .
• 'i li_V ;i 1 :: : : r T’i } i nr.- AV ll' li V  .-i llCUP
t!;c ;tl. ;
H -il th .‘U (i nimU'athcr, in tliy miizlif,
'I'liv  n!u,_;v t!iv riri/ iii-i-lit,
l';ir u i-l.= extc 11-1 lli v I’.kik',
Ati l ilii 11 .iii'i' ii-i' iliy name.
Til..11 in. !i ■!' tli'- twain,
till-!' ! (^.111 f!iy i,i-.ic‘l‘ul n-ijrn ;
'I hr llMlr l.iii' ri 1-. ii: 1 tijfM-
liik.*; v\ .iMiiiL !' ut tfct.
1 ilf iij.'iii Jiiu' till' ^ ari.'(;
\hil   ill iiiiii;-^' with tlu; skies,
\ti'l ri.ini'l tliy .mk iriit ci« >t disjilay
'I’l ■ ;r \Miviii- of r' V'.T’U jiiav.
'rii'iiiL'li vivid ii^litiiinz.s o’t'r llicc Hash,
Aii'i ilci ] t'.ii' '] thruiiicr loiiiiil tlirc cra.-li,
\ii'l lajiii.; ti iii|.c Is earth Jnlh shake,
'ri.'y iir'i !' thy '• h;i can break.
in ihy •' ra^ i^y l»>:siiii,
j- wi.ll' and i-ava^c? hc:u’,
\\ :hi‘ wild d'- r tliy hi'rba;^'.- cruji,
Ai.d '■ |,nit iq.iin 1 liv
-\v '!nd t iv Kna. ! wild rs- ^row,
iiid ui' :■! ’lal-aiii l-iii thy hrnw,
riv'T-i ti'id.liii_ irniu thv let t,
lilt !:i!id:' and cl’iiK r«'treat.
'I i.y '■■i .ui,..- chan'j ■- '.\ ith the year:
111 \ ,1^ iiiiiii _\ el!'i\v r':1: a]i]‘; ar,
J>!- w .di Ir ( Ultin;^ Mast,
A Iiiautli' ii'crthee ca^t.
'i hy hi'aiit' i ,is ;_:ia;i l*; nr \vi; admire.
iu'>ri tie I’uwer that huilt th\' sjiire.
I or tliy ]ir 'ud !'i
il'!:!tiitcd IVoiii ere Itli-t.
iio mi>.'’d
(’I'Untry lads ol'ien {eel that their liit is a hard
'1 liey e :-ity I’red yoiiniisti rs lui their
Irav-. l and thea' spret > at the a^e of t’onrt’eii !
vei italdeyoiui'j ■ ■n:leiiien, wilh a fiiii.'hed exterior,
u sej-ar and a cane. The yuinej; lanner at the
anie a”e tiiid^ hiinstdl’ with a hoc in hand and a
; In'ap .-traw Iiat on his hea,d, sworitini:; amon^ the
liill m| euiii. lie i IVe(|uentIy etuioiis ol'his eiry
lii'other—uhirkini; i'a>t him in the ‘ai’s with knl
L’love ., di lie ite jiii!,det>, all 1 [dcnty of money in
hi:, [■f’^
.^!.n i your e iril, hoy; Ie>.‘ it out elean, keep
ste;!!!:ly iu (In; l.dior you h,i\e in hand, du it Well,
and in time your Liiu^d days will i-ome too. If
find larminir i.s i.ot suited to votir taste, or
y:;ur strength, -ir ei: ciine'tane's—if vou like
iin'( hani.'’.ii l»- tter, or hav.‘ a ea[iaeit\ for business,
whate\t_T eventually you niay en-.-!i;e in, it is all
the -aiiie, vou have iie^un ri^Iit. 'I'he eily hlades
havi' Ik ijuu wi'oie-; and iu due time' you will see it.
'I’ll .r l-itlieis aiil niotlurs will, in the end, >ee it
t"o. l>o U’=t le( I envioU'^ oi't he pleasures that a
h 'tliou :• man en;;iys; hut icnieiiiher, not iu ii
mali; ieu , Idit cdier irit, that siieh plants wither
early. i>y thetiine you ha\c aecjiiired fixed hahits
ol i ndur>l ry, a ud a 'j iiii ed a eoi i e-jiondiiiLr perlectiun
o| mind and I- d y. your di lieatidy rearel eotemporary
el the t:-wu he_ ii;s to leeltlie dehihttitiiiL;’idleets
of idleii; ."S and di.'>i| atioii. llo is uut ahuie to
Id.line hu‘ a weak liody and a proiiilc.-s mind; it is
the I'l-.'-idt (d asy fi'm: hut he cannot eseajie Iroui
idieii.'; the.^e he mu^l t'udure iitr himsidfiu
h; - own per.'on. Jlis ('atln r may he a ].rufe;~siomd
man, or a merchant, er may he merely rich; the
tdiaiice- are tiliy a;^anist oui* that the sou will not
replace his laih r. .'';ieh is tin- roult of widl
jellied e\[ii rience; l.ii. iiiess lulls into the hands of
fho.'i' who are iiio't eompeti iit; it does not ih'seeud
to heir.-. |i i: tiieiouniry hoys after all who ilo
tie eity hii -ine.'S. ( (!i>ervin^ men have often
-tat. 1 thi; fa ‘; and iiiouire into the. origin d‘
’li velaiid. o" l)o.-t.iii, or ,\; w \ ork, you will iind
i! to he - I. .\11 extened eircuuistanees are iu
t. \‘'r(d th;' '^ •u .u‘ the (leik sueceediu|j to the
t la.Ie nl'thi, ol i lii 111 ; t ut the;-on seldom, almost
m \e;-. die' in the p...-ition ol a partner oi'thi- hou>i>.
I.y ir It/ .''imply heea'.i «■ habitual iudu'trv i'
v.aiitinu': hahiiual iii 'ui_. nc.' is not wantim^.
\\ ith all the external odds aua-u.^t it, the euuutry
lurni.'111'.', ihr eitir. their piiiicipal husiiH.-'S men.
11' in.'.; i.iueiit, faithful and per>everiu>.:. and above
all. m..ial. h: iie.'t, ."teady. ei;eeil'iil and eontented,
thi- ehaii. . ale ihat the l,>,d with the ho-.' will
e\i r*u,dl\ d.i the bu>in. .-s o!'the father id'the lad
iu ulo\.s. who i.> now Iu>.ur;atiiij^ in his travels.—
'!'!!(u 111 IA iini r .^i Ai:i{i.\ii I IN KnVAi.Cittci.r.s.
- \ n : il;ei ot Inal ! ill”V- in I'lii -land has be-u recent I v
made by tlu’ Pukei,] Iviilland to the I’riuee^s
.'lary, si'.!, r of t’.e |)ul;e (.1‘ ('amlui liic. The
1 nil-; w hosi> al'abihtv and t;ood humor are
de. nied her chief'.■■.Uraerioiis, diie- not conceal her
i. h t;i acc'j.i her only >u;tor. The Puke is neither
a V' r_\ wi.'O or veiy luindsome man; but he is vorv
r i ll, very well bred, an.l v ry amiable. in .■-hort.
he wonhl ptoliaidy make li'U' an excidlei.t husband,
and she \'.:>ul 1 make him an excellent wifi*.
