North Carolina Newspapers

    \\}h J. YATES, Editor and Propki'jtok.
y Sn/>.-rn'jj/io)t—TnnF.K Doi.i.Ar.s, in mlTance.
CHARLOTTE, N. C., TtteSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1868. ]sErfifiTKKNm foiijm*—■ n■ ■ ■ * 84*
^ UsEFi L Invkntion—A tnachinc ioi*harvest
‘1*11 ~T)f-^1 ^^>rri. by taking the oars from the stal
I'l isi.i.'UKU uy
'! ' ^ Al'I'.S, hJitor uud I'roprictcr.
■ ;.:r '■ D"l'.ii-s piM- in aJv;i'!c‘?.
■ will i)f inserted at rpasoiiub!'-
: I i.iiice wiili coiiliiiet.
y iio..c's Di'vvcr five: I.ues iu ill
i I ut :i‘!\ “i r: NvS.
Ilobort Gibbon, M. I).,
I'ilVSn'lAN A-\D Sl.JUIl.u
while they are staiidiii; in the field, was
itffl nt the rccent State fair in Illinois.
State Penitentiary.
The Comniiissioners appointed to locate the
State Penitpiitiary, have selet-ted a sp»t about
! , . , • * 1 i ^ ^ i ' halfa mile above LockviHe on this side of Deep
I I'jiiatns IS coiistnu-tciJ to strip two rows'at once. ' • . -i » tt i
i rpi , ,, . , ^ , i river, two miles above Iiaywooa. in Lnatbani
I J lie st:ilks :irc t;tkci) l>etwc-(’ii projcrting tnetal ' - - - _
i fact J CiiLiiMs. and u.s I lie tnueliiiiu advances the
l. uU oi the f:ir is in contact with ;i short
• '•fckle, TM .'iinu’ ut tiiv rc:;r of tlie finirers. cutting j
, i '•;! vi ill, under the ni.trhiiie j
i; •■'id.IK
diiur (>1 i
F. IilcCJoinbs, M.
K' I
V, iiii'if
,!.:>) 1:
aij" 1;
■Hill (.II:-
i;-'..' . .1
(.ire. .i ■
will .'-e i
, ;d
1 ..-an
be (iav.
I'ii i-.a I'ji the ear“ are received
j>iK'r at'r rear ol the liiachine.
1 V, i.fii it l.« full.
ji Aidt'ou and I’ork, iind
f; -’" T!i.‘It lii.irkrt j-ric
V'. A •
'! •->'*'11 lil."
J;; \’ 1‘) t!' ; !>• ;■ . i ..I
1 .' bi.ii'liii'
•lid'.’.I to
o; i csitc tli‘
Siurgeoii Dentist,
' ,i ,N. f.
/ '• !> V oyjiimiti' ihr Cliiirlotlc
U">L )
t," jii 'i'iied:iys. \Vt‘d:ic.s.'lav>>,
Wiioiusale and Retail Druggist,
 uMII.OTTK, X. c., j
. .'I a l.ii jre and Well .xcUcted .Sl*>ck of 1*UUK j
,' I ■iii.c J:'. I’atctit Mf«iicijics. Family Mi’di-
. , 'i!-. ''j!'. \'ai-!ii!'lio.'i, .'>tuH'f. Kaiicyand [
v» ir.L-li lio is detcriuiucd lu soli at thi‘ ,
cnunty. »nd about ei^ht uiiles this hide of PitttJ-
boro’. *hty buve bouftht 8,000 acres of land.
; ii(K>n which are luinerals of various kindti, with
hiifficient water power for all purposes. They
paid fur it 8100.000 in State bonds. The ('oin-
iiiissioners will proceed immediately to erect a
stockade encIo8in^ about four acres, and the
necet^ary buildin^K inside of it for the convicts,
so that they nmy bo put to work getting out
ruck for the building, and levelling, grading and
preparing the foundutinn of it. The site is
'It'iught to be very eligible and advantageous in
'-iy\vay. Gengrayihically, it is known to be
^ hi t-.xact ceiitcr of the State.
'] !ic C'vcriior has addressed a circular to the
'Ii'ji ifis of the State, directing them to repirt to
liiid the nuiiibcr of convicts under their charge,
tojicthcr with the crimes for which they were
convicted, with a view to direct such as he may
think proper to designate for the purpose to be
put in the stockade to work.—JluL StamlnM.
Persons wi.shing to attpad religions or
political meetings, such as Conferences, Conven
tions, Associations, (irand Lodges, &c.. will be
passed over the North ('arolina Railroad to and
from the same for one fare. No half tickets will
be is.sued, but full tickets marked •'return” will
be given to persons attending such meetings.—
Ruhiyh StauJard
T A J ^ ~ In a notice of the meeting of the Synod of Geor-
IniportdJlt to Planters and Country Merchants. , gla. held October 21»t, the Southern Presbyte-
i rian says : "Oglethorpe University, or College
S C A R 11 ,
and Chemist.
