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North Carolina i From the Petersburg Exj>r:ia.
MITHL MFi: rXSlHlNrE fOMPAM. beihel
Thi. Cnmj.tinv the ui'icst and most reli:ible in ihe Rc^Pft.fn^lnnscr;hdtothpNorth CnroJinn avfl
\ rymin uho re at Buhd Cuui'h
on JIjik/ui/, liJth of Junr.
Shite. white jct.-oms f'lr a tciiii of vcais or
dm iiijr CDntiriuaiice of liic.on nii ileiiUe term^. SIkvcs
iii.Jiirtd. for one or five years, for two-ttiirda of ibtir
market value. For iusurfince applv to
TIU>S. w’dkWEY, Apt.,
Jan 8, 1861 It at Branch Hank N. C.
• i :{ 111 iir.h •,
he exp ra’ i')i
» -n en .1
iIV ' iie .I'l' a
V - V ■»' .ill
f rhe y.-.-ar,
; IIS live vcw
• e ub.icrii'tion
fi.r ■•ue year.
52 00 I
-i r>0 I
'6 00 I
'ub .cribers, i
($10) will
:iev to
I., g ti'i ' h -rd who may wish to send
;iu do I'J mail, at our risk.
y- T a;j->nt ad . i-rli.: ntcnta muit be paid for in
!• *
— \ l '■rt onu nts not marked on the manu-jcript
^ M(', will Le Iniiorttd uutil forbid, and
. ! •. or.l n^ly.
and f'oiniarlor at Law«
(11 AiU.O'JTE, N C.,
. and 'Jiln/eii'lt/ to coll*("ting and
. , . , ititni lei) to hi« care.
V • ■ *:i ill ijivf.i tu the wriliug of Deeds, Cou-
I / !i nr-' of b‘i ine«^. mav be found in the
• tttii' f No. 1, adjoinin^j the (.Icrk’R oflice.
.1. A. I'oX
j'Tiioy xt
■. \ll .Oi l 1'.. X. C.
; 1/ r, !,1.1.: ilsa AGK.ST.
■ fi.‘ .)>'.I,, ''I ire, Irwiii’d cornrr.
: tf
Will. J. K« rr,
Ml > iv V /% r I. .iiv,
. .1 11 K, N. C.,
ijf ' )ini Superior r»>urts ol
.! f.ih ti i u. • oiintit‘.
■ M- i N build iig oi'po.'ite Kerr’M Hotel,
i. ■'. I ■ y
i «
yu I)..
ur.: IT (.lUiPiN,
* sit
a £?Ji
(’haki.ottk, N. C.
(>rn •
B'a'Kw ri'i!
on htind
CH'jS. J W Lr.Y, PLATf-D WARE. 8cC..
Tie hi-
I ■'fil
and Auierii-an maniifaoturerfi.
::.'k li:f.M-e I>nrtha- iiip cL-ewliere.
n -j I enlb each.
! I i'll
Jaha T. Bu.ler,
J-R A'' 1 H A L
C'lork JTew-
Ki kk'.s Il'tTH;, ( hnrh'ttCy S. C.
l,*e V "li R W. Ueckwith.)
A .1 II'.v,
;ii' .ipu. u. llvp ul cd and Wai ranted for 12
■ I. K
^ t: O IjL O £5,
^iw 1* X i> JiiI*! \\'a rc*
No. 5, Granite Range,
M.' :.;e^'on Ho'.:s.-. ('11 .\Rl.i'TIE. N r.
pivi n t liijiAirirg Waiihe.'i and Jewelry.
' r 1'.: 1F6«I T
New Supply of
i;s, JEW KLKY.
S-lid silver iiiid d \Var*.
• ‘ el ii.i-i lately purcliHsed a verv OTct'-n.-iivr
pMicha'-er beiap
,.b. v
tr ’Ui
Hat (
e ai:;i'!i's 11k- pMicha‘-er
rht* tu inut.K tnrer. he is thcrel 'rt
. very simi.l advance on co-r, a:i'i
■i -ii.iy r- - t a ,'iireii that ali his (init lt-b are war-
- t : be what he r'-i're i-nl^ them to b»'.
W .ii-lies .iiiil '^) k*t caretully rf} a;rccl nud will
I- iuv per on il ntteui.oH.
■> 1H6) tf
 iiariiittr I'. ICailroad.
■ i t' e Fir-t .^ly e,f Oc'tober. THRoUCiH
■■ uliliriiT l'lv.\iN^ will run l*a:ly bei« een
• !.d  :u!>. \vi:ii >vit transshipment, thus
1 *1/1)1'' to re,!' h ri;;trlottr in f> days or les>
’ ' V- rk, and in day from (.'harJe^ton, and
l.!u'rill ili'KFrs will be nl.i from Phar-
• :irt le i.,n at "lO. ai.d to N’l w Yo.-k. '• ia
tr» ii* aiul ii'i t Tiii- iner-
!i'i p'.bl e are invited to try this ci.eap and
■ ..s ! '.iiU fi 1 und p.i.-.'-errf».
A n
J ! ■i^O. tf (.i.’.i'l Ft and Ticket Ak'enl.
S! n ^THI\
■t ir; '
:."1 t
II s:.
The firm of FULLING.S, was
P'dved. by limitation on the lat January.