NeVcrthi les.'. It.-ei uisit mU" t liot be. 'I'he con.'ctit
s.11 lit' part ie- tli. !ii>elve.> i.', under t he e'.reum>fauces,
il >t en.'U_h. — !)y the pr-.)\i i ni' of the l!'i\; 1
.'Iani.:i_-“ \et. paM'1 ^me Ycais 11^:0, to
>rrafil\ the tyraii'de will .'f (ieo>. member
ol the re: nin^ family cm h’_allv contract matri-
irony with-ut t’ e a ■ -nf .ft!:.' >ovi r i-ii \ er.-onallv
d. , ’;ir. d. II. r .'!aj' >'y'' i.leas i.f tlie i.s -endaiiey
W hieli her iiotiiei'; of "fate | idicv ou^lif t.) have iu
all matte' o! th.' kind, wliiidi are s.UiU' lik.'
th.'-.;‘ of her urai, 'f.:‘!u r. re.-olut. ly n fuel's t.)
a:."W air miiiu,!ui- i.l ro\;ii blued with that ol'her
li. ' le>. I he tear ol  in^ s.unt^ (d hei- own
iiiiioc. nt idi -priiij, f-llow t!i.'; xample of lie;- uncles
and -r.iii'l-UKcie-i, u-Nerns liei ahsoluti Iv; and the
ri .ju;' t l.;ensi- has coU'C.j-ieirly iieeii r't’used to
h. ]■ uiih.ipj.y eoii.-in, who appear' destine.I to
V, i.her and piiie oil the ii uitleS' stem. Such are
H.-iieofth^- im-i i-nt ol m'.ii irehv as estubli'hed
hy st.itu!-' ,1'uou t r!ie llrift 'U^.
♦ ♦ —
l>i;i Ai I I 1, ill: : rnt.M 11 vuijoi iii.r.iA.—A
letter ironi I’..r?: nieii'h. (>!ii.t, wri.t. n bv a la ly
to her lmb:tiid iu I. iu;svillt'. make'; ii.eiitiou id‘a'n
extr..i'rdinary eireunis'aiice. A shoittiaie ano a
youi.;x la. y was I 'ttiMi by a do^. llydro{diol)ia
manil'i -t:d ifse'fon li; r, and while e. iitinod by the
di.-e: M'>he bit her >isfer, wh.j w;t-i waitiii- (11 her.
'J he si.'i'er wa' atiia ke 1 by the .»aine di-sea-^.j, she
the lUv liiei. All three were alive at the ia>t
a; e.^imts. hut w 're al» raviu^ 1 lad, auJ there wa^
111. ].;• .-j eet .if tl'. ;r ree .\ iTy.
A Ke.I, .\N1) HKS MiiNKY .soon
.'■'.nor ()vii ! >, tht> uM t’ub.;.u of sixty yoar.-«, who is
ab Mt t.! many tlie v: r.n-and l eautiful Mi> Bart-
h t; :,f Xi-w ^ ork. i: .■'peiiJiiij' his inutiey by. thou-
saihK 1 .r j. widry. liis jiurehases in diamonds and
oth. r kill-k-kii.ic ks, of one iJi\)auway o.staldi.'h-
111 lit, u[i t-.i a r. ceiit dale, had rcaidied the juottv
I.tth nuiu .)! Oiu' of the sweetest trifle.s
ot tlie Was a pair ol siiiiilc-sitouod sleeve buttons
f;r UUU.
£■ A man wlio don't believe the world is grow-
iiiii any better, ha\> the time may come \vhe;i the
boll and the i.-imb siial! lie down together, but lie
think-; tlie lauih will he inside ui the liou.
So.v.soT—•vJeem-” wa-recently initiated
into the order of the .'^oiis of Malta, arid graphically
describes hi.s introduction iiitotlic ‘*vale ofmy.-5tery/’
as I'ollows :
V«ui are fii'^t rral>l)cd and thrown into a tub of
cold water, and Ibrthwitli several larjre men begin
to stick pins into you. HauliiiLr you out of the
tub of water, they ru.'h you into another dej>artnient,
and now m w men make a lurijc after you, dres.'ed
in di^^uise. and iiumediatoly commence pouriri^^
h.t mola.''. s into your hair and boots. .^Ieanwhile,
a .stream of cold water is flooded on to you, and
a maij dressed in black thru.^ts a .snuff box in
front of }our nose, and all at once you he.irin to
.■•iieeze V .‘ciferousiy, ;ind the earer orowtl beoiiis to
lau^h and hurrah. Shoving you further alontr,
the chief men and hottle-wa.^hers j:rub you by the
nose, hair and coat tail, and in this way rip every
bit of dry t;oods loose from your person, and ajiaiii
the crowd roars with tumultuous laughter at your
nude siafc, with five or six men holding ou to your
hair an.I toes, lorcing you U[> a soapi'd pole with
pins and sharp stivks. You now begin to think
yim are for.'akeii by all good people, and the devil
has certainly jiossession of you, knijcking you
on the head so that you see star.^ as numerous as
they are in the milky way. Vou arc handled in
thi.' kind of tantalizing way for two hours, when
the officer^ giv(; you a large dose of liverwort and
tar, ami then turn you loose.
An Hi)M>r —When railways were in
theirinfaiicv in Miiglaiid it was supjio.-ed that they
Would injure the e-'fate throu.:h whi(di u‘ near
whicdi fhev ran, and the Kiiglish ('abiiiet .^linister,
.^lr Lahou(dicr( ’." lather, n eeived the compensation
of .'^irill.dllU lor an imaginary detriment of this
sort. After his death, his son, lindiii'^ that there
was no injury to tlu' C'tate from the vii-inity id’the
railway, but the contrary, refunh d the SI
I will ex|H)-i- to jHilili.' .-^ale at the Coiiit IIdiI'O in
('liiirliittc Oil Tiie ihiy eftlu' ('oiuity ('oiirt. in (k-tolic-r
iic.vt. the 'I'll.VCr (iF 1..VN 11 oil wiiieh Ari.hil);\lil Frew
ine.v iivi--'. A credit uf.'ix iiioiitlii will be* given tor
.Note aii.l ^cciiritN.
JAMKS W. U.'^15(li:XH, Tni.-tce.
Aiiun^t ■-‘.{.I. I’m
Commission frtl^anfs,
Wilmington, N. C.
Am;. .!n,
AI.niKl) .MAltTIN
iVevv (j! 00(1 s.
\\ iliiiin'ilt/u Jiranch—'Id Stun htlna' T. II. Ilrem S; C\>
XlM7/lIXiSa k iSBO
Ri;.''l’l';(”ri''t'U,V iiifiinii their iitriieruiis iiistuin-
e;s of riiarh)ttf .-iii.l tlie siirroiiiKiiiiL -(niii;ry.
that they are .-^ell;!!”- olf the I'ahilice ol'tiicir .tuck of
.''luiiiin r (onuls.
I'aiifv and B)»*y Im'oocN,
. . , . •
for dents'. \'oiiths' and I{oy,' wear, liuots, .Shoes.