Kcfp.s lor ."(alo jiufc Ufug.s and C'Jieuiical.s,
IVitviit \U diciiies of all kiml.-i,
\'arniliCs, I’jiiiits, \Viiu!i>u Glat=«, i^o., of tbe
first iiuality.
Ivi'iost'iif Oil No. 1, l.iinnid, ]’>urn!r.-i. Ac.
I’liysiciuii.-i' j^rcficriptions and Kauiily llecipes
lirc'iiared with grfiit acciirncy.
I'ouiitry .Mi-r-li:iuts ^iijjjdicd with Drugs, K«si‘u- J
CL*3. ;vc. !■'. SCAHlt. I
Blue Stone.
j \ fre^h Kupjilv of I’urc Uluc-Stone, juft rMcIvfd.
Oct I'.i. IStiH. F. SWRU.
Traywick &
, p ;i iRcrs!iiji.
- :.r I j.j;h)ic :jl I;ir
I'l '■> p. til..
: . i: - a III
: jriIi. 1,1  !il tlioir r*'i
II I r t lie I '.nu t iloil'
■■ I ' . i Vi.'’.
tetidcr tln'ir ]n (.fi.'s-
Their ipfiicc will
and ‘il]i‘r oi' tiu iii
ideiK‘i“s w lien failed,
e, 'l'r:id«* .Street.
Cotton Factor, Commission
S ir II’ IM X (} M K K (' II A N T
Now Firm and
I as it is now called, was tlie subject of very earn-
i ost consideration. It was unanimously rt'solvcd
that the Roard of Trustees take steps which
I jiractically will cotiibine it with Davidson Col
lege. The tirganization of Oglethorpe is to bo
Jr,„r to u,cm. nro,n, .]■ Co, ILtrdicarf Store, . eontiuued. SO far as rehitcs to the Hoard of Trus-
II.. -.1 • tec's; this lioard will retain control of the funds.
Ilnviiic? ofti*cte»l iny airajigiiiieiits with rcs*nonsi- , , / i* i • i n i i
lilt* ill Nfu V**ik, I jiiii iu»w prcjtarcfj to inukc interest or which will bo uc\oteu to the sup-
lilioral '.\S)I AHVA.NCKS on Cotton whiclt \vill lie pi>rt of a Professiir; and the Professor, chosen
pioiiiptly foi iv.irded. free of cliarge. or it will be by Synod or the Board as may herealter be de-
lielil or s(dd ill tlii: inarkoi it so de;ircd. 1 will re- teruiiiied, will goto Davidsou College to give
•t»i 1
li.iving ro*rf7H*iJ ;i I'urf
I iv; I'O o! coiidui'tilig the
firi'c'liaiil Tailoring
G ”Us Fiiniishiu^ Goods Business,
» . r-i r !ii!h iiiloi iii iiieir t'r'n irl- niid (iie jxiJt
I.. :!u\ .ui i.'i'.' i-,•••>.•!% .ii" ilirir yloc!
,11. c.iii';i ■ I ilig ,if .'ill erad:':
?'ii^!i-)j aiid .*1 Hi'ric;i:i
t ;olh>. C'aw^iiiicreoi &
I . , '. ari-'-y i»r iMuk-s uiui Oolni*.'*.
Gents* Furnishing Goods:
d or s(dd ill thi:> ii;:irkoi it so dc;ircd. 1 will re-
; ceive «,'ottoii ut jiiiy iit the iJejiots between thi^ point
j and 'ohiiuhiri. Jind tlio money will be for'varded from ■
Charlotte by Kxprui^.->, tliereby favinjr tiiuc aiwt ex- .
peiise. I
j L'ousipninent*; of ull kinds .‘'olicitcd. either for sale I
• here tif lir -shijiijient. 1 uliall pive tbe business uiy j
I closest personal altentioH, nnd sbiill try to promote j
j the interest of tiie I’lanters. j
I 1 refor by (icrniission to Hon. J. W. O.'borne, Gov 1
j /.. 15. Vatic‘: T. W. lU'wcy 5: ('o.^ Hankers; First , llaiik: IJi-ein, I’o'ou n iV Co.; llntfliison, l?ur-'
ionj;li.-i & Co.. Ciuirlotte, N. (J. '
.“^i‘j>t. 28, Siu j
:' . I M irs, Ci v val':, Hosiery, .Merino I'lidcr-
i'a.' il'al! l;iniJ-'. I tnbri'Has.
!,i-I i \: i viii.n,;; usually fuiiud in .1 FltlhT
> 'I 1 .!i.(ii! T.iil'niitr Kst.-Lbiisliincnt, allot
ucr. i !i i-tcd uitii great f.irt*, aud »aj-r.liiteti
' ' ion.
ii iuioii will bo jiiven to the
• ' ! will r.iado i:p in the very l>est
i • of ji'l kinds, kept con
1 .'•/l i 10 the 'I’lvjiic at wliolc.'aK-
AN'I I’I'l’Al lUNiJ of !ill kin!s,
•..'.'.H'l ^-.•ltisl:;ctioll "ivcn.
