North Carolina Newspapers

    (tN THK
S‘2 aiiimm
Y/. 3. Yl^iSS, I'nOI’KIKTOR.
X 1 X T H VO LI M E—N I! M B E R 45S.
MS’ma BSfflsiaaT,
- .PiililMied iwry Tii(‘sdaj,Q)
W I L L I A M J . V A T K S ,
K!>ri'«ilt AN1> I'ltol’ltl i/KJIt.
If ill ii.lvan>
Hilliiii '•’> iiioiilli' - >0
It p.-i l iifV r ill fXpiniTimi (il'tlic year, 00
i;',-- \!iv ' V "1! ''M'li'iw liv(* NKW snb'i rihiTS,
, . ill'’ 'Ivaiii o .'iilxcriiition (■■?"*) "
rc/-.-iv«- .1 'v:li . L.ati tor out- year.
ji;.'; .’11-. ■ ri ■■ i - '"I \\ h(i may wi'li to pcml
iiii'if .■■■ I!'. ' “ **y o'lr li'lv-
■ I
f Ttmii ii'iit alvcrti'ciiiciit- uui.-t lie pal'l tur in
I .111'^ .
I; iX \ 1 fiti i-mctil* not iiiarkcil nil llic iiianii>’Ti]if
t( . ;i ici ilic tiiii*. will 1>* iti i it' il until inihitl, ami
■ r!iii'Lrly.
(’llAi'i.O'lT!:, -\
V iil alt :,i| yr.ali'l to col K-r t i 11 ir ar.t]
ri-lnil . ill - >1 ■’hiiiu iiiM ll ti il to hi. ral r.
-1,.-, ,al :.l(i-iili(,li lo Ijr U li I i llg OI ] H-‘1 .'ou-
7 .illi f- . iVl'.
• I-M! iiijr lioi;rs of hii'iii' -*. ina . lit' 1‘onnil in tlio
* i)ir= Oilii'• N >. 1. .--i: '-niii2 the i lct k's otlirr.
J.i 'iiiar\ III. 1 1
risiiT A.\» TUEi: sToui:.
The suh.^criher has oiK-ned a fruit nnd i'niit-trfc
store ne.\t dojr aliovc the Roi k rslaml (Jfliet. au'l
will kecji on liand a ueil selccti,il .=^totk of Fniit Trees,
(;raj>e Vine.', ICvertrrcens niul Slirul)l)(?ry, itr. Al.'O,
J'Miits of varioMa kiiul? — Api)lc., Ornnfre.s. Lcni»i;.5.
Pine Ai.[.!v, kc., E. W . LVLK.S.
Uec. 11, tf.
VAI.l A Kl.r.
•I. rux
^ttonaoy ixt JLm€x\7V9
(’1i.\i:lottk, \.
(oij.i'.cti.\a ack.xt.
Oflirr -ver llif Mni” .''lore, Irwin's corner.
Ja iina r\’ I . I ‘ 1 . t,t
\Vin. J. K(M'r,
(’II AKhO'l'TK, \. (’.,
V !li (ira. ti.-c in ill- Cminty am! .'^iiiifiior (.'onrt.s of
Kl= uhiir/. I'ni"!! ami t'ali.irrn- cuiinti(
i *i-Kt; K in tlic l>i aw li y i-iiiI'lii!;^; ojijio. ite Ken Hotel,
.lannary '11, 1 y
ROSniiT (JlliltON, M. D..
I'K\"ri'j'io>ii;n or mkih i^k
(‘/li-' .Vo. — /.I'II'I U S cnriu i'^ ClI.AUIyO’I'TK, X.
,riuna;y. ! '' I.
J{. w. lU'A’IvWlTll
Ha c .n'tantly on lianl
Of til'* In-si Kn; iiii'l Awierican niannfactnrcrj;.
( .ill a H(! cx.iiniHc lii- .tock iK-fon- |(nrcliaslnj.'^ cl'CW licri
U .itcli cry>tal [int in for cents each.
■JanH i! \ , l ol
John T. Butler,
t-■ ..’a *
Watrli aiiil t'lork Tlakor, tl€*w-
*llrr, A:c*.,
OlM'-srn; I\KUR’.^ IIcHKI,, ('Imr/offr, X. ('.
■ with 1!. W. Pici-ku ith.)
I'iiK* ^ .f «*’»% ‘lrj ,
n' . . I ijtli'in. l!' [iairi il am! W ai ianli-tl for 12
ii.-t It;, 1>00. tf
X7\7fit;oli0 2a,
^ silvercV'|»latc‘l Ware
F.\.\('V (iOODS,
No. 5, Granite Range,
t i|ijio,'iic the .Man.-iion House. ('11 RLO'fl'E. N.
Attention ■jivcn to Rcj>airiii;,^ Watches am! Jewelry.
. |.i. iiih. r I-:; 1- ‘;o. y
New Supply of
Solid Silvfr and Plalcd Warr.