Hats. Caps. 'rniukH, and a t'iill snjiidy of
AI illiiK 'i"y C roods, I
iKiiuiet.-; Fhito and Hal.'. I
Hoiiiiet Kilihiiii.s and French Flowers. |
all of which wilMn- stdd ul reduced jiviees. Also. :\ |
large an.l lieautit'iil assuitiiiciit of La.'c roiiits, liL-r.ige i
ainl Linen l>U'tcrs, all of the late>l slyK-. !
trjy ' The aliove named (loods niiist lie closed ont l>y :
tlu- tirst ot (I.'IoImt to make room tor mir l-'all >tock. ^
\\'c have tlie lu'st and lai-';cst a.S'ortnu-iit of Ladies'
and .Mis'es' (laiters, IJnots ami .''hoes. 'I'niiik.^, \'ali.-s, I
rar]iet 15 i;rs. Satelu ls. and ISniillrt !>o\'es. 1
Attention is called to the lai^c ^toek of I
Ready-made Clothing, i
it being in.idf ii|i in the mo.'t siilntaiitial manlier, and I
is emuil to that sid.l hy any other houre in ihe I'liion.
and is a choice and fa.-hionalde stock. I
(Jcnts !'i( m I sin III/ (lon^Is uf crrri/ Stj/Ic.
This is po'itivfly a closing sale, as every article must
he s(d.l liy the I'l (h-tdn.T. .Meicliants and others are i
i ci|iicsied to rail anil examine hctoie makintr jnirehas(‘s.
as ihty will tiad it t.i thci..- interest to do >.). They
ran liiiy t'rom 'J'l to .'lU jier cciit ehe.iper than at any ;
ot her House. j
We aiw.iy-- ki-en on hand the tiest and cheajiest as-
s..rtnu nt'ot'  I K( H'KKl l';."^, Hardw are. Ce.iar W'.ire. \e.
I>.vvin K.\ii.N\vi-:ii,i-;ii
ll.'iMKI, K.MINWKII.K!!, j
Chailotte. ;;i>. .Iacoi: K'.\
F II E \ ( II }\ I L L I N K R Y .
A11N \V I-;i LF, 1! it res|iei'tfullv inform th'
Ladies (d' Cliarlotle ami vicinity, that th' v will
• Uien tin or aliout the 1st of dt toiier. :i .\11 LLl N F.l’.N'
I)Ll’.\ IIT.M K.\T. nmlcr the siqierinteii.lcnce of'MI.''.'' 1’.
I’FIFL. w!ei i- a.-kno\vled;.,fed I.y [lersons id'tajle to
suit and please ihe most fa.'tidiuiis.
-Vng. :10. is.‘j:i.. tf
!M:riclxiii.o U*«tct3273r.
The niider.''-. lied t)CL''s lea\ p tocall the attention i.f'thc
piildic to tlic tac t tli.-it he is now ready t.i lill all ordci-'
for makia- Slmm iStjtirtiu!tc l ot
ion S and all kind ot .Mai'hinery.
I,.\THF .M\('11I.\'K Hrow a s i^atent S(-If-ri'CiJini.i-
mainm.ith L.iiln- M:n liine will l.c ma.le to order- Ii i'
arr.inte.I I.) cut ,‘).).ono lath' per .lay. and i.- i e^:;'.r.U-.l
as till* grcate t ia\ention i.'t the .lay. Lvery saw mill
>honld liavi- i.!ie altaehed. for it >a\i s all the rcfn.'e
lumher Tilt li-ht to s.lid ina. hine can In- pnrehasLd
of the .'ub.'' 1 t’or eillurof the folf.wiag name.l
■ ■oiinties : .M. ■ Meiilinig. (lajti'ii, Linei In, ('alnirriis,
I nioii and Ai; .'ii.
in Iron and Hr.I - or otlu-r metals M.\DF AT SHOUT
Nnl'll'l-; AN1> 1;F1 >1'I'F. 1 > I’llll'K.-^. rartienl.n atten-
ti;ai-i\ea t.i the making ami n-pairin^ of Thra'hiiej.
\:.iehiaes. II •!-c I’ow ers. (’..tton dins, .Mill Wi.rk. ami
.\ui'a nltiital W'oiks (d'all kind.
Hlai'k iniihin^, .l.dililng W'liik. Waj^on Wi.rk, and
11.11-• .'^h.ieiiiLT. done with di [ at. ii.
All Work must bp P.4ID FOU ivhon
I >FL1 \'F b 1-]11, a-; cash has t.i Fe pai.l fi.r evt i y thin;/
n". e -:S!'\ t.iearry on the e'talilishnieiit.
All i.r.K'rs fi.i' \v'.!k mii't be .'j.eeitied in writing
so that the werk ati'l s]Heiiieatioi:s may agti-e.
-Ml e.Tiitr.-ii'tj eulinecte.l with the coticcin nin-t
he made with t!-.e iiniiir.'i;_.-i;ed aluiie.
J. .M. lloWIF. I’ta.-tieal I'n^ineii-. v. ill f^ive his emi-
T:uit an. ntion to th.- !.ni>;ne.''. .\!l letters uii hu.'iuc'S
will be tlirecii d tu • Charb.tle Foiimlrv."
J. A. FoX. IM'oprietc.r.
riinrbitte, N, 1'.. July I'J, ]s.'>;t tf
Soulhorii Plows, (r,ni Nhtliers, &c.
f. sy co.,
A. ]■'. M. ,v do. Would resnectfully iiit'orin Southern
■Mi*i chants and Dealers in Ai^rieulturnl ImplLinents,
that they are .'lill mailin':,rtaring all kind.' of both
Steel and Iron Southern Pl^'ws. I’luw dastinu:s. Corn
Shflleis. drain dra.ile.'. II.._v andSialk diittt-rs. Fan
.^lills. .''t.’i'c Trucks, dar.b-n and I’anal Harrows, (iin
tJeu:- S-,->rincnt I'ustiiies. \e., . expre.'sly for the
Suuth.jru I'r.ole. AN.), on h.uid. all kin.Is of Agricul
tural iind IF'rtic-.iUviral laiidements. Maeliiiierv. Seel'.
Fertilizci s, .VC.., whicli tln-y v.ill 'ell at I,o\\ir
I’rii-es than any other Imuse in the rniled Stati s, They
have a descriptive ^\ huiesale Price dataloi/iie. hi. ii
they will furni.'ti on :ippIication by mail or otherw ise.
All Giiod' warranted ta be as rejiresented.
A. F. M.VVHKU j: CO . N’o. .-,4 Ve-ey St . .\. V.
Successors to .Juhn .M-.vylier \ do.
' ho estnblishe*! tiie bu.'ine.-:s iu 1S20.)
j Scml for a Price List.
1 .Sept. 0, li).',;,' LIni-pJ
A Nkw I’ashioN.— Among the iioveltie.s re
cently iutroluced for ladies’ apparel, i.s a new ar
ticle of s^u.spenders. 'J hey bear rescmblauce to
those worn by geiitlonieii, t-xcfpt they are made of
delieatc white elastic fabric, with frilled edge about
one inch wide, and are attached to the skirt by
♦ ^ ♦
‘‘^^’h»'ro WH' .foliii lingers burnt to deatli?'' iii-
ijiiired the teacher of one of the pujiils, w ho re
sponded that he couldn't tell. ‘•Joshua knows."