Tiie bn iiie.'H wt(J be coiitirmed iinder (lie name and
atyle of FULLING.'; JSi JSPKlNti.S. aiijJ they hope, bv
ititegrity and titri'.t utt'-ntion to bu.-ineMP to merit the
Name p:tIroi:a^rc lieretolbre liber*ill\ btalowed b\ iheir
numemus friend uikI entomer.s.
The pre.sent financial crisis and the uncertainty of
business, for the fntuie comjiel usi to t^horten our time
of credit fVo!ii twelve to .'i.x months to proUipt paying
cu.'tomers—none others need a.-k It.
All per.'ons indebted to the obi firm of Fulling?.
Sjirings & Co., mu.-^t come forward atid make in’.mediate
settlement, as it is absolutely nece.^sarj' that the busi
ness be Speedily closed up. "A woid to the wi.^eis snfli-
cient.’’ Jan 15, 1861.
Hardware'!! Iliirtlvvare !!
A. A. N. M. lA^l.tii:
"■ J ESPKCTFTLLY informs his fri“nds and the pub-
■ V. li- getieriiil} , that he has added to hi.s e.xtensiv
dtoi-k of ritoves and Tin VVare, a large and con.jdeir
stoek ot iiardu are. con.-'i>ting in jiarl as lollowo:
Carpenters’ Tools.
Circular, miii, cro.'tcut. hand, ri{)per, piinneL prun
ing. grat’ting. leiiiion. back, comjia.',-. wt bb. and buich-
ei ISrace.-- and bits, l)raw Knives, (■hi.s>el.-,
\uger>, (jimkt>. llaimiiers. IJatciictti, and Axe.'; lirick.
plastering, and Toiniin^ Trowels: -H ivv--c'tters. t^crew ■
plates, Stock.s and dies. Planes of all kinds, Spoke-
sliaves, iiteel-bla ie bevel and t r)’Square.'; iSjiirit Levels
I’wi ket Level', ^-pirit level Vials, Mining tuai hinc',
G'>iig(.rs, and in J'aet evenhing a mevl.anic wants, ii,
^reat variety and at very low prices, at TAVL()K>
Hardware Sti>re nii‘l Tin-w.ire Depot, opposjite the Man-
^i^ln Hou.'e, ( liailoMe, N. C.
M'lv 2;t, iHiiO. tf
Blacksmith’s Tools.
.'^ii.'h as Bellow^, An\ils, Vices, hand ami ^lide ILim-
mers, Hiittre>.'es. Farriers Knives. Sorew-plate.■^, Stock■
and nie-. f5hick - mil h's i*incers and Tongs, Hazier-; ano
Files ot every kind, ('ut hor>eshoe and cTiuh Nails,
|{i>r:Kx; Iron ot all ^i7es. both (>f northern and l Otnrry
manufacture; ciist, plow, bli.'ter and 'pring Steel; ic..
tor sale very cheiip at
T.WLOR’S. oppo.dtc the .Mansion HoU'C
ans, "1 itil ill
! l:ir'iu are Sfnrp .
L‘ clilliMt'Ilt
i-». M->,
sizes, at TA\1AJK’^
When Jueob. we:iry. d(‘so!ate,
'I ht,- objt'ct ttl a brotlier’s hiite,
Was e.xilfcu tVoiii his lumie;
lie lingered at the ssttiiii: sun —
1 he day’s sati ta.-k ol'travel dotie—
And rested tieaih Heaven’s st;trry dome,
At licihel.
Alone, yet not a! tne, was he,
L.».pi8rd, but still iVoiii d inj;er (ree,
Cast dowu. yet n.tdisiiiayed;
With ‘-gatliereil stones ’ beneath his head,
And God’s all-watchl'ul care o’ersj>read,
iiu us on a downy bed.
At Hethel.
And as he slept, and as h** dreaniffl,
“A ladder set on eartli” there seemed,
“W hose top reached into Heaven;”
While uti its ronn\'», with active feet,
“Aseendinji and det^ceiidiiii;" hieet,
“Angela” oi God, bri^dit vi.-jicti riven,
At JJethel.
And Inl tho Lt rd above it .‘^tuod,
And spoke him promises of ^ood,
ilis pmmi,''es and IIis keejiiti'r;
Then tau*:lit iiiin wlieii he woke to kn«el,
And reverential awe to feel
For him who watched him sleepinoj
At IJL'lhcl.
Methinks a ladder since was sot,
Atid (led hioked down and an^t'ls met,
'ihtt missile’s course ti •'Uide;
WIicie nobly slt/od i*ui'^Mllant band,
Loved Jacob's ol this .s,,iuhein hind.
And luuiht lor liecdoui, side by side,
At 1 j u I h e 1.
Ye ?(ititlir(ujs now. like Jacob, kneel,
Vi ur altai rHi^c, like Jacob le“l,
'luiti. turn //•‘ur hearts to ll'-ncni ;
’"Iwas not b_) numbets imr by powt-r.
He saVi. d you in the perilled hmir—
Give linn tiie prau^e I'oi vict ry liiTen
x\t iJethci.
Go on. protected by His care.
You need no t)rother’s batu to feur,
Nor thrust ot lieadiy ^teel;
A iij>hiei>u.« Cause tis yours to know,
1 hfii stroii;: III e«iiiM-ious duty ki>—
'hubl him who eu;irJ'*d you ior weal
At l.iethel.
(Tljr 'll'uslrrii 'i^nuDrnil.
