North Carolina Newspapers

NO. 158.
[TliiKTM^ & Fariiirrti’ JToiiriial
Unriofcil and puWuheil every Saturday inoriung
»l Tim IMltirt i>er annum, if paid in advam e i
7’iro IhMarl and Fiftt/ Cent* if not pnid nnlil
sflci tlf thrwo inoiiUia; 7'kite
PvlUtt at ihc end of the year. No will
hr di-rontiniicd until all arrcarajfta arc paid,
jinlfn «t lli8 op*'®" »•' *•'«
Al)\ KRTISE.MIINTS nilll>e inwrtrd at Fifty
Cml* pff mcredinp i*0 lines,) lor
ifi*i fir>t iii« rlion, and ii5 Cf.uU for oncti auc-
iMiJiuf wtrli—«f •i’f Ibr ono
A libtral discount will be luailo tu ttioao
«!io ai!vi-fti»f by tlie yrar. 17'On oil ajlvir.
inemi'iit* ooiiimunicultd for ptiUlicatiori, Iht'
(iiiiiiluT ol iiiiM?tli*nn must b« note d on the mat -
ri.i o( til*- nianiiKCript, or Uiey will bo cunliiiuc-d
m ill lofbid, and elmrped accordingly.
• • \il fonimunicalwnH to tlif Kditor iiiu«t como
'(r,, ni'iKMitaiir.or they may nol I*.- atteudi-d lo.
mox THK iiA«aiw;it».
,, \M A GRASS—lU culture rtcwnmendi d—with
lome rrniarks upon llie ft-nu» Titptatuui, ami
It* *iiecM».
Thegt»i» which passes utiHer llti« popular
bime, iivl which i> known lo bolaninm un-
thetiamoMol TripMCum daclyloi(lr*,ajKl
W. m«io^ach> (>ii, h«f acquired a con«.idern-
|.|c ticqn'c 111' crlebnly, und proim*** to lie-
toij c of much l«» Ih** ugricuJniral inte.
r tf', ol' ihc S«>utl.erii J'UHt.s. ^V hiltJ the
S rlhem and NV «*tterii |x>rti>tui ol utir coun*
arr pr>vidi*d with a vartPi\ of valuable
siiitod lo thi'ir chnmte anti hoila, tlx*
•Uuniil }»orIi'>n»of the SiKjtlKrrn Staieuarc
min-ly tk'titulfi of tiMjftil au^ilmius :
r, I Uii»-Te, that in tin **, iK-ilii«*r clovirr,
fl.i rJhy, herdVf ra8ii,orrhunJ -jraw.iioratij
i th. V- diTivcd fr«.in NortJwrncli-
luve provwl, nor ever will provf rx-
-n«i\«'ly benefkinl. The cousfcjurme u,
4'at thwoi'luMit tbi* c^tcn»ive purtion of
: untr\,no bay U made, and th** «K.iy iia-
hvc product reliod on afc provffnl«r fur hor-
t-M ttiiA otl.«'r rattle is the drird biadca of
|, ron». Ileorf the planter'* ^tlck is
f iicrally »lin!fd dunn^ winter, uimI the
fpKiurts of hit dairy rt-'nderwJ (-ximufiy
i.rajjer; und butter, chc^a**, and tvcii Aoy
Lr lK)r»rs arc iinport««t frutji Ibc .North into
pi.- Siuihern townn. (>n the contrary, tl»c
L.mffl erafiy ao much valued in the r»t
t 1 iiJanii?, would probably prtivo hul an
plant in this cliinatr—lhat m, the
- *• well aa thr ttcui niMl U'avcv, wuuiti
• t>»m the ffli-cH of froct. The kauic cir-
i^uncc dfttroys thfl value of our rru6-
r:i^,(I>i^itana ttan^uinali!i,)iind «>ur crotr-.