11.1 lii
I- r n
r I III' (I
rcccix I-
1 lit
■. riher has lately |iiirchasfi| a very extensive
the al>«>\c articles. lli-; [iiiicliases hein;:'
tly troin the inannf.ietnrer, he i.s therefore
.sell iif ;i Very sin.iil ;(iic‘ on co-t, ;inil
ay rot .!"nreil that all hi> articles are war-
ie he repre'ents them to he.
itchi-s au'l ''I'H-ks can fiilly rejiaireil ami will
• [ler'iiii »I attention.
]{. \V. CHnvWITlI.
H'.l! tf
'liai*l4ii|‘ tV i\ ISaslroaii.
t Ml ae,l atie; Hie I irt liav o (tctolicr, TIllUH (III
K.\ 1M:r,.^. I-Kl^lt: 1 ri‘ Tli.M.VS will run Uaily helween
• harlt:!te aini i'harle-tun. withont transshipment, thus
enahlinir trci^hts to rea h Charlotte in .') days or less
from New \ nrk, and in nne ihiv fioni ('harleston, and
I..Y r^rxit.
Also, lllRiil (111 ri'- Kirr.' Will lie sidd t'rom ('‘har-
h'tte to Charleston at :,o. and to New Vork, via
v'harle-toii Steamers, at .'rl:*. and ric, r,-r.vr The mer-
' iiant.s and pnhlic art- in\ited to try this cheap and
evpediti.fus ruuti- lor freights and ]uissen«iers.
Oct 2. 1tf IJen l I't. ami Ti ket Airent.
A' ( i inlueUir on .-■■me Railroad Train, or as Agent at
some I'. put. or ar Mail A>:ent.
I e-liiinniial.'ut nini di 1 character. Southern principle?
and »l^ e ■uteiui.iii to tuisiness. can he given.
AMre.s L. ,\. HEi.MS,
, , inchester. I'uion eo., N. (~^.
The ( eh bratt'd Female Pills.
I he>e l*llls n:t r,o; „U ..
'■ ’ -/ !.ur,.rfuh.or n .ire:ultul ,.conr-e
t . temal. liea.lth. happiness and nset,ih,e.-s. Thev are
>i"' patented and are no hunihujr_ i>rej.;,r,.d bv
a .N-uth C:u..lina phy>ieian of hif^h st.iudin- and of
Ion- e.\p rieiii^e in ine treatment of female''diseases.
All th.u i-, ii. ct ssary to co.nvinee you of their etlicaev i?
It tair trii.i. For particular^, .-ee w rappers. Price -^1
per \i \ p..i- ji,^. |»HrO STURHS.
•I‘»n 1,-., I-;i
Superior Smut Machines,
I*'! (h, „/ (fi> ,'iliirn I\td-I.ock,
The suhscriti'T oli’crs for .'ale that valualde IMaiita-
tion formeily owned hy the Rev. H. J5. Cunninjrham.
situated nine milliiorth of Charlotte. The t^act of
laml -ontaiiis 7)U acre.s, ahout oOO ofwhich are cleared,
includini' a ;rood nieadovi' of 'J.’i or .'io aere.s—the bal
ance is jrood wooddand. The A.f Teiin. .*e ()hio Rail
road thri'ugh the plantation. T!iere i. a fine
I»w( llinjr Ilou'e contaiiiin;i nitu* room-; with 8 lin,-
jdaei-s. and all neee.ssary out-bnildinjrs. tiood water
con\ enient.
For further inl'ormatifin fipply to the iindersijriied at
his re.'idi nee or address him at Craighead P. (J., or
ajiplv t(j ,J. ('. Mc.Vuley on the prenii.-es.
R. R. nrvTER.
Decemlier 1. 'I 'OO ,'}in-pd
Quinn’s Rheumatic Remedy
Has elfected cures of Rheumatism that we re considered
hopeless, certilicatc;- to prove which can he e.xhihited.
The pulferinj^ are invited to “ive the medicine a trial.
Orders addi e.-.sed to the nndi-rsigiied at Charlotte wil
receive pi'uiiipt attention. \V. W. (^U’lNN.
April 1‘!, |,s;o. I’riee ;J1 ."jO per bottle.
Hardware !! Hardware!!
A. A. N. M. TAYLUll
IK.SI’KCTFI’LIA' infornis his friend and the jinb-
^ lie generally, that he has added to hi.s extensive
stiick (d' .'toves and Tin Ware, a lar^^e and eonj[)lete
stock ot Hardware, eonsistiii:; in jiai t asTollows;
Carpenters’ Tools.
Circular, mill, crosscut, hand, ripiier, ptinnel, priin-
injr. ;^rafiin;i, tennoii, Inudi. eoinpas.-, webb, and buti h-
er S.WV S; iiraces and bits, i»ra\v Knives, Chissels, j
I .'lULrer’. (Hinlets. llanimers, llatelr is, ami .\xes: Rrick, i
I pla'teriii;:. and pointiii;^ Tro\v( Is; .Saw*setters, Screw- j
j plates, Slocks and dies. Planes »d all kinds. Spoke- i
' shaves. .Steel-blade beV(d and Iry .'^unarc's: Spirit R(;Vels ,
; Pocket Levels. Spirit level \'ials. Rorinj; macliine?,
I (Ioui;i-rs. and in t'act evcrthin^' ,i mechanic wants, in i
;rreat variety and at very low jirices. :'t T.WLOR'S j
llardwari' Store and 'I'in-ware Jfeiiot, oppo^ite the .^hln-
sion House. Charlotte', N. C.