I A Boston corre.^pondent says: ‘ T tell y"'> Mus-
j saeliii'-clts will 8* tid lueti who will S_'ht till trmn
; thiir bones the tlesh i^ hacked ’ They will wade
' tl r. utr^i blood and slaughter in support of the
I star* uml stripes.”
I In thf wirof 1812, and in t!ie Mexican war.
I Ms-tsaehusetbo.i'ted that nlie tnroi,>.hfd no troops
I—it w;’s iiiibecsiKi inu a Christian people to
do so” And when the soldiers who wen* rais-
j ed ami sent the private expense of t’aleb (’ush-
j ui^. came baek from Mexico. tio‘v were hi>sed and
I rotter e^iicd in the ."treets of In.ston, and hooted
j at as “buieher^” 'j he N Y. ‘•'i'riliune' at that
! time Cslled Gen Wortli • one ol I ucle Saui jour-
! neymeii throat-cuttcrs!"
I WillI.kndno More Mosfy.—A Rabimnre
1 bunker, wlio arrived in H'chniond on Wediiesday.
j states that udvices from New Voik and other .\b;*-
j lition lociil ties, lea I'-- to the current belief there
j that the pr*ser>t. war will very .•;oon terminate, par
ties controbintr the sinews of war hiviiiir deter-
miiu'd to st(>p .^lr Lincoin’s .«;uii|>bes, and. cotise-
(juently, his endeavors to subdu? the South.
The I nited States steamer Harriet Lane, from
ot the pirate were stationed, handcuflfed. and ia
charjie of an armed guard. 1'he handcutfa which
Tortres- .Monroe, arrived at New York on Tues- I ^^-7 worn were now removed, and, by niears
day. with .-^ix invalids from the fl iir->hip Minnesota,
the iiiastor, l?yers, atid three seamen of the prize
brii: Huttie Jack.son. and the officers and nine ot
the crew of the privateer Savannah. lh*» follow
ing particulars we copy from the Evening Post:
'J'he Harriet 1-anc comes to the Brooklyn Navy
Y ard to rc[ lace her pri^sent armancnt with more
efleetive ordnance. She is now armed with three
82’s, four 24 », und one 12 pound gun A long
range rifle uun. eiiiht inch, capable of throwing an )
were handcr.ffed together in pair-4 and transferred
to the stenmboat, ‘.heir baggage buiug carried
aboard after them by the crew of ibe Harriot
Lane. The officers not yet ironed, were next
ordered aboard, and the pirate captain, cordially
shaking hands with Lieut, ('onstabla. «aid, “Good
bye, sir' I hope we may meet «j^aiu under
plca«ai>ter eircumatancea.”
When the boat landed at the foot of Chaiubers
, .line I 1 1 J J 1 Street, the prisoners, in pairs, proceeded by their
eioiiiratod shell of one hundred and twenty pouiidi, ! f , j i i . i .. i
, ' , ^ M L ; oQieeis, and iiuardeu oa each tude hv armed uiarsh-
and wtiose range is said to be live miles, hHS been , j i- i j * i
, , -11 I . rolicomen, marched up to the Uiarahai s
prepared lor the Harriet Lane, and will be put on - ' . . . .
board. '1 he gun is now at (jovenior’s I>land
\\ ith this siun lorward. and, ap Cai't Faunce d«- j ^
siifs, four rilled 24’s or 32’s alt. the Harriet liSne I i i . u i » i . i
I ..1 • , , 1 • i by the time that Uroadwny was reached, nut only
will heeonie one ot the tuo.-5t serviceable vessels in ! - .... •' . •'
our Navy.
office The melancholy proces.sion—for it was sad
to see thirteen men marchinjc titraiiiht to tlieir
ooni—Httrncted some notice from passert. by, nnd
Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
.■Mniw t utter.'. Corn Sliellers. I’lovvs. lioes. Shovel.-.
''p;i'!c. . Folks, I’iiks. .\Iattock:>. (Jrnbbing ilc.e.-.
I'lfU'e ('h:iins, \\ dgon Cliuins, Log CMuiins. I’lunin^;
Mid Hedge Sheiir.':. I'rnning und budding Knives, gai-
lien Hoes and .'l ikes, with h indiesi; (Ir.iin ’nidle'; ^rain.
gr.'iss and brier S> ythes. Hu h Hooks. Wagon boxes;
Hollow ware, such as pot.-^, oven* and lids, .'killits, spi
der', stew-pans and Kettle', Cauldrons trom 20 to I'Jo
gallon* each; Iron and bras> Pre:*(‘rvin;r Kettles, vShtcp
Shears. Ac., at TAYLOR'S Hardware Depot, oppo.'iti
the .Mansion Hou*e.
Tin and Japanned Ware,
\ large aS'ortinent; Hloch. Tin, iilock Zinc, Tin Plate.
Hrtbbii metal, ic.
Stoves, the largest Stock, of all sizes, at
TAVLnlC^ Hardware, Stove and
Tin ware l>cpot, tippo.'ite Man'ion Hoas-
r\' T i'l:.