grijtt, (Klfumn** iridica,) for ihcw are
!h annvnls. Thry perish with l!i« ap-
ach of winlt^r, and an? r iKwablv tmly
m the wrJ. I’ntlcr thrae cin U!ii‘tanc«-.s
(latna (.’rtiss prt.ornts ur.uwial tlwiu s ti
■ attriilioii. It IS a native of (li>> alluvial
.» of thr Svjulht rn Statr-^, grows wril in
rv varic't) of aoil, yield* u tuoet aUjndant
■ P, and M a jKrtnnial plunt, that is, iIm
.15 {:res«rve thi'ir vcpctativt* jx)V¥ers tiin/
, nii.Icr, and I be crop i* reiifwed. Ibr fiC-
'"Irucrrvivoyfars,without tiir im.c* wity
I r*-(i|«ulin;{. 'Jlic z al>u» ad>f’cat*;a ot
S' crana hiive a.-=?*uretl ua Ibnl it w ill \ ifld
t'Ti 70 to !H) Ituiti «»f ^rtt n hay, or fnyin ‘J(»
i .i-i Ions of currd hay to th* acrr. liut it
^rpklnKiItl licaiiv «>Ta^^i>ration in (hi&, wc
i\ n\luce the cMimalo one half, and tlic
Id wilUfill n-niain ani|ilf' enoti^h lo
»kc lUriiltivatioii hij;h!y pr.lilai>l»-. 11 n
M Ilf curotl hav n»  iuivali'iit lo twenty •'
I nl.rary Ft:cks of our fmLUr, ani! Ihuti
I'Tniui I of tivf acre^ of (laiiia jirari
-■ ii.;iul rJ*> fclarksofcorn-lilndf tuddrr'
i h H riiorr than iv obtained froai !UU
> f n^ru on cointnon soil#.
It appears llint tiii* allcniioii of iho .\inc.
U' | ui Ilf was fir»t diawu to this grain by
H of Mis9i>uri,aud .Mr. .Mh{^»ji-
■1 Al.ilKiri)n. Th«''^ p'liilcinen r^-prvk*Mit
*r)T,.crrully prolific ; and rccenily " .
'lari », ff,j. aii entfrprising and ^kll!ul
liirif.1 thl^ «ho ha:4 uiidrrla-
'' " I'lltivstioM nl il, coi)tiriii>-, in u preut
the I'M’MiinM fclaU'tiK'Hts of
•I ' .wn. Mr. M. has tin tl it in ^^ll^pill♦•
■> n:i(l m IcKwo saniy soil, m.murfd, and
’ 'I li» ;;ro'A wi>ll in both Mluati'iiis. Tiie
]»!.inii »l, hliiMild U; jtil in drills,
'I'l'iiii lir-t to‘J irt: up.irt.MUil tiniui-lio it
' ■ 'ir fl:*-ti;r if n*Ti'sv.ry. In llto inuim-
I*' iirsi wustin l!ifv sprvad and trover tlnr
• *irii(M'lnii^ the >i''nnd year it
'' I lil mico a niorlli from Miiv to .No-
1 tin not Unon- fur what iiiiiiik'r
' I tl.f . luio rf«ii«- will t unliinic toyu id
' lilt proUibly for lime or tvur—
■ I'’ m r'’.
‘ C'-niis 7’ Inch the iJaina
•' !" iin;.>. Ill (. tTjin;; In .Nulall, Is t‘\flu-
' N"Mil Viii'-i ;in, and loiiMsIs ol only
i'. I i.u'ly lonlCM and I'. .^Jl:n^>•
■ ti, m.iiyriKiiiH ti> lilt" Allnnlic ronbi
■ |’i.iiru X 11’ ilip \\ forcrn .''tales; thus
'lin:.' lliiiiiicniioiii 1 by Mu h.uix
' f ill** ii.iiii*' ‘I’. r\ !:fi;!rn;!irn, i>nviiiit t» r.
I' f "lilf lloutTK, and yrowiii" in I’lorid i.
'"'I rii'Mitiuiifd, howeviT, in IjouiIoh’b
'•‘» \ilo| :uin of I'lanis," a Kpt i los uiuirr
P' fuirir (if Tripstiruin hcrma|.hrotliliMn.
M to iiiliitiiit the \\ I. t- indiii isliirids, and tu
f i llifrr ns prort tiih r, and il is (Iillirull
P ili» ciiiicltisioti lluit it IS indfnlii al
[' '*!'■ •'•'•yhndricninof-Micluiux, having
f riimpliruJite (Ivwcrs.
Fruin the Nor- York Cunstrllation,
I The characters of this^eniM aro very ac- 1 li has appeared to us that the only pros-
ciiralrly given in ^iulall’B “ Genera ol North ‘ |>ect of extensive and |>ernianenl iinj,'roVe.