•May 2!i, ItiO'i. tf
Blacksmith’s Tools.
Such as Belhiws, Anvils, \'ices, hand and slide Ham
mers, Buttresses, Farriers' Knivc.s, Scrcw-pl.-ites, Slocks I
and dies, Rlaek.'milh's Pincers and Tonies, Raspers and ,
Files (,f ‘\eiy kind. Cut hiirsi-.-hoe and cl'iuli Xails, |
Uorax; Iron of all si/.i-s. both ot nortiiern and country j
maiinfaeture: cast, jilow. blister and spriiijr Steel; &c..
lor sale veiy cheap at
TAYLOR'S, ojiposite the .Man.'ion House;
Ludlow’s Celebrated Self-Sealing
Cans, of all the ditl'ereiit sizes, at TA\ L01l’tS
Hardware Store, opposite .Mansioti House.
Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
Straw Cutters, Corn Shellers, Plows, Hoes, Shovels,
Spades, Forks, A.\cs, Picks. Matlocks, CrubbiiiL;- Iloes,
Trace Chains, \\'ajxon Chains, Chains. Pruning
aii'l Heil;;e Shears. Pruning ami budding Knives, gar
den Hoes and Rak('s, w ith handles: (!rain Cradles; grain,
grass :ind brier Scythes, llooks, Wagon boxes;
Hollow ware, smh as pids, ovens and lids, skillits, spi-
tlers, stew-pans and kettles. Cauhlrons from ‘JO to 120
gallon*' eai lr. Iron and bra;;s Preserving Kettles, Sheeji
Shears, »^"c.. at TA V I.OR S Hardware Depot, opposite
the .Mansion Hou.«e.
Tin and Japanned Ware,
•V large assortment; lUock Tin, Block Ziiic^ Tin Plate.
Babbit metal, i.'tc.
StO'Ves, the Stuck, of all at
TAVLoR'S Hardware, Stove and
Tin war(' Depot, opposite Mansion Hons( |
8100 U5:wAKi>: ^
R from the subscriber on the 1st October, !
a mulatto boy named S()Lt*.MoN. He is near six
I'ci-t high, about lliiriy ,,hi, tolerable bright, rather
.'lim. and wci-hs ab(;ut 1T.‘> I'onnds. He has a down ^
look when spoken to. The i.n,l of the fo:etinger of his '
lett hand has been cut idV. ami a sharp Imrd knot has i
liidw n on the wnd ot it. I think he is lurking about I
Rocky River, in tlie lower end of (’abarrn? county,
w here he was raised. I- if" All persons are for!warned
not to harbor or assist him. under the jienalty of the ;
law. 1 will pay the above reward for his delivery to i
me. or his apprehension and confineKieiit in nnv jail so
lean get him. W I LLl .V M 11 A M 1LTON.
.Vegro Head Depot, I'nion Co., N. C.
,\pril 0, 1 fi;o. tt I
IlcerC';eUle Waiileil.
//ii/Jirst Cash J^rirr.'i jKinl for lirerca mul Sht'rp.
1 am still engaged in Butt hering, and ile.^ire to pnr-
(diase Beef t’attle and Sheep, for which I will ]uiy the
highest market prices. Those having stock tor sale
will lind it ti. their advantage to give my a call. In-
(luire at Dr. 'I'aylor's Tan Yard.
.Vu''. 21. 2(’.-tf d. L. STOl'T.
There is a legend old as earth,
Rut beautiful and true, tells us how the flowers had birth,
And wherefore came the dew.
V.'hcii Eve—thro’ Satan’s sore deceit—
Touched the forbidden tree,
And tenij.tcd her “gftid man’’ to eat,
'J'he Lord came angrily.
And straig;ht\vay turned from Edcii’t: bowers
'J‘hi:se fir.'st-boni siniier.s forth,
Aiway from all its smiling flowers,
I pon the barren earth.
J)ut jiitying, ere to Heaven he passed.
His angels—brothers then—
O’er all tlie earth their footjirints cast.
And hill, and vale, and glen,
Sparkled with flowers—earth’s starry siiheres,
And on they fled from view
They strewed the flowers with ]>itying tears,^
A\’hich since have pa.'sed for dew.
And thus, though Paradise was lost
]>y first of iiuman kind,
Thy children know, though sorely crossed,
dods’ love is left behind.