> p;-'rent in (he )  / l.i orer the
u !iii>;oiir li itjids to give
• ■•.■iipv t!i,. ."^tore ;it present o’'‘i:jii'(l ) y
1 11 l;.ui»v, as as tiieir lJ.ii;k;n;j lloii'i-
,i J. .S. I'lliJ 1.11
.l.\S li OJ.I.
Bankers and Brokers,
\V- i-ntci' nj^on fnir sccond ye:ir of business on the
iiist d.iy of October, uitd return our tliank.t to
onr old friends ami new friends for their custom and
ji.'itronage during the year now closing.
\Ve are now prepared with
Increased Means & Ample Capital j de.ern.ined to
To trans.ict any safe and desirable Banking Business jy tJn. time to buy.
which may be ofTereil us.
We will receive deposits and pay same on call, nnd
when left on time will pay interest on same jiccord- Nov 2, 1P08.
ing to Mgreeineut. Wo buy .and sell Gold nnd Silver
Coin :in'l Hnllioii, l?ank Notes, itc. Will discount
for i.T.stoniers good paper. Purchase and
.'ell oil coiiiiaissiofi .'Slock.s and lionds. and give our
liesi attention to any oilier matter in the liunking or
Hrokerage line entrnsteil to ns.
Revenue Stamps
Always on hand IVr sule.
Hours of business to aiiit dealers and customers.
Selling out to Close Business.
$70,000 worth of Goods must be Sold! I
Offer their immense Slock, for the next CO day*, at
and bcloH- cml price.
Must be .sold Viy 1st January uevt.
Clothing, Dry Goods, Hardware,
Groceries, Hats, Boots and Shoes,
Crockery, und 1,000 diftercnt articles,
Wholesale and Retail Buyers, now is the time
close out. anil .will sell.
The Area of North Garoliaa.
Some who have h id occasion to examine at
tentively the statistics of the Eitihlh Census,
have doubtless been more or less m>np!used at
the deficiency of .5.704 square miles, which ap
pears in the report of the area of North Carolina,
as compared with the report of the same as given
ill the Seventh Census. The total area of the
State, nccording to the Census of 1850, and also
according to other official reports of prerious
date, was 50,704 square miles; bat, according
to the Census of 18(jO. the area of fiur Common
wealth was reckoned at only 45.000 square miles.
Uncertain as to which of these two governmental
reports was correct, and, at the same time, fail-
*g to perceivc any good reason why North Caro
lina should not be credited with all the territory
that really belongs to her, I wrote for informa
tion to the Hon. Secretary of the Interior, whose
reply, in connection with the joint reply of the
Commissioner of (he General Land Office, settles
the matter definitely, and leaves us. as citizens of
the Old North State, in quiet and undisputed
possession of our very ample domain of 50.704
square niiles. The 'corrertion of this error re
stores North Carolina to tlie position of prece
dence which, in extent of territory, she formerly
enjoyed, respectively, over the five large States
of New York, Pennsylvania, TenncBsee, Missis
sippi and I.onisiana.
Asheville, N. C. II. R. IlELrER.
To-day and ' To-morrow
To-day we gather bright and beautiful flowers
—to-morrow they are faded and dead.
To-day a wealth of leaves shades ’us—to-mor-
row, sere aud fallen, they crumble beneath our
To-day the earth is covered with .a carpet of
green — tu-morrow it i.i brown with the withered
To day the vigorous stalk only beud.s before
the gale—to-uiocrow, leafless and sapless, a child
may break the brittle stone.
To-day the ripening IVuit and waving grain
—to-morrow ' the laud is taking its rest after
the toil.”
To-day we hoar swe^t songsters of meadows
and i'orosts, the buzz and hum of myriad insects
—to-morroiv. breathe sjftly. all nature is hushed
and silent.
To-day a stately edifice, complete iu finish aud
surrounding, attracts tiie passer by—to-morrow
a heap of ruins mark the site.
To-day there are cattle upon a thousand hilk
—to-morrow they fall in slaughter.
The fashion of the world ptisseth away. But
let (’hrist dwell within us, and though we may
pass away like the faded leaf aud .saples.s stalk,
we shall " to newness of lil*-,’’
■'W.hcre everlasting spring abide.s,
And never wilheriiiic flowers.’’
Next door to the Mansion House.
cr 2*
Watch and Clock
u'atcj/ks. cl>>cks.
li'./.-A Muttriil-->, SjKrItidf '. •V'"-
i' :•.* CHAltl.OTTi;. N. C.