.tail! the little girl at the foot of the cdass. ‘‘Well,
if Joshua know.*! he may tell,” said the teacher.
“In the fire,” .‘^aid Joshua, looking very solemn
and wise.
lUTcl Stove 13ex>ot.
'•'^''’OULI) n-sjiectfully announre to the )iiildic that
W w he continues to carry on liiisiness at the -rtore
on the West doriier of Piildi.: S(|uare, where he keeps
eonitantly on hand the as.'orlmenl of
ever oll'. red in .North dandina; among \\hich will lie
fbttiul tilt'celebratcil Iron Wih h 'on/. inij ,Sfon\,
w hich has jiaiiied such a famous repntation in the
.'-^oiilhern country for the hi't tdghteen months. Thi?
StoM- he warrants superior to any cooking stove now
in use. k is simple in its ai-raii;/ements, (-onsnme,' less
fuel, and does more work in a j>iven time iiian cny
othe; Stave in use. He has all kiml' ot
Parlor and Box Stoves;
ami keeps constantl\' an extensive and vatied .'-^toeK of
r>N, Shrrt-I I’oii, .liijiuii, mill Jlritmi n in
IlniS)) ]\it(li'., Ciisf I run J)i ilsfrtiils, ('ii.f Jjiju
II »//■’, I I'll liid'/i's, C'i'iiilli'S,
all of which will he sold. W’liolesale and IN.-tail. che.ip-
er than lias t-ver liecn before ofl'ered in thi.- \icinitc.
He wonhl return his thanks to his f'riei .Is ami "us-
tomers for tlie very liberal je.itronage ihev have !ie-;'...w-
eil upon him. and !ni|ics to merit a e.jntin .nci ot ..lie
His miittd is ‘‘^)iiick .‘^.iles ami .'^mall Pr.ilits. '
-\!l kinds of .l(llJ W'oKIv attended to with dis-
patch; and all UllDKKS will Oe faithfully ami j.rompt-
ly excented.
('ha riot te, .f Illy 1, 1
(i111-:AT SA('II11’ICE
AT TiRx-urr.
The siiliseribers respei-tfull v inform the iieoide id'the
snrroiindiiig country that they lia\e redneeil the jirices
of their slock, consisting of
Dry Etool*^, SlioeN,
iV Bl^eaiEv-siiailc
Also, a great variety of other Goods, which will be sold
regardless of cost.
i'ine l!obe Dresses worth
llonnets ••
Hoop .''kills -‘
Fa't colorcl Print,*: '•
Ulcached and nnbh ac'ie.l !>otnc = tic' at New '^'ork jiri.-i'?.
ami the pri.-i-s ot all other (ioods kept in tiore will be
reduced in proportion to the above.
Morrow's 'I’nrn-ont. .Iiily Is.'.li tf
jiAirrroRj), cohh.
[luwix’s CORNKR.]
€ III a I* I o 11 e, I\. C.
E. ME lirrCHISON & CO.,
Whc'l'folc ami Kef ail Ihitlerx in
F«frei£i:iB X DoiiiCKfic
yrijiiii k oasEiolii,
AUK now receiving Fresh and Genuine Drugs from
the New Vork market, w hich have been jiurchase.J upon
siieh termsa.' to lie sold low forca.'h. ^Ve w iuild respect
fully call the attention of the public to onr stoek of
1.1 .\ S K E 1>
Tanner.s’ Oil,
jierm Oil
Chrome (Jn-en. Train Oil,
dhronif Velluw, Machinery Oil.
I’aris (ireen, Lubricating Oil
.s. a-l-'h-pliant Oil, Lamp (^)il,
Vi-netian li.-d, K* rosi-ne Oil,
'I'liriietiiiii'-, Castor Oil,
Piinning Fluid, Sweet Oil,
London i’ortir, Olive Oil,
Canton Teas, Taint Brushes,
(iraining linishes, Ste.d drainers,
'Fobaeeo. Segars
l-'resh (''itrate M-i.giiesia,
Furniture Varnish,
Copal A'arnisli,
(!i'.-eian ^'arnisll.
Window (Hass (French)
$■1 .'.0
2 :>o
2 uo
1 2:>
a r
dharter Perpetual.
S1 .(mil.000
1, h'^.-i!..
InciMporate.l .V. D. l.'ilo.
Antliori/.ed capital
dapital [lai.f in
dash on haml and in Kaiik
dash in hand of .Vvreiits ami in tran.^it. .■)1.."2T OH
Real F.state uncncnnibered (c;>;-h value) '..'i.min iio
Hills re.eivable. amply .'Ccni-ed T l.iT-t o~>
2.10-1 .Shares liank Slock in Hartford. 2;io,4i;: 00
2.2oo •• •• •• New Vork, I'.i7,7.'i0 on
TI o “ •• IJostoii. T 1.02'i on
loo -hares P>ankoftlie State of .Missoiiri. lo.noo ue
.''tatc and city llonds. (J jier cents, 7 1.2 1.“) on
Pail Uoad Stocks, ll.2.'iO iiU
Fnited St.ites' 'frcasnry Notes, 1 l.n.'I.') (in
;.so;:.7oy to
H. Hnntiii'uton.
Albert Day.
.lames (loodwin.
Timo. d. A l.l.V.N'. .Vvv. ^//-;/.
d. d. \.\MAS. A.'■■■'■I.fta III Sir I/.
Charles P>oswell.
Henry Ki-ncv,
Calvin Dav,
Job All;, n.
•lolin P. Praco.
Chai les Itn^s.
H. He.VTiNi;To.\. /‘I'xiil'/if.
A\ .M. N. lioWKiis. A'dnii'/.
'I’his old and relia'de company, established for near
ly fifty year-, continue.': to Injure ajiain^t biss or dam
age \>y Fire on dwi'lFui^rs. fnrnitiire, w ai ehon.-;e.'. stoi ' s.
nicn-iiamlisi-. mill', maniifai-tories. an.l ino.'t other
kinds of jiropt rty. on its usual satisfactory terms.
Particular atti'iition liiven to insuriii” Farm Property,
eou'istin^-of Dwellinu-;. li.iriH and (,>ut-buildines con-
tici-tcil. .iml Furniture. Live .Stm-k, Hay. (Jrain. F.-irmiie.^-
Fteii'ils. »v.-.. contained in the s:ime. fora term of three
to lis'j years at Imr rates of premium.
.\lildi.-ation.s for lusuiaiice may be made to the nn-
dersigiieil, t/w 'hih/ /.Vgent for Charlotte and
Losses ('([n’tably a.ljiisle.l at this .\gency. ami paid
inim‘dlately. n]ion sati-fictory proofs, in funds ciin>itl
III /li‘ cilii.r nf Xcf Vork i>r as the assured nn v
TIioBita^ W. I>€‘\vc‘y,
June 2^. l.'^.'i'.'. y • A;.:eni at Charlotte.