Taken np and committed to tl'o Jail of Mecklenburg:
ouirv, ou the Mh 'ay of Sr-jiteinber, 18'>0, a Nt ^;i«
boy ai'jout 18 or 20 year-^ f'f age. (black,) about .t feet t
or M inche.^ hij.''h. lie .‘^ay.'^ l.'is name is JI.M. and that
he belongs to Jidin Worthy of (Jaston county; that !::>
"ii.ister moved to Texas eaily la.t Spring, at wiiich
t me he r .n away from him. Jim appear.' very  nil;
c-iu !■( ari "ly communicate anything about hisma'ter
or home with any itite!li„-nce. lie has a scar on hi.'
righ: fore finger, made by a cutting knif> . The ov^ner
i-> requested to c.'ine forw.i'd. pmve pr(,_;erty. ['Hy ei-
j ense', and take s.iid boy away, otherwise he will be
di'posed of at'cording to law.
Oct. 9. 1860. tf W. W. GRlKR. Sheriff
R Y O D .
l,.\L>li:S» ( Lr 'KS and BONNKIS,
or.Kss GO usaiid i,.iiBiieii(tnirs,
Ofvripots cfc DF?»-
P I. A N r A T I 0 N GOODS.
L uiJi nmewmamrsscsmm
{jK>yPAL UUViiHa,
No. 4.
—The Paris correspondent of the London Star j
writes. June Gth ; j
“The Ministers of the T’tiifed Sfate.« have bar- j
dly left Paris vhen the ai;ent« of th.e (Confederate !
Slates make their ajipoarance. Mr. W illiam Rost '
h;)S art i veil. char*red wit it. an extraordinary mrs-
s:ige Iroui Presid'‘iit I'avis to the i'tnperor of the I
Freiieh. M;iny Amr-ricans—it \s hard to divine !
why they venture such an assertion—suy that the 1
Southern envoy and his frletids are verv sanguine |
as to the ultimate success of his mission. .^Ir. i
Host is aeei'mpanied by several other gentlemen, j
some of wlioMi set out inimediatt lv for St. Peters- i
burii. PrU'-'^ia and Au'tiia; and othi'rs try and i
engaire on tlieir side ih‘sympathies of the nianu
f.iCluiers of jVatiee. N. tliiiiiT is said about the
.'1 aiiehester men. in connection with this tii'W
mission but it iiMV fill strmgly on I'.ng'ish ears
to be fold that most of the slave owners Ht:-viiiir
'ihe news that th« Harriet Lane had broui.;ht a
porlittu ol' the crew ol the privateer Savannah,
attracit'd a Cousiderablo number of visitors to the
Navy Yard this mnriiing. '1 lie vessid. ho^veve^,
lay in the ,‘jtream near the buoy, and access to the
Vessel Was soiiiewbat difficult. By the COUrteHy ot
I'apt iiii Faunce one of our reporters went on
board, and had an interview with the prisoner*
I he ofi'i'Hrs Were on the deck alt, sitting insiile oi
a It uij orary sh-jlter formed from a mainsail, and
“ Were having a good time." 'i hey were uncon-
Cnrd. The crew were on the starboard side of the
upper deck, sitting on a long bench by the side of
the wheel-house. They were all haud-cuffeJ, bul
Wore no other iron*.
The captain of the privateer SkT'innah calls
him.'eii T. llarristm Baker. He f-:iys he wa« born
in Philadelphia, and in now thirty-seven years old
He is a tull. lull-bearded, by no ino/ins rcptil-ive
lookiijif man and was neatly drci'sed in a suit ot
idue llaiinel. He h.i.s lived in Charleston for a
ioiig tiiue, and has f(dlowod the sea” more or loss
lor the past liltcen 3ears. He is great on prece
dents, Everything that he hag done has been, to
use ilis own bitiguago, “as privateers usually lo,”
at Paris iippear to be under the itnpression that • tbu^: He took out his letter, and intended to iu:ike
The above will be found to cfmp.sre in style? and
pricc' vith arj- in the town.
mk!is:k & Ri'Ruojcn.'s
Nov IS. tflfo
prtFH B. nxvis.
V .; ..d Tr.iiu or «s> Ageai at .^.i:i!h-rn prit^ciplc*
':;;e-s, can be ^ u 1 n
Winchr-.iter. Uui ii co , .N' C.
puoDiir: fO iMissirs MKiicniNrs,
RKFCil TO_Hoa. D W Courts. Gen. R W Haywood,
K ileitrh. .N’.
Fel) 1'.*, Is61
Ail ki ■!« of 'KUKOPKAN blHDS :
. a b- ;iu‘ ;U' o tniiUt (d .SLW
STYLH; (’At;i:s T' '.'0 wishing a
fine Songsti. r, will find it «t
J. D FALMKR’S Vrtric^v M. re.
Cae d.icr .ibore the bauk of t'hurlottc.
Nov 20. iSu.-..
t':i roliiiw,
AdJL'I AN r-GL.NEK.JiL S (jFflCli,
J Ualeigil, Jiuic le, Icril.
I. (.Hficcrp of the volunteer.' and J>taie lioops will
culieci Uil theaim^Hiid necoiitrena nls beb n^.'ii;g to'he
S;ate. in the countie.' in which they may be .-twtione.^,
liH\e the 'same cHieluliy boied and foi warded to ihe
fhiel of Urdnanci- in tins ciiy, or o the .Arsenal nt Fay-
eite\ille, at the e.Tpen.'eol tiie State, that ihe*aaie may
be altered and iiiij.n ved.