On Friday the 15th, the Committee on a l*lan
of Settlement, presented to the Peace Conference
Mr Guthrie’s proposition, with amendments. The
reception of the report caused much dissention
among the advocate's of the different modes of ad
justment. The l^-’lowing is the report:
Art. 1. In all the territory of the United States
not etubraced within the limits of the Cherokee
treaty grattt, north of a line from east to west, on
tlie parallel of thirty-si.x degrees thirty minutes
nortii latitude, involutitary servitude except in
])unishment of crime, is prohibited wliilst it shall
be uttder a Territorial (iioverniDent; and in all the
Territory .south of said line the of jier.sons
owing service or labor as it now exists shall not be
changed by biw while such 'J’crritory shall be
under a Territorial (lovernment ; and neither (’on-
:; nor the Territorial (lOvernment shall have '
power to hinder or prevent the taking to said Ter
ritory of persons held to lal.or or involuntary
service witliii> tlie I nited States, according to tlie
laws or u.sages of any State from whicli such per-
‘ sons may be taken, nor to impair the rights arising
I out of said relation's, which shall be subject to
j judicial cognizance in the Federal Courts accord- |
i iiig to the ctmimon law; and when any Territory '
i north or south of said line, within such boundary
I :is Congress may prescribe, shall contain a popula- j
I tion .required for a member of 0>ngress, according I
i to the then Federal ratio of re|)resentation, it !
; shall, if its form of government be Kepublican, be
admitted into the Union on an equal footing with
tlie original States, with or without involuntarv
service or labor, as the Constitution of such new
State may provide.
Art. '1. Territory shall not be acquired by tlie
United States unless by treaty; nor except fin-
naval and commercial stations and depots, unless
such treaty shall be ratitied by four-fifths of all the
members of the Senate.
Akt. 8. Neither the Constitution, nor any
amendment thereof, shall be construed to give
(' power to abolish or control, within any
State or Territory, the relation e.stablished or re
cognized by the laws thereof, touching persons bound
(o laborer itivoluntary service therein, or interfere
with or abolish involuntary service in the IMstrict
of ('ulumbia witlu,ut the consent of ^Maryland, and
without the consent of the owners, or making the.
owners who do not consent just compensation; nor
the power to interfere with or prohibit representa
tives and others from bringing with them to the
city of Washington, retaining and taking away,
persons bound to labor; nor the power to inteifere
with or abolish involuntary service in places under
the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States
withia those States and Territories where the same
is established or recognized; nor the power to pro
hibit the removal or transportation, by land, sea or
river, of persons held to labor or invubintary
service in any State or Territory of the 1'nited
States, to any other State or Territory thereof
where it is established or recogtiizcd by law or
usage, and the right, during transjiortation, oi’
touching at shores, ports and landings, and of
landing in case of distress, shall exist ; nor .shall have jiower to authorize any higher rate
of taxes on j)ersons bound to labor than on land.
Art. 4. The thiid paragraph of the second sec
tion of the fourth article of the C’onstitiition shall
not be construed to prevent any of the States, by
appropriate legislation, iitid through the action of
their judicial and ministerial oflicers, from enfor
cing the delivery of fugitives from labor to the
person to whom stieli service or labor is due.
Art. 5. TJie foreign shive trade and the impor
tation of slaves into the Uniti'd States and their
Territories, from pl.iccs beyond the pres:int lim .r.s
thereof, are forever pruhihitt d.
Art. G. 'J'he first, secoiu'., third and fifth arti
cles, together with this article of these amend
ments, and the third jiaragi-aph of the second sec
tion of the fir.'t article of tlie ('on.'titution. and the
third |iaragraph of the second section of the fourih
article thereof, shall not be amended or abolished
without the consent of all the J'tates.
Art. 7. Congress shall provide by law that all
the United States shall pay to the owner the full
value oi his fugitive from labor in all case's where
the ^Marshal or otlier officer, whose duty it was to
arrest such fugitive, was prevented from so doing
by violence or intiinidatiun, or when, after arr'-st,
such fugitive was rescued by force, and the owner
thereby ]irevented and obstructed in the jiursuit
of his remedy for the recovery ofsueh I'ugitive.
A di.spatch to the Baltimore American say^:.-
They were reported with but three dissentin
T.iken nji ai;d committed to the Jail ot .Mecklenburg
county, oil tlui 8th tbiy ot September, IHtiO, a Negro
boy aiioiit IS or 20 years of age, (black.) about ,"> feet (J
or s inches hitdi. ile says his name is Jl.M. and that
he beloii-^s to .lohn Worthy of (!ast..n county; that his
master moved to Texas early hut Sjiring. at which
time he ran away from him. .Hm Jippears very dull:
can scarcely comniunicrtte anything about his master
or home with any intellig'ence. He has a scar on his
right fore finger.'made by a cutting I nife. The owner
is reiuested to come forward, prove property, jiay ex-
pense.v and take said boy away, otherwise he will be
disposed oi’•u cording to law.
Oct. tf I''- C. (iRlFR. Sheritr.
I> R Y « O O D S ,
Oa.r;£5©‘ts cfc lElviss,
Ha > ing t:'ken out Letters of Administration on the
esiat' ot .1. B. Watt, deceaseil, I w ill sell at ]iublie auc-
t >ii on Wednesday the 2Tth inst.. at the late residiMice
of said ileceased, two Mules, I.") or 20 head of Hogs, a
(piantity of Corn and Fodder, 15 bales Cotton one
Carriage, one Buggy, one road Waggon, Honseludd and
Kitchen FiK uitnre. iVc. Also, a valuable Libtary.
Terms made known on dav of sali>.