Tlf Min/it- l’ltn\ ( patenteii by .1
irris ol'
.'ippi.) po'se-'os the advantage of conibininjr F(.)FP,
Pl,(i\\.'-^ IN (>.NF. It e; II be lai.l live times and sharp-
» ned twelve times without the ai.l of a llla. k.-mith. It
can be n-^'j.l tlic winde season witluait any a.lditional
e.xpeii''-. For sale at the
July P.', l'','.;i. tf CH.VMLOTTK FOFNDKV.
JoxAs urj)isiij„
ArciiiHct iiiid Biiiidir.
I DKSICNS FI iL\l.lli:i) AND IJl lLDlXCs'
s’TVEK OF AinTHTi:('Tri;i:,)
(hi !!/■ rfj rnni'r nf Kir/lillt .•(tint.
Charlotte, N. C.
W'OI L[) most re-pecttnlly aniionmc to the diti/en.c of
dharlotte and snrroundiiie-c„uniry. that he >till (-on-
tinnes the aliove tiii'ine.'S in diiarlotte. while he is
pi ejjai ed to furii'..'h DlUllLS. I’.i.lNDS AND .''ASH, to
the publii: o!i the mo.'t leasomible tetnis, and on the
.'hortc-it iintice.
Having a ^icat many small claims for work done,
scattered all over the country, he is dctermim-d to
change his metli'i.l of'.Join;; busines-^ ami heieafter wili
re.jiiire for all work done in his .MaL-hine
Shop, before ninoval. 2.-I. I'.-i^. tf
‘ s. M. HOWELL,
Saddle and Harness
]Jlack i.ead,
]{ed J^ead,
."^now White Zine,
liiirnt Finber,
l«aw Fnibi'V,
Spanish Hrown,
lii‘d Sanders,
Drop iSlaek,
Puri- Liijttors.
Foreij4n P.-rfuinery,
I’ntty iu cans,
Fr.'sh Congress Water,
Kng. F'inishiii”- \'arni.'h,
rictnre ^'arni.-^h,
1 >amar V.irni.'h,
JJlack and brown '^apans.
June n. I'Till.
By Koopniann & Phelps.
The subscribers return their thanks to the pnlilie for
Ihe \ery liberal jiatronaj:!' lu retoforc bestowed on them,
and wonbl respectfully inforni their friends and cus
tomers that they have received a large -tock of
(ioods for the
whieii they v.ill sell as cheap as the i heapcst. They
feel certain that they can give satisfaction both in luice
and quality.
A large lot of Ready-made Clothing
of various styles and ([ualities, ou hand, at reduced
GROCERIES, Hardware, 6cc„
Of all kinds, kcjd eonsfaiitly on liand and for sale on
the iiK'st n-asonalile terms.
Tiny invite purchasers to givi* their e.xtensive stock
an e.xamination before bnviiiir clseu lo re.
April I'.i, l.'^.'fi
sTORi: Bsot ss: sam:.
The snbscribi r oilers for sale that large brii k
Store H mse. next to the dnurt Il.nise. In addi
tion to a large store room, it has three rooms in
the secoml story, suitable fordllices ot'any kind.
Also, a lot at Da\idron dolleire w ith comfoitable
buihlin;.^s tliei-.'ou. J. 11. .M.VNW'KLI,.
August 2, I.'T!:! tl.f-pd JTos:' ®^lo-
'flie siilisrrilier oilers fur sale all his Lands lyin;_.’ in
the eounty ot' I'nion. on the waters of Goo-e and drook-
eil di'ceks. \i/.: (»ne traet lyin»- on the waters of Crook
ed crt i‘k, ailjiiining Dr. F. d. VIexander. John Foard.
Kolit. .Mann and otlier,': one other tract adjoining said
tract, and John A. LemmomI, Henry ."^heill and others.
Also, one traet on the w aters of doose creek, adjoininjr
Dr. F. d. Alexander. Fli Stewart, the .Marion (Jold
Mine and others; tiioethcr with another traet adjoining
A. F. Sti'Vens and others, lyin;: on both sides of the
Lawyer.^’ Uoad lea.ling frioii dharliUti ti> A\'ade.'boro.
Any or all of the above-named lands \vill be >:ol.l
privately to any person desirous of [itirchasing between
this ;uid the 1st Oetnber ne.xt.
TI-Hl.M.'' ma.le known on applieation to the snbseri-
ber near l^li Stewart’s in I’nioii county, or by address
ing me at Coburn's .''tore. I'nion coiintv, N. d.
April 21'). Cin-pd
'1 he snb>(-i ib(“rs respectfully intoi in the pnldie that
they are |.repared to crt ct Works for lip;hting cities,
towns, vilhii^es. colleges and laree hotel'. 'I'licy have
erecti-il works in dhari.ittc and llaleij:!'. N. d.. which
have uiven entire satisfac tion to the eitizeii' (f those
places. As to ijnaliti-ations. ability and |iromiitnc>s iu
f'lilfiilinu’ contracts ( iiliicd into by them, tiiey ret'cr to
the f.illowiii:;- gentlemen :
JaiiH'S H.('arson. Pre»i.lent of dharlotte Gas Work com
pany. ('ha riot te. N. d.
Win. Johnston. Pr--ident of ('harlotte iV S (' Ilailroad
company, dhailotte. .V. d.
Dr Thos D Ho^e-. President of Ualei^li Gas Association.
Palei.u-h. N d.
did d H Yonnir. A\*averlv. Mississippi.
d Story. Pre.-'iilent of (ias Works. Little Falls. N Y.
F 1' Story. Snpt. (ias Works. NN'atertown. N V.
W S Schoener dv. 221 Pe-.irl street. New Vork.
For further information, address the undersigned at
Raleigh, N. ('.
.S(‘pt(‘mber 1 I. 18.'."^. y
Great Southern Remedy.
Foi! .\i.i. I>owi;i, Diskasks, i iioi.Kii.v. ovsicstkuv, ni.viiu-
IHKA. CliOl.KllA .MOt.'IUS. Illl.lOIS COl.IC. ClIOI.l'KA I .\-
KA.Nl'f.M. ^\l.SO. AI).Mll!Al;l.V AIlAl’lKO TO .MA.NV Ol.'-
KASKS 01' l-’i'.MAi.i'.s, most e>iiecially paintnl menstrua
■filH virtues of Jacob’.' durdial are too well known to
reiinire eneomiiinis.
I.'t It cnrci the worst eases of Diarliiea,
It cures the wurst I'urms of Dy.'Cntery,
It cures dalifornia or .Me.Nican Diarrlm-a,
It relieves the severi'St colie,
It cures cholera morbns,
It cures eholeia infantum,
It cures p:rinfnl nieustrnation.
It tclicves ]iain iu b.u-k and loins.
It counteracts nervon>ness and despondency.
It rc'tores irregularities,
It dispels gloomy and hysterical feelings.
It's an admirable tonic.
-A-1ST T E3,
500 head oj Beef Cattle, 500 head of Sheep.
The subscriber will pay the highest cash prices for
Beeves and Sheep.
Those having Beef Cattle or Sheep for sale would do
well to inforai iiic in person or by letter as early as
possible. J. L. STOTT, Town Butcher.
dharlotte. June T, 18al>.
Aew Books.
History of pBKDEuirK THE Gkkat, by Thos. Car.'ile.
Mizpau:—Prayer and Friendship, by L. C. Loomis.