'1 he .'heriO* lU'r earnestly -equested to pive the mili-
ta I ^ I fl.i I rp- t Leii aid aiiU counlenh nee in 1 he a bo ve dmy .
llie\ aic also reque.'lcd 10 pertorm the smae in tiie
ab.'cuce or neglect i t the « oificcrs.
ll 1.' not inieiidcd to deprive ihe counties entirely of
arm.', but, on the ccailiaiy. those of inipiovec piiHeing
wiil be Ui>ltibu.ed 10 iLe companies reinninlng at
hutiir, Hs SOI 11 a.« the troop* thai are to take the fieid
.'hall l>e snppbeJ,
II. tdiicerrf iCeeiTing arms from thoy*? persc'nc who
lia\e gi\en bond and security lor ihe s.ife keeping and
piesf'i vatiou of the .'.‘'me, will recrijit therefor, and ihu
receipt w ili be a tufiicient routli^r to iavc them from
III. The utmost er noniy in the U5f of nmraiiniuon
i? stri(.tl\ ei.joincd. No Sigi:al gun- or salnies, e.\cej>i
luncral. will bi* tired under niiy circnmstanccii what
ever. The ••o'.d guarii” v.ill. after iK'inp relieved, dis-
eharge iheir piei e.s at a latgi t, atoi a record ot the
^ood shi-l.' Will be kejii 111 the guard report; ihe rolduf
makit.g ihe bc.-t .-hot sLiould bv-ciemj.rea f;om tuui-
ot guar'i dnty.
IV. (.)lheers required to render Bcoonnts or make re
turns, who shall tail to do so within three days aftei
the same .'hail have becomc due. will be reported to
the Coi;'..nander-in- hiel'for n g^yct of duty; and un-
ie s t..ey can nnder a s-Ktisiactury excu.'e, will be
liable to have ih ir names .stricken !'r(.)m thr roiU of the
R’-my, or court martialed as the r:ise may be.
V. In order to ensure unit'oi miiy in corre-pondenee
reUting to public bnsines.-> the loilow ing le^'nl aions
w.ll be ob.M 1 Ted : Ail official le;te:s v.iil be written iuj
lettei paper when it can be j.rocuied. ie.nir-g a blank
sj'flce ( f one intdi on the left oi each sheet. Each letter
ill be folded in three cqii.'^l part? traver«cly, and all
envelojies enclosing such correspor.dence will be en-
dor.'ed on the rij,hl Land corner, “ijj/iciai iiunx-
nem ”
VI There will be added to the southern dacflrtment
of the coast defence, all that j c.rtion ol the Sta'e iwiig
betwten the western boundarj of Hit conntie> of Cas- |
M(ll. Alamance, C ha:ham, .Moore and Kichuii nd, and 1
the Wilmington and U eidon Railroad on ihe va.^l, in- I
eluding the whole of the couatics of ilaiifax and |
N'ortluiinj'tcn. j
brigndier-Gcnerfll Richard C. (J.n’iin i? herrby .ts- I
(tinned to the c ■mmand of thii departiteni. with his j
hean-qiiarters in the city of Kaieiph 1
VII. Tlie f.f^icers of the AdjutrtUt-Gener.-!r.= Depsrt- I
mem are rssigi.ed to duty as folluwh ; A ;j .'ant-(j'-n-
er.ii'j- I'flice—('ol. Jnmc.' (J. Martin. Adj ,;nat-(.lcnciai ;
Jbijor UMliam G. Robinson. As.-i.'lnut A ;j;i'-'.ni-Ge!)-
eral. Southern depHrtmt-«I of the ennst defence—
Lieutenant-CoIciUel Richard H. R.ridicK, Ai.'istant
\ lil. Comj 'iiiiei for the •'?**■.? Trr.':] *" to leive
during t!.*f w ar. will be received ;n tiifficlpu' nnujbcr* to
fill lip ihe Pegmteiits autnoriZd by i-tv\. i^;d
?ions will be iii.*;ucd t- i:iellicer^ e;ei!ed by c(’jpai.;e =
teudtred f-T this ?v-nice, when rc' n.,ri(;: !e-i l.^j the
t'olonel of ti.e re^-in.eut w l.;ch a.iT co:.^ way «,.iy di-
sire to enier.
bv order of the Comtnar.dei-ir.-Ci.ief.
J G. MAr.TiK.
(.1FnCtL (uni-Gfuti'el.
^ .ed,]
J Ijutar.t-Gi^cr I.
July 2d
Koiiie of these d:i\s En!:lish incri (d-war v\ill tio de
spatched to break np the blockade established by
I’rcsident Lincoln ”
.\n Tncidfnt —After the Vienna buttle la^^t
w i k. a South ('an liua s Id’er, who had been out
on a scour, was aitestrd I tbreo id the rel reatiitg
Yankees, who. aln r li.>-!i) n ii i; him. t »uit for
the Federal cinip, ‘caiculafin ’ largely, no doubt
on the welcome platidir.s that awaited tliern for
thoir heroic exploit. But all things fair are doomed
to fade. After marcliing sonn* iist; nee the party
came to a halt—stacked arms, whicli w*r# topped
with the sword b:tyonef and two of tlirm went in
pursuit of water, leHvitiir the (’arolina captive in
charge of the ^ ankee captor. 'Ihe former watch
ed his time, and when the wufering partv was out
of sight, seized a bayonet, at d at a single .‘•troke
:dioo»t severed the bead from ti c body of hi-,
eoti^panion. after which he qnielly took j.ossession
of the arms, and marched to the camp ol hi.s
frit nds.—Lcf'^hunj ( Vu ) Mh ror.