American Plants,” and may be rendered inont was lo ix: found in the disct)Vcry of «t *i . • .u
thus: Flowers monoicous, disposed in •pikes Lome plant, w hirh, rising earlv iu the ,l , 7*^'^ was there a truer saying, than
(w,thanarticulato,I or jomledrachis.) which spring .hould cover iho earth during th% ‘ 7’
are solitary or «-rogatrd ; upper flowers whole niu.iner, affortling if p.ssih!c^ood
nmsculine or alenlt*, brought togetlnir hy for Mock, and furnishin;; in the fall a large ,• fmmV) vvo e le ai-
I pairs; the lower fertilo, the cxier.or valve ' bo-ly of vegclahh mat'er, answering (he ;« cor,hold in this cily. Jac
indurated, cloning the excavation in which | purpose! of mntiiiro. I lha» further appeared ! importance of his station
purpose! ol mnniiro. Jl ha» further appeared i=;-'on as
the scod IS cmhetidod, hut by two , lhat' a plant m order to be altogether suited ' say of
small holes at the h.-,se, ami n two-parted ' to our purposo, rt;uM Ik, native lo T"; -‘7
apex fi>r the egress of the two styles, which i lude. If from a lower Inlitutle it would ,X'hai’r'*eut’!‘ IVrer^th^oJerd\K,n“was‘fin*
1 his [XH'kels,
to discharge
reU sterile near the summit, lertilc al Iho ! retiuire, an an erpiivalent, the very best of, r» l u
baso;” and in hiH extended desoripfion thus: Our soil, as’/'iinolhv, Orchard rnd other: ‘'*"v much do 1 owe you, Mr. Barber (
are plumosH and exaerted. 'I’ho species T. ! not endure Iho ri^^ours of onr winter, if | • i i i, u"i " , ™ •
daclyloidcH is Ihiis describ(.'d by r.lliolt: | froni a hight r, wanting Iq ^f io'finil tuf'*vil*i'rpwitfiiil't
his chiu and
cheap enough
\ I'lnii feels forty j^er cent belter for
joinUfI, NcabiiHJs, (I) Somewhat irifpitlrous bo laid open to the unrcMraincd rc»‘urchcN , , , , i, . ,
rachis.’’ This de>scriniion docs n*t mention of nolanisis, some vejjeta Lie would be din-, ^'‘'"’7 l;'ard taken OiF and his head
the sjiikea which lerminale the ^Ai/ir/ic« of covered, whose scetl scaltered over our o!d : sixpcticc, 1 think ycu
I the stchi, and conlaim W)ine errors. Il may fu lfls, slionid convert l!»rni iijto rich p-js-1
If given rnort) corntfly thus; I’lowers m ; lures. V. e had uo idea lli-d the great dcs- j
lernunali'pikesjspikeiofihe.t/cmnggregiitt, ideralum was jus-1 at tiurui>or. | , i-
two to tirtir, lieiirin*'llo'vers, f«ometime»al-I If nnv f.irtncr! be dou'Dlfu! in regard ‘‘''•"'J' pantaloons this morning,
lemalL-ly on two sides, simetnneK on one, tu ih- utilitv of the tiaria tJrass, li.l himf“" ‘ pociif l-I>ooii and inon-
(Ihc exterior,) side. I ertile floret* four t» ; think w liat would Ijo llie atldilion maile to ' I''Jt y ou need nt bo al all con-
firtirteen, al the Wc of the spike. ISpikes his means if tiio old fields lhat Ikho l^een ;g^'*h'g ,'^’*"1 1’,?? ’
of tfic hramhf* suhlary. and somewhat cy- : ihrown ('ul as nr t worth the trouble of k*** p- "'^der to the hotel and •!
Iindric«l,” (precisoly like tho"e rf the 'J'. ing up tlie f nces, \iere ti>ii’f]nirc the pow
‘ We!!, I (icclare, Mr. Rarber, I—I—put
Ilow llio (1—I do I know what you’re
M.,nosin, l.yon.) These | er“of y.eMmtr. both'Himrn. r and vn inter, ^rber un-
represrntu cylinder cloven into t^o or more ! ftxid—and with the i;3ce»sity of so much ^ know joii from lorn,
f>arls,and when hrtni'dit li>gi, tlier rh i>mi>o»j.; lalMnir mlv on his part a's sh uid ho r'tjuir-1 ‘ ,V i »
a somewhat cyhndri. J body like a .in^le , d for collecting it-to largo I.o.di of ! ‘ ‘ "I’f" ‘'f'""’’*
•■pike of’T. intinosiachj on. | cattle. If this were lo occur generallv j ‘ ^ our hoiKjr ? iJon t l«“ll me alwut your
'I'he si>ecie» T. mt.noslachyon appears to ' thronqliou! tlie conntrv, would nc.t its a;rri- honor hut pet out d iny shop, and never
ditror from the prcceeding only mhaving»/// tulluic be completely revohniori!//d. I'al ^how yi»ur rogue s facc here again. I bus
Its spikes to/tiart/ and nearly cylindrical.— ' liecf, milk and butter would li*' rendered a- wrathful knigiit of tlie strap fi^ll
Kiliott indeed rejm sents it as smaller, and ‘ fninilant in :i degree hithe rto unknown, and |waiter, and desd to his protcsta-
Its liavf's le« »culjrt>u!» tir rough, l ot lh'*se ; whilst engaged in prcjianni; them f»r ihei**'^^^® pruauscs, kicked hi:n into ihe
are not very ifiiiorlani haracter', and may j market, a \ast amount of muruio wfMild 1)0 ®*’'ept. ^ ...
