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VOli* •
SATURDAY, OCrrOIlER 19, 1833.
MO. 160.
j,if r»’ A Farniem^
inifd •n'* puW"**®*! ‘^'”y ii»ornin#r
Tiro •tiniiiii, if fiaid in advuiici-;
*i i^ollart and I't/ty ->«'» >f »>>» |>*il until
rt-r the c»pir«tim of llirt*c innntlmj Tlirct
fil/larJ it lli- "“1 '>•'
■ V
oi>tiau of the
“?.i.n'risi;.'MKN'l'S will be «t f'tfty
r,MU per
,\L (ir.l ii)« rti*>n, »nd ‘J5 c. nt« for f «i:fi f uc.
dine wrcli—«r $1 »«f •'‘‘'•I'’'.
A liberal dincouDt will K; roadr to tho»«
iTd^rrti.^ by the yew. irh. .11 advrr.
lkiiwM* toniiuunic«U-d for pukUc«tion, the
limbtr of ui»trlio«i K- iMrtcd on the ni»r.
ru, of 111* ininu»cript. or Uiey will be conlinu«l
Liil fu'bW. »Mrf rharfrrd accord:ngly.
• \|1 rotnmonicttioDii to the FUlitor inu»t come
*1>ef they may not be attctidi to.
or not, in perfectly immaterial to the obli- lionians. 'i'lio I'eruviuns were uot Quakers,
gallon of obedtctice. The wurid is God’s, without iirins or fortilications or military in*
and he ali)ne has a right to dinpoce of all its | strutncnts, but the reverse. Had they «ven
events, both great and .small, bolh public and been a Christian pooplc, they would not Itave
privute. Nuw, wc will grant your conclu*' been cutilled to protection on the ground of
sion to be true, that such would be the re- faithfultipss to the Peace Principles of the
suit of obodience; and what follows] That ^ Savjour, because they were unfaithful, hav-
we should be disobedient? Not so; but : in|; uhvayu relied on arms and fortiiicattons
just the reverse, that wo should be more and the art of war for their defence. Is
sternly and zealously faithful, because we . not the truth this? that there never has
cannot doubt if bonds and nn|>ri8onmcnt, if| l)cpn n nation which has act(‘d on IVace
persecution or turtue, if ignominy and death Principles. You cannot show a smgle one
are to be our lot, Ciod has so willed, tn his in the whole history of the ancient and niod-
wisdom and (oodnesa, for our puntication ern world, of Pagan, Jewish, Mahometan
and p-riccliun, and for the wcllitro of his and Christian comtnunilics, which has been.
Can a Christian doubt, much less throu{;h the course of its existence the |>er-
[»r RUAirrr.J
r.jriiut Bf a l-ntrr to ThrmitM 9. fhimkr.
DrvR All that you say (t. e. m
,r Address on IVace,) abwit war and its
rrufs, I* principles
i«r# which you urge with w» much ftrm-
are deduciWe froHi the g''-p*‘l; nnd ar*,
tnith. the ecb«^of the divine teachinp
NVe are indebted to a gentleman, passen
ger, arrived in town yesterday at\«rooon,
for the following information :
On the 29th ult. about six miles this siie
of the inclinc^ plain, two Cars containing
14 pasnfingers, from some unknown cause,
were thrown off the road, and entirely bro
ken to pieces. Among the passengers were
several ladies, who escaped with little inju
ry. Mr. C. M. Furman, and Mr. Moise,
of this city, were seriously Injured. A Mr.
Wade, aad one child, also received serious
Cars and Cotton burnt.
Yesterday, about 2 o’clock*, P. M. one
church. _ ...