- -- « Oil
Pay YourSmall I>F.i5Xi?.—-'rhis isgood advice,
and there never was a time wheti it is a more
solemn duty. When the sti.all debts are paid,
there is a general confidence among our home
pei') le. and the wheels id' trade move on regulatly
and easily. ]?esitles. it is the small debts which
control all the bii; ones, and wl.ieh materially
afl. ct trade. None ar^ paying to our cncmses, but
all ."honid nrtke a spcei;d eifort to p ly tlieir small
de! !s to :! e r !' ieuds. iffor noother reason than that
itiiifiuse^ 1:0 d spirits, trivet oonQ ieiic^ niid greases
I he wheels of trade, all which .are necessary and
indispensable at the present time. L'^t all p ly up.
and all wili feel better and thus pritno-e tlie coin-
Oioii weal. Pay up, liut especialiv pay all fiiuall
a short cruise, say thirty days, after the u.->ual
cu'toui (d paivatiers; the men were to share ac
cording to the proceeds of prizes captured, (*' as
privateer.s,” Scc ,) and tloi prizes takfn were to he
sent into the nearest port and delivered to “ the
Col federate IM*e (’on niissioiiers,” who would
decide as to theii disposal.
His crew wtre generally shipped by an agent
ami tent on bo;ird. He knew a few of the men,
and tiie best of them wetc sent in with the first
and otily pnie c.qitured—the brig Josejih, from
('ardetias [Our reporter mited with some sur-
firise the friinkness with which ('apt Baker spoke
of hi." ail'airs. particularly with regar 1 to the prize
•Josejih. Ii will he retiiembeied that the l'*erry
inoujht one jf the crew, who is s.tijiposed to be
di>posed to turn State's evidence, atoi it is upon
lii> testimony nuiinly, with regard to the .Joseph,
that the Pi'-trict Attorney looks for a conviction
(d' the [irisoiiers '1 here will be no dirTiculty in
(d)taining a siiffieieney id’ evidence, as all the
cers and crew sfK’ak of tiie ca[dure aa au ordinary
busiiipsa traiisuetion—according to “ the usual
custom of privateers.”
'] he captain was very ctirious to know what
‘‘the people of New Yoik thought of him.” He
sa_\s that he i.s not over and above anxious about
his {.resent condition as a prisoner. H»' has don*',
nothing more “ is u-^ual,” tc. “ If we had
fi e right sort of a crew, wo should have g.d away
vessel Was able to get
the Perry.” Hi^
fr- :ii any sailing ship, ai d he meant to keej ^
ar of the .'•teamcr.s, and indeed of Uniiod States (
v(!-sels geiifra!ly. j
ri.«'iier. Geo Knlekerb'cker, Vrought by I
a W a \
1 he I’aris Moniteiir. the > ffieinl r''p''r. in
aniiouncino .Nlr I'auikner's le.ive fakinjr. spoke of
him as ••the Minis’ortif the f^ni*»d Statis;” hut
in sp.ei'kint.'- of his successor calls him
of .Mr Lincoiii.”
Private Roberson, of the Edepconihe
(iuard-. d’ed at Yorktown, Ya., a few days since,
d' typhoid fever.
1 h'- pri.« 'iier. Geo
tlie }'( rry. claims to be a New Yorker, and to have
been init t! "cd Baker s tys he .‘hipped with him
as (i; or,g(> Livingston, ati-1 received v'20 us an ud-
vaiice at the time of his Fhii.iiiu-ot.
John llarlc'ton is the first (fficer fic is a
South (’iirolina man, 2S years old. and .«.ays he is
not a sailor ; nor d ^cs he look like one, but ap-
jiears, as he says, like a mHti brought up in bjsi-
the Minister 1 ^ rIelicate-handcJ, rather gentlernanly-Iook-
! ing man.
j 'ihe sailing uiP'ter, Henry P. nty'.vlan-l, is a
North (’ar-liiia man, 28 years old, and a sailor.
was there a tUerably largo scotiting and skinnish-
! itig party ot ragamuffins, but also no lack of thi;>''j
I miserable h irpiei, iho “shyster lawyers-” wlu> at-
I tempted to ^'et into conversition with the pri-^on-
er8. but were repulsed by the guird. Iho tfireu
pirate officers seemed to feel keonly tbo tiegredu-
tion of their position. As they walked togt th-r,
they pulled tlieir ooat cufl's over tlieir inan;ude.i to
hide thoni frotu view and hung their head.s t»o as to
»‘scape the curious scrutiny of tho p^joj le. At the
wharf, they begged the iviaribal to picrmil them to
go in a carriage; but why they should slwink froui
observation, unless conscious that, with all tlmir
Btars and bar«, and letters of manque, they had
boon iu a dirty bu.iiness, in not easily •xpluiucJ.
AT THK T0M15.-.
Arrived at the Touiba, their hand cuffs wore re
moved and as each answered to hi« nntue, ho wuj
ser.t into the cells.
A thortiugh search of their peraont wa^ then
made, but as a similar operation had been pre
viously performed, ao dangerous weaj>onj wero
discovered Passailagtie, tlvc purser, was far from
pleH«ed with the interior arrangements of tho
fcmibs. An intimation ihat Hickt*, the pirate,
had eondescended to occupy the same quarter.^i.
and been satisfactorily dispOi*ed of, at last silenoci
any further grumbling.