February 12, l.SGl lit Administrairix.
*^11 per.sons indebted to the said estate are re-
iuested to come forward and make payment, and those
having c.iainii!i against said estjite must present them in
the lime required by law, or this notice will he pleaded
i:i bar of their recovery. L A. W.\TT, Adin’r.
(.)ll'ers his Professional Services to the citizens of
Charlotte and ihe surrounding ountry.
Ollice adjoining the residence of .\lr Wm. Johnston.
February I’i, 18G1. yr.
The firm of FFLLLNtJS, SPRLN(,1S & CO. was dis
solved by limitation on the 1st January, 18(J1.
The business will be continued under the name and
style of FrLLIN(j!S & SPRINGS, and they hope, by
integrity and strict attention to business, to merit the
same patronage heretofore liberally bestowed by their
numerous friends and customers.
The jiresent tinancial crisis and the uncertainty of
business, for the future compel ns to shorten our time
of credit from twelve to si.\ months to jirouipt paying
customers—none others need a.'k it.
-Ml jiersons indebted to the old firm of Fullings,
Sin ings it Co., must i-ome forward and make immeiliafe
.settlement, as it is absolutely necessary that thebusi-
Tiess be speedily closed up. “A word to the wise is sutli-
cient." Jan 15. 11.
mi. E. II. Ai\»KElV8,
Would inform the public generally, and the citizens of
.Mecklenburg particularly, that he has re^luned the
Practice of DENTISTRY and may be found at his old
stand. He is j-repared to set Artificial Teeth on Gold,'
Silver, Vulcanite, or on the Cheoidastic process, :.s
Iiatients may desire, and fill Teeth w iili Gold, Tin,
Amalgam or Os Artificial.
He is also i)re/iared to perform .my operation belong
ing to Deiiri.stry, and need not s.iy that he wil! be ple.-ts-
ed to ^vait upon any of his (dd frieuds or new friemls—
yon may t;ike that for granted.
February o, 1S(1 3m
j\iliisic Lessons.
The nmlersigned begs leave to inform lii friends ami
patrons as well as the public generally that he is pre-
pareil to give
Private Lessons on the Piano,
either .'it his residence or at the icsidence of pnjdls.
. Particulai- and p’.ompl attention v. ill be paid to
orders for tuning ami lepuiring instruments, at shortest
notice and on \ ery niiiderate icinis.
Slii'.ET .Ml'SIi.’ and Ml'SlC BOOKS will be procured
at store prices.
Having been engaged in the Piano business for more
than ten years. I oiler my assi-tance most particularly
to all those who may de.-ire to purchase Pianos or to
♦•xchange olil Pianos for new ones.
Be.'t references given.
Orders left at the post ollice or at Mi ssrs. Davidson's
Furniture Hall \>ill receive prompt attention.
t.'HAS. o. PAPE, Prof. of Music.
Jan S. 18(H tf Charlotte .N (’.
I would respcctfnlly inform my friends that from this
date my Books w ill be clo»ed, and (loods sold only for
CASH during the pi-esent e.xciteiuent.
Jan 8. ;S;1 F. SCAIHL
votes, viz; 31es.srs. Seddon of \ irginia, lluffin of
l*OC'Kl:IX l.O.SX. North Carolina, and Doniphan, of Missouri, all
1 lost a large calf-skin Pocket Book, on the morning | three secessjonists, who stated iit Icfigtil their ob-
of the 1st inst.. somew here between Charlutte and Jo- i jeotions and reasons for not concurring, but de
clined making a minority report.
It is that A'iruinia, North Carolina and
thf I>
In •pUT’ruance of previous iiotio*. a portion of
the citizens of U ou county mot at Wilson’s
Store, on Friday, Feby. lath., to take into con
sideration tl'.e nominating a candidate to repre.( tit
I’nion county in the State (’onvention to assemuie
in March next.
()n motion, II. R. Massey was called to thi*
chair, and Hugh Wilson requested to act as sec-
'J’he cliairmaii explained the objeci of the meet
ing in a few pertinent remarks.
On motion, a committee of five, consisting of
Hr J .) Williams. Wm l> Cams, 'I’hus J ('ureton,
.John (\iskey and U S Huntley, were tinpointed by
the chair to jirepare business for the meeting.
The coniiiiittee, through their chairman. Hr J J
N\ illiams, ro[M>rte l the following jiroamiile and
resolutions :
Whereas, Tt is now ajiparcnt to the most casn;il
observer that a crisis the most alarming to our
coutitry is near at hand; and whereas, the present
unhappy condition of the countty lia.-s been
brought about by a series of injuries and insults
inflicted upon tlie Southern States ol’ the Union
for a nuni4)er of years by the action o( the aboli
tionists of the North ; and whereas, in view of the
many and fd't-repeated aggressions and threats of
tlie North and the threatening aspect of our fed-
ertd relations, the Legislature of North Carolina
has deemed it expedient to refef the matter of a
Convention lo the ]ieoi)le; ami wherea^s, the time
is now close at hand when it will lie our duty a'^
well as our privilege to olect a delegate to said
Convention to represent our interests, thereibre
licsolved. That in the view of this meeting,
the perilous condition id' the e untry an;I every
consideration of lionor and int ''est demand that :i
(,'onvention of the ].eople of North ('arolina
should asscuible to determiiu^ whiit measures are
nece>s'iry to .>secuve the rights, safety and welfare
of lier ]>fo|»!e.