deny this? What is your argument but | secutor,oppre.seor nnd t'-'mentor of others, ^ mile alwvo Summerville, on the pa-ssnge
this ; (i(»d hos clearly required obedience, {in all the forms of'.ur; which hasnot been , down, fire was seen to issue from the pipe
in this particular; but if 1 obey, I shall sub
ject niyself to tlie loss of lii'u, lilierty or
proper! \, or all of them. Are not life, hbcr-
ty, pro[>erty, his, and not yours ? Are they
itself in like manner jwrsecuted, oppressed , by the [lassongers, and before timely notice
and tormented from the cradle to the ;;rave, j could lie given to the I'ngin(*er, it had com-
and which has not continually perished by , municoted to the Cotton, l»elween 30 and 40
the sword of the more fertuiiate, skiH'ul, or 1 liales of which was consuiued, together with
not grautpd to you, sulyect to his revealed ; powerful in arms. 'J'here is, then, ur»ex-1 the (?ars. Several of the passengers in at-
will f IIhs he not a right to resume them ^ [terience uj^ainiU fieuct, for not a t^ingle na- tempting to jump from the Car, were seri
al any t.ine, and in any manner he pleases, tion has ever been peaceful. All the e.t- lously injured.—We l*;nm further, that the
even under circumstuaces of the greatest i [lenence of historj’ i.s war, for all . Camden and Sumter Mail bags were slight-
pain and terrer, nnd even dejiradation to nations have b^^n warlike. History teaches ly burnt. 'l iie ('olumbia hag is missing,
vourseir’ \ on cannot deny this. l»id the them, not that the peaceful aro tlie prey j and is supposed to have been burnt with the
• of the warlike, Init that th« warlike have ^ Cotton.—Charlisloa M
priiiiitivc Christians or the I’rotcstanis rta-
the Saviour »n the sermon on tho mount. I as jou do, when they submitted to always been the victims of the warlike, j
ot 1 mutt acknewledpe that it | and the j;iil, peiMecution and And while nsitions continue to act tlie part : Charactcristir Ancctlate.—A letter from
prar to ine practicable, to give them ai
Ill thousatids and tens of ihoiisaDds, whicii they have ever acted, since the o|)cn- ' Washington, (.'ublished in the Albany Daily
:-Ttil apphcnti#ii lU the present slate •! b«i-1 dis*b«-dient ’ They followed inp of the gr.'ind histt riral Tragedy f>l' NV'ar. | Adverti»er, relates the follow iiig anecdote:
m atfairs. If non-resistance and j Jpuer of the couinmndment agninst all muat not things remsin the Mime? Wu j « The Kitchi n haseonimcnceda run upon
-iJieoee were acted eut by all good own, j They will answer vfp, l)ccau.5e yr^j say, “ 1 fear j IJanic. iJlairrnade a heavy dash the
the ejtt'Dl which you rccominend a.^ w j h fjniifuJ (jod, ^jecausecome whai that wars caunot and will not cease, till the „tlier dav, and the circum*itatjc«.^ aresode-
j practicaWe, then the wholecf the cimI- j (j,py knew he had a right to ol^edi- will ef iod on this point tdiall lie manife.-?ted j IjDeativc of llio tinancial knowledge of the
and burnantxed world would be subjccl-. without any conditions or calculatioo^ by miracles, which shall constrain the ol>e-1 niore prominent memlwrs of the Kitchen
to the brutal pasMiHit of a few armed l«n-j dicnce of man.”—And bas not the will of' (';||,ji,ef, thatl cannot refrain from telling
til. Tlie gentle virtuvs of the Peruvian!*
iHe no imprewioo
o b^l^cbered
jbtixlly the
tranaform the
*e, that the L - - — '!cisel me rc»iT»e tjci u?* r\aiiiinv wui •
othe Lamb, and that all ''arsarid criin« | Saviour him! his Apostles, nfter entering 'j'i;e ofiirei^ of llie liank wondering what
prool'w and iiiine
old cease. But n«tbmg short of a niir
le can do tins; and we poor wornw r>f the
-! must wait in pati«*ncr, ai>d Luinhle
iU.«n, and hope that, in his good
mil werk out in his ow n uiisearc
V, all Ibitl in his wisdom and me
ends for the geod of our race,
institutions can restrict the causra
to ii»er« defence, and eoften Us
oil nis public ininis;r\, but a series oi mi- j
wanted with so iiiucli money in spe
But did the warlike .Mexi-,
iloei in a small degree, and in tfw mKle | “ though they U-h/'iil mimcles. Iksidc.«, you comprehep.dH th? transaction, when it was
carrvini «>o war. \et cominertrial Car-1 * *, i _k..will that (iid h.^^ never cm: lA« d pi,Dlaint-d to him ! 'J'l-e wajjs sav that his
^ i n t I II t be a II after of princiule ity •!'the J . :k hrr, and t f the truth of his tJOO with two iiiiiidrca, was mure credit-
nth asmurh ambition, passi»„ |
IJo never has einplojod tliein able to Lis fTT.diicial fkill than ihe oresent
.Ity, a. the vil« feudal monarch*. M ™7‘ ,o accomplish a revelution iii S.i.ty or; one.