»« caused by circum-*lnuc s. A;;: ordingl\ an incid!ii.'.tl yr^di.ct to Ik) ciii()loyed in | Jacob wor;t horx,e, nnd f filing rather sore , has been most of it spent, and will not ail
has H)^'gesicd that T. moii»^i.lactiy'Mi renderin;: llial [>orlii>n of the s>ii! still culti-i9'Ui ol honor, contrived to get of it, by a good deal, be recoveretk
11 but « »nn* ty «d' I . iJacty l'iid**s ; and al-■ valed w iih the plough Im'voihJ comparison ■e»f h;s^ fellow waiters into a similar | ^\. \ .Joh.r.Com»
fhtHij-h Mlliolt and Nulall have nol reci>gni. more pr.xlm tive IIimii U-l'ore. jscraj^e. 1 »ir this purpose he pitched
7.eil lilt* pmpriPlv tifthe ‘iu;;;;* slion, yet there h is the
IS strong prolmhihty of ii.s truth. .Mr. Her- the tiama
Sonu'thing iVctr.—An agricultural frienJ
has related us the following i He has ob
served for some weeks, that two ef hin cows
gave but very small quantities of milk in
the mornings; at ni|;htthey gave (ho usual
quantity, but in the ntorning, it was not un-
frequ»Tit for them lo withhold it altogether,
lie could not account for it, but was sHtis-
fied they must havw been milked, yet wiiU
all his precaution he could not discover the
offender. Yet the evil continued—until a
few days since, when it waadisct^eied that
a couple of good sized hogg were stationed
—one on each side of the cows, “ playing
the part of Ihe calf” with a good share of
self-complacency. The cows and hoyf* had
been kept at night in the baru yard togeth*
er; and it appeared that the grunters had
80 far ingratiated themselves into Iho goi»d
graces of the cows as thus to be indulged
w ith the first milking.—Auburn Journal.
Villains cavght.— We are glad lo an«
Gounce that our police have received infor
mation which has enabled them to lay Iheir
hands on the villains who stole Ihe largo
packa^^e of money and notes on hoard iho
steamboat Providencc on the 9lh oi' July.
The gang consists of seven individuals, all
Englishmen, and several of them engaged
m pretty extensive business ia this city.
Urie by the name of Vane, is an importer
and dealer in 'I'uscan straw hats, in liroad-
way, anolher by the name of U’ilhams, m
an extensive cabinet maker, we believe, in
Walker street. Two have tlie universal
name of Smith. One or two yet remain to
lie taken. 'I'hey have all the appearanco
of gentlemen, though, on investigation, it
8[>()ears that some of them, at least, are old
'i'he money was equally divided among
the gang, being about 1800 dollars to each,
and the promis-sory burned. The money
upon I
e th.-Jinc'-tMnp charartrristir of Jemniy an liunrst unsuspecting Iriahman. The printing office of the Western Cour-
i(j (inixs that it icill erov iricA i ‘Jenimy, s;ud he, • vuu want shaving , was struck bv lightning recently, and
;r to give up anv , '».Vi ‘and i'll pay time.’
tindvr tillage, to ‘.Never njind tiiai,’ said Jacob.