itesolveJ, That the time has come when all
should speak out and take a bold stand and .-ay to
the world, that the South h:is a coiumon and in-
dividu.'il interest—nn iuf> rrst flmf ue vlH nmiii-
faiii (it (tU /ia:.(iriis. And that North Carolina
The Niairara left Kanagawa ou the 26th of
November Imm Hong-Kong, bringing letters up to
tliat «late. The landing of the Ambassadors and
the reception of the Niagara's oflicers have already
been Jioticed. A visit to the city of Yeddo soems
to have completely dissolved that halo of beauty
which the imagination had lent it. The houses
ate of one story, standing on an uiider-piniiing
of wood or stone, con>tructed of a framework
of light timber, with lieavy beams above, while the
side and partitions below are simply iraiues of sticks
and paper—the whole resembling a vast rice-pa-
' }>er camp, which only needs a spark to kiudle it
inti» a flame. In I'act, two thous^jid hou.'Jes were
i burnt down during the Nhart stay made there by
' the Niagara. It is said also that forty thousand
people lo.-st their lives during the earthquake of
un.ible to e.'-cape from the bun;ing ruins.
Numerous temples, however, add a degree of pie-
tures(|ueiiess to the otherwise monotonous scene,
'f he re.»iTiences of the 'fycoon and his principal of-
' ticer> are also gorgeously fitted up, each having a
large guard of soldiers to ]irott*ct the inmate.s,
I Four days after the Amba.■^.^adurs’ arrival hey
uiade a visit to the Anscricjin Minister, and ex
pressed their kind appn-ciatiou of the manner in
I which they had been treated. Two days later an
' audi* nee was given to the Minister and the Nia-
I gara’s uflicers by the Prime Mini.^iter of the Em
pire. 'J'he visitors were received with great ur
banity. Siiniue IJugen and the other Ambassadors
j weie also present. After tobacco and pipe.s had
I been handed routid, eonver>ation began between
' Mr Harris and the .Minister, the latter expressing
the satisfaction with which his tjoverninent hud
heard of the reeejition oi' the Emba.s.'^y, and his
thanks for the presents which had been sent to
the 'J'ycoon. Hinner followed, in which Eaatern
ingenuity ajipears to have displayed itself to perfec
tion; but, strange to say, the (juondam bibulous
Ambassadors rel'used to taste, touch,or handle any
of the inebriating liqour.s. \Vith a i'ew compliment
ary observations, the eonipauy soon afterward
broke u[(.
'Ihe presents weie landed on the next day but
one, and compri.sed a gun-b'iat and machinery, a
battery oi' Hahlgrci: guns, wii.h a large quantity of
small arms and maehinery, the whole weighing
must no^longer roll as a ^sweet^ morsel undei bei j ditiety tons. (Jne of the ollicerr: was sur-
pri.sed to find, in an adjoining shed, seventeen
in our opinion longer
and irretrievable di.s-
tongue, the oit-ro]»eated but self-destroying words,
“wateli and w’ait” and “wait and watoh.” He who
now doubts must be bliiul t(> the stirring events
passing around us, and
delay must lead to ruin
licsolved. That in this emorgency we do most
heartily e«-chew all party purposes; and, true to
what we believe to be the interest and honor of
our jicople, v,c hail every man as a friend and
brother who will be faithiul to Southern rights and
State sovereignty.
lu'solved, 'i’hat w(! recommond to tiie jieoplf* of
Union county, 11. 11. Massey, Fsi., as a suitable
person to represent ns in the r.iiproaching (Conven
tion, and that we will use all liuisorable ineaii.s in
our power to secure his elietion.
On motion of II. Wilson (he resolutions were
unanimously advijited.
On motion oi' .1 J Willianis, word was extended
to the (dher precincts of the county to hold meet
ings and ajipoint delegates to meet in Monroe oii
'riiur.'dav, the li 1 st inst., for the ])urpose d' noini-
nating a candidate to rcjiresent us in the approach
ing ('onvention ; whereiipofi
'I he chair appointeI the following delegtites :
Dr d .J \\ illiaiiis, ('ol W W V»*alkut>, 15 S Hunt
ley, .I A McNeely, J-: D l{iehardson. Col W J
•MeCain, 'I'iionias •) {'ureton. W A (Cams, John N
Neely and Samuel Me\\ horter.
On motion, the delegates were iii'^trncted t(» pre
sent the
of our nominee before the ('onven-
ab's Creek, on the Wadcsboro road, containing one
Note on .Michael Garmon for S^4nu, one on same for
SlOO. one oil same for S-'>00. one on same for $177 '_'o, . • -i- • - -
one on S. S Crisco and Sarah Kennedy, security, fur ; 'D^^oun \\ld vote against auofitiiig the report, a
S17'2 4C, one on K. Williams for jlOo, one on J. J. ! majority of each of these delegations being oppos-
Hagler for SloO. oiie ou ( has. Hinson for Jjoo one on | cd to it, and a inajoiity Controls the votc of the
Geo. L. M',rrison, dce’d, for S';'!', one on J. A. Garnmn
tion, but nevertheless to yield otir preference for
the choice of the convention.