r, tnv tT'wd ami excellent friend, that! am no m.iinc^oi* a Christian *overnment. On tiie contrar\ he has u'li-'
r. cannot and w.ll *^",i.‘ied''bv ho'ever're,Iosed their trust in Cod ^ j Ihnrr.o:,d cut DiamcKuL-X broher in
l.od f« this pnl .hall be mam tested b> ^ principles, and had reason to rc- governioeiit, and susceptible to the inlhieiice ! conyiderablv distinguished for oc-
.raclrs, whicb sUll coiistruin the •U-'Ui- ^ n.oral considerations. W hat but the .^cntricitv and a love of litigation, and pos-
-« lra*t I remember none. On the contrarv, f«'thfulnes of his servants, imuidod by «mra- I ^ shrewdness
let moa.k your attention-l*t. To theca'se ^1". has aconipli.s^d the ^ast amount c „ splendid gold watch with ponderous
I'd tlie application waa refvoed, uid the party
referred to his remedy by civil action. '1 hid
was represented t« be at beat but a bepclew*
affair aa the debtor had no subatance out of
which to respond to auy judgement tba)
might be recovered against him; and as
matters now stami the broker haa the worst
of the bargain, for he estimates his watch
and establishment at $150, whereas the
horse and bugg^ are at must not werth half
the money.—Aeic York Erujuinr.
Emigratiotifrom North Carolina.—We
asserted in aome former remarks that unless
something is shortly done by the Legisltitun:
to impreve the interoal condition ofthecoun*
try, that a large portion of our rao«t enter*
prising and valuable citizens would quit Ne.
Carolina for the West. Since that reiunrk
was made, we have discovered that the son-
timent is far more common than we supposed
at the time. A great many will go imniedi*
ately after the next aessioa of the General
Assembly, if some measures for the relief of
the Western part of the State, are not adopt
ed upon liberal and efiicient prinriples ;r-
others, and amongst these, the patriotic (jov-
ernor of the State may be included, will not
at once despair of success in some great mea
sure for the redemption of our pride and proe*
perity: but if the present spirit and ardour ot
the people should be suffered to die away
without affecting any public geod,Ter}' niucfi
' ot' the wealth, talent and industry of North
J Carolina w ill be seen on the ether side of the
Alleghany neuntains.
And who could blame them ? Who would
! have active aod bold spirits to sort all their*
days with a people where the governing por
tion of them were cootcnt to sit with iudif
ference under a sense of inferiority.
Saliibury Watchman.
Farmers are not generally aware of tho
importance of boiling food for bogs. Tha
nutritive properties of food are increased,
in seme instances, from ten to twenty-five
per cent. Two bushels of potatoes boiled
are more valuable for feeding than three
when fed raw. Potatoes, pumpkins, squash-
es, and cabbagcs, when boiled and mixed,
make excellent food for hogs, for the firsl
; three or four week?, after which, th«s9
w ho Mnjh for firm flesh should begin to add
I a little corn. Potatoes and pumpkins, w hea
I boiled with a small quantity of cornmeal,
. will ansner well for three-fourths of the
I time allotted for fattening, aAer which soft
I corn, and after that cornmeal, should be
I uf>ed.
i Hogs fatten better, and it can be done at
' less, when feeding commeocss early
than when it is deferred until October or
November, besides the pork brought early
to (uarket usually commands a higher prico.