CofitTsHU’ A.NU Mathimo-NY, with other Sketches, by
Robert Morris.
Thk Ministkk of I..1FK, by M. L Charlesworth.
The SociAiiLi;; or Idl Home Anui.'enients.
The Likk a.nd Times of the (.iuEAT Hloh Milleii, of
Scotland, by T. N. P>row n.
Annals of the Ameiiicax Pi i.imt. liy Dr. Sprague.
LirriM OTT S Puoxot ncino (J azetteeu, or Geographi
cal Dictionary of the World.
Doha Dean or Macoie, Mrs M. J. Holmes.
Scofui.Ni; OK the White House, or the long Vacation
Ramble of a London Clerk.
The Kn. Pepi’eu,—Papers by Jacques Maurice.
Di'ST and F'ome, or Three Oceans and Two Conti
nent-5, by T. Robinson W'arrcn.
I also have a few coi»ies of Hawk.s’ Histoiiv of X. C.,
Vols. 1 and IL
(\\ntwei.l‘s Ji’stice and X. Form Book.
Feb. l,->, 18.-|f». P. J. LOWRIE.
One Dom- nhuie the liouh-o/Chai lotfe,
Respectfully informs flu* pub-
- lie that he L;^s just received
a >plendil assortment of Con-
^ fectionerics. West India Fruits,
I of various brands, chewing i
L s.. ■ . c smoking Tobacco, Snuff, ic.
,1, 'f M. selves into a company. respeetfuHv
111 -T their services to the people of
the country generally in their line oftu ■ ° ‘
They are prepared to furnish MeNr""’'"
Cuavestosf.s, Mantel Ph.ces,
^ sM aiirlf. Table Slaiis, Maimile Steps t'
pattern, cut according to the most approved UtnV''
stvles, aud ujion the most acconinmdatin^MiruH
offered in the Southern country. They will ke/n ^
; stantly ou hand the best description of Kgyptiaii, h- i ‘
. and Aiiierican Marble.
! AH orders for any article addressed to the
i will meet with jirompt attention, and will he ikuk'!
I and forwarded w ith the utmost care ami di.'pmt.f,
I The Yanl is situated ou the uorth-w est curiur uf
i Railroad Depot Yard.
I January, IS.'iO, ly
a variety of Musical Insfru-
ments. Yankee Notions, »'ic.
Tie is constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above
Gotids and many other articles not enumerated.
The subscriber is now manufacturing an excellent
article of Cundy, free from iioisonous coloring, unlike
‘.he New York stCiini refined caudv. Call and see and
try it. ‘ J. I). PALMER.
November 0, IS.'iS tf
rSriHK undersigneii as Agent will receive ajiplicaf ions
-H. for Insurance iu the Ad/7/i Curoliim Mutual l.ij’f
In.VIIrunCf (’nm
This Company is the oldest in the State, and has
been in sucessful operation for several years. Its
rates arc mo.lerate. and all losses promptly adjn.'tcd.
Persons wi'iiinjr to insure their own lives or the
livt s of their Slaves, in this Company, w ill call at the
(illice of the A;icnt. at tlu- Bank of the State.
SLAVK.S iii.surcl for TWO-THIRDS of their
TIKtS. AV. DEWEY, Agent.
Jan'y 11. I.'^.'iO. ly
Atlaiilic Mutual Fire and i>Iariiie
Incorjioratcd by an Act of the Legislature of North
Carolina. This dom]ian^ being iliily organized, is now-
prepared to receive applications for insurance ujion
Buildings, .Merchan.lise, I'nrnitiire, .Mills, .Manufactories,
Ships and their (,'ar^ots, and most kinds of projierty,
at remunerative rates of premium.
It is aimed in the organization of this Coni|iany, to
make a safe nu-dinm for 1 nilemnity atid Protiction to
the assured in case of loss. An honorable and ujiright
course of dcaliii”-. and a faithful fulfillment tif its con
tracts. w ill at all times characterize the business ol’the
Applications f'or insurance may lie made at the oflice
of the company, or to its authorized .\gents.
DIKEdTdKS; John A Parrott, Levi T d;xU‘sUy, \V B
Grant. Da\ id S Jones. Geo W Dill, dol Thos J Blakely,
Luke Bhu-knian, Wm S Loner, David W I’ell, A B Chap
in. Sanil Leffcrs. Joel II Davis. D A Hargett, E Mallett.
John .\ I’arrntt, ]’resilent.
Levi T Oi^lesby, "Vice President,
W S Long, Treasurer,
]C A Thompson, .Vttorney,
A B dha[iin, Secretary.
EXFdl TIVE ddMMlTTEE.—W B (Jran't. W S Lon-^
David W Bell.
Man h 22. l.S.'iO. t'.m
TAN liAlMv.
100,000 COl’vDS Tail IJark wanted, IW wliitii
a liberal price will be paid. M. B. TAYLup
Charlotte, March 22, 1859 tf
Xj^xx3. for S^ie7
-I Hare (’haiire )toic ojfrred to hui/ our of ij.
JIaiidso})ie}it J^'ar))is m Aorth Ciiroll],,,
rfnilE subscriber being desirous to reninve from t'-
j i country. ofVers for sale tlu* PLANT.VTloy ,
! w liicli she now resides, lyinjr 4 miles I'roni dliarlotif
I on the Western IMank Road, 'i'he land is now in a hi„i,
state of cultivation. In the yard is a Well of fine, ,,i,'
Water. The Plantation has bei-n mm li ini]iru-,;,ijj
' the laot few years. The Dwelling House and nut-lmii,-..
in.ETS are .nil new. There is also a yomijr dr.liar,'
j of several litindred tine choi'-.* FRFIT TREFS (,n ,j
' phuitatioii, beariiiir this the .‘•ei-ond year. This i'l;,,.
t:ition is very healthy, and is beautifully sitiiatfd.
taiuing .^U Acres, one half of -.. Inch is cleared.
1 Terms made lo suit the pnrciia.ser. Fur j.a».
! ticulars cmiuire of the snb'criber on the jneinises.
May 10, KSr.f*. tf
The Confcctioncrv and Fainilv (.Grocery Stare '
MOt'lDY NISBET‘has been removeil to the staiai nji.
posite the Pri sbyterian dhnrch, where they are rKt-iv.
ing 'Hrc't from New York large additions to liitii
stock ol
Among their slock may lie found everytlii.ig ns«;i'i.=
kept in a store of this kind. A }rood a'sortmeni oi
Cake Trimmings, Willow Ware, kv., always
on hand.
They have in their employ an e.xcellent I’.MvFR..m.I
are jirepared to furnish Families and Partys w ith t'a'iifs
of all kinds at short notice.
Nov. lij, 18j«. MdODY .t NISIIKT.
j We have also opened a bra:icli of onr store at jJi;.
cob,ton. where .Mr .Moody will superintend the tnisiii(:>,
and ho|)CS to secure a share of pnblic jiatronaj.M- in tlu;
July 4, ]S3;>. MOODY NISIiKT.