! On motion oi' Wm 1> Cams, the proceeilinux of
{ ibis meeting W( re ordered to be sent to the W est-
I ern Democrat and the North ('arolina \\ big, with
i a request for puidication.
I On motion of d J ^\ illiaiiis, the thanks of th
1 meeting were tendered to the oificers of the
On motion, the meeting: adjourm d.
i HHNUV Ji.‘ MASSKV, Cb'n.
i Hl (ili Wil.SON, Sec'y.
Cn.M’KL Ihi.l., N. ('.. Feb. Id. — It becomes my
' melaiielioly duty to announce the sudden death (d
■ Caul iJarringer Harris, ol' Lancisteiville. South
; Canditia, which took place this afternoon about lw«i
o’clock. J lie circuiiistaiice attending bis »li.sease
were peculiarly di>tre.'ising. He was a member of
the senior ela.-s of the North (Jatolina Univ( r.sity,
but upon the secession oi’ South Carolina he de
termined to leave the I niversity and ofler his
•ervices to his State. He wa.s soon aft( r apjiointed
I)ahlgren guns, exact copies of the one presented
by (’ommodore JY-rry; but he was quietly informed
that the aiiese iiad finished one thousand more
of the same sort, which were all in th' forts and
arsenals at Veddo. An Armstiong gun hud also
been made, apparently from some newspaper de-
scrij.tion. Hail'an hour’.'s instruction enabled the
men to work the new gun wth entire success.
Nearly all the Ibreigners in Japan, however,
complain bitterly of the indignities which are still
heaped upju them; and it is evident that the pre
judices of centuries are far from being overcome.
Fears are entertained of an indiscriminate massacre
of .'strangers, to be followed by war and all ita hor
rors. 'J'hongh the currency difliculty had been
settled during^he visit to this country, no official
notification oi it had been made when the Niagara
lei't. ('ailing at Hong Kong the steamer took Mr
War l, the American .^Iinister to China, from that
port to Aden.
i No i’K-('o.NsTKi 1 I ION.—Jefferson Havis, the
j [‘resident of the Southern Confederacy, made a
1 speeeli on his arrival at Montgomijry, and said :
i “ fie flit ]»roud to loccive t!ic congratulations and
' hospitality of the people of Alabama. He briefly
revioweJ the present condition of the South, and
j declareci that the time for compromise had passed.
! He va.*, determined to maintain our proud position
! ati'i to .iiake all who opposed us smell Sonthern
powder and feel Southern steel. And i( coercion
; is per>i.':ted in, he had no doubt of the result. Wo
. mu.'t maintain (iur rights and (iovernment at all
: hazards. We ask nothin^
will have no coiuplicutions. ff other
j to join our Confederation, they can freely como in
on our terms. Our separation from the old U'nion
is now Complete. No comprouiisc, no re-construc-
tioi! iiovf wouM be entertained.
and want nothing. W'e
States wl«h
I'ir.i;-K.-v i'),hs ani> Si. ij.missionists.—We wish
t!mt b(»th these terms could be banished from the
political nomenclature of the day. The disparag
ing idea eonvcyi rl in caeh is unjust, as applied to
any portion of the jjeojde, unworthy Uj be used,
and only calculated to foster and bad
blood. Let us bear in mind that every man Hm a
right lo his own opinion in this fiee country, and*
if that opinion i.- exprcsncd with more frankness
and force tliMi i.s agreeable tc those who dissent
from it, let them at lea.'-t acknowledge that candor
aiid honesty tire virtue.*, and be content, in a cour-
ieou.' and charitable spirit, to make known their
The above w ill be found to compare in styles and
prices with any in the town.
for two on John Cariki'r for about $(H, one on C. j
W. Spears for about S^l, one on H. Polk, amoiinl ,
not recollected, one on John R. Polk, amount not recid-
lected. All these Notes, and some others not recid- i
lected, are p.ayablc to ne. Alio. one note on J. M. W. i
Flow, p.iyable to a .Mr Bost. but owned by me. for i
$200. There were also in the book some three or four |
humlred dollars worth of rcc' iptson A. F Hurley, eou- |
stal le, besides judgniciits .nul oilier papers.
All persons are forewarned against trading for nny
of tlie above named Notes or other jiiipers that may
have been lost. i
A’iy one rcturnini, the book and its contents to me or
leaving it with Mr W’m. Yrcloar in Charlotte, will be .
suitablv rewarded* I. S. LINKLIJ.
Fe!),^, is;i _ _ :h I
North Carolina
This (. ompaiiy, the oldest and most reliable in the ^
State, insure.' white person.s for a term of years or ,
during i ontinuauce of life, on nioderaie terms. Slaves '
insured, for one or live years, fer two-thirds of their i
market value. For insurance applv to j
TilOS. W.' DKWEY, Agt.. j
J;.n 8. 18J1 ly at Branch Bank N. C.