ojrijpu U..U. .iMlii«ver Lad reason '"' 'r •“‘"'f'- V‘7 " Iciicuinstaiicf s dare not acknowledge, tne
ilationn of human ex,>cdicnry. Do j To the ca.r j broker in a friendly and insinuating manner
,B principles justify such « coun.e ’ 'TlT (I.^akrr of lUi.svUai.ia AHlos may sow the pn>cious.ecd of gosH „p,,|ied to him for the loan ef it during an
Weor dl»oh.•dl^t^'e to be drlor-[“l , i,,j- , ’ love, but iml only ctn give the increase. at\orno*n last week to take an airing. 'Ibis
bf such a tOft» W hat are we IkiI j T colouies ' w.s leadilv a^ented to, and the horse har-
ildren of I" not tho l ather;jears, whil t all the ^ thousiind cMnirunicants ol these I nitod ,i,e
occasion, with which the
.riMiiiB principles justify such a counw
cliildren ui ..»■> •" , - .i
...r than the Child » Whatarrwobut ,he , continually at War with t utn.
of I. m.t the liuler w.nor | 1« ‘i-sk-P. of New.Kii^lan.l, who re-
m the ;overn.dT And yet to,, | «"''>'>ed m their cottaf^. cult.vat.d their
pr^ command of an all-wii^'aiid all be-’: unmolested, a.ind.t all
Unt Parent and Sovereign, on the wip.; nm«acres ot Indian war^. ‘Jth lo the
.itimi th-tman is w.^-r ihiin Hod, ,blit, Quakers of Irehuid^ ... > • 5;-. -re
J , ..nil. - massed for the occasion,
• .^(iitos be lailhuil subjects of the Prince of jj^oker drove-off. Having thus got the, and will you need miracles' Do p^s,epsion he refused to deliver the horse
you lisk miracles lo cnnMniin iheir „tid bu^gy until coerced by an action at
cure ’ Have they not di dicatcd themselves his debtor dare not
a.s hervaiitsof tlie Prmce ol Pkack, to do j.omnience, as that would at once be recog-
his will and not their own ? Have they not j,,, ownersliiii; and takin*
.!.lhn>.-prolcctcul Holland or S«itzy^^^ U^n"L"eX’Sr^ " Farm,r.-The celebrate.’1‘iLvmfe^^l^d
'.-amM the combined naxal aid uiililar> ^ ^,l,o Sunday Marshall said that “ attendance and atten-, „n agreeable ch.t-chnt, in the course
r'« ef Napoleon and Alexander, «.t Aus- h.mbm as well ac in ' “ larmor. He j he successfullv made the impres
•a.IWiaandKiiglund. Now, it he ciu- S'hool Libraries at ( olumbia, as well js in ...
■Jnris oliedirnfe, what rijjlit have )nu to
1)1, if you oliey, that he will prtitnl you,
il be of)«i^t» nl with his xiew of
'ov»n novcromvnt, m relation tu joursell '
■: iiitt your error he in ns*uuiing, that
Will m*t proti-ct you, if you do oIh j :
' h H ba«-rd on n kIiII more fatal rrrur,
‘1 you have a right to t«lculal« on, and
n to stipulate for protcrlion, a* the coii-
j I was brought up to commerce, and did not his mindthat’the otfair would be
111 nv mrniioniug, iimi i ua>c iHriormi u, 17 111.-.MI I " • ,r K.. ,i.„
agenl in Phihdelphia, to place the duties of his office himself. He kept 11 he broker ^ he
J I.ibrary of every Sunday minutes of his operations, and published sell-satisfaetion
iston, Ne^York, Philodelph.-i ,h..,c from 1774,0 1777. He wasacknow- -heme an
niiplovod an
n co|>y in the
School, in Hoston
'-nofol'K-dienre ? Ilow de you know, but; and nullimore. 1 have already done the to be superiorto m^t of his contem
pt xm.r .ufiiMing, ai the con5e.,ue„ce of same in Charleston, and shall h.llow up the ,^,rary farmers. Arthur Young, too, was
giHid work next, w ith all the ( ities ot the i,^„ght up to commerce. Middleton, in his
second cla:is; smh as Providcnce, New-, p,-,l,p ^^pricult,ire of .Middlesex, says
Haven, \lbany,V;c. You have conceded |he best farmers in that country was
m_V Mrnrv to b«’right; of coiirw yowrs must retired laiUr. The reason why thcvse
U'» wrong, .'lino ii tho rhrixticn. vours ^ brought up Jo other profes-
'"ir fidelity to him, may he an important
•I'll in hi'4 moral govcminent. Do yon
I prjudge thn whole matter, without