THO.S. W. I>i:WEV & CO.,
\t Uiiild.iig (t'ornierly Brunch Bank.)
one (Uf>r below .'^niith s Siioc J^tore, Tryon St.
t.'ii.iriolte. .'^epl. 2N IhoH
Confectioneries, Fruits, &c.
( nt!: I ol ''-:i ru' . !’. Ill' - C ilined (ii.i.fls ol all kinds
,v,.i •; L>. .M. laC.LKll S.
.'■ ! I, i’; ■ I. i Miisliroor., Lemon. Cream and
...i. I ! ii ii^ I. ^ali ;»i KIGLEK iS.
.V large lot ut llii^ iii:i and do.^icjtic Cigar.H, cheap
by lliu box >r retail ai
I T.iv.-i oI all kill 1' at
I I'UKI.fcS,
! tor sale by the dozen o. g;.:ioii.
I F.iiiey (.iroeeries at
t^null aiui Tobacco at
X Kintrls
lar'est .’Slock- of liood^
IlKiLEU tj
KiliLEU S.
(Ill liri/cc's \nr BuiMing^')
Ifiive just received a full Stock of Goods, consisting ot
Groceries, Dry Goods,
~EX £t X* c5L -XAT A zr ocfc o .
In their general as.sortment can be found
Coffee. Sugar, Molasses and Synips,
Bacon. Lard, Hicc, (.’hcese.
Cotton Ties, Bagging. Bope and Twine,
Suit. Leather, Candles, (.'rackers, Pickles,
Sotln, .‘^oaps, and Wooden-Ware.
.\xes, Nails, Sliovels. f-pades.
Hoes, Trace Cliains,
Table Cutlery, &c., &c.
Boots and Shoes,
Hals. Ready-made Cloihing, Notions, Confection
eries, kc.
Thankful for past patronage, they invite tbeir
former custonifrs and all others who want to pur
cliasp on fair terms, to give them a call and examine
'Joods an 1 j>rices
I’roiluce and Cash taken in exchange for
Goods. McMrnUAV, DAVIS & CO.
Oct 2’.. IftfiS.
A 1‘aris newspaper con-
the following interesting advertisement:
for his
Good Sl«.;okstion.
•‘A father wants to find for his son a school
where he could got a healthy and manly instruc
tion. and where the teachers do uot till the heads
t>f the boys with humbug stories about natious
which died and were buried centuries ago.”
1! ■■ f.M'\ it; .i'.ire one of I lie
I- ' r..n;rl!i to tlii-' iiiai-ket. •
I ;■ V ki-e|' ! lull ;i-;~or!liient of ail kinds oftioods. j
■■ 1 u'.ll rll ;ii reni.'ii i.ubly low rate:^
{y.'*--I'.'ir-i’re Meielinnrs ;itid w !i- !es.i!o biiyprs j
■ M .'Mliv . w.'ll :is rei.-iil piirehasers. are reiuest- .
1 'i'\ i!n;ii • I li is iiiii^n .tieeni ■ loc'v of  ,
Millinery and Dress-Making. |
\ -.-I. Hull- ^^•]I;ll-lIM•■^it is devoletl to .Millinery and |
- •: u lii r-‘ liie l_’idies can h«,ve work done ’
ovouiptlv »!iil III fhe Irite^ stales. *
* I. .. I''* ''. Between the two Hriig .''lores.
!' reviving, daily. hi~ Fall Stock of
.^liiiiii(‘i*y, A:c.
1 'I - .-.'ks ihe La'Iie'and llie imliiie geuerallv,
■ ...i'. aiid examine.
r - MRS QUERY is prepared to servo her
■' i ii'N u ;l (i t li..
in r.o!;!i. i~, II:.t~. Ilre.'S ui.ikiiig.
• .-I
n; M)h: sr.. .svvv/.v^w nrii.i>iy(;,
c'iiA ki.otte:, jh c,
w. A. w II.LI \M.-. Cvsiiir.K.
f. .N. (i. r.l TT, Tfi,
Belogiia Sausage and Buffalo Teiigues, cheap at
Mamifaeturcs Plain anil Fancv C.-.ndic«. aiel sells
eh(Ip by the bo\.
CuiT.I ill >
\c . at
Oct Hi. IHiiX.
Bai“iii«. Piiine-i, \ui-‘, .tellies. Preserves,
K’w, opposite the Mansion House.
Our iinm'-nse Stock of Clothing must be sold with-
' iu the next CO davs at any sacrifice.
I ' ’H. & B. EMANUEL,
j Nov ‘J, 18i»8. Next door to Mansion House.
I Cotton Factors and
j Xo. 125 Siin'fh'f: W/nir/\
1 [LAiuExcK L. i KiNCE.] Baltimore.
gi^rConsignnients of Cotton respectfully solicited.