* You
nated with electricity as to form a perfcct
Wildigans, a tailor of Europe, has ir.von.
the hranchru won- solitary. At (he l«rm, Ix* rieressary ti^r the larnie
tin- proportion ol siii||!k Kpiken was giTuter part of'his land lhat is now , - .. . ,
tlinn III ihe i.'nrdeii; anti a^uin, tiic projwr- this new ciilti:r''. If the grass ha'-e orir- menlmn lo the bi»l)er, after you \e got
ti*n at the farm »ari»xj w ith the tpialitj of half of the vahiaulc pn>p rues liial aiij air ‘■••'’ked up lhat il s on my account, and ho 11
the «iil! thus Bpjmninllv ebfahhsning tlio to l)c|fng to i', he will prc»'iji »‘in.-i'niii'irriit its all ri;iht.
fart that one of
Im'cii sup(M«M'd) runx
thfrrfore they arc
Hcrlx'mont prop
both of ihew cjTcif^c
tnie a third, Mjgge;
mr:iiorate.!, 1 wotiltlsii-'.M'sl Ihe appropriate t.l oi>sprnng it, nt least m the sense in which you le saii-Iied with it. ! times occurs to us that this matter is a lit-
namc of Tnpwciim lulrrosttu k^im, in ullu- it is coinnioiily untlerstun.1—i/ n//.'tCtj/)-»«’ ‘ 1 hank l>nihPr, I m perfectly j j^y^.^done in many points. Too much is
Mon lo llie dixersity of It* >pil;es. /», .t IctuI, a . I ci^i.irnting it thvnm^hlij. satished, and 1 11 bid yo gootl mornin. j „jvcn for mere velocity. Wheels never
The plant apiwars 10 |.'s-j*-s a surprising I’he s-.d r.f ihe ccintry iiisf ad of being im-1 With that .Jemmy was leaving • ^hirl so fast, with so little power to start
tiHind on the Neuse, near .NewU rn, hy ut> ing bt'cn e.vliibited in UtllslKTOiigh during srcin as how th’. head waither of | Baltimore American.
irnd on the I’l-ar ri\or m the counties . ihe pasl vvrc!;. (August,) it was irnim^diHlcly lloiel paid that same Ibr me not an hour
of Hrtmsttiek, .New Hanover and I’dadeii.— ret >gtr/.'d ' y many geiitlrmcn, who vere ago.’
It can !>*; propagulcd by ila rov,ts, as well as there alieruiing i!ic I’ourt, as ar, oM acqnain- \t hearing the head wniter named again.
Facts.—Tho first general Congress ever
held in Ihe L’luteil States met in 1‘iiiladel-
H. n. (’. tance. Tin re war a grneial avfrecincnt in the kirln'r f> It all his former passion rt'-1 ^ ITT l. The object of tho
' icgard to the \i-. iir of its t’towih 2nd its \i\inu, together v»ith a good deal of ad-; ,„ero|y to petition and remou-
pro[>erly «1' l.iurisl' .I cn ll:e poorest soils, ditioual tury; and letting tho whole out ,,^.,1^, to Great Britain, and publish a bill
•ia!« for an •* h would ;;r.nv any whcr' .’’ It wasstatitl iii>on poor .1* rnmy, he tuve him such “ | 0,',.,ghis as resistance was not thought of.
this paper, , al.M'to pn>tlucea lar^e Ix.dy ol ri>ols, fhroti;.h boating as se.arcely left a sound bit of fl sh iihjstrious btKiy not a single mem*
In Its Mfds.
Aim Vrn, .Ifr 1 •31,
M m.\i;k^
We had b*‘cn ctiilcftin^ nnteria!*^
article on iho Gama (;ra*s m
wh'Mi the aUivo coiiiniunit ntimi, Irniii a cor- wlurh tlie pli'iigh ran with dilllcully be in hu whih> I'odv. Jt inmy went home, survives. The Hon. John Jay,
responJilit who, with taste ami talent for ,friv( 11. In cases where it hasocured, as- and coinplniiu'd bitteily -f tiie ill ns;»ge. v»ho dit\l about il years since, was the Iasi
the’-e put'lilts, has as**ociated the ciiiIm IIisIi-; ilh utlicr grasses in meadow land, j * \\ tiat!' saiii the head waiter, ‘ did the I '£'h* second Congress met ut
m''nts of an rMcasno ncquaintance with ,t does not ,i('|Har lo have In'en a favorite— barl>or tivc you ill f’ Philadelphia m 1775, was the last botly lhat
hieralure anl sfi‘nco with the character ot running up to seed and he oming hard be- » I'aiih, and that's what he did,’said .Tem- j p,.(itions l» Great Britain on behalf of
the prolfSHioiKil gmileman and plant'r, t;„,> »hc  liters arc lit fur the scy the. I5ut | • he Uito me almost until a jelly.’ j the eoltuie«j, and the first that appointed na-
carof lo hand. 11 supplies .-vll that was wai.t- the plan was proptisptl of cutting it, \(v„fonnd the rascal!’said Jacob, ‘ he ti-mal officers and organized an army. John
mg m re;:aril to the lioianicnl hmtorv of the every nintii!i, it was theu^lit lhat tieated in ir,.^teti me in tho same way ; and I'm satis- i Adams was, we believe, the last survivor of
plHiil; blit as the argunieiiis It contains nre this way it might niiswer. , ' ' | that boily. The third Congress met at
Hdlre«s,-d e-^.i'eially toihei>opiilaIionof Ihc 'ri,u'collet lion t^f feeds will he fi mnltor | ..Sitisiicd of wliat arc ve ?’ asked the I Philadelphia in 1776, and declared our na-
iinder eullivatioii, to ttio soil.