Messns. 'j'yler. Seddon and lirokenbrough will
uige the Virginia Convention to rejcct the propo
sition. and Messrs. Jiives and Summers will recom
mend its afiproval.
I he majority of the delegates of .Maryland, Ken
tucky and Tennessee stand by the report of the
The Washington States, of Saturday, says:
Mr Seddon, the ^’irginia member of the commit
tee, Voted against .Mr Guthrie’s plan every time.
He will present a report, which, it is said, will be
signed by I']x-i'resident'J’yler and Judge I’rocken-
brough. Mr iiives hohis separate views. Such
are the rumors which reach u.s. 'I'he strong Utiion
men say that the unwi.-espeeches of Mr J..incoln
rob them, in the eyes of the Convention, of all
power to meet the other side with peace advances.
Nov 13,18G0
AT TAYLOR S you can find the largest assortn^ent
of Cutlery. Guns and Pistols, of all the celebr.itcd
GLASS, v’'f All sizes and qualities—both French and
Aniericau. Also. Putty by the keg or pound.
WOODEN WAKE * Brooms, &c., of all kinds.
The firm of -M. W’. ROBISON & CO., was ibis day
dissolved bj- its own lioiitatioD. The Books, Notes and
accounts will be paid to S. M. IJiair, who is authorized
to settle the same. M W. RoBISON,
January 1, 1861 S. M. BLAIH.
All those indebitd to the said firm, will pay up im
mediately. We must have monev. S. M. BLAIR.
FebrJ, ISCl ' Im
an aid to (lov. J'ickeiis, w hich place lie resiguc d own views with equal eniphasi.-, and independence.
upon being elected second lieutenant in the Lan- - ,
'1’k.\.—An -dd .Methodist lady, in remini.sence.s
coiitrii.uted to the Southern Ciiriislian Advocate,
states (hat I^i.-liMp Asbury was so fond of tea, as
alway- to carry a .-ujiply of it, with a tea-pot, in
!iir tiufik. \Ve are quite sure it wa-s not it that
la'iy'.-^ hou.'t*, where the gi>d old Hishop, anxious
to get a good cup d' tea for dinner, gave his can-
i'ier lo the kind ho.-Ltj.-j^!. who not knowinj^ how
t., m.ike tea, and ln-aiing it called green tea, eaip*
ti 1 iis coijtenta into the diniier pot with the boil-
iii.: meat, and brought it on the table for a big dish
f.i ; and '/reeiis for the good old man. The old
I’i.-hop almo.>t ruined—in ihose days tea was
.•;carce.— Chriyfnm Adco/att;.
(’oft'eo was also a pcaree article in those days,
and we have heard a well authenticated story about
that, too. An old It-voiufionary .wldier returned
home one evening, from a vis:i to his county town,
bearing with him a whole [K)und of coffee, tho
fir.>-t he or bis goo«J wife had ever seen. Then
arose fhp irnporti/nt rjue'tion, ‘‘Howiait to be
cooked'''” 'J he old man had forgf>tten to ask tho
iijer.hant thi.s fjuestion. “Well,” said the good
dame, “it looks like peas, and I'll boil itlike peas.”
(Consequently the whole pound of coffee was
thrown in tv the pot with a piece of bacon, and
both were boiled Ujgether and served up for din-
ca.'ster \ olunteers. He returned to this place on
Saturday la.--t for the purpose of settling the ac
counts he had coorracttd and wu.i to have kf'l to
night for South (’arolina.
'J his morning he c.illed on Mr Stone, {in wliose
house he formerly nomed. j and enquired for .^Ir
S He was told that ,^lr S. was not in. atnl he.
went to his room. Mr Stone erne in about 11
o'clock and being told that Mr Harri.' had en
quired for him, he went to Mr Hartis’ room and
found him a.'leep. Ho left him. but cilled aga'n
at 12 o'clock and endeavored to awake hiin but
failed. He again left him, and called again at 1
o'clock, and finding him still a.'lc^q . he became
alarmed and sont for [ihy^icians. 'Ihe doctors
fimnd dying, and a vial of laudanum being
fouiid H.* the room, a stonjach pump was ajrplied,
but t./o late to be of any .■'crvice. It seem?) that
he wa.s in the habit of t;;king laudanum, morphitic,
c'^c., at limes, and u[>on this occasion uade a fatal
mistake as to quantity.
lie WiW in his -'Jd year, and was a t:raiidson of
(ien. Taul I’arringer of ('abarruis county, N. C.,
and a ne[ he'A' of Hon. Daniel M. liarriiiger ami
\’ictor C. Barringer. He was quite popular while
in college, and his death was much lamented. J.,et
the mantle of charity be drawn over his faults.
The grand juiy in Uiehujond, Va., took initiatory t>er. It is needless to add that none ofthe family
steps for preventing the circulation of the New liked eoflfce, although all of the members wome^^^
York World, New Vork Tribune and 2>ew Vork down a little of it, ju«t because it was Bom^icg
Times in that city. • , mv,

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