A Parisian statistician computes that as the
births since the creatii n of the wurld have been
tiG.ti27.843.273,075.221 souls, and that there are
in the world .only 3.uy5.tl00^q\iare leagues of
Hat surface, that only one-fiith ot‘ a square font
of land is alottod to each inhabitaut for burial,
— ■ —
A truly luyai Atiicau was the other day
arraii;ned in a NiikW Oileans police court for lar-
ceny^ The Judge, as of right, was dignified,
but with a severe presence. ‘‘Are you guilty or
not?’ he iuquired. ‘ S.ih!’' ‘ Did you steal
these clothes 1'” lie repeated. ‘-Golly..boss,’elar
never diiuc it.” ‘ This uia» says you did.” ‘ lie
aiu’t, nothin’ but \vhite tra.>5h.” “And what are
you?’’ ‘•Me.! Why, don’t you know? I riu
wid you in de pcrcossiou. 1 helped to tote you
home when yer got tired dat night; don’t yer
’uieiuber me now?” There was the -‘suddenest'’
iu that darkey's case that judicial an
nals afford an extunple of. •
Notice to Debtors.
-\lt persons iniehtcd to the Estate of Wm. Ross,
deceiiseil, are notified that their Notes and Accounts
ai e all due.—Some of which are of long standing.
Please come forward and pay up. If you cannol
t)ay all, pav what vou can.
' ' J. P. ROSS, Adiu'r.
N. B.—I can be found in Charlotte at almost any
time J- !’• R-
Nov 0, 18G8 3w
— r ' and liberal ailvance* made thereon.
Charlotte Female Institute, |
The next Session will commence on the 1st October, ■
1>«'.,', !uil continue until •'Mlth of ,)nne. LStiO. '
T!ie Session isdiviiled into tw o terms of *iO weeks ;
each, and pupils can lie entcicl for ciflier the whole {
sr-ision or for one terui.
1U.\. R. Bi,:iV..f.i.i. Prineii>iil. and ln^tructor in Mental
an I .Moral Philoseidiy aud Mathematics
Ions B. Bt uwKi i., A. M., Naiural Philosophy. ;
Clieinistry aiiI An'ient Lanifuag'’*. |
Mils. .M. .V. Bt uwLi.1.. Eiiglisb Bia,iudie>! aod Super- !
inieu'ltMit of ."'>icial Diiiies.
Mus. WiiiTK. Engli-h Branches. |
.\liss M.vuovkei T. i-ONv;, English Branches and
Frciudi. I
Orders will receive prompt attention,
October t'l, lSt>8. *l!m
J. Kuck & Co ,
Have on hand a large assortni« nt of (.tROCERIES,
which they will sell low for eash. consisting of
5,000 Pounds Iron Tics,
•J Bales Bagging,
8.000 Poiimls baeon. clear rib,
M Boxes Candles,
A large lot of Fish in barrels, half-bar-
rels ani kits.
Fine lot of Crockery Ware,
t''heese, Sugar aud Cotfee—all grades.
Molasses—all Jilnds.
Bunch Yarn. Slieetin|r »nd Shirting.
Select English & Classical School
I expect to open in ('harlolte. on Frida\-, .Tanuary
Sth. 18'jO, a select Englisli and Classical School for
lK>ys. The Schola; tic year Will embrace 2 sessions
of JO weeks each.
The charges will be .S^O per for Tuition, .$2'>0
for Board aud Tuition, payable one-half at the be
ginning of each session.
Application m.Mv be made to Rev .A. W. Miller,
D. I)., t’harlotte, or to myself at .Melville, N. C.
Rkfeuencks—Rev A W Miller, D. I)., Thos W
Dewey, Esii-, Hon. J W Osborne, Hon. Z B Vance,
Gen. Jno \ Voung. t'cd. Wni Jobnston, K Y McAden,
Dr. F Sc.»rr, Win .M Wilson, Esq
Wilson School, Melville, N. C.
Nov. 0, 1S>S Swpd
A HulMiid Retttms alter 86 Tetn Unnee
Thursday morniDg the subjects of this skctch
passed through this city on their way from Put
nam county, Indiana, to their houie in Lincoln
couuty, Kentucky, and flruni a gentleman who
talked with them we have ob%MMed the follow
ing roumntic story:
In 1842 John Elliot left hia home nnd his
wife, who had borne him eleven children, in
Putnam county, this State, suddenly and in pas
sion at some slight misanders^ding that had
ocTOrred between them. He gave his family no
intimation of his departure previous to leaving,
and they never heai^ of him again nntil after
t he lapse jrf twentjr-six yeart.
The elfcWieired hin* hnsband w»a dead, ««4
after two years waiting she gave him up as l(«t
to her forever, and murried a respectable citizen
of the country, named Ballou, and has resided
happily enough with him, near Cloverdale. ever
sinco, until last week. It was then that the
first tidings of her supposed deceased husband
were received by her.