Nt>r nnlil reeeiitly has any remedy t>f ^’■«ti
t nil n/i/>ii atim,iiiul compeli nl Id arrest the |
pro^rcjs of the evil, presented ilsclf. '
Why is a l.;indlord liko Xcrxcs’ army'’
l»«cuus« he i»i n htxit.
tlf ir 4'ttrriit^r— TSokiii^
lower, Il may not Ik- amiss to stale parlicii- of some difiiciilty—the ripening ct>mmenc- ’ Irishman,
larlv t.> ihe iarihfrs 111 the mitlland counties, i,ig at the cxticniity of the head, and each ‘ ()f nothing only you've got as bad a
the elaims the Gama tlrass has lo Ihcir al- m-cJ ha\ m3 a It ndency to fall as it romes l Jlthiit's all.’
lention- I io inalurit\—hut with care n siitKivMii ~
\muht ihf profusion of delightful pros- * (quantity mny b-savetl. Wc may Ik.-doomed
p«-ets with wliit h tin* traveller is presenletl 1 j„ disappointment here as in other cases,
lu ihivs*' Counties, there occur certain dark ’ hut the prospects are lair—let us get afloat
anti unsightly spots—thr ohl fit Id.t. Ilow on tho tide of experiment as siwi »s possible,
ollen as wp have hiirrieil jmst them have ,'J'ho imlivitlual w ho oilers these few remarks
we eiiqninid whether this work of dcvasia- j iho readers of iho Harbinger, is not much
iK.ri iiiitf rum is lo go on for* ver; trad j,jvoii lo oiithiisiasm on any subject; hut in
artertrncl l«i l>e dist’oresteil, exhausted and ■ regarti lo tho t^ama Grass, is sanguine in
ihrown aside until the whole shall have lie- the rxpertalion and iK’hef that a vast atl-
eonie a waste des«rt ’ There is no room I dition will bo made by it to tho minibcrs,
lor doubt that it has been tho tendency of| wvallh ami comforts of the population til
our tillage luringthe century it has been Morth-Curoliiia. N.
tii>nal inilependencp. Of that bi:dy John
Hancock was president, and perhaps cor
rectly s|)oaking, the first President ol the
I nited Stales. The last was tho
lion, ('harles Carroll of Marylaiid. 'I ha
('ongressof 177S, fiamod the arln les of
1'^ * lufsuw'iiiorlH-es I confederation and porpeturil union Ik foeca
a. l, avciMosi ris|H'it-' the SiattN. Of that boiiy there is n I on»
fully tomfi'rin hisiVii-nds , rt»niaimng. Of that eminent ctdleclMii ot
.•oidthi'piiUlirc. m'rallv. | patriots which assembled as a national 011.
that Ik IS I vontion «t Philadelphia, in 17'7, an.l wl.ich
lIuMn.« "t hi. New I framed the pn^sent constitution of the I ni-
Shop, on the main ftrott, >!.H)r in.itli-wcst ol tod States, there is now hiil one memlH r re-
the .Ind, in all its various brain lu-s. 'i'tn'siib-cti-; ,,u,i,iiiifr, the venerable JaQies-Madison of
Iht dri'iiiK il iT.tin ly siilH-rtliloiis to civt- n ii tailed | ^ jramia.
iloscription of the kmd' niul |iKiiilu s of liis work,
nor will liu s.iy that it «liall Ih- suriia>s('d hv none,
but on his part will onl\ invite* tlu- piu lir lo eall
,imi cikaiiiiiir liis work, in nr his [irici ■■ -iiul
for tliriuF«'lvcs. N \TH.\N l-JvOU N
During the first eight months of th®
present year, lltere arrived at New York
15 vest's, brmgmg 32,0.VJ paswnjerf-

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