New and Fashionable
HT' ui.r*aaLif5Ji.2'e
AN^^VRJi: I?C>()]MS,
J. M. 8ANHKKS t'c live eoiistiiiitlY It-
ceiving from New York, Boston. »Vc., a general a.'.-iurt-
' ment of fine and fashionable Fl’RNlTrRF, w liieli tliiy
j will S(dl at extremely low i>rices for Cash, and evcrr
1 article warranted to give satisfaction. 'I'hose in wiint
j of good Furniture, at very low prices, will ]ilca>c gtit
; them a call.
i .\lso, ou hand, .IMitaHic ISitrinl
Vnses. J. M. SANDERS A dtl.,
Feb. 22, KS.-ifi. dharlotte. N.
NEVER l>i:iilMT.\TKS.
IT Is ro>nnoun«t-«l «*nI!rely fi'f>in iiiiis, .tnd
has ti.TotiK? >m'li‘d lUcl, a S'^iiulanl .Me lii-aio. ki.
an.l apjir.>.t*-l hy all llial
sortc.l i.i rt iili couliJcjce iiii
U rt‘c.)tiiuirin!»*(i.
It C!iri‘J Ui» 1'
who ha t Riven up all h.ijic.s
uus'ilioilfj reriilii al>-» m iii>
'1 hf 1'.* a.lH|i|.-.l
inUividiial uikiiii' it. an I lu
art t:rnt!y f.ii tlif* Ho-.vels.
l,rl the liclalt'S i>l' y.mi’
use of the UIVEIC. IV-
w;ilciire 1.,1%'er C’om-
taeks, Oj-Hpejisln,
Il tv.,',! a. an.l is it.,
ai. the (jis.:asc8 lor u liicli .1
>viil;in tlir l.->Rt two yp'>r
..I ie;,pl. as the iinni*'i-ous
.pti.v.* ,.»si.-n.sli.,w.
■I*, ilu* tf*nipor:unPnt of thrt
ed iu S'jcli iuauliUe!> as lo
,jH,L-ment* vou n the
jVlC;>ltAT«>U,.in.l it
bilaiiiiij, liillotiM .\t-
( liroiiU-Dtiii-rliueii,
!>> u lu lu r C o 111 -
ry, l>i-opy, iM»ur ^ stom ncli, llitlill iinl
7 th
1 1th
Repairing promptly and neatly duiie.
Jan. 1. V
:by s. *m. hqttv'exjXj,
Jan'y 1, l^i.'.y. tf i
.\ f( a' aliorl Ertrnrt.'! fruui Lrtfrrft. Ti .'itii/inniiiJ.t. ,\-r.
‘ I have iise.l Jacob's Cordial in my fainilv. and have
found it a nn)>t eflicient. and in mv jud.^inent. a valu
able remedy. Hon. HIR.\.M WARNER.
Jii.lge tif Su[ircnie dourt, da.
••It gives nie pleasure in being able to re..i,mmen.l
Jacob's I'urdial: my own personal e.vperience. and the
exjierience of my neighbors and friends around me. i' a
sufiicient giinrautee forme to believe it to lie all that
it purjiorts to be, vi/.; a sovereign n-nirdv,
\V.M. II. r.\fiKiiwoon.
I-ornu-rly .Tii.b^e of .''ii;ierior dourt, ('hcrokee diri uit."
“1 take great [deasnre in recommendinu'this iin aliia-
ble nie.ii( inc to all allliete.l with bowel di.'C.ise.'. fur
which I bcdieve it to be a sovereign—dccidcdlv
superior to anything ever tried by me.
A. A.  '-.M
Dejiuty d. M. of the drand Lod^e of da."
‘ I have VI-cl Ja.-.)b's dmdial in my family, and this,
with all I hear alioutitas a by thn'-e who have
tried it. induces me to beiie-ve fliat it stands at the hea.l
of every ]iri-peralinn ot’thekiii.l. an.l I woubl reeoni-
men.l its u=e in the di ita.-cs t'oru hieh it is]iOiindcd.
MiI.KS d. IlOlllUNS.
Cashier of the State Bank ofdeorgiit, drifiin."
“ If there is any credibility in human testim.jiiv. Ja
cobs Cordial niii>t stand ].re(tninent abo\e all oilier
preparations for the cure ot B.jwel Diseases. From the
mass of te.tiinDiiy in its favor coniing in fr.-m all quar-
ti rs. it must la tar in ad\ am-e. a.' a curative agent, ot
most it not all other 'patent' ijicparatioiis.
d'ti-ihier Marine an.l Fire In-;uranee Bank, ilriifin."
This etticient is travelling into ceh brity as
t'a't as Bonaparte pu-he.l his evjlumns int.v Rus-^i-a. ami
gaininji'commenilation wherever used. "—O'^vr^-ia Jijh, -
si-nitin. M't!/ WUh. I.s.-,;:.
bl *'V J. A-SHrL''T. Chaihston. ,S. C., Im-
jiorter and Wholesale Dnti-'vist, ■ who will suj)ply the
tmb;.) and by Drtiggi*!' everywhere.
Nov. 1:^, Iv-i ii
ie,  iinlcrn, ('holt.-*'
I ursiiiltiiii. l'lulu-
.■r.'.'irnlly .IS an Ordlna-
1 lilt-. Uvviilcnre SU'IC
th. ns.iiuls can le.^tifv.i lii
I \» o or Ihrei- Tca-
I'li at cumineiicuiueiit uf
rni^lorttii.s, Cliolcra , 'fA
leiicf, .1 a u nil I • f,l W
e.s, and may be u-ie 1 snc
ry Family
11 E A O A t; II E, (.IS Cj3
twfiily iniiiiiti's, 11
spouiil'uls are tak-
attack. ^3
\ 11 who use It art-^ [i^
in iU) favor. I I
Pi lev One Ool’ar per llottlc.
;l vliig thi-ir iMttiinony
( o.Mr. t NltK.I* KRo.M ^
Pure Vecj«*1nble and put up In
UI-A^S C ASKS, Air 'I IgUt, and will k«;ep
III any «‘(liiiatr«
The I’^amlly Vn-
tie Hctivf* t'atliiirti*-
US'?'! in his prar*lire mnre
Th^ InrrMasinL'
havf Ion 2 th»* j
nil expr**s.s in re;:;ir.l lo
within th^* n*Arln»f ai; .
'i he Pr wvil know'
oa (1irt>r»»at of th**
has. with due reference tnj
ht-en rnmpoiuidf I tVoui u
iRhlp V t TH etlS, wht^*l RCl •••• V i)j I
alimentary canal, and ar*-' and .saIV in all rav
kht*re a i’ath.irlic \h, ^i| ii'**-d*‘d. such »•( ||
lliarilr cren-
uhi‘h the proprK* or has
tliMM twenly
dein^ni fn>m* ih4»»e who
:tn*l ih»* sjitisfiiriion w hirh
use. lia.'i liidiiced iiit* Ui placd
thnt diCV-reiit ('athartics act
thin we.l (‘Ktab]i!>lt**d
van«*ly \\ pnrrsi Vf-ijj*-
alik*-r»ii o\ff-y |>art of the
I receive all tlio New rii!>-
lieation.s as fast as they (■diiic tur-
ward I'roin the l’; ainl kc,:
constantly on hand a lar;_'e lot :
Siliool, A-adeiny and ('»,'ll.,
“ Tl-;.KT-R(»l)K>S, and many iL'i-iui
refercn(-e and re-reativc work.s.