It was iu this wise that these tidin«is reached
her. A letter came to her through the hand of
a person who was a stranger. This letter sot
forth that if she would visit a little town several
miles distant from Cloverdale she would meet an
old and verj- dear friend, and urged her uot to
omit making the visit at a certain time. The
letter impressed her strangely, and she concluded
to visit the town named, at the designated time,
and did so.
Whiit was hy surprise on entering th^ house
where the meeting was apiMiotcd, to meet her
first husband. Twenty-six years had pass.d,
and time had left its impress upon the man, yet
she recognized him at once, and threw herselt
into his arms; for notwithstanding she is now
sixty-eight years of age the sight of her first
choice warmed the loving pulses of her heart,
and broke open (ho fountain of her affections
that had be.;n so long sealed up. She threw her
arms about his neck, kissed his wrinkled cheek,
and wept like a girl the te.irs of joy.
The hn.sbaiid’s heart was also melted into tcn-
dernefis. and lie embn cod bis aged but long-
deserted wife, with all the fervor of a young and
ardent lover The past was talked over, the
sudden disappearance, the long ab.sence, and con*
tinued silence of the husband explained, and
then and there it was agreed that they would
8i>end the remnant of their lives together.
The woman returned to her home in Clovcr-
dale. She explained to her second husband all
that happeucd, and told him that she felt it her
duty to go with the first husband from whom she
had so long been sepirated. The second hus
band, Ballou, was loth to consent, but the wo
man was unchange.ible in her determination, and
he was compelled to acquiesce. Their wo.ldiy
cfiet-ta were divided, and on .Monday last the'dd
lady left Cioverdaie to rej oin her hu»>bmil i;i the
little village where the meeting took place, and
Thursday they passed through the city on their
way to Kentucky.
When the husband left home he wandered off
to Kentucky, whqre .remained until the (’ali-
fornia gold discoveries created such an c.xeite-
ment in 1841). He was seized with the gold
fever, and left for the rich places on the Pacific
coast There he worked and saved his earnings
nntil he accumulated some forty thousand dollar?.
With this he returned to Kentucky, purchased
and sticked a farm in Lincoln coutity. aud has
been living upon it ever since 18.59. Having
accumulated considerable wealth, he is now pre-
ptin «l to comfortably care for her whom he so
cruelly deserted twenty-six years ago. and to give
•a good start in the world” to the children she
br re him. four of wlioin arc y«t living, and have
iamilies. — .Vrw AUmn^ Cummerciul.
f till:
T'li" r.:>nk Iifi“ etibtrged and refilled it-^ Banking
'.I-;'’, Mii.l wiili a Im-ge. modern improve.) Fire and
I''r P'-.iot Safe, otfers superior iaducemenis to
I'u-:i, !w. 11 ..l eix (•« Deposits on Intere st or other-
' In: \ ' a!i l SI 11.;  '.'iu. Bullion, Excluiuge nnd old
1 :k ;iiii[ draws ilireetlv ou all principal
i 'i‘> in ihe v nl 1 -(i Nfw V.)rk r.ite«.
Mits. A. C. P.XTION. English Branches and Music on ( of goods generally kept in a first
. 1 class GriK'crv Store.
Piioi .\. Bm MWN. Vocal and Music, j
Mi:s. .Ji m \ C. Pvtton. Music on Piano. j ~
pKur. R. E. Pjii' Kf. Di-tiHiu|r, I'ainlingand Mo«lern
r'rjtrnitet /vr Trnn f>f' 20 ll'tyi’s:
P.oar.l ■ w ith ^i rrv cTpeiise. fuel, lights, wash
ing. with tuition in English Branches, JI80.(H1
Tiiitif^u. day scholars. Prmiarj' Department, I’O.fK)
C.ullegiaie 2.j.tK.*
Music, .\ncient and Modern Langttages, Drawing and
Painting, ••I'/ru. at usual charges.
For Circular and Catalogue couialning full partic
ulars as to tcriii*. &c , address
Rrv. K. Bl’RWrLL & SON.
.Tulv 27. Charlotte, N. C.
I We ask the farmers to call at oar place in iheNavy
1 Yard., examine pur sioctk of
Corn SheHers. Feed Cutters, nnd Cider Mills. We
call especial attention to our COTTC>N SCR.\PER.
.\lso, to the best Farm an H^»ad Wagons—all made
in Charlotte, X. C
Manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of farming
tools. Charlotte. N. C.
Oct 2^,
Dr. Wilson graduated with the first distinc
tion at the University of N. C., ami has been for
many years a successf ul teacher. He is well known
to the (.'onfederate soldiers of Western North C.'iro-
lina as the .''urccou of ihe 11th Regiment X. C Troops
A. W. M.
Mecklenburg House.
.\nd regale yourselves with kia rich viands and bis
inimitable -FLUID PREPARATIONS. ’ You will
find the best of Fresh Fish, the freshest of fine Oys
ters, with all kinds of G.VME, and everything else
affcrded by the niarkei—all done up in first-rate style.