It is the intention of the I)l.’(trict Attorney to
present them for trial to-day or to-morrow, and
thus Lritij; the matter before the court immodiatoly,
The ruffian hordes gathered fioin the bur-roonii
and gutters of the North, and abviut to be preeipita-
ted upon our homes and lircMdes.are very appropii-
ately officered. No other civ ilia 1 country in thn
world wouid aduiil into its armie* a.s Gener.ils and
Colonels such characters as those we nanm belo’v.
Th« fact shows to what a:.' exttiil thu North ia
demoralized und how little honor, character atui
deceticy is prized by the j’eotde who have electeil
d vulgar ignoramus as their ( hief .^lag;strate.
I’lie following arc some ut the Northern captaui.-*,
and there are plenty uiore like tlieiu:
CA'h. B. F. liuthr—T his i«* the politician who
was detected in u di»honei»t trick at the Charle. ton
Democratic (’onvetition. When charged by young
Smith, of California, with falsehood tlnd villainy,
the pabroon turned palo, trembled with feat, tmd
v";is mute. It is reported that *h*i was c isgnceful-
ly intoxicated most of the time ho comtnanded it»
Bahitfiore. If he has any military knowledge, ho
must iiave picked it up wliilo training th.» .'lai^sa-
chusetts tuilitia in former yr irs. The .V' W York
paper# denounce him as a huns'jug nn 1 Jo njnd
his recall.
Gpu D'tnif! E Si'rk't‘8 —The chivalroin g«ii-
ere.l who wiiil.edat the disgraeo of hi;-! wife and hi^
ow n duhonor, until oy?;r thcybe(i.ime thoiown talk
A pot-houie politician, su{>ported for yctirn by
a notorious New York female, and mixed up uior*
or less, in nnmerous disreput.ible tra.nsacti jin.
M'lJ. H’m. MvUigan.— Familiarly known as
“Billy Mulligan." A noted cut-throat and gain-
I ler. Kxpellcd from (’aiifbrnia f»y the vigilance
Committee, Sentenced eight moutb>i atro to Sin
Sing, for attempting to murder a New York po
liceman. After Berving^ five tnyutbi ol hia time
hi was pardoned out.
j Col. H’’. *4 Commander of the New
! York Naval Brigade—nnd ex-[..ieutenant of tho
I United btatcs Navy. He is thf man who sold his
! daughter to tho (’uban negro, Senor Ovcido, and
i got up the piece of shameieis, brazen vulgarity
' km wn a« the “L*ianiond VVedding ” His colored
; fion-in-l,.w presented him wi’h a hou?e in P’onr-
^ ^
. » ^ ^ k' t.’oiree, Rio. Laguire and Jsrn;
.M 'lasse?, (’ubii rl;.! .M covada;
to H N. .N (J .Mola.'ses;
30 Hhds. Su;r ir. r.'s:ir’ d ;
7-^ [!bi». A U iind (' Sugar;
I'j i',haif-barreis and k'ts kcrcl,
1. 2 and 3:
I0‘‘t Kegs Powder, r'fle )vn 1 bla'tirg ;
Shr>;. Lend, Rice, Tea , and a general ujR'i ;nu.nt of
^ccrie.», for rule CA.SIL
\rril ?'• !8G1.
NEW goods,
KOOPM.VN.N k PIIELP.S have ^eeei^ed a bnridsome
r..“ .rtni.:nt cf SPIiING GO' i).-'. e-.r. ■=;''ng in ; art of
To wlii h they invite pjiriicuiar atler.ti >n.
a hou?e in
'Hu purser of the Savannah. (!. S. Passailaigtie, 1 teenth street, upon the reot of which he bus lattev-
is n youi.L' .‘^outh Car' linian, “ otily 10 years old,” | ly managed to live.
goi d looking, wr’l behaved young | Vol.BiVy Wihon.—An cx-Aldarman from th«
been a mailing cletk and afi.«-:s^aiit ^ ^Jxth Ward of New Yf»rk; a liquor retailer and
tap ror,m politician} uneducated, brutal and vulgar
like his associatc.H. Hfc carri^» oti his ab'juldniS a
red, pimply, bloated face. He commands u regi
ment of pickpockets, bnr^lare and hen-rjost
(-.1 X^(1 Buvtnne.—Ned’s real name Is K. Z.
C. Jude I) He was sufficiently notoriou.*,, severnl
y«ars ago, us the editor of an ubficne publication iu
New York, and has contributed a number of tiush
novels to the press. Ilis forte seems to be “biga-
xny,” numerous femnlcfl, eom^ of them evidentij
virtuous wyajen, tiirougbout tiiC North, claiia him
for their legal spouse. lie has ofT'.rcd a rcgirueiu
to Lincoln.
Maj B'n- Ff-rhy Poore.—A Vi’ashington newt-
paper correspondetit. He Uvea iu Athens Gu.,
several yc^rs ago, and was obliged to leave for gif-
ing a negro Ball in which he njingled freely with
the nogToes. At the t’^ueof his departure he was
he New T»'tauurer of the Athens Lyceum, and carried off
' the funds of "the society with him, besitlen otU«r
a oceidid.y
leliow, M ho ha
book kft^jer in the Charhston 'vicict’.ry office.
1 hif is his first frnise as [I'lr-er of a privateer.