I keep a very larj;e stoek of Stationery, jilain
and fancy. Having: made an arranirement with ti.-:
j Southworth Paper Manuracturinjr Company. 1 iiiii (i.-
i allied to sell jiajier at the .‘^ame jirices—h_\ tli.- wlmlt-
sale—for which il can be liuu:ht in the Nortln-rii citic:.
frei.Lrht added. ' 1>. J hOWKIK.
I'eh. ].'■>, 18.')f>.
T« ri.AATS:
COTTON (II.NS, of the Rest (|uality, with 10 incl>
saws, delivere.l at any Railroad i.andin^'’in lin'
Stale, or on the N. C. liailrond. at S'.’ jar saw. F'jf
jiarticular.s address J. ’ .M. KLI.IOTT,
April ‘JG, 1H59‘ Cm Winn'horn', S'. C.
M K€ K i. i: \ m g: iso a »
Sevea |K*r c*i*ai pt^r aiaiiniii-
Thet-e liond.s are undoubledly the f^afest invt.'tiirni
that can he inaile, and are really preletahlf toau;
State Ronds.
The ('onnty cannot repudiate. They hear 1"'
cent payable ..('/y(/-annualIv. with  niiii'iii^ I"'
the same. They are of the denomination of It'",
will make them more ;urr(-nt and n.'cl'ul for il. iii''"'
pnrporie.5. The eonjion.s will jirove a (•oii'*'''’''”'
medium I'or jiayinir county ta.xe.'. The citi/cn-
county should posse-s them, and thevare now oft'
them. J’roposals left at either Rankin ('liarl'.'ti- ''
with Stephen \V. l>avis will reeeivt proni|it iiUcii' '
II. w. crioN.
Sept 2«. IS.'.!^. Prcp't. \V.. C. ,v. R. Railrn.i'!' ■
Exclusively Wholesale
Druj^, Paint and Oil VVarelioiiSf'
HANTOS, WALKE & CO., v.lioIe.-;.le.K
in l>IM MiU'lihiorv aiitl
\ arnislics. Raint?. kr. »vc.
i No. 30, Jron/ruu/, 11V.«/./'//’, Mur/.t t S>juirf-
I N(}j:f()LK, y'-
i £^*5“ Coods .shi[ipcd I’rom New Vork. I’hilaih-'l'l'''
i haltiinore, to (.'harlestoii, when reijuired.
I November U, 7
St OIU n4 ]i , Slci-i)|.
Knek and
niul Sorrix-u*
fn.m R.:(.!.n n.M, »hih
opd in a i'ijii; cni.-s*^ of Ki:-
I Itf, » C'r-t'|)| lifr
«llf KfxtlfttM-
III «»*i- henil,
l)l-* ilHOa. W'orillH In
KIk-ii iiinfkmii. a rr**nt
ati'l ina-.y i‘L'ras.-n lo \vl.i-h
t.> nieiiti.iD In this advrniae-
rniifsvineiil* of t\i»
IK-N-., 1‘aliiH ill (he
1 veiies*., Pnlii'
I tie l>«»ly,'
fri-'infnlly. if npjl.>.-tol
ve.-. fjo'-t# of
Hni ion of f>v-r
liess, lle:ila-li', or
(ill III fl a III III n t.irj
fhI1Iren or
Purl liei-01 the liliiixl
fi.-'h ii h-ir. t‘K-1 n'lm.-i-ons
Ui'-Qt.'ie. I iii^l.
The Tjiver In\at .r ninj !.'ain|]y •«-
tliartle Pill* arc r*-t.iil.-.l by Iirtiri-i.’s (iPnerally bnj
wljolesale by the 1 r.ule in a!l t!t»r la.'-gt; tow iii*. *
S. T. W. S.X.VKOUl), ,M. I>.,
. M ' iia I' t-'.i-cr nii.l I* opri«?lor,
■J J II r u It n o } , f \v o I- U .
r. SC.\RR i: ( ()., and i:. NVE HI TCHISON vt Co.
( h.-irlotie. N. C. April 20.
A larre .'Upidy of snjiei ior Turnio Seed
Tdji, l-', Dutei),
linta Ra./a. Fair;re (Hobe.
Larjie Nortolh. 'i ellow Aberdeen.
Just received from tiie North, and for «ale Mt
July 20, is-/j E. WE HCTCHISON k CO'S.
The 'ub.--ciiber want- to buv one hundrtd ffool Ne-
L'roes, f.,r whi.-h the highest j.rice.s /X (,'J A'// will'he
paid. I’lT'ons h.ivinjr that k'lid (>f jiroperty for sale
will tuid it jjreutly to their interest to apjily iniinediate-
JA.ME.S H. I>A\’1S. I’ineville, N C
or to A. A. N. M. TA YLOU at Charlotte.
Au^u.=t •_>. 3m
Localtil cunur r>f Ihilllmore a/nl Churl'K
The^e-t, most elejrantly furrii'hed. atnl I"'r'‘
( ‘inmr.Tcial Collefrt. jn jiie I'nin d .''lati'--
Students in atteiolance from nearly eveiy '
Every yotinfr man sli.juld write inime.liittrly "
Ol those larjre and beautiful (>rnamental ( in idi”'-'- ^
presentiiifr the exterior and interior \ie\v nt iM'
more Commercial C.)llere. J’enmanrhi|i. - .
will be sent by return mail, free of char.irc.
lojrue containi ig list of students, terms of tiiiti"''-
ions ofthel’ress on our new .system of Rook-kf ]'i"r-
E.\rt i.Tv.
E. K. ROSIER. Priufipal —Lecturer on the .SncR''*
A-eounts. Riisiness. (,'ntoiMs. et-. . ,
J. .M. 1M1ILLII'.'. l’rofe.ssor of Rook-K fpi>*c
inercial 'aI(-ulatioua.
H. II. I)A\ IK.''. As.soeiatf. I’rofes-or of H(i"k-Kt^I'*’^
S. ( . JOHN.SoN. Professor of Penmat:ship.
. '^IELIAM.>. E.-ij. .Mercantile Law.
KE\ . E. \. REESE, H. I».. commercial
Hon John }’ Kennedy, lion Jo.=hna ^ '
Mon Thomas Swann, Wm 11 Keijjlii''’-, ‘
Jacob Trust, Es>. AVilliam Knahc. L-'H
1 lie time tisnally required to coini'l^’t^
Course, from eijrht to twelve weeks. _
Large circulars and eataloriie.^ statin? tti'--' '
j stni by inail//-£e o/cAo/-y^. Addre.«s .ri
j E'. K. LOSIER,. Caltinion-. ■
1 May 10, 1339 .'‘-I'd
ill fi'C
his I’'i-
\{\ ^
CL' 0 ml
.\ii^. .
I ..I '.UiJ
I ; ;•! . liij
1/ - ;n n
Ji.. ■
I ? , iv :-J
I 1^ : r M j
T .
b r R !•;
pi .v.-.j ;,;i
'■■li>Mi in rd
J .h ;
1 ’-.T'-bv
by ,,• ,(
' ’ly !'!'.,m
J n I \ xi1,
A 1',-. d.
.1 :'o-

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