Hi« Bourbon t^aunty W.hiskey surpasses anything
yet brought lo this market, and so doea-ois Scuppcr-
uong Wine and uomeatic Brandies and Whiskits.
He is determined to make his new Seataurant wor
thy of the city. Come and see for jroursclvca.
He has three BILLLARD TABLES for the amuse
ment of liis friend*, and several fcr sale cbca{.
Not. 0, 1W5R im.
True Connie.
‘‘Cow.ardj co.ward.I” Jiaid James liawsou to
Edward 'Wilkius. as he pointed his finger at him.
Edward's face turued very red, and thou the
tears started to his eyes as he said : “JaiLCs Ijaw-
soij, dou't call mo a coward,”
“Why don’t you fight Johu Taylor then, when
he dares you ? I .would uot be dared by any
•lie is afraid,” said Ciiarles Jones, as Jie put
his finger in his eye, and pretended to cry.
‘*l am not afraid,” aaid E^ard ; and he looked
uliiioKl ivQiid.y-to gi^’c up. fur John Taylor came
iorward and said, “Coiue Pl>. then, and.fihow that
you are uot afraid.”
A geatleniau pissing by, said, ‘ Why do you
not fight the b(iy ? Tell uie the rea.«»»)ii. '
The boys all stiwid still while Edward sjid, “1
will uot do a wicked thing, sir, if they do call
me a coward.”
• That's right, my nuLle boy,” said the gentle
man. ‘-If you fight with that boy you will really
disgrace yourself, and will show that you arc
iiK/ic afraid of the lau;.:!i and ridicule of yoiir
friends thau of breaking the cumuiaudments ol
your Maker.
It is more honorable to bear an iusult with
meekness than to fight about it.
Bcustsand brutes which have no reas!>n.know
of no other way to avenge themselves ; though
it be hard to be called a coward, and to submit
to the indignity aud insult, yet remember the
words of the wise man—• lie th it ruleth his
spirit is greater thau he th:a taketh a city.”
Many a p^Mir. deluded man has been drawn in
to accept a challenge and fight a duel to exhibit
his bravery, aud thus di«^lay to all that he waa
a miseruble coward, who was afrnid of the sneer
:ind laugh of his comp:inions. Mather follow the
cxauiple of that brave soldier, who, when he waa
challenged to fight, said, ‘*1 do not fear the eai|-
non's mouth, but 1 lisar God.”—Jncenile Rc-
Animal Mannres.
Auimal Maourea arc the uiain-»tay offfQgiti*
live Agriculture: By far too little attcatioa ia
paid to their jtroductiuu and use. Although th«
term aninvU wtiHMix, strivtly speaking, it OoIt
such as is formed by the cxcreueBta of
and the decoinpoiitiun of their bodica by dilerenl
uictbods, it is generally applied to laauurea pit^
duced by the escrcments ^ auiuiala, and th« ad«
mixture uf atraw, leaves or any other vegataU*
matter, used as litter, aud it haa recaived th*
uaaua ^ stable or jprd manure. The q«alitj
depends jMUch upo».|he food nven to th« catttlt
and upon the Titter tiaed. Tk«
richer the food, the "richer will be the awBura
produced. The great fault with niQe4entha of
the farmers, ia to under-value stable manure, aod
to waste it by allowing it to remain exposed, ia
small dispersed quantities, to the action of the
suu aud rain, thereby allowing hs fertilizing
properties to evaporate. Cattle should be stabled
or peuued iu smaller places than is generaUj
dune. Wheat aud oat straw, oak leaves, har,
grass or other vegetable matter, should be free^
used for litter. Avoid pine straw or pine saw*
dust or pme shavings, alt being injurious to aoj
laud, by the resinous principles they contain.
Better burn them aud apply their ashes
upon the land. Corn, instead of being harves*
ted in the mauuer generally practiced by pulUsK
of the leaves should be cut olf near the gronnd,
aud the stalks used iu uiakiug manure, ^peat*
ed experiments have shown conclusively that
there is less loss by shrinkage in the grain, by
being harvested in the latter mode thau by pull*
ing the fodder. W e have in the comstalks one
of the best and most abundant of raw materiah
to operate with. Manure should be collected
every day or two in as large heaps as possible—
the surface made smtjoth, so as to give as little
chance lor evaporation as posisible—the ootaide
covered with earth, or put uuder cover. The
best method is, to have large quantities of muck
or loaf mould, or good rich earth brought in the
yard, aud the manure daily mixed with a portion
of it. Every load of fresh manure, mix^ with
three or four loads uf muck under cover, will
cause each load of (he mass to become equal to
its bulk of clear manure, for purposes of t'crtili*
zation. 'Ihis arises from the escaping gaaes
given off from tiic manure during fermentation,
being absorbed by the divisor. Abeing
produced from the richest food, contains the lar*
ge.«t quantity of fertilizing priuciples. It can
be used with the best results upon all crops.