iihtr MjtVicienl knowledge or any right to
"'3*' ? Again, is it not maniti?st, that you
» • I* IIV» ••••aa I V » , W 11\> I lU * ‘ »V. f - r
'•>1 W nil who urguc on your side, awume 1 the hmlhrn theory. .\nd now lor tlje facts. e.xcellent farmers is that
tormination, thoughtlessly drew out his
watch, and conlidtd it to his debtor to as
certain the hour which h5 no soouer got
hold of than he deliberately transferred it
to iiisown pocket and walked off, leaving
the broker pt'trified with amazement at this
sudden nnd unexpected interruption of his
well-laid scheme; for the debtor informed
9 • — ak . k •
' *1 lacf, whai noltudv but a j»ropliH could j I li*v« ^ivcii mine, anu w an' o\ ti | ^
now, that 1/a//CAriffmn.5 irrc/tti/A/«/1 Christian exp. riencc ' \ ou have given „ zrul to whic
j thf! Sermon on the .Mount, tho renult \oiir^, and w hat are they but heat len ex- . ^ i,rou>dit up to it li
'■"I'l l«‘. that •• the whole of the rivili/ed | },erience ? and that too, the exp.>riencc ot a - •
»l liutnanizrd world would !.« sul.jected to inilitHry, though comparative etleminate
* lirutiil pHM!«o(m of a f-*w arnietl ban-' [>eople, who sto«id in the same relation to
I'll.’'—Now, whether a ('hristinn In lievrs, Piztirro and his Spanish chivalry, as Ihirius
•-at tl.ij could lie the reward of Ins lidolitv ' and the Persians lo Ale.xiiiMlcr an the Mace-
him, Ihat he intended to retain the watch as
agriculture, and ; for ,hc horse and buggy,
hich those who hate j I'.xasperated nnd incensed, the broker
brought up to It from infancy nre [ pn>sentHi himself at the police
strangers. Rakewell's advicc to young far-1 olVicc with his coun.-«el, and made npplica-
mors was “ to see what other* are doing,” | tion to tho magistrate ior a warrant to an-
or in other words, to read what Others are [ prebend the debtor ii|)oii a charge of steal-
doing.-^ .Yfif York Fa^mr. ! ing,b.jtthe whole eirr.!m5::^r,ce
! Those who would make fine Jelly should
always avoid boiling the juice of the fruit
' when it ia desirable to have tlie article
. when made retain the flavor of the fruit
I from whicb it was prepared. After the
I juice is pressed from the fruit and the proper
' quantity of sugar added to it, let it ho
; heated until the sugar la dissolved, nfler
' this is effected, no further heat ia required.
Is very gooJ, to be baked in small loaves.
One pound and a half of Hour, half a pound
1 of sugar, a quarter of a pound of butter,
' half a pint of cider, one tea spoonful of
pearlash, spice to your taste. Bake till it
turns easily in the pans, I should think a-
bout half an hour.
Peel six good apples, take out the corO
' with the [>oiiit of a small knife, or an ap
ple correr, if you have one; but be sure to
leave the apples whole, fill up where you
I took the core from with sugar, place them
in a pie diih, and pour over them a nico
light batter, prepared as f»r baiter pud
ding, and bake an hour in a moderate ovcu.
[6’en. Far.
I W'hy is punishment like tho third part of
' grammar? because it is a sin-tax.
i H_! ! 1 . , 1'^
1 111roriiintion Watilod.
SOME ti w inontha sinco, lift his lodgiii»rs la
WaHhiiiglon City, (stnoc wIicb ho has not
j been heard from) a genllcmiaii by tho name
; ney Saiith—he ia ot' tuiull stature, say about nvo
' foti «ix inch>* in height, ajKire made, dtirk com-
' I'li'xion, alioiit twenty-five years €>1' «gf, and woro
away a J«rk nii.rt ooat and pantalofin*. At tho
lime of leavinj, ho wa* under a pnrtial aberra-
lioD of iiiind. Any inlbrniatioii whirh niay bo
jfiven will be fhsnktully received, and iho iiUv.>r-
iiur will be suitably rc« srdrd I>irc« t to
lI(Tflll.‘'''^N vV C\
t Star the M>.i/ Murk,t, Witskir,:1n% D. C.
lVi'r-f*T'rr f 'T" at this

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