'j he t:ei.eial nr pearauoe of these four men
favorable they liad n ithing of the des^ierate or
even n w iy 1(> k that wotj’d n>tf'irally attach to
men in their profes-inn. 'i he offi-er.-j of ?lie Lane
pjoke of thrtii us qu;»t and wrtl-beh-ived. Mnd tlip
pris 'tiers ies;red to return their g’^ateful thanks
for the kiiidi er-a exteiifb-d to them by the  fficers
borh at tfie IV-rry an l IPfrriet Lnne.
Wlien they were trai^'f- rred from thf' IVrry to
the .Nlinnes'.ta t’ney w re strictlT confined, and
were net ali'iwed t.. CMiverse with any one on
b'ard. C)o tbe l.,ane the efficers were merely re-
»tr e:ed to tl.rir qu^rtfts aft. nnd a single sentinel
kept eu..rd over them. 'Jhi-’r conntmtjication
with * aeh other was unr*strained. and they were
well fed and kindly treated “as prisoner.’(d war."
The f Howing u> -criptiorj of the landing of the
orew of the above vc«*el ia tuk:n from
York Tiibu:,c:
AI ■■ '•I - i. ir. ;i,
sums burrowed from the citizens.
1:. II.
ni A!:i.GT . F, N
■ ■ : ub^,' g Miei.iilv. aio.l the crizeiis of
'. i; . lhat i.e has r-'ii io.-d the
i."! Ii'i' .I'id ill ly be toiiri;; at hi.' dil
i-^pi.i.d to set .\niti' it.l 'i -.'. ih on Gold.
■ • or oil the ('heopl.i •; p- >e''. as
‘ '1 i:e. itnd till Teeth wnh li-.l.l. Tin,
■ A ! t ili ;al.
■ it' pe form anV oi-erai j. II tielong-
.11. 1 t.eed n >f 'tiy' hat he w di he j
a ■ > ntv .f hij, old I'rieDdfior new frieuds—
‘rve that f.,r granttd.
f. IsP’
Having cocnected with roj Ef-
t r^’ iit an
Kaiii g a?id IUfr‘>linient
I am pr?! ir> •-‘'■'e my fiiends
.11. I the ( i;bac in th.e culinary line
in the best ^tyle. Lp;ci:rean5
will plea-e give me a call, and it
shiill be my eoii.'taut t-tudy to
Tdciisc them.
Cae (?efr aVor# th* Bank #f Cl»arlctlf.
JuinsrT 1. 'fri
Bt;t:K (irri.E
e subscriber desires to puri t...»
;■ in t: fur butchtr;:;^'.
1 ice Will be paid.
Frf’ra and afcer this day (lei of Januarr. '.S': I.)
■ dd "
Mav 28, 1‘‘61
Reef Crt'tle md
1 Ue hijiicii
A. CO'*K.
Town Bj-.cher.
\VA\T2 D,
Ld^S. BA('ON. 5o nnn Pu^hels
CUHN, for whieh C.>-SH w-obe
paid by
Fekr’aarT 2«. If'-’l
wii! be pleaded to sell our
and tbe re^t ofrnankind. I
ca^h. aiad casih only,
Br.v articb- in . ur line of business that, we may have on
hii'.d. A’IV I.-Ti se.-iding r ••.t.iiig r Gooi= afu-r
t^.i^ dft'e. w.’l. 'i! monev, wu! -e excu-'e u3 if. iii-
ftead of rilling tiieir orocr. wi- furni^u them wnh a
coi'V of ■ o'' alverii.= emeat. ve are d(>err>orcd not to
I At 2 o’ch'ck p m , the martlial and hir. pi’.ty
went down to the Ca-tle Garden pier, whore they L^eut. Pt’nhr(jra»t,of ih^ Xf'w Yorkl\.»l R'tgi-
' embarked on the tng bcfHt S. A Stephens, and rtitnt—The galiaut Lieutenant is, wbcH at home,
pr‘«r*'*d«d to tho Harriet Lane. T he iiiaraha!, on a “nigger minstrel,''and playon tho banjo at a
fiieodi at,: cuitoiiieri', gtep[ ing on lx)4rd, was met «t the gangway by Hrondwav Concert Saloon. His smutted face an^i
First Lieut Constable, to whom he presented his wooly wig have been th« admiration of many •
warrant The lieutenant conducted the marshal rough and Country gawky io tiaicu gou«
aft. to an enelo.«ure made of an old s:ii!, arid thera
formaify intrO'Juced him to the officers of the Brigadier Gen. Pierce.—The origin of this
pirate craft. Maosafchusetts military gcntua is irivijivcd iu t)b-
The niarshal, although apparently surprised at gcurity He suddenly burst upon the affrightei
the di*t inguished consideration with which these visions of the Virgiuians at Haii:ptun a few days
ge/l It .''■fl a nr!e on crdt!.
And th ! e mdebted 10 up are reques'cd to call pirates were presented, politely ghook the hand of f,cro. and already hia soldier- accu-y him ot coward*
and pay «-we.,v;Lt m- ue-/. {'apt. Biker. I'laeing «ime of hi.s ruen about us jce atid utfc-r incoi:jpetencv, ao'l a-k that he may b«
0AT£3 i WILLIAMS. ..... r .
1. l«'l tf
a guurdj Le wsni upuu tht bi*d^o, wLt-r# the «r«w t;a%d»iu liwijdsB.— Chm.i. CuurU.

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