Those with delicate nerves can use it under tbe
name\t\'pomhcttc, but this article is easily pro
duced by Using liberal quantities of charcoal auat
aud {jypsum—causing! it to lose all obnoxious
smell by fixing the aniinouia.
1 he excrements of i'owls are a rich fertiliser
SiG.MFiCANT.—One moraiug last week a
German paper in New York cuutainod »u adver-
j tisemeut that fifty men were wanted at 198
I Broadway, at the rateuf 89 per week. At 8
i o'elock. when the store was opened, there were
not leskthan 5U0 meu gathered about the door,
and six policemen, club in hand, were wholly
unequal to tbe task of keeping back the crowd,
which increased every moment until 9 o’cl>M:k,
when the advertiser announced that the qu>jta
was mied.
A traveling litii; insurance agent applied to a
Texan to -‘take out a policy,” but tbe 'ivxan re-
jilied: “A i'cliow'a litie is so confourtded uncer
tain in this CDDimoiiitT it ain't worth imraring *'
—that iVoni pigeons being the strougcst. It is
equal to hall its quantity of guano, if kept under
ciiver. 'Ihe latter being an animal nature, and
when pure, of a highly concentrated nature may
be Used to advantage ou any land; but if im*
jiroperly ajiplied, it either destroys the crop or
loses its fertilizing prop,^rties.
*U'hc purely vegetable manures consist of vege*
tables ploughed under, iu a green stato. Cow*
jicas arc one of the best plants at our command.
Cabbages sown very thickly comes next, but
t;loveror Luccrn are superior to either. If
Limeis ctiuveuient, it is advisable t« spread from
thirty to jfifty bushels of slaked compust lime to
the acrc, beiore ploughing the crop ia. This
method, where other manur«'s arc not obtainable,
will be found an easy and certain one to ame*
liorate our lauds, cspcciully such soils as aro do-
Hcient iu vegwtablo iibrc.
One maxim should govern the progress of the, and that ie, that in order to keep
his laud in a constant state of fertility, he most
re place in feitilizing parts every year aa much
as he rcmove.s from it in the form of produce;
but ail iucrease of fertility eau only bo gsined
when more is added than is taken away. The
great fault with our plautcrs, is to use manure,
when used, upon land not prepared in a form to
receive i^ i>ecp ploughing is essential. In
general, all ntauures contaiuing ammonia should
be plouglied ip—\he others, containing salts,
should be used as .a top-dressing. Tlie former
escapes—tte latter penetrates.
Small farm
Ever}thing connected with the prosperity of
the South Sc»;niB U) indjcate the nccetsilj of
changing very materially the system of agricul
ture. Some of our plaulcjs, who aro favorably
oituated, tind it to their advapU^e to keep up
their large plantations aud to .eiujdoy a large
force. Every man mijhf^ of mur*4,-, his own
judge in this matter. liut, a:i a general rule,
the want of cheap lab->r l4) k'fp the drains and
ditche.s ojieii. to keep the fences upandagent^l
system of intprovement ou the farms, jilainly in
dicates the uici>sity of reducing the size of our
t‘arlu^ and leasing thoin to g>ud tenants, at rea
sonable prices, in order to the improvcmaut of
the lauds.
Skilled Libor aud ordinary industry and for»>
cast will siK>n couvince every one, that th« sys
tem of .;mallfarms oflers the highest indttocmcots
to the future well being of the eommuuity, W#
must try the adxption of the shift system or
change of crops, Iea\ ing lauds uncultivat^ with
a coat of cl»ver or under fence to prevent grazing,
the cultivation of the cereals aud the grasses, as
i well as e>‘*.ry other article needed either lor home
coiiSuuiptiiMi or market ppxluco. Let every
pers«ju pbnt au orchard of choice fruita. There
is scarcely anything more profitable, and certain
ly nothing wore attractive to make hoflw plflM-
ant to a family.
Effect of Tobacco o» Box*.—Dr. De^aisoe,
while ee^ged in investigating the iaioeoM of
tobacco (Ml the circulatory system, had his aUea-
tion called to the large number of btjys betwees
the a^^ts of nine and fifteen years who were ad
dicted to smoking. Uf thirty-eight b^ who
smoked, twenty-se.ven thawed distinct ajmptorai
(*f disease. Thirty-two bad variuns diaorMtt of
circulation j bruit tff tonfflr in the nedt, dwit*
dered digestion, pa^itation, slowness of inteOeeti
and more or less taste for strong drinks. JBiglrt
showed a diminution of the Qcd oorpoeoolssrf
the blx>d ; three had interroit^HRpol* J
quite frequent ejdtiixis; ten disoidww
and four uioeratioa of tk« miioiwilf BMliNnM is
tbe mouth.

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